Lecture Notes on Timeline of Second Coming Signs and Events (Seventh Seal Perspective, ver 2) by Aaron Ellis (Details 3 Prophecies: Daniel 70 Weeks, 7 Seals, Tribulation)

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Daniel 70 weeks prophecy says 70 weeks ( 490 years as each day is a year) after decree of rebuilding Jerusalem walls etc.
(Dan. 9:25)

1535 Suleiman the magnificent of the Ottoman empire decreed the rebuilding of Jerusalem temple wall etc., Initiating the 70 week prophecy.

1535 + 490 = 2025

The 70 weeks prophecy is broken down into 62 weeks (accomplished by 1969), 7 weeks (accomplished by 2017), and 1 week (accomplished by 2024).

the combination of the Daniel 70 weeks prophecy and the Revelation time of tribulation prophecy and the Seven seals prophecy all combined to show that the midpoint of the tribulations where things really get hard begins spring of 2021

The last week of the 70 weeks meaning the last 7 years are two halves of 3 and 1/2 years each they started 2017 they end the first one ends spring 2021 and on through 2024

The beginning of the 62 weeks was about rebuilding Jerusalem, and so was the end of it right around 1969 they were rebuilding Jerusalem from the aftermath of the many wars including the Six-Day war.

Note the time of the second coming could well be 2024 or 2025. The three and a half years of prophets in the streets of Jerusalem prophesying could begin around 2021.

The Palmyra Temple dedication was the first of only two Temple dedications that have been broadcast worldwide I think the other one is the Nauvoo temple in 2002.

JST Rev. 12:2 the woman cried in pain about to be delivered. This crying could be apostacy in the church, the great faith crisis of saints believing evolution, a sinful uninspired Joseph Smith, the non-historic bible and Book of Mormon, and other false doctrines becoming widely believed. The cries are heard by God, and the kingdom of God is born. These falsehoods will soon be put down, and the political branch of the kingdom of God will be born.

Church of God could refer to Christian people in general and kingdom of God could refer to the Latter-Day Saints in specific this is a meaningful interpretation when we look at the 1827 fulfillment of the Revelation sign in the sky as Joseph was from a Christian family and then it became the tool of the Lord to restore the kingdom of God in its fullness and Joseph was even ordained king of Israel in the council of 50.

1999 oct gen conf, the last gen conf before the half hour of silence, Eyring gave talk on the parable of the ten virgins

April 2018 general conference president Nelson ministering with the power and authority of God the 3-ft notes scriptures give much more detail the message at the conference is often basic version for everyone and the footnotes have the deeper stuff for those ready to have it.

The group of Levites claim to have kept their lineage pure these thousand years and if that is the case they are priests in the Aaronic priesthood and need no ordination. December 2018 the Levites built and dedicated The altar for the third Jerusalem Temple and in April of 2019 they did a Passover sacrifice.
About 2 years and 2 months before the second Jerusalem Temple was built a cornerstone and altar were built so if history repeats itself about 2 years in 2 months after this dedication of the 3rd Temple altar will come the construction of the 3rd Jerusalem Temple which would put us in spring of 2021.

Matthew 24 says the tribulations happen then the sky is darkened then the sign of the coming of the son of man and then Jesus comes. The 2024 solar eclipse can fulfill the prophecy of the sky being dark and after the tribulations.

Matthew 24 indicates that the sign of the coming of the son of man and the coming of Jesus are two different things one being a sign that happens a little while before the actual. The first coming of Christ was indicated by a bright celestial sign and the second coming will be as well.

Joseph Smith said the sign of the coming of the son of man people will say it’s a comment or a star but what it will actually be also according to Joseph Smith as reported by one of his closest associates is Joseph Smith said that it will be the city of Enoch coming.

some say shouldn’t this information be coming from the prophet. The prophet said in the talk Revelation for our lives he said oh there is so much more that your father in heaven wants you to know for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear it is clear that the father and the son are revealing the secrets of the universe.

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