2018: The Richardson Studies Gazette: Current Events & Analysis

December 2018


What’s Up With Detroit? – John Stossel

Tech Revolution: YouTube – John Stossel

America’s Entrepreneurial Spirit – John Stossel

Tax Day in America – John Stossel

Red Tape Stifles the Free Market (including people giving advice on blogs getting charged for unlicensed practice of psychology,etc.) – John Stossel

Government Should Do Less – John Stossel 

Organized Labor Hurts Us – John Stossel

How the government turns Indians into freeloaders -John Stossel

Wussification of America – John Stossel

Working Rich Improve Our Lives – John Stossel

Book suggestions from libertarian – John Stossel

Stop Drinking Coffee in the Morning (messes with naturally high morning cortisol levels) – Fox News

Sweden not a socialist success – John Stossel 

Google and Apple ditch college degree requirements


November 2018:


Wi-Fi Exposure More Dangerous To Kids Than Previously Thought – Forbes

Robotic hotel room on wheels – Daily Mail 

1,000’s of Amazon workers in Europe strike against working conditions – Business Insider

Zuckerberg at center of new Facebook storm – The Hill

Climate-change narrative challenged by unusual weather & scientific studies – The New American

US judge stalls enforcement of Trumps asylum restrictions – AP News

Beijing pioneering citizens’ ‘points’ system critics brand ‘Orwellian’ – Reuters 

Facial recognition cameras go main stream, concerns on privacy – Wall Street Journal

CIA concludes Saudi Crown Prince behind Khashoggi murder -Yahoo


Google broke law by harvesting data from people’s homes – Daily Mail

Australian regulator investigates Google data harvesting – The Guardian

Data harvesting on Android apps is ‘out of control’ say Oxford researchers – Metro


Cell phone spy in your pocket – Science News

Celine Dion’s new neutral gender clothing – Vox

Study shows most journalism leans left – Investors Business Daily

Conservatives leaving Facebook over censorship, bias – News Busters (MRC Poll)

Facebook risks using 32% of conservative users – CNS News

British soldiers disguised in burkas defeat Isis leader with US help – American Bounty Hunter

European Court of Human Rights Ruling: Criticizing Mohammad is not protected free speech – The Atlantic


CA officials say legal marijuana increasing violent crime – Forbes

Alcohol deaths sore for middle aged women

Is nationalism bad, should we look to France? – News With Views

The Real America And Her God Loving Patriotic Citizens – News with Views

Drone Wars – News With Views

New Black Panther Party Constitution – News with Views

New “Amusement” Tax – Chicago Tribune

Saying “men aren’t women” classified hate speech on Twitter – Info Wars

CA fire 63 dead 630 missing – Reuters

North CA air worst in world, like smoking 3 cigs – NBC

AI in Amazon Echo tracks movements of elderly – Daily Mail

Facebook can tell you who you live with – Fast Company

Speed camera catches drivers on phones over 1/2 mile away – Metro

GA university mandatory inclusion & diversity course – Campus Reform  “I can’t continue to pay for additional courses and spend valuable time sitting through courses where a professor is teaching people how to ‘be kind’ to each other. Parents should be teaching that at home, for free.”

Venezuela ‘social credit system’ card made in China tracks rewards punishes citizens – Business Insider

Facebook report of bias algorithms causes major investors to call for Zuckerberg to step down – Telegraph



Ex-Gay ‘X-Factor’ Contestant Faces Backlash for Saying He Found Christ, Left LGBT Lifestyle


4,000 micro chipped in hand in Sweden


Netflix cartoon features demons promoting pedophilia abortion and homosexuality 


Mob attacks Tucker Carlson and allowed back on Twitter


Climate study error upends major ocean warming study 


Immigrants turning Texas blue for 2020

Vaccinations causing paralysis, links since days of polio, more on acute flaccid myelitis connection 


Vaccines behind paralysis mystery disease in children?


Atheist minister preaches faith without God


AI can fake fingerprint match


Florida Dems urged to submit ballots after election day


Many Senate and House seats flipped to Dem this election


Pentagon finally audited, and fails


Peak in US Mexico border troops as cohort of thousands ready 

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