Topical Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon By Topic Project

Elder Bednar says one effective way to study the Book of Mormon is to highlight it based on a certain subject. He says he has shelves full of copies of the Book of Mormon with labels identifying which subject is highlighted, ie. one with baptism references highlighted etc. on a large variety of subjects; he said something to the effect that doing this will answer your questions on that subject, and give you means to effectively teach/answer questions on that subject.

The Book of Mormon by Topic Project uses PDF copies of the BofM from the church media library to make these topic based editions of the Book of Mormon.

Volunteers and I are working on making these highlighted texts on electronic PDF copies of the Book of Mormon.


If you wish to volunteer to assist in this project, here is how to get started:

  1. Email me at to let me know which topic you’ll be working on.
  2. Go to
  3. On the right hand side of the page is a link that says download, then chose the PDF format to download.
  4. Change the name of the downloaded file to reflect which topic you’re highlighting (ie. “The Book of Mormon – Baptism References Highlighted”). Changing the file name at first helps since you may not be able to change it later without the document becoming unreadable.
  5. Use the yellow highlighter tool from Adobe Reader (or some other PDF reading program) to highlight the book, one subject per book.  (It can be strict or a bit liberal, i.e. highlighting only references on that subject, or references which somewhat pertain to that subject.)
  6. Email me the completed document at  

Doing multiple subjects in the same book with different colors per subject is quite hard, but is an option.

Doing a highlighted topic on one of the other volumes of scripture is an option, though my initial interest is doing this with the Book of Mormon, as Elder Bednar suggested.

The reading can go quite fast as you’d only be looking for 1 subject. I’ve done a few topics in paper books, am now transitioning to highlighting on PDF so the completed product can be shared with others. When complete, the books can be color printed and bound for shelf refs, or kept as electronic references for you and your friends/loved ones. 

If there are opportunities to publish these at some point, those who participated in the highlighting will be recognized.

If you can think of anyone else who may be interested in doing this project with us, let me know. 

When signed into your church account you can highlight scriptures (, but those aren’t sharable with others, and you only have access to highlight 1 set of scriptures, rather than a many sets which could have 1 topic highlighted per set. This is why I’ve initiated the Book of Mormon by Topic Project.



Blessings – 


Chastity – 


Cursings – 

Diligence – 

Education – 

Family (marriage &  parenting combo) – 

Government – 

Holy Ghost – 

Humility – 

Grace (stuff God does for us) – 

Jesus Christ & God  – 

Language  – 

Marriage  – 

Obedience  – 


Patience  – 

Preaching – 

Preach My Gospel Scriptures from Lesson 1: The Restoration – 

Preach My Gospel Scriptures from Lesson 2: The Plan of Salvation – 

Preach My Gospel Scriptures from Lesson 3: The Gospel of Jesus Christ – 

Preach My Gospel Scriptures from Lesson 4: The Commandments – 

Preach My Gospel Scriptures from Lesson 5: Laws & Ordinances –

Preach My Gospel Scriptures from all 5 Lessons combo – 

Preach My Gospel Scriptures from the chapter on Christlike Attributes – 

Priesthood – 


Restoration / prophets / revelation – 

Song / dance / celebration  – 

War – 

Word of Wisdom / Health / Food – 

Works (stuff God asks us to do) – 

Work/ craft/money/economy –