Core Skate Tricks After Ollie

The 6 tricks I recommend learning after ollie are Frontside 180, Backside 180, Pop Shove it, Front Shove, Kick flip, Heel flip

These tricks are some basic ones to get you comfortable before you move on to more complex tricks.

For a look at how to progress any trick from novice to pro, read “Stages of Skateboard Trick Mastery”


Frontside 180:

-practice a frontside board slide to get familiar with the motion

-try a 90

-keep straight over the board, board flying away can mean you’re not balanced over the board

-turn your head backward before the trick so you’re looking in the direction you need to spin

Backside 180: (rotate 180 degrees clockwise, keeping board under foot)

-practice a backside boardslide to get familiar with the motion

-pull up knees

-jump higher

-feet stay under shoulders

-posture straight

-face looking backward before the pop, then big pop

-spin quickly so you can see your landing before you hit the ground; finishing a trick a few inches before you hit the ground is always preferred to a last minute finish just before touching back down.


Pop Shove it:

-big pop, little shove


Front Shove:

-helps to me moving


Kick flip:

-look at the nose of your board where you’re going to flick

-put your back foot on the back edge of the board so pop is big

-try to not fling hands around, let your feet do the work

-kickflip as in all tricks, the key is the back foot. the pop and lift of the back foot, springing from the back foot, this gives the height and max trick beauty and power.

Heel flip:

-put toe over edge of board

-heel goes over the front corner of board, not side of board

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