The Second Coming Happens Shortly After 2,000 AD: 5 Quotes to Explain

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See also “Events Preceding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ” where I show the prophets’ words on things that are prophesied to take place before Christ’s grand return (click here).


I alluded to church material supporting the 7th seal having opened and us living in the ‘Sunday morning of time’ in the preparation period for Jesus’ soon return shortly after year 2000 AD. Here are 5 quotes backing that up:


  1. from the Ensign (references at end of quotes):

“After the 7th seal is opened, there is a little season before the Second Coming. That time is cut short lest even the elect be lost. The seals represent 1000 year periods of time. The earth has a temporal lifespan of 7000 years (D&C 77). “Christ will come in the beginning of the seventh thousand years” (D&C 77 heading; D&C 77:12; also recall, your 1st year starts when you are at age 0! So the 7th thousand years starts at 6k years in!) The Millennium is to last 1000 years (D&C 29:11) (this makes 6k pre millennium + 1k millennium = 7k year temporal lifespan of earth). At the year 2000 AD, 6000 years will have passed since the beginning. Adam lived at 4000 BC. “The Bible dictionary of the LDS edition of the King James Bible places the Fall near 4000 B.C. (See Bible Dictionary, p. 635.)” (Oct. 1983 Ensign “Book of Revelation Overview”


  1. another from the Ensign:


-“The Apostle is shown a representation of those who “were slain for the word of God” after the opening of the fifth seal. (Rev. 6:9.) For us, however, it is not until the sixth seal is opened (beginning atRev. 6:12) that we begin to deal with events yet to occur. The sixth seal covers the sixth thousand year period, which generally would be about 1000 A.D. to 2000 A.D. When we come to Revelation 8, we begin to read of the seventh seal, or the seventh thousand years of the earth’s temporal existence. During the early part of this period is when judgments come upon the earth in a final attempt to turn mankind’s heart to God; it will be sometime early in this period—how early is unspecified—when at last the earth will be cleansed, Christ will return, and the Millennium will begin. (D&C 77:12–13; note the clear reference to both a time period and events to occur after the opening of the seventh seal but before the time of the Second Coming.) The description of those seventh seal events fills most of the remainder of the book.” (Oct. 1983 Ensign “Book of Revelation Overview”


  1. an important D&C set of verses on Jesus to come shortly after year 2000 AD:


D&C 77:12-13 “12 Q. What are we to understand by the sounding of the trumpets, mentioned in the 8th chapter of Revelation?

  1. We are to understand that as God made the world in six days, and on the seventh day he finished his work, and sanctified it, and also formed man out of the dust of the earth, even so, in the beginning of the seventh thousand years will the Lord God sanctify the earth, and complete the salvation of man, and judge all things, and shall redeem all things, except that which he hath not put into his power, when he shall have sealed all things, unto the end of all things; and the sounding of the trumpets of the seven angels are the preparing and finishing of his work, in the beginning of the seventh thousand years—the preparing of the way before the time of his coming.

13 Q. When are the things to be accomplished, which are written in the 9th chapter of Revelation?

  1. They are to be accomplished after the opening of the seventh seal, before the coming of Christ.”


  1. Elder Christofferson saying that we are now preparing people to live in the Millennium:


Elder Christofferson “Fathers” talk April 2016: here is the quote (he starts out by quoting a Book of Mormon passage): “Behold, I say unto you, that it is [Christ] that surely shall come … ; yea he cometh to declare glad tidings of salvation unto his people. And now, my son, this was the ministry unto which ye were called, to declare these glad tidings unto this people, to prepare their minds; or rather … that they may prepare the minds of their children to hear the word at the time of his coming.”23 That is the ministry of fathers today. God bless and make them equal to it, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”


  1. President Nelson said this in 2016:


“We are grateful for each time you stand up and speak up for truth—especially when it is not popular. Many people refer to you as Millennials. I’ll admit that when researchers refer to you by that word and describe what their studies reveal about you—your likes and dislikes, your feelings and inclinations, your strengths and weaknesses—I’m uncomfortable. There is something about the way they use the term Millennial that bothers me. And frankly, I am less interested in what the experts have to say about you than what the Lord has told me about you.

When I pray about you and ask the Lord how He feels about you, I feel something far different from what the researchers say. Spiritual impressions I’ve received about you lead me to believe that the term Millennial may actually be perfect for you. But for a much different reason than the experts may ever understand.

The term Millennial is perfect for you if that term reminds you of who you really are and what your purpose in life really is. A True Millennial is one who was taught and did teach the gospel of Jesus Christ premortally and who made covenants with our Heavenly Father there about courageous things—even morally courageous things—that you would do while here on earth.

A True Millennial is a man or woman whom God trusted enough to send to earth during the most compelling dispensation in the history of this world. A True Millennial is a man or woman who lives now to help prepare the people of this world for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and His millennial reign. Make no mistake about it—you were born to be a True Millennial… Expect and prepare to accomplish the impossible. God has always asked His covenant children to do difficult things. Because you are covenant-keeping sons and daughters of God, living in the latter part of these latter days, the Lord will ask you to do difficult things. You can count on it—Abrahamic tests did not stop with Abraham.4“



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