Immodesty Does Lead to Rape: Points the “Dress Doesn’t Matter” Feminists are Missing

Before you eat me alive and call me anti-scientific, let me assure you I’m familiar with the study showing that clothing worn by rape victims varies along the spectrum of immodest and modest alike.

Let me also assure you that I believe men are accountable for their choices; that it’s never the fault of the woman if she gets raped. The definition of rape is sexual involvement against the will of one of the parties. Rape is the fault of whoever wasn’t voluntarily interacting in the encounter.

Quite side note: This doesn’t mean that a drunk girl can say the next day ‘that was stupid… I didn’t REALLY want to do that, but I was drunk and not in my normal headspace… I guess I was raped’. Studies show that MOST people, men and women alike, often regret sexual encounters when drunk (refer to publications of Dr. Warren Farrell for those studies).

The victims that the rapists choose are those they perceive as weak, and in our culture, we view immodest women as bold and strong (though in reality usually the opposite is true, and women use public immodesty as an attempt to get attention to cope with a sense of powerlessness).  Rapists prey on the weak and the simple.

But it’s seeing all the immodesty in our sex obsessed culture that makes them obsessed with sex and want to rape. They don’t always rape the immodesty, they rape anyone. The key is that immodesty contributes to their evolution into a predator. It contributes to an openly overly sexual society.

So the statistics about what a woman was wearing when she was raped are completely irrelevant! The only statistic that we should worry about are the number of women raped. We should use that statistic as an alarm indicating that we need to change the way our society deals with sexual things. And what is worn in public is one of those sexual topics that should be addressed.

It’s not about what the victim was wearing, it’s about what makes the rapist a rapist. By the time he approaches and attacks his victim, he is already mentally deranged. The rape is a fruit of seeds planted long ago. Some of those seeds were from seeing immodest women in public frequently, and dealing with the frustration of seeing the sexual side of a woman, and not having access to it, day after day. Immodest clothes tease men, and deliver a message of ‘don’t you wish you had this’. The man turned rapist is frustrated at constantly being shown what he can’t have. Other factors contribute to the psychosis of a rapist, but we cannot deny that immodesty contributes.

The rapist, long exposed to immodesty, starts to see even modest woman with a ‘what would she look like naked’ lens. These deranged men (it’s usually men) also think, ‘ill bet my odds of getting away with touching her are higher because she looks quiet, so maybe she won’t talk, and she also looks timid, so she’ll be frightened if I threaten her.’

Eliminate the root problem: women exposing themselves publicly, leading to a poisoning of men, throwing the men into an overly sexual mindset; this takes place over a long period of exposure. This is the result of a society who makes things meant to be private as acceptable in public.

An immodest woman is usually more voluntarily sexually active than an immodest one. ‘You can’t rape the willing’ is an old saying that comes into play here. Are we just looking at the useless ‘what was she wearing when she is raped’ statistic, or are we looking at statistics about who is more sexually active? The immodest women are more sexually active.

Rapists often target people among their associates, modest or not. If the person they want is modest, they won’t let that stop them. This is another reason why rape occurs for the modest and immodest alike.

There exists a phenomenon that sexual predators, in the heterosexual world and homosexual world, attack those they perceive to be virgins, seeking to be the one to initiate them into the world of sex. There exists a fantasy in the mind of the predator of winning a young virgin to themselves. Traditionally, marriage was between two young virgins. The predator wants the ‘happily ever after’ scenario of marrying a young virgin, and in his twisted psychosis, he therefore attacks a woman who, as sometimes manifest by a modest appearance, he perceives to be a virgin.

Further, predictors may perceive modest women as not being in a relationship due to our culture that suggests modesty correlates with inexperience. Fantasies of predators often include their victims happily participating in the sexual encounter, rather than being terrified & traumatized. The predator has a false hope that his victim will learn to love him.

Since rape sometimes happens to modest women, does this mean all women should dress immodest to avoid rape? No, it means if we cultivate public nudity, we get sex culture, and in sex culture, we get people who want sex but don’t know healthy ways to get it, so they take it by force from whom they calculate to be the least risky candidate. The grand solution is for women not to show their bodies in public. Let the women say by their dress ‘there are things that are meant to be private, and not accessible, even for viewing, to the public.

Can anyone deny that those of centuries past would be shocked and appalled at what we wear in public today? What would they say, if you asked them, what some possible results would be of dressing this way in public? They might say ‘your society is obsessed with sex!’. They might say, ‘I’de be worried sick about my children’s safety in such a society!’. They might say, ‘this is an amoral and Godless people, and they will doubtless have no regard for sacred things!’. To them, the body itself was sacred.

Consider a temple. It is closed to the public. Its exterior is beautiful, but not revealing. Only the interior unlocks the mysteries. To enter, one must have a recommend. When a woman makes her body visible to the public in sexual ways (meaning taking the way she dresses to the extreme by tight form fitting clothing, and low cut or absent clothing), she is in essence saying, ‘I am not a temple, anyone may see what goes on here.’ The modest woman is saying ‘I am a temple, the details of my person are limited access for my husband only. He has made an oath to be faithful to me, and therefore only he may access the glory of my temple.’ The immodest woman is setting herself and society at large up for failure, by sending a message that ‘my glory has no requirement, no standard for viewing; the corrupt and the holy alike may behold my glory. Consider God the Father, to look upon him would be death, as we are not prepared to be in his presence; the majesty of his presence would consume us; so why do we give access to the masses, when God has set the example of limited access?

Earlier I said public nudity causes sex culture. I’ll explain. Historically nudity is associated with mating (sex). It wasn’t every day that you saw the intimate curvature of women, and especially not frequently and in high numbers. Men are biologically programmed to think of sex when they see the details of a female body.

Women who don’t have teen aged boys are often unfamiliar with how differently men think. Men’s brains can go from day to day activities to sex in a split second. Read any book on sexuality, and you’ll see that the scientists are saying that male and female sexuality are different in some fundamental ways. Better said, the sex thoughts knock on the door of men’s brains more frequently, especially when they are exposed to nude (or semi-nude) females (especially healthy ones; every man is attracted to a non-obese female). I’m not saying women aren’t sexually attracted to men, but that men have more challenges in this regard. Some attribute this to an evolutionary biological foundation of males mating with more females to keep populations alive (creating the next generation), that a society with only 1 male and 10 females remaining is more likely to survive than a society cut down to 10 males and 1 female. There is also a socio-historical tradition of polygamy in many ancient societies (and some at present), perhaps for the evolutionary basis described. Men are more capable of emotionally detached sexuality than women. The one-night ‘hook up’ culture leaves women particularly dissatisfied.

Women are historically (and today) the ones who focus on beauty more so than the men, making men the seekers and women the givers, so to speak. Yes there is the peacock, and other cultures of male beauty, but by and large the female is the beauty historically and at present. While woman has the right to be attractive, she should present herself as more than a sexual being, which would in turn help men not develop sex addictions.

In the atom of human sociology, men are the electrons, and women are the nucleus. Women are the center around which men build their lives. Men go to work to support the more important things the woman is managing at home. Without the woman doing the holy work of rearing children at home, the day to day work of man is essentially pointless. Don’t give me that nonsense about man building the economy. Economy is a secondary value compared to child rearing. When we view ourselves as an economical rather than moral people, we will fall both economically and emotionally into poverty and depression in mass (gee that sounds familiar…)

If you are in doubt as to whether our clothing is based in sex and therefore contributing to sex addictions, you need to look no further than to the one single most popular word we use to describe clothing that we like: SEXY. When the clothes we wear in public are associated with sex (we call them sexy), how dare we deny that it affects our psyche, and thereby our behavior! The go-to status symbol of our society has become a continuum of how sexual (sexy) someone is. By the way, can a modest appearance truly be called sexy? No. Modesty and sexiness are two polar ends of a continuum. The definition of those words makes that clear: sexiness tends toward sexuality, modesty leads away from sexuality. Modesty covers, sexiness exposes. For more explanation of the ‘modest sexy continuum’, read my article on that subject (click here).


Sex is a powerful drug. Anyone over stimulated on it will develop a tolerance to it, and seek to consume it in higher quantities than are historically found in nature, or in other words, in the nature of a civilized people. Many therapists are overloaded with cases dealing with pornography addictions. Overexposure of a powerful substance leads to addiction. This invariably numerically leads to more people who don’t know healthy ways to satiate their abnormal hunger for copious amounts of sex, which will result in rape (taking it weather it’s offered to them or not so as to feed their monstrous growing passion).

Overstimulation to sex in our society is something that no one is willing to admit, just like how we are all addicted to food, and no one’s willing to admit that either; we’re all seeking too much pleasure; Studies have shown that eating food brings similar pleasure levels as sex. Anyone who is overweight is, as the famous nutritionist Joel Fuhrman states, addicted to food. I propose that anyone who wears immodest clothing is addicted to sex, and anyone who seeks immodest women is likewise addicted to sex. Well have the prophets said that men who give romantic attention to immodest women are men of little character. Let’s remember that the prophets have said that tight form-fitting clothing is also immodest. The doors are thereby swung open to a society full of sex addicts. It’s the same with food: many are over the suggested BMI, and our ‘healthy’ BMI is far above that of societies with the greatest longevity historically (see Joel Fuhrman research). We are beginning to consider a certain level of overweight as the new normal, just like how we are considering a new level of immodesty as normal. Just as being physically overweight has negative serious consequences, so does changing the social modesty norms.


Jesus Christ, the person who revealed the modesty standard to the prophets, is a brilliant psychologist who understands the workings of the mortal man’s mind. Females are usually the ones who dressing immodestly so it’s easy to pick out who of them are addicted to sex; the way to pick out which males are addicted to sex are the ones which choose women who dress immodestly. Woman have and historically have and will yet in the future have the role of being the beautiful one, but when they cross the line and become immodest, this reveals a weakness in their character, just as it does reveal weakness in the character of any man who flirts with an immodest woman.


For some ideas on what we can do to help get rid of the prevalent sex culture, click here.

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