Skate Vert

Skate Vert

Tricks and Tips

Be Safe: Skating vert is a good time to wear knee pads and a helmet, even elbow pads, and if you’re like me and use your hands to catch yourself in falls, palm pads. Skating vert is a quick way to mess up your knees so have a long skating career by gearing up, especially when trying to push to new heights and tricks and perform at your best. Like how people wearing seat belts drive faster, so will we skate better if we’re not worried about crashing.

Dropping In:

-wide foot stance

-somewhat tight trucks, at least for practicing

-deeper drop in’s aren’t much different than shallow ones, just a second or so

-practice pumping in the bowl getting near the rim so you know what dropping in will feel like

General Vert Riding:

-have loose trucks since kick turns take away speed

-keep all 4 wheels on the ground making figure 8’s in the bowl

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