Gender Issues



Gender Issues




By Nate Richardson

A Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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Chapter 1. Introduction. 3

Chapter Morality in Exchange for Equality: Ironic Feminism.. 4

Chapter Female Privilege Exists. 6

Chapter Brotherly Love VS Homosexuality: Hope & Healing. 9

Chapter Warren Farrell & The Men’s Rights Movement – Lecture Highlights. 11

Chapter The ‘God Loves All Lifestyles Equally’ Fallacy: A Letter to a Friend with Same Sex Attraction. 14

Chapter Try to be close to God & The Church While Confronting Same Sex Attraction: Letter to a Friend. 16

Chapter The True Godhead Includes Gender 21

Chapter Stop Normalizing Homosexuality in Media: A Heroic Example. 23

Chapter Give Me a State of Refuge! State Over Federal Government in Social Affairs repeat?. 24

Resources on Gender 25



Chapter 1. Introduction


“I am in favor of book learning in the world, but it will not qualify you to become queens and priestesses in the courts above; that requires a spiritual culture and education.” -Eliza R. Snow

“ALL HUMAN BEINGS—male and female—are created in the image of God. Each is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny. Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose.” –The Family: A Proclamation to the World



Chapter Morality in Exchange for Equality: Ironic Feminism


Topics: modesty, feminism, cohabitation, rights, morality, premarital sex, the existence of right and wrong, rape, gun rights, out of marriage childbirth rates in 1950 vs now

It seems strange to me that often women speaking for women’s rights are the ones who parade in the semi-nude in public, with extravagant amounts of cleavage, the most form revealing clothes, and without pants or dresses covering their legs. I would think that those in favor of women would be the most modest, calling for a de-sexualization of their kind. Isn’t that the issue, that historically we have used women for sex and ignored their overall divine person, so capable in so many ways? Why then are the feminists often the ones who dress the most sexually?! Has feminism moved from “respect me” to “let me do whatever the blazes I want just because I’m not a male?”

Truly feminism has roots in “hey the men are scandalous, we’ve got to stop them!” and has become, “if the men are going to be scandalous, let us be scandalous too!” The fight for morality has been traded in for a fight for equality.

No longer do they bat an eye when it comes to non-marital cohabitation, pre-marital sex, out of wedlock birth, and other core issues which used to define feminism.

What was “right” used to be a series of values. Now what is “right” merely consists of “letting people do whatever they want.” It used to be if you did certain acts it was “bad.” Now the only “bad” act is “not letting people do what they want.”

The mark of the neo-righteous soul is vowing that “everyone shall do whatever they want, and anyone who gets in the way of that is a wicked tyrant!” Sounds like Satan’s premortal plan of “saving” everyone regardless of their choices. No one’s going to make any progress in that scenario. The real virtuous thing to do is help people make progress.

*One word of caution: I’m not saying that modern feminists call for rape being ok; they do denounce rape, but at the same time they disable youths, pushing them closer to rape situations by what they’re training the youths to do: ie have sex whenever with whoever regardless of marriage, etc. If that isn’t a breeding ground for rape I don’t know what is.

A friend of mine was in a sex therapist training required seminar. The topic came up that a professor used drugs to alter a pedophile which helped the pedophile gain normal sexuality, no longer pedophilia. Some hormones were manipulated, the person was introduced to adult relations, then the hormone was released again, allowing the man to feel love for the adults he came to befriend rather than the children. The attending therapists were outraged and said “why would you try to change his natural sexuality?!” of course they’re ignoring that pedophilia isn’t only obviously evil, but it’s illegal. This is yet another evidence of the terrifying culture of “whatever people want is right.”

In 1950 only 4% of all children were born outside of marriage; by 2007, in comparison, 39.7% of all children were born outside of marriage (U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, 2005, 2009b). Is this what we’ve been fighting for?

Of a similar nature is this topic raised from a recent school shooting, raising the gun purchase age to 21. If we raise the age for guns to 21, what about the college girls aged 17-20? Bazaar that even in the midst of the “Me Too” movement, we are calling for more vulnerability of women by not allowing them to carry weapons. Nature insists that men are usually stronger physically than women, so it makes sense for women to carry firearms. Even in Provo Utah “happy valley”, police will escort college girls home after dark. There’s not enough police to escort them all… Plus the gun ban would motivate predators to be more bold in their advances.




Chapter Female Privilege Exists


Topics: Gender roles, modesty, accountability, pornography, addiction, sexuality, secret combinations/conspiracy,

I argued with a professor that there is such a thing as female privilege (she about flew to pieces when I suggested this!), the idea that women show their bodies however they want without respect for the modest feelings of others in society, and a number of other telling factors. She said I am hyper-concerned of the modesty issue, but I say she is desensitized, as well as many others!

I ask what Jesus would do, and how we dress in temples. I insist that the way we dress has to do with our problems, and taking women’s body lightly is a fundamental and core issue, a root to a tree of many issues. She said women raped are usually merely in tee shirts and jeans. But have you seen the tees and jeans today? They are very sexual and tightly form fitting. I wrote more on this by hand which I’ll turn into a document soon for this is madness. And women want to be men. And this is crazy. I don’t have time to flush this out now but by God I have evidence for my case, and I will stand up for what’s right. This professor has a PhD in some sort of social science and she is set in her ways, thinking herself at utmost authority. I will write some points here as this topic is too crucial to leave alone:
1. to deny female privilege is to deny women’s accountability in their role in social issues.
2. immodest women want to wear form fitting clothes and be seen as themselves without being looked at sexually. This is what the feminists tell me. However you can’t separate bodies with sex. Humans as sexual by nature. If you want to emphasize intellect and character instead of sex, why does the way you dress draw attention to the curvature of your breasts, etc.? It doesn’t make sense. Why don’t they cover the body to hide its curves and emphasize the face instead? If your definition of wanting to express your individuality is based on showing the curves of your body, then it is you, not men, who are looking at yourself in a sexual lens. You may say ‘we want to show our bodies without them being associated with sex.’ Well you may as well show a hungry man food without him associating it with ending his hunger. You may as well show a baby a toy without intending for it to play with it. You may as well show a cake to a peasant while expecting him to not lunge for it. Humans are not animals, and can think higher than mere sexual reproduction, but that is helped by dressing ourselves, covering our nakedness. To display our nakedness or come virtually close to it via tight apparel etc., we are over-emphasizing sex.
3. you think me overly concerned with modesty. Perhaps you and everyone else is desensitized. this is evidenced in the way that we are most open of showing body, more so that most of history. Look at a history of fashion book. You bring up the point that at one time it was fashionable for a high-class woman to be painted nude. This is an isolated event. Today we have a culture obsessed with sex and every day they walk in immodesty. Yesterday’s dress of sluts is today’s dress of moderation. Today’s dress of sluts is yesterday’s dress of private encounters between husband and wife only. What we tolerate (and call for) today is simply bizarre. say as long as rape culture exists that women dressing immodestly isn’t a thing of power. I say that despite rape culture, women can be independent in the way they choose to dress, and will be held accountable for the messages they send via the way they dress. Is it not written by the prophets that women become pornography by the way they dress? You say ‘well they are not dressing to that extreme to be called pornography’ I say, aren’t they? They look like chameleons, like they are nude but painted green, etc., based on the color of their outfit. The tit is covered with a bra to hide this feature, but everything else shows right through the clothing. Who do they think they are fooling? Many men don’t care that they dress this way and quite like that they dress this way. But this leads them to arrogance abusiveness selfishness hedonism greed lust and only bad.
5. women manipulate men into certain acts or exchanges by flaunting their bodies. This is an old trick, see Book of Mormon, God identifies this exchange of female body for services as one of the pillars for the secret combinations of the devil (see book of Ether). You say “immodesty isn’t the same as nudity” well that is true. There are 7 circles in hell. But we would do best to get out of hell, rather than saying we are comfortable in only an outer ring thereof. Any level of hell and devils will sap us of happiness and liberty. Don’t make the petty argument that 1 devil is fine so long as it’s not 3 devils.
6. asking men to not see women as sexual when they reveal their body is against nature. It jams his psychology and weakens him. His work is frustrated, he cannot focus.
7. The body of women has immensely overpowering effect on men. People of Islam understand this. I am not alone in recognizing the extreme danger of public display of what was never meant to be public. The concept of temples shows this: you need a recommend to enter. It’s not open to public viewing. Is it not written that our bodies are temples? Surly then we should not allow just anyone to peer into them and discover the mysteries.
8. notice how women speaking at General Conference dress. they are the examples.
9. denial is a step in the privilege cycle. Are you in denial of female privilege?
10. women hold sex over men’s heads. They say, “if you don’t do as I say we will have less sex.” men want sex more (most social scientists will agree on that), so women use this to their advantage. In the ideal marriage this does not occur, but we are talking about issues in society, and this is one of them.
11. the modesty of “for the strength of youth” section is important. No tight or revealing clothes (prophetic warning against yoga pants? Yes.) It helps avoid bad stuff like over-sexualization which always turns out bad; it’s an animalistic form of the fall of nations. When humanity turns into sensuality/animality, everything falls apart. See also warning of “family proclamation”, that rejecting family ideas will lead to destruction of nations. Certainly modesty is a family ideal. Anyone who says otherwise is looking beyond the mark, and has a seared conscious. Immodest dress attracts idol persons who want something for nothing. They want the body you’ve almost revealed to them, and it won’t take much work for them to finish the job you’ve already started before meeting them: that of undressing yourself and giving over your body. Of course we cringe to think on this subject, but we must remedy the plague.
12. woman puts herself into the world of men, out of home, refuses her nature as mother and seeks status in world of men. Men can’t have children, it’s obvious that their work would be to provide so that women can fulfill their role. Do you get it? The point of men is to fulfill woman. Woman is the motivator of men. If women go in their heart (rather than by necessity) to the workplace, they leave men demotivated. I don’t say it’s bad for women to work, I say that this mass exodus out of the home is bad. If them working comes at the cost of them being mothers, then it gets bad.







Chapter Brotherly Love VS Homosexuality: Hope & Healing


God has ordained that mankind are to marry womenkind. Further, God has ordained that there will be great joy and friendship and wholesome love between brethren.

“No man can love another man as much as I love Joseph.” – Brigham Young

Thus we see that the highest form of love is not erotic/sexual/romantic, but the love of brotherhood (or sisterhood). Those men who claim to love another man and thus marry that other man, are most sadly mistaken in how one expresses the highest forms of love. Thus we see that God did indeed ordain for man to have great love for one another. Thus we see that homosexuality is Satan’s counterfeit of a holy thing. God has commanded that men are not to be erotic/sexual/romantic together, but this does not mean that man is to be isolated from one another. Great joy is ordained to exist between brethren in associations with one another. Playing sports together, laughing together, working together, speaking together of the welfare of themselves and their families, and even suffering together, which suffering serves to unite souls more closely than perhaps anything else possibly could.

President Kimball worked with literally hundreds of saints who identified as homosexual. He was asked what became of these brethren. He said, “we pretty well got that all straightened out.” I believe, like President Kimball, that homosexuality is not an inborn trait, and that with proper counseling and dedication, it can be abandoned.

Children have what is called gender permanence. If their mother cuts the hair short etc., they still see her as a girl. Surely this is one is the things Jesus was referring to when he told us that we must become a children to enter the kingdom of God. This is an eternal trait.

Some have same sex attractions or opposite gender feeling but this does not change the male or female which they are and always have been. This aspect of identity was there before birth and will be after birth. Most people have some form of feelings contrary to gods law and eternal truth, but those will cease in the resurrection. For example, a male attracted to other males will wake in the resurrection without those feelings. He will still love his brothers, for love is of God, but he will not experience any romantic longing toward them.

You see, this life is less of a reality than eternal life. This life is short in comparison to that one to come (and yes we will have our physical bodies there). We go through many strange things in this life, and the test is to see if we will have faith in God, if we have love for him and his truly altruistic laws.

Some people’s disabilities are physical, others emotional, others social, others mental, others sexual (‘Gender Dysphoria’ only recently became eliminated from the official list of mental illnesses), etc., and God heals them all in the resurrection. This is why we praise Jesus Christ, he is the one who made the resurrection possible, wherein not only will our bodies rise in their perfection, but so will our minds, etc. etc. in every way, disability is healed, and wholeness is restored. Mankind had no disabilities before the fall of Adam, and Christ overcomes the fall. As the scripture says, “as in Adam all die, so I’m Christ are all made alive.”

Yes, Christ overcame death itself, and all the other negative experiences of this life. He gives resurrection to everyone as a free gift, and if we follow his commandments, we can qualify for greater happiness than is possible for a mortal to comprehend.

In the last days, the hearts of men would wax cold the scripture says. We can discern that many men are sad for the loss of brotherly kindness which they should have found in their fellow men, and when the Devil’s counterfeit comes along (homosexuality), some, even many, fall. As one wise man afflicted with same sex attraction said, “I’m not going to let my sexuality get in the way of my spirituality.” May those so afflicted have that courage, and wait upon the Lord for the day when brotherly kindness will again abound among the human race, when men shall obey the command of the Lord, to “even as I have loved you, love one another.”




Chapter Warren Farrell & The Men’s Rights Movement – Lecture Highlights


These notes on lectures by Warren Farrell are shared with his permission.


Some key players in the movement are Dr. Warren Farrell, Paul Elam, Suzanne Venker, Harry Crouch, & Cassie Jaye (“The Red Pill” movie on this). Try

I appreciate Dr. Farrell’s message, and agree with much (not all) of what he says. He has become an outcast in the gender studies world as his academically mature views are not considered politically correct.

Here are some highlights:

-One reason women make less is that they chose worse paying jobs which they like better. They prefer flexibility in a job, and not being on call, facing harsh environments, facing risk at the workplace, etc. If a group of people won the lottery, most the men would change their job, most of the women would keep their job. The men often give up what they love so they can provide for their families.

-There is a difference between what women vs men make, and what fathers vs mothers make. The single women without children make more than single men without children. These women are dedicated to their career and set on being able to use it to survive. But fathers make more than mothers, as mothers chose jobs which are more family friendly (less on call schedules, less risky work, one that allows home time to not be filled with more work, etc.). Farrell says the men should follow the examples of the women in seeking more family friendly employment!

-Growing up in a single father home is better than growing up in a single mother home because in the father home, the mother will frequently come to see the children, whereas when the mother is the caregiver, the man is often minimally or not involved at all. Any scenario where the man and woman have a good amount of time with the children is a good arrangement.

-Most (about 90%) of men in prison didn’t have fathers. The absence of fathers is also a trait seen in most of the mass shooters.

-If women really were paid 77 cents per dollar of man, why wouldn’t all the companies only hire women and cut their costs by 33 cents to the dollar?

-People don’t care about boys. They will say black lives matter, but not boys lives matter. We have a national board for women and girls issues, but not one for boys and men’s issues. Boys have way more suicides than girls, much more ADHD than girls, more high school dropouts than girls, and less college participation than girls. If people said the things about black people that they do about men, it would be called flagrant racism. We say men are toxic, we make fun of their role in our television, etc.

-There is toxic masculinity in that men are taught to not be emotional. This could be why women live longer than men. Men are taught to be strong, a sort of fighter spirit, taught to sacrifice. But the women are taught how to be expressive etc., they learn how to live, and they did so. There is gender fluidity in that the women can, thanks to the feminist movement, have the option to be in the workplace for some or all of their career, and the men can learn caring roles to be more involved in the home. Some fathers express high satisfaction in being the full-time father for a season while the mothers work on the breadwinning. Fathers need to place high priority on family time. There are good things about masculinity. The fathers often teach stricter boundaries (‘Eat your peas or no ice cream, no eating half of them won’t do. We have a deal, no moving the deal we entered into.’) They also teach how to respect others during rough play. Mothers can do rough play too but not as well as the fathers, just like how fathers can do caring nurturing for the children but not as well as the mothers.

-Society isn’t built based on patriarchy, but on the need to survive. The men and women separated roles in this. Women risked life in childbearing, men risked life in war or coal mines, both the father and mother working even risking in their designated field to see to it that their children had better lives than their own.

-When boys grow up without a father, then they go to schools where there are predominantly female teachers, they lack a male role model, and often join gangs or other negative groups where authoritarian leaders they crave have dealings with them.

-Men need to follow the examples of women and have more family friendly jobs. These jobs often don’t pay as well, but there’s more to life than money. There is finding gleam in your eye. There is having your feelings heard and your interests pursued.

-Step parents are only as effective as the mom lets them be.

-When only 1 sex wins both sexes lose

-Children need dad’s time much more than his money.
Men are told to be a hero; the way to be a hero now is to be transgender, so they are do this, leaving behind who they are.

-Women learned to be more fender fluid of entering workforce more if wished, but men weren’t taught that they can stay home more with the children if they wish. Women can help the man to take care of providing, and men can help the woman to take care of nurturing children. Neither can do the others’ job as well as the other. The woman usually doesn’t rough house quite like the man. The man usually doesn’t nourish like the woman. This being said it is true that boys need male teachers, not just female teachers.

-It’s not male privilege it’s male sacrifice. It’s not a society to favor men it’s one to favor women. Women sacrifice in child bearing men do so in war. Each is taught to be willing to do whatever it takes to make the next generation have better lives

-Women grade male students about 30 percent higher on average when it is a blind assignment where they don’t get to know the gender of the child. We need a 50 50 ratio of men and women teachers in elementary school, so kids without a dad at least have that. Boys without dad’s are hurt kids, and hurt kids hurt people. Boys without dad’s look to gang leaders and Isis etc. For the authoritative leadership they crave.

-Male suicide rates are way higher than female as the kids get above about 6. It’s worse the older up to a certain point.

-Menu are hated today. Feminism used to be good as it said women are strong. Now it is an adolescent feminism that just says women are wronged, and they weaponize that.

-Women should take risk in dating. They should ask the boys out, etc. Currently the men have all the risk. They ask the girl out so she knows they already like her. She should be more proactive in dating and take more risk, like the men. She shouldn’t just flirt she should tell him she wants to date him, not just hope he asks her.

-Some men are more comfortable doing more parenting which is fine, let the woman go make some wage and him be home if they want to share those roles. Toxic masculinity does exist when we won’t let men have this opportunity.

-The mass shooters and prison inmates are boys without dads. But in media dads are hated. The boy who grows up without a dad feels shame for being a boy since society shames boys.

-Rough tumble play with dad teaches kids compassion as the learn to set limits. They can’t kick their siblings in foul play, they can’t give an elbow to the face, etc. They learn to abide in the correct limits so they don’t lose the opportunity to continue in the rough play. Dad says if you hurt the other person we have to stop playing.

-the female says no hoping that the male will return again; this is how she tests to see how he handles no, to see if he will be a good salesman and good provider.

-women didn’t have freedom back in the day, and neither did men. Men were encouraged to get JOBs no PhDs. They were taught to be responsible rather than to have choice, to do the chores rather than the studying; it was said that it is irresponsible to do what you want, be that artist or writer etc. They didn’t get to choose.

-you can’t fulfil your dreams if you don’t have postponed gratification, which comes from parents enforcing boundaries; for example, the parent should not give ice cream before the peas are eaten; don’t let the child manipulate a better deal by saying they ate half let it be enough at that. ADHD can develop more frequently when they don’t learn self-control. Kids need to learn to focus on what they have to do before they get to do what they want to do.




Chapter The ‘God Loves All Lifestyles Equally’ Fallacy: A Letter to a Friend with Same Sex Attraction



Responding to the notion that being queer means you love all people, and that God loves you, and that is enough, including a justification of setting aside the church of God.


…I’m sure you’re dealing with people walking away from your friendship over this [declaration of being Queer]. I enjoy your company and wish life wasn’t so busy. It is not hard to see why many are drawn to you…

… I would love to help you get a blog going where you can detail for us your philosophies and debate them with your friends respectfully. For example, you could write an essay on the meaning and implications of the shirt you’re wearing in this picture.

I’ll give you some of my thoughts on same sex attraction, take it or leave it. My gender identity is that I am sexually attracted to all good-looking women. That conflicts with God’s laws found in the scriptures, which say I must pick and stay with 1.

Trying to base my life choices on what the scriptures say is often hard for me, but I trust that, as Joseph Smith promised, if we remain faithful, God will make up all our losses to us in the resurrection. I don’t know about you, but I’ve experienced a lot of losses, and wake up every morning looking forward to the day that that promise will be fulfilled. Life is so very hard for you, for me, for everyone. Some of us are private about our emotions, but we all have them, and we’re all broken in one way or another.

As for loving all people, we can focus our romance rather than share it with all interested people. Jesus said, ‘cast not your pearls before swine, lest they turn again and rend you’. That means we have to be careful about who our closest circles are. That doesn’t mean we can’t ‘love’ everyone, we just have to learn to use different kinds of love for different kinds of people. I can’t wait for the soon coming day when Jesus Christ will again live on this earth, and show us firsthand how to truly love all people. Being near him will be like standing near a campfire after wandering through the cold woods all night. If there’s one thing I believe above anything else, it’s that Jesus Christ is real, and will come to live on earth soon, and feed us what we’re so hungry for, love. I foresee you and I weeping for joy together when He returns.

I don’t have same sex attraction, so I don’t know how hard that is to not act on, but I can say I’ve seen people who, even in that scenario, chose to curve their natural man and loose themselves in temple and other types of service to help them endure to the end. Some crosses are heavy. I know enduring doesn’t sound fun, but life’s not about fun, it’s about eternal investment (though there’s surprisingly lots of fun when we do that). The world says, “be yourself”, Jesus says “be like me”. Yes, I agree with you, that’s asking a lot, and it’s often painful and embarrassing. We all have a long journey ahead of us as far as that goes.

As far as Heavenly Father’s love goes, yes, he loves you and everyone. The fullness of his blessings are available to you and everyone if you and I will curve our natural man into a divine man. Our bodies are weak today, and sometimes it is hard to understand why God decided to give us weak bodies, but in the resurrection our bodies will be strong. Our feelings will be clear. Our vision about long term consequences will be clear. This life is tricky because so much of that is unclear, and we can hardly remember what happened 24 hours ago. Whatever you chose, remember doors are open for alternatives if you ever wish to go through them. Thank God for keeping those doors open, no matter what.

Your desire to love everyone is evidence that the stirrings of God are in you. Your destiny is to become a God someday [name], make no mistake about it. It won’t be easy, and we can learn together how to truly love all people. What joy we will have as we save thousands, and with them rejoice! Make no small plans Devin. I invite you to make your closest circle of friends those people who wish to support you in that quest.

I know this can’t mean much coming from [someone] you didn’t have a lot of time with growing up, I’m sorry for that. Like I said, whatever you chose to do, I’ll be looking forward to spending time with you whenever possible, friend.






Chapter Try to be close to God & The Church While Confronting Same Sex Attraction: Letter to a Friend


Dear [Friend],

This may or may not be a welcome note, but I saw your post the other day suggesting some sincere struggles and despair. I don’t have a fix all suggestion, but I would suggest the primary answers – pray, read your scriptures, and go to church. Obviously your trials are difficult and not understood by most including probably myself. I do believe however that God is real and he cares about you, so doing whatever you can to be close to him will be a positive thing for you. Perhaps you will soon find a comfortable life, perhaps your discomfort will be prolonged more than either of us would like to consider. In either case, I believe God can help alleviate your day to day pains. I don’t have good advice for you but he does, and that comes from prayer, scriptures, and where possible church attendance. I would also suggest you study your patriarchal blessing. I know the church etc. isn’t your number one belief, but I suggest doing a little more in that area would be a positive thing for you. I can imagine you’ve had negative experiences with the church and church members which could make it increasingly difficult to consider approximating yourself to God/church. I think it’s fair to say many church members are rude, lacking doctrinal understanding, and hard to get along with. And yes I would say I’m guilty of all 3 of those ‘sins’, and I appreciate you putting up with me all these years :). You are of a kind disposition and kind people often get pushed around unnecessarily, a sad fact of life. I have been pleased to see you gaining more confidence as the years go by. At any rate [friend], know that I think highly of you and look forward to continued friendship and that I wish you happiness.






Chapter Give me a State of Refuge! The Dangers of Federal Homosexuality Laws

Excerpts from my comments in a debate over laws espousing homosexuality and enforced accommodation of homosexual lifestyles in places of business.

Treated are the notions that the homosexual rights movement is erasing gender from society, and that I, having a religious view of the importance of gender, should be allowed to practice my religion in a state where the citizens vote against ungendered bathrooms, etc.

…Then let’s at least make this a state issue not a federal issue in other words if people with homosexuality want to go to a store that Embraces homosexuality let them do that in whatever state for example California but if I want to have a place where my children are protected when they go into the store let me do that. in other words, if you really want a homosexual bathroom, fine, have your own homosexual bathroom but don’t force me and my store to have a homosexual bathroom as well. The natural consequence of this is that if everyone if everyone hates my store because I’m a bigot then my business will fail and so the market will determine the success of the business and all will be well.

Yes people can dress up and invade illegally (into bathrooms) but we should be able to at least try and stop them (rather than inviting them to do so).

…so, you think trans should have full access but not homo? Your differentiation of them in this may makes that implication, that one should get in and the other not. Please explain how my supposed ignorance of trans vs homo effects this conversation. Are you lobbying for one to enter or both? I’m lobbying against both entering. And yes, I think both want to enter. If only one wants to enter then I lobby against that one.

All I ask is that people of the opposite sex aren’t in the same bathrooms which have no cameras to protect from rape. I think we can agree that rape occurs more between people of the opposite sex (most people are attracted to the opposite sex).

As for point number two, isn’t it already legal for a gay bathroom in your own private business? I think the issue right now is whether all bathrooms should by law need to admit persons of both sexes in them. Now here you could argue that a trans man equals a woman, is that your point? Even if this is your point, I think we should not force the non-trans people to do something they are uncomfortable with. many people they don’t want to be in the bathroom with a transgender person for various reasons. And transgender people want to be in a bathroom with people of the gender they have now become.

If you make the USA homogenous (same everywhere), a lot of people will be angry. A special thing about the USA used to be that if you didn’t like the policy in one state, you can leave to another. For example, if a flock of people whose gender identification was “I don’t want trans people in my bathroom with my kids” then we should not be bigots and force them to act against the way that they identify themselves. So, let this flock run to some state where they can have safe space. You see, safe space to me may mean something different then safe space to you. So, the only way to satisfy the conscience and identity of both groups is to have them live in separate colonies, separate states. (Another example could be gun rights. Texas could make guns legal and Texans could say “Thank God I’m a Texan!” and people in, per se, Main, could ban guns, and say, “Thank God I live in Main!” Let each chose. Most matters of government, according to our constitution, are to stay at the state, not federal, level.)

As for the pervert thing, I don’t say they are all perverts, I’m just saying that I should be respected and be allowed to have a state which doesn’t violate my conscience. You may think my conscience is silly or irrational, or even call me a bigot, but equality demands that you respect my view none the less. Let me live in a colony of likeminded people – I won’t impose on your camp, and I would wish you not impose on my camp.

The US Constitution says that the federal governments powers are specific and enumerated. Other issues like this one are state issues. If the USA wants a federal bathroom trans and homo allowed everywhere law, it needs to go through the intentionally difficult process of becoming an amendment to the Constitution. Someday it may become such, at which time if my conscience doesn’t like that, I’m free to try and change it or to move to another colony, this time at the international level. The fast track for this law is to get it in a state. But to get it in the federal, that takes multiple 2/3 majority in the several branches of government. Federal laws are so powerful that they must be extremely hard to pass. Once a law becomes federal, there is no more place for the minority to escape it. States were formed to be safe places for minorities (who flock together to the state of their choosing).

Federal laws are few because they often neglect a minority, and in this case,  we are getting into religious liberty, which (potentially violates the) 1st amendment. The people who are religious are often misunderstood and called bigots. They need a safe state to run to, so federal laws are very hard to get, specifically to protect that safe space. One thing I hate about Trump is his signing things by executive order ignoring the other 2 branches of government. There are ways to fight against this but somehow it still goes on (and of course Obama has this kind of an itchy trigger finger too. (and though some of this is allowed, I believe they take it farther than the constitution permits)) I love the Constitution and think many of our national problems are from going away from the Constitution which was built to defend minorities. It has a built-in republic style government and democratic style government mixed, and only in that way can mob rule be avoided. You see, trans and homo are not the only minority. In having this view of not wanting to use bathrooms with them, I’m becoming a minority, and should be protected too. You may not understand why I don’t like this trans homo all bathroom policy but that is beside the point. I don’t understand why a person would want to worship a yellow dog, but that’s up to them and their religion, and let them worship as they will. By the way, I have given reasons for my views they are logical, but I’m pointing out that in defending a person’s religious conscience a person need not explain themselves to deserve a safe space. Let me have a state which doesn’t require me to violate my conscience. You can have 49 states that do things the other way, but I need safe space too! If we make it federal, I have no safe space. Are not 49 states enough for you, isn’t that enough space for the homo and trans?

Can’t they respect the fact that I view the world differently and want a place of my own where my children don’t grow up wanting a sex change because they see a trans whom is kind to them and think it’s the way they should live? My children are too small to take on these issues. Thus, I claim the right to shelter them to an extent! I recognize that some people are born gay, and some people become trans etc. But my kids don’t understand this, and they would get peer pressure to embrace the lifestyle of a homosexual, they will be taught in sex education in public school that the way to be tolerant is to at least experiment with homosexual sex before you determine that you are a heterosexual, they will do like they do to my nephew (who lives in California) and call him, that tiny human, they call him a purple penguin until he declares a gender. The root of this is the idea that humans are fundamentally very sexually different and that it is bad to teach a child that they are a certain gender. But that sounds like a cult (you know the definition of cult, it’s a legit term, not a passive aggressive cut at you. cult is a legit word it’s a way of saying a religion.)

Also, I wasn’t trying to be aggressive by saying safe space please don’t read into my message unwritten things. I won’t bother trying to point out possible passive aggression in your message. I’m going to assume your benevolence and take your words at face value. I made the rape assumption based on the statistic that a large majority are heterosexual, for the which I do have statistics. If I can come up with statistics on the heterosexual rape thing would you like me to share them with you? Perhaps I will be proven wrong during my investigation, but I doubt it so strongly (based on my family science research I’ve done thus far at my university etc.) that I’m happy to look it up for you. Some things are too obvious to need to state statistics on, but to appease your point that there is a chance I’m wrong I would love to get back with you later on this point.

The following sentence is also sincere and not passive aggressiveness even though it may be strange to you: I claim that it’s bigoted for someone to call me a bigot for violating my conscience. The word bigot is so convenient, it can be mysterious enough to shame someone, but both sides have a right to their opinion without the name-calling of bigot. For you to not see me as a bigot, you must stretch your mind and consider that I might have good intentions. There might be more to the story than you think. I don’t think I called all trans people perverts, if so I’m sorry. My meaning is that opening these doors makes it easier for perverts to do what formerly was difficult and socially shamed. Based on rape statistics and trans statistics, I think there are more rapists out there than there are trans people. Thus, I think a co-sex bathroom will be exploited more than a single sex bathroom. It makes it harder to detect the rapists if both sex looking people can go into either of the bathrooms. Not all trans people look like the gender they have become, nor should we force them to. In other words, if we have these laws of co sex bathrooms, all must be allowed to enter, no discrimination of appearances. I claim this (anyone can come in) will lead to not only more rape, but more adolescent sex and teen out of wedlock pregnancies, and those things do directly correlate to more poverty and emotional deregulation and dissatisfaction overall (I do have stats on that).

Another way to summarize this is that it’s a way movement to take control of our children from family to state. Not only does state seek to prevent abuse which it should prevent, but in these things of not allowing religious safe space by turning highly debated moral issues into federal law rather than state law, the government is becoming a religion if its own, and thus amendment 1 is violated which says the government is not allowed to show preference to one religion over another.

Also I want to clarify when I say that I’m afraid of the effect of a homosexual or transgender would increasingly have on my child’s views on how to be happy I’m not trying to say that I want to live in a place where there’s no homosexuals are transgenders but what I’m saying is that I will give them a job I will let them rent an apartment from me etc. that’s my personal View and so forth but I think that making the bathrooms a thing which has long been a place of privacy for people who look like a girl or people who look like a boy etcetera is taking a step, a very large step, in the direction of disestablishing gender and making a genderless society; that is what worries me, that idea that we would normalize it so much to where gender would cease to exist; surely someone’s feelings will be hurt until we dismiss gender entirely. Raising my kids and that kind of society is intimidating. I’m just asking for a place where we don’t have to go accommodating the gambit of requests that come to us on these topics of erasing gender.

When a bathroom has no gender that’s really what it’s doing is erasing gender. I think gender is important I’ll be honest I think it is erasing gender little by little and you could even say that’s part of my religious view that gender is important, and I say in return please respect my first amendment rights to have a religious view which may not make sense to you. As you see, the religious freedom is tied into this movement because by default removing gender stipulations from bathrooms, or shall I say it more correctly, removing sex stipulations from bathrooms, will break down the idea that gender exists or in other words that sex (not intercourse) exists and that it has some meaning to it. That is the root: I am trying to uphold my religious view that sex has meaning and should not be erased. My conscience and other evidence suggest to me that this is where this is going. I claim that the open-door policy of bathrooms will greatly contribute to the erasing of gender and sex identity. A way to make both parties happy is by letting them do as they wish in their own state. I think that there are enough people like me to create a little state. In case I wasn’t clear about this earlier I will say it like this: federal law is and should be extremely difficult to make on this and other issues because a federal law has greater power than state law to eliminate safe space for minorities like myself.

I won’t trail on with this I think we’ve had enough of a rough go on the subject, but I will say that I never called for throwing homos and trans out of their home, I only called for (at least) 1 state being allowed to have gender specific bathrooms. That doesn’t mean homos and trans can’t live in that state. I likewise could say more on this (defending my opinion) but I don’t think it’s the right time and place. By the way, one of my best friends is homosexual, I meet with him regularly to study music and theatre, he is a brilliant and charming man. I appreciate your call to protect everyone, though like I said, I don’t feel like getting into this any further. God bless you friend.

Note: this person is ignoring many facts and is ignorant of the social agendas which underlie this supposed fight for equality. This is written everywhere in The Book of Mormon and the bible, people having a cuddly way of defending their spineless positions on morality.



Chapter The True Godhead Includes Gender




Here is an analogy to help you understand how the Godhead is 3 separate people rather than the trinity idea of them all being the same person.


Your mother is not your father is not your spouse. All of these combined are your family. They MUST be separate beings in order to be able to fulfill their essential roles in your behalf.

God the Father (upholds justice for all) is not God the Son (makes mercy available for the penitent) is not God the Holy Ghost (guides the seekers of truth & righteousness). All of these combined are the team that makes salvation possible for you. They MUST be separate beings in order to be able to fulfill their essential roles in your behalf.


An absolutely brilliant lecture on the need for God the Father and God the Son to be two separate people was presented by Elder Christofferson at the BYU Christmas devotional in 2017, here is a link to the excerpt of that discourse which pertains to this conversation: I call it “Gods Plan VS Lucifer’s Tyranny


One person asked: What of the Godhead being 3 persons? Why not just call a trinity God by different names of Father Son Holy Ghost?

Answer: You love each member of the Godhead like you love your father and mother and brother. But you don’t call mom dad, and you don’t call dad mom, and you don’t call brother mom, etc. Each has a separate identity, but helps you greatly, and you love and adore and are indebted to each of them for the separate roles they have played in your salvation.


At its core, the doctrine of gender fluidity etc. is Satan attempting to undermine our ability to understand the Godhead. Gender studies today say everything is one, it doesn’t matter which gender you are, there really are no genders. No differences between people. This is the type of confusion we see in the creeds which say God is intangible, without body parts or passions!

The clear sensible gospel doctrine is that God is a man with wife and children! gender fluidity agendas at their core are attacking our understanding of not only who we are, but who god is. And of course, who God is has EVERYTHING to do with who we are as his children.


I think it’s fascinating. The confusion about Godhead being 1 parallels the confusion about gender being 1. In reality, there are multiple people in the Godhead, and multiple genders. Look on a deeper level and you’ll see this has a lot to do with what we’re talking about (trinity vs. the Godhead being 3 separate persons).


We can see how Satan is using his tools to confuse eternal true doctrine.






Chapter Stop Normalizing Homosexuality in Media: A Heroic Example


A (privately owned) drive-in theater operated by a Christian refused to show the new Beauty and the Beast movie due to it normalizing homosexuality.

One inactive latter-day saint was saying that it’s silly that some people don’t want to show a film with a homosexual partnership in it, a child’s movie with such… She has lost the spirit from inactivity in the church of Jesus Christ… They have deceived her now that she has put off the armor of God.

I said this to her:

“But you can see where they are coming from, it’s their own theater and they can play what they want. They might not want to introduce such a foreign thing like homosexuality to their children at this time. Some people may not want it in their entertainment conveyed as if it were just another relationship. Perhaps adult audiences wouldn’t be affected a lot by it but lots of kids go to these drive ins (and the movie is inherently a children’s movie, “Beauty and the Beast”). Frankly I probably wouldn’t want to play it at my drive-in theater if I had one. I haven’t seen the show so perhaps I’m speaking too soon but in general I’m not a fan of normalizing homosexuality.”


The Family: A Proclamation to The World is readily available at the church website. (see




Chapter Give Me a State of Refuge! State Over Federal Government in Social Affairs repeat?


If we make homosexuality legal everywhere, where will those of us who disagree go? Give us a state of refuge! Make this a state issue, not a federal one! Of course, its too late now (as of 2015).

Government should mostly reside with states, not at the federal level. Those who want to live in Texas can say “thank God I’m not in New York!” Those in New York can say “Thank God I’m not in Texas!” Then we can watch and see which states self-destruct, and which become refuges of peace.

Let differences exist, and let people chose what they want by where they live. Don’t thrust agenda down everyone’s throat. Those who don’t want same sex bathrooms sports teams and locker rooms, let us go to our place, and you go to yours.

Let the people decide without the hammer of the federal government dictating in a distant place what should be left to the opinion of locals. The more removed government is from the people, the less effective it becomes.

Federal government of course is designed to protect basic liberties, not to push and enforce liberal agendas.

Resources on Gender


-See also Joseph Campbell Literature documentary notes, section on Love & The Goddess click here

-Warren Ferrell – Men’s rights, wage gap myth, myth of male power, importance of fathers, etc.

-Suzzanne Venker – The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know — and Men Can’t Say 

-Phyllis Schlafly – true feminism – a mother of 9, lawyer, conservative, anti-abortion, political activist, author of many books


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