Kolob Theorem by Lynn Hilton – Book Notes


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-(*I note, this theory expands the mind and is glorious and has great evidence: but I must caution: I don’t hold this as Church doctrine, and while this theory may be true, our galaxy may be a type of how things are with God even if the center of the Milky Way Galaxy isn’t where the throne of Heavenly Father is. Perhaps Heavenly Father goes to several places to do his creating, and visits certain places from time to time; very possible. In fact Elder Maxwell said that the Atonement is “intergalactic”. Also President John Taylor said that the Atonement was so painful that the pain of it expanded beyond the body of Christ and filled the universe. Email me for references. Enjoy this book- Nate Richardson)

-Further support of this theorem: “the great universe of stars has multiplied beyond the comprehension of men. Evidently each of these great systems is governed by divine law; with divine presiding Gods, for it would be unreasonable to assume that each was not so governed.” (Joseph Fielding Smith, Answers to Gospel Questions 2:144, 1980, ISBN 978-0-87747-004-5)

-some quotes direct you to a quote in the book where it refers to a prophets or scientists’ quote, others refer you to the page # in the book to save me time. Some are mere speculations of the book and have no references.


Ch1 and Intro:


-each galaxy’s center is where a God resides and it’s Kolob.

-white is celestial red terrestrial blue telesital; such are the layers of color from the center of a galaxy like ours.

-heaven is a real place, D&C saying how spirit is fine pure matter D&C88:25-26 see below more on this

-Hubble telescope has observed many millions of galaxies

-dust around galaxies blocking clear view of their center is a veil

–each celestial kingdom has millions of sanctified worlds and planets as well as new worlds in embryo.

-Abraham was commanded to teach astronomy in Egypt (abe3:11-15)

–Facsimile 2 is round picture illustrating the milky way galaxy with Kolob near the center of it

-earth is alive and on trial

–President Joseph Fielding Smith said, “Our Father in Heaven, according to the Prophet, had a Father, and since there has been a condition of this kind through all eternity, each Father had a Father.”

(Doctrines of Salvation, Bookcraft, 1955, vol 2, pg. 47) (This is cited here as well in a good explanation of astronomy http://www.rogerknecht.com/uploads/2011/12/The_Kolob_Theorem.pdf)

-Brigham Young explained that “there never was a time when there were not Gods and worlds and when men were not passing through the same ordeals that we are now passing through.” (Deseret News, 16 Nov. 1859, page 290) see also Revelations 1:6.

-Elder Orson Pratt speaking on space filled with kingdom upon kingdom said,

“Perhaps you may ask me why I dwell on this . . . subject. In answer, why did the Lord dwell upon it forty-two years ago, if he did not want us, in some measure, to understand it? Would he speak at random? Would he give a revelation without expecting that the people would even try to understand it? If the Lord wished us to understand something, and condescended to reveal something, why should we . . . think that we are stepping over our bounds in trying to comprehend approximately what the Lord desired us to understand . . . It is an old sectarian whim and notion, to suppose that we must not try to understand revelation.

. . . . Do not suppose, however, that those first principles [of the gospel] are the only ones to be learned; do not become stereotyped in your feelings, and think that you must always dwell upon them and proceed no further. If there be knowledge concerning the future, . . . the present, . . .[the] past, or any species of knowledge that would be beneficial to the mind of man, let us seek it; and that which we cannot obtain by using the light which God has placed within us, by using our reasoning powers, by reading books, or by human wisdom alone, let us seek to a higher source—to that Being who is filled with knowledge, and who has given laws to all things and who, in his wisdom, goodness, justice and mercy, controls all things according to their capacity, and according to the various spheres and conditions in which they are placed.” (Orson Pratt, March 14, 1875, Salt Lake City, 16th Ward, reported by David W. Evans)

-BY said never has there not been Gods and people going through what we are now (Deseret news, 16 Nov. 1859, pg. 290) pg. 19

-Gods have their own galaxies or universes

-when God said all was created by Christ he was referring to his creations, not of those before him, i.e. his father’s creations.

-Milky Way galaxy the only thing our Father Elohim (Ahman as JS said his personal name is) has created.

–our planet currently resides in the telesital portion of the milky way galaxy, namely the blue outer ring part!

–earth began in celestial area, then Eden in terrestrial area, during The Millennium it will go back to the terrestrial part, then back to the Celestial part with it’s exhausted.

Time will not exist there for earth won’t revolve around the sun. (or it will be very slow time)

-Some from this earth Abraham etc. already are God’s exalted D&C132:37, “37 Abraham received concubines, and they bore him children; and it was accounted unto him for righteousness, because they were given unto him, and he abode in my law; as Isaac also and Jacob did none other things than that which they were commanded; and because they did none other things than that which they were commanded, they have entered into their exaltation, according to the promises, and sit upon thrones, and are not angels but are gods.”

-we are urged to study for there is more for us to discover

-Ahman’s creations are all in the Milky Way Galaxy, which has about 150 billion stars plus their associated planets (as presently exist in the MW Galaxy)

–no light heat suns or stars in outer darkness, which is a place outside of the MW Galaxy pg23

–other worlds in MW Galaxy currently peopled

-speed of transportation of heavenly beings= like the speed of thought.

-there is time with God it’s one to 365,000 ratio to ours. Another clock during Millennium and Eden periods as well since the earth in Terrestrial not Telesital state.

–materials on earth resemble (come from) those in heaven where God lives.

Hence, we can learn more of heaven by studying what we have here.

-children of God go on to create their own galaxies and numberless posterity.

–billions of galaxies besides our MW, and a deity to each. Perhaps the galaxies in turn cluster and revolve about ever higher centers.


Ch3 location of the Celestial Kingdom


–God is at the center of all his creations (D&C 88:13; 88:41)

–our sun goes in orbit around the MWG (around Kolob).

-Kolob is God’s first (Abe Facsimile 2:1) and mightiest star pg 24; it’s nearest to throne of God (Abe3:2);

-the number of stars in the center of the MWG is so vast we can’t comprehend it but God can number it exactly.

–Ahman’s dwelling planet perhaps revolves around Kolob the governing planet the vastly big planet.

–Harvard man says stars near center of galaxy tightly revolve around the center thereof

–Harvard man says center of our galaxy is 30,000 light years away from us. Says the center of the galaxy controls the motion of our sun and hence the cosmic (galactic) year.

-astronomer man says young stars are on the outer part of the galaxy, and older ones on the inner part, and that the inner part have stars of different kind than those of the outer part. this is well with the Kolob theorem, for the younger stars are the ones farther from God, farther from becoming Celestialized.

–black hole means of things coming into existence from old stars getting broken down etc. pg27

-JS taught that there are 3 planets which govern and 12 which support them which all the fathers from the beginning have sought out (footnote 12) pg27

–God dwells in the center of all his creations “all round about him” D&C88:13; “all things round about him” D&C88:41;

–Kolob set to govern all the creations of the same order of which Abraham stood Abe3:2-3;

-(science supports black holes participating in the creation of galaxies see Wikipedia on it)

-God dwells in a place “circling flames of fire; also the blazing throne of God” D&C137:2-3. pg25

-Elder George Reynolds says our sun rotates around Kolob

-JS said “let this be the center for light” referring the main stars (footnote 15)

–names of the 15 stars given at governing center of MWG pg28


Ch. 4 about the veil


-one purpose of the veil is to block Gods radiations from burning us, other is to keep us from seeing C Kingdom

-“veil shall be rent and ye shall know that I am” D&C 67:10

-JS said “center for light; bounds it may not pass lest it consume the other planets” quote 19; pg 31

–when veil removed all see God and corruptible are burned (D&C 101:23-25)

–JS said all this before science knew anything of it

–dark patches in galaxy not holes always but at times are clouds of dust blocking our view says scientist (footnote 20)

-scientist suggests “sometimes that there may be around our galaxy a continuous peripheral ring of obscuration” (footnote 22)

-veil between tel. and ter. ; another veil between ter. and cel.

–no dust in the hub of the galaxy scientists say pg33

-some spectral bands and radiations we don’t know of yet, such as the ones that “quicken your understandings” and which give “life to all things” (D&C 88:11-13)

–Kolob gives light to the sun etc. it is a type of Christ.

-sun is replenished by radiations from Kolob and other governing planets at the center of the MWG (the 15 governing)

-scientist says energy poured out in all directions in the galaxy; hints at sun getting its energy from the main governing stars pg33

-we call the core of our galaxy Kolob

–strongest radio sound waves come from toward the center of the galaxy signals to us pg34

-infrared shows there are millions of special exotic types stars at the center of the galaxy. also diff part of the spectrum shining at center of galaxy we know not of (p34)

-JS says “God lives in everlasting burnings” note29 pg35

–nonthermal emission of outflow from the galaxies center. mysterious. (p35)

–amount of power center of galaxies radiate is 10 times that of the sun, which is amount of power radiated by all the stars in our galaxy at all wavelengths (scientist on pg. 35) hence JS said “God lives in everlasting burnings” see quote 29

-“processes unknown to physicists may be active in the galactic cores” (scientist pg. 35) like the light and power of God’s throne!

–scientists suppose matter continuously created in the galaxy’s core (something to that effect anyway, since JS said matter isn’t created or destroyed.

-certain rays like gamma inferred and radio pass through veil easier than visible light. similarly we know part veil by faith righteousness and prayer. *Perhaps these are access to powers science will someday explain! Certain wavelengths!

-Orson Pratt pg. 36 says once veil removed from us and God (earth goes to Celestial Kingdom) matters not how many celestial globes there are, we will be able to see God, and all of us in that state can, for it’s only the veil and the fall that keep us from seeing God. (earth goes to C Kingdom) see quote 31

-D&C 88:11-12 light which proceeds from God fills the immensity of space (all sorts of electromagnetic spectra).


Ch. 5 The Number of God’s creations


–finite number at any given time (about 150 billion now, with their associated planets in MWG currently)

-Moses 1:1, 4-5 “no man can behold all my works” the MWG is the least visible of all visible galaxies (p37)

-God’s creations so large can’t be numbered unto man; “all numbered unto me (God)” (Moses 1:33, 35)

-God knows the name of each of his stars (Psalms 147:1,4)

-man can’t count God’s creations not for he cannot express large numbers, but it would take many lifetimes to count them all. p38

-no scripture showing how God’s creations couldn’t fit in MWG. if e/ sun had 4 planets that’s 150billion x 4 = 600 billion a number incomprehensible to man. that’s not counting moons asteroids comets and larger solar systems.

–a light year is 6 trillion miles (which is 250 million earth circumferences). it’s 186,000 miles/second. fastest speed known to science. p38.

-nearby stars to earth are 60 lightyears distant (our galaxy is huge!)

-162,000,000,000,000,000 (which is 162 quadrillion) miles between earth and Kolob (center of the MWG) -pg39

-it goes thousand, million, billion, trillion, quadrillion

–GALAXY 480 quadrillion miles in diameter, aka 80,000 light years

-earth is located about 2/3’s of the galactic radius

–gravity a priesthood law and power of God to hold his creations in (Orson Pratt)

–JS before science found out that the sun orbits Kolob (Abraham Facsimile 2:5)

–4500 years nonstop to count to 100-200 billion stars which is how many we have seen in the MWG. (This is not counting those stars’ planets and moons).

-sun orbits at 504,000 MPH, aka 135 miles/second

–earth orbits sun at 65,500 mph pg. 40

-pg40 on why the sun doesn’t get sucked into middle of galaxy

-D&C88:47 seen stars has seen God moving in his majesty and power

-takes our sun 200 earth years to make a revolution around Kolob pg41

–25 light years from the center, black holes move 957,000 mph measured via Doppler effect.

–Christ to this earth for it the only one which would kill him (2Nephi10:3, Moses 7:36).

-JS says Christ atonement for all his works he is Savior them all pg42 note34

–Christ visits one earth during its Millennium after another D&C88:51-57

–Christ “condescended” to come to this earth (1Nephi11:16)

-records found in the catacombs of Egypt 2.5 billion years is how long Christ has been about his father’s business creating note35 pg. 43

– WW Phelps perhaps means an eternity is 2.5 billion years

-an eternity = 2.5 billion earth years/365,000 earth years = 7000 God years (684.3… is the true figure)

-7000 years is the time of the earths temporal probationary period D&C77:6

-Savior coming in the meridian of time (Moses5:57) may be that he was going for 2.5 billion (from eternity) and now there will be another 2.5 billion (to eternity).

-Moses 1:36 worlds without number to be understood as to man’s point of view from this earth

-JS taught there are Lords many and Gods many and that he was not “scared to death of such a doctrine” (teachings of the P JS p373)

-extent of God’s doing none can find out D&C76:2

-Other God’s none the wiser or more important to their creations than our God is to us

-“as one earth shall pass away, and the heavens thereof even so shall another come; and there is no end to my works” Moses 1:38. perhaps the MWG is recycled and reused, so the scripture makes sense (see Black Holes pg26).

-“and if there be bounds set to the heavens” possible and to be revealed D&C121:28-31


Ch 6 location of the degrees of glory


-earth to be crowned with the glory of the presence of the God the Father after it fills the measure of its creation D&C88:18-19

-celestial zone central hub of MWG has a thickness of about 16k lightyears. Perhaps similar diameter. may resemble sphere shape

-millions of celestial orbs in C Kingdom pg47

-translated beings, Garden of Eden, and Millennium all of the Terrestrial order pg47

-in terr. zone, Christ and ministering angels visit people face to face

–Heavenly Father perhaps was able to visit Adam and Eve in garden of Eden on the principle that those in Terr. kingdom are able to receive visitation from those of the Cell. kingdom! D&C 76:87

–Enoch’s Zion in the Terr. part of the galaxy pg. 48

–JS says it’s a mistaken idea that translated beings are Celestial ; translated beings are of Terr. order -JS quote 36 pg. 48.

-who qualify only for tel. or ter. kingdoms, will leave this earth and go to live on those spheres. JS quote 37 pg48

-2 types of terr. k’s, temporary (Enoch and Eden type), and permanent as quoted above for eternal inheritance.

– 2 types of planets in each kingdom, temporary and permanent pg49

-Earth groans and speaks and desires purification see Moses 7:48-49

–BY and John Taylor say earth made near Father then fell and it’ll return. That it was organized near Kolob. pg. 54

-earth made from small particles not big rocks says Orson Pratt and Talmage pg. 55


Ch. 7 location of outer darkness place of Lucifer’s final banishment


-there is a veil of dust outside the telestial kingdom (as can be seen on the outer part of galaxies like the sombrero galaxy), then dark cold (near absolute zero) planet(s) of outer darkness. 1Ne. 15:35 says how hell is an actual place. pg50-51


Ch8 The sequence of earth’s development


-in Millennium earth pulled away from sun into Terr.

-animals have spirits D&C 77:2, Moses 2:30

–earth abides a Celestial law filling the measure of its creation and transgresses not the law. It will die and be quickened again D&C 88:25-26

-Earth was after the time of Kolob before the fall Abe. 5:13 –there is C Tel and Ter matter, and when a planet moves from one glory to another it burns off what was there and puts on those ELEMENTS of its now environment (NEW ELEMENTS! Duh!) pg54

–Adam in Eden garden was Terrestrial state. So it is when we are born, we in a terr. state. when 8, we become accountable and go down to a tel. state. The earth when went to terr. state was “born”, and was in a terr. state, and at the fall went to a tell. state.

–passing through veils is perhaps where we get the elements of that state! in either direction! pg54

– “This earth was organized or formed out of other planets which were broken up and remodeled and made into the one on which we live” -JS

–“as one earth shall pass away… even so shall another come” Moses 1:38.

-“we will GO DOWN, and we will take of THESE MATERIALS a d we will make an earth whereon these may dwell.” Abe. 3:24

-Orson Pratt things garden of Eden was 1000 years (quote43) . Millennium is 1000 years, these may be the time it takes a planet to travel from one realm to the other.* Maybe the earth went from C to terr. during the day God rested in the creation, the 7th day, for it was indeed a day of creation. pg56

-perhaps A and Eve resisted Satan for almost 1000 years!

-devil and his angels along with Satan riding the earth down from terr. to tel. glory

-when Adam fell so did earth and took up its place in this planetary system says BY quote 44 pg 56. JS says earth no longer in presence of Jehovah but was hurled into space to be in bondage to sin and Satan till it has filled up it’s time in that. quote 45.

-earth in Garden of Eden before the fall hotter and no seasons, no cold places, not mere warming of earth by day as it is now

-Eliza R Snow was taught by JS and wrote hymn: part of earth broke off with Enoch to make another planet, earth was once glorious where God is and is smaller than it once was fragments breaking off (which will come back), Enoch’s planet nearer to the throne of God upward moved, the ten tribes left earth on a chunk of earth, martyrs (people who bear witness of Christ) to live in C K with Father someday, restitution is to say earth will regain it’s lost parts, earth to leave its orbit “the track it’s doomed to trace” it will leave.. *It always did seem a little funny to me that there is so much ocean on this planet and so very little land in comparison!

-many caught up by the powers of heaven into Zion (Moses 7:21, 27.) ( Zion is a place but it’s not on this earth. )

–Scrips on earth moving:

Isa13:13 “the earth shall be removed out of her place“;

Hel. 12:13 “if he say unto the earth-Move-it is moved ;

Isa 24:20 “the earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage.” (like a little house that goes off in a tornado. A planet plucked out from its place!)

-earthquakes in diverse places dc45:33; whole earth in commotion dc45:26; men…shall not be able to stand dc88:89; stars become exceeding angry and cast themselves down dc88:87 to get earth away from the sun will take much and all will fall down. biggest earthquake ever. p58

–earth to come “like it was before it was divided” “land of Jerusalem and land of Zion shall be turned back to their own place” both from dc133:24

-JS said “then will appear one grand sign of the Son of Man in heaven. But what will the world do? They will say it is a planet, a comet.” quote 47 pg. 58 it’s the lost tribes coming back!

-DC133:26-27 “they shall smite the rocks, and the ice shall flow down at their presence. and an highway shall be cast up in the midst of the great deep” probe referring to the ten lost tribes returning; a big piece of earth smashing into the earth causing this.

-Parley P Pratt says pieces to come back to earth making it much larger than it now is with return of city of Enoch etc. quote 48; pg. 59

-sun dark DC88:87 from earth leaving the solar sys. like Nephites in dark before Christ came, earth going into the veil of dust will make all appear dark pg59

–stars fall as tree leaves and great destructions await the wicked DC34:9

-soon as earth passes through the veil, just like it is with humans, it will meet the Christ. -pg60

–(once through veil and into terr k) earth to meet Christ and city of Enoch -Moses 7:63

–all corruptible to be destroyed and all things to become new -DC101:24-5

–earth will pass away (many refs see pg. 60) may be earth going through the veil to the next kingdom the terr, where the destructions and desolation will be like its death and resurrection

-DC88:26 earth will die then be quickened again

-no night in Millennium pg60; rev.21:1,10,23,25; Isa 60:19; psalm 139:12

-light of Christ sufficient to cover all of earth JS Matt:1:26, matt24:27

-no seasons Amos 9:13 “plowman shall overtake the reaper”

-DC76:86-7 Father to CK Son to Ter K HG to Tel K

-earth to go to presence of CK after Millennium and Lucifer forever cast out quote 49

look into who said above

-Sis Snow “God with shouts will bring thee [earth] back to fill thy native place”

-BY said purified and sanctified earth will be “placed in the cluster of the celestial kingdoms” quote 50 pg 61

–end of the earth to come after Millennium for new heaven and new earth again then DC29:23-4

-BY said earth to become as the sun for us to inhabit not opaque as now. quote 51 pg61

-Orson Pratt says this earth will be classed “among the dazzling orbs” quote 52 pg61.

-DC130:9 earth to become holy and immortal sea of glass urim and thumim to who dwell thereon

-rev 21:21 streets transparent

-DC88:18-20 earth become a C glory place for C K people to possess forever


Ch. 9 other mortal worlds within our MWG


-DC 76:24, 88:51-57 HF with other children on other worlds

–science finding maybe other worlds with life and interstellar communication pg63

-science says 10 stars made/year in MWG pg. 64

-science says other stars same elements as ours for the most part, and non-carbon chemistry not likely pg. 63

-scientist says other solar systems would have a life sustainable planet on them also with 1/10 chance of life there and civilization there another 1/10 chance pg. 63

-hundred to millions of civilizations around us, scientist says “it seems very likely there are many civilizations in the MWG” quote 55

–technology probably continue in Millennium. What’s lost in the commotion could be quickly brought back as we have seen people do i.e. Germany and Japan after WW11. also school for children and continuing studies for professors and their students to go on pg. 64

-as we learn more radio frequencies we can hear alien people for older places probe have the tech and prob same laws of nature all throughout

-prob. more life in galaxy than science thinks for God sets up ideal settings for life

-JS sand “degree of light- cheering the face of millions of planets” quote 56 pg. 65 may refer to millions of earths like ours in the MWG!

-ppl look like us on other worlds children of God D&C 76:24

-JS says others on other planets of our God saved by the same Savior as ours quote 57 pg. 66 this is also evidence of other planets with human life on them

–God’s universe may be the MWG. A universe may be a galaxy, for such are so vast!

-since Christ saves on other worlds, they have the same law as we do here.

-Abe Facsimile 2:7 “God sitting on his throne, revealing through the heavens the grand key words of the priesthood” tells of universal galactic law

-no space where no kingdom, no kingdom where no space (galaxies are spread out somewhat equally throughout the universe, and stars throughout the galaxy) D&C 88:37

-D&C 88:50-61 heaven like a man with a field (God with a galaxy) where he says go take care of your part and I’ll come visit you there each one at a time throughout the day (at their respective planets, *like their Millenniums)

-Elder BH Roberts “each Presidency of a system of worlds or of a single planet being the embodiment of that authority which extends all along the line of the Gods throughout the universe” quote 58 pg. 67

-other worlds have good and evil since God said to Enoch ours is the most wicked (Moses 7:36)

-Orson Pratt “when each of God’s creations has fulfilled the measure and bounds set and the times given for its continuance in a temporal state, it and its inhabitants who are worthy will be made celestial and glorified together” quote 59 pg. 67

-time to cease at Millennium (D&C 84:100)


Ch. 10 counting speed and time pg. 68


-hymn if you could hie to Kolob in twinkling of an eye by WW Phelps suggests traveling 27,000 light years in one second, whereas speed of light, fastest known to science, is 186,000 miles/second. there are evidences of that distance being traveled quickly namely Christ’s ascension and coming back to see us soon after. Round trip to Kolob is 54,000 light years. newborn babies also quickly come. also Moroni traveled quickly to JS. God answers prayers sometimes instantly. Melvin J. Ballard said the 3 Nephites “they had power over the elements of earth, power over the law of gravitation, by which they could move over the face of the earth, in the speed of their own thoughts” quote 61 pg69. Angel Gabriel “caused swiftly to fly” as Daniel was praying see Dan. 9:19-23

-there is time in each planet (Abe 3:9-10 pg70)

-JS said reckoning of time on each planet diff (D&C 130:4-7 pg 70)

-D&C 77:12 says earth will live 7k years

-Adam to die the day he eats the fruit; hence no human has lived longer than 1000 years, which is a day to God. “in the day thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die”

–scrips saying time no longer refer to how earths time will be no longer. Kolob’s will remain.

-time began at the fall for earth went to tell. and out of terr. at tell. it became orbiting around the sun and hence 24 hr days for one spin, and 365 days for a year, an orbit around the sun.

–earth live 6k years then Millennium D&C 77:7-12

-many time counting systems in the galaxy Abe 3:9

-alma 40:8 “all is as one day with God” means God counts days also.

-when earth goes to terr. it will be away from the sun and need a new counting system. Hence, it’s said time up to 6k years them Millennium at which time will end (D&C 77:7-12; D&C 84:100) pg 71

-all past present and future before the Lord continually D&C 130:7; it’s like looking left or right to him he lives on a Urim and Thumim. pg. 72


Ch. 11 in heavens image pg. 73


-D&C 77:2 earth stuff made in pattern of heaven stuff

-Moses 3:5 all first created in heaven as spirits all vegetation and animal life.

-God is tangible refs pg73

-heaven is a real place D&C 88:37

-God’s throne is a globe (D&C 130:7)

-earth and heaven revolve around something; earth the sun; Gods planet around Kolob.

-pg. 74 JS and Heber C Kimball on it

-spirits not sleep nor subject to the devil says BY pg75

-prov 8 : 22-31 obvious premarital reference

-work out salvation beyond the grave like a ladder rung JS pg 76

-dc says on pg. 76 procreation on earth is like how it is in heaven


Ch.12 children of HF become deities


-globular clusters may illustrate formation of new galaxies. from what I understand from the text they revolve around another galaxy until big enough to become a mature spiral armed galaxy like our MWG. it’s proposed that perhaps Christ is preparing a place for us, Celestial Kingdoms thrones etc. to inherit, which may be created inside the MWG then sent outside of the MWG where more galaxies can be made. The materials for new creation could thus be provided, (perhaps again from the black hole ejecting particles of dead starts. ) pg. 79

-it’s taught that the Saints will inherit the Celestialized earth forever. There could be two places of government: our Celestialized earth of our Father, and the other the galaxy that we are creating and ruling. Similarly Heavenly Father Ahman man have 2 places of government, the center of this galaxy, and on the earth he grew up in located in his father’s galaxy.( *also there is the possibility of multiple galaxies being ruled by a deity and him visiting each, but I don’t see why he can’t just keep expanding his MWG. from what I understand there is only one universe, the meaning of the word universe to be everything. If that is not the case, it could be that the galaxies revolve around the universe, and the universes revolve around another center, etc. but I don’t think it’s needful from what I understand although my knowledge is extremely limited). pg79

-since it may take a long time to have enough children to populate a galaxy, we may live here at our home earth a long time. We may also make frequent visits to our home earth to see our Heavenly Parents and siblings. pg 80


Ch. 13 Deities in addition to Elohim (Ahman)


-we know of 1000 million galaxies, but if you go over there, you’ll see it continue to extend out to more and more galaxies. Hie to Kolob song says there is no end of them.

–Elohim’s galaxy may be in rotation around his Father’s galaxy, and so on forever. pg83

-galactic clusters usually occur at least 3 galaxies, and up to thousands. They may represent a patriarchal order among the Gods. p83

-perhaps the universe is always extending and galaxies always receding, and more matter always being made ~pg83

-BY said between here and the stars we see there is enough matter to create millions of earths like this we merely can’t see it it’s in such small particles that we can see through it and see the stars out in space. Says if we’re faithful we “will be ordained to organize matter”. pg. 84

-steady state theory as held by some scientists would in some way allow for no beginning or end pg. 84

-JS “the elements are eternal” see pg. 84 so making continuous matter out of nothing is not possible. But atoms are not elements. they can be broken down to sub-atomic particles (protons, electrons, neutrons ) and matter can be converted into energy, and under special circumstances energy can be converted into matter. This could mean that the enormous energy from the galactic core could be converted into matter to build new kingdoms, new galaxies. pg. 84

–perhaps certain elements create new matter, and those elements have been there forever pg84 perhaps it’s based on recycling.

-today all galaxies outside our local cluster are receding from us, like from something like a big bang explosion. if the explosion were big enough, things would expand forever until you could only see your local galaxy clusters. if the explosion were too small, then things would get pulled back in by gravity, destroy each other, and explode again and again.pg84 (*that can’t be what happens for God lives forever and can’t die, same with inheritors of Eternal Life)

ch14 summary / conclusion

we become God’s if faithful not mean that these faithful children will take the place of our Father in Heaven, but they become a god to their own spirit children ( Doctrine and Covenants 76:58; 132:20).


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