Help Erase Sex Culture

Here are some ideas to help combat the prevalent sex culture of our time:

  1. Make pornography illegal in every particular.
  2. Make consensual adultery illegal (it harms society in a similar way that consensual homosexuality harms society, or that any other negative behavior of consenting adults harms society. Just because two adults consent doesn’t make something ok!).
  3. Make immodesty a crime, and crack down on it. Give tickets/fines to immodest people for indecent public exposure and disturbance of the peace. (When Cleon Skousen was chief of police in Salt Lake City, prostitution and other crimes were virtually eliminated because he cracked down on these crimes; then the people thought you was being too strict, particularly a liberal politician trying to find a way to get elected, and so they appointed someone else as chief of police who wasn’t as strict, and lo and behold, the crime rates went back up! Too many of us saw that coming. I can’t imagine that if Jesus Christ were the chief of police, he wouldn’t crackdown on crime. The kingdom of heaven is a place without crime, it is not tolerated there. Did not Jesus teach us to pray ‘thy kingdom come and thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’? if you want to do crime there you’re welcome to go somewhere else. An old saying goes that if you want to live in Zion, live like a saint. But if you want to live like a pagan, then go live in Babylon.
  4. Sexuality is tolerated (and essential) only inside marriage, not outside of it.
  5. Limit sexual product exposure such as underwear to a women only section of a store (it’s not uncommon today for these products to be made quite public). What a disgrace. People who do this are women haters. No respect. They’re exploiting women to try and lure people to give them money. The entire immodesty industry is just about money: getting insecure girls to give them money in exchange for the cheap attention it will buy them from men.
  6. Women, stop dressing immodestly. Only 1 in 100 men has the strength to avert his eyes in the presence of an immodest woman. Like the dealer of drugs, so is the vendor of immodest clothing playing on the weaknesses of men’s character, and his profits are what the scriptures call ‘filthy lucre’. These exploiters are indeed filthy! And we know what the scriptures say about filthiness; it has no place in the kingdom of God. The female body is beautiful, but those who exploit it or make it a cheap thing treated casually, those are they whose hands are not clean. The Psalmist assures us that none with unclean hands will ascend to the mount of the Lord.)
  7. Encourage a culture of marrying at a younger age; here we have people who are biologically sexually activated a decade before having sex. We tell them ‘don’t marry (and be sexual) until your late 20’s!’ We can teach the standard of abstinence until marriage, and simultaneously teach the standard of ‘don’t rape people’ by creating a culture of marrying a younger age. Puberty is when a person becomes sexual, and waiting a historically long period of time before marriage and sexuality is setting up for failure.

    (And for those who say waiting for marriage for sex is bad, statistics show that the more people you’ve slept with before marriage, the more likely you are to get a divorce. And I don’t need to explain the detriment of divorce (it being particularly cruel on the psychology of children who deserve two parents from beginning to end). Saving sex for marriage is common sense, but our generation seems to be running low on that.)

  8. Men here’s something you in particular can do. Immodest women turn heads. It’s a simple fact. But you must muster the superhuman strength (usually exclusively available via prayer) to not look at immodest women. Pay them with your attention only when they don’t dress in a way that contributes to rape culture. Save your sexuality for the marriage bed, just like they should be doing.  Sexually delight only in whom the Lord has given you permission to sexually delight in.

Stop giving immature children access to cell phones and social media. They have no clue how to appropriately use these. Their tender stage of development isn’t designed to combat such potent evil. The reason children live at home until they are mature is because they need extra help fighting off evil while their prefrontal cortex’s are developing. Don’t expect them to be masters of discernment in arenas they should never have to enter. If you insist on giving them a phone, don’t give them social media accounts. Don’t give them wifi passwords. Don’t give them 24/7 access to those phones. There is more to life than phones. Well did Elder Jeffrey R. Holland say, “Second only to your love, your children need your limits.”

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