Joseph Smith in the Bible

Joseph Smith in the Bible

By Nate Richardson,

-On my mission in the bible belt, one of the questions we were often asked was “if Joseph Smith is so important, which bible prophets prophesied of his coming and the work he would do?” This document helps answer that question, though it is far from exhaustive. There are many parallels and symbols in the bible which can be applied to Joseph Smith, the great prophet of the latter-day!

-as Jesus Christ wasn’t mentioned in Old Testament but is figure of the New, so is Joseph Smith not mentioned in the New, but is figure of the latter-day.

-bibles one in hand

-Rev. 11 2 prophets

-Ezek. David rule under Jehovah

-Joseph in Egypt a type of JS in millennium

-Gen 49 shall go over the wall

-Lehi reads in 2 Ne. 2? Of a deleted bible passage written by Joseph in Egypt which speaks of a coming JS and JS Jr.

-marvelous work and a wonder, gathering

-Isa., servant

-Jacob 5 teaching a lost bible doctrine of vineyard, the servant JS

-though some of these could be considered to not refer to JS, the way of the Lord is often to give hints and leave the rest to those filled with the spirit of God to discern and prophecy.

-You find no Old Testament mention of Paul the Apostle, despite the epic influence he had on the church from his doctrinal messages. Yet there stands Paul, great testator of Christ!

-Similarly, to how Jews reject scriptural symbols alluding to Christ, so do Protestants and Catholics reject scriptures which allude to Joseph Smith!

-time of restoration of all things

-Amos 3:7

-gave some prophets perfecting the saints Eph.

-Stephen saw the father and the son just as Joseph Smith saw both the Father and the Son.

-the man shall say I cannot read a sealed book

-Rev 14 another angel

-the lion Judah and the unicorn Ephraim being joined

-out of Zion shall go forth the law

-dispensation of the fullness of times eph.

-deleted bible parts in pogp referring to him

-show how doctrines in the bible are taught by JS which are not taught by others, this shows that JS is of the bible. Ie. Polygamy, 12 apostles, deacons, priests, seventies, high priests, Aaronic priesthood, melchizedic priesthood, temples, body a temple

-book of Mormon speaks of biblical doctrines of faith in Christ, baptism, reception of the Holy Ghost, and calls for continued faithfulness for salvation.

-an Elias to prepare the way of the Lord

-a falling away first; that fulfilled

-Moses angels shall declare it 4 corners of the earth – the LDS missionary fleet unmatched in all the world

-rev. the woman chased into the wilderness

-2 witnesses prophecy 1260 days Rev. 11; same time from when JS and HS joint prophets issued call to gather to Zion up to the day of their death

-a king David in the last days

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