“While salvation is an individual matter, exaltation is a family matter.” -Russel M Nelson

“Family life is the adventure of 1000 lifetimes.” -Geoffrey Botkin

1. Natural Love Resulting in Childbirth: The Highest Romantic Expression
2. Short Family Science Facebook Posts
3. How Cohabitation & Low Birthrates Today Hurt Homes & Nations
4. A Love Greater than Terminal Illness: Nate & Megan Richardson’s Story as told by Ensign Magazine
5. Marriage and Dating
6. 3 Types of Crazy to Look for In Dating
7. Lust Not: 13 Steps to Disarming The Devil’s Lies about Sex
8. How to Communicate with Your Spouse
9. Restored Social Principles: Excerpts from a letter to a friend
10. Prophets Teach Temple Marriage Importance
11. Keeping a Latter-day Saint Marriage Alive: Q&A
12. The Fruits of the Romantic Evolution of Marriage: 21st Century Turmoil 
13. Holy Inertia: How & Why Return Missionaries can ‘Hit the Ground Running’ (Toward Marriage)
14. 10 reasons Latter-day Saints are Known for Marrying Young
15. Early Marriage and Parenthood Theory
16. Resolution of Teenage Delinquency through Independent Family Structures
17. The Forgotten Dream of Family Life
18. Can Heaven Be Better Than Marriage?
19. Joining The Church: Salvation, Alcohol, & Sexual Chastity
20. Q & A: How Does Forgiveness for Sexual Sin Work? How We Obtain Purity Through Christ
21. Moral Expression by Marriage and Childbearing
22. Agency in Marriage Selection
23. Dating: Definition, Intentional Method, Timing & Touch
24. Love (collection of discourses) published by Bookcraft – Book Notes
25. A House Full of Females: Plural Marriage and Women’s Rights In Early Mormonism, 1835-1870 by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich – Book Notes
26. Polygamy’s Ancient Purpose & Legal History
27. No Sexual Perversions in Marriage

Additional Resources:

Marriage Forums
Assorted Resources on Marriage Etc. Marriage by the Church Newsroom – Full Text
Homage to the Home: Why Society Needs Strong Families by the Church Newsroom – Full Text
The Divine Institution of Marriage by the Church Newsroom – Full Text
The Family: A Proclamation to The World, 1995 – Full Text
The Proclamation on the Family: Transcending the Cultural Confusion By Elder Bruce C. Hafen – Full Text


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