Lecture Notes on “The 6th Seal” by Kent Blackhurst on Followers of Jesus Christ YouTube Channel (Shows 6th Seal Prophecies Fulfilled by Year 2000)

Notes on https://youtu.be/q1rNdRhEAQc

As usual, be sure to view the entire presentation as these highlights don’t cover the entire presentation.

Look at October 2001 president Hinckley talk about many things fulfilled.

Year 1202 in Syria an earthquake where over a million people died this was at a time when there are only about 350 million people on earth. The kingdom of Jerusalem as it was called back then was hit very severely.

60s and 70s and 80s it was about 41 earthquakes per year that caused major killing and in ’90s to year 2000 it was about 60 per year which is a 50% increase then 336 of these type of earthquakes from around 2011 to 2020 which is over an 800% increase

The sun being darkened is fulfilled literally by all the solar eclipses and spiritually by the dark ages

1095 to 1492 was when these last crusades were and then Columbus did his work

1918 the Spanish flu began suddenly killing 50 million

The Moon being turned to blood is fulfilled in lunar eclipses but Also spiritually by warfare on the Earth and we had major world wars etc.

108 million people were killed in wars in the 20th century which makes it the bloodiest century to date

138 million deaths occurred due to genocides in the 19th century

there are literally tons of meteoric material entering the atmosphere every day this fulfills the scripture of the tree shaking its leaves. And stars falling out of the sky. If you watched one place in the sky for about 15 minutes you’ll likely see a shooting star also living in the city with all of our lights and pollution you can’t really see the stars in the sky so that’s another fulfillment of the Stars being curled out of the sky.

The symbolic meaning of stars falling is apostasy.

Leaves shaking off the tree blowing about in the wind is also symbolic of people going with whatever doctrine is popular

Mountains and islands moving can be slow and imperceptible an analogy a spiritual level for this is like the gospel moving forward sometimes it goes forward without much perception of the people at Large

the mountain is also a symbol of the temple we have temples moving across the entire Earth. And they move wickedness out of their place.

who shall be able to stand and they moved into caves this actually happened after the 1202 earthquake they went to live in caves because they were tired of their houses collapsing on them

I’m hiding in caves on the metaphorical level is how people want to hide their sins from God at the time of his return etc.

Hiding in the dens and the rocks is also symbolic of how rocks symbolize Jesus so a lot of people say they believe in God and they try to hide their lifestyles under that professed religion

144,000 being sealed refers at least in part to getting their endowments in the temples which strengthen them to endure the trials of the seventh seal

12 in Hebrew represents the leadership and 144 is a multiple of 12. At the end of 2019 there were 143500 local high priest leaders. at general authorities ’70s Mission presidents etc and you have over 146,000 church leaders high priests. if you’re included the female leaders this is much higher number. at the turn of the century around year 2000 the number wasn’t quite that high but you must remember that the number of the 144,000 was starting to already be called in the days of Joseph Smith.

This number being the church leaders generally make sense because their goal is to bring everyone to exaltation in this celestial kingdom as many as they can and exaltation in the special kingdom is the Church of the firstborn.

At the end of The sixth seal the Revelation scripture about the large multitude praising God etc is fulfilled in the Palmyra Temple dedication the 100th Temple to be dedicated just down the road from where the first vision occurred the first worldwide broadcast of a temple dedication those in the temple wearing pure white everyone waving the handkerchief which represented the palm leaf etc.

By the turn of the century year 2000 there were 100 temples in operation, Palmyra being the 100th dedicated on April 6 2000. In every time zone there is a temple, so they’re going literally day and night as the scripture says.

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