1 Page Summary of Last Days Calendar

For details as to why I’ve placed events where I have, refer to the original full length calendar: http://richardsonstudies.com/2020/08/16/a-calendar-of-completed-forthcoming-last-days-events-compiled-by-richardson-studies-rough-draft/

2000 7th seal opened. Symbolized by world wide Palmyra Temple dedication, fulfilled Revelation scripture about massive congregation worshiping God at beginning of 7th seal.

2001 shmita year: security removed from US promised land. Symbolized by 9/11 attack.

2008: shmita year: prosperity removed from US promised land. Symbolized by Market crash.

2015 shmita year: posterity removed from US promised land. Symbolized by homosexual marriage legalization.

2020 half-hour silence ended. Corona plague drama begins. 7 trumpets of destruction impending. Elder Bednars 5 year warning fulfilled. Trumpet falls from SLC Temple during a symbolic earthquake. Missionaries called home from all around the world. Temples close. World shuts down due to a virus, millions of businesses permanently close.

2021 US Civil War 2. Europe falls. Saints persecuted. Food storage needed. President Benson’s 40 year warning time fulfilled. Some see Christ & are translated.

2022 shmita year: wicked swept from off the land. Wheat seperated from tares.

2024 eclipses of 2017 & 2024 X out Missouri, then meteor hits it, ground ready for New Jerusalem construction.
Meteor also hits Utah area, triggering Yellowstone volcano, releasing the abyss, “upon my house (Utah) shall it (desolating scourge) begin”.
New Jerusalem built in Missouri. Christ regularly appears there. Many gathered. Lost tribes return. Much missionary work.

2027 Armageddon. Then bury dead for 7 years.

2029 shmita year

2033/34 open Elder Featherstone’s 50 year time capsule which proclaims the Second Coming has occurred already. Eclipses of 2027 & 2034 cross out Old Jerusalem, just like the 2017 & 2024 crossed out New Jerusalem, destruction imminent.
Christ to Mount of Olives, the grand Second Coming. 1st Resurrection occurs. 2000th anniversary of the resurrection of Christ. Mirrors when resurrected Christ came to America around 33/34AD.

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