Immodesty & Pornography as Satan’s Counterfeit for Exaltation


-What is immodesty? It is the prequel, the gateway drug, to get us into pornography. It is all of the Devil. Are women beautiful? Many of them indeed are, but we should refuse to admire those who break commandments of modesty; admiring the uncovered body of a woman other than one’s wife leads to the corruption of the soul. This is one of the reasons the Lord councils us to marry as young adults, not late adults. We are meant to enjoy beauty, but it must be within the bounds which the Lord has set. Truly those who procrastinate marriage are setting themselves up for more temptations, more trials, more sorrow, less pleasure, more risk of guilty associations. Getting married is good, getting married soon after a full-time mission is much better.

-what is the Devil counterfeiting with showing the female body and the union of bodies? He is displaying the eternal order of the priesthood, and making it public to anyone with money. Anyone with money and power is who gets the girl in his game. You don’t need to have good character, you don’t need to treat her well, you just need to be so rich that the crumbs you throw to her from your table are more than she ever imagined possible by way of riches. She comes at no real cost to you, and you accordingly treat her like an animal, giving not a second’s thought for her emotions, for her needs, for her entire person, which is so much more than her body.

-now the Devil has done the same thing which he did with the tower of Babel, and with the prototype of Babylon in every generation. He has told the people that they can obtain exaltation, obtain the highest privileges, without going through the real work. This is the same thing that was done in premortality: Satan traded Gods plan for a quick fix plan of his own, which like our economy, is a bubble about to burst, built on phony credit and non-backable coinage.

-the female body here we will say is a representation of the temple of God. Only the candidate with the correct authority enters into that house. It is closed to the public. It is cloaked from the full view of the common man. I speak respectively of the entire human race. Each female is only to permit her male husband. What is the kingdom of God? It consists of this and this alone: each person building up his family unto eternity, and as parents together, the man and the woman couple becoming God’s themselves. Wherein is the admittance to the highest kingdom of God? Marriage in the temple. Marriage in the temple is the only sure way that we can obtain exaltation. Without marriage in the temple, there is no exaltation. Yes there is salvation, but the fullness of salvation is that we become like the express person of Jesus Christ himself, Jesus being the prototype of a saved being, just like his father is the prototype of the ideal man. Jesus strove to be like father. Now we do likewise. So what have we in the exaltation of man? We have eternal youth, and the eternal union of man and wife, and all the splendors that involves. Not only do we have this our family in the world to come among the exalted, but we have the perfected bodies to enjoy, which we do not here enjoy. Even the most healthful and beautiful of persons do not have the joy and satisfaction, the strength and immaculate glory which the resurrected celestial candidates receive with their bodies of absolute perfection. Satan uses immodesty then pornography to lure people into thinking that they can have a woman, and a fine beautiful strong woman at that, without any real effort. But in reality, the only candidates who will have a woman not only in this blink of an eye short life, but in the resurrection and world to come, are those who attain to the glory of the Lord.

-The man has great desires for the woman, that is his holy nature to so desire. Satan says that woman, seemingly forever young, can be his without the gospel plan. But in reality, only the gospel plan offers eternal access to the marriage relationship. Those who do not honor the laws of God will not be privileged with the bodily functions of reproduction and sexual interaction in the resurrection. The great power of procreation and the pleasure that comes with it is one of the greatest tests given to man; God is giving us a large taste of the power of Godliness to see what we do with it, and we will give an accounting to him for what we did with it, and based on that accounting, He will determine whether the candidate will have continued and greater access to that power and pleasure, or weather that power will be taken from them entirely.

-Satan ever seeks to be in charge. He says come follow me and I will bring you the divine. He climbs over the wall instead of going through the gate. He inspires men to build the tower of Babel to get to heaven without temples and covenants with God. He seeks not to become strong and help others become strong, but to be the only one strong, and to keep all others subject to him.  See Elder Christofferson’s address titled “A Message at Christmas” a BYU Devotional December 2017 for more on this subject in great and powerful detail.

-Is the display of the body bad? In public, yes. There is sacred, and there is profane. The world as taught by Satan recognizes no difference between the two. But the body itself, and the sexuality and extreme beauty thereof, these things are divine, and so powerful, that they must be kept within the eternal bonds of marriage.

-plainly stated, the only way a man and woman can enjoy each other’s bodies forever, and those bodies to remain forever young (made possible by the resurrection (and the best (celestial) resurrection is given only to the true followers of Christ)), is by living the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Satan knows this a fundamental component to eternal joy, and he tries to make us think that he has the corner on that market, but in reality, what he offers quickly fades away and doesn’t offer the entire package. his counterfeit doesn’t include the emotional closeness and the trust that can exist between two faithful spouses. Social scientists have long known that those components of an intimate relationship not only increase the probability of the relationship being long term, but they also increase the sexual satisfaction experienced by the couple.


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