Fine Art: Ballet? Certainly, with Caution

Ballet is arguably the singe greatest expression of the power and beauty of the human body. It is a wonderous art form and often compels the audience to be better people.

One of the biggest favorable arguments for ballet is the music that it is danced to – classical! Classical style music is the most divine and genius expression of music that mankind has ever known. Yes, it is a revelation. The classical genre isn’t flawless, and a person can discern poor quality or disturbing songs even here, but it is the most pure genre of them all, and includes many choral masterpieces.

In ballet, some costumes are more modest than others. The tutu ought point down a bit, the neck line doesn’t need to recede greatly, etc. Tights can sometimes be appropriate in this art form which highlights the power and grace of the body. However, these are not always necessary, and some added covering over the loin area would not detract from the performance.

We should also note that some techniques and dance forms within ballet are more appropriate than others. Some moves would really only be appropriate between husband and wife. There are some ballet groups who perform ridiculous scripts which involve fondling and rude silliness which do not respect proper interpersonal boundaries.

I am typically anti cheerleading due to their suggestive outfits not to mention the fact that granting and raving about something so ridiculous as a sport.  the cheer outfits are different than the ballet outfits they are more suggestive, more sexually oriented.

I also don’t think the use of ‘yoga pants’ for exercise is necessary. Sure, it accommodates the stretching, but other more modest clothes could too. And would you kill over dead if you put some sort of blouse over it? People also tend to wear those pants to the store and just about anywhere. They’re also the number one clothing for pregnancy these days, and none of that is necessary. In day-to-day life we should not wear tight clothing.


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