Look Up My Soul: The Divine Promise of Hope by Gerald N. Lund – Book Notes

Disclaimer: These are my notes and do not represent a balanced summary of the author’s work. I’ve selected portions of the text which were relevant to me and placed them here in my own words, in an abbreviated fashion. Though this article introduces some main ideas from the text, it is bias toward what I felt were ideas of particular importance. This should not be considered a scholarly work, but rather an informal sharing of discovered ideas. I alone am responsible for this article, which I share via my personal non-profit website. -Nate Richardson, editor of RichardsonStudies.com

(I listened to this book on audiobook, and was missing cd 1, so there are no ideas from that portion of the text.)

-Similar to a global positioning system which triangulates your location based on three different satellites, we can have a spiritual positioning system triangulated on faith hope and charity which lets us know our destiny, how far we are, etc. Joseph Smith said in the lectures on faith that we have to know where we stand with God in order to have faith.

-Elder Jeffrey R Holland called faith hope and charity the deepest religious commitments we can make.

-There was a man who was struggling to find work. He bid on jobs but did not get them. Their family was having a hard time making ends meet. Then it came to their attention that there was a friend and his six children who needed a place to stay. They let them come and stay at their house, having children sleep on cots or the floor, feeding that many more people, etcetera. They saw that as they did this service, they got the jobs they bid on and were very blessed.

(Note: This reminds me of President Henry B. Eyring’s message where he spoke of meeting the needs of others before one’s own. This flies in the face of the ways of the world, but works well in the operations of the Lord. We must remember that we are not operating alone, but partnering with the Lord, and he has promised to bless us when we bless others. If we always wait until all our needs are met to help others, we would never help others. In one sense, serving others before yourself is like making ‘celestial eternal investments’ rather than just spending all of one’s time running the ‘telestial rat race’.)

-Some missionaries had to carry some equipment to build wells and sawmills to remote part of Africa where there are fragile bridges which couldn’t carry the weight of the truck and the load. They couldn’t make the load any lighter so they reinforced the bridges.

-The scripture says charity thinketh no evil. The Greek word for thinketh has to do with counting or keeping track of.

-There was a very difficult student. The teacher he eventually prayed to love that student and when he did, he started treating the student better. Then the student in turn started acting better. He found that he, not the student, was the problem.

-Charity sanctifies all of our other attributes and makes our sacrifices acceptable to God.

-Hope turns discouragement to determination.

-Elder Neal A. Maxwell said doctrines determine discipleship.

-Elder Holland said discouragement and despair are not an inherent part of adversity and tribulation.
We can choose whether or not we give in to those negative emotions.

-Stimulus perception choice response. This is the real outline of human behavior, but secular scientists say there is no choice.

-Hope stiffens not slackens the spiritual spine.
It is eagerness without being naïve.
It is steadfastness without smugness.
Hope is realistic anticipation which helps us to endure well to the end.

-Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin said that seeing life with an eternal perspective helps us focus on the things that matter most.

-Elder Bednar when president of BYUI gave a talk at BYU Provo he said he feels most saints don’t understand the enabling power of the atonement, and that it’s not by sheer grit that we go from good to better, etc.

-Elder Bednar said the atonement included disappointment grief and emotional pain.

-When we set out to do something but our skill etc. result in our plans unraveling, Lord knows what that is like two (because the atonement taught all sorrow).

-Elder Maxwell says the combined weight of our sins caused the Savior to suffer more than we will ever have to.

-If we define ourselves by past trauma, past sins, past heartache, past failure, past suffering, past disappointment, then we are not receiving God’s love for us. God’s love for you means you don’t have to run faster than you have strength to please him.

(Note: remember President Hinckley said be your very best self. Remember President Kimball who worked so hard for the Lord and remember the need for continual improvement, accessing the enabling power of the atonement to do better than we could in the past.)

In the 1950s movies began saying words like mistress seduce pregnant & virgin. Audiences gasped when they heard these things.

-The author quotes every prophet who declared that though the wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah was localized, that same wickedness is now worldwide.

-President Hinckley said there will come a time in the future as declared by the prophets of indescribable distress.

-At the time of the publishing of this book a third of all the major earthquakes of the last hundred years have happened since after the turn of the century. It speaks of tsunami in the Indian ocean which killed about 250,000 people and hurricane Katrina the Haiti earthquake killing 250,000 and the 2010 Chile major earthquake and Australian flooding and the 2011 Japan earthquake. He speaks of the increasing tornadoes.

-Natural disasters can serve as wake-up calls to sharpen our focus on what matters most.

-President Kimball said that Satan has studied every means of trying us, that he uses time and leisure and careful analytical analysis, and that he is aware that there will be resistance to his methods. He has prepared for setbacks, these things do not make him quit.

Satan does not play fair, he doesn’t give us a break when we’re tired, he doesn’t agree to a temporary truce, he has no civility boundaries honor or respect for us & is determined to destroy us.

-Elder Boyd K Packer said beware lest you be given spiritual inspiration from an unworthy source. Satan sends counterfeit messages.

-A counterfeit is something that so closely resembles the real thing that it often takes an expert to tell the two apart.

-Elder Mark E Peterson said that Satan is a revelator and puts ideas in our heads.

-Tragedy by itself is not enough to weaken our faith.

-President Hinckley said he is puzzled at how so many who in the premortal existence chose the right and stood with God have, now that they have come to this earth, chosen to defect and not stand with the right anymore.

-The purpose of the gospel is not just to know things, similar to a classroom. The purpose of the gospel is to get us to become something. Elder Dallin H Oaks talked about this, that the gospel is not just making good deposits in a bank, it is about becoming what God has in mind.

-The path of Christ is straight; this is taught in the scriptures. To follow Christ you can’t just be doing whatever you want, you have to align yourself with Christ. To align is to follow in a straight line.

-Conversion is not a yes or no thing. There are various levels. For example many people of Europe were converted enough to come to America to join the church, but at some point or another fell away.

-One of the 12 Apostles came to a conference and asked the people if they were having problems with too many people marrying outside of the temple, not serving missions, not doing home teaching, etc. He then said that the solution to all of this is to focus on increasing conversion of the members. He said that if the members would become more converted, all of these things would follow.

-President Hinckley said a better motivator than external pressure is true conversion. He said that when a member is truly converted he will be going about doing the Lord’s work.

Elder Ballard said that the great task of the 12 Apostles is to get the spirit of the gospel from people’s minds into their hearts which will result in spiritual experiences which then result in changed feelings and changed views of life.

-Here is the order:
1 Revelation from the Holy Ghost
2 spiritual experiences
3 conversion
4 obedience
5 eternal life reward

-Elder Dallin H. Oaks said that true conversion is from an individual experience with the Holy Ghost.

-Elder Holland told the story of a pioneer named Peter Nielsen from Denmark. The glass for the windows in the St. George temple was very expensive they were $600 short of the payment. The community gave all they had and was able to put together $200 but $600 remained to be paid. in faith the leaders prepared to people to go and pick up the glass from California which had been shipped from New York across an ocean around the country. On the day the people were going to set out to pick up the glass still $600 short, Peter Nelson pondered the night before about all the blessings he had received since joining the church and emigrating to America. He pondered the sacrifices they were called to make. He had saved for a very long time to change his two-bedroom adobe house into something bigger, but he decided to give his savings $600 to the church. He woke up early and walked seven miles from Washington to St George and gave the $600 in gold coins to the man who was to go pick up the glass. He simply said I trust you will know what to do with this, and then left. His house remained a two-bedroom adobe house until he died.

Don’t just believe that the Lord can help you, know that he will.

-Elder Richard G. Scott said that conversion is a result of faith applied unto repentance and consistently making right choices.

-There was a stonecutter who would leave his house at 2 a.m. and walk 6 hours 22 mi to get to his post to work on the salt lake temple. He would do this Monday morning and finish Friday around 5 p.m. and get home Friday night around midnight. He did this year after year. One day taking care of his chores at home a cow kicked him in the leg resulting in a compound fracture. There were limited medical resources so they had to amputate the leg. He was strapped to a door and they sawed off his leg with a buck saw. When he had strength to sit up he carved himself a wooden leg that was attached to a foot and then he once again resumed his 22 mile routine despite it being very painful to walk on his wooden leg. He is the man who carved Holiness to the Lord on the front of the salt lake Temple.

-Henry Eyring senior had advanced bone cancer in his hips, so it was hard for him to move. He was in the high council in charge of a welfare farm, and he assigned himself to go pull weeds at an onion patch there. His pain was so severe that he couldn’t kneel, so he laid down his stomach and pull himself around with his elbows. He was around 80 years old. He was pleasant and had happy conversations with the other workers while he did this. Later he was told that he weeded the wrong patch and that that patch had been sprayed so the weeds would die on their own. He laughed at this. His son Henry Eyring Jr. asked how he could laugh at that something that was so painful and turned out to be a waste. He said, “I wasn’t there for the weeds

-Elder George Q. Cannon said every temple that is built lessens the power of Satan on the earth and calls down the power of God and blessings of those who dwell in his presence.

-Elder John A. Widtsoe called the temple endowment the story of man’s eternal journey.

-The endowment is a blessing to overcome all things.

-President Hinckley called the endowment The Odyssey of man’s eternal journey from pre-mortality, through this life, and onward to eternity.

-Elder John A. Widtsoe said that a person will more quickly solve his problems in the temple than anywhere else and that serving others in the temple but greatly blessed them but it will also greatly bless you as you will get answers to questions at unexpected times in or out of the temple when you have served in the temple.

-There are so many good things that we can do with our time, so many good resources, that it becomes a real struggle to find out what is the best thing to do. The scriptures say that the Lord’s House is a house of order, so we can go there to find out how to keep our priorities in order.

-Joseph Smith taught that parents can save their children even the ones who stray. There are others who taught this as well.
Lorenzo Snow said that people who reach exaltation will also work to get their own children in the path of exaltation and glory.
Elder Orson F Whitney said the straying children are not utterly lost and that the Good Shepherd will find His sheep. They were his before they were yours and you can’t begin to love them as much as he does. Heavenly Father is infinitely more merciful than even the best of his servants, and the gospel is mightier to save than our narrow finite minds can comprehend. Joseph Smith said (and this continues the Whitney quote likely) that the most comforting doctrine that Jesus taught is that parents can save their children even though the children will have to pay for their sins and may tread a thorny path; but it won’t be in vain if it leads them back to God. Trust on till you see the salvation of God. (End of Whitney quote summary).

-Elder Boyd K. Packer said the measure of our success as parents is not measured exclusively on the outcome of our children because of the immoral environment in which they are being raised.

-Elder Boyd K. Packer also said that when parents keep the covenants they made in the temple their children will be forever bound to them.

-President James E. Faust said children of noble covenant keepers may have blessings poured out upon them because they are children of the covenant they inherit great blessings because of the faithfulness of their parents.

-Elder Boyd K. Packer and President James E. Faust both sited the words of Orson F. Whitney in relation to the blessings put on the children by the parents.

(Note: Oh how parents must perform spiritual work to lay up in-store spiritual inheritance for their children!)

-The author relates an account of a couple on the brink of divorce and the council given them from their priesthood leader:
Being tired of dealing with your spouse is no excuse for not keeping the covenants you made to maintain your marriage. It doesn’t matter how much your business affairs weigh upon you or how much you may or may not be right or wrong, you must keep the covenant you must do what the marriage requires. When someone decides to leave a marriage because it is exhausting, they are like Jonah fleeing Nineveh. You have not made covenants with your lawyers, with your business companions, etc., but you have made covenants with God and your wife to maintain your marriage. The marriage is the highest priority. The entire purpose of our coming to Earth and the hinge of our salvation all rests upon how we take care of our families. The Lord knows that you need a job to provide for your family’s material needs and he will support you in those efforts, but only if you continue to make your family the highest priority and to take care of their various needs, not just material needs.

-You can’t rewrite the terms of your temple marriage covenant.
-Elder N. Eldon Tanner said that God’s laws are so clear and plain and so obviously set up for our happiness that it’s hard to understand how some people choose to decide that their ideas are better than God’s ideas, and that they therefore and thereby bring upon themselves sorrow.

-One man had a lot of misery and eventually had to put his dog to sleep and thought you know why don’t we just do that for me as well and he became obsessed with euthanasia. He said the dog was suffering so the humane thing was to put it down. Why can’t we do that for me he asked. His sister told him because dogs can’t learn from suffering but you can.

-Elder Neal A. Maxwell said none of us have been sent here to fail and be wicked. God will not over-program or press upon us more than we can bear. Remember that we were measured before and found equal to our tasks.

-The admonition to endure to the end is found more than a dozen times in the scriptures.

-In the parable of the ten virgins, the oil spoken of represents spiritual light; but it also represents faith courage hope and patience. We miss out on all of those blessings if we aren’t prepared spiritually.

-Elder Neal A Maxwell said God takes us near to our limits like He took Christ near to His and we will someday thank him for this. He is the master refiner of souls and knows when we have more yet to give. He knows just the right temperature to set in the furnace of affliction.

-Elder Richard G. Scott said when adversity comes don’t just ask why me or what have I done to deserve this; ask what can I improve on, what is thy will, may thy will be done. When you ask these type of constructive questions which are not rooted in rebellion you’ll gain the maximum help.

-President Spencer W. Kimball said that there are less and less people willing to make the sacrifices of having a large family.

-There are more than 20 scripture references which directly say that we will be judged by our works.

-We will also be judged by our desires; sometimes we attempt to do a good thing and it doesn’t go how we wanted. The scripture say we will be judged not only by whether we kept the commandments but also by whether we sought so to do. Some say the road to hell is paved with good intentions but apparently so is the road to heaven.

-The second angel will sound his trumpet and reveal the thoughts and intents of people’s hearts. D&C 88:109

-D&C 137:9 The Lord will judge all men according to their works and the desires of their hearts.

-The reason God doesn’t send down angels to have news conferences and make very plain and clear to all the world the gospel standards is so that moral agency can be respected. Agency is very central to the gospel plan and God does not want to force people to think a certain way. He does not force our actions or our minds. We are to walk by faith not by sight and we receive no witness until after the trial of our faith.

Desires priorities choices actions. This is the sequence as behavior as identified by Elder Dallin H. Oaks.
-We cannot assume that we have permission to do something just because we want to do it. German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said the hardest of all is to close the open hand out of love and to keep modest as a giver.

-Parents need to honor the agency of their children in several ways. For one, that can’t overly enable them and not require them to work for what they get. Second, they need to not force their children to righteous.

-One man wanted so badly to help a lady that he spent too much time with her and eventually crossed boundaries; he was so infatuated with his self-righteous helping of this person that he ignored the spirit which told him to have better boundaries.

-Elder Neal A. Maxwell said that God will take into account the level of difficulty of our circumstances in his judgments.

-The Doctrine & Covenants says to whom much is given much is required, and he that sins against the greater light receives the greater condemnation.

-Elder Neil A. Maxwell said what we insistently desire over time is what we become and receive in eternity.

-Elder Neil A. Maxwell said when we experience the necessary pain of this life remember in pre-mortality how we shouted for joy to come here. Don’t go back on that. Back then we saw clearly what we would go through now.

-When we say we see the Lord’s hand in our lives it’s another way of saying we are recognizing spiritual experiences.

-The poem about two sets of footprints in the sand of the Lord walking with a person and one set of footprints meaning that he was carrying them is true to an extent; but in reality we often do have to walk alone. We can’t just be carried whenever it gets hard or we will never learn.

-Some Seventies were having a conversation about the 2008 economic crisis and considering what would happen if the United States government collapsed. One of the 12 Apostles was present and he said that the headquarters of the church are here in the US and much of the funding for the work of the kingdom is from members in this land, so he didn’t think the Lord would let it all come to ruin as there is much work yet to do, and the ship of Zion is not destined for shipwreck.

-Elder Neil A. Maxwell said God not only has a plan for the overall scheme of things but for each individual person, and each person has some talent to contribute.

-When Joseph Smith was at liberty jail the mobs were also rounding up any others of the leaders of the church they could to try and stop the saints all together. Some apostates were paid by the mobs to compile a list of names of leaders of the church that but they forgot to include the names of Brigham Young and Heber C Kimball on the list. Brigham was the senior member of the 12 Apostles and Kimball the next. Brigham lived a few miles away from the main city and Kimball had been recently on a mission. These two were able to lead the saints at this time when all of the first presidency and 50 other major leaders were arrested. The oversite of these 2 names on the list was miraculous.

-Elder Neil A. Maxwell said those who are doing their duty and more to the church often have a sense of inadequacy, of always falling short. This is a normal feeling because there is a great destiny yet and a great work to be done yet.

-President Spencer W. Kimball said the greatest word in the dictionary is remember because we need to remember the covenants we have made.

-One philosophy professor said the terrible predicament of most people is that they know what is right but they want what is wrong.

-An 8 year old boy resisted going to church his mother told him we need to go so that we can learn more about the gospel the boy said don’t we already know more than we do?

-The book features a nice long list of things we should do as counseled by the prophets.

One of the reasons we often feel inadequate feeling sinful imperfect etc. is because we are.

-Spouse parent teacher leader: these are 4 callings where we all have regrets and wish we could have done better.

-Some justify living together before marriage by saying it’s a way to prepare for a marriage but the opposite is true as studies have shown.

-Some are advocates for animal rights and against animal abuse which is a worthy cause but at the same time they are pro-abortion.

-God is easy to please but hard to satisfy.

-Those who think they can sow their wild oats and then get a quick fix by talking to their Bishop do not understand the consequences of sin.

-Looking in the mirror everyday can lead to vanity.

-Elder Marion G. Romney said no Latter-day Saint ought to be content to stand in the same place from day-to-day on the way to eternal life.

-Elder Boyd K. Packer said in this life through your body you learn to control matter and that will be very important to you through all eternity.

-Elder Bruce R. McConkie said we are on this Earth to go through pain and suffering to engrave it on our souls and this needed experience could not be gained in any other way.

-Elder M. Russell Ballard said in the premortal world God charged us to make our bodies subject to our spirits.

-The author watched his baby swat at a dangling toy; the baby got better and better at it and eventually mastered it and was very happy. He saw his baby has an adult intelligence which simply lacked experience. The baby was practicing bringing his body into subjection to his spirit.

-We must learn to make our heart mind and body subject to our spirit. Just wanting to do something is not enough.

-Elder Bruce C. Hafen said that becoming Christ-like is not just a matter of acquiring facts and knowledge but acquiring skills. This means it is impossible for God to teach us these things unless we actually participate in the process. Some things like the piano we can learn only by practice.

-The baby trying to grasp the dangling toy overhead and the mother who yells at her children but feels bad for it and wants to stop are both similar in that they both know what they want but they don’t have they acquired skill yet.

-Often we have spiritual expectations which are not very realistic. We would not expect to go to a gym and 2 hours later come home fit. Similarly, spiritual goals need time effort and consistency to attain. When it comes to spiritual strengths there are some cases of people developing these things very quickly, but that is very rare.

Desire then knowledge then skill. This is how we learn and grow.

-One man who placed fourth in his division running a marathon was asked about his experience of getting there. He said that he had been running marathons for 10 years and that his first marathon he had to walk the second half, and basically be dragged across the finish line.

-Sport psychology applies to spirituality. The Lord like any good coach raises the spiritual hurdles higher as we increase our skill.

-The scripture says you must practice virtue and Holiness before me continually. practice can mean doing something over and over but it can also mean a way of life.

-The Lord calls various traits gifts. This means that while we may have developed these gifts, they were originally given to us by God.

-Elder Dean L. Larsen says we need to have mercy on ourselves lest we despair. Overzealousness should be avoided just like apathy. We often grow more effectively when we’re not under intense duress. We must have self-tolerance for our imperfections along the journey.

-A mother who yelled at her children vowed to never do so again but realized this was like going to run a marathon tomorrow. So she decided to make smaller and more achievable goals for herself. One of these was to not yell at them before 8 a.m. (as getting them ready for school was so stressful). Another of her goals was to say a silent prayer whenever she got upset. Another goal was to set up a plan with consequences such as if you do X, Y will happen. She said these three small goals made an immense difference and her self-loathing greatly decreased.

-Elder D. Todd Christofferson’s mother went through cancer treatment; she didn’t think that she could go through all the needed treatments, and her mother asked her ‘can you make it today?’ she said yes I can make it today, and her mother said ‘well that’s all you need to do is make it through one day and one task.’

-We cannot write spiritual symphonies until we master the spiritual musical scales. We cannot run spiritual six-minute miles until we have run hundreds of miles around the spiritual track. We cannot perform spiritual calculus until we have mastered spiritual times tables, etc.

-The author had a habit of snoozing the alarm for years. He tried to wake early to study the gospel, but without success. Eventually he prayed for help and began to wake a minute before his alarm, feeling refreshed. He got better at this and went from success a few days a week to eventually everyday, and didn’t even need to set an alarm anymore.

-Elder Maxwell said we will never see the spiritual scenery past the next ridge if we don’t stay on the straight and narrow path.

-President Hugh B Brown said as we approach the future, the evils thereof become smaller. We have the vision that we can handle; we don’t necessarily have telescopic lens.

-A synonym for hope can be comfort.

-Thomas Jefferson said of Washington that he laid his shoulder to the great points knowing that the smaller ones would follow.

-When we are discouraged or upset we can know that we have neglected scripture study and prayer.

Prayer is spoken of over 800 times in the scriptures and again about that many references to the word of the Lord. Basically every page of scripture refers to prayer communications.

When a subject is boring such as the scriptures it’s because we don’t understand it.

-One man who claimed he was too busy for scripture study spent all day at a college football game the day before.

When we say we don’t have time for scripture study we are really saying it’s a low priority for us and that we don’t see it as being a great enough benefit to make it a part of our day

We don’t dare postpone appointments with doctors and lawyers but we postpone appointments with deity by neglecting scripture study.

-His family made it a priority to have family scripture study in the mornings.

If you want to know what a person really values don’t listen to what they say look at what they do.

-Some use guilt to try and get you to study scriptures. Some say it’s like medicine: it doesn’t taste good but you have to do it. Others use bribes and say things like ‘this is boring but do it and we’ll give you some reward.’ These pessimistic attitudes about scripture study are not the Lords way. See “scriptures, value of” in the topical guide. The Lord speaks of the preciousness and the promises related to scripture study.

When we say scripture study we also mean starting the words of modern prophets.

-Joseph Smith said we whenever we could we would read a chapter of the bible and pray and these sessions gave us great consolation.

-President Spencer W. Kimball said that when he feels like no divine ears are listening and no divine words are being spoken, he must further immerse himself in the scriptures. Once he has done that he finds it easier to love those whom he must love and take counsel from those whom he must take counsel.

-Elder Marion G. Romney said if parents will regularly read from the Book of Mormon and regularly read The Book of Mormon to their children the spirit of that great book will permeate their homes. . Reverence and respect will increase. Contention will decrease. Parents will counsel their children in greater love and wisdom. Children will be more responsive to that council.

-President Ezra Taft Benson said the Book of Mormon does not just contain truth, it transfers power to the reader.

-President Harold B Lee said that if we are not studying the scriptures daily our testimonies are growing weaker and we are not increasing in spiritual depth.

-President Hinckley told him an account of a woman who wanted to quit smoking and a co-worker gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and said here read this. She said okay and read 200 pages and then returned to her friend said it doesn’t say anything about tobacco or smoking. He replied that she should keep reading. She went and finished the book and she said I finished the book and it didn’t say anything about smoking or tobacco; however a spirit has come upon me which has taken away all of my desire to smoke and it is wonderful.

-President Henry B. Eyring said the Holy Ghost will guide the words that we say if we study the scriptures.

-Be careful in just reading through scriptures or just listening to audio scriptures because that doesn’t give you much opportunity to stop, pause and analyze.

-The scripture says whoso belongeth to my church shall inherit the kingdom of God. Another scripture clarifies what he means by my church. The scripture says ‘my church is who so repent and come unto me.’

-Elder M. Russell Ballard said to have a marking pencil as you study the scriptures to write in notes, underline things, right cross references, etc.  Also look at the topical guide and index to look at everything the Lord has said on certain subjects. Both chronological and topical study are important.

-President Thomas S. Monson said every priesthood holder should be studying the scriptures daily, and a day-to-day study is much more effective than an occasional crash course. Read them as though they were speaking to you for such is truly the case.

-Elder D. Todd Christofferson said that for conversion, time in the scriptures is more important than amount of material covered.

-President Henry B Eyring said pondering is different from reading, it’s the thinking and the praying you do after you have read, and it invites revelation.

-President Howard W. Hunter said not only should we study each day but we should have a regular time set aside where we can concentrate without interference.

-Several of the Brethren have said when you want to speak to the Lord get on your knees when you want the Lord to speak to you open your scriptures.

-One of the brethren said regular prayer and seeking God is like making a path through a field. If we seek God over and over there will be a clear path. This way in times of trouble when we seek God we will find him more easily.

-President Howard W. Hunter said if prayer is only done in times of emergency it is utterly selfish, seeing God as a simple repairman. Devoted regular prayer is the formula for the greatest success.

-Humility is willful submission to God.

-President Hinckley said the problem with most of our prayers is that we say them like ordering groceries; we pick up the phone, say what we want, then hang up the phone. Rather, we should carefully ponder and then pray as one man speaketh to another.

-President Joseph F Smith said we should live so that every moment the desires of our hearts are a prayer to God for righteousness.

-President Brigham Young said in praying though our words be awkward and few, if our heart is righteous it will avail more than all of the eloquence of Cicero. The simple and honest heart is greater than all of the splendor.

-The Bible dictionary entry for prayer says that prayer is the means we use to secure blessings for ourselves and others which God is willing to give but our conditional on our asking for them. Blessings require work and prayer is the appointed work for obtaining highest blessings.

-Prayer takes practice and the cure for the shallow prayer is focus and concentration.

-Remember who you are talking to When you pray. Would you really approach the throne of God as a hasty afterthought on your way to the door?

When we keep a prayer in our heart through the day we will notice that occasions where we would have become angry or used harsh words etcetera we will chose the right.

-President Dieter F. Uchtdorf said hope is trusting that obedience to God today brings blessings tomorrow.

-Life is for much more than just getting a body. It’s not like coming to pick up a suit at the dry cleaners. Life is short but it is a great day and there are rendezvous which we must keep individually and collectively.

-Elder Holland said despair is not necessary while we go through trials. Despair erodes our deepest religious commitments of faith hope and charity.

-Elder George Q. Cannon said whenever darkness fills our minds we may know that we are not filled with the spirit of God and we must get rid of it. When we are filled with the spirit of God we have joy peace and happiness no matter what our circumstances.

-President Henry B. Eyring said we will all need God’s deliverance. We are in this life as a preparatory proving ground. Though the timing and severity of trials differ from person to person everyone has trials which push them and stretch them to where they need extra help. The power of deliverance from God is not to escape our trials but to endure them well.

-President Boyd K. Packer said it does not please the Lord when we always worry and think that what we do is not enough. When we are obsessed with worrying about lost opportunities.

-President Howard W. Hunter said there is within each of us a giant struggling with celestial homesickness. This is why we want to achieve greatness.

-President Henry B. Eyring said of the experience of the angel appearing to Jesus during the atonement that Jesus prayed for deliverance and he was given not an escape from the trial but comfort enough to pass through it gloriously.

-President Henry B. Eyring speaks of the scripture in Mark that says rise up and let us go. He says this is the formula to get through hard things. We must seek the help of the Lord as early as possible and not just in the moment of crisis.

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