Eliminating Health Excuses

Eliminating Health Excuses


-you’ll never have more time, God will always give you plenty of assignments all through your life, and your mental obsession with doing tasks won’t suddenly end just because you graduate college or get some promotion, or a kid grows up or you get more money or something


-you don’t have endless tomorrows to set things straight; thousands get diabetes, what makes you so different than them? Do you think they wanted it or saw it coming? No, and neither do you, but it is coming.


-you live in the debt-oriented mindset of our time, thinking that just because loans are available, that’s the only way to live. You have amassed health debt. All those pounds and lack of muscle are like dollars you owe. Time to turn it around and live for not the immediate present, but for the future. Time to seriously journey toward the day when you will be debt free and able to give greatly. Time to turn the focus from you to charity


-you think God cares about your giving or your using time to serve, but he cares about you, about your health, about how you manage your person; of all the people you’re taking care of, another that you’ve been commanded to take care of is yourself. Don’t have the hyper-savior syndrome where you thing that everything will fall apart if you take some time for your own health now and then – Christ (the prototypical savior) taught temperance.


-don’t think that those who do fitness are just people with too much time on their hands; if you want to talk about more time, consider the time you won’t be in a hospital, and the added years of life. Consider the increased focus which will come as you make health a priority. It’s the healthy people who really respect time and take time seriously. Of course, there are the occasional idiot who are healthy and yet clueless, don’t let them cloud your vision to the path God has commanded you to walk.


-don’t think fitness and diet are suggestions; they are commandments from God; neglect of one’s body is a serious issue; just think what society would be like if all were healthy – more sensitivity to the spirit would be the key gift; now how are you going to help them be healthy if you aren’t healthy first? Truly one of the evils of our time is the idea that ‘everyone is doing it’ on account of poor health choices. As Joel Fuhrman says, you must choose to be different than the normal.


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