Logos (The Word) Greek for Opposite of Animal, Here’s How It Relates to Modesty

Logos is the word to describe Jesus Christ in the book of John. It means “the word”. The word was with God it says. ‘Logos’ can be translated in many ways, but it’s many meanings boil down to this: logos is the thing that separates the human race from the beasts. That is the purpose of the gospel of Jesus Christ, to keep us from becoming beasts, and to get us back on track when we are lost. We are not, as evolutionists suppose, derived from animal lifeforms. We are offspring of deity, let us live up to this divine nature. The gospel encompasses everything decent and uplifting. It embraces the thoughts of cherishing each other, of loving others for who they are, for what they stand for rather than what they look like.

Animals are savage; they focus on sex and food. They don’t wear clothing because they want to advertise their sex appeal freely. That is their nature and is appropriate for them. But humans are an entirely different creature: they have superior intelligence and divine heritage. They organize more. They wear clothing in an attempt to take the focus off of the carnal appetites, and focus the attention on the mind and character. They are called to a higher more complete plain. They only show their sex appeal to their permanent partner, whom is their legal spouse of the opposite gender. They preserve sexual relations for marriage because they know that the family is the basic unit of a functioning intelligent society. But when humans begin to wear tight clothing, they begin to increasingly appear as though they had no clothing on. The curvature and sexual organs of the body become more present for every person they come into contact with to see. That is in essence to advertise that part of your body which is sacred and reserved for the center and government of the family unit, to be plastered upon the minds of every creature, in or out of family foundations. The human who wears tight clothing is debasing himself to that of a beast. What is so bad about being a beast? Christ means “the word” which is “logos” in the original Greek text of the New Testament. There are many meanings to the word logos, but one significant trend in those meanings is something that is superior to that of a beast, the things which cause humans to be separate from beasts (speech, language, sermons, large story, reason, logic, intellect, inquiry, study, biology, council, court case, etc.). The things which lift the human to a higher plane. (Interpretation analysis of logos by Stephen Bay, Brigham Young University Dr. of Ancient Greek).

The human race will go wherever we want it to, what will we choose to be a part of? You have to be the one to say no to the dross, and only accept the holy pure and uplifting. But let us be acting like animals leads us to become animals. Instead, vote against uncivilized activities by choosing and creating alternatives.

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