“The human relationship is the greatest reward.” -Dr. Karyn Purvis, Texas Christian Institute of Child Development

“Family life is the adventure of 1000 lifetimes.” -Geoffrey Botkin

“Second only to your love, [your children] need your limits.” -Jeffrey R. Holland (2005, ‘To Young Women’)

“If a child comes to me needing nurture and I give him structure, I harm his ability to trust me. If he comes to me needing structure and I give him nurture, I harm his ability to grow. The responsibility lies with me to be attentive and attuned to what the child needs.” -Dr. Karyn Purvis

“I have wept in the night for the shortness of sight that to somebody’s need made me blind; but I never have yet felt a tinge of regret for being a little too kind.” – Quoted by Thomas S. Monson

1. Baseline Rules for Parenting Righteously
2. 13 Discipline Principles by Jonathan Swinton, Therapist – LDS Living Magazine
3. Homemaking a ‘Real Job’: One Mother’s Response
4. Crazy Things People (Always) Say When They Hear of a ‘Stay at Home’ Mom
5. 7 Mistakes LDS Parents Make by Mark Ogletree PhD, LDS Living Magazine
6. The 25 Mistakes LDS Parents Make and how to Avoid Them by Randal A. Wright, PhD – Book Notes
7. Do They Grow Up Too Fast? Gospel Truths Dispel Dismay
8. 4 Steps To Authoritative Parenting by BYU Professor Julie Haupt
9. Example of Rules for Family with Young Children by Meg Richardson
10. Effects of Family of Origin on an Individual’s Attachment Preferences
11. Expect Great Things of Young People
12. The Revelatory function of a parent
13. Megan Richardson Parenting Essay
14. Rules of Civility in the Honorable Home
15. How Children Benefit from Having Many Siblings
16. Prophets Discourage Anger
17. Abortion
18. Modern Prophets Discourage Delaying Childbirth
19. Exponential Exaltation via Childbearing
20. Family Creation Analogous to The Fall and Atonement: The Path to Salvation
21. Birth Control
22. Childbearing
23. Children are an Heritage (Inheritance) of (from) the Lord: What & Why is a Parent Here and in Eternity
24. The Parent Child Relationship in the Hereafter
25. Losing Your Children and Eternal Procreative Power Upon Disobedience
26. Parenthood: The Eternal Fountain of Glory
27. Developmental Outline Sketch for Raising Children
28. Priority Parenting and Family Structure
29. Gentle Parenting – Quotes of the Prophets
30. Strict Parenting – Quotes of the Prophets
31. What Should be the Legal Limits of Child Discipline?
32. 10 Foster Parenting Myths
33. Family Council Meetings
34. Fighting For Zion-esque Fatherhood & Beauty in a Brutal Babylon
35. Why Bad things to Good People? God Isn’t a Nanny Parent
36. We are Living in The Great and Spacious Building
37. Family Based Duties & Priorities for All
38. Lessons from Fathers of Faith by Maller et al – Book Notes
39. The Fountain of Life by President Boyd K. Packer – Lecture Notes
40. TBRI Foster Parenting – Lecture Notes
41. Moral expression by marriage and childbearing

Additional Resources:

The Invisible Mother by Nicole Johnson – Full Text Article

Glen L Latham – parenting & teaching on Parenting on Parenting – An Anti-Abortion Group

Karyn Purvis – – Texas Christian Institute, helping traumatized children in positive ways

Foster Cline, M.D., and Jim Fay – Parenting With Love and Logic: Teaching Children Responsibility

Gary Chapman, Ph.D. and Ross Campbell, M.D – The Five Love Languages of Children

Randal A. Wright – LDS parenting mistakes, etc. Former BYU professor

Leonard Oestreicher – screens lead to autism

-Mark D Ogletree, see book on raising missionary kids

-Neil Flinders: Teach the children: an agency approach to education; Joseph Smith: America’s Greatest Educator

-Kevin Hinckley: Parenting the Strong Willed Child

-Cynthia Tobias: You can’t make me but I can be persuaded

-David Sorenson: a biblical guide for Christian parents

Craig H. Hart – parenting, family proclamation

Rebecca Eanes – parenting

Nicholeen Peck – parenting

Susan Stiffelman – parenting

-David Williamson Shaffer: how computer games help children learn

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