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Government Principles & Exposition







By Nate Richardson

A Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction. 4

Chapter No Freedom: Can’t Trust Us to Build Our Own Elevators. 6

Chapter Prophets Encourage Study of & Participation in Government 7

Chapter Voting Your Conscience Doesn’t Violate Tolerance or Separation of Church & State. 8

Chapter Latter-day Conservative Lecture Highlights. 10

Chapter Legalizing Evil: The Downfall of Nations in the Name of Tax Benefits. 42

Chapter Politically Correct VS Polite: Microaggression Isn’t Aggressive. 43

Chapter Tax Cuts for the Big Do Help the Little, & Government Welfare Doesn’t 44

Chapter Divinely Sanctioned Governments: Exploring the Prophetic Parallels in the Book of Mormon by The Joseph Smith Foundation. 47

Chapter Covenant on the Land by The Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes. 51

Chapter Voting for a Good (Even Minor) Candidate. 55

Chapter Independence – Quotes of the Prophets. 59

Chapter The Anti-Socialist: Applied Fields. 64

Chapter Government essay unfinished. 67

Chapter The Perfect Law of Liberty by Marion G. Romney – Lecture Highlights short, add more romney. 68

Chapter Annual Overviews by Joel Skousen (no 18 or 19) 69

Chapter Religious Freedom Presentation by the Church, 2013 – Lecture Highlights add comm.. 82

Chapter: Hiding In Plain Sight: Unmasking the Secret Combinations of the Last Days 2nd Ed. by Ken Bowers – Book Notes. 83

Chapter: The Great and Abominable Church of the Devil (Communism) by H. Verlan Andersen – Book Outline. 108

Chapter On Conspiracy & Staying in The Church: Responding to Christian Markham’s Two Churches Only Vol. 2. 138

Chapter James Madison Quote, The Right to Bear Tanks – pending, see dehaan note. 140

Chapter Ezra Taft Benson Government View Brief sources?. 141

Chapter Earning Respect & God’s Universal Standards by Joel Skousen. 141

Chapter Communist Leader VS Latter-day Saint Missionary: “The Melbourne Man” – Full Text 144

Resources for Government Study. 157



Chapter 1: Introduction


“O Cromwell, Cromwell! Had I but served by God with half the zeal I served my King, he would not have in my age have left me naked to mine enemies.” (Henry VIII, William Shakespeare)


“be instructed more perfectly in…things which have been, things which are, things which must shortly come to pass; things which are at home, things which are abroad; the wars and the perplexities of the nations, and the judgments which are on the land; and a knowledge also of countries and of kingdoms—That ye may be prepared in all things when I shall send you” (D&C 88: 78-80)


When we consider our social duties, we should turn our attention to the study of government. The Doctrine & Covenants as well as other religious texts specifically instruct us to learn of governments, at home and abroad. Enjoy with me learning conservative principles of good government.

Become aware of secret combinations which threaten to destroy the freedom of all lands, as prophesied in The Book of Mormon, which was written specifically for our day, and, as it took place in ancient American lands, mirrors times and events of modern America in particular.

Learn more about the US Constitution, which was specifically sanctioned by the Lord in modern revelation. Learn what you can do to support good government. Political beliefs reflect moral character as they pertain to what we would and would not force another person to do. So yes, God is very interested in your politics.

Are you ready to be a king or queen, as God has promised? We must all be vigilant to give others a reason for our beliefs, including our views on ideal government. We will look at third-party voting, The Constitution Party, religious freedom, statements of the prophets against socialism and communism, and other exciting information as you, like Moroni, live as a patriot for the sake of all you hold dear.

Several authors have generously allowed extensive commentary on their works in this volume. We will highlight some key major works on government, particularly works of Ken Bowers & H Verlan Anderson. We will also highlight some key lectures from Bryan Mecham’s Latter Day Conservative. We will look at major world analysis from Joel Skousen, highlighting his annual messages & more. We will look into fascinating research from the Joseph Smith Foundation, highlighting comparisons of The Book of Mormon & our day.





Chapter No Freedom: Can’t Trust Us to Build Our Own Elevators

I saw an elevator sign that read, ‘Utah elevator permit stored in blah blah location’. I detest the idea that things without government permits aren’t safe. Down with big government, up with free market innovation; if you need a permit, it’s not free market. The more barriers to entry you place against business owners, the less incentive they have to create business.  We don’t need big brother always telling us what to do. If someone chooses to have bad elevators, it will be known ‘don’t go to that place’ and their business will suffer. We don’t need government to tell us how to act in the best interest of our customers. After all, we sort of like our customers, and want them to like us.




Chapter Prophets Encourage Study of & Participation in Government


-“..the Elders of Israel begin to understand that they have something to do with the world politically as well as religiously, that it is as much their duty to study correct political principles as well as religious, and to seek to know and comprehend the social and political interests of man…” [President John Taylor, JD 9:340]

-here is another reason why prophets don’t tell us everything: Mormon 1: 15-17 15 And I, being fifteen years of age and being somewhat of a sober mind, therefore I was visited of the Lord, and tasted and knew of the goodness of Jesus.16 And I did endeavor to preach unto this people, but my mouth was shut, and I was forbidden that I should preach unto them; for behold they had willfully rebelled against their God; and the beloved disciples were taken away out of the land, because of their iniquity. 17 But I did remain among them, but I was forbidden to preach unto them, because of the hardness of their hearts; and because of the hardness of their hearts the land was cursed for their sake.

–why is the word on government quite for a while it seems? Perhaps the tares are being allowed to grow up with the wheat to not choke out the wheat while it is young and tender. Perhaps, as President Benson said, they speak little of politics at General Conference because we are a worldwide organization being watched by evil forces who seek ways to bring us down.

– “The science of government is my duty to study, more than all other sciences; the arts of legislation and administration and negotiation ought to take place of, indeed to exclude, in a manner, all other arts. I must study politics and war, that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history and naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain.” (John Adams writing to his wife; Quoted in Adrienne Koch, ed., The American Enlightenment [New York: George Braziller, 1965], pg. 188). (*Also Scott Bradley quoted this to Elder Oaks of the 12 Apostles who seemed enthused by it.)

– October 1987 general conference talk “Our Divine Constitution” (see Ensign Magazine, November 1987) President Ezra Taft Benson quotes Joseph Smith, saying: “The Prophet Joseph Smith said: ‘t is our duty to concentrate all our influence to make popular that which is sound and good, and unpopular that which is unsound. ‘Tis right, politically, for a man who has influence to use it. … From henceforth I will maintain all the influence I can get’” (History of the Church, 5:286).

-The Church is politically neutral, yet it encourages members to be politically involved in a way that coincides with their religious values. (





Chapter Voting Your Conscience Doesn’t Violate Tolerance or Separation of Church & State


People confuse the separation of church and state to mean that you shouldn’t be able to say any social policy with your church also happens to hold in the state realm.


For example, many people will not vote against gay marriage because they say of separation of church and state forbids it; they say, ‘my church doesn’t believe in gay marriage and so we’re not going to vote for that.’


All the government is is a set of social constructs; if you refuse to voice your opinion on every social contract just because it’s tied to religion, then your government will be one that will collapse on itself.


You need to do everything you can to preserve society from collapsing as a decent human being who doesn’t want society to fall into anarchy.


You need to voice your opinion on social things; for example, some things are inherently wrong, all church aside. These can include incest rape homosexuality pedophilia murder theft and so forth; those are inherently wrong. Being those things makes you a bad person.


There are other things such as paying your tithing; if you don’t pay your tithing, it doesn’t make you a bad person, it just makes you a non-religious person. If you do not believe in Jesus Christ as the Savior, it does not make you a bad person, it just makes you a non-Christian person. Those are religious tenants, and we do not seek to make these religious items national law. However, we do seek to make important social standards into law.


For example – if you lived in a society where it was okay to have rape, how’s that going to affect your children? It’s going to brainwash them into thinking that rape is okay. Your society will collapse, so you morally ought to, as a decent human being, go to the polls and vote that no rape should be legal.


Children raised by non-biological parents do not even begin to compare with the success of children from biological parents. This is one of the many reasons that homosexual marriage is inherently harmful to children, and thus evil which would lead to the downfall of civilization as we know it.


We can say with great confidence that, all church aside, it is against social and biological human nature to be homosexual and we should not allow our society to embrace that lifestyle.


For more strong points in favor of voting your conscience, watch the video of this presentation which expounds to much greater detail.





Chapter Latter-day Conservative Lecture Highlights


Full Lectures at The following are my notes paraphrasing what I found to be important points of the lecture, and are shared with permission of Brian Mecham, editor of


  1. The True (Religious) History of America by Ken Bowers
  2. Joel Skousen on Hypnotism, Children, Discipline, Mass Shootings, Why Nuclear Shelters, Food Storage, North Korea, Gathering During War, Globalists – 2016
  3. Joel Skousen & Steven Jones on 9/11 & Conspiracy – Lecture Highlights
  4. Joel Skousen on Inflation War Globalists Conspiracy & Food Storage – 2012
  5. Joel Skousen on Bush, Obama, Romney, Russia – 2013
  6. Marc C. Peterson on Zion, America, & Isaiah
  7. Noolander & Chuck Baldwin on Christ, Constitution, Socialism, Voting, Freedom
  8. The Constitution by Michael Gaddy
  9. The Unknown Republic by Stephen Pratt
  10. Scott Bradley on Constitution, Joseph Smith, Patriot Act, Conspiracy, US Military Entanglements, Degradation of US Founders, Abortion, Humanist Manifestos, NATO, Iraq, Etc. – 2006
  11. Intro To Secret Combinations by Ken Bowers
  12. Satanic Ritual Abuse by Ken Bowers
  13. Two Churches Only by Christian Markham





The True (Religious) History of America by Ken Bowers


-in school they don’t teach us about the 4 encounters George Washington had with direct gun fire without getting hurt. Are they trying to brainwash us?

-Moroni appeared at least 3 times to Christopher Columbus

-Moroni is appointed as overseer over America

-Moroni was with Washington in his battles

-Moroni gave Columbus his dreams about America

-Columbus said he had seen in vision the people he would find

-Columbus appointed his translator for dealing with the people he would find to be a former Jewish Rabi who spoke Hebrew who had become a Christian. He knew from inspiration that the Indians would speak something similar to ancient Hebrew. The translator confirmed this to be the case. (*we know from The Book of Mormon that the native American Indians are a remnant of the House of Israel who came here originally from the Holy land many years ago mainly from the tribe of Manasseh).

-French were preparing ships for attacking America but the day before they couldn’t make it

-An Indian told George Washington that he fired his rifle at him 17 times and could not kill him

-one Indian shot at George Washington 15 paces away and he was unhurt

-George Washington had bullet fragments and holes in his coat and hat but no wounds.




Joel Skousen on Hypnotism, Children, Discipline, Mass Shootings, Why Nuclear Shelters, Food Storage, North Korea, Gathering During War, Globalists – 2016


The following notes of the lecture will not convince the reader of the points covered nor does it preview all topics covered. It will encourage the reader to see the entire presentation where reasons for these things are given. These notes I wrote for myself to remember some takeaway messages, but they don’t come close to showing the reasoning behind these like the lecture brilliantly does.

-MASS SHOOTINGS: no human being would gun down children without being drugged or hypnotized. Skousen says he doesn’t know of any mass shooting which doesn’t have the fingerprints of being a government inside job. In the lecture, Skousen gives much evidence for these claims, in addition to similar claims about bombings and other terror attacks including 9/11. These help the gun control narrative advance.
-HYPNOTISM: this requires giving up the will; never do that; this allows the hypnotist and Satan to plant ideas in your head, and to leaving you thinking you had experiences which you thought you had which you didn’t; records and video of US operations (named in the presentation) show the extent they can and do use this for
-DISCIPLINE, CHILDREN, SCHOOLS: there needs to be justice and guilt not just love and acceptance; we don’t discipline our children; Christ does the full range of personality from mercy to fury and knows how to use it; anyone who listens to conscience knows you get more chastisement than praise. public schools you can’t be thrown out for behavior because it’s a right to be there. European schools are better because they are quiet, and a disruptive student can be permanently removed from the school; that’s the main issue with public school, the attitudes and lack of discipline is toxic. False lessons we can fix when they come home, but the attitudes learned there stick to the children very powerfully.
-WHY NUKE SHELTER: 50% of Hiroshima who weren’t even prepared survived, but were very sick; then many died later of terrible cancers; so you need a fallout shelter for the nuclear war. All of the retired CIA higher ups etc. are building underground bunkers in remote locations because they know what’s coming and you don’t. Types of missiles and military strategies in US policy are disguised. Russia US agreements disguised including the 50% display US forces to not appear a threat policy which leaves us sitting ducks. Likely the US government will seek to imprison those who claim the US is responsible for the nuclear fallout out; you need to have set up like the Jews, places to hide people in your home.
-FOOD STORAGE: less than 10% of the active LDS have a 6-month food storage, even less have a year supply. Also have a place to grow food away from the city so neighbors don’t steal it before it gets ripe.
-EMP: an EMP would take down the grid for 6-12 months. An effective one couldn’t be a lone ranger event.
-NORTH KOREA: no sanctions, no military option on the table, no regime change required for North Korea; we give them a pass, unlike Iran. So they’re keeping North Korea there, a living prison the worst place, keeping it there so that an attack on North Korea would be retaliated by them with a major war.
-GATHERING DURING WAR: in the war police won’t come to work and there won’t be jobs so there won’t be a reason to stay in the cities; so people will flee cities. The prophecies say it will be safe among the Mormons, not because they are totally prepared, but because they will knit together faster than other groups and they have an alternate form of government, home teachers per every 5 families, hierarchy, etc. Then with these groups gathering together, we won’t be a minority anymore, there will actually be sizable groups of people who are good.
-GLOBALISM: Obama is a-religious and doesn’t believe any religion; Russia and China are promoting their own versions of the New World Order; a war is needed to push us into global government. Both political parties have for a long time had US Presidents puppeted by the globalists. Same with the Supreme Court, they aren’t really 50% conservative, but have betrayed the conservatives last minute when getting notes from their leaders etc. in many cases, some presented in Skousen’s lecture. Launch on warning explained. Presidential order 60 explained. Seems Russia not ready for a world war at this time, but would be in the early to mid-2020 2025-time frame. Reasons for this in the lecture. We don’t know what type of weapons Russia has since they have a “mining area” underground city we’ve never explored. Russia and China do plan to nuclear strike the US.





Joel Skousen & Steven Jones on 9/11 & Conspiracy – Lecture Highlights



Joel Skousen:

-local government in the USA is not so corrupt, but the higher is.
-he suggests Jack Monnett’s book
-it’s hard for good people to believe in systematic evil
-in the Soviet Union, communism never fell, it just went underground. This is a government coverup.
-people in Utah often have wistful thinking from all of their training on positivity
-Mormons have the Book of Mormon, and hence the greatest heritage in understanding secret combinations, but most of them choose to be blind to it.
-the government doesn’t tax us for the war because they don’t want us to feel the impact; they will endure war to get us into the new world order.
-the public news omits certain things, that is how they lie to you
-there is never a time in history where there has not been conspiracy; go study history and see
-assassins were not lone rouge based, but were covered up conspiracies.
-the biggest reason that people reject conspiracy is because they still want to have status in the world, to be popular, their views to be popular, to have the acknowledgement of the world in your professional life so they don’t blackball you. Hence some of the most educated people will never be wise nor equipt to fight these battles. Blessed are the working class who don’t care too much about their social status to get them not involved. It’s on our shoulders to carry this work on.
-many have lost many of their children because they have sent their children to public schools rationalizing that.
-when we are overweight that can get in our way of survival as well
-listen to your consciousness that is the most crucial thing
-national security is the boon of secret combinations, they say trust us or you’re fired
-they love to hire Mormons on the white side of the CIA, they are naive and trusting in their leadership.
-communists believe in killing the free market
-socialists believe in using the free market to feed the needs of socialism
-Orin Hatch was sold out to pleasing the Bush Admin. he was promised Supreme Court and running for President; that’s how they deal with people who aren’t necessarily evil.
-the lesson people learned from Katrina was to not get in a FEMA, it turns into a prison camp;
-in the new world order they will impose upon us gay rights and international taxes; they know American’s won’t go for this, that is why they are going to have us get into war;
-the war with Iraq etc. they are using to get those areas of the world to hate the USA
-in the east, they don’t hate the USA lifestyle like the script writers of Pres. Bush had him say, they are mad at the USA for getting in their way of their adapting the USA culture.
-the BYU political science experience is very liberal and socialist; it’s because the professors there want to “make it in the world”
-USA will stupidly get involved with the new world order as the USA tricks us into thinking that we need to help the WW3 effort thereby. Then they will have us take an oath of allegiance to the new world order. (*another one of his lectures, he relates this to potentially being the mark of the beast spoken of in the Book of Revelation). You’ll be tagged. Your neighbors will be asked to turn you in.
-at 2:32 he suggests books to read


Steven Jones:

-the Church now encourages us to have a 3-month rotating food storage
-Pres. Packer said that not all the persecution will come from outside of the Church, and to not be among those who persecute, and Packer read the secret combination warning scripture from the Book of Mormon, and Packer said the youth will see much trouble in their lives, but much inspiration. This was at a BYU devotional.
-Jones teaches the science behind how 9/11 was not just from planes crashing into the buildings.
-there are over 440 architects and engineers on the project showing how it was explosives is a site which has their research on Scholars for Truth and Justice about 9/11.
-NIST refuses to release the videos they have about building 7. They investigated certain floors of it only, and the other floors are where the reported inner explosions were.
-the towers had government rooms and a terrorist couldn’t just walk in there to plant bombs it was well guarded.
-the collapse is too rapid unless there are explosives moving materials out of the way.
-the NIST ignores the speed of collapse in their thousands of pages long report
-the year prior some 60 planes went to check out planes out of coarse; no planes were sent to see what was up with the planes coming towards the towers.
-one plane went off coarse about 50 min before crashing to pentagon; there was time for us to intersect but we did not.
-they knew of the plane coming to the pentagon 50 miles out yet none were warned to evacuate
-the government is hiding the videos of the pentagon getting hit
-sulfur in the beams of the building which weakens them
-thermite involved
-iron and aluminum
-iron rich spheres in the dust; these were 10-15 blocks away, so didn’t come from cleanup.
-3000 degrees Fahrenheit couldn’t have happened by office supplies being burned; but thermite reactions give those high temperatures; the gov won’t explain this
-they invested in the destruction in the stocks just before it happened; United and American Airlines.
-9/11 commission report includes this on footnote in pg.499 on how there were allegations of insider trading, it says unusual trading occurring, but says that it wasn’t tied to Alcaide. But the problem is that it was conspiracy from within the USA government like the Book of Mormon teaches in the book of Helaman.
-Pres. Hinckley said the Book of Mormon is as current as the morning news when it comes to politics
-Pres. McKay said that we should study constitutional principles and wake a sleeping nation
-Joseph Smith said we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing all the hidden things in of darkness to light.
-The Church manual which just came out now encourages us to always have at least 3 months of food storage which we rotate through and use daily in addition to having a 1 year food storage.
-North American Union: look them up




Joel Skousen on Inflation War Globalists Conspiracy & Food Storage – 2012


Nov. 2012


-half of computer hackers work for the government. They break down our computers, so we keep needing to buy new ones

-there are many false conspiracies, Joel helps sort them out and has an article on his site on how to sort them out

-the “right wing” news isn’t true right wing; they always push pro-war, and never have anyone debate against them with much of a different opinion than they have.

-Obama was a Marxist, but is now bought out by the globalists.

-to get on the dark side of the FBI and the CIA you have to violate all kinds of morality; you have to cheat your wife and all kinds of immoral behaviors like that.

-many former CIA agents are in prison for they wanted to blow the whistle on the dark side of the CIA.

-people in the CIA think they know there is no dark side, but they aren’t aware of how things operate on levels.

-they have a special ring they wear which designates that they are on the dark side of government (*they only wear it at certain times for what it seems)

-there will be a special medal in heaven for those who saw conspiracy when no one else believed it. They will all know “he is one who saw! And over there was one who did not see when it was right before them!”

-emails about Drake and Doug Hegman are not real conspiracies

-anyone who is former army and keeps getting feeds from his buddies is a scam, for the government is on every phone call ever make at least since 1983

-the collapse of the dollar will not happen; they don’t like to disturb too many people too much of the time or we will find out that they are maneuvering this

-they don’t intend to pay off the national debt; it can’t be done

-it should be illegal to make a contract that you cannot pay for

-for hyperinflation you need much money from the government and a way for the gov to put money into your pocket so you can pay the high prices; most people can’t pay high prices so this won’t happen; it causes stagflation.

-Satan tells people to help him overthrow God then he will void them of punishment; read in Isaiah, it tells how people are waiting in hell for deliverance, then they see Satan come down in chains and ask, “art thou become like one of us?”

-at BYU the political science school is corrupt

-one of the biggest things you can do to train your conscience is the temporal promptings, from there come ninety percent of the promptings

-at BYU now they want no more Hugh Nibley or Cleon Skousen or Truman Madsen, but they want yes men, predictable people is what some higher ups said.

-there is hands off policy with North Korea dispute all they do to us

-launch on warning is the best but Clinton stopped it. This is good because the ones who launch second in a nuclear war are the ones who win

-we have a pact with the Russians showing them that we can be taken over

-don’t send your children into the military for supposed patriotism, it’s a setup

-the globalist wars are to provoke hate against the USA.

-going to war more is falling into their hands; it’s right where the globalists want us

-the best people in the world are who feel something is wrong with the government

-Mormon missionaries now have to leave Russia because the USA has provoked the anger of the Russians.

-in the next war they’ll say it’s the great patriotic war, don’t believe it. They’ll have you swear allegiance to the USA, to the new world government, and swear to how it wasn’t the USA who bombed the world towers. Don’t follow this, but they will hate us who think there are problems with the USA government.

-Mitt Romney is too feisty, wanting war, this gets us in the hands of the globalists.

-there will be an EMP where we lose our electricity

-we will be fat and rich and stupid right up to the day of the economic collapse.

-gold and silver save you from inflation; plan on selling it before the crisis comes

-get his weekly current events for 48$ per year via his website

-baking soda softens the hard-old beans you stored

-get a ton or 2 tons of wheat; it’s cheep

-get tons of the basics not the expensive freeze dried; it’s better than nothing

-JFK set out to stop the black CIA group, and they the USA government killed him.

-Romney won’t believe in conspiracy, this is so he can win President. But if he gets in then tries to dethrone the evil he will find, he will be assassinated like JFK when he tried to do that.

-he doesn’t believe we will ever win back our liberty as a nation; Moroni said if you let the conspirators get power it won’t turn out good, and they have. The USA is unrighteous, and is unworthy of being saved in general; but he always saves a remnant.

-if you become a chronic violator of conscience, you can’t expect any protection.

-God lead the Mormons to the west for it’s safer there than the east USA.

-the issue with the west USA is the Mormons who hate the Mormons who believe in the constitution and conspiracy

-he has a book on strategic relocation

-those of you who want liberty, you must learn how to re-establish the government

-share these things with people who have a sense that something is wrong, they are who will appreciate these things

-since the 1980’s globalists have been trying to get the Russians to strike the USA, but our secret weapons scare them away.

-The USA will give their weapons to others who will use those to nuke the world

-there are no one but ‘yes men’ at the top ranks of the military

-there are no Chinese troops in China; they have enough thugs in the USA if they want to control America.

-Glen Beck when he started to talk about a new world order and at that point was kicked off of Fox News.

-Glen Beck is sincere but wrong in many things, like not believing that 911 was from the USA government, and refusing to believe conspiracy theory; he makes 40 million a month and such would jeopardize such.

-retirement savings with the government that we have the government will likely turn that into government retirement, so just get gold and store it

-Obama is a homosexual, various witness

-Obama is an illegal immigrant, didn’t go to his class, was on international passport while in college

-they can control electronic vote machines; they can fudge 4-5%

-the numbers on who is in the lead are also fudged

-reporters are trained on neutrality, and hence are vulnerable

-Martial Law kills the economy and hence will not happen until the 3rd World War comes

-he thinks WW3 will not come until at least year 2020

-best defense against getting rounded up is to have a place to disappear; watch for when Joel Skousen disappears, then you know it’s begun

-the government says the don’t tread on me people are the future enemy of the USA

-it’s false to think that all would repent if they knew the gospel

-Alex Jones is a flawed person, it makes it hard to believe in conspiracy when you listen to him.

-don’t try to reform public schools, they are of the government, when you try to fix things the lawyers come in and say don’t do that here are the laws

-get out of public schools asap; there are poisonous peer attitudes, forced vaccinations, and bad psychology pushed upon them.

-conspiracy theorists can’t run for public office; if you’re not known as such, then perhaps you can get into office and try to fix emigration law or something

-not even at BYU law school do they like constitutional lawyers.

-Ron Paul hasn’t been sold out

-there will be gun control in the USA, Romney bought into the saying that we don’t need assault rifles. Don’t ever turn in your assault rifles. Have cheap guns to turn into the government when they ask for them.

-shielded wiring protects a home from an EMP, called tre wiring

-a basement and 3000$ you can have a fallout shelter; the cheapest way is shown in his book

-have a strong bedroom door so who breaks in makes noise trying to get to you at night

-conceal your food storage so when the government comes to take it you cannot have it taken, leave for them the things in your pantry.




Joel Skousen on Bush, Obama, Romney, Russia – 2013



-Obama is a-moral he has no morals; the globalists converted him to be a globalist instead of a Marxist by offering to not let the public know about his a-moral life.

-Obama isn’t a Christian, he isn’t a Muslim, he is an atheist. He cares nothing about religion or God. He is a puppet.

-Bush was a skull and crossbones man, and claimed to be a Christian. Skull and crossbones group is a Satanic group.

-the issue with us as Christians is that we are not skeptical enough of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

-read the Naked Communist by Cleon Skousen and the Naked Capitalist by Cleon Skousen

-no one but Satan himself could’ve orchestrated the WW1 and WW2 and the power to the individuals it went to

-Vietnam war was a legitimate war against communism

-our wars today are for globalist purposes; they give the “support our troops” stickers out now to support such, but notice such was not given in the Vietnam war.

-The Chinese have a 30-mile underground bunker network in preparation for a nuclear war.

-The USA is now internationally hated not for its people but for its government.

-the USA in USA is seen as the savior of the world but elsewhere it’s seen as the bully of the world because of these current wars

-the USA won the war with Iraq by buying them out not through millenarianism.

-Romney won by 8 million votes in the 2012 election, 8 million votes were buried we know since they said that many less people voted in 2012 than in 2008 when John McCain was running, and we know there was much more excited for Romney than McCain.

-USA has made themselves vulnerable the Russian to assure Russia that we can be their friends

-read the Naked Communist and the Naked Economist by Cleon Skousen




Marc C. Peterson on Zion, America, & Isaiah


-The USA had kept 2 years of food storage, but Clinton sold most of it and Obama sold the rest of it.

-There will be a time after Armageddon in which the gospel will be preached among the eastern countries

-Isaiah says mountains it means nations, he says hills it means small nations.

-Clinton had 70 of his friends died; follow where much death is and there you know secret combinations are.

-People will work for anyone when they don’t have food even evil unions.

-There will come a time when we can’t move except for with the Church

-The Church is buying many plots of 50 miles of land for girl’s camps which could be used for a retreat of the Saints.

-A Priesthood organization under the direction of Jesus Christ will govern the earth eventually. It will be a separate organization than the Church.

-The founding Fathers said we must never have a democracy; such leads to dictatorships for it’s not sustainable; we want a republic.

-the Founding Fathers wanted us to have our guns so that in case our government became oppressive we could have our last chance to overcome it; now the government wants to take our guns; they say it’s about hunting but not so, they don’t want us to have power to stand against them.

-President Benson said he believed Joseph Smith said the members of the Church would save the constitution.

-many today including Church members buy into the socialist lie.

-his wife went to a school meeting where they told them that they would slowly put socialism and homosexuality in the public and college schools.

-The law going out from Zion, the prophets have clarified that such is the Constitution of the USA.

-The persecution will be worse than it was in Missouri said Brigham Young. It then was that they killed our man and children, raped our women, and burned our houses. It will be worse in the last days.

-People say it’s only because we are doing science wrong that the earth is having catastrophes, but it’s from our sin. It’s not global warming it’s global wickedness.

-thousands of scientists have evidence that the earth is cooling not getting hotter, but they can’t get on the news for it doesn’t fit on the political agenda of the politicians.

-since the 1920’s the storms have doubled and since the 1990’s it’s more than that

-given the choice of a cat and a bag of gold people pick the cat for you can eat such

-it says long term food storage, call the welfare department of the Church, they clarify that such means a year.

-hail storms are a very effective way of destroying crops; such are prophecies to come; such would even knock down buildings like missiles.

-the reason Satan doesn’t want missionaries to go out is because they are what happens just before Satan is overthrown.

-there will be another Civil War in the USA then the missionaries are called home then there is to be an international war see Isa. 10 and 13.

-before Japan attacked us we gave them weapons

-we are giving weapons to other nations now

-the missionaries go out, they are called home before the destructions, then after Armageddon a 3.5-year war, they go back out to preach more.

-the USA economy will soon crash, then civil, then international war.

-D&C specifies that Mt. Zion is the New Jerusalem; (The Pearl of Great Price clarifies that New Jerusalem is in America in Missouri).

-With Moses we see the power of one righteous Priesthood holder is greater than a whole nation. Wicked sorcerers imitated the snake, and made a bowl of red water, but they couldn’t imitate the greater plagues Moses brought, and they confessed Moses’ God was the real one.

-China and Russia will invade the USA, there will be attacks on Utah. Where will the Church members hide? We don’t know but the Church is buying much land in many places.

-one reason the Church leaders tell us to get an education is because it will help us rebuild destroyed America. Knowledge is the one thing they can’ take from us.

-the prophecies say that there will be a time when we can see from temple to temple there will be so many. There will be a temple at the center of each city. When the city gets full it doesn’t overpack but moves on to make another city.

-some of the Brethren have suggested that the meeting of Adam-ondi-Ahman will be able to accommodate all the Saints via doing that meeting in several sessions like we do temple dedications.

-he says Gog means evil leader and Magog means people of the evil leader; that there will be such a battle before and after the Millennium, each are a type of each other.

-he says the parable to the ten virgins is about active members of the Church who go on Sundays etc.; each have their lamps and are dressed for the marriage etc. But when we go against what church leaders tell us to go for like Prop. 8, we are getting on the wrong side of the line.

-Adamic language, the old language, the letters had symbolism to them as well as phonetic meaning (*like Hebrew)

-San Pete will probably be one of the places we will go if righteous

-13-month war he thinks will be the one against the USA, the then 3.5 year war to be the one against Jerusalem.

-Joseph Smith said that if the USA doesn’t make right the wrongs they committed against the Saints, they’ll have mobs until they’re sick of it. They haven’t righted those wrongs.

-many who have had visions about the attack say it will be in the harvest time at a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas

-secret combinations are what rob the people by making laws that force us to pay for other peoples’ benefits that they don’t deserve. Also to make lying ok in business. Also it’s to make it okay to fornicate.

-if the government ever tries to take your guns or your freedom of religion, it has lost it’s legitimacy.

-when they start arresting Church leaders, and sending the missionaries home, beware, that’s when the destruction comes.

-many who have seen the destruction in vision say it happens in a matter of days, Isaiah said it happens in a day.

-people say it’ll get better; it won’t. Not until the Lord is ruling on the earth.





Noolander & Chuck Baldwin on Christ, Constitution, Socialism, Voting, Freedom


-when people say that to be an American isn’t anything but a feeling, they’re wrong.
-religiously we speak in the name of Jesus Christ. Governmentally we speak by the Constitution, which says we are to be Governed by God.
-if it’s not right for me to do something as a person, it’s not right for the Government to do it; the creature can’t become greater than the creator.
-the founding fathers saw democracy as a great evil, which would mean that the masses could live in evil if they were evil; hence they set up rather a republic
-we have the right to do what we should, not merely the right to do whatever.
-put dirty gas in a good car, and the car won’t work. It’s like having bad leaders in the government with the Constitution. Hence our Constitution is only for a moral and religious people.
-what’s being taught and how it’s being taught are the fundamental issues for our society
-the real issue isn’t same sex marriage or posting the commandments, the issue is whether the Declaration of Independence is our moral creed or just an old document, for it answers such questions.
-socialism is evil; it destroys people and nations.
-centralization of power of communism; it’s same sex marriage; it’s abortion, etc.
-the more a nation embraces socialism, the more it will be godless and secular.
-the New Deal was a step toward socialism
-do you sell your liberty for government and socialistic programs? In other words, do you sell what you have for money? “You can buy anything in this world for money.”
-we should not offer social benefits for those who live outside the marriage covenant. We cannot defend such a position on judgement day when we stand before God.
-good wise and honest people don’t vote for the best bad choice, but for correct thing on the Constitution. God himself says we are only to vote for these kinds of people. Do what is right and leave the event in the hand of God.
-once freedom is lost, that man is damned.
-to surrender freedom without a fight is offensive to that God who died to bring us those rights.
-Patrick Henry speech “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech hear. Speaks of war already upon us and how we must take a stand now.
-if people can oppress us politically, they (have the potential to if we are not aware) damn us spiritually.





The Constitution by Michael Gaddy for a cheap alternative to Obamacare where you don’t have to pay the fees.

-George Washing ton said Patrick Henry was the most Christian of the founding fathers, Christianity is the first thing he left to his posterity in his will. is a site where we can see which quotes of the founding fathers are actually from them.

-gov. isn’t reason it’s force and is dangerous George Washington said.

-James Madison and Alexander Hamilton tries to get the government for themselves in 1786 with a convention in Annapolis Maryland. Jon J. sent a letter to George Washington said the articles of Confederation don’t work because we don’t have the ability to cooers.

-Patrick Henry fought long and hard to get the bill of Rights

-many of our leaders don’t realize that they are sworn to uphold the law of this land which is the Constitution

-Patrick Henry wanted no direct taxation on the people because the more money the nation has the more it can be corrupt

-Rush Bater Ginsburg is a judge high in USA government who said sex between children and adults should not be illegal.

-The Federal Government should deal with the states not the people.

-Patrick Henry asked why we didn’t say we the states instead of we the people.

-the original says we the people of then it names all 13 colonies, signifying that it’s about the states as the middle man, which is how it should be.

-we don’t want a national government under one head, we want a federated government where the states are our governing bodies.

-since 2012 the president can order a person killed without a trial jury. We are becoming, thus, like Nazi Germany, whom also had socialized medicine like we have with Obamacare and in part with something Bush set up.

-thinking that the government is the Almighty is what leads to destruction.

-we should not want to merely uphold every law the government passes, but to uphold the Constitution.

-the Constitution doesn’t say that Sheriffs are the enforce the law of the state or the fed. They are to support the Constitution of the United States and uphold the peace.

-Sheriffs are to know how to determine the Constitutionality of any act, and should immediately resign from office.

-laws don’t decide for themselves if they are valid; Nazi Germany was a nation of laws, and everything Hitler did was legal.

-Jeremy Loch “The End of Evil” a book; speaks of how people think they need to obey them no matter who wrote them.

-the Republicans and the Democrats are just 2 wings of the same buzzard.

-“When the river run’s backwards, someone is messing with it.”

-it’s crazy that a man with an Arab name was elected for public office shortly after 9/11; they had plans for this guy Obama.

-the worst time of monarchy is an elected one

-Obama is a diversion, not the real issue.

-by Randalf Born “War is the Health of the State” book

-they have every gang in America represented in the military

-local elections are the important ones

-we can sit on a jury and tell the judge what to do; it’s not the judge who tells us what to do; we have the power we just won’t use it because we are comfortable.

-lawyers don’t know the Constitution




The Unknown Republic by Stephen Pratt is his website


-can mail him questions at his home address

Stephen Pratt

HC 74 Box 6410

Cove Fort, UT 84713

-888-322-1414 contact him


-2003 Judge Robert Bork updates the book “slouching toward Gomorrah” written by a judge about the USA.

speaks of Lawrence VS Texas on how if the Supreme Court can do that, the Constitution is simply gone!

-the Constitution doesn’t guarantee us rights any more than having a Bible on your table guarantees that we keep the commandments.

-“How Tyranny Came to America” has this booklet

-today they call those who believe in the original intent of the Constitution “right wing cooc’s” is his website; can contact him via his mailing address on this site

-Diet VS Turner case: Utah Supreme Court says USA Supreme Court has followed social reformers and doesn’t use the original intent of the Constitution anymore. That they are foisting (imposing by fraud) whims upon the American people. They go on to show with 4 pages how the 14th amendment was foisted upon us.

-1972 book “Government by Judiciary: The Transformation of the 14th Amendment” by Rob Burger; legal historian; (the book “Betrayed by the Bench” is another book on the subject published more recently) ; William Rehnquist called it raw tyranny, he is a Supreme Court Justice. He was speaking of Roe VS Wade; now we kill as many people a day via abortion as were killed in the day of 9/11, but you don’t see that on the news, it’s all in a days work so to say. about 50 million people have been killed via abortion in the USA. No other nation ever has done this before.

-read the words of Justice William Rehnquist said this is an improvident and extravagant move of the supreme court.

-Antonin Scalia also speaks of this; how only the courts own say so make the belief in God which the society has unconstitutional.

-the wall builders; go to for reading on Jefferson and the First amendment

-Frederick Bastille (French Author); legalized plunder is taking from haves and giving to have-nots.

-Richard Mayberry, “Whatever Happened to Law?”

-Sir William Blackstone; a great jurist and author Founding Fathers referred to

-Law which is contrary to the law of nature are creeds or robbers and isn’t law at all; the law of this land is the Constitution, and laws made contrary to such we can question as to whether they even are law (or at least know those aren’t good laws)

-Clarence Thomas Associate Justice of the Supreme Court says there are only 2 ways to interpret the Constitution, the original intent of the Founding Fathers, or the Supreme Court just makes it up. He says the way we do it today is we just have the Supreme Court make it up.

-Sociological Juris Prudence is how we operate in the USA now, it’s about the people getting whatever they want weather it’s Constitutional or not. It’s from the idea of evolution, and goes hand in hand with SOCIAL DARWINISM, that because we evolved from slime, some humans are more elite than others and can rule the others, and also that because we are evolving, we can have new needs that make the old laws not apply to us, and this is how they rationalize not using the Constitution anymore.

-“Trial by Jury” by Lysander Spooner written in 1852; free at

-J Reuben Clark, “Roman Civil Law”

–Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. was an American jurist who served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1902 to 1932, and as Acting Chief Justice of the United States January–February 1930; he said people are no greater than sand or apes because of evolution, and hence laws should be made by the elite humans to govern the rest of the humans, that their opinions don’t matter.

–Alfred Charles Kinsey is the father of modern sex education; extremely exploiting

(*Wikipedia on him: (/ˈkɪnzi/; June 23, 1894 – August 25, 1956) was an American biologist, professor of entomology and zoology, and sexologist who in 1947 founded the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University,[1]now known as the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction. He is best known for writing Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953), also known as the Kinsey Reports, as well as the Kinsey scale. Kinsey’s research on human sexuality, foundational to the field of sexology, provoked controversy in the 1940s and 1950s. His work has influenced social and cultural values in the United States, as well as internationally.)

-Steven Brayer sides with Clearance Thomas; Obama speaks with them, saying how the Constitution is a living document which we morph to fit the needs of our changing society. This is a way of saying they do whatever they want with it.

-Antonin Scalia helps us to understand that the battle isn’t between conservatives and liberals, it’s between original Constitutionalists and living Constitutionalists.

-Nancy Pelosi raged the healthcare law for all was legal by the interstate commerce clause of the Constitution which is ridiculous.

–The Conservative Mind: From Burke to Eliot by Russell Kirk; written in 1953 explaining the original meaning the claim to the word “conservative”

-the 20th Century has been the most blood thirsty one in the history of the world because the USA has killed about 50 million people via abortion; this is more than any other nation today, and more than any other nation in the past! Civilizations have been destroyed by God for less!

-the order of the power of the three branches was originally intended to be thus: Legislative>Executive>Judicial. You’ll read in school books that they were created to be equal, but not so. The Federalist Papers number 78 says that the Judicial branch should be the weakest of the three to site one source.

–None Dare Call it Treason – 25 years later; by John Stormer

-Dr. Larry McDonald is good

-Dr. Ron Paul is good

-war mongering is the essence of neo-conservativism

-J. Reuben Clark in 1940 said that the USA has been taken over by an alien and foreign power.

-The President never declares war anymore, he just says we are sending thousands of troops here and there.


–Dyett v. Turner — Utah Supreme Court — 1968

In this court case, Utah Supreme Court calls out the federal government as having foisted (deceived) the 14th Amendment upon the USA, etc. They denounce supremacist judges in Washington D.C. ; they push for Constitutional law as opposed to social law.


-Amendments imposed by fraud on the US people include the 14th, 17th, 16th, and the 13th was modified by fraud.

-“Betrayed by the Bench” by John Stormer: book about how judge-made-law has transformed the Constitution courts and culture

-Congress has the power to say no to the President

-Violating the Constitution is (or at least it should be) grounds for impeachment.

-The source of the evil power of the Supreme Court today is the ignorance of the people.

–The Supremacists – June 1, 2006

by Phyllis Schlafly ; esp. see Ch. 15 about how to stop Judicial Supremacists;

-The exceptions clause says Congress can make exceptions to the Supreme Court rulings; they don’t use that power enough.

-Republic of Republics would be heaven on earth, whereas socialism is hell on earth.

-in the Maccabean revolt they had enough holy oil to light the Menorah for one day but by God’s hand it stayed lit as a symbol of God’s constant care until they were able to make more holy oil.

-Ezra Taft Benson was pleased with homeschooling of Robert Owens.

-Article 6 Clause 2 and 3 says the Constitution is the supreme law of the land

-June 1952 Department of Army Field manual which says that the USA is a democracy. This is the opposite of what the 1927 version said about democracy being bad. This shows how the country is becoming more socialist, and changing what the original methods were. We are supposed to be a republic!

-“Democracies and Republics” by Robert Welch

-President Bush said he wanted a democracy and rule of law.

–North American Union

-“The Empire of Debt” book

-see Edward Griffin

-Alexander Hamilton said that a national debt would be a blessing so long as it not too big and something which would cement out nation. Ridiculous. Thomas Jefferson had a different opinion.

-The unkept promises of the federal reserve act are many, such as how interest rates would always be low.

– 260billion $ are given as gifts each year by Americans. This is the most charity of any nation, a good thing.

-in the French revolution, pornography was used to pollute the minds of even the people who cannot read.

-“The Lies my Teacher Told Me” by James W. Loewen; about history textbooks.

-Millard Fillmore was a great President for he stayed in the Whitehouse and just minded his own business, no new deals or anything.

-“The Creature from Jekyll Island” about the Fed by Edward Griffin; also treats the United Nations.



Scott Bradley on Constitution, Joseph Smith, Patriot Act, Conspiracy, US Military Entanglements, Degradation of US Founders, Abortion, Humanist Manifestos, NATO, Iraq, Etc. – 2006



Jan. 26 2006

Full Lecture at The following are my notes on the lecture, and are shared with permission of Brian Mecham of


From Lectures for download at download section of
(This is from about 5 lectures of his from above mentioned site, some things from one lecture I may have accidentally put under the sub-category of another lecture here, but the info is all from him.)

see also

-book he compiled, “LDS pronouncements regarding socialism communism fascism welfare-stateism and other collectivist forms of Satan’s plan” on what the prophets have said on the matter.

-Ezra Taft Benson said that many waited too long and ended up not fighting with George Washington, and that we need to fight now against the evil, that there has never been a greater time to do so than now.

-the patriot act destroys the Constitution and our sovereignty

-why is the word on government quite for a while it seems? Perhaps the tares are being allowed to grow up with the wheat to not choke out the wheat while it is young and tender.

-Book with Joseph Smith words, called something like Joseph Smiths premier on the principals of government and USA or something

-here is another reason why prophets don’t tell us everything: Mormon 1: 15-17

15 And I, being fifteen years of age and being somewhat of a sober mind, therefore I was visited of the Lord, and tasted and knew of the goodness of Jesus.

16 And I did endeavor to preach unto this people, but my mouth was shut, and I was forbidden that I should preach unto them; for behold they had willfully rebelled against their God; and the beloved disciples were taken away out of the land, because of their iniquity.

17 But I did remain among them, but I was forbidden to preach unto them, because of the hardness of their hearts; and because of the hardness of their hearts the land was cursed for their sake.

-if next conference they don’t mention adultery being bad, it doesn’t mean it’s okay! So it is with politics!

-One man wrote Elder Neal A. Maxwell about why he doesn’t talk more about liberty or conspiracy or something, he wrote back, “Why don’t you?”

-we don’t understand what God has given us already, how could God possibly give us the sealed portion of The Book of Mormon?

-for the past 25 years he has read The Book of Mormon at least 6 times a year and continues to find new truth in it.

-D&C 84 says we are under indictment for not taking the Book of Mormon seriously.

-the Brethren can’t carry us all on everything we must start moving forward

-President Benson said The Book of Mormon is one of the greatest handbooks on liberty.

-H. Verlan Anderson wrote Many are Called but Few Are Chosen and The Great and Abominable Church of the Devil

-we don’t speak much of these things in big Church meetings because the Lord teaches in parables, and personally one by one on introductory messages via the missionaries.

-the USA military is in over 130 countries around the world

-the USA military is spread very thin

-Dec. 1945 1st Presidency message

-McConkie 1979 Gen. Conf. talk says there is a nuclear war that shall happen, and that we have no promise unless we are faithful

-speaks of a nation who nearly required military service of their woman regardless of marital status or having children.

-he defeated fluoride in his community

-his email is to share ideas or to ask for information; address the subject as Constitution party or something like that to get his attention.

-says certain times he is on the radio

-he ran a community homeschool of about 25 children who met 3 times a week in his basement

-we need to fight for liberty for without such we cannot do temple work or family history work etc.

-Helaman 6 shows that conspiracies are generational

-see History of the Church 6:323

-it’s good to join other nations to ours under the rule of the true Constitution, but what people want to do is get a new world order ruled by a socialist government.

-see “False God’s We Worship” 1st Presidency Message where they rebuke us for worshipping stele, and for training a man to kill then calling him a patriot

-if we must go to war, the damage we do is upon the head of the person who started that war, for we are powerless against the government.

-Joseph Smith said that it’s better to throw away your vote on voting for a good candidate that won’t win the election rather than voting for a “lesser of two evils” candidate who could win and then use that weapon we gave him to destroy us. (Comprehensive History of the Church by BH Roberts Vol. 2: 208-209)

Scott Bradley 2011 11 22

-Dec 1945 First Presidency Message against a universal draft (Messages of the First Presidency Vol. 6 or Improvement Era 1945 and 1946) They say that it’s good for children to be in their parents’ home after age 18. They say sending all our children to the military would be bad for they could develop a desire to kill, and be out of the refining area of the world and put them in a hostile environment, and a list of other issues, 17 of them.

-Benson said if our foreign policy is correct we would be safe

-June 1976 Benson talk

-Dec. 14 1945 1st Presidency Message: encouraged letters to be written to the Senate about an issue of war

-John Kennedy spoke at the tabernacle at Provo and said that what the founding fathers said doesn’t apply since we live in different times. (Sept. 26)

-war and debt are what make the many be governed by the few

-St. George Tucker, “View of the Constitution of the United States; suggested by Scott Bradley; Tucker is best Constitution scholar writing shortly after it written.

-see Washington’s farewell address

-President of the USA doesn’t have authority to declare war, that is what the congress does; and you can’t relegate a power which the Constitution enumerates.

-have comers with all, and alliance with none.

-Book of Mormon Moroni was sworn to defend his country not go attack others; we are to be on the defense side.

-via abortion we have killed over 55 million people; those are innocent people we are killing.

-J Reuben Clark 1937

-J Reuben Clark 1930 he plead with us not to get into war

-J Reuben Clark Conf. Report Apr. Conf. 1942 ; speaks of how the wars will take our Dr.’s out of our land so we need learn to care for our own children. Says we need obey the command of our country leaders when they force us to war, and that killing in such wars they will not be held guilty; but no free pass to those who become involved in war crimes;

-there is a difference between war and unconstitutional war.

-God said what comes more or less than the Constitution concerning law cometh of evil see D&C.

-In The Book of Mormon there is a period of time preceding the Coming of Christ where the people have a Constitutional rule, this time parallels ours.

-don’t rewrite the Constitution, just apply the Constitution.

-President Benson said that we should try to expose the secret conspiracies/secret combinations

his lecture on education:

-see 206 time on Prat HG

–Archive Publishing reprints many of the Ezra Taft Benson books. You can reach them at 754 East 50 North, Heber, Utah 84032; 435-654-0824 (office) and 435-654-4289 (fax).

his lecture on the Constitution on March 23 2006

-Humanist Manifesto’s (1-3) can be found at; they are how the public-school systems work today, not allowing anything supernatural (religion), encouraging evolution, denying existence of a God, encouraging socialism, speeding of the wealth, government handouts, free education, euthanasia, etc.

-national popular public education will be the most effective tool for spreading atheism the world has ever known Dr. A A Hodge said in 1887 a Princeton Theologian. It’s about who believes the most must give way to who believes the least in the public education system.

-suggests the clear and present danger film

-April 1965 Benson Conference Report; see Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson (Bookcraft) pg. 569-560 he speaks of how some were too late to help with George Washington waiting around for something big; we are in a similar position and need to act now.

His lecture 2013 11 15 with Mark Porter:

-book biography of Lorenzo Snow by Eliza R Snow Ch. 17 July 24 1829 celebration; speaks of patriotism of LDS; Oct. 2008 President Packer commented on such.

-President J Reuben Clark gives the idea that the las just war of the USA was the war of 1812.

-The wars we fight with Iraq and Iran they said it was because they may someday have weapons of mass destruction and that they violate human rights; neither of those reasons have anything to do with the Constitution of the United States.

-The Federalist Papers # 42 as well as the Constitution as well as NW Ordinance of 1787 and 1779 show that the Founding Fathers wanted to end slavery

-Government controlled healthcare is the keystone of a socialist society

-President Obama tried to change the law by FIAT; he isn’t allowed to change the law in any way!

-When Scott Bradley ran for Utah Senator he had people calling him asking him what he was going to give them if they elected him; this is how people are now wanting handouts. He told them he could only help them be free to act for themselves, and that wasn’t enough for them.

-people told him to become Senator by running as a Republican and getting money from others who would support him, then once in office he could do whatever he wanted, to the right things contrary to what he would tell those who would give him the money to run would say. He refused the offer, not wanting to be a liar like those already in office, and said he would rather be good with God than win political power. The good ends don’t justify the evil means!

His lecture on Secret Combinations:

-“As bearers of the priesthood, we have been placed on earth in troubled times. We live in a complex world with currents of conflict everywhere to be found. Political machinations ruin the stability of nations, despots grasp for power, and segments of society seem forever downtrodden, deprived of opportunity, and left with a feeling of failure.” (2008 April General Conference Examples of Righteousness President Thomas S. Monson President of the Church)

-definition of machination from Mariam Webster: “a scheming or crafty action or artful design intended to accomplish some usually evil end” (

-by verse count the main topics in The Book of Mormon are Jesus Christ, war, secret combinations.

-The Founding Fathers of America are who coined the term Secret Combinations. They also used the word Priestcrafts, understanding such.

-The Nazi’s didn’t call themselves Nazi’s they called themselves national socialists, and those words slurred together to make the word Nazi.

-Ezra Taft Benson 1965 Conference Report

-Apr 6 Message to the Saints Messages of the First Presidency (see book “Messages of the First Presidency)

-“To Preserve the Nation” book by Scott Bradley

-The Founding Fathers never used the term “Democratic Republicans” exempt in speaking of how such is evil. Who say that the Founding Fathers liked such are either deceived or part of the conspiracy.

-Free Education is a Marxist philosophy

-News Week Magazine Feb. 2009

-President Benson said to do these 3 things, learn of the founding fathers and what they meant, be involved in politics, and educate others on these things.

-Moroni 8 says that the nation is basically gone, but we have to try to help it anyway or we will not be guiltless before God.

-The duty is ours, the result is Gods’. That is what they said much in the days of Joseph Smith.

-Article 6 of the Constitution says that the law IS the Constitution of the US. That is what D&C means when it tells us to uphold the law of our land.

-Suggests listening to Glen Beck, and Mark Lavin, and others.

-Illuminati in 1847 became Communist Union. For the federal investigation of the Illuminati, see the History of Jacobism book

-The Communist Manifesto says in the beginning of it that it is socialist literature. Communism and Socialism are the same thing. It also refers to it as being a secret society and very well spread through the nations.

-The Illuminati and the Communist goals are the same, that we should have no right to personal property, get rid of the current government, and get rid of family.

-J Reuben Clark ran for Utah Senate 2 times but the Saints rejected him

-the United Nations is mostly police states

-when the USA helped Iraq write a Constitution we gave them a soviet style Constitution; nothing of separation of powers and checks and balances; we basically created a tyranny for the people of Iraq

-when we put our military in other nations it makes them want to do the same to us

-NATO and other groups like them are about not having borders, and that is what Marx wanted us to have.

-the humanist manifesto is the thing that is on our public education system now. It’s about building a global community; dissolving America.

-the countries that we are attacking as the USA are the ones which are not in the big banking system like Libya wasn’t involved and Iraq etc. these places wanted to do their own thing, but it could be the USA conspiracy that is trying to get these places in the big banking.

-the purposes of the pre-mortal war were to see weather God would stay enthroned (Lucifer said “give me thine honor” to Elohim), and to see if man would get agency.

-55 years after the shot that was fired which was heard around the world, the restoration of the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ occurred.

-George Washington was chosen to be President on April 6. 14 years later Joseph Smith was born. 14 years later the first vision of Joseph Smith occurred where he saw God The Father and Jesus Christ The Son of God.

-Brigham Young said he believed the Constitution is correct and the best form of government that he could ask for, but he didn’t like “the damned rascals who administer it.”

-It looked like Joseph Smith was going to win as he was running for President, that is probably why he was assassinated.

-see Joseph Smith pamphlet on his political platform

-Idaho Falls temple dedication prayer spoke of the Constitution as majestic etc. see

-President Benson said that the bearers of the Priesthood will save the Constitution

-President Benson said that to neglect to vote for a good political candidate is a sin

-Joseph Smith’s ideas on crime and punishment are very different from what we do in the USA now.

-see teachings of Ezra Taft Benson pg. 569-560

-Joseph Smith’s solution to the slavery issue was to sell some of the federal lands and use that money to buy the slaves so they are employed rather than slaves; the remaining land would be given to the slaves. Nobody loses.

-Our schools have children re-write the Constitution, making them think that they can write better than the founders; this is ridiculous; we rather should help our chidden understand that there is NOTHING wrong with the Constitution and to uphold it!

-India Russia Europe USA you see all of these with similar secret conspiracies

-Destruction of the USA is now more eminent than it was in the 1860’s with the Civil war for people are trying to get rid of the Constitution so we will have no blueprint with which to fix the nation.

-History of the Church vol. 6 to see Joseph Smith’s views on popular government.

-Joseph Smith said to make popular that which is sound and true and to make unpopular that which is not.

-“The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology” by Ray Kurzweil is a book about how they are trying to use artificial intelligence to connect humans to robots and not require humans to have bodies etc. Very evil. (Download it at

-“We Are All Socialists Now” Newsweek Magazine 16 February 2009 (Cover Story)

– “The New American Magazine.” President Benson read regularly and gave subscriptions of the magazine to both President Hinckley and President Monson

– Archive Publishers out of Heber City, Utah see them for the publication on the political platform of Joseph Smith. See also (History of the Church, Vol.6, Ch.8, p.197-209; Vol. 5. No. 10. Nauvoo, Illinois, May 15, 1844. Whole No. 94, Times and Seasons, Vol.5, p.528-533)

-John Birch Society. See President Benson was a huge advocate, his son Reed worked of them, and his wife Flora was a chapter leader.

-The first comprehensive American dictionary was published in 1828 by Founding Father Noah Webster. In this book he captured the meanings of the words as they were used during the American Founding era. The title of the dictionary is “American Dictionary of the English Language” Noah Webster 1828. Scott Bradley’s book, “To Preserve the Nation,” has a large appendix of words from George Washington’s “Farewell Address” which were defined from this dictionary.

– “It is a paradox that men will gladly devote time every day for many years to learn a science or an art; yet will expect to win a knowledge of the gospel, which comprehends all sciences and arts, through perfunctory glances at books or occasional listening to sermons. The gospel should be studied more intensively than any school or college subject. They who pass opinion on the gospel without having given it intimate and careful study are not lovers of truth, and their opinions are worthless.” (John A. Widtsoe, [1872–1952] of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Evidences and Reconciliations, p.16-17)

-At a breakfast meeting with Elder Dallin Oaks I (Scott Bradley) quoted John Adams as writing to his wife: “The science of government is my duty to study, more than all other sciences; the arts of legislation and administration and negotiation ought to take place of, indeed to exclude, in a manner, all other arts. I must study politics and war, that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history and naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain.” (Quoted in Adrienne Koch, ed., The American Enlightenment [New York: George Braziller, 1965], pg. 188). Elder Oaks seemed delighted by the sentiment.

– October 1987 general conference talk “Our Divine Constitution” (see Ensign Magazine, November 1987) President Ezra Taft Benson quotes Joseph Smith, saying: “The Prophet Joseph Smith said: ‘t is our duty to concentrate all our influence to make popular that which is sound and good, and unpopular that which is unsound. ‘Tis right, politically, for a man who has influence to use it. … From henceforth I will maintain all the influence I can get’” (History of the Church, 5:286).

Other Notes from Scott Bradley:

– in regard to “celebrities” who endorsed the so-called 1968 Gun Control Act, at least the following endorsed it: Jimmy Stewart, Gregory Peck, Charlton Heston, Tom Laughlin, and Kirk Douglas.

-in regard to comments about so-called “celebrities” who have come out in favor of a convention to change the Constitution, there are many “celebrities” who have endorsed a convention to alter the United States Constitution, including the ones noted here and others such as Sara Palin, Rush Limbaugh, David Barton, and sometimes (he seems to drift in and out) Mike Lee.

-Levin’s book “The Liberty Amendments” is a good example of poorly conceived proposed changes to the United States Constitution. Implementing most of his proposals would fundamentally change the foundation principles of this nation and destroy the way back to proper government. Perhaps we should be grateful he authored the book to show us what is at stake and the depth of misunderstanding of those who wish to change the Constitution.

– the Founding Fathers had under the inspiration of God when the made the Constitution etc. (see D&C 98:4-11; D&C 101:77-80)

-to get old J Reuben Clark talks etc. many talks are available in a multi-volume publication from Brigham Young University Press (available at Amazon Books and some other sources), and many are published in LDS general conference reports.





Intro To Secret Combinations by Ken Bowers


Ken Bowers worked with W. Cleon Skousen on many projects for 4.5 years.

This is from the downloads Intro to Secret Combinations

see also another speech giving more insight to many of these subjects where you will also find many wonderful resources for source study of the topic: Two Churches Only by Christian Markham post and website and book etc. at

-The Fabian Society in Sussex England has as their logo a wolf in sheep’s clothing;

-Michael Merit; Rothchild descendant who is LDS and left that family way. he was offered 100 million dollars to quit his LDS mission and quit the LDS church and go work for his grandfather in the Rothchild business. Today he has 60 billion dollars built up available for him if he leaves the Church that his grandfather has offered him that sits there in a bank hoping that he would accept it.

-W Cleon Skousen read Ken Bower’s book and said it’s the best research he has seen done on the subject, that Ken is one of the few people in the world who really understand how this world is run.

-Mayer Anshel Rothchild is the person who founded the illuminati.

-Satan is the only one leader of all the world secret combinations.

-They have a god; their god is Lucifer.

-President Ezra Taft Benson said the string that the constitution is hanging by is our vote; so we need to vote and that correctly.

-Whatever the government funds the government controls!

-never again vote for government subsidies, or a candidate who wants such

-at God’s judgement bar we will have to give an account of what we have done with his precious constitution

-voting for two evils is still voting for evil!

-the Constitution party in Utah is a small 3rd party who wants to get the constitution back to the way it was originally

-pressure our congressmen to do what we want.

-when the government subsidizes something, the recipient becomes the slave of the government.

-desert republican and democratic political parties in mass.

-the book “Memoirs of David Rockefeller” page 405 has him saying that he is trying to take over the world, but that those who proclaim such are radicals.

-the book by Carol Quigley “Tragedy and Hope”; his book speaks of how Rockefellers and Rothchild’s families have banks throughout Europe to control their finances etc. It’s history of the west.

-The hierarchy of the church of the devil is like this: the Rockefellers and the Rothchild’s families are the ones which are at the top. There are 5 other families which help settle disputes when those families fight. Those are the top 7 governing families. There is a council of 13 under them. Those 13 are presided over by a group of 3. Then under those is a group of 33, whom are the highest 33 Masons there are. Under them are many other secret groups like the Round Table.

-The Free Mason group started out good, and in most places,  it still is. But its things done in secret, and Lucifer has a way of getting his hands into such. Joseph Smith and George Washington were Free Masons, this is before 1870 when the group became infiltrated by the illuminati. The illuminate worship Lucifer. They believe there are 2 gods, one is Lucifer and they say he is the good one. The other is Adonai, the God of the old testament scriptures rendered in Hebrew. There was European Free Masons, and American Free Masons. European Free Masons got corrupt, then in 1870 when they joined with each other they had a compact with the most high levels wherein you have to promise to worship Lucifer. Today this is administered only in Rome and Berlin and Washington D.C. Most the Free Masons are good people, almost none of them know of these things.

-Much more evidence of this in the authors book and sources referenced

-The history of how America came to be is changed by the current people who have us with their text books; they take out the element of how God helped this country to be born and preserved. George Washington was subject to direct gunfire 3 times without getting any harm. There are many other examples of this. These are taken out of the textbooks. (*They are just as well recorded history as anything, it’s just the atheist agendas of those who rule the education system.)

-The reason that there is much evolution and much socialism and much anti-bible stuff taught at the more prestigious schools is because the professors agree that they will teach those certain doctrines when they are hired. There are people higher up who are pumping those institutions with their political agenda, and the professors who are hired to work there are under contract to teach those things.

-The radicals are the ones who are doing the big bad evil things. Don’t call the people who tell you about it radicals. They, rather, are the patriots.





Satanic Ritual Abuse by Ken Bowers

-James E Faust talk against Satan and all his devils. He says be careful with the devil, but that Brigham Young said that it’s important to study evil (*to know what we are up against etc.)

-There was a Satanic group in which you were required to get on Prozac to be a member.

-The Glen Page document is of 800 Mormons who were in Satan rituals to abuse children

-they brainwash them with drugs

-there have been several children burnings in several countries

-these terrible things happened in the Book of Mormon as well.

-federal reserve and council on foreign relations and a religious branch are 3 branches of the Satanic Ritual abuse. The name of the religion of the elites is Luciferianism, in whom they believe and worship. It requires human sacrifice, they do so, it’s usually children. This is satanic, know that whenever we see human sacrifice. When the old testament says they made their children pass through the fire this is what it’s talking about.

-there are members and leaders in the LDS Church who practice SRA. We don’t know if any General Authorities do, but recall they are able to turn against the Church and become devilish. Christ had his Judas. Joseph Smith and John C Bennet, William Higbee brothers, and others who at one time thought he was a great prophet then turned and sought his blood.

-Petrona Blavatsky founded the New Age group, Wickery, the new kind of witch craft. She was funded by the Free Masons, and is Luciferian.

-Doug Millar was LDS is excommunicated, he believed the General Authorities did SRA as a policy. a bad guy.

-of this magic also, they believe in the 3rd eye etc. This is evil.

-there are people who have flashbacks of their childhood of dark rooms, people in robes, knives and blood, children being sacrificed on alters.

-Dr. Tru Ott is an excommunicated member of the Church, he made reports of top General Authorities doing SRA, that there is an alter for sacrificing children under the SLC temple. This is ridiculous. He is a liar. The holder of the master key of the temple that lets him in to the Holy of Holies etc. reports that there are 4 levels under the temple, and the bottom one is filled with family history things, not alters.

-children who are victims of SRA get split personalities, one is the front normal one; another is a Manchurian candidate personality, where they’re told to do something, then once they do they snap out of it, even like a murder. The third personality is the one that has a vivid recall of what happened, such is pushed back, and they try to forget that personality exists.

-The Children who see the SRA, the killing of the child on the alter, evil men say that the person with the knife doing the sacrifice is Gordon B Hinckley, or Thomas Monson, or Boyd K Packer, to get the child to believe such, and this is to denigrate and possibly destroy the LDS Church. They will believe it so strongly and fight to the last breath saying they saw them do that. It takes much recovery to overcome such.

-even though the truth can be ugly, it’s always empowering to make correct decisions to allow us to save ourselves from the evil of today.

-one therapist tapped into a subconscious of one who did evil, he found an evil spirit inside the person, a report was made on such, Ken Bowers took notes, and recalled: the therapist asked him why he does these evil things, the spirit said it’s because he must. The spirit was asked if there was someone above him making him do this; the spirit said if there was someone making him do it, it would be below him not above him.

-tell what’s doctrine of men and what’s originating in Satan by those of men go on tangents, but those of the devil are totally 180 degrees from the truth. They say Lucifer is the Son of God and that Jesus is the imposter, which is totally the opposite of the truth.

-in Jesus Christ’s Church, we have people who have authority over us unto Jesus himself; in Lucifer’s Church it’s the opposite, their authority is under them until the very bottom, Lucifer.

-99.9% of Free Masons are good people who do good, no question about that; but they aren’t the ones in control of Free Masonry.

-at the very top of Free Masonry and Satanism and Witchcraft are Luciferianisms. The intake for witches is the same as that of top levels of Free Masonry, word for word.

-Joseph Smith said Free Masonry is the apostate temple worship copying.

-Joseph Smith, George Washington, first 5 Presidents of LDS Church were Free Masons in the 1840 era; this is because that was the time before the Free Masons went bad up top.

-May 1 1776 Illuminati were formed, Adam Weishaupt the founder was a Luciferian. They had a rite called The Palladian Rite which introduced it’s members into the worship of Lucifer. They saw Free Masonry how it was secretive and wanted to get into it. In 1784 they got on to Free Masonry, introducing the Palladian Rite only at the top levels of Free Masonry. There were 2 centers of Free Masonry in those days, European and American Free Masonry; George Washington said the Illuminati got into the European Free Masonry, but the American Free Masonry they didn’t have that influence. So they didn’t have the Luciferianism in it. Hence JS and GW etc. could be in and not detect the devil in it for he wasn’t. But in 1870 European Free Mason united with American Free Mason. Josepi Mozini and another man did this. They made it all under one head, and introduced the Palladian rite to the new big union.

-Berlin, Rome, and Washington D.C. are the only places which administer the Palladian Rite today. The head of Free Masonry locally won’t know anything about this.

-the 33rd degree is divided into two in Free Masonry; this small part is who is introduced into the Luciferianism, and they lead the organization and set the agenda.

-they hide behind the good works of the lay men to look like a good organization, but since it’s lead by evil men, it’s an evil organization.

-what’s the evil Free Masonry does? Influencing politics; the advisors, the power behind the throne.

-not even the 32nd degree of Free Masons knows about the evil in the organization.

-the Free Masons try to get the One World Order, the New World Order.

-33rd degree Masons are interviewed if they are Christians and weather they would spit on the cross. If they say they are not Christians and would spit on the cross, they are told that they are going up higher in the organization, those who are Christian and who won’t spit on the cross don’t get to move up higher. Those who hate Christianity are the governing powers of Free Masonry.

-Free Masons are good people, but they don’t understand the organization they work with.

-we read in history books that Christians accused others of being witches and burning them; the truth is that the witches were accusing the Christians of being witches and having them burned so they could take their property.

– the truth was that the Pod Family who came over on the May Flower were Witches. More witches came. They were lazy, and the Christians would work hard, and they took their riches by pretending to work hard and getting into political power. They would become Sheriffs etc. The accusers in the Salem witch trials were all teen-age girls, and were children of witches, and they were told that when they brought someone before then, to accuse them of being witches. 18 women and 2 men were killed for being accused of being witch. These young women accusers would fall on the ground and bark like dogs, and howl at the moon etc., saying that the witches had put bad spirits into them.

-once the Christians were killed for being accused of being witches, and the witch Sheriffs etc. would make sure that the auction of the property of the killed person would fall into the hands of the witches.

-those killed from being accused of being witches were people who had no posterity to inherit their property, old widows, etc., these were people from whom they could get the property.

-Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike, the book the Free Masons give the 32nd degree Masons as instruction. see pg. 321 for where it praises Lucifer. pg. 566 it says demons told Adam not to eat the fruit and that Lucifer made Adam. It says an angel of light, Satan, induced him to transgress, but that the demons made Eve who messed things up even more. It says that Lucifer created and governs the visible world.

-Ken Bowers has 20 lectures he gives, he says contact him and he will come present them to you in your home or to your group etc.

Sharon Williams:

-at 3-9 victim of SRA; at late 30’s memory of such came, plaguing her through the night.

-she had multiple personalities, believing one thing one day and another; her answers were the answers they programmed in her to answer; she was driven with terror to obey those who programmed her.

-you can look up online the effects of SRA and thus be able to notice this in victims.

-she has a book on her life story and healing

-SRA is much more common than we believe

-if the SRA people can’t split the personality of their child victims they will often slay them

Cristi Greenouch:

-she was held under the water in a barrel by her ankles until she was about to drown, and they said to her “see, Jesus didn’t save you, we did.” She was about 9.

-she saw that as a child, her spirit checked out of her body while they did these abuses to her. She saw Jesus holding her spirit while the evil men hurt her body as she recalled these times, and she asked Jesus why he would allow this to happen. His response to her with tears in his eyes was that he allows this to happen because of the agency of man, but that he never left her during the hard times.

Judy Byington (Therapist) (author of book “22 Faces” about recovering from SRA abuse):

-the SRA investigators report that there are 8 SRA groups in Utah

-book by Jenny Hill called 22 Faces reporting the SRA abuse to her and how it caused her to have so many different personalities. Dr. Greenbomb is the name of the man who programmed her.

-30 years after the SRA human programmers came is when the people began to have a fear among them they called “The Satan Scare”.

-the human programmers have ways they access the mind of the human and control them by calling out the names of certain alters and so forth.

- is the website to support stopping SRA and other government mind control

-Ivory Garden is a network of about 3,000 survivors of SRA

-Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story (Paperback) by David Shurter

Chris Anderson:

-speaks of a Catholic monastery with catacombs beneath it where the women (including herself) were raped

-she felt blood being pulled out of her soul while standing there, and called upon God for help.

-it takes 30 min. for an SRA person to split a personality. There is a ritual to it. The SRA person knows how to do it. The SRA person can grab them, do this to them for 30 min, then put them back on time to catch the bus for school. The child may not know what went on but not feel right. Then they may grow up with all kinds of compulsions and anxieties etc.

-when a child says they don’t feel good about a certain leader or Dr. etc., trust them and don’t make then see that person.

-the Satanists are willing to die for what they believe


Brandon Scott:

-Bayer family changed their name to Rothchild’s. From them comes the funding for SRA and Illuminati. They say the power in their order lies in its concealment. They take existing organizations and infiltrate them from the top down.

-Albert Pike is one of the main people involved. He also is the only General with a statue in Washington D.C.

-Webster’s 1828 dictionary says the root word of combination is conspiracy

-John Robison book “Proofs of a Conspiracy” written in 1798

-“Operation Paperclip” is about CIA conspiracies

-Darin Brown, “The Experiments of An Assassin”; find on google etc., about 47 min research. Shows that SRA and torture and fear of drowning etc. can engage mind control on people.

-The Eagles, album Hotel California is laid out in Luciferian language. The Hotel California is the Church of Satan.

-Look up Allister Crowley

-Led Zeppelin song “Stairway to heaven” it was written by Allister Crowley in his mansion, then when the Zeppelin band reported writing the song, they said they just picked up the pen and the song wrote itself.

-J Reuben Clark and David O McKay said they were living in the biggest era of propaganda that the world had ever seen.

-J Edgar Hoover said that in America the people will be faced with a conspiracy so large they will even question that it exists. This goes back to the 1400’s and is a family blood line. It involves incest and rape.

-Glen Pace report on SRA. He was asked to do research on this by President Ezra Taft Benson. See; see also see

-Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story (Paperback) by David Shurter

-“Operation Paperclip” about SRA, see

-“Allister Crowley” is a major SRA founder; search him; for example see

-The Quintus Tribe: claims to be the ascendants of Cain; Flavious Josephus historian writes about this






Two Churches Only by Christian Markham


[Note: I read his book, “Two Churches Only”. It is very good. However I didn’t like the second half of volume 2 at all which is apostate.]


For a vast resource of media materials free on his website, which are very useful for research, see



-The job of the prophets is not to tell us everything, nor are they better than us. They merely have a more weighty calling in the church, more responsibility to teach us the gospel. They give us the tools, and we are responsible for finding truth from the tools they give us. We are responsible for working out our own salvation, and standing up against secret combinations. The Doctrine and Covenants says that when we see secret combinations arise, we are commanded to then stand up to fight against the rising of these things lest our society fall!

-The Book of Mormon has many examples of how secret combinations, secret societies have carried on throughout history and have been used, infiltrating societies, and how the devil is the founder of such.

-They Egyptians had 2 sets of eyes when the one was open the other was to be shut. This means they were to live double lives, to appear nice to their loved ones and friends then to be their real selves when they did their works in darkness. There was esoteric and exoteric, exoteric is the evil we see in the world, and esoteric is the underground/secret evil in the world that is kept secret.

-The Greek philosophers many were Luciferians, such is how we have the western culture entirely.

-The Greek mythology, those Gods were not worshiped by them, but they were symbols which they understood. They laugh at us when we think we know what those mean, they are the ones who have the keys about what those things mean.

-Prometheus in Prometheus Bound for the Greeks meant Prometheus was Lucifer, one who took something from heaven and gave it to the humans, and that they God’s punished him for doing that, thinking that the humans are unworthy. They think Lucifer is a misread character who we should worship follow and sympathize over. So they thought that they had secrets to keep amongst themselves and that they had the right to rule the people being superior to the rest of the people that are not a part of the group they belong to. They kill those who reveal their secrets. They know magic and have always been interested in such.

-Hidden groups are not like the mafia we know of them; the hidden groups are sworn to secrecy as we see Cain was in the bible. The first to reveal the secret combination in the bible was put to death. President Benson said that hidden groups are gaining power. These are not those who we know of, but deeper conspiring people who do their works in the dark, and “prove the destruction of an entire people.”

-The secret combination groups want to kill all the people so there is less population and they can have children at their leisure without overpopulating the earth they say.

-Aladdin: another film couched in nice things which slowly softly indoctrinates with socialism views.

-The Lion King: It’s about socialism, how the lower class is forced into government by the higher class, and the bad lion represents Jesus Christ, who is trying to liberate the people; the funky magical monkey represents the initiate of the mystery schools, who inspires the son of the old lion king to take the throne that is ‘rightfully’ his.

-*President Barak Obama making a ‘joke’ on where he was born played a clip from the Lion King film in which he holds up new baby lion prince, which we know symbolizes the anti-Christ!

-Need these things for Satan to rule: (and Hugh Nibley agrees, for such is learned in antiquities and the Kingdom of the Devil has been around from the beginning):

-Star Trek has much luciferianism and communism portrayed in it.

-The Secret Combinations people teach us their doctrine subtly by portraying it packaged in good things, like Disney movies.

-Can download other books from his website as well.

-The True Church is not a pyramid in its government, even the prophet Thomas S. Monson has to go to his bishop for his temple recommend. The members are all of the same worth in God’s eyes. Only Jesus Christ would be considered above any member of the Church.

-The Devil’s Church is a secret pyramid hierarchy.

-There are current mystery schools, like a Harry Potter school; it’s the .001% of those of the Church of the Devil that go to such, Lucifer and his cohorts are in attendance in such meetings.

-They believe all good things are from Lucifer, whom is the giver of light and good in this world, and is tragically misunderstood by humans, namely Christians. They believe he will be their Savior. He makes people think that free agency leads to doom and that they must surrender their self-control, that they are too stupid to make it on their own, like not using drugs etc.

-They use Satanists as pawns, and think such are stupid. The Luciferians are very well organized.

-They believe Jesus Christ’s gospel is a bastardized corrupted version of the mysteries. That he was in intro-level incite in the mysteries who went apostate and taught that he is God.

-They believe in re-incarnation for it’s the only form of eternal justice that doesn’t require a Savior! They use it to justify elitism and oppression, and especially with Hitler’s case, eugenics. They think that they have been reincarnated 1000 times and that they are now at the top and that if they do well they will become Gods. They think that slaughtering people i.e. all those Jews is just helping them progress in their re-incarnation; they think those they slaughter will thank them in eternity.

-The way Lucifer works with his church is intellectualism.

-The Masons are nice on the outside, and on the deeper levels, it is a way of getting people into the mystery schools, where they learn how to do Luciferian science and magic, and are part of an extremely secret combination.

-A letter from the Masons which was not for the general public but slipped into such on accident revealed that the society was nice on the outside, but that on the inner levels it is for the purpose of getting people to an elite society where they are combined throughout the world to their political purposes and to subjecting the human race to their control.

-His friend was a man who worked on large machinery, and was called to a small town in Texas to fix a massive scanner; it was at a Mason Lodge, it looked so small he didn’t even know how it would fit the scanner; he went in and a disconcerted lady who seemed frustrated that he was there lead him down many long hallways and down many floors in an elevator to get to the room where the scanner was. He fixed it then not knowing how to find his way out for only that lady was there and she had gone away somewhere, he wandered around to find his way out. He saw that the floor had carpet, the walls were lined with marble, and in some areas deeper in even the ceilings were lined with marble. He came to a large wooden door and it opened right up. Inside it was like a football stadium large, a room which would hold 30,000 people, a massive conference room; when he went in he felt something come over him, then in his mind he heard a shout, YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE! GET OUT NOW! He quickly left and eventually found his way out of the building.

-in the mystery schools, which are hidden schools, Harry Potter Hogwarts schools are a fantasy version of such, they teach godly sciences, which Lucifer knows, for he has no veil of forgetfulness, he remembers all of these, he leads them on by intellectualism, he is present at such meetings at times. This is the same group which taught some of these as in times of Egypt to levitate, live under water, endure torture without experiencing pain, etc.

-One of the methods of the Luciferians is that they lie massive lies so big that the people will think they no one would lie that big so there must be some truth to what they are saying. Even if their lie can be proved wrong right away, still people think there must have been some truth to it because someone said it and people think that people may tell little lies but never big ones.

-*The massive lie idea we see in Obama saying that he has helped the national debt issue. read posts on Dinesh D’Souza and see the links to his speeches and documents for more information on such.

-Homosexuality, like the groves of old, are the way that people in this secret society bond to each other; they may even prefer heterosexual intercourse but they do homosexuality as a part of their way they bond to each other. So Sodom and Gomorrah was not just a bunch of homosexuals running around, it was a bunch of Luciferians!

-looking at history, any practice which has followed the Luciferian practices and had such become legal in their land has soon been destroyed. This is what is happening to America.






Chapter Legalizing Evil: The Downfall of Nations in the Name of Tax Benefits

Some things should be illegal even if they are otherwise taxable, or even if they might go underground. We should not act in fear of things going underground. We should stand for good principles and let the cards lie where they call and use police to stop crime. If we don’t like things going underground, we should lobby for a stronger police force, not for weaker standards. This is what Moroni did when threatened by the “king-men”.

The church is oft against regulated legal evil as seen in their opposition to prop 8 (legalizing homosexual marriage), and Elder Quinton L. Cooks devotional a few weeks about “the banquet of all choices” (see speech at speaks about how the movement to legalize marijuana for recreational use is evil.

In the same logic of legalizing drugs etc. so they don’t go underground and give the bad guys the tax benefits, we may as well call for legalizing other bad activities that “are going to happen anyway” in the name of getting taxes to the US Government. We could legalize rape, child abuse, child pornography, prostitution, pornography, murder, etc. We may as well elect the Devil himself as President to not offend anyone! Surely, he will do a good job at representing the 1/3 minority… You see, some want to legalize these things so things that are already happening can be further regulated. But then we become the bad guy. This money is dirty money, and I want nothing to do with it! We want to get rid of drug cartels yes, but not by becoming the cartel ourselves! The USA needs to take a moral high ground, and not sink to the depravity of evil. You see, the ends to not justify the means!








Chapter Politically Correct VS Polite: Microaggression Isn’t Aggressive


Sometimes people want to say that they are freedom fighters against political correctness, and excuse themselves in using foul language, saying that not swearing or being vulgar is just politically correct and thereby feeding into the political oppression of our time. There’s a difference between the political correctness and common courtesy. Political correctness is filtering what you say because it’s unpopular. It’s never good to be politically correct and apologize for telling the truth. It’s always good to tell the truth. It’s also always good to be polite and use decent language. You aren’t furthering the cause of truth by being vulgar.

Now for microaggression:


Microaggression means hurting someone’s feelings for trying to get to know them better. I.e.. ask them where they are from. This is entirely appropriate. It’s like getting kids to eat broccoli: it may offend them, but it’s entirely appropriate. Eventually the mature child will not be offended, and the mature adult won’t be either. When someone is doing their best to love you, don’t second guess their intentions. Aggression suggests violence & crime. Well do the scriptures say that in the last days men will call good evil. Everyone needs to deal with being embarrassed until they’re mature enough to not be embarrassed. When someone says, ‘you’re from Utah, you must be Mormon!’ Does this offend me (not all Utahns are Mormon, and the term Mormon isn’t our preferred title!)? Have they been aggressive? Not in the slightest. I have more respect for people who ask me about myself than for people who are silent regarding their healthy curiosity. I’ve met people who get offended when I ask them about themselves, these are usually the immature group. I find most people I ask these questions to are thrilled that I’m taking an interest in them, and happily respond telling me all I asked, and more. This is thrilling humanity! So be patient when someone invites you over for tea and it’s not your favorite flavor. And for God’s sake, don’t seek legislation to make them into criminals. If you’re bothered by something, deal with it civilly, don’t accuse innocent people of showing aggression, not even tiny or micro aggression. They’re trying to be nice, and so should you.



Chapter Tax Cuts for the Big Do Help the Little, & Government Welfare Doesn’t



Concerning Trump’s 2018 Tax Cut Debate:

Joel Skousen, several attorneys & I defend lowering taxes.

Getting away from non-constitutional federal government welfare (forced redistribution of wealth)


Topics: tax, constitution, SSI, states’ rights, federal system, 10th amendment, deficit, government welfare as forced redistribution of wealth, inflation as government thief

I commented on tax cuts for the big guy helping the little guy after all as seen in the Walmart wage increase result and bonuses given, accredited by Walmart to President Trump’s tax cuts.


Response by someone against the tax cut:


“To bad we all pay for it. No one is arguing that it will raise the deficit 1.5 trillion. So how do we fix That? The republicans will gut social security and Medicare, all under the banner of saving us from the deficit they made.”


My response:


“Interesting thanks (name). It seems to keep up with the federal spending we have no choice but to be heavily taxed, perhaps fed spending could go down, as for SSI and Medicare, gutting that would be a hard blow, I’m not sure of a good way to transition out of that. Perhaps just regulating who gets SSI etc. more strictly would be a big step forward, like more auditing of people who receive these and other benefits to see if they’re really in need, and perhaps throwing in a volunteer requirement. I heard M Savage say immigrants now come here for welfare rather than to work and climb, do you think there’s any truth to that? The ACA is an interesting thing that I don’t know a lot about, though it seems insurance companies will manipulate anything they can. Thanks again”


Another Response by someone against the tax cut:


” SSI is paid for by payments on ur income, as u probably know, so it is not an entitlement. The issue is Republicans have borrowed billions from the SSI fund which they cannot payback and this contributed to the debt. Second, I would really want you to really learn who benefits from Medicare and Medicaid, welfare, food stamps, etc. These are not freeloaders, there is a very small group that games the system but not nearly the amount they try and make u think. I agree with the volunteer for welfare benefits, but it needs to be closely monitored and well directed to ensure it doesn’t hurt those we are trying to help. I wrote a 20+ page paper on the ACA. If u would like I can try and find it for u. It compares our medical system to the rest of the world. And some cool knowledge for you. Welfare accounts for only 3% of the GDP. It was at a high of 4.7% during the recession, 2005 ish, and is expected to be 2% by 2020. Military is between 3.5 to 4%, healthcare about 4.3%. These are huge amounts of money but not half or more like some untruthful talking heads want people to think. Just food for thought.”



In this debate, I asked some attorneys and Joel Skousen their thoughts, particularly refuting the commentator against the tax cuts, their responses are listed below.


Response by conservative political analyst Joel Skousen of

“First of all, every administration has robbed the SS fund, not just republicans. Second, there is no backing for the statement that Republicans are going to gut SS and Medicare to pay for the deficit. Three, SS benefits need to be limited to the amount people paid in, adjusted for the inflation that robbed them of partial value while in the hands of government. All his other arguments are irrelevant to the issue that all welfare is forced redistribution by government and improper.”

Response by conservative civil Attorney Chad Shattuck:

“I don’ know the numbers well enough to debate them, and as we know, nobody wins an argument. …it is my belief that lowering taxes will stimulate more purchasing because every person and company has more money available for such and all such purchases will be taxed, so there is much more revenue from that source than there would be from simply trying to tax our country out of overspending issues. Certainly this will not be the solution in and of itself and needs to be coupled with cuts to unnecessary government spending. To reduce debt, reduce spending, don’t tax more. Proponents of higher taxes are muck like a breadwinner giving the the person he supports a credit card and planning to outwork the spending – typically not a good idea. Better to spend less.”

Response by conservative Air Force Attorney Darrin K Johns:

“I don’t believe he has all of his facts correct. He relies on some of the Democrats bullet points.

First off, we do not all agree that the deficit will increase by $1.5 trillion. No one knows at this point. The CBO has predicted the rise, but the CBO has been wrong in the past and fails to properly account for the total increased revenue coming in from changes in business practices. For example, even though the goal was to bring businesses back to the US, a lot of people were surprised when Apple announced it was bring $3.2 billion dollars back into the US from overseas. Huge amount that was not calculated into the CBP predictions. Other companies are following suit. Many liberals were surprised when Walmart announced it would increase its wages, give $1000 bonuses to its employees and hire more employees after the new tax plan was announced. Many other companies are following suit. Conservatives predicted this, liberals are surprised by it. But it just makes sense. Tax cuts in the past have increased revenue, not decreased it, because companies tend to hire and invest more when taxes are lower, increasing the number of people being employed and the number of smaller businesses being created, creating more taxpayers and more tax revenue. It’s plain and simple basic economics. When taxes are too high, the economy is out of equilibrium (same when taxes get too low). You have got to find the equilibrium where you are able to collect the most revenue and not begin losing revenue because the tax rate is too high.

As for social security, I agree with him that Social Security is not an entitlement. We paid into the system and the system should pay us back as promised. I disagree with his statement that makes it appear only Republicans have robbed the system. Yes, Republicans have inappropriately taken money out of the social security system, but Democrats have as well and to an even greater extent. Social Security will probably change from what we have now, but it will not go away. Too many depend on it. Over 80% of the current US population live paycheck to paycheck with nothing saved for retirement. The basic question should be why do we have social security and Medicare in the first place? Nothing in the Constitution gives the Federal government authority to create or manage these programs. And the Federal Government is supposed to be tightly limited in its power and authority. The 10th Amendment specifically states that if a power is not specifically delegated to the Federal Government by the Constitution, the Federal Government does not have the power; only the States and the people have the power. So while Social Security and Medicare may be good ideas, these programs should be State programs, not Federal Programs, if they exist at all.

Some will say “But the States would have different programs and the people in one State would not get all the benefits that someone in another State would.” To that I say, “You are absolutely correct and that is how it is supposed to be.” Our government was designed to be most effective at the local level where the representatives of the people would be held more accountable. If you don’t like the way your State is being run, change the politicians or leave to another State. That is exactly what we the people advocated for with the founding and adopting of the Constitution.”







Chapter Divinely Sanctioned Governments: Exploring the Prophetic Parallels in the Book of Mormon by The Joseph Smith Foundation



Be sure to visit to purchase the full presentation which goes far beyond the scope of these notes!


In the For Our Day Series

-there is a painting “the apotheosis of Washington” of him surrounded by 13 women representing the colonies. Washington was found praying often during the war; there is plenty of evidence of the US as a Christian nation. Some historians call Washington a deist, but this is absurd, he consistently evoked Gods law on the land. Deists believe God is only found via reason and observation not via revelation and supernaturalism. (*Note some other Joseph Smith Foundation materials make a good point: that some of the US founding fathers were skeptical of the form of Christianity in their day; so was Joseph Smith!) The most quoted source in the writings of the founding era were from the bible, and this was quoted 4x more than the next most quoted boo. 34% of their quotes were from the bible. This is hard to understand in our secular era. The language of the constitution reads similarly to the bible type of language.
-at top of the Washington Monument it says in Latin “praise to God”; in the miniature display in the museum it hides this inscription on the back; all the way up to the top there are bible verses from Proverbs, these are seen on the stairs ascending the tower, and those stairs are no longer allowed to be used, people are required to use the elevator. This is supposedly because people can’t handle the stairs.
-the founding fathers believed America was the new promised land of the Lord. They wanted the national symbol of the US to be an image of the Israelites traveling in the wilderness. We have an eagle instead.
-like how Mosiah didn’t create the government in the Book of Mormon, so didn’t the US founders create the government here, really, they were instituting laws of God.
-Mosiah’s law deals with a transition from monarchy to a government where the people make the laws, elect those who make the laws, and are responsible for the outcomes. People answer for their own sins. Mosiah instituted a system of judges as found in the brass plates. The ultimate authority of their government was recognized as God. Just as the Nephites in the Book of Mormon, the Americans had a law which started out as recognizing God as the leader, and have not continued to recognize God. The principles of the Constitution are in the Book of Mormon.
-without God as a justification for human rights, it becomes impossible to explain why a human should be treated differently than an animal. Those who profess to believe Darwinian Evolution often believe that saving a dog is just as important as saving a human. Certain rights are given to every person by God. When we believe we are from apes, we act like apes. The Columbine shooter was wearing a shirt that said “natural selection”. Where do the unalienable rights of humans come from? From their creator, as the founders wrote into the Constitution.
-The bible teaches that the purpose of government is to secure God given rights.
-Moroni includes property rights in his Title of Liberty. He called upon the people to show a “spirit of freedom”. Private property is referred to often in the Book of Mormon. 3 Nephi 3 tells of a group of people trying to tempt Gods people into communal pooling of land rather than individual property. Moroni defines defending our rights as “the cause of Christians”
-The Book of Mormon has poetic parallels and chiasmus reflecting scenes of the American revolution; Joseph Smith was 21, backwoods, uneducated, not well read. He could not have written that.
-one couple was fined for holding bible study group in his home without a permit
-Jayson Kunzler a BYU professor surveys his class on government views and most the students align with the communist manifesto. They then study readings from the Book of Mormon, and the students’ views change dramatically.
-when governments of liberty are established, people are simply returning to the government of God.
-without God, no one can say what’s right and what’s wrong. Morals become irrelevant.
-Ancient Israel had a type of federalism, the states were called tribes, and there was a central national federal government to help in things the tribes could not. It’s the divided limited government.
-freedom is participation in power. The more is controlled by remote Washington the less power we have.
-Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg wanted to use foreign laws to settle issues in the US not our constitution.
-Obama called the Constitution very flawed and representing cultural issues of the time it was written.
-Genesis 49 is the words Jacob delivered to Joseph; it said Joseph is a fruitful bough whose branches go over the wall; they understood this wall as being the Atlantic Ocean, and that a remnant of Israel would spread across it to this land. George Washington put his hand on this chapter when swearing his oath to God to be the president of this land.
-when we attend the temple, we hear of our liberty binding us to our land
-Franklin Roosevelt called the Constitution quaint from the horse and buggy era. J Reuben Clark of the First Presidency responded that though they had horse and buggy, they still understood human nature, which is the same as it always has been.
-The first presidency of the LDS Church (Grant, Clark, McKay) condemned “New Deal” policies because of their socialistic and unconstitutional nature; they warned that as a nation and as a people we are moving towards communism. Just like ancient Israel’s prophets condemned political leaders, so have the modern Israel prophets. The saints rejected the advice of the First Presidency of the Church as seen in the election results in the 4 elections of FDR, Utah Idaho and Arizona citizens gave majority support of FDR.
-McKay in the First Presidency said the church’s position on communism has always been the same: it’s of the Devil and takes away our liberty.
-Ezra Benson said socialism eventually has the same effects on our freedom as communism.
-Alma 51 they sent a petition to change the government, seeking to destroy the government ratified by the voice of the people these laws of Mosiah. Similarly, people want to get rid of the Constitution thinking it outdated. These people wanted to restore monarchy, getting a leader not representing the people. As people move away from spiritual moorings, they move from political ones. Religion and liberty are always tied together.
-Obama lamented the checks and balances system has kept him from making all the changes he wanted.
-When Nancy Pelosi was asked where the constitutional authority was for requiring people to have healthcare, her answer was “are you serious? Are you serious?”
-representative Phil Hare said he cares less about the constitution and more about the people dying without healthcare.
-The D&C says God inspired by US Constitution. Clark and Benson repeated this. Clark carries his copy of the constitution with his scriptures. They taught the constitution is the law of Zion. It’s a political version of the blessings for Israel, telling us how we can receive and preserve liberty. Brigham Young says that Jesus Christ himself dictated the constitution, and that it is as good as he can ask for.
-the early US Supreme Court gave preference to the bible over less authoritative sources.
-the 10 commandments are the basis of the common law in America. We also have several depictions of Moses with the 10 commandments in our government buildings. He was the Genesis of Judeo-Christian law. The law from the brass plates taught by Mosiah is akin to Moses giving the law to Israel and akin to our constitution.
-secular humanism says man is predominant not God.
-President Hinckley condemned society for taking God out of our laws despite him being in our pledge of allegiance and our coins. He said we have the name of God on our coinage, but we cannot mention the name of God in our schools. He said we are forsaking the Almighty, and I fear he is forsaking us.
-Obama said we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation, but only a nation of citizens.
-an 8-year-old boy had candy with the name Jesus taped onto them at Christmas, he was not allowed to give these to his peers.
-a photographer was ordered to pay 7000 dollars for declining to photograph a same sex marriage.

-Book of Mormon as parallel timeline to modern history of God’s people:
1 prophets persecuted: akin to the reformation
2 Lehites to America: akin to Gentiles to America
3 Mosiah’s law is akin to the US Constitution of the US.
4 They found the Jaredite record, which is akin to Joseph Smith finding the Nephite record.
5 Then Alma restoring the church is a parallel on a Book of Mormon timeline to Joseph Smith restoring the church.
6 Abinadi’s martyrdom is akin to Joseph Smith’s martyrdom
7 Anti-Christ’s deceive Nephites: akin to Anti-Christ deceive Saints
8 Missionaries to the Lamanites and Nephites: akin to missionaries to the world
9 Wicked leaders conspire: akin to communism and socialism
10 Title of Liberty: akin to Constitution
11 Astonishing church growth: akin to worldwide church growth
12 Nephites degenerate: akin to moderns reject founding moorings
13 Lamanite religious freedom: akin to walls come down
14 Combinations infiltrate Nephites: akin to complicity in America
15 signs warn Nephites: akin to signs warn moderns
16 more wicked destroyed: akin to earth cleansed
17 Christ visits Nephites: akin to Second Coming
18 period of peace: akin to the Millennium
19 Nephites openly rebel: akin to Satan loosed after the Millennium
20 Mormon leads final battle: akin to Michael leads final battle




Chapter Covenant on the Land by The Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes


Be sure to visit to purchase the full presentation which goes far beyond the scope of these notes!


-some think the signs of the times are dangerous and fanatical, but the Lord said in the D&C that the righteous will seek to know the signs.
-Both America and Book of Mormon societies were founded on scripture. Pilgrims’ religion is what brought them to America, like Nephi’s religion is what him and his family to America.
-Laws of Mosiah and the laws of the Constitution were both from righteous men of God.
-Nephites found the Jaredite record, a warning for them. Americans found the Book of Mormon, a warning for them. Both records show what happens to a people who live in America who reject God and their destruction.
-Alma establishing God’s church among the Nephites is parallel to Joseph Smith establishing God’s church among the Americans.
-Abinadi’s martyrdom and the martyrdom of Joseph Smith are very similar. Both these prophets are types of Christ. They voluntarily laid down their lives. Joseph Smith was in prison for 3 days before the mob shot him.
-Darwin, Dewey, Keynes, Marx, and Sigmund Freud are all anti-Christ’s who rose up in our time. President Benson named these names as anti-Christs. Book of Mormon figures are Sherem, Korihor, Nehor. Mormon warns against whole groups of people being led astray by the false teachings of these anti-Christ’s false teachings.
-Dr. William Provine at Purnell a professor of biology is teaching these same ideas as Korihor, of no God meaning no morals.
-Missionaries among Nephites and Lamanites are parallel to missionaries now going to all the world. They teach the 3 pillars of creation, fall, atonement.
-see book “The Book of Mormon and the Constitution” by H Verlan Anderson.
-Vladimir, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong, etc. are secret combinations seeking to overthrow the government.
-socialism is soul destroying -Ezra Benson
-atheistic communism or socialism we learn of Machiavelli’s “The Prince” about how to gain and abuse power; we hear the same thing in the book of Mormon.
-Alma said we go to war so we can continue to worship God and keep our liberty for our families.
-in the Book of Mormon when the church grew greatly, it started to be very proud and put God aside not listening to the prophets.
-Benson said we have strayed from moral and constitutional principles and its getting us into a quagmire.
-see book “From Darwin to Hitler”
-free travel and trade lead to increased prosperity we see this in the Book of Mormon; we also see today many walls coming down to open the way for prosperity and the spread of missionary work, like the Berlin Wall coming down. When the Lamanites get converted they prosper.
-Many scholars have agreed that the books of Helaman and 3 Nephi parallel our day. The Lord gives the Nephites physical signs of the times to give them one last chance to repent. Some of these signs are earthquakes, waves heaving themselves beyond their bounds, fire, darkness, etc.
-Just before the Savior comes in the Book of Mormon, the words of the prophets are heavily rejected, the more righteous are gathered in and the more wicked are destroyed.
-In the Book of Mormon the 200 years of peace following the coming of Christ is like the forthcoming Millennium, and there are no more tribal divisions, but everyone joins Christ.
-at the end of the Book of Mormon period of peace, the people rebel outright, so will they people at the end of the Millennium.
Part 2, about America’s founding:
-Benson: we should review the religious history of the US lest we forget.
-The Nephites came to America from Jerusalem with the brass plates which is the Old Testament, similarly the pilgrims came to America with the bible.
-The tool the Lord used persecution to drive the Mulekites to America, the pilgrims, etc.
-in schools they don’t teach that the pilgrims came to America for religion. They describe the first Thanksgiving etc. without mentioning God. This is an attack on Christianity, trying to revise history.
-all the colonists believed that they were completing the journey which Moses started.
-see Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford, the primary source
-Jeremiah said that the day would come that the people would not look to the time of Moses as when they were delivered, but that there would be a gathering of the tribes from the north, which would be the great gathering and salvation of Israel. North and West Europe have many Ephriamites.
-Puritans named their first township “Salem” after Jerusalem. They named their children Hebrew names.
-The New Jerusalem is America. Just as the Nephites governed themselves by what was written in the brass plates (a more complete version of the Old Testament), that the Pilgrims considered the bible to be the law. They modeled their feast days after the feasts of the Old Testament; these holidays were very different than our holidays, they involved much prayer. The pilgrims repeatedly referred to Moses leading an Exodus to the promised land being akin to themselves being led to a promised land.
-there are many parallels of Puritan churches and the restored gospel. Bearing testimony, being born under the covenant, sealings, sanctification, a sacred Sabbath, worthiness interviews, accepting new members by vote, sustaining leaders with the uplifted hand, church courts, disfellowship, excommunication, renewing covenants, prophecy, prayer lists, fasting for a purpose, bread and water in the sacrament, schools of the prophets, etc. Some say Joseph Smith stole these ideas but it’s just the true pattern restored
-the founder of Rhode Island taught that the authority had not been restored yet to perform the church ordinances. John Westley also understood that shortly after the deaths of the apostles that the authority was gone. They understood a restoration of the ancient truth was needed and did what they could to move toward that direction. Asel Smith and Joseph Smith Sr. awaited the restoration of the gospel, and it came from Joseph Smith Jr.
-The founder of Harvard believed in God creating and against Darwinism, but secular leaders replaced that. The motto for Harvard was originally “truth for Christ and the Church” was changed to “truth”. On the motto one of the books depicted was shown as inverted, meaning that reason alone can’t lead to man finding all truth, but the later secular leaders put that book not inverted anymore to suggest man was independent of God. This secular shift flew in the face of everything the founders of Harvard stood for.
-Yale originally had a seal with the Hebrew Words on their logo “Urim and Thumim” meaning light and truth.
-all the Ivy Leagues were originally founded as Christian Schools.
-Columbia University seal had Psalm 36:9 in thy light shall we see
-the Princeton motto was “under God’s power she flourishes”
-University of Pennsylvania’s motto was “laws without morals are in vain”
-Dartmouth College’s motto was “a voice crying in the wilderness”
-Rutgers state university motto was “Sun of Righteousness”
-Pilgrims were saved miraculously at sea much like Lehi’s company on their way to America. They couldn’t see anything for 7 days, and said they had never seen such a storm. The people greeting them on shore were amazed that anyone could survive such a storm.
-Squanto walked into the Pilgrim camp and saved their lives, he spoke perfect English. William Bradford pilgrim leader was amazed; they needed help to farm which Squanto brought. He came out of nowhere to their aid.
-the pilgrims had a large drought, they prayed 8 hours, and then clouds came and it rained for 14 days
-we wonder how it is possible that the Nephites forgot after 1 generation the great miracles of God; but we also have forgotten the miracles associated with the settlement of the US.
-modern history portrays pilgrims as killers, hypocrites. It was the wicked among the colonists that did the bad things, the Lamans and Lemuels among Nephi’s people did bad things in the new land. They traveled side by side with the righteous Nephi Sam and Lehi. Not everyone came to America for the right reasons, and they make the good guys look bad.
-some of the greatest peace makers came in the time of the pilgrims, like Thomas Mayhew, who was not fighting Indians, but living among them, knowing their language, teaching them the gospel. He was one of the nursing fathers prophesied of by Isaiah.
-The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne rewrote the history of the pilgrims as being wicked people. This was not a historically accurate book. He made them become associated with snobbery, self-righteousness, rudeness. The red capital A is used by atheists from Scarlet Letter, they use it as a symbol of rebellion against Christianity.
-Miller’s “The Crucible” was comparing anti-communists to witch hunters. He was a procommunist adulterer teaching us about the puritans. This is like going to Hitler to learn about the Jews.
-just like how people think of the Puritans as too strict, people are seeing Nephi and Lehi as being too strict about keeping the commandments. The book of Mormon says the Nephite law was “exceedingly strict” dealing with the commandments.
-Winthrop and other early leaders made an official covenant to be accountable to God and his angels to obey the commandments of God.
-one man stole wood from Winthrop, Winthrop instructed him to use his wood until the cold season was over. Winthrop was strict in the law, but to punish lawbreakers, he taught them, and the stricter punishments were given to the more knowledgeable trespassers.
-Sir Thomas Dale a leader of the Jamestown plantation saw
-Rog Cragg “Forged in Faith” book. Calls America the New Jerusalem because of that strong theme.
-Sowell in his book wrote of his belief that the heart of America is where the new Jerusalem would be. Joseph Smith confirmed this doctrine.
-The Lord called Far West “most holy”, unlike any other place
-Sowell said the native Americans were Israelites unawares
-The colonists considered themselves literal Israelites by blood.
-John Winthrop’s words to place the people under covenant on the new land seem like Lehi’s words. He said we will know God is with us when 10 of us can resist 1000 of our enemies, for we will be as a city on a hill. He said if they turn away from God they will be cut off from the presence of God and be cursed.
-1 Ne. 13 Nephi saw thousands of years before the pilgrims and said the pilgrims would carry the bible with them to the promised land which he was on namely America, which they did.
-generations ago when the bible was the essence of education and government, there was little to no delinquency.


Chapter Voting for a Good (Even Minor) Candidate


In the April 2021 Sunday afternoon general conference, Elder Oaks said sometimes its ok to vote for someone even if that person has flaws or other policies which you don’t like. The judgement call must be on a case by case basis by each individual. This being said, there are some issues I personally don’t feel comfortable with when a candidate supports them, such as abortion, even if some of their other policies might be good. To me it would be like saying, “I will kill a million babies, but I’ll lower your taxes.” Etc. I like lower taxes, but not at the cost of killing babies (a hypothetical situation).


If you vote x to keep out y, I don’t judge you for that even though it’s not usually my philosophy. There is something to be said about compromise, as we see from the Founding Fathers, but where a person draws that line is between him and God. I’m sure you’re all doing your best, and God bless you. Remember if you disagree with me, I’m merely likewise doing my best. Do you think you’re right? Everyone thinks they are right, else they would not hold that opinion which they hold!
Again I stress that if you disagree with me that’s ok and I’m always your loyal friend. The art of friendship does not require the same strokes of the brush from each master (though we must beware which type of master we are/serve). This is a complex issue worthy of lengthy study, prayer, and pondering of the mainly the scriptures.

-In efforts to be informed on current events, I’ve created a News Gazette, which I attempt to update important news articles, and of course, no profane images, etc., see the “Richardson Studies Gazette”
-I usually vote with the Constitution Party, see the Constitution Party website
-“Wherefore, honest men and wise men should be sought for diligently, and good men and wise men ye should observe to uphold; otherwise whatsoever is less than these cometh of evil” (D&C 98:10)
-I highly suggest the books by Ezra Benson, as well as books by Hans V Anderson (whom was a Seventy), one of Anderson’s books on government is called “Many are Called and Few Chosen” and is endorsed by Benson as you’ll see from a citation later in this document. Another of his on government is called “The Book of Mormon and The Constitution”. Another of his on government is called “The Great and Abominable Church of the Devil.” ( A link to my summary on the latter is here:
-The LDS Church is politically neutral: Here is a quote from the Church Newsroom:

“The Church does not:
Endorse, promote or oppose political parties, candidates or platforms.
Allow its church buildings, membership lists or other resources to be used for partisan political purposes.
Attempt to direct its members as to which candidate or party they should give their votes to. This policy applies whether or not a candidate for office is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Attempt to direct or dictate to a government leader.

“The Church does:

Encourage its members to play a role as responsible citizens in their communities, including becoming informed about issues and voting in elections.
Expect its members to engage in the political process in an informed and civil manner, respecting the fact that members of the Church come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and may have differences of opinion in partisan political matters.
Request candidates for office not to imply that their candidacy or platforms are endorsed by the Church.
Reserve the right as an institution to address, in a nonpartisan way, issues that it believes have significant community or moral consequences or that directly affect the interests of the Church.”



-*So you see, the church saying they are politically neutral. HOWEVER they aren’t morally neutral.

– “We must be devoted to sound principles in word and deed: principle above party, principle above pocketbook, principle above popularity.” (Ezra Taft Benson, America’s Challenge. God, Family, Country)
-“Unlike the political opportunist, the true statesman values principle above popularity, and works to create popularity for those political principles which are wise and just” (Ezra Taft Benson, The Proper Role of Government)
-See also “Dare to Stand Alone” by Thomas S Monson, Conf. Report, 2011 October.
-“members are encouraged to register to vote, to study issues and candidates carefully, and to vote for individuals whom they believe will act with integrity and sound judgment. Latter-day Saints have a special obligation to seek out, vote for, and uphold leaders who are honest, good, and wise (see D&C 98:10)” (Church handbook #2, 21.1.29)
-“Now, I am not caring today, for myself, anything at all about a political party tag. So far as I am concerned, I want to know what the man stands for …When I find out these things, when I know who it is who should receive my support, and I care not what his party tag is… Today, our duty transcends party allegiance; our duty today is allegiance to the Constitution as it was given to us by the Lord.” (J. Reuben Clark, Jr., CR 10/62:8)
-“We honor our founding fathers of this republic for the same reason. God raised up these patriotic partners to perform their mission, and he called them “wise men.” (see D&C 101:80.) The First Presidency acknowledged that wisdom when they gave us the guideline a few years ago of supporting political candidates “who are truly dedicated to the Constitution in the tradition of our Founding Fathers.” (Ezra Taft Benson, Deseret News, November 2, 1964.) .

-“Good candidates, if not supported, will not generally stand again. They may even lose money when not supported. What does this do in the long term? It promotes the lowest common denominator. The candidates grow worse, generally, over time.” ( D.M. Andrews on November 2, 2012, as seen on LDS Liberty Blog in Article “Why You Vote For Someone Matters”, comments section, at )

-“”The idea is this: The Lord has never told us we are responsible for making sure a certain someone makes it into the White House as President. The Lord, instead, has commanded that we vote a certain way. When we obey Him and vote that way, we have every right to ask Him to bless our nation. When we take it upon ourselves to vote for the lesser of two evils, or vote for person “x” just so that person “z” doesn’t win, then we are sinning, and will be held accountable. Also the Lord will not bless our nation for it. We have no right to turn to Him and ask for such a blessing. Our faith and trust in God and the miracles that He can bring about, must be stronger than our fear of who will win the presidency. As ETB stated, even if the worse possible candidates wins, the Lord will still bless America MORE, because more people were willing to stand up and vote the right way.

If the Lord promised Abraham to spare Sodom and Gomorrah if Abraham could find peradventure just 10 righteous people, then He can bless America if we can find peradventure a majority of us who are willing to obediently vote in the manner the Lord prescribed (through his scripture but also through His servants). I trust the Lord. Sadly, though, too many people find this paradigm shift too difficult to make. It is the last days for sure.” (Teri on October 12, 2016, as seen on LDS Liberty Blog in Article “Why You Vote For Someone Matters”, comments section, at

-“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” (John Quincy Adams As quoted in Pocket Patriot : Quotes From American Heroes (2005) edited by Kelly Nickell)

-“Wherefore, honest men and wise men should be sought for diligently, and good men and wise men ye should observe to uphold; otherwise whatsoever is less than these cometh of evil” (D&C 98:10). (Some commentary on the above quote from, about how voting against someone by voting for a lesser of two evils is bad logic: “The Doctrine and Covenants goes so far to say that we vote for honesty and wisdom and that whatever is “less than these cometh of evil.” When voting anti-enemy, there are no fundamental or necessary thoughts of voting for anything at all – let alone honesty and wisdom. An anti-enemy approach pays no mind to whether the person we have chosen to support has any standard of honesty or wisdom whatsoever, for the anti-enemy approach fundamentally exclaims that “anyone but [insert your most hated candidate] will do.”” (See
-“… to vote for wicked men, it would be sin,” said Hyrum Smith. (Documentary History of the Church, vol. 6, p. 323.)
-“We engage in the election the same as in any other principle; you are to vote for good men, and if you do not do this it is a sin; to vote for wicked men, it would be sin. Choose the good and refuse the evil. Men of false principles have preyed upon us like wolves upon helpless lambs. Damn the rod of tyranny; curse it. Let every man use his liberties according to the constitution. Don’t fear man or devil; electioneer with all people, male and female, and exhort them to do the thing that is right. We want a President of the U.S., not a Party president, but a President of the whole people; for a Party president disfranchises the opposite party. Have a President who will maintain every man in his rights” (History of the Church, Vol. 6, Ch. 15, p. 323; emphasis added).
(Some commentary on the above quote from, about how voting against someone by voting for a lesser of two evils is bad logic: “Notice that Smith did not say that we are to vote against wicked men, but that we, in reality, are voting for either good or wicked men. Voting against something is an illusion, as we – as Children of God (agents to act and not be acted upon) – are consistently working for something, even when in our world-view and perception we are standing anti-enemy in fighting against something.
We are to look at politics in the same pro-liberty, pro-freedom, and pro-kingdom of God way that we engage every other principle. We are to vote for good men. Anything else is sin. Men of false principle, Hyrum explains, present themselves as “Party presidents” who “disfranchise the opposite party”. In other words, “Party presidents” promote the anti-enemy approach that we commonly see in the political process. We may believe that in our anti-enemy approach we are fighting for truth, but, in reality, we are engaging in idolatry.” (See
– This quote I suppose could point a person to the 2-party system: “Another guideline given by the First Presidency was “to support good and conscientious candidates, of either party, who are aware of the great dangers” facing the free world.” (Deseret News, November 2, 1964.) (Ezra Taft Benson, 1972 April General Conference, Civic Standards for the Faithful Saints. See
-“Fortunately we have materials to help us face these threatening dangers in the writings of President David O. McKay and other church leaders. Some other fine sources by LDS authors attempting to awaken and inform us of our duty are: Prophets, Principles, and National Survival (Jerreld L. Newquist), Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen (H. Verlan Andersen), and The Elders of Israel and the Constitution (Jerome Horowitz).” (Ezra Taft Benson, 1972 April General Conference, Civic Standards for the Faithful Saints. See

-“In the next canvas we shall be influenced by no party consideration…the partisans in this county who expect to divide the friends of humanity and equal rights will find themselves mistakes — we care not a fig for Whig or Democrat; they are both alike to us; but we shall go for our friends, our tried friends, and that cause of human liberty which is the cause of God. We are aware that ‘divide and conquer’ is the watchword with many, but with us it cannot be done — we love too well — we have suffered too much to be easily duped — we have no cat’s paws amongst us.” (Joseph Smith, Times & Seasons – 3:651)

-More commentary from about the bad logic of ‘voting for the lesser of two evils’: “Voting for the lesser of two evils is also an anti-enemy approach to politics and is also a form of idolatry. This approach stipulates that A is bad, but B is worse, so I will vote against B and accept A. The deception here masks the anti-enemy approach of voting for the lesser of two evils by arguing that because the individual shares more in common with A than B, then he is somehow voting for A – when in reality he is voting against B.

This may seem counterintuitive, for we often perceive that we have a basic, common, and fundamental set of principles that we use to make value judgments regarding who we will support. In other words, an individual might say that he is actually voting for A for various reasons found in that person, and that this individual finds more reasons to vote for A than for B between seemingly “viable” candidates. Therefore, as this individual might say, he will vote for those common reasons found in A and not necessarily against B at all. If this is actually the case, then there is no problem – so long as there is not another candidate who more perfectly reflects this individual’s personal beliefs who is not rationalized away as an “unviable” candidate (else the case of idolatry returns).

“I like almost everything A says over B,” I hear many people say, “but I disagree more with C than B, and knowing that A isn’t going to win, I am going to vote for B.” Did you catch what is going on here? Do you see the cognitive dissonance? This example demonstrates the inconsistent and rotating view that most people hold, as they alternate almost effortlessly between pro-liberty and anti-enemy approaches.”

-“The American system does allow for candidates other than the Republican and Democrat candidates to win – it is never a 2-person race.” ( D.M. Andrews on November 2, 2012, as seen on LDS Liberty Blog in Article “Why You Vote For Someone Matters” at ,
-“You will have to stand before God for your choice one day, like other choices. Did you vote on conscience for what was right, or did you vote for the lesser of two evils?” ( D.M. Andrews on November 2, 2012, as seen on LDS Liberty Blog in Article “Why You Vote For Someone Matters” at ,
-Supposedly Ezra Benson said this to Mike Thompson, “Pres. Benson, when we were sitting in his office in the Church Office Building many years ago told me this after discussing many issues: ‘Mike, if you vote for the lesser of two evils you are still voting for evil and you will be judged for it. You should always vote for the best possible candidate, whether they have a chance of winning or not. Then, even if the worst possible candidate wins, the Lord will bless our nation more because more people were willing to stand up for what is right.’”

-I spoke to Joel Skousen about how he casts his vote. He says he always vote 3rd party, unless there is a very close call where a democrat would otherwise be elected.






Chapter Independence – Quotes of the Prophets


-“First Presidency that explained the principles upon which the Church’s welfare efforts were based. Included were these familiar words: “Our primary purpose was to set up, insofar as it might be possible, a system under which the curse of idleness would be done away with, the evils of a dole abolished, and independence, industry, thrift and self-respect be once more established amongst our people. The aim of the Church is to help the people to help themselves. Work is to be re-enthroned as the ruling principle of the lives of our Church membership.” (In Conference Report, Oct. 1936, p. 3.) (First Presidency Message September 1986 Ensign “Guiding Principles of Personal and Family Welfare” by President Thomas S. Monson Second Councilor in the First Presidency

-“Today, many have forgotten the value of work. Some falsely believe that the highest goal in life is to achieve a condition in which one no longer needs to work.” (First Presidency Message September 1986 Ensign “Guiding Principles of Personal and Family Welfare by President Thomas S. Monson Second Councilor in the First Presidency

-“Let us hearken to the counsel given by President Stephen L Richards in 1939: “We have always dignified work and reproved idleness. Our books, our sermons, our leaders, including particularly our present President, have glorified industry. The busy hive of the honeybee Deseret—has been our emblem. Work with faith is a cardinal point of our theological doctrine, and our future state—our heaven—is envisioned in terms of eternal progression through constant labor.” (In Conference Report, Oct. 1939, p. 65.) (First Presidency Message September 1986 Ensign “Guiding Principles of Personal and Family Welfare by President Thomas S. Monson Second Councilor in the First Presidency

-“Self-reliance is a product of our work and under-girds all other welfare practices. It is an essential element in our spiritual as well as our temporal well-being. Regarding this principle, President Marion G. Romney has said: “Let us work for what we need. Let us be self-reliant and independent. Salvation can be obtained on no other principle. Salvation is an individual matter, and we must work out our own salvation in temporal as well as in spiritual things.” (In Welfare Services Meeting Report, 2 Oct. 1976, p. 13.) (First Presidency Message September 1986 Ensign “Guiding Principles of Personal and Family Welfare by President Thomas S. Monson Second Councilor in the First Presidency

-“President Spencer W. Kimball further taught concerning self-reliance: “The responsibility for each person’s social, emotional, spiritual, physical, or economic well-being rests first upon himself, second upon his family, and third upon the Church if he is a faithful member thereof.

“No true Latter-day Saint, while physically or emotionally able, will voluntarily shift the burden of his own or his family’s well-being to someone else.” (Ensign, Nov. 1977, p. 77.) (First Presidency Message September 1986 Ensign “Guiding Principles of Personal and Family Welfare by President Thomas S. Monson Second Councilor in the First Presidency

-“Perhaps no counsel has been repeated more often than how to manage wisely our income. Consumer debt in some nations of the world is at staggering levels. Too many in the Church have failed to avoid unnecessary debt. They have little, if any, financial reserve. The solution is to budget, to live within our means, and to save some for the future.” (First Presidency Message September 1986 Ensign “Guiding Principles of Personal and Family Welfare by President Thomas S. Monson Second Councilor in the First Presidency

-“President J. Reuben Clark, Jr.:

“It is the rule of our financial and economic life in all the world that interest is to be paid on borrowed money. May I say something about interest?

“Interest never sleeps nor sickens nor dies; it never goes to the hospital; it works on Sundays and holidays; it never takes a vacation; it never visits nor travels; it takes no pleasure; it is never laid off work nor discharged from employment; it never works on reduced hours. … Once in debt, interest is your companion every minute of the day and night; you cannot shun it or slip away from it; you cannot dismiss it; it yields neither to entreaties, demands, or orders; and whenever you get in its way or cross its course or fail to meet its demands, it crushes you.” (In Conference Report, Apr. 1938, p. 103.)” (First Presidency Message September 1986 Ensign “Guiding Principles of Personal and Family Welfare by President Thomas S. Monson Second Councilor in the First Presidency

-“I remember as a young bishop receiving a telephone call from the hospital late one night wherein I was informed that a widow in my ward had passed away. I went to the hospital and there obtained the key to her apartment. A note had been left that this was the procedure I was to follow. As I entered her humble basement apartment, I turned on the light and went to the little table which was in the small living room. There on the table were two Alka Seltzer bottles with a note beneath them. The bottles were filled with quarters. This sweet little widow, Kathleen McKee, with no relatives surviving her, had written this note: “Bishop, here is my fast offering. I am square with the Lord.”” (First Presidency Message September 1986 Ensign “Guiding Principles of Personal and Family Welfare by President Thomas S. Monson Second Councilor in the First Presidency

-“Recent surveys of Church members have shown a serious erosion in the number of families who have a years supply of life’s necessities. Most members plan to do it. Too few have begun. We must sense again the spirit of the persistent instruction given by Elder Harold B. Lee as he spoke to the members in 1943: “Again there came counsel in 1942. … ‘We renew our counsel, said the leaders of the Church, and repeat our instruction: Let every Latter-day Saint that has land, produce some valuable essential foodstuff thereon and then preserve it.’ … Let me ask you leaders who are here today: In 1937 did you store in your own basements and in your own private storehouses and granaries sufficient for a year’s supply? You city dwellers, did you in 1942 heed what was said from this stand?” (In Conference Report, April 1943, p. 127.)” (First Presidency Message September 1986 Ensign “Guiding Principles of Personal and Family Welfare by President Thomas S. Monson Second Councilor in the First Presidency

-“President Ezra Taft Benson, wherein he has given specific suggestions for putting these teachings into action:

“From the standpoint of food production, storage, handling, and the Lord’s counsel, wheat should have high priority. … Water, of course, is essential. Other basics could include honey or sugar, legumes, milk products or substitutes, and salt or its equivalent. The revelation to produce and store food may be as essential to our temporal welfare today as boarding the ark was to the people in the days of Noah.” (Ensign, Nov. 1980, p. 33.)” (First Presidency Message September 1986 Ensign “Guiding Principles of Personal and Family Welfare by President Thomas S. Monson Second Councilor in the First Presidency

-“the best storehouse system that the Church could devise would be for every family to store a year’s supply of needed food, clothing, and, where possible, the other necessities of life.” (*store more than just food) (First Presidency Message September 1986 Ensign “Guiding Principles of Personal and Family Welfare by President Thomas S. Monson Second Councilor in the First Presidency

-” It is our sacred duty to care for our families, including our extended families. Often we see what might be called parent neglect. Too frequently, the emotional, social, and, in some instances, even the material essentials are not provided by children for their aged parents. This is displeasing to the Lord. It is difficult to understand how one mother can take care of seven children more easily than seven children can take care of one mother.” (First Presidency Message September 1986 Ensign “Guiding Principles of Personal and Family Welfare by President Thomas S. Monson Second Councilor in the First Presidency

-““The prime responsibility for supporting an aged parent rests upon [the] family, not upon society. … The family which refuses to keep its own is not meeting its duty.” (In Conference Report, April 1938, p. 107.)” (First Presidency Message September 1986 Ensign “Guiding Principles of Personal and Family Welfare by President Thomas S. Monson Second Councilor in the First Presidency

-“President Stephen L Richards gave an inspired appeal as he rallied members with these sentiments: “How can sons and daughters who owe everything they have—their education, their ideals of life, their capacity to acquire independent living and their characters—to parents who have worked, sacrificed, prayed, wept, and striven for them to the exhaustion of their bodies and their energies be parties to a scheme which would make their fathers and mothers the objects of charity and cast the burden of their support on the community and stigmatize them with the loss of independence and self-respect. …

“I think my food would choke me if I knew that while I could procure bread my aged father or mother or near kin were on public relief.” (In Conference Report, Oct. 1944, p. 138.) (First Presidency Message September 1986 Ensign “Guiding Principles of Personal and Family Welfare by President Thomas S. Monson Second Councilor in the First Presidency

-“I wish to stress is the proper use of Church resources. The Lord’s storehouse includes the time, talents, skills, compassion, consecrated material, and financial means of faithful Church members. These resources are available to the bishop in assisting those in need. Our bishops have the responsibility to learn how to use these resources properly.

May I suggest five basic guidelines: First, bishops are to seek out the poor as the Lord has commanded and administer to their needs. Do not suppose that someone else will do it. It is a bishop’s priesthood duty. He may call on members to assist, but he is responsible.

Second, bishops should thoroughly analyze the circumstances surrounding each need for welfare assistance. He wisely calls on his Relief Society president to assist in the evaluation. He exercises discernment, sound judgment, balance, and compassion. Church resources represent a sacred trust which becomes even more sacred as the bishop properly applies these resources in blessing the lives of others.

Third, those receiving welfare assistance should work to the extent of their abilities for that which is received. There are many creative ways leaders can provide work opportunities. With help from their welfare services committees, bishops will want to provide that work which will enhance the recipient’s efforts to become self-reliant.

Fourth, the assistance given by the bishop is temporary and partial. Remember, Church assistance is designed to help people help themselves. The rehabilitation of members is the responsibility of the individual and the family, aided by the priesthood quorum and Relief Society. We are attempting to develop independence, not dependence. The bishop seeks to build integrity, self-respect, dignity, and soundness of character in each person assisted, leading to complete self-sufficiency.

Fifth, we assist with basic life-sustaining goods and services, not the maintenance of current living standards. Individuals and families may need to alter their standards of living in doing all they can to meet their own needs. A church dole would be worse than a government dole because it would fail in the face of greater light. Church practices portray more honorable aims, more glorious potential. Faithful compliance with these revealed welfare principles and practices have preserved lives in times of crises.”

(First Presidency Message September 1986 Ensign “Guiding Principles of Personal and Family Welfare by President Thomas S. Monson Second Councilor in the First Presidency

-“Our rate of annual increase for the period from 1970 to 1978 in total fast-offering assistance was 15 percent. Then we had a little upset in our economy, and the rate last year jumped to 32.5 percent.

We look even worse when we examine total commodity assistance. For the period 1970–78, the annual rate of increase in commodity assistance was 11.3 percent. Last year, the rate was a disastrous 53.5 percent. A little dip in the economy found the membership without oil for their lamps. Immediately it was necessary for those not adequately prepared to turn to the Church for assistance.

The results indicate that training of families in basic principles of self-reliance and independence over the past years has not been as effective as it should have been.

With such alarming results we must remind ourselves that the Church welfare system was never designed or intended to care for the healthy member who, as a result of his poor management or lack of preparation, has found himself in difficulty. It was designed to assist the membership in case of a large, physical disaster, such as an earthquake or a flood. It was designed to assist the ill, the injured, the incapacitated, and to rehabilitate them to a productive life. In far too many cases, members who should be making use of their own preparedness provisions are finding that there is nothing there and that they have to turn to the Church.” (L Tom Perry Assistant to The Quorum of the 12 Apostles (*now an Apostle), April Ensign 1981″The Need to Teach Personal and Family Preparedness”

-“What has created the problem of placing such a heavy burden on the Church to supply our welfare needs? My analysis of this problem would lead me to believe that, as leaders, we have spent far too much time in administering relief and far too little in prevention by having our families prepared to administer to their own needs. It is time to teach the basics—again. It is time to make the number one priority of our welfare efforts personal and family preparedness. We must prepare now so that in time of need more of our members will be able to draw upon their own preparedness and not have to seek assistance from the Church.” (L Tom Perry Assistant to The Quorum of the 12 Apostles (*now an Apostle), April Ensign 1981″The Need to Teach Personal and Family Preparedness”

-“I like the story of the old man in nineteenth-century New Hampshire who treasured his independence and self-reliance above all else in his life. He accounted it true Christianity that he cared for his own and helped others, and fiercely resisted the notion that he ought to accept help from any other mortal. (*A man is born to work FOR HIMSELF!) When his aged wife died, he buried her himself, then dug his own grave and laid in it his open, homemade coffin. “When my time is coming,” he said, “I’ll climb in the box and fold my arms over my chest. Won’t be no bother to no one. They can just nail down the lid and push in the dirt.”” (L Tom Perry Assistant to The Quorum of the 12 Apostles (*now an Apostle), April Ensign 1981″The Need to Teach Personal and Family Preparedness”

-“President Marion G. Romney has said so often: “No self-respecting Church member will voluntarily shift the responsibility for his own maintenance to another. Furthermore, a man not only has the responsibility to care for himself; he also has the responsibility to care for his family.” (The Basics of Church Welfare, address to the Priesthood Board, 6 Mar. 1974, p. 2.)” (L Tom Perry Assistant to The Quorum of the 12 Apostles (*now an Apostle), April Ensign 1981″The Need to Teach Personal and Family Preparedness”

-“The home must be the heart of the welfare program. We must focus our training of personal and family preparedness to reach the family organization. We must teach that every family should be headed by an executive committee comprised of a husband and wife who will set aside sufficient time to plan for their family needs. If it is a single-parent family or an individual living alone, there is still need to organize time and thought to establish goals for meeting needs.

It must start here.” (L Tom Perry Assistant to The Quorum of the 12 Apostles (*now an Apostle), April Ensign 1981″The Need to Teach Personal and Family Preparedness”

-“Personal and family preparedness planning must begin with the family executive committee. Planning must be tailored to fit the circumstances of each family. Consideration must be given to their unique requirements in career development, financial and resource management, education, physical health, home production and storage, and social, emotional, and spiritual strength.

Each family organization should include a family council comprised of all members of the family unit. Here the basic responsibilities of the family organization can be taught to the children. They can learn how to make decisions and act upon those decisions. Too many are growing to marriageable age unprepared for this responsibility. Work ethics and self-preparedness can be taught in a most effective way in a family council. President J. Reuben Clark, Jr., has paraphrased an old statement. “‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,’” he would say. “But all play and no work makes Jack a useless boy.” (As quoted by Harold B. Lee, “Administering True Charity,” address delivered at the welfare agricultural meeting, 5 Oct. 1968.)” (L Tom Perry Assistant to The Quorum of the 12 Apostles (*now an Apostle), April Ensign 1981″The Need to Teach Personal and Family Preparedness”




Chapter The Anti-Socialist: Applied Fields







Reality is the only escape from reality

(You must work your way out of your problems rather than averting the responsibility for your success somewhere else)


Is it a reflection of the socialist  trend to have children with no duties? To not require them to perform, to grow up, to love duty and accomplishment? Many call for children only to play. Many seek to eliminate all consequences. Many say the parent should not have authority but should only be a subtle mentor. I say let the parent preach the gospel in its fullness to his children, including the doctrines of industry and thrift.

Further the antisocialist parent will not seek to avoid his share of work in the home. He will cook and clean and teach and play and do all things needed. He will ensure sufficient funds and satisfaction are common in his household.

Let it be remembered that a parent must take into account the tender feelings of children, and their inability to perform with exactness every command, unlike what could be expected of an adult.

May the parent consider that he is, like every other field, constantly observed by a panel of judges. In the parent is in the household of faith, the parent must be accountable to every just standard.  This being said, let the parent not slacken his arm, and let the parent grant not only justice, but mercy. May the parent know that the child develops slowly across the years, and thus patience is to be afforded.

The spirit of freedom or capitalism also requires giving agreeable rewards for one’s contributions, and the Chou e to contribute a lot or a little based on one’s desire for reward. It suggests that things and privileges should rarely be given for free (though feeding and love are inherent rights of children to receive from parents). A parent should reward a child by positive compliments for their good behaviors and may even consider giving money as reward for various duties, as money is the expression of choice, meaning they can choose their most desired activity with the money they accumulate. It also follows that giving a “free allowance” which one does nothing to merit is an unjust and terrible idea which creates in one’s soul a dance of enti1 QQ P 371tlement that shall greatly hinder them in life. One of children’s favorite rewards is time playing with parents.

Though parenting brings life’s sweetest experiences, it can at times be wearying. It can seem like giving without receiving. The parent must remember the spiritual nature of parenting, and apply unto God for peace in this life, and eternal life in the life to come. The perspective of the latter-day saint reached far past the scope of this life, and sees the crosses of this life are the crowns of the next.


Another way to not be a socialist is to get your work done and do it early. All things assigned to you. There is no reason why you can’t get As. You have plenty of time, you just waste it on micromanaging the kids or the house etc. Be a good business man and have all things organized in your business. Your desk is where you work, and you get work done at your desk. Work enough to make a fire there. I must spend hours a day in school, organizing it myself, for their weak requirements will not bring good grades. They don’t know how to give appropriate assignments etc. The starting gun has shot, the race has begun.  All things else must be minimized. Whatever your business is, you must take it seriously. You can begin side businesses if your business isn’t demanding enough.


False doctrines in religious culture teach irresponsibility with money, and not full commitment to one’s career. Yes, family and charity, but also fully industry and thrift. Honest work to produce and give quality product is how we help the world. We are Atlas, not the freeloaders. When we say the word mercy the word repentance should be right behind it. We do not seek to enable freeloaders, we seek to remediate them.


To go to school as a commitment an investment of time it’s like taking out a Financial loan but instead of dollars your promising time they’ll give you the degree but you have to give time so you have to spend the time to do what is required if you spend your time and other things postponing the payment of time then you will fail you can only use I’m in other things if you are on top of the schedule of payments toward the commitment of school time further this method of staying in front of the payment instead of behind it is the way to eliminate much of the anxiety and the anxiety prohibits learning and learning in the end is what you must do to succeed in that field.
School is a special season wherein one drives hard as ever at a thing, then it ends. One makes that course his business and does everything in his power to make that business thrive.  That is the main thing in his world at that time. Remember that career related things which school is, takes precedence over church service etc. A man has chars her who works hard to be good at what he does. He owns it and will not trade it away but takes pride in it.





Chapter Government essay unfinished


There’s a great need to Chris the personal essay section of the Government book which is quite non-existent at this point I do have a match to say on the subject for example


we do need to write about the need to have universal laws there’s a punishment for stealing a candy bar at $100 fine whether you are an old grandma or Bill Gates whether you’re rich or poor it’s the same price for breaking that law and the fees for breaking the law that $100 Goes To Who It goes to the store owner does not go to the government the government’s income is from taxation any criminal charges go all 100% to the injured person or company and so is Bill Gates likes to spend his time stealing candy bars because that’s just how it’s convenient for him to live his life and it doesn’t matter that it’s a high cost and so be at the welcome to continue to do so because it’s profitable for the store owner the store owner recognizes that there’s two ways people can have his product they can pay his price or they can pay the stealing price either way the store owner is going to be earning money

Also if you’re trespassing on my property I don’t care if it was an accident or not you need to leave and if you will not leave I have the right to get the police to come and escort you are there you go by choice or forcefully it’s up to you but you will go even if that the point of done you will go. In basketball, a foul is a foul weather it was intentional or not.





Chapter The Perfect Law of Liberty by Marion G. Romney – Lecture Highlights short, add more romney




-Joseph Smith though captive in almost every other way, enjoyed the liberty of the soul. He was persecuted like Paul.

-Don’t rely on the government to take care of you. Use your own skill and industry to become independent.

-Ancient Israel in the Book of Genesis failed to use their own thrift and industry to prepare for a time of need, and had to hence buy food for the government until they ran out of food, then they sold themselves as slaves to the government for food when they ran out of money.

-Choices we make can give us more or less liberty. Those who get addicted to things loose liberty.



Chapter Annual Overviews by Joel Skousen (no 18 or 19)





This lecture from Joel Skousen summarizing 2020 answers lots of questions, political, moral, and otherwise. The first half is mainly about the phony virus and election fraud, but he gives the big picture of the globalist conspiracy. In the last parts he goes into how we need to take better care of our health to qualify for word of wisdom blessings, how we can better listen to conscience, homeschooling, and other important things. My notes are shared with his permission.


These are my notes and do not represent the complete message presented. For the full lecture, see


The Soviet Union never fell it went underground there were orders to stand down and let the rioting take place

Chinese leader said we’re not going to make the same mistakes as the Nazis when we crush the Americans we’re going to be ruthless kill as many as we can with biological weapons

There’s the American conspiracy of Russian conspiracy and Chinese conspiracy all of these are inspired by Satan and all of them are promised that they’re going to win

The Chinese are the most ruthless in their conspiracy but the American globalists are the most sophisticated in theirs

the American conspiracy is going to tell you that you’re free when you’re locked up just like the virus mandates they say that it’s for your health and safety but it has nothing to do with that it’s to take control

9/11 was an American globalist conspiracy from preloading the buildings with explosives to training false pilots in Sesna airplanes. Their plans were switched out to more sophisticated pilots. And why was everything covered up? If it was an independent terror attack they wouldn’t have covered it up they covered it up because it was a government operation

The CDC has admitted they do not they have not isolated the virus so how do you create a test for a virus you have not isolated.

there was a big PR meeting with all the heads of the vaccine companies saying it was 94% effective they don’t know that and the CEO of one of these is in his 30s how did he get there.

If it’s 95% effective why do we need several doses it’s because there were so many adverse side effects that to avoid rebellion of the public they cut the dose by half then by fourth etc.

at 50% strength 80% had adverse side effects and at 100% strength 100% had adverse side effects

the drug companies get tons of money from the government because they’re making it for doses instead of one

before the election the globalists said Trump would think he is winning but the Democrats would come from behind and win and that’s exactly what happened they knew that because they made it happen

Every time Obama spoke it was on Prime Time all of the programs were canceled same for George W bush but never for Trump.

this speech Trump gave of detailing election fraud was only aired on Facebook and most media outlets didn’t even mention that he gave the speech they didn’t want people going and looking it up for themselves

Millions of illegal aliens and dead people were registered to vote

Trump’s legal team run by Rudy Giuliani his deep state he did much cover up of 9/11. A new building 7 was coming down but he did not warn the firefighters the retired firefighters of New York hate him because they know he knew.

Back when Romney was running for president six Democratic newspapers came out supporting John McCain for Republican president because they didn’t want Romney. This was back before Romney became bad. He’s not completely globalist but he is trying to impress the establishment. Be compromised on homosexuality medical Care socialism welfare etc to be a governor.

Trump correctly blamed Obama Bush etc for being easy on North Korea but then he went and did it himself and now he’s responsible for them having their intercontinental weapons.

Trump rejected TPP but let all that same stuff into the USMC

Trump’s instincts are good he wants to make America great again but he didn’t have any of the tools to do it and he was easily won over by flattery

Trump went into the White House knowing zero conservatives so he had to go fill 4,000 jobs in the west wing of the White House without knowing anyone

Christopher Ray the replacement of James Comey is also deep State because he was involved in the 9/11 cover-up. Call me was betraying Trump on the Russia investigation and was fired but this new guy is not good either.

Brett Kavanaugh is deep State he covered up the Vince Foster murder he was in charge of intimidating the witnesses to change their story.

John Roberts is deep State whenever there’s a crucial case he always votes the wrong way he gets that phone call in the night you have to pull another favor for me John. he gets in because he portrays himself as a conservative but they have dirt on all the justices. Except Barrett but she is mainstream she’s never voted against any big corporation and she goes with the government every time.

to drain the swamp you would have to get the NSA to spy on people to catch them  plotting against the government

Millions of votes for Trump specifically in the swing states were removed and in addition hundreds of thousands were flipped. The data showed the tally went up for Biden directly proportional to how the tally went down for Trump. This was seen in the Edison data.

Boats coming in through the postal Service get shuffled but yet we see in the data lump after lump for Biden indicating they were directly inserting this rather than things getting shuffled. This happened in four states.

Fox news announced Virginia for Biden even before the bumps for Biden in that state Trump was ahead and Fox news called it for Biden and only later were major inserts of that ballots for Biden inserted.

In Georgia we have surveillance footage of an organizer telling the ballot counters were done for the day go home they leave and 2 minutes later the organizer lady and three of her minions pull out massive suitcases from under a covered table frantically and start processing all the ballots in them. The time stamp from these indicates all or mostly Biden.

The media talking point is that there is no evidence of vote fraud.

In Utah the worst propaganda is KSL
it’s top secret at KSL who’s actually writing the stories you try to look it up they only tell you the talking heads.
Those writing the scripts are hardcore leftists.

in Democratic states where they didn’t need as much vote fraud they didn’t use it this made it harder to trace

Sean Hannity is a conspiracy denier

Tucker Carlson won’t talk about the conspiracy or he’ll get fired

O’Reilly fired for sexual allegations was a avid conspiracy denier

Rush Limbaugh used to talk about conspiracy before he got the big million dollar contract. the radio station was bought out and the next day his listeners who were used to him talking about conspiracy suddenly heard him denying conspiracy and yelling at anyone who brought it up.

the deep State lets you think that the Democratic party is the Boogeyman but never lets you know that the deep state is in charge of both political parties at the higher levels

Details how the real evidence didn’t get into the court cases

General Michael Flynn is a great guy but too optimistic about Trump winning there’s no chance the federal case on election fraud will win because none of the evidence was even brought to the minor courts

The Kate Dally radio station is excellent.

Gary Herbert is a mainstream hack afraid to say anything against the mainstream even though his son Nathan informs him he chooses to reject all of that.

we can’t declare martial law and arrest a bunch of people because we don’t have the names of who initiated all this voter fraud

The military flat out ignored Trump’s orders to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. when he wanted to pull troops out of Syria they lied to him and told him there were none or there weren’t very many.

Nothing Q has said has ever come to pass and he is always cryptic but real conservatives are not cryptic they’re straightforward and honest. He claims to talk to the NSA etc. monthly but anyone who would do that and release information would be caught. when this stuff is allowed to continue it means it’s disinformation too good to be true.

The national war college system which picks the top generals is a very globalist system they don’t let you become a general when you’re not a globalist. You don’t even get past Colonel if you become known as someone who doesn’t approve of this stuff so no there’s not going to be a military coup against the globalists and against Biden.

The coronavirus scandals are more of a threat than election fraud because even if Trump wins he’s not going to do much he didn’t do much in his first four years every time his intelligence told him about Syria and Iran he fell for it and he unjustifiably attacked Syria three times.

General Soleimani was not the greatest terrorist he was in charge of fighting us backed terrorism. United States created ISIS. The United States took United States funded terrorists in Syria and told about 50% of them your name is now ISIS go create trouble. Deep state in Germany France etc were in charge of the Paris attack etc.

We won the war in Iraq by buying off the opposition pallet loads of $100 bills and we refused to leave Iraq so they hate us.we bought off the drug lords and since the US has been in charge the drug problem has increased tenfold.

In Mosul the United States surrounded ISIS but left the path for them to escape and they have footage of this and us helicopters coming in rescuing ISIS leaders and taking them away.

us hired 50 semi trucks to go into Racca and save the families of Isis and their heavy weapons, they took them back to Syria and reintegrated them with the Syrian

Israelis were buying isis oil the Russians sent in fighter jets and bombed the tankers of the fuel and said to America this is what you should be doing if you really want to fight isis but the media never told us about this . Later after that the US did bomb and oil convoy but sent out leaflets warning them all that the bomb was coming so they all got out of the way that’s the last time that the US did that bombing of the isis oil supply.

Trump wanted to stop birthright citizenship there’s no reason to have that policy it just encourages more illegal aliens but Trump got pushed back from Paul Ryan and others so he backed off. Trump has good instincts but he doesn’t have the legal arguments to back those up.

Kamala Harris is a radical leftist who slept her way to power.

Democrats want Puerto Rico and DC as new States so they get four more Democratic senators a permanent majority in the Senate that we cannot overcome.

The corona emergency orders are flatly unconstitutional and there’s been no court case challenging that. Fundamental rights enumerated in the Constitution are being nullified from the words of a governor.

Though some have challenged aspects of the emergency powers no one has challenged the fact that the emergency Powers themselves are unconstitutional
This is because in Lost world they teach case law and lawyers are terrified against going up years and years of case law.

in a raw democracy the legislature has power to legislate away your fundamental rights but not so in a constitutional republic

On one occasion the governor’s emergency order was ruled unconstitutional so he just tweaked it a little bit and released another emergency order and it has not yet come to trial they’re taking their time getting to those trials

the Constitution is dead because they can violate any right they want and the courts support it

They’ve  stopped us from going to church from protests from speaking freely therefore the Constitution is gone.

The Highland City Hall wouldn’t tolerate these meetings anymore so now it’s a different location this briefing by Joel Skousen today

the masks will never go away

No one’s doing autopsies to see why people are having completely different reactions to the virus

Some students at Johns Hopkins published a paper showing the death rate in 2018-2019 and 2020 were all basically the same within a few thousand

Where are all these supposed Corona deaths coming from for one there’s zero flu deaths and less heart attack deaths last diabetes deaths pure pneumonia etc it’s all being labeled as COVID

An interviewer on KSL representing IHC said they aren’t getting more money because of the virus cases when in reality they get $11,000 for virus case and around $30,000 when they put someone on a virus on a ventilator. He said they’re actually losing money well obviously they are losing money because they’re shutting down all the other procedures that they could be doing stupidly.

If 2 million have died from COVID we should have 2 million excess deaths this year than other years in addition to all the other causes

The PCR test original designer said you should never use it to diagnose because it amplifies if something matches the primer RNA but the primer RNA is not covid-19 it’s a generic mix of all coronaviruses. So when you test positive you usually just had a cold or something and 90% of positive cases have no symptoms and those who do have symptoms are usually mild.

the fearmonger by saying the hospitals are at 80% capacity but they were at 80% capacity in 2019 and 18 as well they’re always at 80 at flu season

most of you think you are healthy you are walking healthy but you don’t know if you’re healthy until you run a long distance and see if your body complains.

The word of wisdom says you will be able to walk and not be weary and run and not faint but how can you have those two blessings if you never run and never walk.

In the 1980s is when autism and other autoimmune disorders really skyrocketed and what else came out in the 1980s it was this extended list of all the vaccines they wanted babies and hospitals and children’s at schools to have. The vaccines create these autoimmune diseases your body tries to fight off the germs heavy metals and animal parts in them among other things. they are specially dangerous to babies and young people who don’t have the developed immune system to combat these toxins. It should be criminal to give vaccines to babies. SIDS sudden infant death syndrome they get a vaccine in the next day they’re dead in their crib. Doctors are trained to deny vaccines had anything to do with it.





The main ads on television are cars and drugs for the drugs they have to list all the side effects in the commercial cost them millions of dollars for that time but they do it to get immunity and in the ad they have all these smiling faces and say ask your doctor if it’s right for you they know people will buy it.

The hypocrisy is that if a vitamin or herb shows one tiny side effect the FDA will ban it.

vaccine immunity is not as strong as natural immunity and it does not last as long.

Joel skousen is 74 years old and never gets the cold or flu. if he ever does start to feel a little bit of sniffles he takes a couple thousand milligrams of vitamin C and it’s gone within an hour. this is what happens when you have a good immune system you eat healthy you exercise regularly you eat organic foods. You should do strong cardiovascular exercise two or three times a week.

Bill Gates prophesied that the next pandemic that’s coming is going to be much worse than this one. They’re producing it in a lab as we speak just like they produce this one in a lab.

The plagues prophesied of in the Bible and doctrine and covenants are not God made plagues it’s God knowing that man will make biological weapon plagues which will get worse and worse.

the conscience gives little promptings all day long to discipline your children not take an extra portion go out and exercise not spend extra money. To get up to go help your wife.

When you ignore your conscience you’re telling Christ to get lost. at the final judgment before you and Grace Christ and tell him how much you love him he’s going to ask you to tell him why you told him to get lost 150,000 times.

One of the most pernicious doctrines in all of religion is unconditional love. we don’t need more comfort in our religious speeches we need more get up and go listen to conscience listen to the promptings.

90% of all promptings you get are about temporal affairs it is through these that you learn to school your self control. It’s through your temporal affairs that you prove to the Lord that you want to listen to what he wants to tell you.

Show the Lord that you will listen when he prompts your conscience so that when bureaucrats are coming to take away your children you can get that prompting ahead of time.

it’s so difficult to listen to conscience because it comes in your own grammar it sounds like you talking to yourself.

Conscience is the receptor between the two the shoulder Angel and the shoulder devil it tells you which signals are from the angel which signals are from the Devil and signs will never prove conscience but you all know it is there

There are three voices in your head and they all sound like you there’s the devil voice the angel voice and your voice and it’s not easy to discern between them but you must and the way to tell is peace

The warning of conscience can be a fleeting second in and out.

Conscience tells you to pick up trash on the ground it tells you to put your tool back where it goes it tells you to do homework instead of play

Want to start to listen to promptings you won’t believe how many more promptings you will get

the Lord really is interested in your perfection don’t say someday

all of the covenants involve complete submissiveness to the Lord the blessing is protection of the heart.

The law just gets you in the ballpark it’s just the beginning that’s why Paul says the law means nothing to me I don’t disregard the law but there’s so much more than that

over time you will feel that things you used to approve of are not quite right not quite up to the standard of the Lord

it’s not a temple recommended that shows if you are in good graces with the Lord It’s whether or not you respond to promptings he gives you

listen to the little temporal signals and then you will get the large spiritual things

The vaccine will become the new way in which you are denied access to society

The government won’t even have to mandate it the airports will the companies will Amazon will your boss will etc. It’ll slowly squeeze you out of society.

The online public School did not work because there was no discipline kids weren’t paying attention they were playing.

Universities are now requiring it as well.
He said that means for my kids no more University time to learn to be entrepreneurs and beat the system the sooner the better.

The low temperature is a key indicator of hypothyroid but the doctors won’t accept this hypothyroid you need real thyroid.

The difference between homeschooled and public schools if you go to shake their hand the homeschooled will look you in the eye but the public school will not the public schools compartmentalize into these grades where they say you’re inferior in these lower grades and oh I can’t talk to you you’re 15 months older than me. In homeschool they deal with adults all day and this is great.

You need to conscience-based discipline not a rule-based because there’s no way you can think of enough rules. He hardly had to do any discipline for his children in their teenage years.

discipline them according to how they were feeling how they were warned how they were prompted. When they throw a ball in the living room it breaks a lamp tell them now didn’t you have a bad feeling about that before you did it that’s why you’re getting disciplined is because you disregarded that bad feeling. ask them what they think they should be doing and what they feel comfortable about.

his kids would learn a foreign language and they would send them to that country for a while and they would love it they could trust them at that country because they’d taught them to listen to their conscience.

In England leaders of the brexit movement had their bank accounts closed for 3 months be prepared for that
You could be identified as someone who believes in conspiracy etc someone who questions the vaccine etc and they can close your bank account

Boycott Facebook don’t use Google for searches

You can’t find anything on a Google search about vaccine damage

DuckDuckGo has started to censor too

Resist the mask wherever possible when you go into a Walmart don’t wear a mask if they ask you if you want to mask say no thank you I’m healthy I’m not a threat to anyone if they make you put one on do so and after you walk away from them take it off show them that you’re resisting this try to find stores that don’t enforce it Costco is the worst. If they say it’s the governor’s requirement tell them that mandate is illegal because the legislature refused to extend it

you need to have generators and solar because there’s going to be no electricity for 6 months when the EMP strike happens with the war with China and Russia that will likely come in the later half of this decade when they’re ready with all their weapons etc


the LDS community doesn’t have food storage; less than 2% have a year and less than 10% have any significant amount of food


you have to learn how to leave The Establishment little by little


eventually you’re not going to be able to fly internationally and probably eventually locally you won’t be able to fly either if you’re young enough to get a pilot’s license get a pilot’s license so you can bypass that


they might say you need the vaccine to drive at some point, so at that point he’s probably just going to break the law and hope he doesn’t get caught and be prepared to go to court about this stuff


he has a little family farm it’s good living and it’s not rocket science but it takes experience; crops fail animals die

Don’t get into sharing your food storage you may as well not prepare at all because in a few weeks you’ll have nothing people need to have the consequence of disregarding counsel of not preparing


he keeps some extra rice to share with some people but there’s limits

Having barter items will be very important someday when they cut off cash we are already heading for digital and it’s easy for them to shut you off digitally when you’re not compliant

See his book 10 packs for survival and others.

You’ll need a concealment room somewhere because in world war III those who believe in conspiracy and corruption of government will be the Jews of world war III
So be prepared to hide yourself and others for when they come with the mark of the beast card, vaccine mandates, etc.





I suggest you watch the lecture and the Q&A session at the end.
Watch this lecture by using this URL:
At the video URL, you will find a full transcript of the lecture.

-Las Vegas shooting exposed, multi-shooters, various loopholes in what we’ve been told. Shows power of the deep state, a powerful cover-up, more so than some of the greatest. Witnesses dying from recent car accidents. Why didn’t they cover the other venues attacked on the same day?
-How they could use N Korea as an excuse for WW3.
-Trump as devastating new world order, but instable and not to be relied upon. Specifics pointed out.
-Trump has made the media show their true colors; media used to play neutral, but they’re now not even hiding their blatant anti-Trump.
-Government funding Syrian rebels, then took 50,000 and told them you are Isis. This large of an organization couldn’t happen with a grassroots word of mouth situation.
-9/11 started as an excuse to intervene in your personal life.
-JFK files released have been purged since they knew long ago that they would eventually be released.
-MLK Jr. collusions with communists and involvement in pornography in government locked files. has good info and good sources but the conclusions which they derive from that are often hyped up and wrong.
-must follow main stream news to see what the secret combination media and politicians are pushing to the people.; many are professional disinformation artists to make conservatives look bad by pushing false conservative materials; adhere to your conscience about what is disinformation
-Trump has good instincts but is often talked out of things. He hasn’t a conservative background to help him counter the sophisticated excuses people give him.
-Globalists are upset that Israel hasn’t attacked Iran yet, Syria needed by handled first, so the US attacked Syria 4 years ago to get things going under demise of chemical weapons being used by them. Propaganda made the chemical attack seem real, several large loop holes like wrong type of bullets they used in evidence pictures.
-a top level NSA analyst says when the CIA says “we have high levels of certainty” on an issue, they have no clue on it. When they do have evidence, they say “this is how it is” now “we have high certainty”. The Russia involvement with Trump is all false.
-thousands of people work in area 51, not 1 in the last 30 years has talked about what has gone on there; so it is possible for a large conspiracy to be operating; people get killed and their family and grandchildren get killed if they talk; they’ve covered up the 9/11 conspiracy this way too.
-if someone like Skousen was in the white house advising Trump he would be dead in 3 days. The people who knew things about the Vegas shooting keep dying in car crashes into trees off the side of the road.
-Trumpcare is 99% Obamacare.
-China has said twice now that if we preemptively attack North Korea they (China) will attack us. Trump’s threats to North Korea is something China and Russia aren’t ready for WW3 yet, so China is trying to get N Korea to stop intimidating the US. N Korea is a trigger event for WW3 based on the way the globalists have been treating them, i.e. by allowing them to have nuclear weapons. China and Russia still need to build their new military equipment to get ready for WW3 so they’re trying to hold off the N Korea war. They plan full production in this in 2020-2024. They won’t take on the US until they have this top of the line equipment in place.
-PDD60 Presidential Decision Directive 60 tells US missiles not to rely on launch on warning, but to absorb a nuclear attack then retaliate rather than stopping a first strike. Trump doesn’t even know about this. This is of course bad. Launch on warning is where we launch once they have launched so their missiles hit empty silos, and our (2nd fired) missiles hit actual targets, so the second person to launch wins in this scenario.
-China wants to take out the world power which is the US, so they’ll strike our military, not civilian targets in their first strike.
-the elite and CIA higher ups & FBI have big deep underground safe rooms in them since they know something is coming. They aren’t warning you though.
-Nov 1997 Arms Control Today magazine speaks of PDD60 which stops launch on warning, so we must absorb a first nuclear strike. It clearly says the military is not supposed to rely on launch on warning. The change is from winning a nuclear war to surviving one then retaliating.
-Russia and China have ability to do an EMP and they will do a nuke after that.
-the conservative are the permanent minority; the public schools lead people to the left; even BYU has taught socialism for 40 years; 30% of BYU students voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election; 40 years ago it would have only been about 3%; so many people are being preached liberalism, anti-conspiracy, anti-constitution
-the thing that keeps conservatives and Christians in the big cities is jobs. Those jobs are gone in wartime; so prepare a retreat or some relationship with someone in a rural area you can go to in this time. You’ll always have excuses about why to not prepare but the economy won’t get better just worse; they’re fudging the numbers. The time to prepare is now while things are available. Most living in Utah don’t need the strategic relocation guide book but those in big cities do.
-like the Jews in WW2, those who believe in conspiracy will be the targeted persons in WW3; like the Jews, prepare safe places.
-do solar, have generators, store fuel, grow gardens
-ham radios are cheap and easy to get the license, he recommends everyone do that
-ANTIFA are really most of them communists at their core; like how Hitler was on the left but they don’t want to own him so they put him on the right.
-stay away from bitcoin and crypto currency, its total speculation. Don’t try to make money through outright speculation. It will collapse someday, guaranteed.
-see for more of these videos
-even on fox news they all know you can’t touch conspiracy or you’re out.
-Hitler was deep into the occult; Satan sacrificed Hitler to put up Russia, and now Russia is being sacrificed to put up China.
-Endorse Hans Anderson; he isn’t into the development utopia demoralizing craze; everyone wants jobs and growth but growth has a real penalty
-the visions of glory book is from the devil, it is too much information, not even prophets today get that, there’s lots of true there but there’s always bad; the near death experience books too have a theme of going to heaven and no accountability, just Jesus saying everything is ok, and this is another doctrine of the devil; in these days it seems God has given much scripture and is now seeing how we will follow our conscience; if you have a dream or vision keep it to yourself since you don’t know if it’s true yet. Not every dream is from god.
-some say I’m getting wealthy it’s a blessing from God for my faith, well actually it’s a test.
-henry Kissinger had Richard Nixon on antidepressants so he could run the presidency behind his back
-Trumps cabinet are not loyal to him, and are globalists.
-Pence is sincere but folds quickly under pressure.
-N Korea has provoked war sufficiently to justify our attacking them; he said he is going to destroy us, so let’s declare war and get him.
-Satan in the preexistence was playing upon the fact that everyone knew life was going to be hard. The 1/3 fell because they thought they had already messed up to make it in life. Evil was allowed to come to earth, like Cain master mayhem a son of perdition before he was born, and Hitler and other every evil men, they didn’t have to accept the Savior to come to earth, they just had to accept the consequences of what would happen if they would come to earth then serve Satan. In public schools we rub shoulders with some very bad people and it surely does affect our children; if you want to save the world, stop sending your kids to public school. It does affect them even if you do family home evening.
-Spirits are predisposed; they look to earth and say ‘ah I want to do that when I go to earth!’ this innateness is what makes it hard for people to change.
-at the Second Coming of Christ, Skousen thinks the entire world will be under the control of Satan, and the Second Coming happens to save when nothing else can; Cleon Skousen thought North and South America would be a Zion, but Joel says only the New Jerusalem will not have war; that there will only be small pockets of liberty.
-if says if you’re faithful you shall not fear; that refers to not fearing for their salvation, but the torture and so forth will cause fear; the scripture also says that the 144,000 will cry day and night to God for deliverance in these days.
-those in the public schools who like it don’t see what’s going on with the morals and lack of discipline. Public schools aren’t our schools, they are the governments’ schools. You cannot undo the social contamination which occurs in public schools.
-Skousen homeschooled his children, they matured sexually later than most people since their minds were not contaminated with who is sleeping with who and all that from school;
-Skousen didn’t let his kids just go play; there must be a purpose, that is the way real life is; the neighbors would come say ‘can you go play?’ ‘play what?’ there must be a purpose, like building some things in the garage, etc.
-Skousen believes in disciplining his kids, not the disrespect which public school tolerates.
-Skousen homeschooled all of his children, and they turned out great, they were able to talk to adults before being sexualized; they were able to go to college at age 14, and become engineers etc. They started dating at an older age because they weren’t hypersexualized by public school, but when they did start dating they were mature, and they were using their young years to do productive things.
-a multicultural agenda to destroy us is bring in immigrants who don’t integrate and they go into ghettos. Certain cultures don’t mesh with western culture, Islamic culture in the way they treat women etc. is a culture that doesn’t mesh with our culture.
-in our declaration we say “indivisible” but being indivisible is a bad thing, you must have a way out if things get bad, or else you are like the Soviet Union.






For the video of this presentation, click here or use this URL:

-Obama said illegals who vote won’t be prosecuted; this calling for violation of law was an impeachable offence.
-When FBI director Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton saying that she was guilty but wasn’t going to be prosecuted, this helped her lose the election more than anything, everyone saw this and said “so it IS rigged!”
-high ranks in military you start to see problems and the answer is “top secret can’t tell you”; this is ideal ground for conspiracy to breed.
-Denver Colorado has a city underground the Denver airport; hundreds of black helicopters,
-if someone calls you and says they are an insider, well they wouldn’t tell you things because the phones are tapped, and people who say they have sources on the inside, they become people who are fed disinformation.
-book Dagger in the Heart; about CIA setting up Castro etc.
-globalists used communism to destroy the western world, then come in and save them so they could be the ones in power.
-Isis was born overnight and 50k strong because it was a name change, and the US is behind their setup. Further the US keeps letting Isis fighters escape in battles.
-penniless refugees get to Syria to fight for Isis by CIA funding
-JFK guards were ordered to not ride the bumper of the car JFK was in when assassinated, riding the bumper is standard procedure to protect the president. These guards were never required to testify who told them to do that because it was US high officials. Also coverup about where the kill shot was from one direction not another, see lecture for more on this and its importance. The autopsy doctors changed the autopsy too. They aren’t necessarily part of the conspiracy, they’re just told you and your family die if you don’t do this.
-Skousen trusts Ron Paul implicitly.
– J Reuben Clark said once you lose your liberty you never get it back without bloodshed
-the main reason for illegal immigration is to make sure the right never wins an election again; they get welfare and all vote for the left since the welfare comes from the left.
-the LDS is the only religious group which has scripture which warns them of secret combinations; though most of them are too interested about approval to admit the conspiracy.
-for illegal aliens, give them 6 months to pack up and leave with their belongings and families, then after the 6 months, anyone caught gets deported immediately and all they have taken.
-fight to win, prepare to loose.
-insurance is what makes costs go up; it’s a socialist program because it’s to get us prices for medical things to go up, then you say “ah we MUST have insurance!” so we think it’s a right and government must provide it; a 1300$ MRI has you do a co-pay of 300$. we say “ok i can handle 300”. The insurance pays the rest. No one is resisting the full price because of insurance! The reason the MRI doesn’t cost 300 is because of the insurance! We get to where we feel we need insurance then the government does it since it’s a need etc.
-doctors don’t know anything about internal medicine really; you must take your health into your own hands; eat right, exercise, etc.
-we live in a very complex society, that is why he writes the weekly World Affairs Brief, so we can see what’s going on from the conspiratorial point of view.
-all over DC, Denver, west desert of Utah, huge bunkers are being built. The globalists know China and Russia will attack, they’ll say they didn’t know; they’ll call for a global police force
-Russia and China always have the idea of attacking the west, but not destroying the west, just attacking and hurting so they can be in charge
-there are 30 million illegals here in the US
-they didn’t want Romney in because he is a good person, and if he sees evil, he will send troops rather than assassinate people who know about it. However Romney is still trying to please the establishment and would put in globalists as his people.
-Russia and China are building massive weapons at this time, and they won’t use them for peace. They want the US the bully as they say to go down. Just don’t go around telling people a certain date that things are going down.
-many know the truth and are knowledgeable, but God is not putting us in the front to make change because the US doesn’t deserve to be saved, we are already immoral beyond the point that we deserve to be saved.
-hundreds of times a day we are tested by promptings, no junk food, clean the yard, do the things that makes us better; when we ignore the promptings, we lose. Mormons are often the most obese people; those who exercise but also smoke and drink outside of the church look at the fat Mormons and say, ‘word of wisdom? hypocrites!’ Pop with or without caffeine, it doesn’t matter, it’s all junk food not to be had!
-economies never collapse without war; Argentina 2010 banking crashed but the people stored their own money and the economy survived; Soviet Union didn’t really collapse that was a fake collapse.
-the social security system robs us because of the inflation; they control the inflation too
-when the economy is about to collapse, the powers that be start a war and blame it on the war so they don’t look bad.
-cash is king at the beginning of war, they won’t be printing more
-when war is coming, cash out
-silver dollar is a heavy and recognized thing
-a major attack by North Korea, watch out you have about a week if that
-China controls North Korea; they keep a stupid leader in place there so that if a war happens they can blame it on the stupid NK leader
-the millennials voted in mass against Trump because of socialism taught in public schools; cutting remarks, badgering, bullying, other attitudes from public school can’t be avoided so pull them out of public school.
-teach kids to go to sleep on time, etc., a little military drills, they need some hard learning not enabling
-teach kids to not violate nervous feelings; conscience they must learn to follow; if they do something bad ask them ‘didn’t you feel nervous about doing that?’ and discipline them for not listening to conscience. if they say they are bored, ask them ‘don’t you have a feeling about something you could/should be doing?’ teach them to not violate their conscience. then they can resist peer pressure better even if they go to public schools
-people say of homeschooling, ‘do you want them to miss out on the social things?’ Yes, we do! That’s the very thing we are trying to avoid! Skousen’s 6 homeschooled kids all did find in marriage, finding a spouse etc. They become successful people, not overly saturated in the sexualization which schools push formally and socially. His home-schooled kids developed later than others in the dating scene etc. but that worked in their favor. They didn’t lack social skills, they just weren’t obsessed with dating in their early youth!
-hypnosis is something where Satan takes partial control of the brain “release, release” well it’s not right to release control of your mind!
-Alex Jones is sincere but is hyped up and without emotional and verbal control; he does have a good judgement of character usually.








Chapter Religious Freedom Presentation by the Church, 2013 – Lecture Highlights add comm



-freedom from religion doesn’t mean freedom from religion.

-It’s not right when others want to silence you because you don’t agree with them.

-If you can’t manifest your beliefs they lose a great deal of their meaning.

-Religious freedom is essential for human dignity, economy, and democracy.

-This film shows many reports of Christians being persecuted

-not being allowed to wear a cross at work,

-at Rutgers University not being able to require leaders of Christian clubs to be Christian

-graphs showing increase of religious restrictions

-forcing doctors to give abortion drugs even though the state could easily refer the people who want that elsewhere.

-Nashville at Vanderbilt University bans Christian groups from campus.

-In Nashville at Vanderbilt University Christian clubs are told to quit whining and meet in their homes like they do in communist China.

-Christians kicked off campus at Brown University

-Innkeepers and photographers sued for refusing to service some people against their religion

-New Mexico photographer’s religious freedom case goes to State Supreme Court

-one photographer fined 7,000 $ for not filming a homosexual wedding

-freedom of conscience is the right to not have to do something that violates the principals God has given you

-learn about your friends’ religious beliefs

-don’t make fun of other religions

-you don’t need any special training to get involved and speak up for these rights. You just need an interest.

-in the 21st century we can’t flee any longer, we are going to have to fight for religious freedom, and principals contained in it. (Elder Holland)

-defend religious liberty so it can be a beacon for morality (Elder Cook)

-defend religion on the internet etc. Be an active participant not a silent observer. (Elder Cook)

-use Facebook, Twitter, etc. online

-the Lord will put us in positions to help others learn of religious freedom

-Joseph Smith said he is as ready to die for any religion being trampled on, nor just LDS, because those who kill religious rights for one religion kill them for other religions.

-for more info see or



Full lecture at




Chapter: Hiding In Plain Sight: Unmasking the Secret Combinations of the Last Days 2nd Ed. by Ken Bowers – Book Notes



These notes are shared with permission of the author.


*Throughout the book, there are citations and quotes from renown and original sources, this document however is a summary of the message of the text. My hope is that you’ll get a taste here and then go read the whole book. This document doesn’t have near the persuasive power of the text itself.

Chapter List:


Ch1 There is no conspiracy so there!

Ch2 the Golden Rule (who has the gold makes the rules)

Ch3 How Firm a Foundation

Ch4 Education

Ch5 Welfare

Ch6 All the News That’s Fit to Print

Ch7 American Foreign Policy

Ch8 The Buck Stops Here

Ch9 The Round Table, the TLC, and the Bilderbergers

Ch10 Terrorism and 9/11

Ch11 The Enlightened Ones (The Illuminati)

Ch12 The Committee of 300

Ch13 The New World Order Religion

Ch14 Maitreya (The Anti-Christ)

Ch15 The Priesthood and the Constitution

Ch16 What can I do?

Ch17 Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty




Heber Grant: Satan working “under such perfect disguise that many do not recognize either him or his methods” to destroy economic political and religious freedom. “Without knowing it, the people are being urged down paths that lead only to destruction”
D&C 10:36-37: “You cannot always tell the wicked from the righteous”
Ezra Benson: those who are complacent in the fight for liberty going with popularity will lament it
Punch and Judy puppet show: no matter what the script is, eventually they end up punching each other.
J Edgar Hoover: conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists
German professor explains Gradual habituation tactics used in Germany by Hitler to get. Such a slow process that people don’t notice it until it seems to come down all at once suddenly.
Ezra Benson in Ensign: “A secret combination seeks to overthrow the freedom of all lands nations and countries increasing its evil influence and control over America and entire world.”
Bruce McConkie: “Gadianton robbers fill the judgement seats in many nations. An evil power seeks to overthrow all nations and countries. Satan reigns in the hearts of men; it is the day of his power.”
George Bush: “New world order…the winds of change are with us now”
Former Soviet Pres. Gorbachev: get rid of old thinking and put in a new world order

Ch 1:


2 Ne. 28:22 the devil tells people lies by whispers until they are chained in hell
Ether 5:1 “it is wisdom in God that these things should be shown unto you”. This refers to secret combinations, the theme of this part of the text.
Ether 8:24 “awake to a sense of your awful situation, because of this secret combination which shall be among you”
J Edgar Hoover: essential to know what you are fighting for and what you are fighting against or you’ll be unmotivated and confused
David O McKay: we endorse educational means to awaken people to investigate communism
Alma 37:25 “I will bring to light all their secrets and abominations, unto every nation that shall hereafter possess the land.”
Joseph Smith JSH 1:22 the preachers “all united to persecute me”
Ezra Benson: “we cannot fully live the gospel and not be involved in the fight for freedom”
Accounts of several who have left the conspiring groups report and write of it

Ch 2: The Golden Rule (Who has the gold makes the rules)


James A Madison: Money changers use every form of abuse to get power. They maintain control over governments by controlling the money and the issuance of it
Founding Fathers of US wanted free enterprise capitalism
Historical example of socialism causing less goods produced by more workers compared to capitalism where less people make more goods than many socialist workers, the capitalists being motivated
Socialism doesn’t consider human nature
Ezra Benson: free-enterprise system is built on eternal principal of freedom of choice
Mark E Peterson, Church News: the US Constitution stands for free-initiative.
West Germany, once it eliminated almost all controls on wages and prices, came back from poverty to one of strongest economies
Communist countries all experience shortage of goods because of wage and price controls
Freedom is wired into people, most are willing to die for it (*interesting, the last days has the best and worst of people, the worst I see is manifest by people not willing to stand up for agency aka liberty)
The super-rich ever think they are above others
Origin of Rothschilds and their international banking
Hugh Nibley: Satan will buy everything on earth and claim it all, putting a price tag on it, and offering it to everyone
Info on how top bankers control governments, for example by refraining from renewing Treasury Bills. They choose who can obtain borrowed money. They advise government people on what’s good for them despite it being bad for government.
Rothschilds engineered French Revolution by manipulation then got control over France
International bankers hold secret meetings
Thomas Jefferson: private banks can control inflation and then deflation, which will cause people to lose their property
Interest represents a gradual transfer of wealth from society to banks.
Fractional Reserve Banking system allows this. People have become less rich overall.
Often it takes 2 incomes to provide now.
1920’s-40’s, 90% of Americans owned their homes. But today 30-year loans are common.
Nations usually collapse when a small % of the population own all the wealth.
Babylon fell when 3% had all the wealth
Persia fell when 2% had all the wealth
Greece fell with .5% had all the wealth
Rome fell when 2k people had all the wealth
America today, >2% own 90% of all the wealth
NYT: One World Order can only come by a small % of the population absorbing all the wealth
The Fed never allows itself to be audited
They killed Rep. Louis McFadden when he tried to get the Fed audited.
Details on creation of the fed, who was involved, what their original intent was.
They now control all financial transactions in the US
Woodrow Wilson: after he passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 he said, “I have unwittingly ruined by country”
Info on the BIS, IMF, and the World Bank
BIS secret meetings in Switzerland where 13 people shape the world’s economy; financial barons who control the world’s supply of money
These organizations give loans to places they know will not ever be able to pay, then they destroy their economies. AKA massive debt leads nations into the NWO. Socialism is forced upon indebted countries to wreck their economies.
Joseph Stiglitz proposed a helpful economic move to help 3rd world countries rather than the status quo of getting them in debt then crushing them, and was fired by Clinton p35
It is shown how the IRS and income tax money goes to the pockets of the bankers, not into taking care of loads, schools, public things.
Kimball on LDS people paying their taxes, and if they don’t like the taxes, go against it in the politically correct way of due process of law
Ezra Benson: the beginning of our troubles can be traced to the Federal Reserve manipulating money allowing arbitrary exchange of the value of our money; manipulating the money for political purposes.
Ezra Benson: it’s possible that the government manipulators who brought economic crisis are hoping that we will come to them begging for help offering our civil rights in exchange
Alexander Hamilton: “Nothing is more common than for a free people, in times of heat and violence, to gratify momentary passions by letting into the government principles and precedents which afterward prove fatal to themselves” (Quoted in Ezra Benson “An Enemy Hath Done This”)

Ch3 How Firm a Foundation


History of Rockefeller, JP Morgan, and Carnegie, their ties to the Fed and IRS and income tax amendment. These people get us to pay more taxes but are themselves exempt.
When you tax businesses, they never pay it, they merely all increase their prices, so it’s basically just taxing the citizens more.
Prosperity doesn’t come from government, it comes from industry and hard work.
When China was communist people got angry and Tiananmen Square massacre killing thousands of Chinese happened. Now that they are free enterprise capitalism, their economy is booming.
Once a country becomes economically free, allowing free market exchange capitalism, religious freedom soon follows! And loss of economic liberty brings loss of religious liberty.
China, then, should soon have religious freedom!
Explanation of interlocking tax-exempt foundations controlling US
The founding fathers practiced non-interventionism
Large colleges today don’t have free market economists on the staff teaching. This is part of how traditional American values are being replaced.
The FORD foundation pays colleges so long as they can pick who the teachers are, and those teachers get unconcealable contract so they can teach whatever they want. P46
FORD foundation merging US with the Soviet Union, but won’t tell about it p47-8.
Rockefellers finance historians who rewrite the past in our books p49
Roosevelt and Wilson doing large crimes to get the US into WW1 and WW2.
W Cleon Skousen referring to what J Reuben Clark said: they’re preparing another war for you which will be just as big a mistake as WW1 was. They made this (the Great Depression) last many more years than it needed to. They buy up all the stock cheap then make billions by putting you through war.
The scam story of a Thomas Jefferson sexual affair.
Those who speak against the personal life of Jefferson just happen to be the people who are against the ideals which he taught; it’s agenda to change history for political gain.
A list of the programs, very communist, funded by the FORD foundation.
When a school book which teaches true history and morals, they reject it, not funding it for publication.
Psychology field gets money from these foundations to promote situational ethics, atheism, and collectivism (the idea that we are not accountable for our actions because of overwhelming outside forces)
Soviet spy named Dodd who worked for Alger Hiss spoke of controlling the State Department and getting US into war to alter the life of the entire people, that being the most effective way for such
Speaks of a letter in which they give directives telling US Pres. Wilson to not let the WW1 end too quickly
Speaks of need to control US education
J Edgar Hoover: “the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”
Reece Committee info

Ch4 Education


Ben Franklin: people who know the rights God gave them are hard to enslave and vice versa
In 1940 the #1 problem in schools was talking back to teachers, now it’s murder assault teen pregnancy, teachers having sex with students, etc.
US was #1 in education. Achievement for years now it’s the 35th
Founding Fathers wanted localized control over education, not in the hands of federal government!
Thomas Jefferson: place each school under the care of those most interested in its conduct
Far away bureaucracy of a few thousand people can’t make the billions of needed decisions for local schools.
James Madison: when the government takes over education of children and welfare for poor, it subverts the very foundation of this nation, throwing away the nature of the limited government it was set up for by the people of America.
Thomas Jefferson, the man who said let’s have separation of church and state, is the man who saw to it that there were Christian hymnals in all the schools, and bibles in the schools. He wanted children to have a religious education.
In the early days of the US, people preferred private education, and those students always did better
What of who could not afford it? There was enough people who would volunteer to take care of all those. Charity schools would care who could not afford private school.
Alex de Tocqueville: it’s very rare to find one in America not trained in the history of his country and the leading features of the Constitution and of the doctrines and evidences of his religion.
Boston had more private schools than public ones, and by the end of the American Revolution, many towns had no common schools at all.
Private schools were eligible for subsidies
There were no compulsory attendance laws
91.8% attended school, despite communists saying, “oh there are so many children running around in the streets!”
private schools save public from taxes of public school
Unitarians took over Harvard in 1805 and kicked out the Calvinists. Socialists want socialism for others but not for themselves because they are egocentric like the rest of us. Humans are egocentric, the bible teaches that, that men are wicked, and need be disciplined, this is what Calvinists did but were kicked out.
Unitarians thought that if everyone is rich there would be no issues in society, so they geared education systems toward merely earning money.
Robert Owen, father of socialism, considered children a blob of plastic which the society can shape any way it wants it to be. Wanted the “Future man” now known as the “Soviet man”.
They want communism, but we won’t have it, so they are slowly bringing it to us via the mandatory public schools
Communism is a way to get compulsion to get people to be perfect (Satan’s plan)
Rockefeller: “I want to own nothing, and control everything”
Samuel L Blumenfeld in Why the Schools Went Public: “Educational stateism is anti-republican in all its bearings, and is well adapted to Prussia and other European despotisms, but not wanted here” …the control over education then goes into all other aspects of society by the government.
Public schools replace the concept of God with the concept of the public good
John Dewey humanist along with others of the Skull and Cross bones promote that humans are social animals not tied to morals or religion. Dewey wants rid of profits, capitalism, competition, property, religion. He says there is no god and no room for fixed moral absolutes.
Stalin invited Dewey to teach in the Soviet Union and it was so ridiculous that he was fired, and returned to America.
Dewey taught chemistry without mention of protons neutrons atoms etc., but merely had students bake cakes to experience chemical reactions. This is similar trend of our current education.
The reason government finances school is to move it from to political control; anything to get it away from local citizen control.
they be-cry school major problems without saying what those are and start seeking funding and followers.
The PEA and the NEA keep saying that the more federal control there is over schools, the better they’ll be- (a one size fits all!).
The government believes people can’t handle their own affairs.
Sources which say they want to have the children be owned by the public not the parents
government becomes its own publicity for its ideas
the Clinton proposed schools would have no review of the curriculum by the civilians.
No Child Left Behind program has “Open Court” which means the teachers must follow a certain script and even ignore the questions of the students for that, and federal police to enforce that in the classrooms.
See book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” by Iserbyt.

Ch5 Welfare


The government people will say they want to spend government money to help the poor, but they won’t give any of their personal funds to help. Examples are shown.
The caring of the poor is not the duty of the government, but of the charity of the citizens.
Grover Cleveland: people give to the government but not vice versa; it makes the populace become meaner when government is who is in charge of giving to the poor. It weakens the kindness, character, and brother hood of the people.
Government not supposed to cut checks to farmers who have a bad crop, etc. Cleveland turned down such requests since the Constitution doesn’t say anything about that.
Government charity breeds selfishness, and resentment of the tax payer.
The recipient of government funds learns to expect that weather he earned it or not.
It’s like the man who refuses to move out of his parents’ house thinking they own him a living.
Ezra Benson: compulsory charity is not good; too many people think the government owes them something; they see welfare as a right and not a charity.
Government redistribution of wealth is robbery, not charity
Shakespeare: charity is twice blessed: it blesses him that receives, and him that gives.
Alexander Tyler in “Circle of Democracy”, 1770: “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent for of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasury. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by a dictatorship.”
This is what the NWO people are setting up for us.
Economics is defined as humans trying to satisfy unlimited wants through limited resources
Capitalism is self-restraint to ultimately get our wants, socialism is getting some things now, and prison later; living in denial.
When we want free things, it hurts our children’s’ future; there is no free lunch!
Jefferson: “If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy.”
James Madison: if Congress can employ money indefinitely for the general welfare, and are the sole and supreme judges of the general welfare, they may take the care or religion into their own hands; they appoint teachers everywhere, educate the children, assume provision of the poor, this subverts the very nature of the limited government established by the people of America.
Samuel Adams: “the utopian schemes of leveling and a community of goods are as visionary and impracticable as those which vest all property in the Crown. [They] are arbitrary, despotic, and, in our government, unconstitutional.
Ezra Benson Conf. Report Nov. 1968, 19: “No one has the authority to grant such powers as welfare programs, schemes for redistributing the wealth, and activities that coerce people into acting in accordance with a prescribed code of social planning….Once government steps over this clear line…into the aggressive role of redistributing the wealth through taxation and providing so-called “benefits” of some of its citizens, it becomes a means for legalized plunder.”
Joseph F. Merrill, Church News, Dec. 26, 1936: “Ready-tongued and witty-minded ambitious politicians get nominated for office by stirring up the people with glowing promises of unearned favors and benefits to be secured at the expense of others than themselves.”
David O. McKay, Church News, March 14, 1953: “We are placed on this earth to work and the earth will give us a living…. It is our duty to strive to till the earth, subdue matter, conquer the globe, take care to the flocks and herds. It is the government’s duty to see that you are protected in it, and no other man has the right to deprive you of any of your privileges. But it is not the government’s duty to support you. I shall raise my voice as long as God gives me sound or ability, against the communistic idea that the government will take care of us all, and that everything belongs to the government…. It is wrong! No wonder, in trying to perpetuate that idea, that men become anti-Christ, because those teachings strike directly at the doctrines of the Savior. No government owes you a living. You get it yourself by your own acts-never by trespassing upon the rights of your neighbor, never by cheating him. You put a blemish upon your character the moment you do. “
Robert J. Ringer, “Restoring the American Dream”: when politicians give out more for less, that is exactly what the people will do- less. The more money people receive for not working, the less they will work. Congress spent $112 million of taxpayers’ money testing 8,500 low income families, and they were given direct payments for 10 years, and the more these families received, the less they worked.
FDR in his campaigning, said government welfare programs were unconstitutional, and when he got in, he ignored that and took the nation toward government welfare, which is socialism.
“The New Deal” welfare programs are opposite of the Founding Fathers’ teachings. It speaks of power to tax so long as you have general welfare of the US.
Founding Fathers said that the government was not to feed cloth or house people.
It is shown how the government welfare destroys the poor it was supposedly designed to help.

Ch6 All the News That’s Fit to Print (Media hiding truth)


Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult for them to see whose paycheck depends on them not seeing.”
The major news groups are also controlled by the same international bankers.
David Rockefeller speaks of major media groups’ promises of discretion, and how he would not have been able to accomplish what he has in the light of publicity. He also says, “The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.”
The super-rich pay companies to not cover them in media
George Washington on foreign politics: be neutral and help both sides to have peace.
WW1, we were not doing this.
Bernays persuaded the US to enter WW1, from him telling us that the Huns had no morals and had to be destroyed. We fell for it.
The NYT called this guy the “Father of Public Relations”
In his book “Propaganda” from 1928, he said there is an inner cabinet of government we know not of which rules us in politics and business and social conduct and ethical thinking dominated by only a few persons. He further spoke of persuading the public to do anything via media, famous actors and sports personalities, sympathy for causes, and even the President.
His book shows that over the past 80 years, US Presidents came in by conspiracy.
Hitler had a technique that if you tell a big lie long and loud enough, it will convince most people to believe it.
Like global warming, homosexuality, gun control, universal health care, the Cap and Trade bill, etc.
Stock %’s of major media owned by Rockefeller shown
US Congressman shows that media controlled by a few rich
Rhodes Scholarships to introduce people to the conspiracy, B Clinton was one who took to it well; tis the idea of rule by the few
Trilateral commission and Bilderberg group
CFR member speaks of getting a one world government either by consent or conquest
Aldus Huxley speaks of the tactic of being silent about the truth
Aquarian Conspiracy: how the media is designed to promote drugs, free love, promiscuity, homosexuality, Satanism, witchcraft, divorce, violence, all that will destroy society.
Orwellian prediction: use media to enslave people and create their values, tastes, desires.
Tricking Saddam Hussein into thinking the US would not attack if he did certain attacks, when we would. Ms. Glaspie did this. P114
US send troops to settle disputes of UN an important step toward One World Government.
Polling as a tool to change public opinion p117
Survey of 33 calls about gun policy, 3 of them wanted less guns as a solution to violence, the reporter played those 3 and ignored the other 30. P117
NYT on the side of the communists since WW2
Pope Paul VI speaks of thanking media for helping bring in the NWO
100 million TV’s portray candidates in a certain way to brainwash.

Ch 7 American Foreign Policy:


-they discard food so they can keep ag  and market prices high. One man fined for giving his excess to the poor rather than discarding of it. p125.

-They call for famine helps but they created the famine. They ban trade while giving aid which is inconsistent. Food is for these reasons 7x more expensive than need be. 3rd world countries are not allowed to see to the first world countries and hence need to continue to depend on the benefactors who ship them supplies. p126.

-3rd world farmers cannot sell their food at good price because of foreign aid being dumped on them p127.

-best way to promote peace is to invite other nations to join with us and live under our Constitution. Stay out of foreign entanglements but do aid victims of international wars. p127

-don’t enforce democracy on others by the gun. Satan’s way is force. Founders endorsed commerce and social relations with other nations but not alliances with them. Foreign defense policies (like NATO and SEATO) are bad for America as they can easily get us fighting inappropriate battles as it is a requirement that when one member of the treaty is attacked all others must help it, we become military slaves to them. In pre-mortality everyone who is on this earth chose agency, so our current foreign policies are making people hate us. p128

-Ron Paul speaks against foreign aid, how it makes nations entitled and is unconstitutional spending of tax dollars p129


Ch 8 The Buck Stops Here:


-Roosevelt says all political things are by design not chance. Crassus Pompeii and Julius Caesar sought to turn the republic into an empire. p130

-Hel. 7:4-5 gives example of nations controlled from behind the scenes. Wall Street Journal on David Rockefeller, head of council on Foreign Relations, being as powerful as the head of state. David Rockefeller told head of state of Russia named Khrushchev to resign, and he did within 24 hours. The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations, oft called the Establishment) is controlled by The Round Table. p132

-The presidency is run by CFR. FDRs son in law reports FDRs ideas were not his own but given him by CFR One World Money group. This was to get political power. FDR, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and others gave into this power behind the scenes to get personal power. The 1932 FDR democratic political platform was made to get him in then was discarded once he was in says his son in law. p132

-FDRs son in law goes on to say that 90% of people in the CFR don’t know who runs it and its plans but are merely there for status. FDR says Joseph Stalin trimmed him. Near his death, Woodrow Wilson also said he Woodrow ruined his county (from working with the money barons). p133

-12/14 of Pres. Johnsons group he went to for council were CFR members. Johnson didn’t want to escalate the Vietnam war but they urged him to. Some of these advisors were personally against this war but advised it anyway for the CFR sake. Top military officers say Vietnam could have lasted only a few months. p134

-CFR leaders chose to end Vietnam after over a half a million troops were deployed there and blamed it all on Johnson. The CFR are the puppet masters of the presidents. p135

-This is like Korihor being used by Satan until Satan did not need him anymore. Woodrow Wilson speaks of the fear major manufacturers have of the unseen organization which attacks those who speaks against it. In Wilsons book which is of his speeches he admits America is controlled behind the scenes. The behind the scenes corporations used Wilsons desire for more government power to help the people to secure more power for themselves. Any increase in government power is increase in power of the CFR and the bankers. The solution is take the power from the federal government and return it to the states like the Constitution says p136

-Baron Edmond de Rothschild of France oversaw the creation of the CFR. Lists people involved in the funding of the formation of the Fed and CFR major names in these and major groups involved internationally in their creation and how they interrelate. House Brain Trust and Wise Men groups roles. House partner of Wilson. p138

-Wilson and House same opinions. House wanted one world gov. House wanted Constitution scrapped saying it outdated. House wanted Marxism and spirituality mixed. House was beside FDR as well. House helped make income tax amendment too. Group called The Inquiry of 100 social engineers and what they did including creation of the CFR. J Reuben Clark an LDS General Authority was part of the J.P. Morgan company and when he heard them speaking of making another world war to get a new world government, since the WW1 failed to get them such, he reported this to church president Heber J Grant and he told him to get out of that company immediately which he did. Indeed, The United Nations was born via WW2. p138

-Thus, we see WW1 and WW2 were attempts to get a new world government behind the scenes. J Reuben Clark saying WW1 and WW2 were mistakes we were tricked into by appealing to our hearts. The fed artificially pumping up the money supply in the 20s caused the great depression and they used that to give themselves money. The Fed knew the market would crash and told certain people and planned to benefit therefrom accordingly. Details of how they created the Great Depression via stocks. Overall it was taking money from the middle class and giving it to the rich. p139

-WWs were for the Fed to make money, and to alter public opinion about foreign involvement causing us to become world policemen, and to get a world government. No more world wars came after the United Nations came into being, and WW3 will be to destroy America and Israel nations and get a world government. Joseph Smith and Joseph Fielding Smith on nations uniting as a negative thing. p140

-FDR put embargos on Japan to maneuver them to attack us (at Pearl Harbor). Generals left without info on Pearl Harbor attack from their higher ups left them defenseless. p141

-WW2 brought the CFR power. p142

-the CFR gained power over the state department, then cabinet, then the very Presidential office. CFR has private meetings which are forbidden from dispersing or to the open public. Lists the many agencies like head of the CIA, head of the NSA, Secretary of Interior, Secretary of Education, which are all members of the CFR. p143

-some prominent individuals of the CFR listed p144

-regardless of whether a Republican or Democrat is the President, leading experts and advisors come from this circle afore mentioned. CFR is mainly composed of billionaires, CEOs of multinational corporations, international bankers, media leaders, University Presidents and other popular figures. Basically, all the popular figures including senators and congressmen and Supreme Court Judges, but NO representation from the middle class, which is the majority of Americans. So, it is rule by the rich and powerful. The CFR has all types of people in it of race and political views, and they encourage radical extreme ideas. Then they say they are open to all ideas by having these people therein, and thus say what they produce is fair. The CFR is how the President sidesteps the Constitution, using the President behind the scenes for their private agenda. p145

-Regan was not a member of the CFR but Rockefeller supported his candidacy on the agreement that he would have George Bush, a conspirator, as his VP, and use CFR members in his cabinet. This is what Regan did. See Garry Allen (who wrote None Dare Call it Conspiracy, which is a book President Ezra Taft Benson suggested we read in a Conference Report, see the film of said address.). The country is run in large part not just by the President, but his cabinet. p146

-all options, based on their alleged reports, the cabinet gives to Regan etc. are beneficial to the conspiracy. The secrecy of the CFR meetings allows them to plot. p147

-Rockefeller saying news has stayed out of their business 40 years and that they could not have done what they did in the light of publicity, and that such has enabled his plans for a one world government ruled by the elite international bankers, claiming such to be better than the traditional way of the USA.

-Bilderberg group says put UN troops on USA soil to restore order, and claim there are threats, weather real or false, to get the Americans to go along with it. Then take the individual rights and put in a world government. p148

-largely from the internet, info of these secret meetings is beginning to come out despite the newspaper people’s agreements to shut down any news about this that gets out. People are seeing the difference between promises of presidential candidates vs. what they do. For example, Obama rebuked the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars, and said he would pull out troops, but rather he put more troops there. Also he rebuked the $750 billion bailout which George W. Bush engineered through congress, but then Obama did the same but for trillions of dollars of bailouts. Obama also said he would make government more transparent but instead made his meetings and that of the Democratic leadership in congress to be closed. Bush Obama and all Presidents before them filled their cabinet with CFR members. p149

-CFR message leaked out that they are purposefully denying Africans AIDS treatment. They call it Natural Selection, and claim it is to stop the spread of the disease. They called for a bacteriological warfare to get rid of non-white people once each generation. Lists books wherein you can read more about the CFR and what they do in their secret meetings. Some of the books listed are The Shadows of Power about the CFR and American decline by James Perloff; another is a discourse called the CFR: Conspiracy to Rule the World by Garry Allen see American Opinion, 1969. Also suggests a Secretary of State to Harry Truman. (many other books throughout the text are referenced for good additional reading). p150

-Clinton since a youth wanted by in the small circle of elites controlling the world, the ones who control behind the scenes. Another professor acknowledging the rule of the elite in secret hiding. p151


Ch 9 The Round Table, The TLC, and the Bilderbergers:


-Round Table groups are communist and want to be secretive. p152

-Rothschild funding groups to become monopolies and control all heritable land. p153

-founders of Round Table and their roots and ideologies listed. The Times newspaper has been totally controlled by this group since 1912. It also dominated such from 1890-1912. p154

-New York Times article stating the plan of Rhodes, RT founder, to have a secret society which will collect the world wealth for its supposedly good purposes. RT is above the CFR. RT also controls the RIIA. The CFR takes orders from the RIIA, and the RIIA takes its orders from the RT. The RIIA controls USA and British government. RT vowed to get American back under British control after the Americans defeated the British in the Revolutionary war, and now they have succeeded. More on RT, read The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley. TLC founded by David Rockefeller. p155

-TLC is to bring all economies into one world economy or possibly 3. They made or control the NAFTA and GATT. TLC forced the Maastricht treaty which brought the European Union into being. TLC is even more exclusive than the CFR. How Jimmy Carter became president by the TLC. Bush Clinton and others are TLC members. p156

-TLC would have no borders to nations to help business flow, but this would insist on a one world government with a supreme dictator ruling over such. Grand book on TLC is this 3-volume book Trilaterals over Washington by Antony C. Sutton and Patrick M. Wood.

-Bilderbergers are another conspiracy group who meet in hotels for 3-4-day conferences and send all hotel employees home for such and staff it with their own people and check everything for bugs there and set up a security checkpoint guardhouse to only let those with pre-issued ID cards inside. They meet annually. They control EU politics including the gov. of Russia and have some control over the USA. Some of their members also belong to CFR and TLC etc. These organizations reinforce each other. First meeting in 1954. They kill who they want. p157

-see book The Committee of 300 by Dr. Coleman. B group also said USA settling UN (United Nations) disputes is an important step in going toward a one world government, and is almost accomplished. This was said when Bush was about to enter Gulf war with Sudan Hussein. Bush had General Schwarzkopf lead an international army, the majority of which were Americans, against Iraq. Bush said that such was for getting a new world order. Elitists always try to get us to be more and more the policemen of the world. Conflicts are usually nurtured by conspiracy people who then get the USA to go in there and bring peace. Despite Republican and Democratic parties saying they don’t like the idea of America being the world policemen, they have us go into conflicts to bring peace anyway. -p158

-our Presidents should look out for our welfare, and not go around making other countries mad at us for our intervening. NATO says we can only issue forces to foreign states for defense, but in Kosovo war we did the opposite. It was an internal Yugoslavian affair that did not threaten other nations at all. The UN is hence the world army via the NATO, of which the USA is now a part. Now NATO can attack any time anywhere not just defensively. The global role of NATO, it not being only for defending West Europe, is a big step to surrendering national sovereignty. p159.

-US President can commit troops for 60 days without the consent of Congress, Clinton ignored this and continued bombing 78 days without Congress approval. What is next? Constitution says it is Congress who has power to declare war, but now we have an imperial presidency who does it. Founders of the US made this rule, which we no longer follow, to avoid becoming like the Roman empire again. Usually republics die with they get into letting one man declare wars. Kosovo conflict was naked aggression by NATO under direction of Bilderbergers to acquire some land. Kosovo has the riches mines in Europe. The true story of the Kosovo conflict presented. p160

-the supposed negotiation with Kosovo was agree or get bombed. Details of the original agreements were not released until after the bombing began. The official document which is on the internet now reveals that NATO could go anywhere in Yugoslavia and not be punished for anything they do there. The twisted gov. foisted on Kosovo enumerated. p161

-NATO set up as the sovereign controller of Kosovo, replacing their police disarming the local police, and other ways to overpower laws the Kosovo people decide on. They had power to censor their media also. They imposed an economy which required them to put things up for sale and hence Bilderbergers bought the mines in the name of humanitarianism, and now control that region. Bilderberg group is SUPERIOR TO the CFR and TLC and RIIR (Britain’s CFR) and RT. They are like an apex of pyramidal power of secret combinations. p162

– conspiratorial groups that work together are many, some of the most prominent are think tanks like the Heritage Foundation, professional associations like the Institute for Pacific Relations, fraternal organizations like the Free Masons, Universities with conspirators on their Board of Regents like Harvard and Yale, tax exempt foundations like the Ford Foundation, religious organizations like the World Council of Churches, political organizations like the United Nations, military organizations like NATO, aristocratic associations like the Black Nobility of Europe. Another quote on TLC attempt truly is to become a government higher than the rest. p163


Ch 10 Terrorism and 9/11:


-“day of the great slaughter with the towers fall” Isaiah 30:25

-the history of people taken over ancient Rome by false terrorism is told. It is the road to dictatorship. (The Book of Mormon shows this also!) p164-5

-Jeb Bush, Dick Chaney, and other prominent people had a plan for an American World Empire. The document Rebuilding Americas Defenses written in Sept. 2000 by PNAC showed that they wanted to control the Gulf region weather or not Saddam Hussein was in power. Speaks of US desire to control parts of the world for its worldwide control system, a blueprint for world domination. At least 11 countries warned the US of 9/11 before it happened. Names of 4 of the 9/11 hijackers were provided to the US but none of them were arrested. 9/11 leads were not followed up on. One hijacker we consider the 20th was seeking to learn to steer large air liners and had radical Islam ties but the FBI would not allow his computer with plans of a 9/11 mission to be searched. p167

-Between Sept. 2000 and June 2001 there were 67 occasions where our jets went up to examine off coarse planes, but nothing happened with the 9/11 off coarse planes. Former US federal crimes prosecutor said there was such substantial evidence given before 9/11 attack to the CIA and the FBI that they cannot claim to assert a defense of incompetence. Why would the US attack itself thus? To maintain its hegemony by forcing its way into a situation where they could excuse getting into the oil supplies. US was informed immediately of the hijackings and could have shot down all the hijacked planes which crashed into the towers and the Pentagon but they did not act. p168

-VP Cheney, despite having info about the hijacking beforehand, did not order them be shot down until after they had crashed, and even that order was not passed on. Experts show that if was not just planes and fires that caused the buildings to explode, but was demolition, and tower7 was not even hit by a plane but still fell. p168

-buildings closer than tower 7 did not fall so we cannot say it was from proximity. Jet fuel won’t get hot enough to melt stele and cause a building to fall. p170

-sulfur from thermite a demolition product was in the remains. see p171

-more evidence from report of a long-standing engineer professor of BYU that it was demolition, and perhaps to get the US in a war via international bankers etc. p172

-evil tactics for attacking people rather than their arguments shown p173

-Rudy Giuliani had an office in building 7 and was told to leave it before it collapsed but will not tell us who told him or why. Pancake collapse as the why for building 7 will not hold up with engineers. The official report of 9/11 did not even mention building 7, a 47-story building. The near free fall speed of the buildings had to be from demolition. p174

-WTC janitor heard 2 bombs go off beneath him in the basement of the WTC before the plane hit it and was rescuing people from that all before the planes hit, and he witnesses that the government denying that is a lie and a cover up. He had been working there 20 years. He tells his story in Latin countries, but they won’t let him tell it here in the USA. p175

-this janitor heard other explosions as well. 14 others agree and likewise testify with him who were there. A reported the collapse of building 7 but did so 20 minutes before it collapsed, somehow accidently getting this news from one who knew it would fall and reading it too early on accident. p176

-see also 9/,,, p177


Ch 11 The Enlightened Ones: (Illuminati)


-founder of Illuminati Adam Weishaupt says the end justifies the means; that sin is not sin if it is done with the intent of some supposed good or helpful idea. This Adam W. was deep into the occult. Illuminati means the Enlightened Ones. Adam W considered by many to be the most profound conspirator. Rothschilds controlled the Illuminati by financing Adam W. Masonic lodges are a headquarters for Illuminati. Rothschilds have instigated all wars. David Rockefeller is a partner with the Rothschilds. They have pharmaceutical companies and a lawsuit was filed against them for creating swine flu then promoting the vaccine to such, thus making billions. This is repeated with other diseases. They could be who cause the destructions before the second coming of Christ. Documents of NYC drug ring creating and sending out swine flu. The drug ring controlled by Rockefeller. These documents were sent to the FBI but because of Rockefellers hand in government they probably will not do anything with these documents. History of Adam W. given. p179

-Weishaupt knew many ancient languages and read texts and was convinced the Great Giza Pyramid was of initiation ceremonies. In 1771 he made his organization then in 1776 changed its name to Illuminati. It copied rites of the Masons. It was funded by Rothschild to be able to put people into positions in which they could cause wars. The illuminati were based on philosophies of Roseau, Voltaire, Diderot, and others of the Paris academy in 18th century, the age of reason by these philosophers is actually a hatred of how Christianity had power over monarchies of Europe and was to destroy Christianity. They made a fraternity to destroy the Church called the Philosophes. Voltaire said that Christianity is the devil and said to lie boldly always to promote the cause against these things; he wanted all morals from religions and monarchs to be destroyed. p180

-Illuminati founder Adam W. had an order established to convince people that it was a charitable organization and when the people were going to move up higher in the organization he told them that to do so they would have to denounce all religion and monarchy it being in the way of the happiness of humans. If they would not, they would not advance in the order. Once in the high order, not the Illuminatis Minor, but the Illuminatis Major, the real purpose of the organization, to rule the world, was revealed to that person attaining the status. They were to do that by destroying all existing governments and religions. They then would take an oath promising their every effort would be to that order, and to their superiors in the order. They had a group of police called the Insinuating Brethren which was the members looking at each other and if they caught one another trying to tell people of the order they were to be killed. Its insignia was the all-seeing eye. Weishaupt was a Jesuit so he brought much of that order thereto. He deemed himself Rex (king) in the secret order. The texts of the order spoke of engendering hate towards races and sexes and religions. He wrote of what type buildings they were to burn. He planned the attacks, the 20th century violence seems to follow the instructions he wrote. p181

-in 1782 the Illuminati infiltrated the German Free Masons which soon became all European Free Masons, by their alluring promises of sharing the secrets the Illuminati had to offer. (Recall American free masons are a separate group and were not taken over by Illuminati until late 19th century). French Revolution of the 1700s started by the Illuminati. (Here as in elsewhere, much more explanation of how these things happened is given in the full text.) This was by their men causing the Jacobian club houses which had radical ideas. A mail man carrying Illuminati papers from Weishaupt was struck by lightning and his papers discovered, so the police shut down many Masonic Lodges known to be in the control of the Illuminati at that time of 1785. The Illuminati never ended, it just went underground with different names, same agendas. These subgroups have the same hand signs etc., and refer to themselves as Illuminati despite their different names. p182

-The unfinished pyramid with the all-seeing eye as the top stone was the seal, and it had the words Annuit Coeptis Vovus Ordo Seclorum meaning announcing the conception of the new order of the ages. Then roman numerals for 1776 at the bottom. This is what is on the back of our US 1$ bill. We see the order is still alive and in control. The French Revolution came in the pretense of the aristocrats starving the others out. So rebels beheaded all the aristocrats they could, these rebels were Illuminati. Illuminati member Robespierre who leaded the revolt was killed, but had plans to kill 15 million Frenchmen, though only 300,000 were killed. After the failure of the French Revolution they went into hiding but did not die out. A partial LIST of the groups in which the Illuminati exists today are The German Union, The Tungenbund, Jacobian Culubs whom executed the French Revolution, Sublimes Maitres Parfaits (Sublime Perfect Masters), Societe des Saisons (Society of Seasons), Leagues of the Just whom commissioned Karl Marx and Frederick Engels to write the Communist Manifesto then changed the name of the group to the Communist League (thus the communist movement of the 20th century was from the Illuminati; also the Politburo of Russia still get together and have their handshakes and punishments etc. of old like the Illuminati they replaced they still want destroy all religion and government hence they celebrate May Day which is May 1 of 1776 when the Illuminati was formed; the communists still think they will be able to rule the world with the new world order despite glasnost and perestroika.), The Thule Society, and the Thule Society made The Skull and Crossbones group (originally a fraternity of Yale University, taken over by Thule society, and those who believed easily their philosophies were given rank and the Rhodes Scholarships. President Bush was a member of Skull and Crossbones, and President Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar), The Club of Rome (who push for more governmental controls over the environment and thus over people), Fabian Socialism, and Anarchism. p183-184

-Also the Executive Committee of the Council on Foreign Relations is made up of Illuminati’s, in that when joining the committee they go to a small room in the UN building and at an alter with the all seeing eye they are given the handshakes oaths and rituals of the highest, Rex, Illuminati Order. p184

-Hegelian Dialect is about mixing thesis with antithesis to create synthesis. (Put out crazy ideas and they get more and more accepted.). 1992 Gorbachev still will not admit that socialist theory failed or that Communism is dead. He said, “An alternative between capitalism and communism is in the offing” (immediate future). This is directly lining up with Illuminati methods. Nesta Webster wrote a book based on what Weishaupt called The New World Order, in a book by Nesta called World Revolution, it lists the 6 goals of the New World Order: 1. abolition of monarchy and all ordered government 2. abolition of private property 3. abolition of inheritance 4. abolition of patriotism 5. abolition of the family (i.e. of marriage and all morality, and the institution of the communal education system of children) 6. abolition of religion. Hegel a social philosopher said that war is what is needed to mix views of people, and thus planned wars could mix views of people in a planned way. p186

-Capitalism was the thesis, the current, so they posed an antithesis, being the opposite, which was communism (state owned, state planned, dictatorially run atheist society), opposite of capitalism (which was from Judeo-Christian values and a free market economy.) Now soon is coming in the “offing” (immediate future) according the Gorbachev, the antithesis of these ideas, which is the socially engineered synthesis of the thesis and the antithesis, the 2 being opposite and meshing together, to create a system called the New World Order, where in the means of production and distribution are privately owned, but the government dictates how much is produced and how many companies can produce the same product, and as for religion, it is not Judeo-Christian or Atheist, it is Satanic, the nice in the middle ground. We see this is what they wanted all along, and is why they went with communism for a time to get here to where the really wanted to be all along. To understand the contrast between capitalists and communists, read Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution by Anthony Sutton, and Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler by Anthony Sutton. These books also show that the American and European international bankers financed both the Bolshevik Revolution and the Nazi Movement. p187

-so, we see that the thesis, aka the status quo of capitalism, and the antithesis, aka the opposite of the status quo namely communism, were influenced by the Bolshevik Revolution and the Nazi movement by the same puppeteer to get their desired outcome, the synthesis of a New World Government. The NWO people in the Nazi party financed Hitler to see if Fascism was a feasible economic theory to use in their NWO. This caused it to go from desolation from WW1 into a super-power strong enough almost to take over the world against the might of the USA. The USA is who lead the world, and they had capitalism, hence the antithesis had to be opposite of the then most powerful nation, the USA. So, they chose the antithesis of communism. For the creation of the synthesis, they needed a government to become the antithesis, they chose a place with similar land resources, size, and population as the USA, being Russia. The Illuminati funded Lenin in his revolt against the Czars of Russia. The western money and political power which the Illuminati pumped in to Russia kept it from collapsing in communism for a while (communism is weak as a system and would have otherwise collapsed more quickly). So, after WW2, the Russians have had planned conflict with the US. Hence the antithesis and the thesis conflict, and the breeding of the synthesis NWO. There are leaders of the Western Capitalists that are just as involved in this as the leaders of Communism, all working together to mix the thesis with antithesis and thus create the synthesis NWO. Recall the quotation from Gorbachav clearly aforementioned which clearly reveals this. (I say this evil plot is so effective and complex that none other than the devil himself must have created and divulged it to his minions). p188

-detail of a Rothschild agent using $20 billion for the triumph of Bolshevism in Russia. This shows us that internationalists control communism. Shown how communism was financed by capitalists for this agenda. This creating your own enemies was used in ancient Rome by persons to gain power as mentioned earlier. 9/11 a fake terrorist attack was to have excuse for the Patriot Act which destroys the 4th Amendment to the Bill of Rights among other freedoms. p189


Ch 12 The Committee of 300:


-financial advisor to the Rothschilds speaks of this group of 300 who choses who will lead Europe and has all power over it. 6 months later he was assassinated. This Committee of 300 coordinates the efforts of the other conspiracies and is a clearing house for them. Some government heads call these people the Magicians. Stalin called them the Dark Forces. Pres. Eisenhower called them the Military-Industrial Complex. They call themselves the Olympians (they consider themselves gods). In the group there are the directors and members of the CFR, TLC, RT, Illuminati, and more conspiracy groups. Also on it are the aristocracy of Europe, the Royal Family of England (we see Queen of England is not so powerless after all). These people once knew power then seemed to give it up 150 years ago but people who experience power do not like to give it up, and now acting behind the scenes they are more powerful than ever. p190

-The same time the European and English aristocracies were being phased out of power is the time that the Committee of 300 came into power around the 1840s, no coincidence. LIST of other conspiracy groups presented, all intending to rule the world. These people fight each other and join multiple groups at times to try and climb the ladder, etc., but they will eventually kill each other and make the earth desolate in their attempts to beat each other to ultimate power. p191

-Some secret societies start out with good intentions, but Satan takes them over. Satan works in the dark and secret, and when you play in his backyard, he takes you over. LIST given of background of the other conspiracy groups aforementioned. Here is the list: The Council of 3 (not mortals, (like a Satanic trinity like the book of Rev. speaks of)), The Counsel of 9 (perhaps same as The Nine Unknown me group), The Council of 13 (Grand Druid Council of 13 highest ranking witches in the world, whom take orders directly from the Rothschilds, no one else), The Council of 33 (the top 33 Free Masons in the world), The Council of 300 (see this chapter), The Council of 500 (with the 500 richest men in the world), The Black Nobility of Europe (the crown heads of Europe), The Theosophical Society (founder under direction of Freemasonry founded the New Age Movement), The Golden Dawn (witchcraft of the Rothschilds, they do human sacrifice), The Priory of Sion (said to have the Holy Grail, head of organization of the Templars), P2 Masonry (Italian Freemasonry group, taken over by Illuminati and specializes in political assassinations), Ordo Templis Orientali (OTO, higher than Freemasons, specialize in every known sexual perversion), The Club of Rome (elites using scare tactics of environmental concerns and global warming as scare tactics to bring NWO, see Al Gore promoting this in his film An Inconvenient Truth, they are behind that saying falsely that global warming is manmade), The Jesuits (began in 1540, responsible for The Inquisition. Grew into a society that took over the Catholic Church and runs it through the Black General which is the label given to the head of the order. They have their own agenda for NWO. According to Jesuit documents, the Catholic Church will head the NWO (and the Jesuits run the Catholic Church and hence the NWO)), The Kabbala (Jewish organization, oldest group, perhaps responsible for Crucifixion of Jesus, the top members of the Sanhedrin were members.). The Committee of 300 believe they are absolutely charged by divine right to implement 10 things. The ten listed and described. p192-193 and 194 for the list.

-The 20 goals of the Committee of 300: 1. one world government, the NWO with unified church and monetary sys they direct. 2.destroy national identity and pride including the Constitution 3. destroy religion esp. Christian, except what they create 4. mind control each human with technotronics 5. stop industry except computers; workers go to Mexico for slave labor; unemployable people get on drugs or executed 6. legalize drugs and pornography 7. depopulate large cities (a trial run was done in Cambodia “the Pol Pot regime”) 8. suppress scientific development except what benefits their agenda 9. use war and starvation and disease to kill 3 billion people; “Global 2000 Report” accepted by President Carter calls for this, calls for USA population to be 100 million by year 2050. 10. weaken moral fiber; demoralize working class by creating massive unemployment; they turn to drugs and alcohol and rock music to rebel against status quo and thus destroy the family unit. This plan by its authors find in “The Aquarian Conspiracy”; Stanford Professor Willis Harmon wrote it, others involved etc. are listed. Specific title given to look up the very report. p193-194

-report “Changing the Images of Man” by the Committee of 300 is what contains this conspiracy aka the Aquarian Conspiracy. They wanted demoralize America with accepting drugs, free sex, violence, murder, homosexuality, pornography, abortion on demand, etc. Goal of destroying the family. Single parent families are now more common than 2 parent families. The conspirators promoted The Beetles music group and other rock and roll drugs and free sex bands, a main theme or rock and roll bands. (*Hence one of the Brethren leading the church declared “rock music is of the devil”); They also encourage criminal and misdemeanor activity. 15 million babies murdered (at the time of this publishing, much more now). p195-196

-Goal 11. create crisis and then solve them for people, thus quitting their ability to make deceptions. Goal 12. to create new colts and boost those already functioning such as the filthy Mick Jagger’s “Rolling Stones” (he is the lead singer of it) and all the rock groups of the Beetles and those who followed them. p197

-Elder Gene R Cook of the Seventy talk in 1989 “The Eternal Nature of the Law of Chastity” says the Lord has music, and so does the Devil, what you listen to effects your chastity, Mick Jagger said to him on a plane “Our music is calculated to drive kids to sex…Well it’s not my fault what they do. That’s up to them. I’m just making a lot of money.”, Jagger went on to say he was excited of the advent of music videos as they could show the sex not just talk about it, Jagger said he has children out of wedlock and is proud of it, and Jagger said that people can do whatever they want and take whatever they want and there are no commandments and no God, and that nothing really mattered (cf. Alma 30:13-18), Jagger said he believed in evolution and that he descended from a monkey and that children should do what they want despite their parents and that parents limit them and that he was glad that the family was being destroyed as an entity, then Jagger said disparaging things about The Book of Mormon and the Mormons, then Elder Cook told him that the Book of Mormon is not the lie, but rather he Jagger is the lie, and that if he does not turn his life around he is going to hell, and that he would be a witness that he gave him this message at the judgement bar of God that he had at least given him “the word”. SO WE SEE that the current music industry is not by chance but is designed by the Committee of 300 (they are like the General Authorities of the Church of the Devil). Goal 13 of the Committee of 300 is to spread religious cults like Moslem Brotherhood, Sikhs, Moslem Foundation, etc. Also know that Ayatollah Khomeini was created by British Intelligence “Military Intelligence 6 (MI6)” The values of Muslims are being preached by US and British government, they are encouraged to migrate to the west and their values are contrary to the US Constitution and their ideas are promoted in our schools. Goal 14. export “religious liberation” ideas to undermine all religion esp. Christianity. Goal 15. cause total economic collapse on earth and cause total political chaos. Goal 16. control Foreign and Domestic US policies. p198

-Goal 17. give full support to international things like UN, IMF, BIS, World Court, and phase out local institutions/bring them under UN. Goal 18 penetrate all governments work within them to destroy their sovereignty. Goal 19 make worldwide terrorist apparatus to negotiate with terrorist agencies whenever such arise. Goal 20. control US education to destroy it totally. See book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt. Social education. in US is geared toward leading Americans to world government by socialists controlled by behavioral and social scientists. This is a massive text and puts it all in order. The book shows how the social engineers say there are certain crisis and use radial methods because of such, but never really fix anything and make things up to get their agenda through. Speaks of how US education is now used to promote humanism, atheism, and stupidity. p199-200

-Description of what would happen if the Committee of 300 is successful is given, it is a description of the NWO. It will have non-elected hereditary oligarchy like the Middle Ages, and will limit the human population by limit family size, disease, war, famine, until only 1 billion remain of people useful to the ruling class. p200

-they further show that the NWO they want will have no middle class, only rulers and slaves, world courts with unified laws, one world police and military, no national boundaries, no private firearms, the rebels to the NWO will be called outlaws and anyone can kill them on sight, only religion will by Luciferianism with Witchcraft taught in public school, no private schools, no Christianity, no republicanism, no sovereignty with the people, severe penalty to mention racial or national identity, a number printed on each person which brings up their files of all gov. agencies CIA FBI SSI IRS FEMA all vastly expanded and easily accessed, marriage outlawed, children raised by state wards as state property, women will continue to be degraded by the “women’s liberation” movement, free sex will be mandatory, self-abortion for after 2 children born to a woman or clinically forced abortion if refuse such, p201

-more of what the one world order will look like if they have their way: compulsory showing of pornography heterosexual and homosexual in all theaters etc., recreational drug use compulsory with all having a drug quota and drugs bought at one world government stores all over the world, mind control drugs expanded and compulsory via the food and water without knowledge of the people, drug bars set up where the slave-class must spend all its time, people thus become controlled animals with no mind of their own. Economic system makes just enough food to keep the slaves going in their mass labor camps, all taught they are totally dependent on the state for survival, world ruled by the Committee of 300 whose decrees are all binding instant law. Boris Yeltsin of the Committee says they’ll try the system on Russia as a trial run. There will be courts of punishment, no courts of justice. Industry and Ag. only in control of the Committee of 300. Compulsory euthanasia for the old and terminally ill, city size controlled, 4 billion “useless eaters” to be eliminated by 2050 by war, organized epidemics including rapid-acting diseases and starvation. Energy and food for the non-elite kept at bare need level. World population will become 1 billion, and half of that will be the Chinese and Japanese races as they have been regimented for centuries to obey authority without question. Artificial food storage by the gov to show the people they rely on the state to survive. Private banks outlawed, only the Bank of international settlements and the World Bank in operation. p202

-more of what it would look like if they have their way: no wage disputes allowed; immediate execution to those who break the law; uniform pay scales chosen by the government;

-HG Wells speaks of how many will give their lives fight against the establishment of the NWO but he merely says that is all part of it.

Arthur Schlesinger Jr. speaks of it only coming by blood.

-They use a new term for “New World Order” that is less frightening to people, “Globalization”. They still use the term NWO in their private meetings.

-The Founding Fathers knew that a society has a collective conscience; 50 years ago we had one, now we have lost that innocence; we lost our national identity and conscience. They further said that God can’t punish a nation in the next life as it has no soul, so He must punish them in this world, and He does so by destroying them.

-Tavistock Institute is one agency used by the Committee of 300, its founder was from the 300, they create brainwashing programs, like The Aquarian Conspiracy before mentioned.


-Economic Committee of the North Atlantic Institute is another group by the 300. They are doing social reforms, and want to rewrite the US Constitution socialistic and monarchical like that of Denmark. The members of this institute are Communists. One policy they seek to promote is zero-growth post-industrial policy to cut down industry in the US by vast amounts to not near what it was in 1969.

-Other groups run by the 300 are the Systems Development Corporation (who seeks vast database of every US citizen’s medical financial criminal and personal information). The Mount Pelerin Society, The Hoover Institution (originally anti-communist think tank taken over), and the Heritage Foundation (a conservative think tank also in their dominion).

The Beetles song “I get by with a little help from my friends” was referring to drugs. Drugs are controlled by the 300. Its front organizations are for instance, the Columbian family cartels and the American and Italian Mafia, also the Royal Family of England via the Committee of 300 are who have done most moving of drugs in the past 300 years. the Committee of 300 in drug trade began with the British East India Company (BEIC). The British Aristocracy had majority of members in this committee, and they learned selling Opium would get people addicted to their product and capitalized on that. See book “Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300”. The British would not take the Opium, but the Chinese under such oppression from their leaders, did. They called this the China Inland Mission. It passed itself off as a Christian mission. The first samples were always free to hook people.


The British Royal Family sanctioned this giving selling and teaching how to smoke opium to Chinese. The opium was brought to America and a RNR built to carry it. The workers to build the RNR were the Chinese strung out on opium; many Negros in America were stronger and needed work, but the Chinese were imported to work on it so they could pass on the opium and get more people addicted. At that point, the Negros were not using opium.

The Boxer Rebellion we are told was the west defending legitimate ideals in the east, but such is a lie, it was China trying to get rid of the opium trade which the committee, via British parliament, was forcing on them. The Chinese had outlawed opium from this big issue when they found what was going on. The Chinese started their attack by destroying large storages of opium, and sank ships which were trading such. British used this as excuse to start a way, and had people push opium even in the fighting. The Chinese lost the war and were forced to sign the Tientsin Treaty which allowed full British access without taxation regulation or prohibition. Then when communists took over China in 1949 with Mao Tse-Tung and they became partners with the drug dealers. This is how it is today. When the Committee hears of others pushing dope, they tell the Drug Enforcement Administration about it so they can get rid of the competition. They have spies everywhere. Read more about the British Royal Family and drugs in “The Imperial Drug Trade” book.


Ch. 13 The New World Order Religion


Quote of people admire liars, and hate who try to tell them the truth.
The spirit gives light to all people, and that light is the spirit of Jesus Christ, and whoever hearken to it come to God the Father. (D&C 84:45-47; Moroni 7:16-17). So do your best with what you know, and you’ll be saved.
After the Amalekites and Amulonites rejected the true gospel they still built synagogues and attempted to worship God. So we see the desire for religion is universal.
Satan tries to get people to worship in any way except the true way. He fills the vacuum of the desire to worship when people reject the true God.
Satan tries to sell many doctrines, hence there are so many churches.
Ultimately Satan wants people to worship him (Moses 1:12, 18-22; Matt. 4:8-10) p210
Satan does not enter the Eden scene until God had given Adam commandments, to which Satan could fight against.
Therefore we call him the adversary, he always fights against God and Christ. It’s almost like the law of physics, for every action an equal but opposite reaction.
things to act, and things to be acted upon (2 Ne. 2:14)
Intelligence is what acts, matter is what is acted upon. These are the only two things that have always existed. (D&C 93:29, 33).
Satan has no intelligence because he has no light and truth, which is the definition of intelligence, which means he has become a thing to be acted upon, not a thing to act. He cannot act to his own accord.
He simply reacts in an opposite direction to what God desires. Hence, he wants people to worship him.
Church of the Devil dominion (control) over all earth (1 Ne. 14:10-11)
Benson, Ensign Nov. 1988, 86 says secret combinations seeking to overthrow the freedom of all lands are increasing their evil influence in American and the entire world.
A church may be defined as an organization which adores a supreme being, has defined tenants and beliefs, and practices prescribed rites or ordinances.
Non-religious organizations, i.e. financial and political, may still count as a church under this definition.
They use forms of atheism which weaken religions.
Humanism, existentialism, relativism, theory of evolution, materialism, etc.
They particularly hate Christianity, it standing against all they stand for.
They have their own form of religion with ritual etc.
If the world were only good, no worship of Lucifer would exist.
Truth is knowledge of things how they really are (D&C 93:24), and such is not always pleasant.
knowing truth is not always pretty, but always empowers us to make good choices.
The NWO religion is Luciferianism
attested by David Spangler (director of the Planetary Initiative for the United Nations),as it being an initiation into the NWO, and the way to wholeness, and liberation to both Lucifer and mankind. Spangler is in the New Age Movement. P213
The founder of the New Age Movement (the NWO) says Lucifer is the Savior and the logos and civilization all everything good (see Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, “The Secret Doctrine, vol. 2, 171, 225, 255)
They say Adonai is the bad God, and Lucifer the good one.
Not all the members of these organizations worship Lucifer, many are deceived. It is the leaders of the organization who worship Lucifer.
The CFR has its high level people (only the Executive Committee) take rites of initiation promising to serve Lucifer (see book “Secret Societies/New World Order” by Milton William Cooper, and afore mentioned reference of this text of this text about the CFR).
Lucifer keeps his dominion of various organizations in secret.
He knows that mankind is against him overall.
We all rejected Lucifer in pre-mortality (Moses 4:1-4; Rev. 12:3, 4; 7-9)
Lucifer hates all mortals, for they are who rejected him in pre-mortality. He especially hates those who promoted the plan of God.
Other organizations which worship Lucifer in the top levels of their organization are the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the Round Table Group, the Club of Rome, the Skull and Bones, the Thule Society, the World Council of Churches, the Illuminati, and others.
Other groups which lead to Luciferianism are witchcraft and Satanism.
masses initiated into Lucierianism by this by telling them it’s an old polysynthetic religion that worships the ‘gods’ of nature. They are told that they can get in touch with ‘spirit guides’ (evil spirits) that will speak to their minds and guide them to “higher levels of consciousness”.
These evil spirits help fulfill spells that are cast. So yes, they can really cast spells which really work. They deceptively say it is like Christian prayer.
these spells are no match for God’s power, whom oversees all. Who keep covenants in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are promised protection from Satan’s power, no matter in what form.
Witchcraft is the religion of the Illuminati.
The Golden Dawn coven is the personal coven of the Rothschilds.
Freemasonry –p217
they get their signs tokens etc. from the Knights Templar of the middle ages, whom received them from the Gnostic Christians, whom claim to have preserved the secret teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ after his resurrection, of which most Christians have no record (*this could be why people think LDS got some of their temple rites stolen from the Masons, for the LDS is the restored teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ).
they were infiltrated by the Illuminati
the high leaders of this hide with the cloak of good works by the lower people who do not know what is going on high in the program. They worship Lucifer and plan evil NWO things for the government in the high levels.
Book “Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry” by Albert Pike is given to those who get to the 32nd degree of the program.
it’s pg. 321 praises Lucifer. In pg. 566-7 it says that the Prince of Darkness made Adam, and that Demons forbade Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, and that Demons made Eve. Pg. 567 of it says that Satan created and controls this world.
Albert Pike 33rd degree member letter speaking of using Atheism to break down Christianity with violence them replace them both with Luciferianism. (see text for ref)
another Masonic quotation praising the power of Lucifer and his coming rule also in “The Lost Keys of Freemasonry” p48, Illustrious Manley Palmer Hall 33rd degree.
another Masonic quotation praising of Lucifer from “Brother Eliphas Levi, The Mysteries of Magic” p. 428 speaks of intellectual Lucifer being the Holy Spirit and controlling magnetism and being love and intelligent.
why were George Washington, Joseph Smith, etc. Freemasons? It was not infiltrated by the Illuminati at that time. George Washington himself warned his friends against the Illuminati in several of his letters. Explanation given in the text more fully, but note that Albert Pike was elected to the position of the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Southern Supreme Council of Freemasonry (see Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry p564). Pike was then contacted by the European Illuminati head Giuseppe Mazzini whom made him overseer of the illuminati activities in the US (see Kirban, “Satna’s Angels Exposed, 157-8; and Ralph Epperson, “The Unseen Hand” [Tucson, Publius Press, 1985], 223.). In Sept. 20, 1870, Pike and Mazzini drafted a constitution that established an ultra-secret governing body of worldwide Freemasonry (joining European and American Freemasonry etc.), with main centers at Rome, Charleston, and Berlin. They put in that constitution a new super-rite for American Freemasonry (see Edith Starr Miller, “Occult Theocracy”, 207-8, 215). The headquarters for American Freemasonry is at D.C. As we see from this text, the name of the super-rite Order was the New and Reformed Palladian Rite, or New-Gnosticism. They taught that Lucifer is as powerful as Adonai. “It is Lucifer who is worshiped within this Rite of Freemasonry” (ibid). This the “Palladian Rite” is practiced at the centers afore mentioned of Charleston, Berlin, Rome, and Washington D.C. (see Kirban, 159). Mazzini in a letter to Pike spoke of this highest rite to unite Freemasonry and maintain the people in unknown direction of their group and to keep it in strictest secrecy (Occult Theocracy, 208-9).
The Middle East has it’s form of Freemasonry called the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, the author believes they worship Lucifer at the top also. It was adopted in America and is known as the Shriners. Similar oaths punishments tokens etc. are taken. William J. Florence brought it to America, and he was initiated by an Arabian diplomat (Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine: A Short History [Tampa, FL: Shrine General Offices, Apr. 1985], 3)
Rosicrucian’s aka the Society of the Red Cross are a secret society like the Masons, and they say their rites began with the Egyptians. They have similar signs tokens etc. as the Masons. They worship Ra the Egyptian sun god, which is also the Egyptian name of Lucifer.
Mackey in “Encyclopedia of Freemasonry” says the Templars many of whom were destroyed in the 1200’s, joined with the Rose Croix (cross) and laid low for over 300 years. Then the two later merged with Freemasonry. Hence Masonry has orders (or levels) of the Rose Croix and the Templars.
Other organizations with similar handshakes signs tokens etc. as the Masons are the Thule Society, the Skull and Bones, the Nine Unknown Men, the Club of Rome, DeMolay, and the Eastern Star.


Ch14 Maitreya (The Anti-Christ)


He will act like God (2 Thes. 2:3-4)
All religions have a savior figure
Christians = Jesus Christ (to come in the sky)
Jews = Messiah (to be born at Bethlehem)
Muslims = Imam Mahdi
Hindus = Krishna (to come as reincarnated being)
Buddhists = Maitreya (to come as reincarnated being)
1962 child born in Middle East some sources say his real name is Rahmat Ahmad;
direct descendant of prophet Muhammed;
Rothschilds bankrolled him;
He is called “Lord Maitreya”
He is called the savior figure all rolled into one for many of these religions
Born Muslim yet bears Buddhist savior title
Travels the world performing miracles in India and London
Says the new age will be a one world government
Oath with Lord of the New Age, Lucifer.
Deep meditation to connect with deeper self, deeper consciousness
Allows evil spirits to enter you
Maitreya appears and vanishes like magic, and does healings between such.
It’s said he can speak all languages (like Satan)
Forerunner for Maitreya is Benjamin Crème, who testifies of Maitreya, and says this is the man.
Maitreya met with George Bush Sr. and Borbachev in 1989
He has been to Bilderbergers meetings and other NWO meetings.
He is deliberately kept out of the press for now.
Upon his word, they’ll have much press about him, like coming out all at once.
Like major coverage Barack Obama got all of a sudden.
Obama was on Time Magazine cover 17 times, McCain who ran against him was only 5, and one of those with Obama.
On the “Day of Declaration”
stage in the air
powers of the devil helping him seem like he is coming from the sky
NASA secret project “Bluebeam” to help this spectacular cosmic display
Induce earthquakes in precise locations, bringing up buried artifacts suggesting validity of Maitreya
He will appear on the Mt of Olives at the time of an earthquake to look like Jesus Christ.
Microwaves simulating hearing in mammals, transforming sound signal into electrical signals which are processed for microwave signals at different frequencies applied to auditory complex of the brain, causing sounds in your head which you think are from outside, thus people think Maitreya is speaking to them in their heads.
Thoughts implanted to people’s heads making them think they love Maitreya
Major appliances giving audio cause people everywhere to hear of this; embedded chips also for it; a wave of suicide and psychological disorders resulting
On this day the Maitreya will be known by a new, unknown name.
The Pope tell his people to follow the Maitreya as the Christ. Buddhists and Hindus also will.
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky occultist praises Satan and Maitreya his right-hand man.
First woman to become 32-degree Mason.
Beware witchcraft which
has Lucifer as it’s god
healing via crystal balls
applies unto the 12 chakras in the body and the third “eye” each person has,
meditation to get spirit guides
evil spirits
Rothschilds want build in Bodhgaya India, a holy city to them, a statue of Buddha there called the Maitreya Buddha, dedicated to the anti-Christ Maitreya.
500 ft. tall (3x size of statue of liberty)
built to stand 1000 years
pneumatic systems (for movement) in it
auditory systems in it
may fulfil Rev. 13:14-15
“14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.
15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.”
Mark of beast 666, read in what the Pope wore on cap, “Vicarius Filii Dei” meaning the Vicar (representative) of God. The # values of this title come to 666. They don’t use this title on the cap anymore as it’s been shown to be this number.
This to return, being worn on the cap of the anti-Christ when he comes out.
Bar code also has 666 in it from the separator lines in a different code. See book for explanation.
Chips to be put in us instead of use of credit cards, which have this UPC bar code which has that # ubiquitously.
Also used to store much data on us and our buying habits.
Book 1984 by George Orwell
Benjamine A. Rooge: with power over economy of people, you can get most of them to think write and behave as you want them to. P237



Ch15 The Priesthood and the Constitution


John Taylor: besides preaching of the gospel we have another mission to perpetuation the free agency of man and maintenance of liberty freedom and the rights of man
D&C 58:5-7 more or less than the US constitution cometh of evil
Ezra Benson: use our influence to get honest wise men into public office; this is just as binding as other laws of God; we must take active interest in these matters; all members responsibility to have liberty upheld so the Church can flourish in the future
Harold B Lee: all members be actively involved in the political process
Gordon B Hinckley: we desperately need moral men and women who stand on principle, to be involved in the political process
D&C 58:26-28 do much good without being told to
Ezra Benson: people of the Church think to wait for a church program for the Constitution fight but perhaps the Lord won’t set such a program up because it would cause division in the church and God doesn’t want that to happen yet as the wheat and the tares are not fully ripe.
Joseph Smith: US Constitution is a heavenly banner founded in the wisdom of God, it is true
Ezra Benson: Constitution sacred akin to scripture; some choicest spirits sent by God to defend it, and now more choice spirits, “even you who read my words”, to preserve it.
George Albert Smith: Constitution of US just like the 10 commandments, “keep it where the Lord started it”
J Reuben Clark: US Constitution could be in the D&C
D&C 101:80 US Constitution is established by God
Brigham Young: US Constitution is not perfect but “the Almighty has never found a man in mortality that was capable, at the first intimation, at the first impulse, to receive anything in a state of entire perfection. They (The Founding Fathers) laid the foundation, and it was for after generations to rear the superstructure upon it.”
Mormon 8:17, 19: Don’t condemn the things of God, if there are imperfections in them it’s because of man, beware this to avoid hell fire.
John Taylor: Joseph Smith told us that the last people to rally around the Constitution and save it from the grasp of unrighteous men would be the Elders of Israel (we see it is sad that we take a long time to get involved) p247
Ezra Benson: “The devil has concentrated, and to a large extent successfully, in neutralizing much of the priesthood. He has reduced them to sleeping giants.”
Ezra Benson: forsake our political and other sins and return to fundamental Christianity and of constitutional government or we will lose our liberties, free institutions, and perhaps our exaltation.
David O. McKay: “If members of the Melchizedek Priesthood allow the US Constitution to be destroyed they not only forfeit their rights to the priesthood, but to a place in the highest degree of glory as well” (The Instructor, Feb. 1956, 34)
Ezra Benson: the complacent in the stand for freedom will regret that. So stand up and be counted for liberty it may help save your nation. “It can help to save your soul”
The devil tells us to
Wait until we know more
You’re busier with important things more so than the gentiles, let them take care of this
You want to be loved by everyone
This freedom battle is controversial, you might be accused of engaging in politics
Wait until everyone in the church agrees on what is to be done
It might hurt your business or your family
The world is corrupt and heading toward destruction so why try
The war in heaven was controversial, and we were to be involved there! So, do so here!
Ezra Benson: Even if it’s too late to save the country, the fight for liberty will still be counted unto us for righteousness like prophets who taught nations that were to be destroyed, (like the Book of Mormon which says we must, as Priesthood holders, warn people, or their sins are on our heads). Life is to prove ourselves, and the final victory will be for freedom (Abe. 3:24-25)
Ezra Benson: “There is no conspiracy theory in the Book of Mormon, it is a conspiracy fact. Along this line I would highly recommend to you a new book, entitled “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” by Garry Allen.” (Gen. Conf. Apr. 6, 1972, “Civic Standards for the Faithful Saints”).
Him telling us to read this was not in the paper of his talk, it is something he chose to say while standing, so you won’t see that line in the transcript of the talk, but look up a video of it, easy to find on YouTube etc., and you’ll see and hear him say it.
The groups SDS, NEA, NOW, Greenpeace, the Wilderness Society, the Black Panthers, were all created to agitate us toward greater government control over education, race relations, the environment, etc.
Other helpful books
The Politician by Robert Welch
Beneath the Tide by this author Ken Bowers
The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G Edward Griffin
Naked Capitalist by W Cleon Skousen
FDR, My Exploited Father in Law by Curtis Dall
Propaganda by Edward Bernays
Some liberty books:
The Making of America by W Cleon Skousen
The Majesty of God’s Law by W Cleon Skousen
America’s Christian History by Gary DeMar
Quotations on Liberty by this author Ken Bowers
Restoring America’s Dream by Robert Ringer
The Federalist Papers by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay
The 5000-year leap by W Cleon Skousen
Ezra Benson: We honor our founding fathers, The First Presidency acknowledged that wisdom when they gave us the guideline a few years ago of supporting political candidates “who are truly dedicated to the Constitution in the tradition of our founding fathers (Deseret News, 11/2/64 for this First Presidency Quote)
David O. McKay (“Vote Your Convictions” Deseret News, Nov. 12, 1964): support candidates who are aware of dangers inherent in communism and who are truly dedicated to the constitution in the tradition of our fathers, and candidates who support preservation of both personal and property rights.

Ch16 What Can I Do?


D&C 38:30 prepared shall not fear
Howard W. Hunter: “The Lord has power over his Saints and will always prepare places of peace, defense, and safety for his people”
Family Proclamation: who tear down family will have judgements of God on them
Vaughn J. Featherstone:
this is the dispensation also of the fullness of evil
membership in the church alone won’t bring safety
insurance companies can’t promise you safety
hosts of angels guard all our temples
“There will come a period of time where even the elect will lose hope if they do not come to the temples. The world will be so filled with evil that the righteous will only feel secure within these walls. They will long to bring their children here for safety sake”
“Our garments worn as instructed will clothe us in a manner as protective as temple walls” (That hints that angels will surround us protecting us as we wear our temple garments! See these his words: hosts of angels guard all our temples)
“In a day of desolating sickness, scorched earth, barren wastes, sickening plagues, disease, destruction, and death, we as a people will rest in the shade of trees, we will drink from the cooling fountains. We will be as fair as the sun and clear as the moon.”
“Our children will bow down at his (Jesus Christ) feet and worship him as the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings. They will bathe his feet with their tears and he will weep and bless them for having suffered through the greatest trials ever known to man.”
Ezra Benson: we are approaching the moment prophesied by Joseph Smith that this nation will be on the verge of crumbling this people will be the staff upon which the nation shall lean, and they shall bear the Constitution away from the very verge of destruction. P262
Ezra Benson:
the government owes you nothing
the Church won’t tell you how to defend the Constitution but admonishes us to do it.
Abe Lincoln: teach the Constitution in schools and seminaries
God sent choice spirits to make the Constitution, now other choice spirits, you, to preserve it.
“Yes, we will see that He sent special spirits willing to give their blood do defend our freedoms.”
Joseph Smith: God calls us to give our all, and be willing to lay down our lives; “the faith necessary unto the enjoyment of life and salvation never could be obtained without the sacrifice of all earthly things. It was through this sacrifice, and this only that God has ordained that men should enjoy eternal life.” (Joseph Smith: Lectures on Faith, 58-60)
Beware the government saying they’ll save us from a crisis but needing to go against the Constitution to do so.
Kennesaw Georgia had a law requiring households to have at least one gun.
Crime went down vastly. P265
Thomas Jefferson: “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in their government”
Senator Hubert J. Humphrey: having arms is how to prevent tyranny, and history shows tyranny is possible in any nation.
The Original American Common Law Jury System p266-7
The Second Coming of Christ is to be shortly after year 2000.
5-10: earth’s history of 7k years
Adam to the birth of Christ, 4000 years passed (see Chronology chart in the LDS Bible Dictionary, p635)
D&C 77:12: the beginning of the 7th thousand years is the time for “the preparing of the way before the time of his coming”
D&C 77:13: The events of Rev. 9 (destructions just before the Second Coming) “They are to be accomplished after the opening of the seventh seal, before the coming of Christ”
Before the Second Coming of Christ, the gospel must be declared everywhere (JSM 1:31; Moses 7:62; Rev. 14:6; D&C 133:37; D&C 90:11; Alma 29:8; 1 Ne. 14:12 (congregations of Saints all over earth before Second Coming); Rev. 5:9-10 (people will become kings and priests, which means they’ll get temple ordinances);
Orson Hyde (in JD): vision about ½ of the people in the Church who left instruction from it’s leaders for protection from the enemy whom later were killed in storm. They felt the Church leaders put too much strain on them that’s why thy left.
Bruce R. McConkie in “The Coming Tests and Trials and Glory” Ensign, May 1980, 71:
“Gandianton robbers fill the judgement seats in many nations. An evil power seeks to overthrow the freedom of all nations and countries. Satan reigns in the hears of men; it is the great day of his power”
amid this there are revelations and glory to the faithful
“The way ahead is dark and dreary and dreadful. There will yet be martyrs; the doors in Carthage shall again enclose the innocent. We have not been promised that the trials and evils of the world will entirely pass us by.”
“take the side of the Church on all issues, both religious and political”
Best way to star acquisition of precious metals is to buy junk silver coins minted prior to 1965 (after that date the silver content was gradually reduced and now there is zero)
W Cleon Skousen had many people report to him visions of the future they had in the Church, he compiled them and found these motifs running through most of them:
Regular Priesthood channels have members and their food storage taken to tent cities to live out the time of the major destructions upon the earth; they had to leave everything for this and some stayed behind and mocked.

Ch17 Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty


Ben Franklin: “Whoever will introduce into public affairs the principles of Christianity will change the face of the world”
George Washington seemingly invincible
4 Bullet holes in coat
Indian chief with immense skill shot at him 17 times and missed
Persons with orders to burn all American ports in 1746 were stopped on their way by a vast storm in the middle of a sunny day and a plague which killed 2k and marked 4k deathly ill.
41 years before the restoration of the Church, the Constitution came into being.
Patrick Henry: US not founded by mere religion, but Christianity.
John Quincy Adams: US connected with indissoluble bond of the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.
John Jay: in the US we prefer Christians for our rulers
James Madison: in the US we govern ourselves by the 10 Commandments of God.
George Washington, farewell address: national morality can’t prevail in exclusion of religious principle
Thomas Jefferson: Christianity is friend of government as it’s the only that deals with the heart.
Several Supreme Court rulings in favor of Christianity as ruling principals shown in the text. P284-5
William McGuffey from the preface to McGuffey’s reader: Christian religion is the religion of the US; on its doctrines are founded the peculiarities of our free institutions
His readers, teaching children to read, spoke of God and angels helping mankind, and of keeping Gods Sabbath, and how God sees children in school, and how humans are on earth to improve themselves lest they sin against their Maker.
1980 display of the 10 Commandments was outlawed in school. P288
see America’s Godly Heritage by David Barton
liberty is an inalienable right which comes from God
Ezra Benson:
“There is one simple test for the constitutionality of a principle: Do I as an individual have the right to use force on my neighbor to accomplish this purpose? If I do, then I may delegate that power to my government to exercise it in my behalf. If I do not have that right, I may not delegate it.”
“Compulsive benevolence (the government; i.e. forced taxes to redistribute the wealth) is not charity”
Daniel Webster: “There is nothing so powerful as truth- and often nothing so strange.”


Teahouse of the August Moon: Pain makes man think, thinking makes man wise, and wisdom makes life endurable.
Grant called J Reuben Clark, a Constitution scholar, to be an Apostle so he could warn the saints of political dangers coming.
McKay had Elder Benson give liberty talks
See appendixes for more messages
















Chapter: The Great and Abominable Church of the Devil (Communism) by H. Verlan Andersen – Book Outline




These notes are shared with permission.


  1. Verlan Andersen was in the first and second quorums of the Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, called by Ezra Taft Benson, and a BYU professor. He went to law school at Stanford and advanced legal studies at Harvard. He has another book entitled “Many are Called but Few are Chosen.”


This book shows the political etc. philosophies Satan uses to destroy agency, and how our political views reflect our moral character. It shows the negative effects of socialized education based on which philosophies are taught there. It shows how licensing can be socialist. It shows how we are accountable for our views on things like graduated income tax. It shows how hidden and commonly accepted the devil’s methods are woven into modern society. Though this book is not official church doctrine, it uses the scriptures THROUGHLY in the basis of it’s arguments.


Table of Contents:


Ch1 A Satanic World Wide Organization Foretold

Ch2 The Great Division

Ch3 The Universal Problem of Deception

Ch4 The Elements of Freedom

Ch5 The Lord’s Involvement in Political Affairs

Ch6 The Lord Judges Men by the Civil Laws they Sanction or Oppose

Ch7 The Lord’s Plan for Protecting Free Agency

Ch8 Free Agency in Hereafter Determined by Attitude Toward it Here

Ch9 Satan’s Plan to Destroy Free Agency

Ch10 Do the Scriptures Permit the Conclusion that Prostituted Government is Satan’s Church?

Ch11 Religious History Affirms that Satan has Always Tried to Control Government

Ch12 Identification of Satan’s Church by Latter Day Prophets

Ch13 The Concept and Philosophy of The Devils Church

Ch14 Priestcraft

Ch15 Socialized Education and False Doctrines

Ch16 Latter-day Prophets and Socialized Education

Ch17 The Kingdom of God vs. The Kingdom of the Devil

Ch18 The Apostasy of the Latter-days

Ch 19 The Destruction of the Devil’s Church

Ch20 Summary and Conclusion


Ch1 A Satanic Worldwide Dominion Foretold

  1. Part of why the devil is successful is because people are afraid to speak of these things. That also leads to feelings of unaccountability.
  2. Not much info about this have we because of our iniquity (Ether 4:6); thus we stumble more. When we repent we will know that “my servant John be unfolded in the eyes of all the people” D&C 6:26. See also 2 Ne. 27:5 deep sleep because of iniquity.
  3. Scourge on the Church for not hearkening to the new covenant of the Book of Mormon could be the devil’s church gathering to fight against the Church of the Lamb see D&C 84:54 and 1 Ne. 14:13
  4. The only church we contend against is the church of the devil (D&C 18:20), so identify it. Set forth “clearly and understandingly the desolation of abomination in the last days” D&C 84:117. Church members may join Satan to take down agency if they aren’t aware they do so.
  5. 1 Ne. 14:9-11 says there will be a dividing of the people into a few being in the Church of the lamb and the rest in the Church of the devil, and a great battle between them ensue.

Ch2 The Great Division

  1. The tares and foolish virgins are members of Satan’s Church. Joseph Fielding Smith speaks of the Church getting divided from it evil influences, a great division, and that the tares are among LDS church members.
  2. John Taylor: Matt. 7:21-3 applies to Church members, people who call on the Lord and do miracles but are rejected at the last day.
  3. 2 Ne. 30:10 great division to come
  4. The foolish virgins get unquenchable fire because they were deceived D&C 45:56-7; D&C 63:54; this may seem unfair but consider that they had the gospel, they were church members, and rejected that for the devils ways in the very midst of the LDS church, thus we see this is more fair.
  5. Church members often rely on the arm of flesh rather than taking the Holy Ghost as their guide 2 Ne. 28:14. So they’ll be destroyed and cursed for not taking the Holy Ghost as their guide D&C 45:56-7; 2 Ne. 28:26, 31

Ch3 The Universal Problem of Deception

  1. 12:9 decieveth the whole world
  2. D&C 52:14 Satan goes a’decieving
  3. D&C 112:23 dark covers earth, all flesh corrupt
  4. Even honorable but mislead people go to the Terrestrial kingdom D&C 76:75
  5. The deceiver tries to get the elect whom are elect according to the covenant (Smith, 1:22); pray to not be deceived by evil spirits D&C 46:7-8 because they’re trying to get you D&C 50:2-3.
  6. Only a few of the many called are not walking in darkness in noon day D&C 95:5-6
  7. Much evil comes from traditions passed down from their fathers D&C 123:7; D&C 93:31, 39
  8. Who don’t heed God are blinded and taken captive by Satan (Moses:4:4)
  9. People are ignorant and won’t learn though it’s right in front of them to do so 2 Ne. 32:7
  10. In Lehi’s vision, none avoid being lost except those who hold the rod of iron
  11. In Lehi’s vision, those who never reach the tree are numberless concourses, great was the multitude
  12. D&C 93:39 truth withheld, and deception come because of sin. Natural man can’t comprehend Gods ways 1 Cor. 2:14. You’ll get to know nothing of God and the devil take you over Alma 12:9-11.
  13. Existence of law is indispensable to the use of intelligence; seen in science also. To reach a destination, you must know the laws you need to follow to get there. Obedience is the first law of intelligent existence. D&C 130:20-21. Many take the broad road which is not obeying God D&C 132:25; the level of law you obey is the level of reward you get D&C 88:22-23
  14. 2 Ne. 2:23 can’t know good unless you also know evil; to not learn about Satan’s plan is to shortchange our full exercise of free agency; Until you know of Satan’s plan you can’t be sure that you don’t believe and support it. Satan keeps his plan hidden 2 Ne. 28:22; Satan took out the text we now have in the Pearl of Great Price out of the original bible, which includes the account of Moses vs. Satan (Moses 1:20)
  15. God will reveal Satan’s operations to those of His people who are righteous Alma 37:21-3, 25; be earnest in bringing those things to light D&C 123:13-15; the Lord’s servants are to detail the abomination of desolation to the people all they can D&C 84:117; certain things about Satan’s operations, God only tells prophets and has them keep them hidden from the people Alma 37:27
  16. Satan is so good at keeping his organization secret that John calls his organization “Mystery”; but if we are righteous God will show it to us Alma 37:25.
  17. The Lord uses the family the Church and the government to help us have free agency according to his plan. Satan attacks those.

Ch4 The Elements of Freedom

  1. David O McKay: An act may be classified as good or evil based on its effect upon free agency
  2. Freedom leads to joy, enslavement to misery 2 Ne. 2:27; Satan seeks your agency Moses 4:3
  3. These 4 things are essential to use our agency on earth:
    1. Life (with some degree of physical and mental health and strength),
    2. Freedom from the restraint or coercion of others,
    3. Knowledge of laws D&C 131:6
      1. Enticement so we act for ourselves falls under this 2 Ne. 2:16; it’s learning of the right and it’s benefits, vs. the wrong and its consequences.
    4. The right and control of property.
      1. You need food shelter clothing etc.
      2. When the fruits of your labors are out of your control you’re a slave
  • Alexander Hamilton in Federalist #79 “A power over a man’s subsistence amounts to a power over his will”
  1. We need independence
  2. We need to be able to hire others
  3. We need to be able to have the tools and resources for doing our chosen trade
  1. Without knowledge of truth a person can’t achieve their goals
  2. David O McKay: Economic freedom lies at the base of all liberties. It’s needed for political social and religious liberty.
    1. These elements of liberty are mutually dependent on each other, get rid of one and the others leave.
    2. A man’s property is his life and his liberty; he uses it to achieve every goal
    3. When you take one’s property, you take from him that part of his life he spent attaining it
    4. Property is what we use to get our dreams
    5. Satan tries to tell us that any of these elements of freedom (political economic social and religious) are not needed; when one goes they all go.
  3. Evil is when you taint with freedom
    1. Tainting truth is called lying; the good is to teach truth
    2. Burglary vs. create and share wealth
  4. Children are to be taught by parents and parents who don’t are in sin (D&C 68:25; 2 Ne. 4:6)
  5. Parents provide for their children or are worse than infidels (D&C 83:4; 1 Tim. 5:8)
  6. In the Patriarchal order, family also functioned in the capacity of government
  7. The Church helps in the elements of freedom (which are life knowledge and property) by missionary work genealogy work and stewards who help the poor with surplus funds. They help families in physical needs with the family is unable.
  8. Government which punishes those who intentionally and without justification break the law in order to preserve a space for the family and Church to operate, that all may be accountable for their own sins D&C 101:78; D&C 98:8 the law makes us free!
  9. The Church couldn’t be organized without freedom of speech press and property. 3 Ne. 21:4
  10. by God for the benefit of man D&C 134:1

Ch5 The Lord’s Involvement in Political Affairs

  1. Patriarchal government of righteous Pharaoh seeking to follow how Adam and Noah did it Abe. 1:25-6
  2. Moses and the judges; continued in this theocracy until they demanded a king in the days of Samuel. They lived this way despite the Lords warning until kingdoms of Judah and Israel were destroyed when the kings were wicked and no longer able to get guidance from God.
  3. Samuel, Nephi, and Bro. of Jared warn against kings
  4. US Constitution by God D&C 101:77, 80
  5. The Lord raised up unto them judges (Judges 2:16-18)
  6. When righteous, the Nephites chose righteous men for leaders 3 Ne. 3:19
  7. Seek good and wise men to rule you D&C 98:9-10
  8. Judging according to Gods commandments Mosiah 29:11
  9. Joseph Smith murdered when running for US President; Brigham Young governor of Utah had a practice of choosing Church leaders to responsible positions in the territorial legislature.
  10. Murder and adultery punished by death Exo. 21:12; Lev. 20:10;
  11. Criminal had to pay several times the value of item stolen Exo. 22:1-2;
  12. False witness then you get the punishment you wanted for the other person Deut. 19:18-19;
  13. These penalties were called judgments and were given to Moses with the laws Exo. 21:1;
  14. People were read these Deut. 31:10-11 and entered covenant to be governed by both the law and the judgments Exo. 24:3, 7-8; this covenant was also to be made by the succeeding generation Deut. 5:1-3, and was to be binding forever (Deut. 29:29; Mal. 4:4; 3 Ne. 25:4); only in times of wickedness did the people depart from these laws;
  15. Nephites had strict laws of Moses kept among them Jarom 1:5; 2 Ne. 5:10; 1 Ne. 4:15; when the reign of the judges came in at the time of King Benjamin, they were to continue to use the laws from their fathers Mosiah 29:25 and if they “the voice of the people” CHOSE iniquity they would be destroyed Mosiah 29:27;
  16. At time of Helaman they had trampled laws of Mosiah from God and altered them and became wicked Hela. 4:22; this came by majority vote of the voice of the people Hela. 5:2; then famine came until they corrected their political beliefs and practices 11:10; 9 years later they were wicked again Hel. 11:37 much war was result 3 Ne. 4:11; 5 years later they returned to the order of just laws in the land and peace returned 3 Ne. 6:4; Jacabugath city is destroyed by God because the government being was destroyed by the people 3 Ne. 9:9
  17. God has given the US their civil laws
    1. and commanded they be not altered “what is more or less than this (the Constitution) cometh of evil” D&C 98:5-7;
    2. see also D&C 101:77; 101:80;
    3. “may (the Constitution) ….be established forever” D&C 109:54; God redeemed the US by the shedding of blood D&C 101:80
  18. For one who accepts the scriptures as the word of God it’s impossible to keep politics separate from religion
    1. Accept the laws of the land which have been revealed by God as the laws of the Church D&C 58:23

Ch6 The Lord Judges Men by The Civil Laws They Sanction or Oppose

  1. We are as morally accountable for individual sins as we are for sins we make through organizations
  2. Men are accountable for their acts in relation to governments D&C 134:1
  3. The Lord does care about your political beliefs; scriptures teach man’s political accountability to God.
  4. Government’s power is based on its threat to take away a portion of people’s life liberty or property (or all) to who disobey. They always entail compulsion.
    1. When it comes to non-violent/non-compulsory means of getting something, we set up a church or a club, lodge, etc. These bring in money and order by volunteerism, no threats.
  5. If one opposes a law justice demands that he neither be blamed nor given credit for the evil or good done under that law.
    1. Officers of government have a share of responsibility, but mainly they are the servants/agents of the people
      1. Vote
    2. Political beliefs constitute a most intense and accurate expression of one’s views on morality and justice.
      1. To classify a deed as being of good or evil intent demands the use of moral judgment.
      2. Inherent contradiction in requiring people to do an evil thing then punishing them if they don’t
      3. It’s contrary to logic for anyone to espouse a political philosophy, which is inconsistent with his moral beliefs.
        1. What we espouse is a formulation of our moral code.
        2. Promoting a law which gets in the way of life liberty and property is serious; is this thing so serious that I’m willing to cause those who violate it to be physically punished? This reflects our convictions in the strongest possible manner.
      4. Consider one with all power over people. He could harm them without entering personal legal danger or personal legal condemnation. The way he used it would reflect his character.
        1. This is the power of one who has power to direct government
        2. Voters have this power
  • Government is supreme force used to meet one’s purposes.
  1. Laws depriving others of their stewardships indicate unrighteous dominion/control.
  2. If the only reason we don’t steal were fear of going to jail, such a person would lobby for stealing (taking something which belongs to someone and giving it to someone else) to be made legal.
  3. If a person would commit extortion except for fear of being caught, then our support of licensing laws which forcibly deny people freedom to enter legitimate business and patronize whom they please will reflect this criminal tendency.
  4. A person’s political philosophy can be used to determine whether he is just or unjust!
    1. The Celestial kingdom is for those who are “just” D&C 76:50, 53, 65, 69
    2. The laws one favors and opposes constitute a statement of the acts and omissions he condemns in others and the penalty he desires to have inflicted for violation.
    3. The Golden Rule
  5. It’s unjust to punish people who did an act with an innocent or righteous intent. We likewise would want that policy toward ourselves.
  6. If we favor laws, which provide for punishment without the necessity of proving an evil intent, we have acted unjustly.
  7. We should never use government to punish a person unless he has violated his conscience and has a feeling of guilt D&C 134:4; Alma 30:7-11.
  8. If a person is just, he will want the burdens of government allocated among the people in an equitable manner.
    1. Governments exist for the purpose of protecting the lives liberties and properties of all citizens.
      1. Justice demands that each person whose freedom is protected bear his fair share of the cost thereof.
        1. The divinely inspired Constitution of the US, as originally adopted, prohibited the Federal government from imposing direct taxes unless such were apportioned among the states according to their respective numbers.
          1. This provision used the cost of protecting life and liberty as a basis for apportioning the tax burden among the states apparently on the assumption that it costs as much to defend one person’s life and liberty as another’s.
          2. Of course, an added reason for such a restriction was to discourage the Federal government from imposing direct taxes.
        2. Most taxing schemes use property alone as a basis for apportioning the cost of government rather than life or liberty.
          1. A person with twice as much property or income as another is required to pay twice as much in taxes on the assumption that it costs twice as much to protect his property.
            1. Thus it is unjust to levy for a graduated tax scheme, which forces the person with twice the income of another to pay 10 or 100 times as much in taxes.
          2. Determine the justice of a law by putting yourself in the shoes of the person against whom it is likely to be enforced.
            1. Judge righteous judgment, because with the judgment you judge, you’ll be judged Matt. 7:2-3 JST.
              1. Judgment of fellow man is clearly shown by what laws we accept and oppose.
              2. We are to use the laws God has given as means of what to punish. Don’t punish what he wouldn’t. Do what he would. Mosiah 29:11-13
            2. A just law will never interfere with the freedom of a just man
              1. For he will never intentionally commit an act, which a just law forbids, nor will he refuse to voluntarily do that which is a just law commands.
                1. Then we qualify for the promise to who do no unrighteous dominion, that our dominion become eternal without compulsory means flowing unto us D&C 121:46



Ch7 The Lord’s Plan for Protecting Free Agency

  1. The Lord makes laws and government (specifically the US Constitution) for the purpose of men being able to use their free agency D&C 101:77-78
  2. US Constitutional law makes us free D&C 98:6-8
  3. What you give is what you get Matt. 7:2; D&C 1:10; Alma 41:3-5
    1. There is mercy with repentance, but overall the plan of God is one of justice. You don’t get mercy unless you repent. Mercy cannot rob justice Alma 42:24-25.
      1. Why should one not expect to be treated the way he treats others?
        1. There is no basis for complaint when one is treated the way he treated others.
        2. Any other standard of judgment towards us would not be just.
      2. Forgiveness and avoidance of punishment are based strictly upon obedience to the law of repentance.
    2. We will get as much freedom in the next life as we allowed others in this.
      1. Freedom = the power and opportunity to accomplish one’s purposes.
        1. The law of retribution indicates that each person will be permitted to accomplish his own goals only to the extent that he is willing for others to accomplish them
      2. Recall that the 4 main elements of free agency are:
        1. life (with some degree of physical and mental health and strength),
        2. freedom from the restraint or coercion of others
  • knowledge of those laws which must be obeyed in order to achieve any goal
  1. the right and control of property.
  1. when we endeavor to provide, preserve, or protect those 4 main elements of free agency, we increase freedom, and the opposite is true.
  1. Law of Moses had what you do to others is what you get.
  2. Law of Moses was also with Nephites, not all punishments/judgments recorded there, but it does list death for murder, punishment of slavery, lying, and theft Alma 17:9, 17-18.
  3. Joseph F. Smith: No honest intelligence person will deny that the Ten Commandments are just righteous and pure. The 10 Commandments are the bases the US Constitution was built on. They are forever and can’t be changed or ignored with impunity. They’ll last forever.
  4. To properly carry out the Lord’s plan of protecting free agency, governments must be utilized in every age to inflict the punishments called for under the divine law of retribution.
  5. The carnal ordinances of the Law of Moses, meaning the blood sacrifices, were done away. But the Ten Commandments are eternal gospel truths. The law of retribution is also eternal because it is the very essence of eternal justice.
    1. That there was no intention of superseding this part of the Law of Moses was made plain by Christ in the Sermon on the Mount “with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”
  6. The children of Israel in the days of Moses could be justifiably punished for breaking the Sabbath and worshiping idols for they had powerful overwhelming physical evidence that those were from God. Not so for societies without such evidence. But everyone knows that murder, adultery, lying, unfairness, bearing false witness, are bad, and can be judged of those in all nations. No one can do harm to another person without violating their conscience.
    1. It is proper to execute law against those who break the 4 elements of freedom. See Alma 30.
  7. War justified when defensive
    1. Alma 43:46-47; 48:14; 1 Ne. 13:17-18; D&C 98:31-37
  8. Fines to people whom are wronged by others (not the money going toward the law enforcement people) Alma 11:2.
  9. Can’t have peace with government unless it will defend each individual right to property! D&C 134:2
  10. We share the cost of national security. Government can insist on this.
    1. Alma 60:24-33
    2. Taxes
    3. Military mandatory draft
  11. Government jobs pay money to the employed Alma 11:1
  12. Joseph Smith said the Constitution is not a law, but it empowers men to make laws.
    1. True, since there are no punishments listed therein.
  13. Joseph Smith said the Constitution is us having representatives making and enforcing laws, which are within the parameters of the Constitution.
  14. Constitutional law is to be maintained D&C 101:77
  15. Speaking of the Constitution God said, “more or less than this cometh of evil” D&C. We can make technical or procedural changes in the affairs by the government, insomuch that it does not destroy “that principle of freedom in maintaining rights and privileges.”
    1. God has sanctioned different types of governments, this shows that He intends there be flexibility in procedures and methods.
    2. While God wouldn’t care if we change the date the President takes office, he would care about us changing the interpretation of “welfare clause” so as to empower the Federal Government to destroy the right of private property by welfare-statism and socialism.
    3. An amendment permitting women to vote would not appear to destroy “rights and privileges” but an alteration in the meaning of the “Commerce Clause” to empower the Federal Government to regulate agriculture, labor, transportation, communication, health, education, welfare, etc., would appear to have this effect.
    4. The Constitution is for the rights and protection of all flesh and pertains to all people and anything more or less than it comes of evil, hence this is to be eternal law.
    5. Laws necessary to protect freedom by punishing those acts and intents which destroy its elements never change; neither does the nature of those laws which compel men to perform those acts necessary to protect freedom.
  16. Men should commit no act in the name of government which conscience forbids them to do as individuals.
    1. Number of people involved in decisions doesn’t change their good or evil nature and effect.
    2. Legislators are as powerless to alter the fundamental laws of good and evil as they are to alter the physical laws.
  17. Can’t punish someone for something they don’t know is wrong; guilt must be there
    1. George Washington: the foundation of our national policy will be laid in the pure and immutable principles of private morality.
      1. Ben Franklin: He who shall introduce into public affairs the principles of primitive Christianity will revolutionize the world.
    2. If an act by an individual will jeopardize their freedom, so shall it be of the acts of groups of people (government acts). Aka, view government action and individual action through the same eyes.
      1. Government officials are merely servants of the people and derive all the power they possess from those they serve.
        1. A power can rise no higher than its source.
          1. No person can increase his authority merely by acting through an agent.
        2. Government can only do things the people have the moral right to do.
      2. It makes not the slightest difference to an individual whether one man or a million put him to death, deprive him of his freedom, or take from him his property.
      3. If it would be proper for such a person to be restrained by fear or punished for committing the forbidden act, it makes no moral difference whether the fear is induced and the punishment inflicted by one or many. It would be right in either case.
    3. Thomas Jefferson: government positions are only to declare and enforce our natural rights and duties, and to take none of them from us. Every man is under the natural duty of contributing the to necessity of society; and this is all the laws should enforce on him. The government is to be impartial in helping bring justice to all. When the laws have declared and enforced all this, they have fulfilled their functions. When entering into a society we don’t give up any natural rights.
      1. In summary: government is to do these three things, and thus may you test every law thereof:
        1. punish crime
        2. arbitrate and enforce rights between citizens
  • compel each person to bear his fair share of the cost of government.
  1. Scripture shows God approves of these 3 (above listed) measures to be enforced by police



Ch8 Free Agency in Hereafter Determined by Attitude Toward it Here

  1. You will spend eternity living with people who allow you no more freedom than you allow them Matt. 25:31-46; Matt. 6:12; D&C 76; D&C 121
  2. When God gives a people a nation of self-government he gives them the highest freedom they can possess
  3. Regardless of religion, all people want freedom. All humans in all ages have this sense of desire for freedom, and conscience which tells them when their freedom is being violated by others, or what they’re violating the freedom of others.
  4. Unless all citizens have the same standard of good and evil which is expressed in their laws, the enforcement of those laws will create injustice, as persons who do something for good may get punished, and who do things for ill may punished for refusing to do something they believe is evil.
  5. Everyone wants freedom, and all must share the equal burden of protection of that, so all can pay their share of taxes and civil duties hereto pertaining. This is the ONLY standard which men hold in common, and more or less than this from government “cometh of evil.”



Ch9 Satan’s Plan to Destroy Free Agency

  1. Satan fights the institutions that uphold freedom
    1. The family
    2. The Church
    3. The Lord’s form of Government
  2. Satan attacks life and individual liberty and property ownership
    1. He wants mass murder, to own many slaves, etc., not just a few.
      1. Government is the best instrument
      2. Slavery is bad. Thou shalt not steal shows this. Also Alma 1:18; 27:9; D&C 101:79
  • Socialism and communism take personal property and personal business ownership. The state owns all; there is only one employer in the nation.
    1. No plantation owner ever exercised as much control over his slaves as a socialist country did over its citizens.
    2. A plantation owner in socialism is worse off than one in capitalism. This person may have a higher quality of life than his workers even in socialism, but he still is a prisoner to the state, and can’t follow his dreams.
    3. Socialism is Satan’s perfect form of slavery!
    4. In socialism there is always an army of bureaucrats with unlimited opportunities for those who seek positions in which they can exercise unrighteous dominion.
  1. Satan attacks knowledge of truth
    1. No one can attain a goal without knowing the laws he must apply unto to reach that goal.
    2. Liars get the lowest kingdom D&C 76:103; Satan is the chief liar Moses 4:4
    3. Lands whose laws punish perjury, give damages for deceit, and protect freedom of expression will thwart Satan in this.
    4. Satan can only effectively destroy knowledge of truth by controlling government.
    5. Socialized education (mandatory public education)
      1. Satan uses this to take children away from their parents at a young age
      2. They are taught by state employees
        1. The job of the state employee depends on their teaching the state agenda.
  • They carefully select the text books
  1. Children’s unsuspecting minds are taught false doctrines
  2. Universal militarizing is another form of this
  1. Control of government allows Satan to be in charge of what media and news show, punishing those who don’t go along with the agenda promotion.
  1. Satan controlling government allows him to confiscate church property and individual property
    1. Removes places where children are taught correct doctrines
  2. Satan is trying to get everyone to deny God. Moroni 7:17
    1. Owning the state, as we have seen historically, one religion is promoted, and the others persecuted.
      1. Today Satan has been able to use police power to abolish all churches and establish an official state religion of atheism.



Ch10 Do the Scriptures Permit the Conclusion that Prostituted Government is Satan’s Church?

  1. Satan would rather use government than a church
    1. He could forcefully tax
    2. He could forcefully make them come to daily brainwashing trainings
    3. More access to weapons
  2. In a free government, people who work for Satan are punished, as those who work for Satan use force to do evil. So Satan tries to get rid of free government.
  3. Roman government
    1. gave the Jews the courage to kill Jesus
    2. killed thousands of Christians and tortured them
    3. used taxes to live with prostitutes
    4. kept books from what was going on from being written
  4. Government imprisons and kills prophets
    1. 1 Ne 13:5 this is the Church of the Devil
    2. 3 Ne. 6:20 with 3 Ne. 6:23 they did this at the time of just before Jesus came
    3. they did it to Abinadi
    4. Ether 9:29; 11:5; Alma 37:30 among the Jaredites
    5. D&C 135:7 to Joseph and Hyrum Smith
    6. 16:6; 17:6; 18:24
  5. To have worldwide influence, possibly a World Government 1 Ne. 14:10-11
    1. They unite against the LDS v13
    2. Economic monopoly it will have Rev. 13:17
      1. This is like how today we can’t buy or sell without the permission of the government!
    3. Only government has the power to deny religious freedom, prohibit missionary work, and ban publications.


Ch11 Religious History Affirms that Satan has Always Tried to Control Government

  1. Satan’s first secret combination was headed up by Cain and his posterity continued to give it leadership down through at least 5 generations. Moses 5:41-51; Hela. 6:27
  2. In the book of Ether secret combinations are mentioned 16 times.
    1. This society was the greatest nation ever on earth. Ether 1:43
    2. These combinations destroyed them as well as the Nephites. Ether 8:21.
  3. Secret combinations “did obtain the sole management of the government” Hela. 6:39
    1. Famine followed. Hel. 11:10-17
  4. Kings put in wickedness. Ether 9:1, 4
  5. Kings slain by the combinations
  6. Kill the successful candidate. Hel. 1:7-11
  7. They seek to kill the prophet. Hel. 2:4-5
  8. They want the people to give away their possessions with a promise that they’ll make them equal to them. 3 Ne. 3:10
  9. When in power, they set aside the laws of liberty and put a king in charge. 3 Ne. 6:30
  10. These lands led by these combinations are destroyed by God since they are “above all the wickedness of the whole earth”
  11. Secret combinations are MOST abominable to God. Ether 8:18
  12. The Church of the Devil and the Secret Combinations seem to be the same organization
    1. Satan heads them both. 1 Ne. 13:6; Ether 8:25
    2. They’re both described by the prophets as being the ultimate in wickedness. 3 Ne. 9:9; Ether 8:18; 1 Ne. 13:5
    3. They’re both the source of abominations. Hel. 7:25; 1 Ne. 14:9
  13. John is not allowed to finish his account of the end of the earth, but before ending he does write that the “whore of all the earth” became “drunken with the blood of the saints.” Rev. 17:6
  14. Church of the Devil seeks “to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations and countries” Ether 8:25


Ch12 Identification of Satan’s Church by Latter Day Prophets

  1. Prophets to identify Satan’s movement. Alma 37:25
  2. David O McKay: Communism greatest satanical threat to peace prosperity and the spread of God’s work among men on earth
  3. McKay, David O: there are two contending forces: Christ vs. Satan. Other names this goes by are these:
    1. Personal liberty vs. domination by the state
    2. Free agency vs. communism
  4. Taylor, John: communism and nihilism are against every principle of the Gospel.
    1. Joseph Smith said that when they begin to take place, the liberties of this nation begin to go away.
  5. Grant, Heber J: in the time of the Great Depression, some of the Saints were going over to communism. No! The safety of our divinely inspired Constitution and the welfare of our Church demand that Communism shall have no place in America.
  6. Benson, Ezra Taft: We in America have known freedom and think it’ll never be different than freedom here.
    1. It can be different
    2. It is becoming different
    3. We go blithely and gullibly on our way to danger of losing our liberty
    4. Some go for the murderous Kruschev
    5. Some call patriots extremists and accuse courageous liberty-loving citizens of dividing our people.
    6. Join our forces against anti-Christ.
  7. Brown, Hugh B.: communism is Satanic
    1. It teaches atheism
      1. It teaches that religion is a mere opiate
    2. It seeks to deprive spiritual physical and mental freedom
    3. It seeks to give the state supremacy
    4. It is a continuation of the war that began when Heavenly Father rejected Satan’s plan of force
    5. We live in the most dangerous period of all history
    6. The Church is the main bulwark against communism.
  8. McKay, David O.: Communism
    1. Destroys man’s agency
    2. No member of this Church can be true to his faith in lending aid to, or sympathy to, or encouragement to these philosophies; neither can any American be a patriot in supporting this.
  9. Romney, Marion G.: Socialism and welfare-system are part of Satan’s plan.
    1. The Brethren (the leadership of the Church) asked him to speak on this; he did so at BYU in a talk called “Socialism and the United Order Compared”; he repeated that talk in priesthood session of General Conference.
      1. Communism and socialism differ in the tactics and strategy rather than in objectives
        1. Uses Encyclopedia Britannica: Communism is socialism perused by revolutionary means and making its revolutionary method a canon of faith.
          1. Like socialists, communists believe in
            1. The collective control and ownership of the vital means of production
            2. Seek to achieve through state action to coordinated control of the economic forces to society.
          2. In the US, we have adopted a social welfare state, which brought much socialism to us.
            1. The President speaks of going even further by taking the money they don’t think should be spent from the “haves” and give it to the “have nots”. That is the spirit of socialism: Taking.
              1. In contrast, the spirit of the United Order is Giving.
            2. We have come a long way into public ownership of the means of production.
              1. This also has wounded the free agency of this people.
            3. Socialism is the wave of the future, it has already taken over or is contending for most nations. I abhor it.
            4. Encyclopedia Britannica: Since WW2 socialism has been spreading rapidly over the world. SOCIAL DEMOCRACY is one manifestation of Socialism!
          3. McKay, David O.: the trend of increasing immorality and violence crime divorce delinquency riots strikes and other civil disorders can be from a direct relationship of how the people of this nation have the tendency to “pass on to the state the responsibility for their moral and economic welfare”
            1. Welfare State causes people to worship the government more than God.
            2. Warn and re-warn the youth of this.
            3. History “is replete with the downfall of nations who, instead of assuming their own responsibility for their religious and economic welfare, mistakenly attempted to shift their individual responsibilities to the government.”
            4. BYU teachers should not support socialism. “The views of every prophet of the Church, from the Prophet Joseph Smith on down, concerning our belief that we should be strong self-reliant individuals, not dependent upon the largess of government. None of the doctrines of our Church give any sanction to the concept of a socialistic state.”
          4. A great book on what the prophets have said about political matters is “Prophets, Principles and National Survival” by Newquist; Publishers Press, SLC UT (1964).


Ch13 The Concept and Philosophy of The Devils Church

  1. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
    1. This document is the starting point for modern socialism says the encyclopedia.
    2. Says that the Communist League started as a secret society. This is the same word The Book of Mormon uses to describe evil organizations. (3 Ne. 3:9; Ether 9:6; 11:22)
    3. Can’t support it since prophets have said communism is “diametrically opposed to everything for which the Church stands”
    4. It says the immediate aim of the Communists is political power conquest
  2. More Communists views
    1. when capital goes away, the family will also. They want the family gone.
    2. Religion is merely an opiate of the people
    3. Law morality and religion are really just things that the bourgeois (the mean rich people who rule the working class) hide behind
    4. Take children from their parents
    5. Overthrow all working social organizations of current government.
      1. Book of Mormon points out that the plan of the secret combination organizations is the overthrow all government (Ether 8:25)
    6. Get rid of individuality
    7. Get rid of independence
    8. All must work. Police enforce such. Slavery thus inevitable.
    9. Abolish private property (freedom thus being impossible)
    10. State control of food, clothing, shelter, all consumable goods, and the means to produce such. Thus the people will be slaves, doing whatever their masters tell them merely to stay alive. Hence only the states’ goals will be accomplished, not the individuals.
    11. Working class to take all capital from those who currently own it. (Proletariats take all the capital of the bourgeoisie)
    12. Confiscation of property by taxation and other laws
      1. Taking private property is the fastest way to get into socialism.
      2. Uses the guise of money being for national parks, flood control, irrigation districts, housing projects for the poor, etc.
  • Heavy graduated income tax also accomplishes this; gets rid of all capital except a bare sustenance.
  1. Laws where upon the death of the owner, the business goes to the state.
  2. Calls for confiscation of property of emigrants and rebels
    1. They define rebels as whoever doesn’t believe in socialism.
  3. Regulation of who can enter business and get jobs
    1. You work for the government or you don’t work at all.
    2. License all occupations, trades, labor unions,
  4. Regulation of business
    1. Where located (Zoning Laws)
    2. What it makes
  • Hours
  1. Wages
  2. Which employees to be used
  3. Which machinery to use
  • Product standards
  • Safety standards
  1. Pollution standards
  2. Centralization of means of communication and transportation, all owned by the state.
  3. Acquittal of distinction between towns and country; dispersing everyone more evenly throughout the land (by force as all of this is)
  1. Regulation of banks, credit, and interest rates
    1. National bank
    2. State capital
  • Exclusive monopoly
  1. Lenin (first Communist leader of Russia) said the best way to get rid of capitalism is to debauch the currency.
    1. Control of inflation enables secret confiscation of wealth. This is a very subtle method. Not one man in a million can diagnose this.  (Keynes). P107
    2. When we are in a society where all trade is done via currency, state can easily manipulate.
    3. Irredeemable currency which the government can print at will causes extreme stranglehold on the economy.
      1. They use this phony money to create goods and services at will.
    4. Inflation can wipe out the creditor class by changing
      1. Value of insurance policies, social security benefits, pensions, bonds contracts, savings accounts, annuities, old age benefits, all forms of indebtedness.
      2. Article 1 Sec. 10 of the US Constitution stops this by only allowing “gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts.
        1. Only precious metals can release a debtor
        2. Congress has passed laws that
          1. make it a crime to use gold as money
          2. mint coins out of base metals
          3. make irredeemable paper a tender in payment of debts
        3. Most of the main parts of the Communist Manifesto are adopted in most states around the world.
        4. By doing these following things, communist proposals have been implemented in the US and other supposed capitalist nations:
          1. Licensing laws which dictate who may engage in business
          2. Welfare programs which take property from the “haves” and give it to the “have-nots”
          3. Regulatory laws which empower government bureaucracy to tell private owners how they must operate their enterprises
          4. Graduated income, gift, and estate taxes, which confiscate virtually all income above certain minimums
          5. Laws which corrupt monetary systems


Ch14 Priestcraft

  1. Communist manifesto calls for free education for all the children in public schools
    1. A most effective method for instituting perpetual falsehood.
    2. Thought control
    3. Thus they impose the state religion (*which happens to be atheism currently)
    4. In the past there is a long history of combining state and church to get political control
    5. They buy up the teachers and priests and change all the doctrines and teachings
  2. The state religions of the past aren’t so evil from merely their teaching wrong things about the next life, but from them using the sword to enforce their creeds; getting rid of freedom.
  3. Today we have the priestcraft of atheism, socialism, and materialism. It’s being forced upon us.
    1. We’re being compelled to worship the state; this is worse evil than former times being forced to worship a Supreme Being.
      1. They advocate that this be used to satisfy material needs
        1. Instead of teaching that we are children of God answerable to our Creator for our sins, they teach that we are animals which have no higher goal than satisfying the lusts of the flesh!
      2. Instead of merely pushing their creeds on adults on Sundays, they take our children from us (via forced public school) and indoctrinate them throughout the whole week.
    2. Weather priestcraft is enforced by communists or religionists, it’s central evil is the same: the power of government to abolish freedom and compel the people to finance their own enslavement by supporting teachers who are paid to deceive them into believing that the particular brand of priestcraft they are subsidizing is the only true religion.
  4. Children are removed from their homes which are where the Lord intended them to be taught, and they are forced to go to public school to be indoctrinated in organic evolution, atheism, materialism, and socialism.
    1. This is all designed to destroy belief in God, and to get us to surrender our freedoms over to communism.
  5. Priestcraft is teaching for the sake of “gain and the praise of the world” (2 Ne. 26:29-31)
    1. On the other hand, if your intent is the building up of Zion, and he teaches, and is in need, and the people voluntarily give him substance, that is ok.
  6. Noah forced his people to pay a 20% tax to support him in his evil; and he had them build all kinds of wonderful thrones for the government. (Mosiah 11:6, 11)
  7. Alma 1:12 (see also Alma 1:3, 6, 7 and Mosiah 11:6) show that one type of priestcraft is enforced on the people, another is not, and the type which is enforced, Alma greatly feared, seeing it as a type which could cause the destruction of the entire
  8. The only way to enforce priestcraft is by having it policed. Government has monopoly on force.
  9. Alma 1:16 only those who love the vain things of the world are in favor of priestcraft
  10. People persecute the true Church because they share Gods word with each other without being paid (Alma 1:19-20). (This destroys the craft of those who go around doing this for monetary gain).
  11. Those who had the wisdom of the world tried to get political control by majority vote, and to change the laws to fit with their philosophies. Their intent was to destroy the church of God. (Alma 2:1, 3-4)
    1. Thus we see they seek to destroy all religions except their own.
    2. Thus we see that they sought to compel everyone to only support the priests and teachers in their church! (*Sounds like mandatory public education again)
  12. The incident with Amlici shows that when these wise of the world people loose political elections, that doesn’t stop them from foisting their philosophies into the laws of the land.
  13. Amlici tries to push these ideas on the people at the beginnings of their free government, which they were still not used to self-rule. The only reason it didn’t get through in this case was that too many people took interest in political affairs.
  14. The Nephites would rather die than submit to Amlici’s ways, knowing that the enforced priestcraft would prove the destruction of the entire nation.
  15. The city of Ammonihah was utterly destroyed from its adoption of priestcraft into their laws. This is the time when Alma resigned the judgment seat and was a full-time missionary warning the people to repent or be destroyed. They didn’t repent and were destroyed. Alma was thrown out, and the angel told him to return, for they were plotting to throw over the liberty of the people (Alma 8:17 etc.)
  16. Amulek rebuked the people for using their self-government to bring in evil laws. (Alma 10:19).
    1. Also, the lawyers and judges were laying the foundation for unrighteous laws (Alma 10:27)
  17. Nehor advocated that the priests and teachers should be supported by the people. They did, and were destroyed (Alma 16:11)
    1. Before being destroyed, these people burned the believers and their records; they hated that they would teach and preach for free.
    2. Alma 1:12 is the warning against priestcraft, and Alma 16:9 is the fulfillment of that.
  18. Wicked Lamanite king appointing official teachers over the people (Mosiah 24:1, 4)
  19. The priestcraft people (oft after the order of Nehor) get so behind their ways that they’ll kill those who believe in the true religion (Alma 24:28; Alma 25:5-7)
  20. It was because of priestcraft that Jesus was crucified (2 Ne. 10:5). They were the learned of the people. They say in the judgment seat of Moses (Matt 23:2)
    1. Rabbi meant doctor, teacher, master.
  21. The Jews gave all power to the Rabbi’s. These Pharisees were the teachers of the Law. They received superstitious honor. They were given equal reverence as prophets. (Talmage, Jesus the Christ p71; referring to Geike’s Life and Words of Christ vol 1 Ch 6)
    1. Also from Talmage: The Jewish hierarchy of Jesus’ time was an open avarice scandal, heaping treasure to itself from the poor class, often taking the property of the widow, etc. They called themselves just and holy and had many words to say.
      1. The Jews did the worst crime ever, kill Jesus, because of this priestcraft. They have had the severest of punishment, and will continue to until they believe in Christ (2 Ne. 25:16)
    2. Lamanites, Nephites, Jews, the city of Ammonihah, the Amlicites, Zarahelma, all these had priestcraft. Here are common themes from them all:
      1. A group of teachers who were either in control of government, or acted with the approval of those who were, engaged in the profession of education or instruction
      2. The teachers were supported by the taxing power of government
      3. When prophets exposed the evils of priestcraft, its practitioners used the police power to inflict death upon them and others of their faith, insofar as they were able to do so
      4. God avenged these murders by putting to death those who perpetrated them and severely chastising the nation which permitted them to go unpunished.
    3. While priestcraft outside Zion may not be fatal, those who labor for money inside of Zion will perish (2 Ne. 26:29-31)
    4. The Gentiles will have priestcraft among them (3 Ne. 30:2). This would be speaking about us in the USA, etc., the non-Jewish, non-Lamanite groups.
      1. When the gentiles have priestcraft and reject the gospel it will be taken from them (3 Ne. 16:10)
      2. When Christ speaks of the people as being salt that has lost its savor, we know he is talking to his covenant people, for they are who are the salt of the earth, no one else. (3 Ne. 16:13, 15)
        1. In every instance where Christ called his followers the salt of the earth (3 Ne. 16:13, 15; D&C 101:39-40; Matt. 5:13; 3 Ne. 12:13), he warns that if they lose the savor, they’ll be trod under foot.
      3. Church members should voluntarily support the laborer in Zion lest he perish. They help his basic needs be met. And if they are doing it merely for money, they’ll perish (2 Ne. 26:29)
      4. Only state supported education can be classified as enforced priestcraft. Its practitioners supported by taxation.
      5. Seeing as we have these warnings against priestcraft in the latter-day Gentile world, and the state is not funding religious education, what could it be referring to? Public education. Recall that the only stipulation for something to be priestcraft is “priestcrafts are that men preach and set themselves up for a light unto the world, that they may get gain and praise of the world” 2 Ne. 26:29. Preach could mean secular as well as religious subjects!
      6. The name Nehor in the Book of Mormon stands for enforced priestcraft.
      7. The Lamanite king employed teachers, not to get religion going, but to make his people like the Nephites, prosperous and wise as to the learning of the world. But without religion this influence merely lead them to wickedness.
      8. Mosiah 24:5-7 and Alma 24:28-29 show that socialized education without religion constitutes priestcraft, and exposes the evil nature of the philosophy upon which this is based. They sought to learn to read and write, but only to get gain, “to increase in riches”. This ends up only harming. The Lamanites with this but no religion became people whom were “delighting in all manner of wickedness and plunder.” The teachers and the students of priestcraft all get corrupt.
        1. Cursed are those who “hearken to the precepts of man, save their precepts shall be given by the power of the Holy Ghost.” 2 Ne. 28:31
        2. Satan’s CUNNING plan is to give men learning without humility and faith in God (2 Ne. 9:28)
          1. The US today has secular education which constitutes the precepts of men. Thus it will only bring ill.
          2. If by the learning of secular knowledge one thereby becomes proud and incapable of believing religious truths without which there can be no salvation or exaltation, obviously one would be better off without the worldly wisdom. (Mark 8:36-7 if you gain the whole world and lose your soul, you’ve lost everything)
            1. If truth set A is indispensable to salvation while truth set B is not, focus on set A. Often those who study B become blind to A. Defer B until losing A becomes unlikely. If you learn A and continue therein, and are blessed with B also, good for you. (2 Ne. 9:29 to be learned is good if they hearken unto the counsels of God)
          3. God considers the learned and rich to be fools unless they’ll humble themselves before God (2 Ne. 9:42)

Ch15 Socialized Education and False Doctrines

  1. Even though socialized education were to teach nothing but provable facts, still it constitutes enforced priestcraft which is condemned by the prophets.
  2. Social education is compelled to teach that the miracle of life is the result of blind chance rather than the design of God.
  3. Since socialized schools don’t teach supernatural explanations for creation, and they can’t ignore creation, they resort to organic evolution as their cornerstone to explain this in the courses of history, anthropology, psychology, geology, astronomy, sociology, biology, botany, bacteriology, etc.
    1. People learn that all is either by chance or by men. It follows that it wasn’t God, and that the bible is false.
  4. Joseph Fielding Smith spoke of how in the scholastic world, no man’s faith is respected. The people with degrees think they are better than others, and thus able to criticize and condemn any doctrine or theory against their own. The teacher thinks himself immune from the need to respect the beliefs of students. Most textbooks written today boldly and impudently contradict the doctrines in the Bible and its history. “I know of no history published today [1954] dealing with ancient peoples that does not start out with a false conception in relation to the origin of man, the age of the earth, and the historical development of the human race.” (Smith, Man His Origin and Destiny, pp. 4, 10)
  5. Joseph Fielding Smith calls organic evolution a chief weapon of Satan in attempt to destroy the divine mission of Jesus Christ. It claims that there can be no repentance and no sin. (ibid p 184)
  6. The rising crime today is from lack of belief in God and moral law.
  7. Organic Evolution sounds like Korihor: no consequences, you make it by how tough you are, by being the best of the best and smarts. (Alma 30:17). The effect of this preaching is wickedness (Alma 30:18).
  8. Socialized education teaches that the state is responsible for children
  9. Parents must finance public schools based on taxation, so if they want their children to go to private school, they must pay for the education of two not one children. Hence many can’t and merely use the public schools.
  10. Those who favor socialized education take the position that the state and not the parents should have the responsibility of training children during a certain period of their lives.
  11. State schools make it impossible for the individual preferences of families to be respected regarding vital matters.
  12. Those working within the system are ever trying to increase the amount of state control at the expense of parental control.
  13. “Trust no one to be our teacher nor your minister, except he be a man of God, walking in his ways and keeping his commandments.” (Mosiah 23:14)
    1. To obey this instruction, a parent must be able to determine who teaches his child. He can’t under socialized education.
  14. “When the Lord entrusts parents with his spirit children, He holds them accountable for the training of those children. If they fail to discharge their duty properly, the sin is answered upon their heads. (D&C 68:25) If the child is cursed because of the parents’ neglect, the curse will be the parents’ rather than the child’s. (2 Ne. 4:6) Any system, therefore, which forcibly takes from the parents the power to control what their children are taught, and who teaches them, is contrary to the Lord’s plan. It deprives parents of their most sacred stewardship and takes the child away from those who are most deeply concerned with his welfare. No state employee whose purpose in teaching is to get gain can be expected to serve the interests of the child as well as the parents who render their service without compensation. More especially is this true when the teacher is prohibited by law from instilling faith in the child.
  15. Socialized education teaches socialism both in theory and practice.
    1. Once the idea is accepted that it is the function of government to use its taxing power to solve the problem of ignorance, which it is claimed stems from poverty, the theory that poverty is the concern of the state has been accepted.
      1. If you accept this, that the government should use taxation (which is taking from the haves to give to the have not’s) for the purpose of education, to cure the social ill of ignorance, would it not also follow that the state should provide for food, housing, medicine, transportation, and entertainment? (*All these things are far from the original intent of government (not to mention the US Constitution) being security!)
      2. Socialistic programs are all incorporated into the socialized education system
        1. School lunches
        2. Dining facilities
        3. Student housing
        4. Medical care
        5. Busing
        6. Athletics
        7. Drama
        8. Music
        9. The students who are being educated and supported at state expense cannot be expected to object, or to cease desiring such doles upon graduation.
      3. George Q. Cannon: “If you want to pauperize a community, begin by giving them something they never earned. If the state owes to the child schooling, it also by a parity of reasoning, owes to it food and clothing at public expense. If you want to destroy in a child’s mind that feeling of energy, self-respect, and self-reliance, which all should have, you would impress upon him that the state owes him something upon which he can depend.” (George Q. Cannon, Salt Lake Tribune, April 12, 1877)
    2. It is widely recognized that public schools and universities are the foremost advocates of socialism because they teach it in theory and practice.
    3. Teachers are forced to write in the textbooks the things which the billions of dollars coming to them say should be in the books.
    4. Degrees bring social status and wealth making capabilities, but when the acquisition of wealth and secular knowledge is given in preference to spiritual training and religious faith (which the public schools are not permitted to teach), a set of false values is instilled in the student.
    5. The definition of Materialism (which socialized education teaches):
      1. The doctrine that the facts of experience are all to be explained by reference to the reality, activities, and laws of physical or material substance.
      2. In psychology, this doctrine denies the reality of the soul as a physical being
      3. In cosmology, it denies the need of assuming the being of God as absolute Spirit or any other spiritual ground or first principle.
    6. Materialism is the official doctrine of the communists, they call it “dialectical materialism” (materialism developed by logical argumentation)
    7. We are cursed if we hearken to the precepts of men, except such come by the Holy Ghost (2 Ne. 28:31)
      1. Public schools are limited to teaching the “precepts of men” and “wisdom of the world”
      2. A child will be cursed rather than blessed by learning the precepts of men from teachers who do not have the power of the Holy Ghost.
      3. Those who don’t listen to God are fools (2 Ne. 9:28)
    8. Socialized education is the Devil’s Church
      1. Upon the force of government, he compels all parents to send their children to his church for training.
      2. They are taught the Devil’s doctrines
        1. Organic evolution
        2. Atheism
  • Socialism
  1. materialism
  1. No one is permitted to teach in his church until they have first been to college and there been indoctrinated with his philosophies.
  2. The professors, from degrees and status, refuse to hearken to the counsels of God, or to be lead by the Holy Ghost.
    1. Since they don’t have the Holy Ghost, they only have power to curse those who accept their teachings (2 Ne. 28:31).
      1. Only evil can result from such teachings.
    2. Parents are compelled by the devil’s church to finance with their tax money the corruption of their own children!
  3. If evolution, socialism, materialism, atheism, and other similar philosophies of men which are being taught by the public schools today are not the doctrines of Satan, one will find it difficult to find a set of teachers better calculated to serve his purposes; and if socialized education is not his “cunning plan” to spread these false teachings, one will also find it difficult to design a plan which does the job more effectively and completely. And finally, if this is his plan, he “decieveth the whole world” (Rev. 12:9) with it because there are few indeed who regard it as such. In fact, socialized education has become so universally accepted that the suggestion that it promotes the plan of the evil one may shock some. Teachers, especially those who have spent so many years and so much of their means obtaining the credentials for employment will find it difficult to view the institution which feeds them as the Great and Abominable Church. However, a teacher who accepts the gospel as true and is willing to be guided thereby will not lightly cast aside the many scriptures and statements of the prophets which point to this possibility.”
    1. “…the laborer in Zion shall labor for Zion; for if they labor for money they shall perish.” (2 Ne. 26:31)
  4. The privilege of parenthood is the most sacred stewardship of all and that the experience is designed to develop that divine skill without which one cannot expect to have eternal increase.
    1. Hesitate before approving of a system that forcibly deprives parents of their rights and responsibilities.
    2. Precisely distinguish between the Lords and Satan’s plans for rearing children in order that they (parents) may be candidates for the role of parents during the eternities.

Ch16 Latter-day Prophets and Socialized Education

  1. Before education of children by public funds was accepted, prophets spoke against it. After it had been written in the constitution and laws of the state, and the people had come to accept it, little was or has been said.
  2. Brigham Young: “Many of you may have heard what certain journalists have had to say about Brigham Young being opposed to free schools. I am opposed to free education as much as I am opposed to taking property from one man and giving it to another who knows not how to take care of it…I school ten children to everyone that those do who complain so much of me. I now pay the school fee of a number of children who are either orphans or sons and daughters of poor people. But in aiding and blessing the poor I do not believe in allowing my charities to go through the hands of a set of robbers who pocket nine-tenths themselves, and give one-tenth to the poor. Therein is the difference between us: I am for the real act of doing and not saying. Would I encourage free schools by taxation? No!” (JD 18:357)
  3. Apostle Woodruff: the cost of free schools would eat up the entire property of the territory – real and personal – in twenty years. Saints should rather save from their whiskey and tobacco indulgence the cost of educating their children. (Salt Lake Tribune, Jan. 23, 1877)
  4. As a condition of Utah becoming part of the US, they were forced to adopt “free” common schools for grades 1-8.
  5. Joseph F. Smith’s response to the government starting to force public high school also: “I hope that I may be pardoned for giving expression to my real conviction with reference to the question of education in the State of Utah. The government of the State has provided for the common schools up to the eighth grade, and meets the general expenses of these schools….In addition to these, we are having forced upon the people high schools throughout every part of the land. I believe that we are running education mad. I believe that we are taxing the people more for education than they should be taxed. This is my sentiment. And especially is it my sentiment when the fact is known that all these burdens are placed upon the taxpayers of the state to teach the learning or education of this world. God is not in it. Religion is excluded from it. The Bible is excluded from it. And those who desire to have their children receive the advantages of moral and religious education are excluded from all these state organizations, and if we will have our children properly taught in principles of righteousness, morality and religion, we have to establish Church schools or institutions of education of our own, and thus the burdens of taxation are increased upon the people. We have to do it in order that our children may have the advantages of moral training in their youth. I know that I shall be criticized by professional ‘lovers of education’ for expressing my idea in relation to this matter.” (Conference Report, Oct. 1915)
  6. In 1877, 3 years before becoming president of the Church, John Taylor was elected Territorial Superintendent of Schools. Although the Brethren were opposed to public schools, the Territorial Legislature had voted funds for this purpose, and doubtless the Church leaders felt that someone with the Church point of view should occupy this sensitive office.
  7. John Taylor, 1879: “And then we want to study also the principles of education, and to get the very best teachers we can to teach our children; see that they are men and women who fear God and keep his commandments. We do not want men or women to teach the children of Latter-day Saints who are not Latter-day Saints themselves. Hear it ye elders of Israel and you school trustees.” (JD 20:179)
  8. Latter-day Saints are just as entitled to have LDS teachers as Catholics and Protestants are to have teachers of their faith.
    1. Parents cannot select their children’s’ teachers in the public education system unless they are willing to support two educational systems at the same time (pay taxes for public schools, and pay tuition of your student at their private school).
  9. John Taylor’s opinion that LDS who subject their children to non-LDS teachers won’t make it to the Celestial Kingdom: “I am told in the revelations to bring up my children in the fear of God….Now we are engaged…in building our temples…that we may become united and linked together by eternal covenants that shall exist in all time and throughout eternity. And then when we have done all this go and deliberately turn our children over to whom? To many who do not believe the Gospel, to men who, according to your faith are never going to the celestial kingdom of God….And you will turn your children over to them. And you call yourselves Latter-day Saints, do you? I will suppose a case. You expect to be saved in the celestial kingdom of God. Well, supposing your expectations are realized, which I sometimes doubt, and you look down, down somewhere in a terrestrial or telestial kingdom, as the case may be, and you see your children, the offspring that God had given you to train up in his fear, to honor him and keep his commandments, …And supposing they could converse with you…what would be their feelings toward you? It would be, Father, Mother, you are to blame for this. I would have been with you if you had not tampered with the principles of life and salvation in permitting me to be decoyed away by false teachers, who taught incorrect principles. And this is the result of it. But then I very much question men and women’s getting into the celestial kingdom of God who have no more knowledge about principles of life and salvation than to go and tamper with the sacred offspring, the principle of life which God entrusted to your care, to thus shuffle it off to imbibe the spirit of unbelief, which leads to destruction and death. I very much doubt in my mind the capability of such people getting there.” (JD 20:107-8; see also JD 19:248; 20:48, 60; 22:222, 315; 24:168, 352; 26:97, 112)(see also Mosiah 23:14, a scripture he used: only let people of God be your teacher)
  10. John Taylor: Church should have it’s own books for it’s children’s’ education: “And then with regard to our educational pursuits, let us do all we can in that direction. Some people talk about the means it takes; why money is not to be compared with intelligence. I wish we had our own textbooks, published by ourselves and read by our children. I think such things are indicated in the Doctrine and Covenants.” (JD:20:169)
    1. Obviously a reference to D&C 55:4: “And again, you [W. W. Phelps] shall be ordained to assist my servant Oliver Cowdery to do the work of printing, and of selecting and writing books for schools in this church, that little children also may receive instruction before me as is pleasing unto me.”
  11. Why don’t the prophets speak in the same way now against socialized education? This could be why:
    1. When the people are disobedient, the Lord doesn’t let the prophets speak as much doctrine
      1. Alma 12:9, 11: “10. It is given unto many to know the mysteries of God; nevertheless they are laid under a strict command that they shall not impart only according to the portion of his word which he doth grant unto the children of men, according to the heed and diligence which they give unto him. 11. And they that will harden their hearts, to them is given the lesser portion of the word until they know nothing concerning his mysteries; and then they are taken captive by the devil, and led by his will down to destruction. Now this is what is meant by the chains of hell.”
    2. Nephi says that in the last days, the Gentiles will reject the Gentiles would reject the prophets and the Lord would cover their seers:
      1. Ne. 27: 1, 5: “1. But, behold, in the last days, or in the days of the Gentiles—yea, behold all the nations of the Gentiles and also the Jews, both those who shall come upon this land and those who shall be upon other lands, yea, even upon all the lands of the earth, behold, they will be drunken with iniquity and all manner of abominations— 5. For behold, the Lord hath poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep. For behold, ye have closed your eyes, and ye have rejected the prophets; and your rulers, and the seers hath he covered because of your iniquity.”
    3. “It is the “vainness, and the frailties, and the foolishness of men” which makes it possible for them to believe that their own meager, and oft times erroneous store of knowledge is of such importance that it must be forced upon everyone. It is precisely because of these weaknesses that “they hearken not unto the counsel of God,” and because they will not hearken they believe in enforced priestcraft. But no one can convince them that “their wisdom is foolishness.” On the other hand, so arrogantly certain are they of the value of what they think they know, that they want to force everyone into the same mold of socialized education to learn it.”
    4. Abraham Isaac and Jacob make their living tending flocks and herds in a desert country. They lived completely outside of what we call “civilization” and had none of the “advantages” we ascribe to it… Nevertheless, the scriptures tell us they “are not angels but are gods.” (D&C 132:37). They had all the knowledge essential to the attainment of the supreme goal of existence, a knowledge of the things of God. Without this, “wisdom is foolishness and it profiteth [us] not. And [we] shall perish”
      1. Only those who lack faith in the omnipotence and justice of God can believe in priestcraft.
      2. God grants wisdom to each nation to teach his world in wisdom all he sees fit that they should have (Alma 29:8).
        1. The only fate one may determine is his own, thus we should not force things on others.
        2. All men will receive the exact amount of knowledge which the Lord in His wisdom “seeth fit that they should have,” and no one can give them any more than this or withhold from them what they deserve.
  • This faith level of Alma (Alma 29:8 referred to above) is very hard for men to attain.
    • Even Alma had a hard time restraining his desires to “set the world straight”; he had to remind himself that God is at the helm and everyone will receive their just dues
    • Mosiah 27:13: “This is my church, and I will establish it; and nothing shall overthrow it, save it be the transgression of my people.”
    • Alma’s wish to be an angel to tell all earth is taken back in realization that God is in charge, and is just. Alma 29:4: “I ought not to harrow up in my desires the firm decree of a just God, for I know that he granteth unto men according to their desire, whether it be unto death or unto life…”
    • Once we have this level of faith (that God is just to all, that each one works out his own salvation, that the only soul one can same is his own), he will simply seek the Lord’s will about what to do when it comes to ignorance, poverty, sickness, etc., and then try to do it. He will learn and use the methods of the Lord. He will see compulsion as the devils plan and avoid using it.
    • “If God is not omnipotent and just; if He does not govern in the affairs of men and of nations; if a person’s knowledge and his salvation which is dependent thereon are determined by the chance actions of associates who are oft times unwise and sinful – then are we mere pawns on the chessboard of fate being moved here and there by blind forces over which we exercise little or no control.”

Ch17 The Kingdom of God vs. The Kingdom of the Devil

  1. we pray for the kingdom of God to come, “thy kingdom come”. What is a kingdom? A territory, people, state or realm ruled by a king or a queen; a monarchy; The kingdom of God involves submitting your will to him; our foremost duty in life is the “seek first the kingdom of God”
    1. The Lord has repeatedly, as shown earlier, established civil governments, prescribed civil laws, and appointed rulers for the purpose of providing free agency for His Children. His direct intervention in political affairs is one of the best-attested facts of religious history.
  2. President Joseph Fielding Smith defines “the kingdom of God” using the words of Elder Orson Pratt: “The kingdom of God is an order of government established by divine authority. It is the only legal government that can exist in any part of the universe. All other governments are illegal and unauthorized. God having made all beings and worlds, has the supreme right to govern them by his own laws, and by officers of his own appointment. Any people attempting to govern themselves by laws of their own making, and by officers of their own appointment, are in direct rebellion against the kingdom of God.” (Smith, Seek Ye Earnestly, p.22, Deseret Book, 1970)
  3. John Taylor’s definition of the Kingdom of God: “The Kingdom of God, is the government of God, on the earth, or in the heavens….If the world be the Lord’s, He certainly has a right to govern it; for we have already stated that man has no authority, except that which is delegated to him. He possesses a moral power to govern his actions, subject at all times to the law of God; but never is authorized to act independent of God; much less is he authorized to rule on the earth without the call and direction o the Lord; therefore, any rule or dominion over the earth, which is not given by the Lord is surreptitiously obtained, and never will be sanctioned by him. (John Taylor, Government of God, p. 1, 58)
  4. Thus those who are appointed by God to govern and execute God’s will constitute themselves and the territory they reside in, as the kingdom of God.
  5. Joseph Smith about the Kingdom of God: “What constitutes the kingdom of God? Where there is a prophet, a priest, or a righteous man unto whom God gives his oracles, there is the kingdom of God… (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p. 271-4)
    1. Thus God’s kingdom may exist simultaneously with others at times.
    2. Luke 17:20-21 also shows the Kingdom of God is within you.
  6. Establish only laws which have the approval of God! Thus you will be in His Kingdom. If you seek laws that are not of God’s kingdom, you can’t claim to be in God’s kingdom.
  7. Joseph Fielding Smith on God’s kingdom meant to ever rule earth: “When the first government was formed on the earth, the Lord directed it by revelation and gave laws for the guidance of the people. In course of time when man began to multiply they refused to hearken to the voice of revelation and rebelled against the divine mandates that had been given them… In this manner the kingdom of God, as it was established by the Lord and intended by him to continue through all ages, came to an end. In its stead man-made governments were formed and man usurped the authority which rightfully belongs to his Maker. There have been times when governments have been directed by the Lord, and his will has been followed as it was made known through divinely appointed prophets. This was the condition of the city of Enoch; in the days of Israel in Palestine, when they were not rebellious; among the Nephites through much of their history, especially during the two hundred years following the crucifixion of Christ. However with these and a few other exceptions, almost from the beginning men have rejected the guidance of the Lord; they have cast out or killed the prophets and have refused to recognize the voice of God in their affairs. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, but that has not retarded fallen man in his usurpation of governmental authority which does not rightfully belong to him.” (Joseph Fielding Smith, Seek Ye Earnestly, Deseret Book Co., 1970, p. 21-22)
    1. We see God wants his government on earth always, but people reject his political leadership.
  8. Membership in God’s kingdom is for here and now.
  9. The rightful sovereignty of God includes His Church, and the whole planet; political as well as ecclesiastical. He created this earth and it’s his right to reign here as King of Kings.
  10. “God’s commandments cover political as well as religious duties, and it is not possible for man to become a completely loyal member of God’s kingdom without complying with both.”
  11. “Without the Lord’s guidance, men are as incompetent to properly conduct political affairs as they are to conduct those which are religious, and any people “attempting to govern themselves by laws of their own making, and by officers of their own appointment, are in direct rebellion against the kingdom of God””
  12. “Thou shalt not build up the kingdom of the Devil.” (D&C 10:56)
  13. The kingdom of God is government under God’s authority, and the kingdom of the Devil is government under the Devil’s authority/influence.
  14. The Kingdom of the Devil is prostituted government.
  15. God seeking righteous government and the devil seeking wicked government is a greatest battle.
    1. Everyone is under some civil government, so we are all involved
      1. Thus we choose organized good or organized evil.
    2. Government is about using control and thus affects free agency either positively or negatively.
      1. Compulsion is always either good or evil; a distinct line. The penalty for crossing that line is most severe (D&C 121:37).
    3. Some laws are suitable for God’s Kingdom, others are suitable for Satan’s. (D&C 98:5, 7), it can’t ever satisfy both.
      1. We are either on one side or the other, we need to distinguish which is which.
    4. The laws of the United Order are suspended until the redemption of Zion (D&C 105:34).
      1. Its two laws are consecration and stewardship. All they have including their time means and possessions belongs to the Lord. Those are all a stewardship from the Lord. They transfer all their property voluntarily to the Lord’s church in a covenant that cannot be broken. They receive back the portion they need, and with that they can do as they will, sell it, or use it for business, or give it to heirs. But any surplus which was produced above the needs and wants was to go to the Lord’s storehouse to become the common property of the Church. But the people can reject the United Order in the same way that they can now reject the law of tithing. Government laws protect his land, and he can choose to continue to live the United Order or not. But what he gave in the past can’t be returned. He can merely decide to stop living the law at the present.
      2. Without stewardships, our agency is diminished. The Lord says all must have stewardships (D&C 104:13).
      3. 25:14-15 shows that the stewardships are not equal to all, but based on their capacities they had developed to that point. So shall it be in the next life, great differences because of this parable which says some don’t do anything with what they get, and others do.
    5. You can’t be punished for greed or rewarded for charity unless you have property and power to acquire such; one must be free to do with his stewardship as he sees fit.
    6. 4 types of laws allowed in the Constitution (which are also needful for the protection of stewardship): see p 159
      1. Criminal laws which provide protection against those who take, injure, or destroy the stewardship of others
      2. Laws which provide for defense against foreign aggressor nations; (These laws might be classified as criminal laws because they provide protection against foreign criminals)
      3. Contract and tort laws which permit those who have been injured by the intentional or negligent conduct of others to have their claims litigated and enforced;
      4. Laws which make it possible for government to perform the above functions by compelling each person whose stewardship is protected to pay his fair share of the taxes and perform other necessary duties, such as serve in the armed forces.
    7. 3 bad types of laws (which destroy stewardship): see p 160
      1. laws which hinder or prevent the acquisition of a stewardship. In a well-developed economy where there is a marked division of labor, one acquires a stewardship of property by entering some specialized field and producing a large quantity of goods and or services for sale to or exchange with others who also are engaged in mass production. Under such conditions a person may be hindered or prevented from acquiring a stewardship by laws which make it difficult or impossible to enter business. There are a large variety of such laws including licensing laws, zoning laws, employment laws which forbid the hiring of a person because of age, sex, race, etc., and collective bargaining laws which prevent employees from bargaining directly with employers. In trying to justify such laws, people tend to confuse a proper function of government-that of punishing crime-with an improper function-that of destroying stewardships. They erroneously imagine that licensing laws, for example, are necessary criminal laws. This utterly false notion can be dispelled by noting that existing criminal laws already provide that a person may secure redress for injuries committed either intentionally or negligently, and that is all the protection which government can afford without destroying freedom.
      2. Regulatory laws. Laws which deny the steward the freedom to manage his own property are not authorized by the Constitution and are destructive of those “rights and privileges” which belong to all mankind. The multitudinous regulatory measures under which government commissions, boards, bureaus, and agencies regulate agriculture and labor, finance and banking, transportation and communication, mining and manufacturing, trades, professions, etc. all have the effect of preventing the property owner from making his own decisions about his stewardship.
      3. Compulsory charity laws. Laws which authorize and direct government officials to forcibly take property from its rightful owner and make a gift thereof to those to whom it does not rightfully belong, prevent the property owner from deciding for himself how charitable he will be with that property and thereby destroy the basis upon which the Lord intends to judge the world (Matt. 25:31-46) This constitutes a direct violation of the commandment “thou shalt not steal”. Merely changing the number who is involved in its commission does not change the evil nature of the act in the slightest. The Lord’s commandments apply with as much force to group action as individual action, and anyone who favors laws which destroy stewardship in this matter can hardly expect the kingdom of God.
    8. Alex de Tocqueville speaks against the government taking over our decisions so the care of living is gone from us, and our free agency becoming less useful and less frequent. Government thus should not manage all things of our concerns or supply our necessities. This extinguishes and stupefies people unto being stupid animals over which the government is the shepherd. The democracy tends to get free long enough to merely choose their next slave master P161-2
    9. First Presidency: Satan is making war against all the wisdom which has come to man over the ages… he is working under such complete disguise, that many don’t recognize him or his efforts. He never had such a firm grasp on people as he does now. He promotes communism and takes away free speech and press and agency and free religion and conscience. Free people can’t survive in these circumstances. P163
    10. McKay: they take away freedom in the name of freedom in communism; they say labor camps are liberty, and that a slave state is democracy. P163
    11. Joseph Fielding Smith: Satan now controls all the nations p163
    12. Few can be trusted in government, but when a society is righteous enough, God raises up leaders righteous to lead them like happened in the beginning of the USA, whose motto was “in God we trust” p164
    13. Separation of church and state is said in Constitution’s first article: “congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”
      1. One violation of this is if you aren’t allowed to vote because of your beliefs.
      2. It’s ok for someone to vote for a person who believes in the Kingdom of God and who votes for him or her for that reason.

Ch18 The Apostasy of the Latter-days

  1. Whenever the Lord’s people get prosperous as they are now, they fall away. The Church will remain standing, but the members won’t necessarily follow the prophets. We mingle with the world so much now.
  2. God’s people are called salt (D&C 101:39-40), and it’s said that when they lose their savor they’ll be trampled (3 Ne. 16:15)
  3. The Book of Mormon shows that the people of God get destroyed if they don’t repent
  4. The Church can only get destroyed if the people are wicked therein (Mosiah 27:13) thus is the reason for setting it up so many times historically, people often are evil quickly (Hel. 12:1-4).
  5. Usually with apostasy, the people become wicked though they believe they are righteous.
  6. The churches become corrupt from pride, false teachers, and false doctrine (2 Ne. 28:12)
  7. Followers of Christ often err because of false teachings of men (2 Ne. 28:14)
  8. The purpose for the fall was to know, like the gods, the difference between good and evil (Moses 4:11, 28). Satan’s great purpose here is to deceive mankind (Moses 4:4).
    1. So the great thing of this life is to distinguish between right and wrong.
    2. If Satan can deceive us, he can get us to do evil because they believe it to be good, and induce them to refrain from doing good because they believe it to be evil.
    3. Because of people’s tendency to accept the beliefs of those who rear them, it’s hard for people who live in the midst of wickedness to discern between right and wrong.
      1. Thus the creeds of the fathers who have inherited lies are the mainspring of all corruption (D&C 123:7; 93:39)
    4. Those of the Lord’s Church tend to think they are immune to deception.
      1. Rather, those who know the most are in the most danger of condemnation (D&C 82:3; 2 Ne. 9:27)
      2. Only a few of the many the Lord called to go to the highest degree of glory will go there (D&C 121). Pres. McKay called this “The greatest revelation that God has ever given to man”
      3. D&C 121 speaks against ruling with compulsion
        1. The only place where people rule in compulsion without the fear of physical punishment or condemnation from their fellow men is through government. The government makes people sake from retaliation of whom the government oppresses.
          1. The only thing left to restrain their abuse is their conscience.
        2. It says nearly all men abuse power when they get it
      4. Every welfare state is committing plunder. It is taking from someone else. It is theft.
        1. Wo to those “whose hands are not stayed from laying hold upon other men’s goods, …and who will not labor with your own hands!” D&C 56:17
      5. Racketeering
        1. Using physical violence outside the framework of government to give oneself a monopoly power in a certain field of economic activity.
      6. Licensing
        1. When government machinery is used for racketeering.
        2. These are to obtain the things of this world and the honors of men.
        3. This is not necessary to prevent crime! Criminal laws already punish all forms of crime, and licensing laws can’t possibly add to them.
        4. Enforcement of licensing laws is a form of racketeering. It doesn’t matter that a legislative body sanctions it!
      7. The effect and purpose of racketeering and licensing are the same.
      8. The only legitimate function of government is defending freedom. Armies and navies protect our borders; executive and judiciary enforce our rights and protect us against crime; the legislature adopts laws for these purposes; all this is essential for human liberty.
        1. Everyone desires liberty for himself and wants his own protected. Therefore, when anyone is required to help bear the cost of THIS protection, he is not being compelled to purchase something he does not want or use.
        2. When government taxes us for other reasons than freedom, it’s for things we may not want or use.
          1. Therefore, anyone who favors laws other than those “supporting that principle of freedom in maintaining rights and privileges” is committing evil (D&C 98:5-7).
            1. Anyone who is employed by government to execute such laws is compelling taxpayers to pay his salary against their will and is committing extortion, and that is forbidden (D&C 59:20).
            2. If government is used to compel a private employer to hire an employee or pay a minimum wage or other compensation against his will (*like insuring employees), this is also extortion.
          2. All want freedom to spend money how they will, and to do with their business or farm as they will. They want to have privacy. They don’t want others watching them or telling them how to manage their lives and property. Intruding into other’s concerns, at least on a private level, is criminal.
            1. What is seen clearly when done by an individual becomes hidden when done by a group. When men act in the name of government, they don’t hesitate to mess with a person’s property or business. None of that is sacred anymore. They don’t any longer hesitate to deny people privacy and freedom they desire for themselves. They no longer fear public restrain or retaliation.
          3. We see this widespread “unrighteous dominion”. No wonder many are called but few are chosen. Satan persuades people into believing that moral law which applies to individual action does not apply when men act in groups.
            1. All are accountable to God for the compulsion exercised under every law he favors.
            2. Just because a nation has self-government, does not mean that God authorizes them to create whatever laws they want.
            3. Both the Lord and Satan seek to control government, and people choose a side by deciding which laws and leaders he supports and opposes. You can either help the Lord preserve liberty, or help Satan destroy it.

Ch 19 The Destruction of the Devil’s Church

  1. The end of the world means “the destruction of the wicked,” (Smith 1:4) and the “destroying of Satan and his works” (D&C 19:1); thus the fall of Satan’s Great and Abominable Church will occur simultaneously therewith.
  2. The fall of the devil’s church is inevitable (2 Ne. 14:15-16)
  3. When a nation lets secret combinations get in charge, that is the line in the sand for a nation’s point of no return. At that point, it is guaranteed to be destroyed (Ether 8:22-23).
  4. Religious history confirms what when governments get to the point that they allow their officers of government to condone or participate in crimes against the saints and prophets, destruction is eminent.
    1. Jews imprisoned Jeremiah and sought to kill Lehi, who fled, then shortly thereafter they were destroyed or carried into captivity.
    2. They rejected Abinadi and killed him; shortly thereafter they were all killed or enslaved by Lamanites.
    3. Those in Amonihah rejected Alma and Amulek, exiled male converts, burned female and child converts, and soon everyone in that city was slain by the Lamanites.
    4. When the Nephite nation was wicked, it started with civil war and ended with famine. When prophets came to teach them pointing out the flaws in their government, they sought to kill him rather than to use their police power to protect him. Famine became so severe it threatened their entire extinction. When survivors repented, rain came (Hel. 11:18).
    5. The destruction which came to the Nephites before the Lords’ visit to them (AD 33) came right after the murder of many prophets (AD 30) (3 Ne. 6:23).
      1. When the Lord appears in 3 Ne. 9 telling them why the destructions had happened, this phrase occurs 9 times: “that the blood of the prophets and the saints should not come up unto me any more against them”
      2. Those who were spared were they who received the prophets and didn’t cast them out or slay them (3 Ne. 10:12).
    6. Heth allowed prophets to be killed and “exceeding fast” they began to be destroyed (Ether 9:28-30).
    7. Com got control of the government by secret combinations, and shortly thereafter came wars contentions everywhere, famines, pestilences, bringing greatest destruction ever (Ether 11:7).
    8. The Jaredite nation was destroyed from murdering the prophets and other abominations (Alma 37:29-30).
    9. Those who slew Christ, the Jews, suffered shortly thereafter and have been the most subject to such longer than any other people on the earth.
    10. Joseph Smith the prophet was murdered in the USA. It says “they” murdered the prophets and those sent to them (D&C 136:34-36) (*also, no one was put to charges for the murder of Joseph Smith!)
      1. On several occasions, Brigham Young said the US Civil War was punishment from God to the nation for having killed Joseph Smith the prophet, and that the country would have no wars if it listened to Joseph Smith (JD 12:120-121)
    11. Persecution of saints and prophets throughout history is always linked to corrupted government. These things could not occur without the support of those connected to police power.
    12. The Devil’s church brings the saints into captivity and tortures and kills them and yokes them with iron and bindeth them down (1 Ne. 13:5).
    13. God will avenge the blood of the saints (Ether 8:22).
    14. Secret combinations cause us to be in an awful situation we need to wake up to; the slain therefrom are crying for vengeance, as well as the oppressed therefrom (Ether 8:24; Mor. 8:38, 40-41).
    15. God will make a “full end of all nations” specifically for the purpose of vengeance of the slain of the saints (D&C 87:6-7).

Ch20 Summary and Conclusion

  1. The Devil’s Church is prostituted (corrupted) government.
  2. There is a great division to come as foretold by scripture; in the past when great divisions have happened, it is by political lines. Thus shall it be in the future. The Church of the Lamb battling the Devil’s Church will be via contest between groups with opposing political philosophies who have aligned themselves with opposing governments.
  3. People tend to not feel accountable for the evil done in the name of government. This is a trick of Satan. In this age of irreligion Satan can do this twice as well.
  4. Almost no one believes what the scriptures say about the existence of Satan, much less what the scriptures say about how Satan controls a worldwide organization to which almost all people belong.
  5. Governments are from the Lord and he holds us accountable for our acts in relation to them (D&C 134:1).
  6. By a careful perusal of the scriptures, however, we find that God in ancient days had as much to do with governments, kings, and kingdoms, as he ever had to do with religion.” (John Taylor, The Millennial Star 5:8-9)
    1. Scriptures conclusively show that when men have been righteous enough to accept the Lord’s political guidance, He has designated forms of government, revealed laws, and appointed civil rulers. They also demonstrate that when nations to whom such guidance has been given deviate therefrom and corrupt their laws, they are severely punished. P189.
  7. God may judge all men by their political beliefs. This reflects “right and wrong” regardless of religious beliefs. Political views reflect one’s most sincere beliefs about what is good and evil. Those acts he considers most evil are forbidden by the laws he favors, and those acts he considers so good and beneficial that he assumes he has a moral right to compel others to perform them are commanded by the laws he favors. So certain is he that his code is right that he is willing to force it upon all other members of society by the use of physical violence.
    1. If a person uses government to punish those acts which provide free agency and allows those acts which destroy it to go unpunished, the Lord will condemn him.
    2. The resurrection of the “just” can be determined by who is “just”. What is it to be just? It’s about what one’s code of justice is based on acts and omissions he condemns in others as set forth in the laws he favors as are the penalties he wants imposed for disobedience.
      1. One is unjust if they favor laws which deny others a freedom he desires for himself, or if they impose a punishment he would consider inequitable were he called upon to suffer it.
    3. A person’s political code can be used to determine how much he is in favor of the Lord’s plan of free agency, vs. the devil’s plan to oppress free agency.
    4. Scriptures and prophets show that Satan’s plan is to control government and induce wicked men to use it to wage war, commit murder, impose slavery and get power and gain.
    5. The Lord will expose Satan and the secret combinations (Alma 37:25)!
    6. The greatest threat from Satan today is “domination by the state” aka Communism.
    7. The welfare-state is a program proposed by Marx for socialist-communist purposes and builds the Devil’s Church.
      1. It pertains to destroy the basis upon which freedom rests: the right and control of property.
      2. It works toward abolishing the Lord’s three organizations: family, Church, and government.
      3. The 10-point plan of the Communist Manifesto is being embraced all over the world!
    8. Laws which the Lord revealed for the protection of freedom are being ignored while innumerable laws are being enacted which destroy it.
      1. Hence the Lord said that anything which is more or less than those freedom-protecting laws He caused to be established cometh of evil (*D&C 98:7, 10).
    10. Communist manifesto calls for free education for all children in public schools. This is to indoctrinate them. It puts faith in socialism in them. Thus parents enslave their own children.
      1. “…the creeds of the fathers who have inherited lies, [are] strongly riveted…upon the hearts of the children, and filled the world with confusion, and has been growing stronger and stronger, and is now the very mainspring of all corruption, and the earth groans under the weight of its iniquity. It is an iron yoke, it is a strong band; they are the very handcuffs, and chains, and shackles, and fetters of hell.” (D&C 123:7-8).
      2. There is nothing new about using government to impose thought control on citizens.
      3. History shows that whenever he can, Satan uses police power to establish enforced priestcraft.
      4. Time and again, church and state have been combined and the power of government used to deny religious freedom as well as freedom of speech and press which are an inextricable part thereof. Government has been used not only to suppress all but the favored sect, but also the taxing power has been used to support its priests and their activities. The essential evil of priestcraft lies in prostituting the power of government and using it to promulgate false creeds and deny religious freedom.
      5. Communism is more diabolical than any other type of priestcraft because its central doctrines are atheism and the destruction of free agency through socialism. Organic evolution, materialism, and humanism are the theories used to justify atheism and socialism by providing false explanations of the origin of life and its purposes.
      6. Government controlled learning (priestcraft) in each scriptural case leads to murder of the saints and bringing terrible punishment upon those who engaged in it.
      7. In non-communist nations which have government schools where the laws forbid state financed religious instruction, the doctrines they teach are very similar to those taught in communist schools.
        1. Since public schools cannot teach that God is the source of life, they attribute it to the blind chance of organic evolution
        2. Since public schools admitted goals are to prepare their students to obtain wealth, the wisdom of the world, and the honors of men, and since they are prohibited from giving priority to the spiritual goals taught by true religion, the philosophy instilled is essentially that of dialectical materialism of humanism
  • Socialized education is itself one of the most important points of the communist manifesto and it generally encompasses many other socialist programs; students are taught socialism therein in both theory and practice.
  1. Prophets had strenuous opposition to the creation of public schools as before noted.
  2. To the extent which the government has control over the people, it will control the children at school.
  3. People get attached to the idea that knowledge of the world and riches are the source of joy and purpose of life.
  1. “The education of the present day is very largely knowledge without the accompanying intelligence, of light and truth. It is bound to be so, and much of the knowledge will be mixed with error, where faith in God and in his revelations is eliminated, and only the cold and many times barren conclusions of mind and reason are the guide. Such learning leads to spiritual death, and not to spiritual life.” (Joseph Fielding Smith, Doctrines of Salvation, Vol. 1, p. 320)
  1. The Lord’s kingdom includes political sovereignty. Nations which ignore that and make laws of their own, making and selecting rulers of its own choosing, is in rebellion against the Lord’s kingdom. People usually reject the Lord’s attempts to lead us in government. Ancient and modern prophets have shown that Satan’s kingdom has been established in every nation and he now reigns over the earth.
  2. Because of extensive defection from gospel principles among the members of Christ’s Church, including unrighteous dominion, only a few of those who are called will be chosen to hold the Priesthood in the hereafter. Most in government do evil without fear of condemnation for crimes done therein.
  3. Today people are inclined to look to government for the solution to almost all problems.
    1. Remedy for ignorance, poverty, disease, lack of culture, facilities or opportunities of any description are commonly sought for through the compulsion of state action.
    2. There is today a “trend of welfare state in which people look to and worship government more than their God” (President David O. McKay, Letter to BYU Admin. & Faculty, 5/25/67)
  4. The government is the only organization which fits the description of the devil’s kingdom as an organization which has dominion over all the earth, and to which all men belong; scriptures show Satan has always tried to use government; government is the only thing which can get rid of the Lord’s system of stewardships by using police force to get rid of property.
    1. Probably 90% of the laws being made by governments today are unjust in the sight of God because their purpose is not to punish evil, but rather to deny men their freedom to manage their private affairs.
    2. Proof of an evil intent is not required to convict one for violating a law in an overwhelming majority of cases!
  5. No organization has caused more dispute and death than government; man fears nothing more than government; hence this is the thing that most drastically needs a solution.
  6. God’s ways lead to freedom and happiness, Satan’s lead to captivity and sorrow.
  7. It’s unthinkable that God would not give us guidance in solving this the greatest of all problems of the human race.
  8. Satan has kept his ways so well hidden that only those who search the revelations of the prophets can find him out.
    1. Wear out your lives in bringing hidden things of darkness to light (D&C 123:13-17; 84:117; 18:20)! This will have the effect of a small helm causing a great ship to turn coarse (D&C 123:13-17; 84:117; 18:20)!






Chapter On Conspiracy & Staying in The Church: Responding to Christian Markham’s Two Churches Only Vol. 2


This is my response to the author of “There Are Save Two Churches Only” Christian Markham, a latter-day saint author now parted from the church. I very much enjoyed vol. 1 which showed political conspiracy, I did not enjoy vol. 2 which suggested the church is a part of that conspiracy. In some correspondence with Christian, I wrote this about my feelings on his second volume. A theme of this essay is that we should be skeptical of materials published against the good name of the church and its leaders. Another theme is that focusing on growing & ministering to one’s family is more important than doing research. Possible reasons are considered for various perplexing things like church finance, strange handshakes seen by church leaders, the role of priesthood judges, and God permitting political conspirators to continue at large generally unexposed by the church. For an interesting lecture by brother Markham, see the audio download lectures at


…I’m currently reading the “Crucible of Doubt” by Givens which brings up some interesting ideas of not taking things at face value but praying about their truth on one’s own. I assume you’re well versed in Nibley studies. He seemed to have lots of things against the church yet remained in it and defended its core message, seeing it as gods church even if it had imperfect members. Nibley was a genius with intellect surpassing what I will likely attain in this life. I don’t worship him or call him an authority but I revere his work and have found it intellectually consistent so far as I can tell.

… I like you anxiously anticipate the second coming of Jesus Christ where things can be more transparent and fair for everyone. Until then, i have a very hard time believing half the things I read, especially those critical of the church. People against the church are just as liable to err in data as those in the church. This being said, I’m going with my gut  (and every other compass I can conjure) and staying in the church. You likely see this as shortsighted and immature, but it’s all I’ve got, and I believe it is enough.

I used to focus on the nitty gritty of doctrines of church and government.  Now my focus is on taking care of my wife and children. I have 5 children and plan to adopt more in the near future. We do foster care and homeschool and find great real need there. They are my focus. They, not my research, are the substance of my life. If I’m to leave any trace of good will towards men on this earth , I’m going to do it in an area I know is important, to me that’s family. I used to want to have a career in teaching seminary or in being a therapist or as a statesman. Now I’ve backed away from those as they are too controversial. I think the real impact is in the home, so I’m trying to establish as big a home as I can. By this I don’t mean square footage, but rather number of children…  …I suppose that different people have different life callings so i don’t fault those who chose to more fully devote themselves to research etc.

So far as the church goes, I wish I had more thoughtful things for you and could get into more complex discussions on the details of all this but like I said my focus has shifted from that stuff to my family.  When I get interviewed by god after this life I think the conversation is going to be mostly about how I treated my wife and children, what I did to help them be compassionate humans.   I still enjoy research, but it now takes the back seat and is more of a hobby. Taking my kids to church helps them make good choices. Giving priesthood blessings to my children seems to help them make more good choices and be of a better disposition. I live in a small town and ward members look out for each other.  I feel Gods presence when inside temples,  and leave temples with better decision-making capability.

President Thomas S. Monson added helping the poor as a 4th mission of the church, I like that idea of shifting our focus from just spiritual ministry to also temporal ministry (though I reject the idea that we should need to spoil ourselves and others with every convenience) I’m also still struggling through college for my nursing degree so that takes lots of time too. The past 5 years I’ve been at BYU which has been great for research but (in my case) not for career. I know I have a serious duty to both preach the gospel and influence the masses to righteous politics, but that stuff has to be set aside a bit for now. All I can eek out these days is an article now and then. I foresee more time for these things after college.

I don’t want to get into debates or belittle your research, but I will say I think some of the things I found in your vol 2 could have been circumstantial and answered with more insider info. We are spectators with limited info. Perhaps spectators should be able to  get their hands-on transparent info, but like the military, it may be wise for some things not to be fully transparent in church government like how I’m not fully transparent with my children because they aren’t ready for full transparency.   The handshakes could have been attempts of people shaking the hand to make the church look bad, or an old person misplacing his hand carelessly, or some ignorant appreciation of modern free masonry (or some brotherly gesture given from one person to another in the language they appreciate like that of free masonry).

Perhaps in The wisdom if god, God doesn’t insist on his prophets knowing (or preaching about) all conspiracies, but rather uses them for other general purposes. Perhaps the conspiracies are so large that it is not the goal of the church to simply throw down against conspiracy, bit to rather spend their time telling people to be good as best they can like Daniel in Babylon . Perhaps the conspiracies will only be ended at the coming of Christ with the burning. Perhaps the prophets know of the conspiracies but aren’t allowed to speak of them because we would stone them.  Perhaps we are as a people so bad at living gospel basics that God is letting the conspirators rule the world to punish the more wicked of us and to try the faith of the more righteous of us.  We live in the most wicked planet and in the most wicked era it’s no wonder that God is very limited as to what he can do even with Israel at this time.

The issues with church finances are far beyond me, though generally speaking I have no issue with the church having loads of cash to eventually be an independent kingdom. Generally speaking,  I don’t have an issue with the doctrines of judges in Israel and delegation of authority. Any errors in those scenarios can be cleared up in the next life.  It seems that the main work / impact of the church is what happens in local ward’s rather than by general authorities , preaching, or policy.

Also it’s been several years since I read your books, so I don’t have all the points on my mind to speak of today. I don’t and won’t have answers to most of the issues but I’m very skeptical of how cunning people outside of the church can twist statistics and scenarios to frame people/the church. I’m a regular subscriber to Joel Skousen’s world affairs brief, and that has taught me that the level of deceptions used by bad people are almost beyond comprehension. I’m not a master of statistics nor do I have time to drill through the tiny details to find the errors loaded into lots of these studies to see which are true and which are false.

I believe Joseph said that if we stay with the majority of the 12 we won’t be led astray. You likely already have, but i hope you’ve brought your findings to stake presidents, BYU scholars, and church headquarters for discussion.  I like you  wish things were better , but it is at least enjoyable to speak with a fellow brother and to relish the promises of the plan of salvation.”








Chapter James Madison Quote, The Right to Bear Tanks – pending, see dehaan note


James Madison’s letter of marque and reprisal. He explains that a merchant ship can carry cannons to defend itself.








Chapter Ezra Taft Benson Government View Brief sources?



Benson is a former President of the Church of Jesus Christ and worked for US Dept. of Agriculture under US President Eisenhower. These are some notes I jotted while listening to some of his lectures on government.

-socialism and communism are worst evil of our time and conspiring to get us they are super sneaky.
-when one works harder and thus has more than his neighbor, he can give of his extra and teach his neighbor is he wills, but he is not forced to, since PROPERTY is a divine right of humans. If a 3rd person walks up and sees one man with more than the other and takes from the one with more and gives it to the one with less and merely says, “Here be happy!” To the man with less, it’s bad.
-the government is for doing what the people have power to do but not time to do it in so they hire someone to defend God given rights like life and property.
-It’s not bad for church people to say how they feel about politics. Much of the bible is prophets condemning political leaders. (*also I note that Hugh Nibley said an honest man will say how he feels)
-The Book of Mormon has no conspiracy theories, they are conspiracy facts.
-Separation of Church and state is necessary, and it means that there be no church that is in charge of the government.
-We need to learn more about government by reading out of the best books so we can better be involved.
-It’s our civic and religious duty to be involved in local government and national government.
-Never have the bigger level of government come in and do what the smaller level of government can do.
-Government subsidies for anything are bad. Be it for school or anything.





Chapter Earning Respect & God’s Universal Standards by Joel Skousen


The angle Skousen is getting at here is that though we love everyone, we don’t have to vote in their Babylonian political policies, and we don’t have to appreciate their lifestyles. For example, I don’t appreciate the lifestyles of pedophiles, or even homosexuals for that matter. Some of these are legal some aren’t, but there is a big movement right now for people to not only allow people to live how they choose, but to put a stamp of universal approval on every walk of life.

Here are brother Skousen’s words which put it so well, from from the World Affairs Brief by Joel Skousen, November 9, 2018 (


“Utah replaced compromising Republican Orrin Hatch with former presidential contender Mitt Romney, who is already showing signs of playing up to the establishment. In his post election remarks to the press his first order of business was pandering to the politically correct lobby“I believe [my victory] is a call for greater dignity, and respect. I believe it is an affirmation that regardless of one’s gender, or ethnicity, or sexual orientation, or race or place of birth, that we are equal, not only in the eyes of God, but also in the respect and dignity we are due from government and from our fellow Americans.”

Everyone seems to have bought into these kinds of “feel good” statements about universal tolerance, but let me explain why they are dead wrong.

1) Everyone is not entitled to our respect simply because of being a member of a protected class by the Left. Dignity and respect must be earned by one’s individual conduct, attitude and performance. And, the more correct our standards, the more difficult it is for people to gain our respect. But even though a person doesn’t come up to our respect, it doesn’t mean we don’t see their need for help, and extend a guiding hand of concern.

2) We are not all equal in the eyes of God, and God clearly does not respect everyone. Think of all the hundreds of old testament references to the fury of God—aimed at people who disregard his commands and abuse others. In fact, everyone is judged individually by God. Christian liberals often misinterpret the scripture statement about God, “not being a respecter of persons” to mean He doesn’t respect one person above another. This is not true. He clearly favors the righteous. What it really means is that he doesn’t play favorites in arbitrary ways. At its core, it means He judges everyone by the same uniform standards, thus ensuring fairness.

That is why there is no such thing as the “unconditional love” of God. How else do you explain Him calling the Pharisees “vipers, hypocrites, and whited Sepulchers” —that’s certainly no form of acceptance love. Neither is there unconditional acceptance by God just for being a member of any class or group. You must come up to His standards of purity of heart and righteousness or you cannot abide His presence. His rewards or consequences strictly match what you really are.”


3 comments by various:

  1. There is a perspective that allows one to understand how God can universally love all his children even while condemning their actions. The key to this perspective is found in both the King Follett Discourse and D&C 76. They say that salvation is for all except perdition. And Joseph Smith’s definition of salvation is “to be placed beyond the reach of all enimies, including death”. So, even those whos actions he condemns, if they do not chose perdition, can and will become Gods eventually. This is astonning perspective, even some of the most vile creatures can repent and become exalted even as Gods and Goddesses. We should be careful in how we view others, as most are potentially Gods and Goddeses.


  1. We love everyone but we don’t need to approve of their life choices. There is a big movement these days to teach the rising generation that all lifestyles are ‘created equal’ so to say. That is not true! It boils down to a classic blurring of the lines between good and evil, it’s just being spoken in a modern dialect.


  1. Our Father is the judge. We get to love everyone, regardless of their temporal condition. To see others as God sees them. The judgement comes AFTER the spirit world experience. In that place, people can be taught by the kind of teacher each person needs.
    Yes, we cause ourselves trouble by not living God’s laws but it is not my job to decide who is living which laws perfectly. Our job is to love unconditionally.








Chapter Communist Leader VS Latter-day Saint Missionary: “The Melbourne Man” – Full Text


Marion Albert Law worked in the LDS Church Educational system for many years. He worked with BYU President Wilkerson in the 1960’s and 70’s, and often worked closely with the First Presidency and Apostles on a variety of matters.

Back in 1983, he gave a fireside in which he detailed an extremely unique experience as an LDS missionary serving in Melbourne, Australia back in 1947. A recording was made of this fireside, which was transcribed into text and posted online at a few LDS-based websites. However, his talk meanders a bit mid-topic, has some unintelligible moments [from either a poor or degraded recording], and parts of it do not flow well as a narrative.

As interest in his story grew, in 2010 Brother Marion Law composed a tighter, more direct retelling. The following is a complete reproduction of this 2010 autobiographical account3 (emphasis added):

“In 1947, I was a 21-year-old missionary Elder, for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My assignment was in Melbourne, Australia. My companion and I were going door-to-door in a quaint little section of the city. The lanes were narrow and wandered around, with no sense of plan at all.

“Missionaries are not supposed to leave their companions for any reason. But here in this compact area, we decided to each take a side of the lane. Opportunities to teach anyone were so rare that we thought it wise to cover as much territory as possible. If a friendly reaction was received by one of us, the other would cross the street to share in the visit. Usually, we could see each other every minute and could almost touch hands across

the lane. So the plan was working well, as we doubled our tracting efficiency.

“At one door, a man answered and said yes, he would like to hear more about our beliefs. I looked for my companion, but he had disappeared. So I tried to stall until the Elder came back. He had obviously gone around one of the numerous meanderings and should reappear at any moment. I explained that my companion would be back in a minute or two. (Much later, I discovered that around the corner was a “milk bar”, where he had gone for a milk shake while he waited for me. The Elder assumed that since I was right behind him, I would soon show up there.)

“After a few more minutes, the man became impatient and said, “I don’t talk standing in the lane. If you’re not interested, never mind.”

“So I said, “Okay, I’ll come in.” My intention was to visit briefly, make an appointment, and return with my wandering companion.

“As I began to explain our purpose, he interrupted, “Mr. Law, we have a better plan.” So I asked about his “better plan”.

“The Melbourne man, as I call him, described how Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher, had designed a different kind of society. This man’s plan would follow similar lines. There would be three classes of people: the leaders, the workers, and the teachers. The teachers would be trained to condition a sinless society (“…as you call sin…”, he said) – there would be no hate, no greed, no jealousy, no envy, no lust, no malice – no sin. The workers would not be envious of the leaders. The leaders would not oppress the workers. The teachers would condition each class to willingly accept their assigned role in this “perfect” society.

“The Melbourne man further described how breeders would be chosen, based on superior intelligence, physical perfection and longevity genes. Children would be taken from their mothers at birth and placed in communal nurseries, and through various tests, their classes would be determined. They would then receive specialized conditioning for that particular class. All defective babies had to be eliminated. The total number of births would need to be controlled to prevent overpopulation and depletion of natural resources. By this selective breeding, a master race of geniuses could be created.

“Worker-scientists were assigned to research life extension techniques until future generations could “live forever”. Through space research, they would reach out into the universe to develop planets hospitable to human life. This perfect society then spreads throughout space in a never-ending cycle.

“I asked, “How will you condition them?” He then explained, in detail, the basic conditioning tools. They included diet, drugs, music, movies, education, etc.

“He described how diet (the basic elements of life, food and water) could be a major desensitizing and conditioning instrument. The Melbourne man said that by using additives and special formulas, by changing plants and animals [i.e. chemicals, hormones, genetically engineered seed (GMO), etc], the diet of the people leaves them submissive and easily controlled.

“When that man told me that the materials, systems and procedures were already in place in 1947, my farm-boy mentality refused to accept it. Especially when he explained drug addiction. He outlined how drug addiction changes personalities, making them so dependent that they will agree to anything to satisfy their needs. I protested that people will not allow themselves to be manipulated that way. He just laughed and said, “Mr. Law, you’re such a child. Wait and see.”

“I did not see how music could be used. The man then described “melodic dissonance” for me, in detail. He told of the conditioning experiments of the Russian scientist Pavlov in communist Russia, using dogs and metronomes. Pavlov found that he could condition a dog to salivate when a metronome beat at 60 beats per minute. Then he learned that he could condition the same dog to never produce saliva when the metronome beat at 120 beats per minute.

“In another experiment with the same dog, Pavlov had both metronomes beating at the same time, one at 60 beats, the other at 120 beats per minute. The conditioned dog was required to do two totally opposite functions at the same time. This produced nervous shock, and the dog collapsed, unconscious.

“Next, with the same dog, Pavlov had the 60-beat metronome suddenly jump to 120 beats per minute. At the same instant, the 120-beat metronome dropped to 60 beats per minute. This produced a melodic dissonance. When the metronomes were switched back and forth rapidly, the dog became so distressed that it died. In communist Russia, these experiments were then extended to humans, with similar results.

“Using variations of this melodic dissonance, a new music form was created. Musical scores and lyrics were developed. A team of musicians, called “the Beatles”, was trained in Europe and introduced to America on the popular Ed Sullivan Talent Show, on national television. They were an instant hit, and all other forms of music became “old-fashioned”.

“I could not understand such a phenomenon in 1947. But years later, when I first heard “rock & roll”, everything flashed back to 1947; I realized that the Australian did know that it would be a powerful tool for their conditioning plan.

“The Melbourne man said they had already begun “behavior modification conditioning” in government schools, using audio-visual programs. When they introduce their messages, beginning in preschool, the results are intense and permanent.

“A monster was emerging, that I found sinister and all-controlling. I could not believe what I was hearing. But over and over, he said, “Wait and see. You will live to see our perfect plan in full operation. When we control all the conditioning processes, everything will fall neatly into place.”

“I protested that they were forcing their will and control on people, taking away freedom of choice. His answer was, “No, they can still choose, but they will always choose exactly what they are conditioned to choose.”

““But that’s not right!”

“He laughed at my evident simplicity.

“So I protested again, “But God won’t allow it.”

““Why not? How can a just God – there is no such being – keep these sinless souls out of heaven? That’s what you believe, isn’t it, Mr. Law?”

“So he began a different tactic. “Who do you love, Mr. Law? You certainly don’t love the Australian people.”

““Oh yes, I do, that’s why I came on a mission.” ““So, how many have you saved?”

“This was a hard mission. Few and far between were our welcomes. Fewer were our converts. I admitted grudgingly, “Not many.”

““And,” he said, “all the rest are consigned to hell.”

““Oh no, there are three degrees of glory, and…”

““We know all about your three degrees of glory. It means that many are called to be Mormons, but few are chosen to be gods. We know all about your church. We control every church in the world, except yours, and we will infiltrate that.”

““Mr. Law, you don’t love anybody, do you?”

““I love my mother.”

““No, you don’t. Under your plan, she can either choose to go to hell, or make a mistake and fall through the cracks into hell. If you really loved your mother, you’d be eager to guarantee that she would go to heaven. With our plan, it is guaranteed. In fact, no one will he [sic, should be “be”] lost; they will all go to heaven. Of course, we don’t believe in heaven or hell, anyway. But if you really love your fellow man, our plan is the only way to show it.”

“I said, “I think I’ve heard this plan before.” ““Where could you have heard it?”

““It must have been in the Council in Heaven, before I was born.” He just laughed.

“I was reeling under his attack, but I could not leave. There were no chains on me. But I felt as if I was bound, hand and foot, to the chair – as though I was paralyzed. [Ed. note: this is a form of spiritual attack, similar to what Joseph Smith experienced prior to his First Vision. Do not be surprised if you experience a spiritual attack in connection with reading this book! Be ready for them. Pray and sing hymns until such passes.] So I asked, “Who are you? What do you call this plan?”

““I am one of three members of the central planning committee of the communist party for Australia.”

“I said, “I’ve heard of communism.” But I knew very little about it.

“The Melbourne man told me that the world understood economic, and political, and military communism. But the plan he was outlining to me, he called “spiritual communism”, that would evolve into a worldwide government. He said they were using the current governments until they controlled the world. Then those political, economic, and military leaders would need to be eliminated because they are violent men. Then the new world order would take over.

“I asked how they could make the plan work, when there are so many people who are not prepared to accept it. He said, “We will have to annihilate all who cannot be conditioned to be either a worker or a teacher.”

““How many will you kill?”
““Hundreds of millions, maybe even you and me.” ““But that is murder.”

““That is a Christian term that has no meaning. It is really a part of cleansing. We need to reduce the population to a more manageable size, anyway. Only the inner corps of the elite leaders know about the plan. The present communist leaders don’t know it. Spiritual communism is not written or recorded anywhere. It is a secret plan.”

““Then why did you tell me?”

“He was a bit perplexed, but he had an answer. “I don’t know. But we are looking for zealous young men who will join this work to help bring about this heaven on earth. Think about it, not one soul will be lost.”

“I was not ready to give up yet. “You’ll never take over the world!”

“He answered, “Mr. Law, we now control two-thirds of all world governments, politically or militarily or economically. Only the United States of America remains as the last major hurdle to world domination.”

“So I boldly declared, “You’ll never take over the United States!”

“But he said, “Mr. Law, let me tell you how it is!” He said they controlled all major conditioning instruments in America now: the entertainment industry, the news media, the education system, the courts, the financial system, political parties. Where they don’t have full control, they have infiltrated and have embedded their agents into all important decision-making bodies. He said they control every agency that affects daily living in America. Their agents were everywhere, doing their jobs.

“But since I was a high school graduate, twelve years in an education system, I thought that made me an expert in education. Quite triumphantly, I said, “You don’t control the education system.”

“Again, “Mr. Law, let me tell you how it is! When you get home, examine any textbook in any school, at any level, from preschool to university graduate school. You will find no mention of Jesus Christ or God or His plan. But you will find our plan being taught at every level. It’s written into every textbook.”

“How right he was. I have spent almost 40 years of my life in education, as a teacher and an administrator, in public and private school systems. Satan’s plan is there; God’s plan is forbidden by law. God has even been declared unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court.

“I asked when would all this take effect, and his spiritual plan be put into operation. He said, “We have a progressive agenda. We are prepared to take two steps forward, one step back, two forward, one back, until it is time. The American people won’t even know it is happening. When it is favorable, then everything will move swiftly to the purging, or cleansing stage. People will be stunned into immobility. We won’t want a time lag between take-over and full operation of our spiritual phase.”

“Then he asked, “What do you think? Are you ready to join our forces?”

“I fell back to the only sure ground I knew. “I believe in God, our Heavenly Father and in His Son, Jesus Christ. It’s their plan that I will follow.”

“The Melbourne man became violently angry and shouted, “There are no such beings! They are myths created to enslave the minds of men. They don’t exist!” [Ed. note: pot calling the kettle black.]

“I answered simply, “But I have felt the power of the Holy Ghost fill me with fire from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, and I have heard the voice of God testify to me that Jesus Christ is His Son. His plan is the truth, and that is what I teach.”

“He lunged across the room and attacked me with his fists. Suddenly, I was free. I could move, and I ran outside into the lane. I found my companion wandering around, desperately looking for me. He didn’t dare leave, but had kept on searching for me. He had to help me on and off the tram. I was so exhausted that I was unable to get out of bed for a couple of days. [Ed. note: intense spiritual attacks are both physically and emotionally draining, as can be confronting difficult or painful truths. Pray for strength during such times.]

“Elder Matthew Cowley, of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles, was President of all the Pacific missions. He visited us often in Australia. In my interview with him, shortly after this experience, he sensed that something was disturbing me. He asked if I would like to tell him what was wrong.

“So I outlined the Melbourne man’s spiritual communism to him. Elder Cowley told me why the man told me the plan. Now that I had been permitted to hear Satan’s plan, in detail, I could choose which I would follow, Satan or Christ. [Ed. note: after reading this book, this line is drawn more narrow for the reader, as well. Prepare to make a choice if one hasn’t already.]

“Twenty-five years after this event, I was in Elder Ezra Taft Benson’s office and told him the account. He said that he had never heard Satan’s plan in this life. But he recognized the details that Satan used to persuade one- third of our brothers and sisters to follow him in the pre-existence. They were willing to trade their agency to choose, for Satan’s guaranteed salvation. Now, I could choose again which I would follow, Christ’s plan of agency, or Satan’s plan of total control. After sixty-three years, my choice is more firmly anchored than ever before.

“I have watched spiritual communism eat its ghastly way into every country and into every government, including our own. It is everywhere. All 10 points of Karl Marx’s communist manifesto have been quietly incorporated into American life. They have been accepted as “social progress”.

“The Book of Mormon tells how secret combinations destroyed two great civilizations, the Jaredites and the Nephites. The Prophet Moroni warns us:

““Wherefore, the Lord commandeth you, when ye shall see these things come among you that ye shall awake to a sense of your awful situation, because of this secret combination which shall be among you.” Ether 8:24

“Are we awake? Evidences of the secret combination – spiritual communism – are everywhere. What can we do about it? When the

Jaredites and the Nephites followed the Prophets, they were protected. When they rejected the Prophets, they were destroyed. My only escape from the Melbourne man was my witness of Jesus Christ.

“The Prophet Nephi warned his people:

““…nothing can save this people save it be repentance and faith on the Lord Jesus Christ…Yea, how long will ye suffer yourselves to be led by foolish and blind guides?…” Helaman 13:6, 29

“There is a wonderful lesson to be learned from the Jaredites and the Nephites. There is safety in following the Prophets. I encourage all of us to follow the temporal and spiritual counsel of the latter-day Prophets, Seers and Revelators!”

Additional Testimony and Personal Experience Shared by Marion Law

In addition to what is expressed in Brother Law’s autobiographical retelling of his Melbourne experience, many segments of the original 1983 fireside transcript paint not only a more detailed account, but also highly pertinent information. …

This part of his account begins after he entered the home of the Melbourne Man (emphasis added):

“I just barely began to explain the gospel and the man said to me, ‘Mr. Law, we have a better plan.’ And I said, ‘What is your plan?’ Then he began to unfold to me this experience that I’m telling you about tonight. But I was unable to leave the chair where I sat. It was as though I was physically bound and I felt as though I was chained. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breathe, and he began to unfold this experience to me – a very foreboding feeling. I have felt the presence of evil, I have had the experience of casting out evil spirits myself from a house and I know what that’s like and this was the most terrifying thing of my life [as] the man began to unfold this ‘other plan.’

“He said, ‘The nature of man occurs in 3 phases. First, man is an economic animal and therefore it is necessary for the state to control the economy so that we can have equality, and it will always be fair because man will always be inhuman to man until he can ‘learn’ to control that side of his nature.’

“And then he said, ‘the second part of man is that man is a political animal and therefore it will be necessary for us to establish a dictatorship

kind of government, what you would call a dictatorial form of government,’ but he said, ‘when we bring into effect the third phase of our program that won’t be fearful anyway.’

“’And so the third part, man is a spiritual animal,’ and he said, ‘we control some parts of the political world, some parts of economic world.’ He said, ‘we control all the churches except The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.’ He said, ‘we have them in our control” and he said that when we have political and economic control of the world, we will then be able to establish our total spiritual program.’

“He said, ‘we have done research on thousands of animals and thousands of men, we know that we can create a perfect society because that by using psychological manipulation and psychological conditioning through the use of drugs, diet, and music, and force where necessary. We can condition the mind of man so that man will be sinless.’

“He said, ‘there would be no, as you define it, sin. We don’t believe in that, but you would call it sin. There would be no hate, no envy, no malice, no lust, no greed, no jealousy, no viciousness, none of the those things that you would classify as sin.’

“Now he said, ‘if we were ‘the Gods’, Mr. Law, how could God keep sinless souls out of heaven, if there is a heaven (we don’t believe in those things) but if there is, how could a just God keep a sinless soul out of heaven?’

“He indicated that they would function as Plato’s Republic functioned in his description of a republic that the leaders would not oppress the workers, the workers would not be envious of the leaders and the teaching groups would perpetuate this sinless condition. And he said, ‘if we could have started with the first thinking man, you claim that’s Adam, but we don’t believe in that myth either, if we could have started with the first thinking man, he said, we would not have lost a single soul.’…

“He described the drug culture to me, something I just couldn’t comprehend, and he described how it would be used to condition people… and he described a process that 25 years later came into being… so we have literally become a part of that drug culture [Ed. Note: which, since the 1990’s, has evolved into the prescription drug culture for the middle class. As of 2011, a turning point has been reached where legal prescription drug deaths not only outnumber illegal drug deaths, they also outnumber nationwide traffic fatalities]….

“’We will use diet,’ he said. ‘We will put into food things that will make it possible for us to condition people.’ [Ed. Note: as mentioned earlier, GMO foods have these things “put in” at the DNA level] The whole purpose of the program is to make us conditionable, so that we are susceptible to whatever they wish to teach us….

“…but the thing that was the most shocking and I didn’t understand it at the time was music…. [The key is] the underlying beat that goes on and it constantly changes, it is constantly changing. That’s why you’ll have several guitars and several instruments that are the same, the instruments are the same, they don’t have a trumpet and saxophone and a violin because what they need is the conditioning ability of those instruments. They need intense volume, they can deliver any message whatsoever, whether it is backward or forward, doesn’t matter whether you can hear the words in the language that [you] are speaking or whether it’s exactly the opposite, but the brain will unscramble [it and] pick it up.

“’And so we know, for example, that this melodic dissonance can create a conditioning effect so that you will believe whatever it is that you are taught.’ This is the beginning of the free love revolution, is the beginning of the drug culture, the beginning of anti-authority revolution, the beginning of our deterioration of our respect for the flag, the country, the policemen, all the institutions that hold the fabric of our society together.

“And so these things, he described to me, in great detail. It was fascinating. It just was sort of overwhelming to me…. He indicated of course that they would use force where necessary. He said to me that, ‘we’ll take the children from their parents, early enough so that we can condition them, we eliminate all mental, emotional, and physical cripples at birth. They would, of course, have to be terminated.’

“He said, ‘we are now researching and doing experimentation with science so we can extend the life span so that man can live forever.’ He said, ‘the day will come when we will be able to reach into the planets and create a whole universe of these perfect, sinless souls.’…”

“[He said,] ‘If you love everybody, you would embrace our plan. Yours is failing. You have admitted it. How many people have you brought into the light of the gospel?’ ‘Well, not very many,’ [I replied]. He said, ‘You are right. But in our plan, every living soul will be saved.’

“And I said, ‘Well, that’s a great plan, but I, everyone is going to have their free agency.’ … This guy [was] a very sophisticated, intellectual individual, and he said ‘I can even prove it with your own arguments.’ He said, ‘Who do you love?’ Well, just 2 or 3 months earlier, I had gotten a Dear John [i.e. a break-up letter] from a girl I’d left behind, so I said, ‘I love my mother.’ He said, ‘I can prove you don’t even love your mother.’ He said, ‘We know, for example,’ he said, ‘that the Mormons believe that straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leadeth to heaven and few there be that find it.’

“And I said ‘Yes, oh yes, but there is–’ [Melbourne Man interrupting] ‘Don’t tell me about the 3 degrees of glory, we also know that many are called… but few are chosen. Isn’t that Mormon doctrine? Many are called but few are chosen?’ ‘Well, yeah.’ He said, ‘So that means that your mother can

choose Hell if she wants.’ ‘Well, yeah.’ ‘Or she might even fall through the cracks in the church.’… He said, ‘So you don’t even love your Mother. Under our plan, it’s guaranteed that she’ll be saved.’

“I said, ‘but I can’t force her to go into heaven.’ [He said,] ‘When she finds out how beautiful it is, if there is such a place and it is as good as you say it is, she’ll spend eternity thanking you for making sure that she was saved. Well,’ he said that, ‘we’re only lovers of humanity, we are the only ones, who truly love our fellow men, you don’t, you’re prepared to let them go to hell. We don’t want anybody to be hurt or abased or offended or wounded or punished or anything. Why should they be punished? We’ll save ’em all, we’ll condition their minds,’ He said, ‘we know we can do it. When we take political and economic control of the world, we will institute our spiritual part of our plan to you.’

“And I said, ‘Well, boy, uhhh, I have heard some of this before.’ He said, ‘that is not possible.’ He said, ‘You might have heard of the political part of the plan, you might have heard pf the part of the economic part of the plan, but never the spiritual part of the plan. He said, ‘the spiritual part of the plan is not written or recorded, only the hard core elite are exposed to the spiritual part of our plan.’ And he said, ‘I’m one of those in Australia who controls our plan.’ And I said to him, ‘Why did you tell me?’ He said, ‘I’m not sure. I felt inspired to tell you.’…

“Well, he asked me where I had heard this plan of his, and I said, ‘well, I must have heard it in the councils of heaven.’ And he laughed at that. He said, ‘we would like to bring some of you young dedicated missionaries into our program.’ He said that, ‘the one thing we lack is dedication and commitment to our spiritual part of our plan.’

“I said to him ‘What is your plan? What is it? What do you call it?’ He said, ‘I’m a member of the Central Planning committee of the Communist Party in Australia. There are 3 of us who control it.’ And I said, ‘I’ve heard of communism.’ He said, ‘You have heard of the political communism and the economic communism,’ he said, ‘you have never heard of spiritual communism.’

“Now, I’ve heard Pres. [David O.] McKay talk about it since. Spiritual Satanism is what he called it. He defined communism as spiritual Satanism.

“I said, ‘You have to give people their right to choose.’ And he said, ‘They’ll go to hell if they choose and you are not saving anybody. How many people are in your church?’ There was about, then I think, there was less than a million people. He said, ‘out of 2 and 1⁄2 billion? And the rest of them are going to hell. No, don’t give me any of that 3 degrees stuff,’ he said. ‘If [they] don’t make the top, they haven’t made it.’ …

“[After bearing my testimony of Jesus Christ,] he became violently angry. He said, ‘we don’t believe in that myth. That’s a myth, that’s a mystery.

They are just parables.’ And I said, ‘No! I have heard the voice of the Lord, I have felt his power and I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.’ This man became so violent with me, he attacked me and only then could I break loose and run out into the middle of the street….

“[My companion] had to help me onto the street car, and take me home… that 3 hour experience was a nightmare.

“I haven’t taken the time to recount to you all the things, because he did go through in detail in the method in which they would use diet, the drugs and the music and I’ve explained to you just a little bit how they would introduce this music and then the drugs, they would introduce it into our diet, our foods [Ed. Note: he’s not just referring to the introduction of illicit drugs beginning through the conduit of hippie culture of the 1960’s, but also “drugs” in our food and our diet, as well.], they would do all kinds of things that would condition us so we that we would be susceptible and easily led. We would not fight against them so that we would literally embrace their principles and these doctrines.””


































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Will Pa. Gun Owners Have To Give Up Their Firearms To Get Medical Marijuana?

They class you as mentally unstable and use it to take your firearms when you receive medical marijuana. No wonder the left is pushing legal pot. In 3rd world countries they’ve used food shortage as leverage, saying trade in your firearms for food. This is similar. Pot may bring some temporary pleasure, but don’t trade your liberty for temporary pleasure! Not to mention the other sapping/demoralizing effects of pot.


-Media talking point: ‘From the Desk or the Couch’ This shows many news companies repeating the same talking point, it demonstrates how they’re all controlled by the same groups. shows that the social sciences are increasingly bias toward liberal views

-Patriot reading list by age and category – the American Family Association: Boycotts against company’s hostile to Christians and American family values.

-Free Economics Courses: MR University

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-David Horowitz

-Tucker Carlson

-Michael Ruppert

-Mark Dice

-Ken Bowers: Hiding in Plain Sight, -Beneath The Tide, etc.

-Glenn Beck

-Jack Monnett

-Ayn Rand: Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, etc.

-Aldous Huxley: Brave New World

-George Orwell: 1984, Animal Farm, etc.

-William Golding: Lord of the Flies

-Thomas Moore: Utopia

-Caroll Quigley: Trajedy & Hope

-Clausewitz: “On War”

-Edward Bernays: Propaganda; Crystallizing public opinion;

-Saul D. Alinsky: Rules for Radicals

-Ray Bradbury: Fahrenheit 451

-Mark R Levin

-David Fiorazo

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-William J Murray: Utopian road to hell, enslaving American and the world with central planning

-Howard Kurtz: media madness the press war over truth, Donald Trump

-Thomas DiLorenzo: The problem with socialism

-Gustave Le Bon: the crowd a study of the popular mind

-Peter Schweizer: Clinton Cash; Secret Empires

-Ayn Rand

-Antonin Scalia

-Antony Sutton

-Anthony Shaffer, colonel whistleblower

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-Darrell Castle, Castle Report

-David Horowitz

-Dinesh D’Souza

-Francis Boyle PhD political science on bio warfare

-Gore Vidal

-Jesse Ventura

-John Locke

-Larry D Nichols, confessed Clinton hitman

-H Verlan Anderson; LDS Seventy lawyer

-Leo Zagimi confessions of an illuminati

-Patrick Wood

-Robert Parry

-Roger Stone

-Russel Blaylock PhD speaks of cancer that is contagious and gov spreading it

-Steve Pieczenik former CFR, left upon seeing 9/11 false

-Stephen Crowder

-Wayne Madsen Report

-Daniel Estulin, Bilderberg tracker

-American Founding Father Authors: see Wikipedia list:












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