The Cokeville Miracle – Movie Notes

This film is about an event which took place in 1986. It came out on DVD in September 2015.

A bomber and his wife came to an elementary school and held it hostage. Over 100 people were in a small room with the bomber, including 98 children. When the bomb went off the only people killed were the bombers (the man and his wife). Here are more details.

-the builder of the bomb had practiced several times to make it perfect and his test runs went perfectly.

-The bomb was made to blow up something even much larger than that school room.

-the bomb was analyzed and some of the main wires had been cut as though with wife cutters totally apart, and hence several of the detonations didn’t go off which should have. Something like only 2 of ten detonators went off. An angel must have come and cut those wires.

-children reported seeing bright people dressed in white coming into the room unbeknownst to the adults in the room. The angels told them that the bomber people were doing a very bad thing and that the bomb would go off, but that they would be okay, and to go stay away from the bomb by the windows.

-many of the angels reported as seen by the children they later identified as the grandmothers or other close ancestors of the children. This is natural since our ancestors would be the people most interested in our wellbeing!

-the bomber was irritated by children bothering him as they sat there 3 hours before the bomb went off, so a teacher made a square of tape around the bomber man that none of the children were to cross. This made it so no children were close to the bomb when it went off.

-children reported seeing angels, bright people dressing in white robes, standing in a square between the bomber and them, protecting them. Surely this must have comforted the children.

-the police of the city were out of town for some reason, and this turned out to be God’s will because the bomb went off because they would have stormed in and shot the bomber which would have set the bomb off before they were able to get the windows open which caused the explosion to spread out more.

-the gas was leaking on the bomb because there was a hole in the milk jug it was stored in. In time the gas made the children sick. This caused them to allow the windows to be open so not so many of the children would get sick. With the windows open the blast didn’t do as much damage having an area to escape to outside.

-the bomber was a mathematical genius and wouldn’t have picked a jug which was leaking to store his gas for the bomb in on purpose. An angel must have poked a hole in it.

-the gas leak from the jug fell onto a powder which was designed to fly up into the sky and cause the air to be a ball of flame. Because this powder became wet from the gas, it didn’t fly or ignite.

-there were bullets, large rifle shells, causing shrapnel to heavily damage the walls of the classroom, but this didn’t kill anyone. It by all rights should have, there being over 100 people in that room.

-when the bomb went off, it was at a time when the bombers wife was holding the bomb and the bomber was away in a restroom. She accidentally detonated it. When the main bomber came back into the room, he had gun in hand and was shooting at people. Some of the children reentered the room to make sure their classmates had all escaped alive. The room had much fire in it.

-the doors to the classroom had been kept open for some reason, this allowed the bomb to not have as great an impact allowing air to escape.

-one child reported that as she was fleeing the building after the bomb went off, a woman came and helped her out, and once they had exited the building, the woman disappeared.

-at least one child reported seeing many angels with the appearance of brightly lit light bulbs coming down from the ceiling just before the detonation. When the bomb went off they flew quickly into the ceiling. Investigators discovered that much of the bomb detonated into the ceiling.

-shortly before the school was held hostage, the fire alarm had gone off randomly several times. This turned out to be a miracle since it helped the children be extra prepared for how to escape the building after the bomb.

-while being held hostage before the bomb went off, the children spontaneously said to each other, “lets say a prayer, pass it on”. They bowed their heads to pray and one of the children said the vocal prayer for safety.

-while the children were held hostage, a school leader at a nearby high school said “I may loose my job for this, but anyone who wants to please join in prayer with me now in behalf of the children being held hostage at the elementary school.” They all prayed for them.

-one teacher was shot and the bullet grazed his shoulder. Were it 1/2 inch to the other side, it would have paralyzed and killed him.

-one of the teachers was an older lady. She told the bombers to take her and let the others go though they didn’t accept. When the bomb went off, she was the last one out of the building, making sure the others got out alive.

-even in Christ’s day not all lepers were healed or all blind recovered their sight, but we must learn to recognize God’s hand when we see it.

-the people of the town knew that a miracle had occurred that day, and the town increased in a feeling of love for each other.

-this film is dedicated to the survivors, and to all parents who teach their children to pray.

-2 Kings 6:16 they that be with us are more than they that be with them.


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