Lecture Notes on “Signs & Wonders Presentations on Daniel & Revelation” by Jodi Stoddard

Before my notes on these lectures, here are links to them: Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twfZYSV_Xwo&list=PLMFvYACK6oX0U14oLYSnnSEH59W_dNkt1&index=40 Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3yngnQAtDw&list=PLMFvYACK6oX0U14oLYSnnSEH59W_dNkt1&index=41 Part 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osHQ2IlPBFg&list=PLMFvYACK6oX0U14oLYSnnSEH59W_dNkt1&index=42 Part 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bueKbHuSqU&list=PLMFvYACK6oX0U14oLYSnnSEH59W_dNkt1&index=43 The lectures far surpass these notes, so be sure to watch them! Now my notes: Part 1:   -7 is bible number, over 800 times in bible, days of week, seals, etc.Read more

Lecture Notes on Timeline of Second Coming Signs and Events (Seventh Seal Perspective, ver 2) by Aaron Ellis (Details 3 Prophecies: Daniel 70 Weeks, 7 Seals, Tribulation)

Notes on https://youtu.be/dgvMRA4NRsQ See the full lecture for things not included in these notes! Screenshots from the lecture: See min. 121 and min 135 and min 11:55 and 22:53 and 18:45 and 16:57 and 19:28 Daniel 70 weeks prophecy says 70 weeks ( 490 years as each day is a year) after decree of rebuildingRead more

Lecture Notes on “The 6th Seal” by Kent Blackhurst on Followers of Jesus Christ YouTube Channel (Shows 6th Seal Prophecies Fulfilled by Year 2000)

Notes on https://youtu.be/q1rNdRhEAQc As usual, be sure to view the entire presentation as these highlights don’t cover the entire presentation. Look at October 2001 president Hinckley talk about many things fulfilled. Year 1202 in Syria an earthquake where over a million people died this was at a time when there are only about 350 millionRead more

Lecture Notes on “Revelation 12 Sign on September 23, 2017 is NOT what we thought” by Kevin Prince of the Gospel Lessons YouTube Channel

    Lecture notes based on this video: https://youtu.be/MFwwgYbdlRA As usual see the full lecture for much more detail than is presented here! The September 23 Virgo sign in the sky happened just after the Jewish New year around September 22 1827 is the only other year where the Revelation 12 sign in the skyRead more

Lecture Notes: “Fasten your Seatbelts for the Second Coming v 2” by Followers of Jesus Christ YouTube Channel

Notes from https://youtu.be/mLkUwmPMv-Y. Much more was said than are here in the notes so be sure to review the entire presentation!   Screenshot from the presentation: The 2017 solar eclipse was on a holy day which means it’s a sign from God The X can also significant signify a crossroads or a division Upon my houseRead more

1 Page Summary of Last Days Calendar

For details as to why I’ve placed events where I have, refer to the original full length calendar: http://richardsonstudies.com/2020/08/16/a-calendar-of-completed-forthcoming-last-days-events-compiled-by-richardson-studies-rough-draft/ —Seals are 1000-year periods of the Earth’s 7000-year temporal lifespan, as revealed in the D&C. 1st seal: 4000-3000BC (bible dictionary places Adam around 4000BC). 2nd seal: 3000-2000BC. 3rd seal: 2000-1000BC. 4th seal: 1000BC-0AD. 5th seal: 0-1000AD. ChristianRead more

Apocalyptic Mentions of The 2020 October General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

  Disclaimer: These are my notes and do not represent a balanced summary of the author’s work. I have selected portions of the text which were relevant to me and placed them here in my own words, in an abbreviated fashion. Though this article introduces some main ideas from the text, it is bias towardRead more

We Are 7th Seal Saints: Evidence & Responding to Critics

          I believe we are in the 7th seal. Come and see why President Nelson &  Seventies havethave reportedly told congregations thatwthat are in the 7th seal now, since about year 2000. (PS- where do you think Seventies get their information? The Prophet.) Heresay? Perhaps. But the following evidence is overwhelming.Read more

A Calendar of Completed & Forthcoming Last Days Events

  Compiled by Nate Richardson, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I welcome comments on additions I could make. I’ve tried to use a non-dogmatic approach, making room for several theories within reason.   For the abbreviated version: http://richardsonstudies.com/2020/11/09/1-page-summary-of-last-days-calendar/ Introductory Notes: *We discard theories which contradict the words of modernRead more

LatterdayConservative.com Lectures, Featuring Joel Skousen, Stephen Pratt, Scott Bradley, Ken Bowers, Michael Gaddy, Noolander & Chuck Baldwin, Christian Markham, etc. Topics Include Constitution, Globalists, Inflation, War, 9/11, Zion, America, Unknown Republic, Secret Combinations, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Two Churches Only, Isaiah, Food Storage, etc.– Lecture Notes

Here are my notes on many of the brilliant lectures which can be found at LatterDayConservative.com Sections: The True (Religious) History of America by Ken Bowers – Lecture Notes 2016 Joel Skousen – Lecture Notes 9/11 & Conspiracy by Joel Skousen & Steven Jones – Lecture Notes Joel Skousen on Inflation War Globalists Conspiracy &Read more

The Family: A Proclamation to the World 1995

By The First Presidency and Council of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Full text:  https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/manual/the-family-a-proclamation-to-the-world/the-family-a-proclamation-to-the-world?lang=eng This proclamation was read by President Gordon B. Hinckley as part of his message at the General Relief Society Meeting held September 23, 1995, in Salt Lake City, Utah. (It remains a flagship statementRead more

Emergency Preparedness: Basic Equipment List

Table of Contents: Documents Communication Electronics Finance Food Medical Security & Armory Shelter & Clothing Transportation   Documents   -passwords -passports -bank account numbers -key phone number & email & address contacts (don’t depend on social media as your only way to contact someone; use social media to collect needed contact info in case ofRead more

We are Wicked as Sodom – Prophet Quotes

-“…when I review the performance of this people in comparison with what is expected, I am appalled and frightened. Iniquity seems to abound. The Destroyer seems to be taking full advantage of the time remaining to him in this, the great day of his power. Evil seems about to engulf us like a great wave,Read more

Persecution Yet to Come

-“Why do we need such resilient faith? Because difficult days are ahead. Rarely in the future will it be easy or popular to be a faithful Latter-day Saint. Each of us will be tested. The Apostle Paul warned that in the latter days, those who diligently follow the Lord ‘shall suffer persecution’ [2 Timothy 3:12].Read more

Forums to Discuss The Last Days

-Latter-day Saints Discussing Last Days Prophecies (7,634 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/ldslastdays/   -LDS Last Days Prophecy and Gospel Discussions (3,154 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/LDSLASTDAYPROPHECYDISCUSSIONS/   -Prepare for the Tribulations CTR Group (430 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/PrepareForTribulationsCTRGroup/   -Aware and Prepare (876 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/601324446669650/

Additional Resources to Study the Last Days

-Roger K Young -Visions of the Latter Days by Kevin Kraut; this is a composition of visions the LDS prophets have had about the last days. See his blog. – Apocalypse by Miller, Hopkin, and Siegfried; by the Maxwell institute, coming out July 2016. Perhaps it can then be found here: http://publications.mi.byu.edu/book/apocalypse/ -The Millennial MessiahRead more

Grow Where You Are Planted: Why to Stop Moving Everywhere

Grow Where You Are Planted   Elder Stanley G Ellis spoke of this in a conference report not long ago, suggesting that wherever we are, we should grow, rather than be always looking to leave and live somewhere else, living reserving ourselves to give more fully in some more comfortable location or something.   IRead more

The Second Coming Happens Shortly After 2,000 AD: 5 Quotes to Explain

For a longer version of this document citing additional prophets, see my Prophetic Insight into the Timing of Christ’s Second Coming (click here).   See also “Events Preceding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ” where I show the prophets’ words on things that are prophesied to take place before Christ’s grand return (click here).  Read more

The Prophet Joseph Smith: More Than We Know by the Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes

For video of this presentation, click here. Key Points: The root of Jesse is Joseph Smith, he is the servant of Christ, the David of the latter days who will yet have political and ecclesiastical authority over all the earth, who will return in the flesh to lay out inheritances in Missouri the New Jerusalem,Read more

Unlocking the Mystery of the Two Prophets (Rev. 11) by the Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes

For a video presentation of this document, click here. for more visit JosephSmithFoundation.org/2prophets Overview: Joseph and Hyrum Smith are the 2 prophets spoken of in the book of Revelation which would prophecy in the last days before the coming of the Lord. Joseph Smith is the latter-day king David spoken of in the scriptures whoRead more

Divinely Sanctioned Governments: Exploring the Prophetic Parallels in the Book of Mormon by the Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes

In the For Our Day Series -there is a painting “the apotheosis of Washington” of him surrounded by 13 women representing the colonies. Washington was found praying often during the war; there is plenty of evidence of the US as a Christian nation. Some historians call Washington a deist, but this is absurd, he consistentlyRead more

Yoga Pants and Freedom-To-Do-Whatever Debate

Responding to “What’s wrong with wearing yoga pants in public? Why not just let people live the way they want?” Includes discussion on public dress, privileges of religious societies, privileges of non-religious societies, the grace of Jesus not being a do-whatever-you-want-clause, US dress vs Islamic nations dress, and possible outcomes of accepting immodesty as aRead more

Visions of the Latter Days by Kevin Kraut (A compilation of futuristic visions of LDS prophets), Full Text

Visions of the Latter Days by Kevin Kraut (A compilation of futuristic visions of LDS prophets) http://ogdenkraut.com/Visions%20of%20the%20Latter%20Days.htm This is copyrighted material. It may be duplicated for educational purposes only. And, only in it’s entirety. Kevin Kraut Visions of the Latter Days Pioneer Press P.O. Box 201 Santaquin, UT 84655 September 1983 Behold, I sent youRead more

Power of the Restoration: A Firm Foundation of Faith: Finally! A Good Taste in our Mouths for Religion! Welcome to the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ

We are living in a day foretold by prophets of old, and can expect more direction than cliché church answers to life’s questions from the Catholic and Protestant churches. The restored Church of Jesus Christ is vastly different than any other church, so to you dissatisfied with religion in general, so are we, give thisRead more

The Only True Church

  Here I demonstrate that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church. -“To possess a testimony of Jesus is to know that the Church, which He established in the meridian of time and restored in modern times is, as the Lord has declared, “the only true and living churchRead more

The Book of Revelation: A Chronology of Events

Based on a simple reading of the text in the order it’s presented. -Christian martyrs (Rev. 6:11) -6th seal opens (Rev. 6:12) -great earthquake (Rev. 6:12) -stars (appear to) fall like fruits from a tree in great wind (Rev. 6:12) -moon appears as blood (Rev. 6:12) -sun blackened (Rev. 6:12) -islands and mountains flee (Rev.Read more

Technology to Tell the World of A Savior by Elder Stevenson, Summary

Women’s Conference Address May 5 2017 Images here were used in the original presentation: -President David O. McKay began speaking of things to come, things which would spread the knowledge of a Savior throughout every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. Listen to these prophetic words about scientific discoveries that “stagger the imagination” and further: “DiscoveriesRead more

Scriptural List of the Abominations of Babylon

Scriptural List of the Abominations of Babylon I don’t recall where I got this list but it’s brilliant. Brought to you By Nate Richardson Updated 1-27-18 RichardsonStudies.com rrnmailbox@gmail.com –incest (Lev. 18:6-16, 26-27); -homosexuality (Lev. 18:22); -idolatry (Deut. 7:25; 12:29-31; Mal. 2:11); -impure sacrifices to God (Deut. 17:1); -human sacrifice (Deut. 18:10, 12); -using practitioners ofRead more

You are True Millennials by President Russell M. Nelson, 2016 – Lecture Quotes & Notes

Young Adult World Wide Devotional 2016 Full discourse video & transcript: click here In this talk he says that we are living in “the latter part of the latter-days” and that alludes that we will see the Millennium begin: he says this generation is Millennials but in a more bigger sense that the statisticians know,Read more

Millennium Study Resources

Millennium Study Resources by Nate Richardson Updated 1-24-18 RichardsonStudies.com rrnmailbox@gmail.com List and Links to Books and articles the Millennium and other future events -Free book compiling what the prophets have said about the events of the last days called “LDS Last Days”: at RichardsonStudies.com -Visions of the Latter Days by Kevin Kraut; this is aRead more

Events Preceding the Second Coming as Taught by Modern Prophets

For video of this presentation: click here   -For other critical quotes on the subject, see also document “Second Coming Timing, LDS Quotes” (click here) -key books for more research on the subject: “Prophecy: Key to the Future” by Dwayne S. Crowther (click here); “Understanding the Signs of the Times” by Donald Parry (click here).Read more

Different Religions Have their own Camps in Heaven?

Different Religions Have their own Camps in Heaven? Different Religions Have their own Camps in Heaven / All Roads Lead to Rome Theory Debunked True vs False Religions Prophets VS Mystics Why Your Choice Matters by Nate Richardson editor@richardsonstudies.com On my mission I heard lots of people say that they didn’t need to join theRead more

The Book of Revelation by Richard D. Draper – Lecture Notes

For video of this presentation, click here. Author of several books on the Book of Revelation etc. good Greek insight and Hebrew etc. published a handful of books very good -the crown Jesus wears is stephanos, meaning wreath, that which symbolizes victory more so than political power (not to undermine the political power he willRead more

The Gospel of Consumerism: Babylon’s Replacement for Christ

The Gospel of Consumerism: Babylon’s Replacement for Christ (including beauty products & fashion as an alternative redemption) by Nate Richardson Updated 1-15-18 editor@richardsonstudies.com -For more critical info about this, see the film “The True Cost: Who Pays the Price for Our Clothes?” about the sweat shops which suffer for us to have cheep nice clothes.Read more