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It’s interesting how when a prophet says get a vaccine everybody yells follow the prophet but when the prophet says in scripture to live the positive aspects of the word of wisdom nobody’s interested.

It’s not blind obedience that we seek.

Prophets can speak as prophets and as themselves.

Previously the prophet has said specifically that he thinks vaccines the right thing but it’s up to each person to decide, aka, this isn’t a matter of “follow the prophet” but a matter of a doctor urging his circle of influence to do what his medical training told him is best for health.


A recent example of prophet folly is meet the Mormon campaign. Nelson said after it that it’s an inadvertent victory for Satan when we call ourselves Mormons!!! That aligns with scripture which tells the name we are to use. This should teach us to be wise and not prophet worship by saying people are cut off spiritually if they don’t act on every opinion a prophet gives.

Did Thomas Monson’s incorrect use of the title Mormon sink the church? No.  will president Nelson’s incorrect push of vaccines sink the church? No.  Are prophets and the directions which they and their counselors officially give infalliable? No.


IF ONLY conventional medicine had all the answers and cured disease instead of treating symptoms and helping to enable corrupt pharmaceutical companies that have been previously sued for billions for their crimes and bad practices. What happened to emphasizing personal revelation, teaching correct principles, and letting members govern themselves on these matters? Is the following scripture (with two variants in the Book of Mormon) still valid?

“Thus saith the Lord; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord.” — Jeremiah 17:5

The politicization of science is NOT science, and it ruins actual science. We need only look at how Governor Cuomo killed the elderly in New York to see this.

On one hand, current science says that the vaccinated are actually responsible for infecting others with the virus and causing a spike in the summertime through this. On the other hand, politicized science says that everyone, including pregnant mothers and children, should be included in mandates to get these rushed, experimental vaccines. Who is right?

So when choosing to follow the Lord or the arm of flesh, we don’t even have a clear voice on the arm of flesh side to follow. So forget that side for a moment and focus on the Lord’s side.

Our Prophet has now called for church members to be vaccinated. Did this come as a revelation? If so, why didn’t he state it as such? Why instead did he appeal to science on this? Is he speaking as a prophet when he says the following?

“We know that protection from the diseases they cause can only be achieved by immunizing a very high percentage of the population. Available vaccines have proven to be both safe and effective. We can win this war if everyone will follow the wise and thoughtful recommendations of medical experts and government leaders.”

Where does this knowledge and proof come from? He’s not citing the Lord here, but appealing to proof from science. The prophet Joseph Smith taught that “a prophet is a prophet only when he is acting as such.” (i.e. getting and relaying an answer from the Lord.) So this does not seem to meet prophetic criteria.

However, now that the First Presidency has continued their appeal to us to “be good global citizens” and to get immunized, we are in a great position to appeal directly to the Lord for confirmation on this point.

May God inspire and direct our prophet in this so that he can say “thus saith the Lord”, and give us the truth from that source to which we look to him for, the Lord.

Now I will wait and watch in faith for the Lord’s hand to be revealed on this. This is the process that the Lord has given for us to follow, and we can expect to receive an answer.

So if our First Presidency is going to rely on medical opinions and appeals to science, I feel that it’s absolutely appropriate for members to challenge them on this without any reservations. If they receive direct revelation from the Lord then this is another story, as the Lord is the ultimate source of all truth.


President Nelson said to get the holy spirit or we won’t survive spiritually. The pressures in government’s are so overwhelming right now pushing the vaccine that this statement could be more about keeping the church out of trouble than keeping the members from getting sick. In Nazi Germany the more corrupt the government became, the more it forced it’s influence on the churches.


Do we live the word of wisdom including the positive aspects?


We are all fat and sluggish and sick.

May we be more inclined to carry out revealed scripture on how to be healthy than a statement of medical advice based on who knows what.

How’s that run and not be weary working out for you? It’s not. We are in a very sad state of affairs when it comes to health among the saints. Talking a shot isn’t going to change that.




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