Sign the Petition & Add Your Story – Dear BYU President Worthen, Stop Teaching Evolution at BYU


Here is a google doc where I’m collecting signatures & stories about how we want evolution to not be taught at BYU, which will be sent to BYU President Worthen. Read my letter & see the signatures & stories, then contact as to how you wish your signature and or story to be added at or Facebook Messenger.
Thank you for your support – Nate Richardson


Here is the initial letter to which signatures & stories are being gathered:

President Worthen,
I am a 2019 BYU graduate. During my wonderful time at BYU, I took many science classes and was very frequently troubled by the dogmatic pro-evolution views espoused by the professors. I had lengthy conversations with my astronomy teacher, my biology teachers, etc. on the subject. Why do they insist on preaching evolution when there is lots of evidence supporting a ‘creation’ perspective? The professors simply say ‘God did it this way’ and they think that gives them permission to teach evolution. Brigham Young started this entire school to combat Darwin-like thinking, which was created as a way of explaining things without a creator. I have studied with Dean Sessions author of Universal Model, a scientific approach which gives overwhelming evidence from academic journals etc. that many ‘creation’ viewpoints are scientific. The conversation at BYU these days is wholly 1 sided. They don’t even teach any creation type science. I feel that the professors are afraid of being different, despite their promise to be brave when baptized. This is a religious university, and should not be overly concerned with fitting in with the gods of academia and all their bias. Professors often downplayed the words of the prophets, instead of putting “!” after them like President Nelson says he did. Also, President Nelson (prophet & scientist) doesn’t believe in evolution, he says it is incomprehensible to think that one kind of animal will evolve into another.
I also want to add a bit more of a personal account.
I grew up in a home where we learned to have deep respect for the scriptures and modern prophets. I also learned in my home to be open to scientific discovery, yet critical to theories of men which conflict the word of God. I went to classes at BYU and felt extremely torn between what my family taught me, and what was being taught in the school. I wept and struggled for years. I changed my major many times trying to balance my feelings on this matter. I wanted to be a good scientist, but not at the cost of betraying my faith. I spoke with other students about these issues and found others who had similar struggles. I feel betrayed by BYU. They put out the packet we have to read on evolution, they jump right in to the evolution lectures. My astronomy professor insisted that God used the big bang, rather than presenting other alternative theories. We know God didn’t make everything out of nothing, as Joseph Smith taught, so why are we teaching a theory of big bang which insists that everything came from nothing? We know the flood covered the earth, so why are we teaching that it didn’t? The name of Joseph Smith is known for good and evil, and I fear that it is sometimes known for evil at BYU. Even my religion professors made sport of ‘some of the crazy things Joseph Smith said’. I will never believe in evolution because 1. prophets denounce it and 2. because the science doesn’t support it. Please be more fair in how science is taught at BYU.

Thank you
Nate Richardson

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