Lecture Notes on “Signs & Wonders Presentations on Daniel & Revelation” by Jodi Stoddard

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Now my notes:

Part 1:


-7 is bible number, over 800 times in bible, days of week, seals, etc.
12 is 180 times in bible, shows faith the church and divine rule. gods kingdom 12 gates guarded by 12 angels…. 12 priests from each tribe, 144000 is 12k x 12k
-40 bible number. Gestation of child. Rain at Noah. Years to build SLC temple. Jonah warning to Nineveh 40 days. Israel 40 years wander. Fasting 40 days
-70 bible number. its 10 and 7. 70 elders, 70 captivity years ; 70 7’s
-seeing sign doesn’t mean you’re there, a sign says sometime soon something is coming. Signs indicate future events, thus they can occur quietly without the notice of people.
-Wendy Nelson Jan 2016 Hawaii talk becoming the person you were (born to be?) at 9:43 min on her talk asks what if you knew Christ already on the earth and meeting held without news or blogosphere knowing, what would you be desperate to do today?
-1260 is about 3.5 years. time times and half a time.
-the time off trouble is 3.5 years, the day of Jehovah and 3.5 more years of great trouble, knowing you are in labor of delivering the child. pains to be delivered.
women don’t know for sure in labor until half way through, thn increased pain.
-if a sign happens on a holy day you know it is what you seek
-1836 on Passover dedication of Kirtland temple. Elijah appears.
-2300 days or 2300 years. units interchangeable
-about 15 min in see Daniel chart the 2300 years.
-destruction of temple 70AD
-Miller, founder of Millerites, says 437? AD , speaks of 23000 years after that for second coming, but that calculation takes you to when 1846 Nauvoo temple dedication, we got temple ordinances and work restored.
-2 on both sides of river,,,, time times and half till the holy people scattered then these accomplished. Daniel saw Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, the power of the holy people scattered when Nauvoo temple burned, Brigham Young preparing to lead saints to go to Utah.
Use a jubilee. 171.5 years would be time times and half a time in jubilees, that takes us to 2017 with the woman in sky constellation and the 1st of 2 total solar eclipses.


Part 2:


-Much about the seals
-Each seal is 1000 years as taught Elder Bruce R McConkie and lds.org
-Great quake in 6th seal opening, should have been about 1000 years ago. in Africa Asia and Europe over 1 million died in a great quake, 1202AD killed 1.1 million, not counting those in areas we have no record of. smaller population then, so this was a huge deal. from 0 – 1000 about 900k died in quakes this was 5th seal. from 1000-1200 1.5 million die in quakes. about 5 million died in quakes in 6th seal.
Rev. 6:15 1132 to 1202 quakes were so bad they hid in the caves
there will be more quakes in 7th seal.
-Rev. 7:1-3 in 6th seal hurting things withheld until sealed in foreheads the servants of God (note: Mormon doctrine says this happens by laying on of hands)). these echo temple ordinances.
-Before year 2000 we had 68 temples, in 2000 we added 34 temples. so in 1 year we got half as many as we had in 170 years.
-Joel scripture indicating temple dedication
-Rev. 7:9—–12 all hear temple dedication Palmyra.
-April 6 2000 was 170 anniversary of the restoration, so this Palmyra dedication fits the Joel and Revelation so then is half hour
-Half hour is about 20.83 years about 21, which is 3 7’s.
-Rev. 13 those in white always in the temple, apostles said this was the 144000 foreordained in heaven.
-144,000 symbolic not fixed, more of a title
-When Enoch city taken up, messengers came down and taught people getting those willing to join them, this was the flood, we will copy this pattern before the baptism of fire on the earth. the elect will be changed translated to assist others during the tribulations.
-President Russel M Nelson “I fear too many” not having privileges they could. footnotes take you to D&C 107:19 or just 9 which speaks of translation. Joseph Smith Translation of Genesis 14 also footnote, more of Enoch etc.
-These scriptures speak of translation, interacting with members of city of Enoch, direct visits with God, etc.
-Rev. 1-7 chronological, the rest not…
-Some 7th seal events have started. rev 12 woman in sky rev 12:1. Jupiter in Virgo 42 weeks, September 2017, the eve of Rosh Hashanah is when Jupiter left. as Jupiter exited Virgo these stars were aligned for 1st time in 7k years. Leo Mercury Mars Venus make the 12, and thee sun, moon at foot.
-Crown of 12 stars the apostles. woman the church. child delivered is the kingdom of God on earth says lds.org.
-Rev. 12:5 speaks of bringing forth the man child. then rev 12:6 speaks of 3.5 yr woman in wilderness, later in rev 12 speaks of another 3.5 years. 1st 3.5 called the time of trouble, 2nd called the great tribulations, or day of Jehovah.

-1948 Israel became a nation. Dan. 9:24 says 70 weeks or years upon thy people to finish the transgression, bring in righteousness, anoint most holy, etc.
this fulfilled in that day with temple destruction but another fulfillment – 70th year of Israel becoming a nation, 70 plus 1948 you get 2018 may 14 the anniversary 70 years to the day we moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

-Daniel said to watch for 69th year too so that’s 2017.
August 2017 total solar eclipse over the US completely, very rare. just after this eclipse were the 3 record breaking hurricanes in US, Jose or Joseph and Maria or Mary, then the rev 12 sign of virgin giving birth to child ….
-2017 was 70th jubilee of Israel leaving Egypt.

-24min. mark chart to note, shows sets of thousands of jubilees and significant events, and how it mirrors.


Part 3:


-The 2 eclipses more detail: 2017 2024 7 years apart. rev and dan speak of 2 sets of tribulations of 3.5 years each which is 7 yrs.
-The eclipse passed 7 towns with name of Salem. Jerusalem means new Salem, Salem means complete or whole like 7 meaning, and means peace.
-2nd eclipse makes x over heartland of America.
-The 2 eclipses intersect over Missouri. a bit south of Jackson county, but New Madrid fault could change that with an earthquake…
-Matt. 18:22 70×7 forgive. 7 often means complete. can mean until something complete. could mean continue to forgive until the end until i come again in the 7th period of time.
Israel a nation 70 years prior to 1st eclipse, then 7 years later until the 2nd eclipse. the paths of the eclipses make an x. so we have 70 x 7. so after 2nd eclipse, we are moving on to a new phase.
-Israel mints commemorative coin, Ezra helped the temple be built. Ezra speaks of Cyrus. the temple coin mentions 70 years to fulfill Daniels promise, it say s build a house to the lord.
-More info on holy days presented.
-Rosh Hashanah is the day god is proclaimed king this is the day the Virgo sign delivered the baby

-Something about 40 days after 1st eclipse then day of atonement, which we didn’t honor, so we have to repent for our ow sins.
-Talk by Ezra Taft Benson prepare yourselves for the great day of the Lord, Jodi’s brother in attendance felt the message communicated that they will be at Christ’s coming. This was Elder Benson not yet president.

-Benson that talk says we are living in the days of the signs and wonders, that as sure as the temple thrown down prophecy by Christ, so do we live in the time of the signs and wonders

-That talk Benson has challenging questions for us. He spoke of the rising generation which will not falter. he says to rise in this momentous hour. He says specifically that as it was for the Jesus prophecy 40 years destruction coming, so will it be with our generation. So an hour is 40 years in God’s time if you do the 1000 years is 1 day to God conversion. And 40 years after this talk is 2021 (half way between the tribulations, right at the half hour of silence ending).

-Levi given inheritance forever. Joseph Smith taught (ref in presentation) that the hereditary role of the Levites was forever. (Note: This could mean they don’t need priesthood conferred, they’re born with it, so they can do valid temple offerings even though they don’t know about the restored gospel yet.)
-Cleon Skousen went to Jerusalem years ago and helped them plan their 4th temple. its the 3rd stone temple and 4th if counting the tent temple. Joseph Smith said the animal sacrifice would continue. Skousen says Levi tribe will be responsible for building their own temple. temppleinstitute.org .
D&C 13 is what speaks of sons of levy offer; until offer in righteousness ; so they do sacrifice until they learn to do it without the blood.
-Their hereditary priesthood will perhaps become fully effective as they do their sacrifices.
-Actual temple in city of David just outside wall of Jerusalem. excavating temple there, a spring runs under it , Ghione spring.
these are the Cohenim. they have kept this blood line pure over 2000 years. they have in the last decade training in the rites. December 2018 they dedicated their altar, invited 70 nations, and gave a wheat offering.
-Ezra 3 speaks of altar laid then about 2.5 years later the[n the] rest, if this repeats then around they finish (review this part)
-Something about 40 days before something (review this part)
-Passover 2019 was 40 days after dedicating Rome temple. President Uchtdorf spoke of Paul walking 40 days to Rome.

-1st Passover in our day being carried out in thousands of years
-This group is determined to build a temple on Mt. Moriah

-President Benson talk with references to 40. Then he speaks of an hour of trial, which equals about 40 years, and 40 years from that talk in 1981 is 2021.

-Elder Bednar Christmas Devotional 2015: 5 years from his message the Lord will come (to the Saints). H says to personally apply Samuel the Lamanites message to yourself as though you were hearing a prophet tell you future events today, then he read the passage wherein Samuel the Lamanite makes the 5 year prophecy. 5 years from this talk is December 2020!


Part 4:


-Elder Ronald A. Rasband quote April 2020 General Conference: we are who will welcome the Lord at his 2nd coming

-Change of temple ceremonies of late have purpose, such as showing the invitation era is over. Robe and shoe note. The invitation to a wedding was verbal anciently, and a person would put their robe over the other shoulder to indicate they were already invited. So switching the robe shoulder indicates the period of inviting is over. (Note: Elder Rasband says President Nelson has received very important revelations concerning the temple. This adjustment is surely one of them.)

-Bride and groom ancient patterns which will play out again at Lord’s coming (Note: Some say it was ancient tradition for the announcements of the groom coming to be about a half hour)


A quick email correspondence with Jodi Stoddard for clarification:

Q: I have been studying doctrine and covenants 88 it seems to say that after the half-hour of silence the resurrections start happening. That would seem to place the half hour after the trumpets and just before the second coming. But Revelation 8 says that the half-hour is just after the seventh seal opens and before the trumpets. perhaps Revelation 8 and doctrine and covenants 88 are serving two different purposes? Perhaps we should give more heed to the doctrine and covenants as it is more modern? Perhaps there is no conflict and doctrine and covenants 88 just doesn’t highlight the trumpets which happened between the 1/2 hour and the second coming?

A: I think the problem is when we read that we think it refers to his FINAL coming…. and I believe it is referring to one of his prior advents.
The scriptures are condensed and we tend to look at it as a sequential set of events that happen one immediately after the other… but for some there is time in between – even enough to make it a completely different event…. but we have read and understood it as one.
Christ is mentioned to appear at least 7 times over a period of several years.

The way I see it unfolding, Daniel, Revelation AND D&C are all aligning.
Rev 12 is a great example of that.. it is THREE events involving THREE separate groups of people that happens over a minimum of 3 1/2 year time period….. all in one chapter.
Daniel predicted the sign of the Woman in the Sky (of Rev 12)…. that shows us we really are where we are. Way too many coincidences aligning.

We are in D&C vs 95 right now.. the half hour is in the process of ending. But if you continue reading, it doesn’t say the Second Coming will happen at the end – but that the SAINTS will see his face and be taken up in a cloud (translation time for the 5 wise virgins) and they will come down with him at a later time.
I mean look at everything that has to happen AFTER verse 95!!!
It isn’t just a single event, but several events… not just a single scene in a movie, but several scenes.

as for trumpets…. they are there after verse 95…. Perhaps they are different trumpets? But perhaps they correspond directly with those from the 7 Angels in Revelation?
The 5 wise virgins go into the wedding feast (fall under translation or some sort of protection) and then the plagues are poured out and the trumps sound….
I see Rev 12 as a side-by-side of D&C 88 …

in Rev 7 JOhn is seeing the future and the foreordained 144K who have NOT yet gone through the tribs (because yes we are still in the 6th seal when he sees them), but he sees them as having already traversed the tribs …

As for the beasts… I look at it as when it was translated they had no idea what John was trying to describe…. John didn’t know how to describe what he was seeing.. .so those who translated his words just used a generic word which ended up being ‘beast’ in English… we kinda use this word for all sorts of things too… like the saying “that is just the nature of the beast”…… it is NOT a particular beast or person or thing when we use it in that vernacular.. .it just is a word that means lots of things…
I would guess that when they tried to translate what he had tried to describe, they had no idea what word to use… if that makes sense.
I have a feeling the word has nothing to do with animals (despite what part of the description is in the topical guide) but rather has to do with different types of ministering angels, guardian angels, warrior angels, healing angels, protecting angels, and whatever else.
Also when he describes animals with different heads, it is obvious that those are nations whose symbols ARE different animals….

Concerning the Elder Bednar talk in Dec. 2015 Christmas devotional with the ‘5 years from now’ reference:
He gave it Dec 2015.
Dec 2020 is 5 years later…
5 years is the number we were looking at.
Samuel the Lamanite gave a 5 year warning for the coming of Jesus (his birth).
Dec 21, 2020 is the convergence I mention in the video of two of the assumed stars that made the Star of Bethlehem (the sign Samuel told them to watch for)
So this sign happens 5 years after Bednar’s talk.
5 years after his talk also places us in the middle of the 2 eclipses.
It is close to the end of the half hour of silence.
… and all the other things that pointed to this time at the end of 2020 and spring of 2021.

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