The Fountain of Life by President Boyd K. Packer – Lecture Notes

BYU Devotional, March 1992

recorded in his book Things of the Soul, 105–17

also recorded in Eternal Marriage Student Manual pg.141-146 see

for the address see


– love between husband and wife can be constant in Fountain of Life devotional.

-One kind of flesh of men, another kind of beasts

-Homosexuality and child molestation degrades us even below the beasts, for not even they do that.

-Calls AIDs a bible like plague threatening all humanity as a result of immoral behavior.

-The idea that we are advanced animal rather than children of God is most evil. It suggests that we are subject to physical and not moral law. It makes people think that is the key to life.

-Getting these things mistaken causes us to serve the wrong master.

-People use the word ‘freedom’ to justify vice.

-Saying that you don’t like a certain behavior but want others to be able to do it, is the same logic of saying take down the traffic signs and railways so that everyone can choose for themselves how to drive, and how close to the edge to go.

-There is no phrase “free agency” in the scriptures, only moral agency in the scriptures. God says he has given this to every man, so they can be accountable in the day of judgement.

-Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed from disobeying moral law.

Polluting our fountain of life or leading others to sin causes penalties more exquisite and hard to bare than any pleasure which could be had in disobedience.

-We do not escape the penalty when we progress.

-The ONLY permitted sexual behavior is between legally married husband and wife, ANYTHING else is against the laws of God, and it mattereth not what you say about that.

-Do not change the natural use into that which is against nature, if you do the tempter will drive a wedge between you. You know what this means. We do not council within the bedroom, but “you know what this means”.

-Every transgression must be paid for unto the uttermost farthing if you break the laws of procreation, and how exquisite your suffering will be, you know not. How hard to bare, you know not.

-Given the world we live in, if you have made a mistake in these matters, it can be understood. It cannot be condoned, but it can be understood.

-With full repentance, even abortion can be forgiven. Who repents of his sins “the same will be forgiven and I the Lord will remember them no more.”

-The formula for repentance requires that we confess, to the Lord if transgression isn’t serious and is personal, but if there is tempering with the creative powers with a person of either gender, you must speak to the bishop. Your conscience will tell you whether it’s serious or not.

-The Bishop represents the Lord in administering forgiveness for the Church, at times he must administer bitter medicine.

-I would not want to live in a world without repentance, and if punishment is a consequence of that, I accept.

-Bishops who try to make it too easy for people to repent are doing them a disservice in this over-kindness.

-When repentance is done, YOU WILL BE INNOCENT AGAIN.

-The Lord blotteth out sins for his own sake, and will not remember them.

-Upon repentance, the joy is as great as was the pain.

-Forgiving one’s self is often the hardest part of repentance.

-Remember Lot’s wife, who turned back then became a pillar of salt; the lesson there for the repentant sinner is NOT merely that the Lord will destroy the wicked, the lesson is don’t look back says President Joseph Fielding Smith.

-The power of the evil one will be concentrated in tempting you to misuse the value of life.

-Power to begat life is a supernal gift, the commandment to begat life is never revoked.

-Humans are different than animals.

-“Quenching life when a conception seems inconvenient is a transgression of ENOURMOUS consequence.”

(*Note: I can scarcely imagine how sad a person would be to look back and have a revelation of all the children they didn’t have, and what life and eternity and the welfare of mankind could have been if they had chosen otherwise. That sounds like a punishment greater than many could bear.)

-Marriage is an ordinance with covenants

-Don’t intrude in the marriage of others emotionally, or it’s a transgression not easily forgiven.

-Full repentance is confessing our sins, forsaking them, and enduring the punishment of the sins committed.

-There is no moral law which cannot be forgiven, including abortion.

-Marriage relationships can be eternal, as can our increase.

-Homes can be a place of happiness, for the Lord says, children are an heritage of the Lord.

-Weddings sealed by the spirit of promise in the holy temple bring thrones etc.

-There is joy awaiting those who accept and use worthily the supernal gift of the fountain of life.

-The gospel is true, it is the power of God unto salvation. The standards in it are revealed by HIM.

-Order your lives so you can have the fullness of joy.

– ‘man from animal’ theory is an evil idea.


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