Nutrition & Herbology

“Run and not be weary, walk and not faint.” -D&C 89

“The intelligent want self-control; children want candy.” –Rumi

“Happiness comes from the heart, not the mouth.” -Source Unknown

1. Weight Loss Tips: Fitness, Nutrition, Water, Calorie Counting, & No Keto!
2. Why Quit Caffeine & Hot Drinks
3. Animal Rights Quotes
4. Discovering the Word of Wisdom by Jane Birch – Book Notes
5. Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) Nutrition Lectures by Joel Fuhrman & Neal Bernard – Lectures Notes
6. Doctor Craft: A Warning from Modern Prophets
7. Science and Skepticism Behind the Vaccine War – Documentary Notes
8. Vaccines by Jack Stockwell – Lecture Notes
9. Cherokee Herbal & The Modern Witch Hunt for Naturopathic Medicine
10. Emulating God Through Health: Make Time, Eliminate Excuses, Develop the Taste for Zion, & A Few Things Healthy People Do
11. Physical Exercise Importance – Quotes from Prophets, & Psychotropic Drugs vs Exercise
12. Little Sleep: What to Expect, How to Stay Awake, Polyphasic Sleep, & Morning Routines
13. Sleep: Wisdom from Prophets & Sages
14. Brain Food for Health Memory & Mood by Valerie Hall – Lecture Notes
15. Thyroid & Hashimoto Disease
16. Forks Over Knives – Documentary Notes
17. Meat Sparingly – Latter-day Saint Perspectives – editing in progress
18. WFPB & Vegan Recipes: Salad, Sauce, Stew, Curry, Noodle, Smoothie, Sandwich/Burrito, Desert, Snack
19. CPR Training by the AHA – Notes

Additional Resources:

Lies & Medical Science by David Freedman – Full Text Article

Dietary Health Forums

-Christian WFPB / Vegan Homeschoolers (199 members); made by a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

-The LDS Vegan (564 members)

-WORD OF WISDOM (WOW) – LDS (77 members)

-LDS Vegans and Vegetarians (430 members)

Homestead Forums

-Utah Backyard Homesteading (15.950 members)

-Utah Homesteading (810 members)

-LDS Farm and Ranch Ladies (66 members)

-Utah Backyard Homesteading Educational Co-op (618 members)

-Off Grid Living and Homesteading (351,342 members) (NO POSTING LINKS ALLOWED)

Homestead/Self-sufficiency Resources by Megan Richardson

Joel Skousen – and

Shannon Hayes –


Assorted Nutrition Resources

-Food Storage Feast by Keith Snow Click here $50 discount on lessons if you sign up using the discount code: WAB (stands for World Affairs Brief by Joel Skousen)

-Joel Fuhrman: Whole Food Plant Based Nutritarian

-Neal Bernard – – Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine by Neal Bernard – Whole Food Plant Based

-Andrew Saul: preventative nutrition, Foodmatters film,

-Steve Hickey: Vit. C miraculous healings etc.

-Abram Hoffer: megavitamin etc.

-Vitamins: Bo H Jonsson, Helen Saul Case, The Vitamin Movie, Ralph Campbell,

-GMO: Dennis Kucinich

-Joan Mathews Larson: nutrition for alcoholism, depression

-Nicholeen Peck: parenting via teaching self government

-Del Bigtree: Vaxxed movie

-Eli Camp Nd Dhanp: unvacinated child

-Anthony William

John Christopher – LDS Hebalist, store in Springville UT

Jane Birch – WFPB – – pointing to dozens of other sites books and resources for WFPB.

-Jane Birch Dental Health WFPB resources:

Dental & Oral Health on a WFPB Diet (Last updated 3-8-19)

Collected by Jane Birch, author of Discovering the Word of Wisdom

Please email Jane if you find a broken link (or have any questions) EMAIL JANE

For more WFPB topics see: Topics A-Z

Dr. McDougall, “Teeth and Health”

Plant-Based Diets: Oral Health

Plant-Based Diets: Dental Health

What’s the Best Mouthwash?

Do Vegans Get More Cavities?

How to Treat Periodontitis with Diet

Michael Greger M.D. FACLM  February 25th, 2019 Volume 45

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