1. Introductory Quotes on Eternity
  2. A Poem Contemplating Eternity
  3. Straining at Particles of Light: Premortal Life and the Mansions of Memory by Terryl Givens – Lecture Highlights
  4. What is The Millennium / Heaven Like? Eternal Sunday? Boring?
  5. Why Aren’t We “Raptured” Upon Conversion?
  6. Wickedness is Happiness, Sometimes? The Justice of God and the Nature of the Soul
  7. Point-Blank Accountability
  8. Pre-Mortality – Words of the Prophets
  9. Literal Resurrection of Christ & All
  10. Pre-Mortality, Corporal Resurrection, & Eternal Family
  11. The Solution to Pharaoh’s Dilemma: Overcoming Death
  12. The 7 Deadly Heresies by Elder Bruce R McConkie – Lecture Notes
  13. Creation Fall Atonement Narrative
  14. Life is a Pickle
  15. Heart to the Fathers, not to Secularism: How remembering our Ancestors can save our Souls
  16. Agency Begins with Saying No – Idea from Professor Thomas Draper
  17. Emulating the Godhead in the Pre-Mortal, Mortal, & Post-Mortal Existence
  18. Effective Co-Creators: Everyday Saviors on Mount Zion
  19. The Plan of Salvation Told in Holidays
  20. Non-Predestination aspect of Gods Agentive Servants
  21. Possible Hebrew Meaning of Genesis 3:1