Doctrine & Covenants Commentary

Doctrine & Covenants Commentary
by Nate Richardson
Updated 1-31-18

– *We hear the voice of Jesus Christ in our day.

-This must be read from time to time so insight may be gained pertaining to the current needs.

Section 6:

-7wisdom is riches

-13: salvation is greatest gift

-22-3 further insight, recall peace from prayer upon it

-27 scripture is kept from us when we are iniquitous

-29 if they reject missionary testimony fear not; they can harm missionary no more than they can harm God.

-30 if they do to missionary what they did to Christ it’s a blessing like unto the blessing that Christ received

-36-7 looking unto Christ consists of considering his bodily wounds; such aids in remembering him.

Section 7:

-5 missionary work is greater than immediate rest in heaven

-6 desiring missionary work we become a flaming fire & ministering angel

-8 we’re given our desires if it so be that we joy in those desires; joy in it attests to the virtue of the desire. God is pleased to grant virtuous desires.

Section 8:

-The gift of Aaron telling many things to O.Cowdrey; such can only work by God; such is not to be trifled with.

Section 9:

-5 failure to continue in what is entrusted to you results in removal of the blessing/ability.

-God forgives our weaknesses, yet reproves us for them.

-3 God is just in removing privileges we do not live up to.

-6 Don’t murmur when he does removes such.

-7-8 the need of study vs. mere asking for things.

-11 Fear or halting in the path of duty causes privilege to be revoked. Opportunity is missed, and transferred to another person.

-12 God uses others to make up for where we sincerely fall short.

-13-14 Salvation is still available to imperfect persons if they commit to yield to no temptation, and diligence in our calling from him.

Section 10:

Section 11:


-v8: Our worlds in life will be a great help to people IF we DESIRE them to be.

-v13-14 believing that it can come, then the spirit comes and teaches you all things pertaining to righteousness.

-*Wait and learn the doctrine of Christ. You’ll be able to know how to act in all things pertaining to righteousness. Trust and believe. THEN it will come.

Section 12:


Section 13:

-TSM had a Priesthood leader who required his memorization of this section.

-1 Keys of ministering of angels are the Priesthood authority to minister in every aspect like unto the angels.

-TSM’s Priesthood leader said this enumerates the right of visitation from angels to all holders of the Aaronic Priesthood.

Section 14:


Section 15:


-*declaring repentance is a thing in and of itself; any good thing is of God. God does chemistry, etc. But preaching repentance is a specific action people are required to do at times, and are held accountable for so doing should they be called. It’s not merely by teaching chemistry or working in a factory, although those are things God does and are good. Preaching repentance is a specific action in which you use certain words and give certain invitations. It is what is called most specifically the work of the Master.

-The arm of Jesus Christ is over all the earth today.

Section 16:


-Christ knows things about us that no one else knows

-*Speaking to Peter W. here reminds us of how Christ may have spoken to Peter of the New Testament times.

Section 17:


Section 18:

-6 the world is ripening in iniquity

-9 Christ speaks to modern day Apostles even as he did to the Apostles of old because they are of the same calling.

-11 Christ suffered for all regardless of weather they come unto him so that they can have the option of coming unto him.

-13-14 you’re called to cry repentance because the joy of God is great when we cry repentance.

-20 the only church we are allowed to contend against is the church of the devil.

-21 we are to speak the truth with soberness (not with raging emotion, anger and the like)

-31 Apostles are commanded: must sin not (we should strive to the same as we are all God’s children).

-35-6 who read the scriptures may testify (with all certainty and clarity and boldness) that they have heard the voice of the Lord.

-40 fall down and worship the Father in the name of Christ.

Section 19:

-2 Christ finished the will of his Father.

-3 all power is retained unto Christ, including the future destruction of Satan and all his works.

-6-12 not written no end to the torment, but that it is endless meaning God’s level.

-8 it is meet for you to know even as the Apostles.

-10 one of the names for Jesus Christ is “Endless”

-28 pray vocally as well as in secret

-29 declare the gospel to all the people you are permitted to see

-30 revile not against revilers

-35 pay our debt to be released from bondage

-36 leave home except for when you want to see your family

-38 speak freely to all and your reward will be more than all the treasures of the earth (all the popularity money power & lusts of the flesh that men seek)

-39 can you read this without rejoicing?

-40 can you any longer be a blind guide?

*invest the time needed to not be a blind guide.

Section 124:

-v15 Blessed is my servant Hyrum Smith. What would it be like to have God say that to you? Get a Patriarchial Blessing, and you’ll have a similar experience.


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