Philosophies of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”

Moral Philosophy in Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

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Atlas Shrugged is about industrialists who uphold society, and the evil of socialism, or getting unearned goods via government taking from the industrialists (the people who actually create goods and services). A railroad executive watches as industries of coal steal cars banking and other industries fall apart as leaders in those fields one by one disappear as a result of government nationalizing their creations, and otherwise taking from the workers and giving to the looters. The industrialists go on strike, showing that without their support, society fails. The industrialists prove to the looters that no amount of philosophizing can justify them in ever consuming and never producing.

Rand shows how certain religious doctrines have lead to an increasingly immoral society. Let us take 5 or so pages to compare some of the teachings of the latter-day saints, after which we will jump into the approximately 30 pages of book notes on this about 900 page text.


Ayn Rand was from Russia and lived under the thumb of political dictators who used religion as just another tool of oppression. It’s no surprise that she is a devout atheist. She also was not exposed to the fullness of the gospel. 90% of her criticisms of religion pertain to doctrines of modern Christianity that don’t match doctrines found in the restored church of Jesus Christ. What I’ve found in Atlas Shrugged are treasures of wisdom. I believe Rand was a godly person, to whom the spirit of God revealed much truth. President Spencer W Kimball called the great writers “minor prophets” since they taught moral lessons so effectively. I believe Rand would fit in that category.  =In the D&C, the Lord teaches that the apocrypha is useful if read by someone who has the spirit to discern which things are true and which are false. I feel the same about this text – you can gain great insight from it if you discern the truth from the error. I am awe struck about how much Rand got right, and I thank God that I came across this text! She has more understanding of God’s laws than 90% of the religious preachers of our day, especially those not enlightened by the restored church doctrines found in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Rand speaks of the vanity of living in mere hope for a better after life. The latter-day prophets have taught that we are to make a heaven out of this earth. Brigham Young said we’re not going to wait for Zion, we’re going to build it! We, like Rand, believe that if we’re to enjoy anything, we’re to build it! Brigham Young said that if the roads in heaven are paved in gold, it was the saints who paved them! According to prophecy, we will indeed build a holy city here called the New Jerusalem, and ultimately, we will convert this world into a celestial kingdom of God, which will never fade away! When we speak of “the end of the world”, we mean “the end of wickedness in the world”. Joseph Smith received a revelation with that clarifier in it. So the world itself will never end, but is destined to be an eternal residing place for the lovers of truth. Also remember the doctrine that our bodies will last forever, that death is temporary, that God himself is a person with a body, not to mention that his other half, his wife, is an essential part of his character. Elohim is the Biblical Hebrew word for God, which is a plural word, which suggests “Gods”, meaning an exalted man and woman married to each other. “God” is like John Galt – someone who figured it out and invites us to join him. Joseph Smith taught that God is a person like you and I – so much so that he even has a personal name, “Ahman”, though we usually call him Heavenly Father, addressing him by his core role. Twice in the D&C, Jesus Christ refers to himself as “Son Ahman”. There are other supporting evidences, but this suffices for now. The name of Heavenly Mother is withheld at present lest it be defiled. The is the great mystery of the universe: God is a man and woman married to each other, having posterity, who have cracked the codes, who have found the key to immortality, and have gained all knowledge.

Rand speaks of not trusting any middle man, but to only trust your mind. At first glance this suggests that we should not have faith in God. Rand doesn’t profess faith in God, but I will show how both can exist. The modern prophets have long taught, from Joseph Smith onward, that we should not just follow others’ testimony, but that we should seek a testimony of our own. Brigham Young took 2 years of investigating The Book of Mormon before he was able to declare that he knew that it was the truth, and he joined the church, and gave his life for it, including serving many missions, and being mobbed out of several homes on account of his faith. The prophets teach that we should not take it at someone’s word, but seek our own confirmation of truths being taught by the prophets. The Book of Mormon says in Moroni chapter 10 that we should seek a witness that the book is true. Witnesses from the spirit are more enduring than even witness of the senses.


Rand speaks of Capitalism and Industry as the engine of society. Long have the Latter-day Saints been known for their hand in industry, they even called their territory “the beehive state”, representing hard work. The Lord Jesus Christ has taught in this dispensation that he gives no temporal commandments, but “all things are spiritual unto [him]”: “34 Wherefore, verily I say unto you that all things unto me are spiritual, and not at any time have I given unto you a law which was temporal; neither any man, nor the children of men; neither Adam, your father, whom I created.

” (D&C 29:34). He makes no differentiation between temporal and spiritual laws. In other words, the laws pertaining to finance etc. are ultimately spiritual laws, which we ought not to neglect.

Rand speaks of it being immoral to consume more than you produce. Long have the prophets taught that we should get out of debt, live within our means, and save money. The Latter-day Saints do not condemn money. Christ taught “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matt. 6:33). In the Book of Mormon, we read from Jacob in early America, who taught “But before ye seek for riches, seek ye for the kingdom of God. And after ye have obtained a hope in Christ ye shall obtain riches, if ye seek them; and ye will seek them for the intent to do good—to clothe the naked, and to feed the hungry, and to liberate the captive, and administer relief to the sick and the afflicted.” (Jacob 2:18-19).

Rand speaks much of the economic principle of the “invisible hand” as taught by Adam Smith, which is to say that as people consensually trade with one another, the best scenario will be born out of that trading, and instead of stealing from one another, we will have growth in wealth for all. As we grow in wealth, we will be better equipped to be self-sufficient, care for the poor, preach the gospel, and do the many joyful things the Lord has in store.

Rand shows that private organizations in the free market are much more effective than government. The Latter-day Saints have shown time and again the superiority of private organizations to government – when a natural disaster occurs, who is the first on site? Not the government, but the Latter-day Saints. Financial independence, thrift, and sacrifice in the realm of finance have been repeatedly taught for decades in the latter-day Kingdom of God on earth. Advancing in career, education, and performing quality work are standards for which every saint ought to ascribe.


The Lord taught that “the meek shall inherit the earth” (meek meaning in control, someone who can control themselves with precision), and that the children of light would do well to take lessons from the people of the world when it comes to finance.


Further, Christ taught in his parables that those who do well with the duties given them will be rewarded exponentially and trusted with greater tasks in the hereafter. He also taught that those who do poorly will be revoked of all reward and duty. This parable helps us understand: “He said therefore, A certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom, and to return. 13 And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come. 14 But his citizens hated him, and sent a message after him, saying, We will not have this man to reign over us. 15 And it came to pass, that when he was returned, having received the kingdom, then he commanded these servants to be called unto him, to whom he had given the money, that he might know how much every man had gained by trading. 16 Then came the first, saying, Lord, thy pound hath gained ten pounds. 17 And he said unto him, Well, thou good servant: because thou hast been faithful in a very little, have thou authority over ten cities. 18 And the second came, saying, Lord, thy pound hath gained five pounds. 19 And he said likewise to him, Be thou also over five cities. 20 And another came, saying, Lord, behold, here is thy pound, which I have kept laid up in a napkin: 21 For I feared thee, because thou art an austere man: thou takest up that thou layedst not down, and reapest that thou didst not sow. 22 And he saith unto him, Out of thine own mouth will I judge thee, thou wicked servant. Thou knewest that I was an austere man, taking up that I laid not down, and reaping that I did not sow: 23 Wherefore then gavest not thou my money into the bank, that at my coming I might have required mine own with usury? 24 And he said unto them that stood by, Take from him the pound, and give it to him that hath ten pounds. 25 (And they said unto him, Lord, he hath ten pounds.) 26 For I say unto you, That unto every one which hath shall be given; and from him that hath not, even that he hath shall be taken away from him.” (Luke 19:12-26).


Alma taught a similar doctrine in the Book of Mormon, “And now Alma began to expound these things unto him, saying: It is given unto many to know the mysteries of God; nevertheless they are laid under a strict command that they shall not impart only according to the portion of his word which he doth grant unto the children of men, according to the heed and diligence which they give unto him. 10 And therefore, he that will harden his heart, the same receiveth the lesser portion of the word; and he that will not harden his heart, to him is given the greater portion of the word, until it is given unto him to know the mysteries of God until he know them in full. 11 And they that will harden their hearts, to them is given the lesser portion of the word until they know nothing concerning his mysteries; and then they are taken captive by the devil, and led by his will down to destruction. Now this is what is meant by the chains of hell.” (Alma 12:9-11).


Christ taught of our relationship to being responsible with money, “And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light. And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations. He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much. If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches? And if ye have not been faithful in that which is another man’s, who shall give you that which is your own?” (Luke 16:8-12).

Joseph Smith taught plainly there there is a good form of self aggrandizement. This is what he said: “Some people entirely denounce the principle of self-aggrandizement as wrong. But it is a correct principle, and may be indulged upon only one role or plan – and that is to elevate, benefit and bless others first. If you will elevate others, the very work itself will exalt you. Upoon no other plan can a man justly and permanently aggrandize himself.” (Joseph Smith, Young Woman’s Journal, vol. 2, p. 3660)

The Lord also taught that “whoso shall lose his life shall save it.” In a sence, we are what Ayn Rand would have called “selfish” because we expect to be justly recompensed for the faithful labors we do on this earth, and we are holding out for that reward, even if it takes until the next life to recieve it. So confident are we in the life to come, that we are already making concrete investments in it. And yes, we will have our bodies of flesh there, and never die.

Prophets have taught us also that forced charity isn’t charity at all, but is actually the definition of evil. We see “forced charity” when government sets limits on what a business can do, or seizes the property or power of a business. The plan of Lucifer was that he wanted to ensure that not one soul would be lost, and he planed on doing this by ruling with the iron fist of brute and relentless force, compelling everyone to make correct choices weather they wished to or not. But such compulsion doesn’t lead to the human development necessary to become like God. The only way the human race can realize its destiny to become like God is in voluntarily electing to obey God’s laws. When a government imposes high taxes, taxes the people unequally (graduated income tax), or seeks to diminish the work of it’s people by taking from the rich to give to the poor, they have become criminals. It is easily understood how the plan of forced redistribution damages individuals sense of worth, and diminishes their desire to work. If a person voluntarily choses to give the fruits of his labor to some cause, that is entirely different than being forced to do so.

The idea of being owned by another person (unless you wish to be, like a spouse), is abhorrent. One of the latter-day prophets, Joseph F. Smith I think, perhaps Heber J Grant, said that he is slave to no one, not even God. He is independent from everything when it comes to his will. I think that quote is found in the Truman G Madsen book on the prophets. This theme is common in Rand’s materials, that what we do, everything we do, is based out of our desires. Rand calls this “selfish” from how she sees the world molests the idea of freedom, but what she calls selfish we could call agency-based values.

A large theme in this book is that of joy for oneself, rather than just living for the joy of others. The Latter-day Saints have this to say on that subject: “Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy.” (2 Ne. 2:25)

Rand says that belief in a God who creates everything out of nothing is impossible. The latter-day saints agree! God created things out of existing materials, not out of nothing! Joseph Smith taught this clearly. Christian creeds of our time do not understand this doctrine. They think that because God is the first person and first thing, he made everything else. The answer to this mystery is that God isn’t the first person or first thing. There have always existed materials and intelligent beings, there is no beginning, and there will be no end. Jesus Christ’s father is our father, and our father has a father, and so on. For more evidence on this point including statements from Joseph Smith etc., see my article “Heavenly Father Has a Father”.

Rand says that we happened at the fall of Adam when he took the fruit is good, not evil. Good news, the latter-day saints agree! As Rand says, the results of the fall are described in the scriptures as a time when humans learned to work, they learned sexual pleasure, they learned the difference between right and wrong. Yes! These are all good things! The “fall” of Adam was part of God’s plan from the beginning.

Rand points out that the doctrine of “original sin” is most abhorrent. The latter-day saints agree! While most Christians teach that man is inherently evil, the latter-day saints stand with Rand in the knowledge that the basis of the human race is a good one, and that no one should be punished for something that happened before they were born. Consequences must be earned.  Brigham Young and others have made strong statements on these matters, confirming that humans are inherently good. They can build and be productive because such is their nature, and it’s only when the slithering doctrines of idolness come creeping in that men begin to devise alternate methods for living, which only bring death. Did evil enter the world at the fall of Adam? Not really. Adam and Eve went on being good people. The time when evil came is when Cain chose to forsake good, and be evil. Cain nor anyone else is born evil, becoming evil is a deliberate choice people make.

These things being said, it is clear to see why things like baptizing babies is an evil practice, since the essence of baptism is to cleanse oneself, and babies are already pure. Jesus was baptized to show us how an adult should live, and we follow his example. He set the perfect example. The Father has commanded that baptism is to be a universal ordinance performed for all who have reached the age of accountability (8 years of age).

Rand claims that there is no after life. She says that we should not just live for some future happiness. The latter-day saints agree that happiness is indeed the object of life. “men are that they might have joy” says the book of Mormon (2 Ne. 2:25). The doctrine of the gospel is that joy can come in this life, not just the life to come. Yes we live making investments into the next life and that longer term perspective does make a difference. Rand is concerned when people live sacrificing to some unknown God who will give people some unknown reward in some unknown existance following death. The latter-day saints have much information on the nature of God (he is our father and has a body and lives on his home planet). We have much information about specifically what the reward in the next life will be (we will become God’s like him and have an innumerable posterity, which will bring us joy because we love them and like to see them grow, and we enjoy doing things to help them become like us and have joy like us). Rand makes a very good point about how 1 person is of no more worth than another, and thus since we are all of equal worth, we should all be allowed to seek personal happiness for ourselves. In the gospel we understand that the most joy a person could have is to become a God, so making choices that lead to Godhood bring a person greatest joy. Rand often speaks of what many call selfishness to be actually a good thing. The ultimate answer to this is yes, we should all seek what brings us greatest joy. The answer to what brings us greatest joy is following the gospel of Jesus Christ of repenting of our sins. Christ and his Father are prototypical happy people. They have max joy. If we follow the path they walked (and endless personality and individuality can exist on that path), we too will find max joy. For example, the choice to insist on marrying in the temple might be seen as selfish, but it is the right thing to do. Like Rand says, we can’t go pandering alms to others just because they ask for it when it is at the expence of our own lasting happiness. And really, we will be in a better position to truly help uplift others to higher ways of life if we ourselves are so lifted. The latter-day saints have been known for teaching people to work, not just giving them free meals. Though the occational free meal may be warranted to someone who doesn’t yet know how to work, the real aim of the welfare program of the church is to give people education so they can lift themselves up.

The classic debate between salvation by works and salvation by grace is one where Rand stands with the saints, calling for works, not grace. The grace involved in salvation is when someone helps us learn to work, and then, and only then, if we work, the fullness of salvation comes. The prophets have made it clear that notwithstanding the many gifts God has strategically given us his children (including the gift of eternal bodies of flesh and bone in which to enjoy and make use of our spirits, and other gifts of forgiveness to penitent persons), if one hopes to be exalted, it must be earned. The role of forgiveness is one of allowing someone to become something, not one of always being ok with looking in the moral downward direction toward someone. God is interested in us becoming just like himself.

God rules the heavens by justice, he upholds justice, and if he were to cease to be just, he would cease to be God. Mercy only has a part when a 3rd party individual steps in and offers to help. God is the governor, and he can’t let some people off the hook based on his mood or some plea for alms. Only because of Jesus Christ’s work on our behalf can we find mercy. Mercy enables us to get up when we fall and keep on trying. Mercy does not enable us to just sit around. Only in walking, in making progress, do we obtain moral character. If we claim mercy allows us to remain seating and immobile, we have missed the point, and are damed. We simply damn ourselves when we refuse to make moral progress, to refine ourselves. Consider the meaning of the word damn. It means to cease, to block, to make no progress forward.

Critical is the understanding that God is our father, and that explains why he does things to help us. I will never forget in the missionary training center, Elder Holland of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles came to speak to us, and in answer to the question “why does God love us?” he said it was because of the relationship you had in pre-mortality. We truly existed as intelligent beings in a world before coming to this world, a place for our spirits before we obtained our bodies. Elder Holland said that God loves you because he rose you from his knee in premortality – meaning he was and remains your tender parent. Rand is correct when she explains that when a mother buys food for her children instead of buying a new hat, she does that out of love for her children, and because she loves her children, it’s really not a sacrifice, she is doing something for someone she loves. Similarly, God loves us. He is a person with a body and feelings, and one of those is love toward us.

Rand speaks of love having limits, that who you love determines who you are, and that tolerating anything in the name of love is to throw away reason, morality, and the purpose of life. She says that love is earned and is for persons of similar morals to those of your own. God shows this type of love when he makes it clear that he won’t save everyone, only those who keep his commandments, particularly the commandment that we love one another as he loves us. The only way we can learn to happily serve others is if we learn to truly love them. Serving those you love is a joy, and really isn’t plain service, but is a mutual exchange of you assisting them in return for the emotional love that they give to you. Further, a parent is recompensed by the fruits of the labors of their children; this is how the glory of God is forever expanding – when his children accomplish something good, the honor of it is heaped upon him, and his glory is exponential and eternal.

The saints agree with Rand that sex is a good thing which contributes to the happiness of man, and that sex should not be offered to just anyone, but should be an expression between two people who have the same values. Many religious people see sex as a bad carnal thing, but the saints see it as a good thing which God himself also participates in.


And now on to more from Atlas Shrugged: Here are my book notes from start to finish, in total being near 30 pages. The entire text is about 900 pages, so we’ve widdled it down quite a bit, highlighting the morals taught in the text. Enjoy!

You’ll also find more side by side comparisons of Rand and the Latter-day Saints, showing all they have in common, and perhaps clarifying a few things in light of restored truth.


Dagney Tagart, the railroad executive, despised the phrase “who is John Golt” which meant “nobody knows” which people used as an excuse to get out of thinking, to shift responsibility elsewhere,  to excuse idleness, etc. *Note: It is like how people today say “Only God knows!” John Galt is essentially a prototype of a God in the text – the ideal, the standard, the judge who walked the walk. When people say “Only God knows” they are avoiding their duty to investigate and find the answers themselves. So she built a railroad a d called it the John Golt. When asked who is John Golt, she said “We are”. This means rather than stopping, you keep going even when you have questions. You take personal responsibility for greatness rather than always looking for someone to shift the blame to. You don’t shift hope for success to government or anyone else, you place it square upon yourself. Rather than sitting around in a stupor we get to work and build great things and make great profits.  We carry society by our work. To refuse to think is evil.


Hank Rearton the steel business owner worked 18 hour days.

He learned to enjoy social parties/pleasures not for his sake but theirs.

When something went wrong he blamed no one but himself.

Francisco Danconio the copper mine owner let a large mine project in Mexico fall apart because he was experimenting with conforming to what everyone saw as good in the philosophy of his day – The masses said that owners were greedy and selfish and that it’s good to give people jobs because they need them not because they’re skilled and that the purpose of a job is to give someone work rather than to produce something. He didn’t bother going to the mine, he just left it in the hands of people who needed work who weren’t really talented, and he didn’t bother them with his presence; it all fell apart and then people blamed him for the loss; he asked them why are you blaming me when you should be praising me, I’ve conformed to everything that you say is virtuous

If you have good intentions and an honest offer/product, you don’t need to spend much time getting acquainted.

I hired you to do a job, not to do your best whatever that is

You can’t bring the Fountain of Youth – which is on a Mountaintop – down to man, you can’t bring it down, it can only be had by those who will go up

Rearton would not give a job to his brother just because he was his brother, it would be a fraud giving him a salary for something he could not perform in, and Rearton’s business would thus be reduced to a whore house, putting on an heir of something while something else entirely was the reality. Rearton gave money to his brother when he asked it of him but giving him a salary for a job he couldn’t do would be dishonest. If his brother wanted charity he could have it, but not under the false pretense of having earned it.

To be without purpose is the cardinal sign of a lack of character.

The title Atlas Shrugged suggests that when the people whose work upholds society stop getting rewarded for what they do, they stop doing it, and everything falls apart. If the more Atlas struggles, the more heavy it gets, he will shrug. When the more you push the harder it gets, you shrug. The thought of looters using your product instead of honest men makes you want to destroy your product.
Those who live off of others instead of working to make their own living are letting their wonderful existence go by in vain.

Francisco let a large business go terrible (the mines in Mexico) and people were very mad at him, but he wondered why they blamed him because he was just doing what the modern philosophy called for which was anti-capitalism; that a boss should not be mean so he should never even show up to the job site; that you should give people jobs just because they need them not because they are competent; that making profits is evil; that the purpose of industry is to give people something to do rather than to make something good

The sophisticated philosophers claimed that everything is nothing, but the industrial champions who carried the weight of the world on their shoulders believe that everything is something. These Industrial champions we’re often called greedy and self-centered but really they were the ones helping the most people via their products.

The philosophers tried not to show the meaning of life, but that there was no meaning of life.

When the Government tried to buy the business away from Hank Rearton, who was wildly successful. The government worker threatened Hank, and told him that little businesses were suffering because of his big business. Hank would not sell even though his purpose in business was to get a profit and the government offered him a very large profit; he would not sell because the Rearton metal was his product and he felt that it would be immoral to just take a bunch of money to not give any service, and that it would be deception and lying to take a great product off the market just because it  was great.

The great Banker would not give a loan to someone who started to ask for the money based on personal pity for their circumstances; the interview ended immediately whenever someone started to do that. He considered it evil to take advantage of people’s pity by basing a loan on that. It was said that the great banker had the Midas touch, whatever he touched turned to gold; he said it was because he knew which things to touch.

The greatest philosopher worked at making his living not because he had to survive but because it was the morally right thing to do; he was the last philosopher who believed in the value of work

Action is man’s foremost obligation regardless of anything he feels

People don’t like to think; thinking is hard, so when someone comes along preaching that we don’t need to think, they cling to that philosophy. Believing that thinking is bad or not needed makes what they know is their sin (laziness) to seem to be a virtue and intellectual virtue.

It is most corrupt to suggest that the strong should not be able to accomplish things in order to protect the weak from feeling weak or of low self-esteem.

It is a sign of weakness to want to be surrounded by people who are inferior to you; it makes you very bored if that’s the future in store for you; but men who are really great want nothing more than for everyone around them to become like them of the highest intelligence.

Hank would not sell to the government because the government had done so much damage to his business; selling to the government would be like manufacturing the weapons of his own destroyers. The government had turned his business from a thriving thing which could do research and new things and exponential things into something that was barely alive, the government was forcing him to sell certain people certain amounts of his product taking away from him the rights of his own product, all in the name of a national emergency. But no one really defined the terms of what an emergency was, or to whom it applied. The government just used that as an excuse to feed the people without their having to do any work.

It is a sign of confidence for a woman to wait for her husband to come home in glad anticipation;  the world today makes it seem like a woman is weak when she does that. In reality, this woman knows she is worth coming home to, worth anticipating.

Governmental scientific inquiry is a contradictory statement.

Getting paid for something that you don’t do is terrible, but getting high profits for what you do do is honorable.

An honest man won’t consume more than he has produced.

Fransisco’s speech on money at Jim’s wedding (about 18 hr 19 min in); Money isn’t the root of evil but of production. Looters who steal it and moochers who cry for it are evil, but minds who create products which it represents represent the sum of human achievement.  Living by trade, the best product the best performer wins. Trade means gain not loss. Trade means we must deal with others by giving them things rather than whipping and driving them like beasts. Trade sets us apart from the beasts and sets us each fellow human equal to his neighbor, everyone gaining based on his effort and skill. Money will not buy happiness for the man without purpose. If an heir is equal to his money he thrives on it, if not, it destroys him. If the source of your money is corrupt you’ve damned yourself, and will have no joy but shame instead. If you sell a bad product which plays on the weaknesses of men, if you steal your money, if you deceive others as to it’s worth,  then money won’t bring you joy. Money is a source of virtue, if the money was rightfully gained. Those who scream that money is evil are the first one’s to sell their soul for a nickel. They are upset that their wrongfully obtained money won’t ease their seared conscience of shame. Looters pray on rich people who hate money, and take it from them quickly. Those who earned their money respect it. Those who got it by fraud hate it.

Men today try to exist not by right but by favor. In other words they don’t seek to earn their way, but to have their way paid for them.

When a corrupt person inherits money it’s not the money that corrupts him, it’s him that corrupts the money. Furthermore, the person who is worthy of inheriting money is the person who would have gained wealth whether or not he inherited money.

Pandering to men’s vices and Catering to fools are corrupt means of obtaining money; money gained in that way will not bring you true satisfaction. Those who have gained money in a corrupt way all will see that all the things they buy with their money will haunt them rather than bring them peace. Thus we see that it is those people who obtain their money in a corrupt way who claimed that money is evil. Your money is the sign of your achievement of your greatest thinking; when you trade with other people, you’re trading your best thinking and work for their best thinking and work. Those who say that money is evil are usually leeches trying to get your money from you; money demands of you you’re highest virtues if you wish to make it and keep it; those who do not defend their money as they would their life are those who do not have joy in their money; they will soon lose their money because the smell of the looters who have been hiding under rocks come out at the first sign of someone who apologizes for having money; they will hasten to relieve him of the guilt. People today consider it an unforgivable sin to like money and property, but these are the very things which motivate people to great achievements which have a byproduct of helping everyone, bringing a booming economy.

Hitchhikers of virtue are those who live by force, who seek for men of Industry to create the meaning behind money, and then they seek to take the money without creating any meeting themselves; it’s living a double standard. Just because they just pass laws saying that you can loot someone via the government doesn’t makes it okay. Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue, and you know that the society has run out of virtue when trading is done not by consent but by compulsion. It is also a sign that the society has no virtue when in order to produce you need permission from the man who produced nothing. It’s also a sign that a society has run out of virtue when men work not to produce goods but favors. Another sign of corruption is when the laws of the country don’t protect the producers, but rather protect the looters from the producers rights. Money is so noble that it won’t compete with guns and people who try to loot the money from people who produced; a society which is half production and half looters will not survive. When you have made evil the means of surviving, do not expect men to stay good, by not using money that’s really backed like gold and instead using checks that can bounce that don’t have anything to back it up which is just the looters holding others at gunpoint to provide for their checks and paper money; then you know that the financial bubble will burst, and men will be evil to hold up the corrupt standard. Do not expect them to produce when producing is punished and looting is rewarded. Money is the lifeblood of production, and when people condemn money industry fails, and people wonder why society crumbles around them. When people condemn money, they start reverting back to the savage jungle lifestyle, stealing existing resources from each other rather than producing goods to sell. America is the first country in all of history which is built on justice reason and freedom. Throughout history people have condemned industrialists and workers as people who create products, and they have exalted the looter aristocrats who sit around and take things.

When people are set up in slave scenarios there’s very little that can be gained; now that we are not in slavery we can have a free mind and be free to produce and there’s a lot more to be gained that way. Freedom generates more prosperity than slavery, even if you are the slave owner.

Americans are the people who used the phrase first invented the phrase “to make money”. All other nations considered that everything is something that is given back or forth, a zero sum game; but in America we make money we build rather than take. Creation instead of conquest. Looters think only money is only obtained from inheritance, begging, or stealing. “To make money” – this phrase represents virtue. You’ll be destroyed until you realize that money is the root of all good; it is how we trade with each other. You can either have whips and guns or dollars – there is no in-between, those are the only two systems. The city wanted to force Hank to sell his products to them even though it would mean hurting his own company; he told the government that they could take his metal like a robber, seizing it from him, but he wouldn’t sell it to them; he wouldn’t accept any money in exchange to make it look like it was a fair or voluntary deal; if they’re going to take it, they could take it, he wasn’t going to pretend like it was an agreeable deal. If they wanted to arrest him, he wouldn’t go quietly, they would have to do so at gun point. He wanted everyone to see how the government was being a mob rather than to help the government make it look pretty and normal that they were seizing his property.

You earn your own living, that is the key. When Hank was that Court the accused of not being interested in the public good (because he wouldn’t let the government seize his products in the name of a supposed emergency), he told them that his efforts have helped the public good more than they ever would, but that his freedom to do his business wasn’t based in the fact that it was doing a lot of good for the society, his freedom was rather based on the fact that he is a free individual allowed to exist, allowed to make a product and trade it with other people; he had made his product with those who voluntarily consented to trade with him; everything he did was based on voluntary participation, he didn’t force or steal from anyone; he would not voluntarily give his products to the government, they would have to seize it from him and if they wanted to have it; if they wanted to put him in jail he would not voluntarily go, they would have to take him at gunpoint because he didn’t want to help them disguise what they were doing to make it seem like it was something okay and mutual to pretend that his rights weren’t getting violated. Hank claimed the courts against him were invalid as they weren’t defending his human rights. Hank knew if you let people call you evil when you are righteous, they start abusing you. The difference between a burglar and the government seizing your property for the public good is that the government wants you to sanction what they do.

Accepting someone’s invitation to a party is a sign and a way of telling them that you’re on good terms with that person; everyone in society sees that you came, and assumes you’re on good terms with that person; so if the person is inherently corrupt, don’t go to his party.

Sacrifice your emotions regarding a problem; this is the first thing you must let go of to give way to reason, and always assume responsibility. Is the opposite of what other people do, they use their emotions has a reason to excuse themselves from their responsibility.

The government makes so many rules, they’re not intended to be kept, they wait around looking for honest men to slip up on one of their silly rules so they can blackmail them. The government has no power to rule innocent men, it only has power when someone is a criminal, and so when it runs out of criminals to rule, it makes more criminals by making these laws which are so numerous but they simply cannot be kept. They create these lawbreakers by making laws that cannot be interpreted objectively and cannot be enforced. Then they try to make people feel guilty so they’ll give in to their blackmail.

They call those who create greedy. Those who are honest they call cruel. They who work are called parasites. The purest are called materialists. It is a sin to accept unearned guilt, to let people call you evil when you are not. There is a difference between a shallow materialist and someone who makes a quality product.

The materialist who expects happiness to come from his materials unconnected with values; he is more unhappy the more materials he gets, and he chases cheap women to try and find happiness. He has no personal morals and is driven mad by the fact that he thinks of himself as a mere piece of meat. He grows tired of the whores and wishes that he could have a virtuous woman to sleep with who would for some reason make an exception in his case.

Another kind of man is a man who separates the meaning of life from material things; from buildings money bodies and so forth; though he calls himself virtuous, he finds himself without affection for his wife. When it comes to sex, the cause is values, the effect is sex. In other words, sex won’t be fulfilling if you have no values. It is the representation of the values of a person.

Those who chase silly women have a large inferiority complex. Sex is an expression of one’s own value. Sex represents your code of values, just like money. Tell me what kind of woman a man sleeps with and I will tell you his entire philosophy on life. Man will always be attracted to the woman that reflects his deepest vision of himself. A man certain of his values will want the highest woman he can find, the strongest, the woman hardest to conquer, because only the position of a heroine will give him a sence of achievement, not a brainless slut. He does not seek to gain his value, he seeks to express it. A man who feels worthless will be drawn to a woman whom he despises, she will give him a momentary escape from the morals that damn him, a brief escape from the ugly mess that he has made of his life. Love is our response to our highest values and can be nothing else. When a man tricks himself into thinking that love is disconnected from values, he will learn to associate vice with pleasure, and virtue with misery. Then he starts to think sex is evil, and that love is purely spiritual, and he finds himself disappointed in his relationship. Bodies and sex are good things when not used carelessly. Sex cut off from a code of values is the same issue as money cut off from a code of values. Both sex and money represent our values at core.

It is evil to make something irrational seem believable so that people will start doubting their ability to reason

When businesses fail the people suffer; they don’t get their food, etc.; government looters like to tell you that only the private greedy people suffer when businesses fail, not so. Society is made of production

Government limits business and tries to get people to go along with the depraved circumstances of communism, saying things like “going through hard things together will make us a better people.” In reality, they’re just holding us back from becoming great through voluntary exchange.

Don’t assume people in power rose there by greatness. Often weaklings are chosen to be set up as the pawns as they can be trusted not to think, or to bend to the corruption in store.

To think that you can redistribute wealth so no one is poor is as insane is thinking that you can redistribute genius so no one is stupid. In reality, wealth generates more wealth for everyone, so don’t tear down wealth. (Don’t “slay the golden goose” with things like graduated income tax).

We do not allow injustice even to ourselves; we do not allow self-mutilation; injustice is evil anyway you look at it; sometimes we think “it’s just me who has to suffer so it’s okay” but it’s not okay, we should seek justice. When we repeatedly let others trample the righteous under foot, it becomes the norm, and the entire society is damned, becoming brainwashed by fallen ideas which no one ever stands up against.

The industrialists were being taken down by the climax of the evil of centuries of evil people who denounced work, thrift, ingenuity, and ownership; the industrialists gave their fine products to these bad men and in this was their guilt: that they charged too little for so good a product; that they let it go to the swine; they allowed the masses to call them evil, and just ignored them instead of fighting them to define clearly what is truly good and what is truly evil. They let the people they fed boss them around.

Some men work to have a job instead of working to create something; these men avoid responsibility and seek not to make decisions which they can be held accountable for; they refuse to do anything that isn’t written in their job description; they miss the bigger picture of what their job is; they seek to shift accountability to someone else because all they care about is having a job, they don’t care about the product they’re supposed to be making; they won’t put themselves at any risk; they are stagnant, unwilling to rise because they are unwilling to fall.

Robin Hood is not known for helping people who got robbed, but is known for giving to people who are in need just because they need; he takes things to give to needy people rather than producing things to meet their needs; he simply wanted to meet their needs without producing, without real effort. Thus Robin Hood is a most immoral and contemptible symbol.

Instead of death and taxes as being the absolutes, production and life can be our moral absolutes.

Live by your standards even if you’re the only person who does.

In the world of the free market the builder was expected to use his mind, and to listen to his conscience in order to create the best product they could; but in the world of government, rather than being expected to think, the worker was expected only to obey.

One government worker was given an industry job not from skill but as a political favor; he had learned in college that the way to get what he wanted was by fear, so he ordered people around to do wrong things threatening to sue them and take them to court and fire them. He didn’t have the business experience which teaches a person that being reasonable and offering incentives is really how to motivate people.

There is no such thing as a contradiction. If we are puzzled we must check our premises.

To achieve is the greatest thing in life, and to love virtue is to love life.

Those who are independent and pay their own way and create things have control over material things; they don’t have to depend on material things like the looters do; people who build material things are the ones who value material things the least; they define what the material things are worth, they set the prices, and when they need to, they can walk away from the material things for a season when needed; they can afford to do this because they know how to rebuild them; but those who don’t build have to always cling to material things because they don’t know how to replicate them.

The railroad, the mines, all of these things were living things; the soul of them were those who created them; when others came and forced the creators to abandon the creation, it was like taking a soul out of a body, and the body became a corpse which no longer produced good but poison, because only the genius who created the machines and the sacrifice to make them come to pass could rightfully manage them and use them for good; those who came in seeking something for nothing had to take away these bodies from these souls, and they found the bodies were useless; they could not handle them, they could not operate them, and the body ceased to represent the soul; the body of the machines, the companys, the railroads, the mines and so forth, these large companies represented freedom and the spirit of ingenuity; the excellence the achievement of the people who made them. When government people put rules on them stopping them and telling them how to do their work, those bodies, in other words those in corporations and machines, no longer represented the creators of them, and they became worthless, void of meaning, unable to produce good things which way are formerly used for the holy service of supporting the human race.

The communist experiment of an auto machine industry was that no one will get paid for their work, they would just get paid for their needs, and those with more talent would be required to work longer hours. They all wanted this system because they thought that they would get to have some of the unearned profits of those were smarter and better than them, but in reality all the people less smart & more lazy below them took some, so everyone was losing and everyone became immoral; in a year of this they all became looters bums and began to hate each other. This was a project that promised to be out of love for brother, but they learned to hate each other more than they ever thought possible because of it. The communist plan involved paying them for being present rather than for having skill. Those with skill were punished by being required to do more, so they hid their skill. They instead became skilled in begging for free money which was offered to all who had a good enough sob story. They spied on each other to try and catch each other cheating so they could have more money. They all lived in fear of each other instead of working together as a team. Perhaps ironically, when they were working for individual profits, they were more united than when they were pooling their wages. Of course their company went bankrupt because of this. They were not allowed to spend money on hobbies and so they’ll turn the alcohol, and the alcohol, how did they afford it? Well they broke into stores and did all kinds of crimes – such is the nature of alcohol – you have it whether or not you can afford it. You find a way at any cost.

Everyone thinks that with communistic pooling of income, that they’ll reap free benefits from those who are smarter than themselves, but they forget that there are always people beneath them who want to benefit from them. No one wins in this scenario, no one perhaps except the person who does nothing.

In the free market everyone can win and no one has to be sacrificed.  Benefiting your business will inherently benefit your children; benefiting your children inherently benefits society. In the government-controlled scenario you often have to choose between saving one or saving the other because it’s a zero-sum game; Government controlled economies are about dividing what’s there rather than creating more. This means we all become losers.

In the private “Atlantis” city the industrialists built and escaped to, the men often had two jobs, one of farming or some other community thing like store keeping or an orchard, and one of their business or industrial production, their science, etc. They paid each other for their services in gold, and the rates were low since they didn’t have to deal with looters, inflation, etc.

Among those who retreated from civilization were the economist who was not allowed to teach at a college for teaching that men ought to work in freedom, the history professor who taught that America is the greatest in the history of the world for making wealth by production rather than conquest, the banker who prided himself for having earned money, the engineer who felt bad creating an engine for looters, the doctor who was asked to work for the poor rather than for a wage. When asked what they were doing in this place, the answer was “living”. Finally they could live among people who weren’t constantly robbing and brainwashing them.

The great medical doctor treated his patient quickly and effectively, like a mechanic giving a tune up to a machine.

When Dagney struggled to stay focused from great anxiety, she gave herself small orders/tasks to complete. Her mission was to walk to the elevator. Once there, her mission was to go to x location. Etc. She had to keep moving, like a train, just keep moving even if it’s just small ways, since any movement is better than stagnation.

















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Add to the section comparing it with the Latter Day Saints that perhaps she is off on a couple things by saying that when we live for anyone else seems like we don’t have to do that if the joy of our soul is to live for other people Jesus served us we serve him I guess it’s sort of paying back a debt we can never pay him back so who gave their all and so dogs it’s really sort of an investment it’s an eternal thing and Rand has said that if you know this is all you got. Then why would you not make the most of it including the Consol once we obtain is mine asked me if we get blessed greatly by the Eternal laws of the universe and our father in Heaven who is the administrator it is only when we take upon ourselves these Divine attributes that we are granted the blessings of the government and to obtain position in that government we must obey the laws of the universe and this is not a bogus governments work a corporate government it’s a great government highly functioning one it’s a fair one that doesn’t take from others it doesn’t threatened so much of the does expel it’s like you don’t have to be a part of this tribe but if you want to be blessed by this tribe than you will be a part of the Trap it’s not forcing you to be a part of the tribe


All that John needed to do to destroy the engine of the world was to do nothing. To withhold his gifts from the undeserving socialist looters. Without his help, their society could not progress near as fast, but he refused to serve them in their terms, to be their slave. If the industrialists don’t support the looters, the looters’ society will revert to 3rd world conditions. The looters can’t build anything, they just take.


The economics professor couldn’t get a job at colleges because he taught that you shouldn’t consume more than you produce and the history teacher couldn’t get a job at colleges because he taught that the people that live in the slums are not the people who made this country. The psychology teacher couldn’t get a job at the college’s because he taught that men are capable of thinking. These men flat today city of the industrialists and they found industrial jobs and did quite well at them. The writer could not get a job because she believed that when one deals with words she deals with the mind. She also went to the industrialist City and she had two positions most everyone there had two positions and Industrial position and a other position so she was the town Fisher and the writer.


There is no such thing as a lousy job only a lousy who doesn’t care to do it.


The purpose of life is to find joy through your work. Never live for the sake of another person and never ask another person to live for yours


The industrialists were on strike against the world who took advantage of them so long, restricting their access to their rightfully earned profits etc.


In the new city, the doctor was able to devote time to research of new ways to treat things.


Add to the analogy of comparing the Latter Day Saints to this philosophy the not casting the Pearls Before Swine and the alma not revealing but that which is permitted can be similar to how they didn’t want to reveal those inventions to the people at large cuz they’re not worthy of them and so forthas z



Justice never stops to exist Mommy stop to exist if we can break the law Raw May stop to exist people can break the law Justice is the act confessing what is real


All work is an act of philosophy


They boycotted their  regular jobs, they went into jobs where they weren’t going their full gift to siciety, they coudlnt give their full gifts, society had abused them so long that they couldn’t give freely to them. They had to withhold knowledge and other gifts from people who had shown their only intent was to take from them. Now in strike these Atlas’ were letting them see clearly how it was them who upheld the world.  There comes a point where it becomes inmoral to participate in a system so broken so far gone that it no longer represents what you lived and worked for.


John Golf and the others at the Atlantis city watched others still in society and hoped and planned for their coming to Atlantis.


Whether it’s a symphony or a coal mine all work is of the same value and significance because it is the expression of a rational mind it is the capacity to see to connect and to make and collect things which have not been made or connected before that’s we see that industrialists and artists have a lot in common. An excellent artist and an excellent industrialist have more in common than an excellent artist and a mediocre artist.


The surgeon came away from the main city to the private one because in healthcare, the doctor was given no say in who or how he would do the treatment, even though it was he who had learned the painful learning of how to be a physician.  It was all about the patient, and they never took the physician into account.


If someone just goes off of feelings like something was created out of nothing like a drunk man’s vomit just happened if that’s all they can do with their art is feelings then they’re missing out on the work that goes into making art making great art is harder than any Chain Gang and it’s harder than what any drill sergeant would ask you to do is the utmost discipline


The one thing worse than the businessman who doesn’t know that what he does is art is the artist who thinks that the businessman is his enemy


People often make the mistake of thinking that you don’t need to study philosophy if you are a physicist or thinking that you do not need to study Physics if you are a philosopher but in reality every physicist should know the importance of thinking and every philosopher should know the importance of objective matter


Don’t speaker what you wish will come in the future looking for some gift have ability from someone somehow but instead because what you will do


In college the free bright didn’t work while in college even though to them didn’t need to the also studied very hard during their degrees in physics and philosophy and matters of food and sleep well often neglected getting lost in the study


The world considers white lies, hiding the truth, as an act of mercy. It is not.


You cannot hide reality reality always exists you cannot get something you didn’t work for


Machines can never  replace bright Minds if he was out the minds of the people who make the machines the machines will fall apart no matter how good they are


To do something for someone else’s conviction is a great lie. You must stand by your convictions.


The world is yours to make it into what you will. That is the premise Dagney always held.


It was considered bizarre to have your own opinion with the not match the opinion of the government and whatever the government said was right and true good peace and love you Nana the case of when the government made a great life report and I love peace to keep keep it on people at bay


People who don’t like to work till like anything there asked to do their job and then injustice something that they don’t deserve any after they give they consider is going above and beyond


To give someone your body is to give them your mind and your will everything

It is no trivial thing and it represents our will


The personalized is a sample world because he has to fake his life pretend


When you have learned to love someone, you will always respect and admire them, even if your paths turn in different directions.


The Lueders band economy of favors instead of products the correct spelling the letter made not letter neuter Luke Lulu loot


The cheating executive will feel just as the beggar no joy and money and indifferent as to whether he has a lot of it or none of it he has not earned his money and it brings him no joy he does not know the meaning of Happiness from work because he gets his money from begging and being deceived deceptive


Honest people are never touchy about the matter of being trusted


It is the man who gets drunk all the time who claims that the world is out of his control and it’s how it was when we found any can’t do anything about it and so he’s making bad choices Miss way of thinking to excuse oneself is found in bars and among cheating executives


You can’t separate a man from his work when you marry someone the things that that person you’re marrying has done tell you a lot about who they are we can’t separate what they do with their name



Jim was seeing as a man who are be and industrial list who would go for his goals without excuses of suffering but instead he gave for the government bad business and handouts and Jim was seeing as a man who are be and industrial list who would go for his goals without excuses of suffering but instead he gave for the government bad business and handouts and held up suffering as instead of sacrificing first goals


The welfare people want unturned the love unturned greatness unturned accomplishment they want to be loved for themselves not for what they are but really what they are and what themselves means is there just people to want to take they don’t work to be great like a great industrial list so who works to build something there are just in the business of asking favors and giving favors and making pills and throwing parties and manipulating his business was not the business of Industry but the business of politics this industrial leader worked in politics and of course is industry broke down and everyone suffered


The welfare man accused the industrial woman of being a spiritual gold digger because she wanted to love someone had character mobility honesty accomplishments and soul forth but the welfare man said that looking for those traits and someone to love is spiritual gold digging and the industrial woman responded that the welfare man was trying to get something for nothing on earned love based in nothing and that’s what was that the route of everything he did not than working hard to become something great something and be something he was just someone who cheated other people and soul people out to the government and D incentive eyes work by government bills and various schemes and conspiracies


Those two grand empathy to guilt grant non to innocence. People who are are afraid of upright check her and morals and honesty and justice often claim but there are feelings they have which state cannot describe and that these feelings of upright tractor and morals and honesty and justice often claim but there are feelings they have which they cannot describe and that these feelings of almost giving justify them being angry at those were just they label those were just


The people in the government are really just mob stirrers and they claim that love is blind their fuse for tax morals with rewards instinct benefit everyone easily that of letting people benefit according to their work


In the presence of people who are unfair and take advantage of others as is often seen and government power grabs and socialism we can feel intimidated and wonder how we can exist while those peopleIn the presence of people who are unfair and take advantage of others as is often seen and government power grabs and socialism we can feel intimidated and wonder how we can exist while those people exist but we must on honest and independent we might be ourselves you must continue to believe and what is Right even when the philosophers of our date right to say that things are up to interpretation and bendable and more of a goo than an iron we must stand up and say that reality is real and the all they’re telling that nothing is what it seems asphalt


We can stand strong in the midst of all of the corruptionWe can stand strong in the midst of all of the corruption rule that we always stand by the verdict of our own mind


The evil woman could not bring people to kneel down before her and admiration and so she brought them to kneel down before her in slavery by taking away all they had


depending on what it is used for sex can be a Most Holy thing or a most evil thing. Does it celebrate Excellence or celebrate debauchery this is one of the important questions. Is it between thieves or between honest people? As another important question. Is it for cheap pleasure or is it for uniting great dreams?


Socialists destroy themselves while blaming some unknowable evil for their destruction


Socialists at first say why should we suffer while other people have so much and then they take from the people who have a lot I then later they say why should we suffer while there are some people who have enough to last them for years and then they take more and then they say why should we suffer While others have enough to last for months and then just four weeks so they’ve drained the entire industry which was holding up Society


Give loans not alms. Support producers not  consumers.


On the comparing to the Latter Day Saints portion of this document write about how it compares to Elder Bruce R mcconkie when he said the wicked are always living in fear of the moment when the righteous will come down and holy indignation against them


The Socialist Moochers just want to take claim that other people have a right to help each other and so they should be helped and they think that the industrialists never suffer but in reality the Socialist welfare people sit around all day while the industrial people work all day and do suffer all day


Add to the religion compare document the New Testament passage of scripture which says that the lazy person will not eat bread the worker will not eat bread it’s New Testament or Old Testament somewhere in there about how The Idler was not worthy of bread


Many courtrooms operate on a set of rules which don’t have much to do with right and wrong and the court hearings you basically know the outcome before the hearing even happens and the hearing is basically just to give the bunch of people jobs who sit there and recite the various sets of rules that enact the various things and there’s not really any Judgment of right and wrong taking place at all. Though they were there in the name of Justice they all believed that there was no such thing as Justice.


Throughout history of the people who have been called bad are the people who are forced to buy the legal pandering strange things not people who made up the legal pandering strange things, and the only goal of the victims was that they had … To buy the panderings?

The real evil was who made the rules, not the industrialists forced to comply with them.




Those who are industrial and admire the great industrialists are better than the great government looters in high places. They even though in what many call lowly ranks, are still on the right side of the war.

There isn’t an honest job that’s bad, only people not honest enough to accept them.


If a person wishes to rise in the market by honest trade, to rise in his talent by great performance, he may do so. It’s those who wish to rise without achievement that you must beware of.



It is immoral to be a mere pragmatist.



When things are turned over from private sector to government sector the benefits start going away they stop caring about customer satisfaction


The Socialists believe that only the experts should be the ones that think that I should only trust expert opinions that you shouldn’t bother looking into medicine or engineering and less your position or engineer they teach that it’s essentially not profitable for the common man to think. They teach that men should rely only on Authority not on themselves.


When nationalizing the copper mine, the real owner blew it up, and said “brother, you asked for it”. Then the economy tanked.


Most college diplomas aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on


It is evil to love suffering to think that people are better off when they suffer to consider that the fruits of one’s labor should not be given to the laborer it is wrong to consider that wages are Unworthy of the hire


Labor that requires no thought is exhausting


Pain is something to be fought and then thrown aside it is not something to expect to be there always


When you learn of a better way, go to the better way. If you understand your way to be the best, hold to it. But if you find a better way, go to that. Stick to your convictions. When you’re ready for the higher ways, they’re ready for you.


Include the JS quote of unfold mysteries when ready as it goes with John etc waiting for Dagney


Sometimes we avoid understanding because we are afraid. Afraid of the consequences that would come from understanding the truth. So we go on telling ourselves that it’s not our fault because we don’t understand.


The Justice which would forgive miles of Innocence steps of wrong will not forgive one step of conscious evil


To feel without thinking is Vanity.


We enable looters when we allow them to take from us to extort us instead of standing up for what is right. It is not right for those who produced to go without and for those did not produce to have similarly to how it’s not right for those who can’t think to lead and those who can to obey the foolish leaders.


You discover what it really means to be alive when you want something and you work to make it happen.



Socialist teach that there are no values but only social customs and they teach that what we do does not matter that it’s all just based on popular opinions and customs. They will not allow such ideas as right and wrong, the existence of Good and Evil.


Most college degrees aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.


Note lds. Js and by were hard workers. Js was known on the crews he worked on for his excellent work,  and he was among the strongest of men as a natural result. But these men were called to a higher work of building the kingdom of God. You might say they left the normal corrupt cities and built their own Atlantis.


By said he knew where to go in the mountains to find metals enough to make the Saints all rich,  but such was not needed. He also said the greatest trial is riches, and few can endure such without becoming corrupt. He feared for the Saints in these matters.



They say that when a human dies it’s just like when an animal dies and it makes no difference and that there are no values but in reality it does matter to us when we die and there are values


Often the college professors well betray their students as the students seek for knowledge and reason the professor’s deliver them to evil looters two evil socialists teaching the children that there are no morals. They and the schools teach the children that it is bad to think. The mind is the humans way of survival and the schools teach man not to use it. They teach not to stand out but to belong they teach not to understand but to obey this teach not to ask but to submit they teach not to struggle but to compromise they teach that who are you to know Society knows best who are who are you to know your parents know best all these appeals to Authority which without teaching learn how to think for themselves. The way they teach their children is like a bird pecking the feathers off of its baby and pushing it out the nest to survive they are disarming the human with the power of His from the power of his mind and they’re leaving the human only sent away with cheap phrases these talking points of socialism


The fruit of the teachings of the Socialist philosophers and Mystics are thugs armed thugs who use force as a means of forcing others to give them what they have not earned


Intro to these book notes, this book contains many precious revelations. A few things aren’t quite right in it, but, like an inspired reader of the apocrypha, you can find great messages from God in this book. Bless God for this books glorious views of honor and integrity to a world which needs so badly to hear it.



One man can change the ciety of the Socialist want you to think that you are insignificant and that one person can’t make a difference. Notes for the Latter Day Saint commentary that that’s the same message The Book of Mormon has that one person can sway things



The Socialists Force others to trade happiness for Duty when in reality they could have done their duties with happiness if it weren’t for the Socialists


Humans are separate from animals and that they have to choose to have to choose their morals they have to choose to Value life or not it won’t just happen they have to be making a conscious choice about choosing to love life and choosing to work.


Your life is irreplaceable value. This is the opposite of what many of the philosophers of our time teach that an individual is insignificant.


It’s person is an end in and of themselves in other words each person is inherently good and notes Brigham 2 Brigham Young taught that same thing that people are by Nature Good not by Nature evil that is when they when they are falling their evil but at any rate so each person is someone who deserves to enjoy himself has he works for it it’s not just good to help others it’s also good to help yourself and let yourself enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Some people separate our ability to reason and our ability to have morals but in reality reason is where we get our morals and one’s mind is the measuring rod


Un-focusing the Mind intentionally, blanking out, refusing to think, these are the great evils. To consider that reality isn’t real if you ignore it. By suspending your logic and reason you are suspending your identity and your person Your Existence you’re refusing to say I am. When you say who knows it’s another way of saying how can I know I don’t matter. Rationality is life irrationality is death. Those who ignore reality will be wiped out by reality for example if they think someone’s going to give them food that they didn’t earn they will perish.


To be productive is to choose to live 2 on the other hand to punish people for producing it’s where the black mask of death worship


Add to the introduction that I’m Rand grew up in various communist places like Russia and didn’t have access to the restored gospel and her views reflect those hardships. Is understandable that someone seeing apostate Christianity could have great cause to question the validity of that sect. I look forward to the day when sister brand is blessed with the fullness of the Gospel and I Marvel at her use of all the tools at her disposal to have discovered so much truth about morality. Even if she doesn’t understand the nature of spirits.


Add to endtro . She has criticisms of religion , so do i. Indeed many incorrect philosophies have been born in the apostate churches if our time. Apostate means they have fallen away from the true gospel if Jesus cheist. Thanks be to god, the fullness of the gospel has been restored.


If someone has to be your leader it must be chosen not forced upon you or else your mind will rot on your value of life will die


Virtue is not an end in and of itself it is not a sacrificial reward it is a means to the end of Joy the reason we be virtuous is so that we can be joy and you cannot have joy without virtue. Life is the reward of virtue.


Values are the fuel they put in the motor our selves and if we put in the wrong fuel it will wreck that motor you have to have the right values


If you’re seeking to do something that brings brains are reality other than what the reality will be in your seeking a life of misery and you will get misery and other words if you do a then B happens but if you do a and you expect sea to happen then you’re going to be miserable


Happiness isn’t the satisfaction of whatever blind wins that you indulge but joy is a state of noncontradiction.


Joy involves not escaping from your mind but using your mind to its fullest power.


The joy of a drunkard is nothing compared to the joy of a creator. The Creator relies on rationality



Someone who trades is someone who earns what you gets Southern trying to take it by government rules and roll of mobs spill tray on the people who work. A person who trades does not ask to be paid for his failures and does not ask to be loved for his flaws. Someone who trades doesn’t squander his body as fodder and he doesn’t just use as fodder and he doesn’t just use himself as alms. It is not yours the values of his friendship love and esteem accept Except for in trade.



The mystics throughout the ages derailed against the people who trade and have spoken highly of the looters and lazy people. You see the trailer is a man of Justice it is someone they dread.


Relationships have to be entered into voluntarily and when someone has a problem with it then you part ways everything is voluntary


We have nothing to gain from stupidity and human vices some fools because the only value man can offer is the work of their mind.


When you have a disagreement with another rational person you let reality determine who is right and either the day will learn or you will learn can you allow reality to resolve question.


Morality ends where a gun begins because Force and mind are two opposites when you start to force someone you take away their mind you take away their ability to reason and it’s just as bad as taking away their Vision their site because when you take away someone’s resources to live by forcing this is what you’re doing you’re taking away their beans of survival when you force them to agree with you by violets which of course is what the government does they say if you don’t do things this certain way then we’ll take your property and your property is your means to live your property is a reflection of your mind and so they’re taking why you’re mine when they take away your property because your mind is that you employed to obtain your property


People who use Terror instead of proof to get people to agree with them this is where it ends where the Mind ends this is where the will to live and ends


Reality demands of man that he act for his own rational interest


Force can only be used against someone who is trying to force you it is never right to force someone to do anything unless you’re defending yourself from them forcing you


Those who only use Force to defend themselves are using that forced to destroy horse. It really is force in an offensive manner to gain things as do not belong to him that person is using Force to create destruction but it is the person who uses Force only defending himself from force that is in reality destroying for By His Force


Life is not the absence of darkness and joy is not the absence of pain and intelligence is not the absence of stupidity and something existing is not something not exist in the absence of something and the absence of abolition does not mean the same thing as building. If you just sit around and say we’re not destroying anything then nothing is going to get built.


Don’t try to live just to avoid paying try to live to be happy don’t try to live just to avoid punishment but instead live with a purpose to build stuff


We don’t wish to avoid death but we seek to live life


Doesn’t think that fear is the more powerful motivator do not love life


Don’t start your Philosophy by saying that man is evil that’s the opposite of rain to start how do you start your Philosophy by saying Nana table they are setting us up to fail. Standard of good not standard of evil. Side note it’s like really in Brigham Young. Adam and Eve were great people at the beginning of this world was not by idiots in caveman various people made it by great leaders for the great leaders of the human race on this Earth the beginning of it


The idea of original sin to say that you are bad start off with without even doing anything wrong this is a slap in the face of morality this is not logical because if man is Evil by birth he has no power or will to change it side note long have the prophets taught that original sin is false Dr and that man are inherently good Latter-Day prophets of clarified that not as one of the big parts of the restoration of the Gospel. If people become evil it’s like and when they choose to be evil. Kane is the time when evil really came into the world Adam and Eve were righteous and evil only came into the world when someone deliberately chose it. To hate the human race because of their nature is to hate nature. And to judge someone for something they did before they were born is to negate Justice.


The code of the Socialist who takes things from others and considers people evil I thought of this person is to think that Justice and nature are evil


To say that we have original sin is like playing a game with weighted dice we’re no matter what we choose the outcomes are going to be determined and this would not be fair I never delete the importance of our reasoning power our minds are ability to create and the valley of our life in general


Reason morality creativeness and joy these were all the things that happened to Adam and Eve when they ate the fruit of the tree and yet society says that they became evil when they ate the fruit of the tree but in reality when they ate the fruit


What we call the fall of Man In the Garden of Eden like Morality In judgment and creation these were all good things that enabled him to live life and made him a human someone who doesn’t have these things is not really human so when he gained the power to know right and wrong and to create and have joy that’s when he really became a full human is a step forward not a step backward


Many say the body of the human is the evil thing the bad thing what’s the body of the human is the good thing it’s how he works it’s how he has Joy it’s how he exercises judgment and moral reason both of the mind and the body I would give meaning to the


They have split man into him in half they have said that the spirit is good in the body is bad but in reality the whole man is good you can’t cut him in half it all works together you need all of it


Those who claim that God is some ununderstandable thing somewhere is to deny the reason a man and it is utterly contemptible


The mystics claim that we should work for things that we don’t understand and sacrifice on the altar of some unknown God for some unknown reward and some unknown place this also denies the reason and Justice of man getting more lies as man. Also to think that rewards are only available beyond the grave is another demoralizing idea.



Ultimately sacrifice means trading something of value for something of lesser value which is not good, however trading something of temporary pain for future reward is good, but many of the mystics of spirit promise only rewards in the next life and many of the mystics of muscle promised rewards only for your grandchildren speaking temperley


If you give milk to your child at your own expense it’s not a sacrifice but if you give milk to your neighbor’s child and let your own child starved then it is a sacrifice and that’s bad another example is that if you give money to some person it is a sacrificed if you give money to a friend that is not sacrifice


If you buy food for your hungry child instead of buying a new hats it’s not a sacrifice because you value your child more than your hat and so it’s not really correct to call that a sacrifice you’re doing something that says value to yourself however if you truly did love the hat more than the child and you were only feeding the child out of Duty you didn’t really want to that’s perhaps would be called a sacrifice in this sense of the word dealing with sacrifice as a negative. Another example is that if someone dies Fighting For Freedom that is not a sacrifice because they’re doing it for something that they want to do they want freedom they’re not willing to live as a slave, but if someone was willing to live like a slave and they died Fighting For Freedom this would be useless and it would be negative sacrifice, or as the author puts it sacrifice in general.


If you renounce the material world then Your Surrender it’s too evil


Those who argue that you must satisfy the wants of others instead of your own ultimately end up saying that you must status sacrifice your values and morals for the values and morals of someone else


The Socialists teach a double standard of morality because they say that anything you want his bad everything everyone else wants is good to surrender yourself in a pool of the collective


Enjoyment is a value and so why do it’ll teach that it’s okay to help others enjoy and not okay to help yourself enjoy?

The sensation of eating a cake is good why is it moral for you to help others experience it and not talk yourself experience it? It is important to help yourself have joy


The passkey that gets you into the moral Elite among the prevailing philosophy how to be constantly catering to others and hold onto no convictions of your own


Morality and self-esteem are sacrificed when you’re only measured of judging when you’re only measurement is need their mothers we don’t just operate based on need of others but the philosophies of today with Paul for us the throwaway I throw away our own needs and our own values Sega Rosa Brothers values of others


Some insist that every bite of food we take his guilty because it could have been better used to some poor person somewhere, but in reality it is just for someone who has earned something to enjoy it. It is correct and wholesome.


Note that Jesus said the laborer is worthy of his hire other words it’s okay to enjoy eor earnings


Similar to a w**** who gives up her body for any man who is the person who gives up their morals for the morals of any person pandering to the least common denominator of who believes the least as setting. For the bar of societies norms and values


Love is an expression of one’s values it is the greatest thing you can learn from someone is there love

It is the emotional price paid by one person for the joy they received from another. But the evil philosophies of our time would insist that we divorce ourselves from our love and give our love to anyone who asks for it. Not as a payment for virtues but as a blank check on vices. We are taught by Manny without love means letting go of all judgment letting go of all morals and sending love and 100% forgiveness everywhere without any conditions such a scenario would eliminate Justice and moral and reason and the value of human life and experience.


Note for the Latter Day Saint discussion Jesus Christ upholds Justice father is a king of Justice SeaWorld the universe by Justice is not real the universe by by Mercy he is absolutely just an exact every payment for every infraction and the only rewards those who have perfectly earned the reward but there is another person named Jesus Christ works out contracts with us help us get our feet Jesus Christ is perhaps a bank account willing to give us loans which will pay back with interest increasingly able to pay it back will end up paying him back greatly by the good works we do with will bring him so much joy


The Philosopher’s claim being served that heaven is not on Earth everything that’s not her and a side note for my commentary is that church teachings. Teaches that having is patterned after having and it’s very similar


I might just put my voluntary side-by-side all this stuff


I wish that is why they blind Horizon under ears they want what their wishes come true reality no matter how bad you want that Riverview milk it’s going to be water unless you change it yourself. Thought logic matter you want something you have to build it every inch of that building counts but 0 of your feelings count do you want something just cuz it would make you happy it’s not make it just happened that doesn’t make it just happened the only thing that can make it materialize this material


Things as they are are things as they are observed by your mind also side note here is that the DNC speaks of slicing its key value on things as they are Intelligence being things as they are were and will be and that intelligence is the key to Salvation


If you sleep with s**** and you’re not a moral person no matter how much you feel that you love your wife the next morning reality not the feeling is what matters


The greatest fear of a child is the fear of identity crisis the villains vice versa I need to establish bowls and identities concrete realities concrete roles positions and the philosophies of socialism are there a throwaway reality in our true identity just be whatever the win is the majority asks us to be and it would tolerate people believe lies and a side note this is like if I want to stay there a boy when they really a girl it’s just not true and it’s immoral even allowing them to say that tolerating there intolerance for truth


The moral rational thing to do is to say it exists so I want it what is tricksters would say is I want it so it must exist


Notes. They criticize the idea that God just created the universe out of nothing from a whim use it was just do that but in reality is the laws of science this is why it’s so important God is not the first person


The law of causality is determined by the acting otherwise you have the non-existent controlling the existent


Effect the corrupt philosophers change around the cause and effect they want to eat the cake before they bake it they say it doesn’t matter who bake to take what matters is that cakes exist and that everyone should be able to share them equally they do this totally disregarding how that cake came into existence. Similarly the cause of our moral philosophies can have an effect in who we choose to mate with but the corrupt philosophers change it around and they say mate with anyone. Over and over there reverse cause and effect and they build a fiction.


Those who uphold reason are the core, and without them,  you couldn’t even conceive your wishes.



Domestics want to have the lights but destroy the generators


The mystics only think and pray but we should act


Tennessee to use fruits of an industrialist taking you home or working or paying for them Bogdan ioan that existence exists


People say that there are no such thing as absolute but do they realize that statement itself is an absolute statement?


I can  this not book notes or summaries of this can be Laurel perspectives sound moral perspectives from Atlas Shrugged and the Latter Day Saints


The philosophers of our time or not syncing to take you back to the Dark Ages there taking you back to the very dark ages time when language doesn’t make sense good is bad and bad is good oh, they are taking away the concept of objective reality and the human consciousness


Those who refuse to work really deep down hate themselves and they don’t care so much about being rich as seeing other people before

An inventor is someone who asks the universe why and lets nothing stand between his mind and the answer

When someone wants to nationalize a product being made that’s the same thing as wanting to nationalize the brain of the person who made the product it’s not fair that brain belongs to the person not to the society and similarly his product belongs to him and not to the society taking away the fruit of his brain is the same thing as taking away his brain

They like to say the people that we’re doing this for the people what is the people need well in their minds the people means everyone but you and so the Creator the industrialist he doesn’t getting part of any welfare only the failures get to have it people who do nothing they get all the benefits and the crater he just has to watch from the sidelines he’s no
1onger considered one of the people

Did Nature’s would have us I think that we are bad because we are smart and successful and because we listen to our conscience the new chairs the letters are always be things downward minimalizing the truth until it’s small enough to require your place convenient lie until I repeat it is until is small enough to be replaced by a quiet Li

A right is something that human needs to exist on this Earth for example if you are to exist on this Earth it is your right to keep what you make, and human rights cannot exist without property rights. If you say that human rights are superior to property rights that’s just a way of saying that you believe it’s okay to take some people’s property and give it to others. The LA behind property rights is the law of causality forever causes something to be as the right to it. You cannot obtain a product except on conditions of the owner’s mind.

The only  on the proper function of government is to protect your rights is to act as a police officer meaning that they can respond with Force to anyone who tries to use Force.

Those will not be governed by the simple rule that government’s only job is to stop people from using force on each other oh, they always revert to mob rule which means that people can do whatever they want as long as their mob is bigger than the other mob.

When gangs of mediocre people juggle around laws that they want to put against inventors this makes the invention not want to invent

I’m at the top of the intellectual pyramid contributes the most it takes him the most mental effort and he gets forward Elyse. That the person who came up with the product Safari High School now that’s what I thought

Those who do not compete in intelligence will it in brutality

Don’t play the game where the rules are made by your enemy

Evil socialists fight against Truth by saying nothing about it and pretending like it was never said they also fight against the truth by saying yes let’s allow them to speak but we’re going to keep undecided it’s not right for us to have an opinion either way we have to be neutral

The world has many many people who want jobs of janitor Busboys and other types of unskilled labor but what it’s looking for needs is skilled labor that is hard to find

The first step towards rebuilding the economy is to abolish all income taxes and fire the government employees

When you force someone to act in a way contrary to their judgment you are forcing them to not think you’re trying to get them to not think they’re thinking is what you’re disabling that’s what you don’t want them to do is think that’s a force is about

Those who tell lies don’t really desire to live those who tell lies are hiding from reality and words should be a solemn vow of Truth but people live in a false world of fake the lives they don’t really love anything care about anything when they tell lies

The person who says who am I to know who is really saying who am I to live when you disable the mind you disable life

What is the answer to rebuilding the economy it is government get out of the way.

The intellectual posterity of a socialist is someone who takes over things without knowing what they are and dubs himself the boss without having any skill or knowledge, that he can do this because he has a gun and an army of thugs to back him up with guns. They seize what others have created simply because they can

People who want to get around reality who want to live independent of logic and reason are people who hate themselves they is themselves more than anyone else and they want to destroy every living thing just prove that they can exist in a non reality to prove that they can live in a non Reality by nothing else existing to prove them wrong

Children have a conviction that knowledge is possible add with adults if they shop Lacey and Idol socialist they lose that conviction they spend their life resorting to orders instead of thinking

The best within us consists of making a living

The lovers of Truth must live in a private City until they regular cities are wiped clear of all the corruption then they can go back to the regular cities and start building because you can’t build when there’s that much corruption




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