TBRI Foster Parenting – Lecture Notes

-on correcting: do so in a way that doesn’t flip their lid and make them afraid. Rewards and threats don’t work, they lead to overstimulation.

-IDEAL: for a correction to be ideal, use the acronym:

I: immediate: try to catch before breakdown

D: direct: close to them, touching, with eye contact

E: efficient: related to the infraction, not too dramatic, doable, enforceable

A: action based: ‘rewind’ and do the behavior correctly, that’s how we learn.

L: Leveled at the behavior: the child is ok, the behavior isn’t.

-play speaks safety to the brain. Even the older kids be playful with. Play before structure. No sarcasm, kids don’t do that.

-in TBRI we give them a voice. Their aggression will go down, but their mean words to you will go up. Later, as they grow in experience, the mean words will go away. But we must give them a voice, even if they want to use it poorly. This is a critical step in their development. The use of the voice decreases aggression.

-set the bar. Sometimes they can handle simple prompts, other times they will need help. Set the bar low enough to where they can be successful. Over time, raise the bar.

-see empoweredtoconnect.com which uses TBRI and child.tcu.edu

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