Book Notes: Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card

Book Notes: Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card

Notes by Nate Richardson,

-Ender was never very happy, he was helping, he worried about things, he felt it his duty to help, seek the quote says it better

– loving enough to inflict suffering when it was needed

-The man who has risked his life knows careers are useless. The man who won’t risk his career has a useless life.

-Everyone leaves. Everyone dies. What matters is what you build together before they’re gone.

-Not all iuas (editor’s note: basically meaning intelligences) became great, they could not or would not dare to; they let others control them, always fitting in, being a fringe of a great thing

-The mother tree loved their independence as much as their need. (editor’s note: parents love helping their children, they love even more seeing their children become independent like themselves)

-Sometimes you let go of what you really want for the sake of duty.

– Just because someone’s god is fake does not mean that all gods are fake.

-Ender was bowed down under the weight of burden.

-Ender experienced pain too deep to feel at present, which would tear at him for years to come.

-Create based on ideas. We all have theories, & we live to prove that what we believe is real. We are not rational, we get information which we don’t act on, and we take leaps.

-Even gentle people sometimes conclude that the decision not to kill is a decision to die.

-Their subconscious had already chosen, and their conscious was trying to figure out what the subconscious had already determined.



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