Love: Collection of Discourses by Bookcraft – Book Notes

1st talk in the book by Pres. Packer:

-he wishes he could wrap up the word marriage and put it in a special box hand crafted and gently open the box to help us appreciate what it means.

-it’s better to marry again if your spouse dies, for marriage is a beautiful thing.

Brethren, Love your wives by Elder James E Faust of the Quorum of the Twelve: July 1981

wife in home work does more than man career -Pres. Faust

do what your wife suggests you do

wife is one with us, and to be loved as we love ourselves.

admit faults like Pres. Faust

we can be polite if we try.

how expect God honor me if I not honor my spouse?

a large part of the gospel is taking care of your spouse.

disabilities can teach


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