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May 2019:

Iran says Trump playing ‘very dangerous game’ and risking ‘devastating war’ – USA Today

Iran official warns US against dragging Iran into an unnecessary war.

China Calls For “People’s War” Against The US, Vows To “Fight For A New World” – ZeroHedge

Survey: Only 2-in-15 Americans Aware of Soaring Illegal Immigration to U.S. – Breitbart

China: Social Credit System Has ‘Restored Morality’ by Blacklisting over 13 Million People – Breitbart

‘untrustworthy’ people banned; no reason specifically given; keeps track of score on each person based on minor infractions like not leesh use during dog walk, or critisizing government etc

Big Tech Tyranny: Facebook Is at It Again, Trying to Sway an Election – The New American

Hundreds Protest Pennsylvania Lawmaker’s Attempts to Intimidate Pro-Lifers – The New American

Legal battle heats up as more states test strict abortion bans – Roll Call

Alabama law moves abortion to the center of 2020 campaign – AP

Americans Clueless About Border Invasion, Illegals Dumped Into the Heartland – The New American

UK Cops Fine Pedestrian $115 For Avoiding Facial Recognition Camera – ZeroHedge

WILLIAMS: Higher Education In America: First, our universities “are vastly too expensive, often costing twice as much per student compared with institutions in other industrialized democracies.” Second, though there are some important exceptions, students “on average are learning relatively little, spend little time in academic preparation and in some disciplines are indoctrinated by highly subjective ideology.” Third, “there is a mismatch between student occupational expectations after graduation and labor market realities.” – The Daily Wire

They’re not your children anymore. They’re a “treatment group.” & ‘Child Soldiers’, Children turned against parents, endoctrinating climate change – Frontpage Mag

Ease of doing business by location, income, etc. data – by the World Bank

NSA has contracted with 3 major Israeli spy firms to do the actual surveillance of telephone calls and emails in the USA. – Vigilante Intelligence (Video)

Military sexual assaults rise by 44% among females in ranks – Fox News

Alex Jones and other ‘dangerous’ voices banned by Facebook and Instagram – CNN


April 2019:


Teaching pedophilia as a lifestyle choice in California schools – Freedom Project

Retired vaccine researcher interview with John Rapaport – Bart Carter/The Backyard Food Bank Blog

– Judge Upholds Mandatory Measles Vaccinations As New York Closes More Schools – NPR

– Social Security shortfall: Trust fund to run dry in 2035 – Fox News

– Churches Have Become The #1 Target For Hate Attacks – An Average Of 105 per Month – Info Wars

– Bombs kill more than 200 in Sri Lankan churches, hotels on Easter Sunday – Reuters

– Mexican soldiers detain American soldiers on U.S. soil – Conservative Review

– DHS plan for face scanning at airports on departing passengers over next 4 years – The Hill

– Russia Reveals New Sub Carrying Nuclear-Tipped Drone– The Washington Free Beacon

DHS Releases 7K Illegal Aliens into U.S. in Five Days; 1.4K Released Every Day – Breitbart

-Collection of 100 of the most damaging Wikileaks concerning Hillary Clinton’s scandals, past and present, including quotations and summaries. – The Millennium Report

-The recently former Notre Dame Chief Architect debunks the idea that an electrical short caused the fire. He said the entire electrical system was changed and brought up to code several years ago. Besides, he said, “Ancient oak doesn’t burn like that,” hinting that an accelerant and a lot of it must have been used. (summary from

-Yale Law School Discriminates Against Christians (no more stipends for those in traditional Christian groups espousing traditional sexual ethics) – The Christian Post


March 2019:


I thought I was paranoid but now I’m 100% sure our phones are listening to us – and I’ve got proof – USA Today Post

The Final Level of Censorship is Here: The Banning of URLs – InfoWars

NZ and Austrailia already blocking articles giving alternate views of terror attacks, etc.

Sen. Warren Pitches More than $100 Trillion in New Spending During Brief CNN Townhall – Grabien

Jury Finds Bayer’s Roundup Weedkiller Caused Man’s Cancer – WSJ

Ted Koppel: Trump’s ‘Not Mistaken’ That Liberal Media Are Blatantly ‘Out to Get Him’ – NewsBusters

Pretenses of neutrality dropped.

Conservatives face a tough fight as Big Tech’s censorship expands – The Hill

Pentagon Wants to Test A Space-Based Weapon in 2023 – Defense One

Over 1,000 Scientists Openly Dissent From Evolution Theory – The New American

Doctoral scientists against Darwinian Evolution. Ignored by main stream media.

Parents Blame Elementary School’s Cell Tower After 4th Student Diagnosed With Cancer – CBS Local

Due to radiation from the cell tower.

Italy bans unvaccinated children from school – BBC

Tucker Carlson Blasts Liberal ‘Mob’ After Comments Unearthed: ‘They’ve Been Working Hard to Kill This Show – Mediaite

“One of the only places left in the United States where independent thoughts are allowed is right here, the opinion hours on this network, just a few hours in a sea of television programming. It’s not much, relatively speaking. For the left, it’s unacceptable. They demand total conformity. Since the day we went on the air, they’ve been working hard to kill this show.”

The US Government Will Be Scanning Your Face At 20 Top Airports, Documents Show – BuzzFeed News

Failure to Vaccinate or Vaccine Failure: What Is Driving Disease Outbreaks? – Collective Evolution

The Facts: Multiple disease outbreaks have been attributed to a lack of vaccination, but vaccination rates have not dropped, and there is a history of disease outbreaks in heavily vaccinated populations. Reflect On: Are we seeing a failing vaccine? Is the vaccine spreading certain diseases by injecting people with a virus, who then shed their virus?

Leaked Documents Show the U.S. Government Tracking Journalists and Immigration Advocates – NBC

U.S. government created a secret database of activists, journalists, and social media influencers

China chat log leak shows scope of surveillance – France 24

A leak of around 364 million online records in a Chinese database, including private messages and ID numbers, has again highlighted the size and scope of Beijing’s mass surveillance system. The files show a wealth of information linked to online accounts, including GPS locations, file transfers, and chat logs, according to the database discovered by Victor Gevers, a security researcher at Dutch non-profit GDI Foundation.

US trade gap jumped to 10-year high; record gap with China – AP

The U.S. trade deficit jumped nearly 19 percent in December, pushing the trade imbalance for all of 2018 to widen to a decade-long high of $621 billion. The gap with China on goods widened to an all-time record of $419.2 billion.

Whole Foods cuts workers’ hours after Amazon introduces minimum wage – The Guardian

In response to public pressure and increasing scrutiny over the pay of its warehouse workers, Amazon enacted a $15 minimum wage for all its employees on 1 November, including workers at grocery chain Whole Foods, which it purchased in 2017.

All Whole Foods employees paid less than $15 an hour saw their wages increase to at least that, while all other team members received a $1 an hour wage increase and team leaders received a $2 an hour increase.

But since the wage increase, Whole Food employees have told the Guardian that they have experienced widespread cuts that have reduced schedule shifts across many stores, often negating wage gains for employees.

“My hours went from 30 to 20 a week,” said one Whole Foods employee in Illinois.

Green New Deal Reveals the Naked Truth of Agenda 21 – The New American

“…Of course, such harsh terms had to be hidden from the American people if the plan was to be successfully imposed. They called it a “suggestion” for “voluntary” action — just in case a nation or community wanted to do something positive for mankind! However, while using such innocent-sounding language, the Agenda 21 shock troops lost no time pushing it into government policy. In 1992, just after its introduction at the Earth Summit, Nancy Pelosi introduced a resolution of support for the plan into Congress. It’s interesting to note that she boldly called it a “comprehensive blueprint for the reorganization of human society.” In 1993, new President, Bill Clinton ordered the establishment of the President’s Council for Sustainable Development, with the express purpose of enforcing the Agenda 21 blueprint into nearly every agency of the federal government to assure it became the law of the land. Then the American Planning Association issued a newsletter in 1994, supporting Agenda 21’s ideas as a “comprehensive blueprint” for local planning. So much for a voluntary idea!”

Russia Suspends Nuclear Missile Treaty With U.S. – WSJ

heightens the threat of a new arms race

Sanctuary Cities Receiving Federal Funds, Despite Trump Order to Withhold Them – The New American

Socialism’s millennial fans don’t even know what it is – NY Post

“Anyone who isn’t a socialist at 20 has no heart, but anyone who isn’t a conservative by 40 has no brain: That old epigram is certainly playing out in today’s Democratic Party …Millennials — ignorant of socialism’s appalling economic and human-rights history — increasingly embrace socialism and its naively unrealistic prescriptions for ending all human want. Yet so are a growing number of veteran Democratic pols who should know better, but are clearly terrified by the growing star power of the likes of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And never mind House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s warning that “this is not a bumper-sticker war.” ”

Google found it was underpaying more men than women for similar jobs – CNBC

Congress Advances Gun Registry Via “Universal Background Checks” – The New American

Under the guise of mandating “universal background checks,” Congress is working on a gun-control plot that would ban all private sales of firearms and essentially create a national gun registry. Among other concerns, gun-rights advocates warned that the scheme would enable future confiscation of firearms by government while making countless law-abiding citizens into criminals.

U.S. Army estimates Russian capability will peak in 2028, China’s in 2030 – The Star

senior Pentagon official report



February 2019:


PayPal Censoring Groups With Help from Leftist, Anti-Christian SPLC – Christian Broadcasting

The CEO of PayPal has revealed the multi-billion dollar service partners with the leftist organization Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to decide who should be blacklisted from their company. Using “company corporate values” as their defense, PayPal has taken intentional steps to deny access to conservatives.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal Could Cost $93 Trillion, Group Says – Bloomberg

Ex-Clinton staffers slam Sanders over private jet flights – Politico

Report: Home Assistants with ‘Moral AI’ Could Call Police on Owners – Breitbart

The Dangers of a Mandatory DNA Database – NextGov

Weed killer in your wine and beer? That’s what a new U.S. PIRG study found – Spectator USA

Your favorite cereal, instant oatmeal or granola bar might also contain the main ingredient for weed killer.

U.S. Government and Top Mexican Drug Cartel Exposed as Partners – The New American

For over a decade, under multiple administrations, the U.S. government had a secret agreement with the ruthless Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel that allowed it to operate with impunity, an in-depth investigation by a leading Mexican newspaper confirmed this week. In exchange for information and assistance in quashing competing criminal syndicates, the Bush and Obama administrations let the Sinaloa cartel import tons of drugs into the United States while wiping out Sinaloa competitors and ensuring that its leaders would not be prosecuted for their long list of major crimes. Other revelations also point strongly to massive but clandestine U.S. government involvement in drug trafficking.

US bishops side with globalists in condemning Trump’s border wall – Life Site

Last Friday, the president of the U.S. bishops’ conference, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, and the chairman of the committee on migration, Bishop Joe Vásquez, unsurprisingly rebuked President Donald Trump for declaring a national emergency in order to build a wall on America’s southern border.

China’s social credit system shows its teeth, banning millions from taking flights, trains – South China Morning Post

Millions of Chinese individuals and businesses have been labelled as untrustworthy on an official blacklist banning them from any number of activities, including accessing financial markets or travelling by air or train, as the use of the government’s social credit system accelerates. The annual blacklist is part of a broader effort to boost “trustworthiness” in Chinese society and is an extension of China’s social credit system, which is expected to give each of its 1.4 billion citizens a personal score. The social credit system assigns both positive and negative scores for individual or corporate behaviour in an attempt to pressure citizens into behaving.

Oregon set to become 1st state with mandatory rent controls – AP

(makes it harder to have small private places as landlords, makes the expensive rent problem worse)

Man Pulls a Gun on Sam’s Club Customer [who was] Wearing MAGA Hat – PJ Media

The case for Russia collusion … against the Democrats – The Hill

…Clinton’s handprint was everywhere on the 2009-2010 project, the tip of a diplomatic spear to reboot U.S.-Russian relations after years of hostility prompted by Vladimir Putin’s military action against the former Soviet republic and now U.S. ally Georgia. A donor to the Clinton Foundation, Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, led the Russian side of the effort, and several American donors to the Clinton charity got involved. Clinton’s State Department facilitated U.S. companies working with the Russian project, and she personally invited Medvedev to visit Silicon Valley. The collaboration occurred at the exact same time Bill Clinton made his now infamous trip to Russia to pick up a jaw-dropping $500,000 check for a single speech.

Feminist Writer Sues Twitter for Banning Over “Misgendering” – The New American

…Twitter also forced her remove a tweet that asked, “How are transwomen not men? What is the difference between a man and a transwoman?” Murphy asked in a responding tweet whether she is “allowed to say that men aren’t women or ask questions about the notion of transgenderism?” And, she rightly tweeted, “that a multi billion dollar company is censoring BASIC FACTS and silencing people who ask questions about this dogma is INSANE.”

Panera Bread’s Socialist ‘Pay What You Want’ Experiment Fails Miserably – PJ Media

Panera Bread has shuttered the last of its ideologically driven “pay what you want” restaurants. The socialist-tinged ventures were called “Panera Cares” and the higher-ups have finally figured out that “caring” is not synonymous with “viable business model.” On February 15, the final Panera Cares, located in Boston, will close.

Senate has uncovered no direct evidence of conspiracy between Trump campaign and Russia – NBC News

After two years and 200 interviews, the Senate Intelligence Committee is approaching the end of its investigation into the 2016 election, having uncovered no direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to both Democrats and Republicans on the committee.

Google & Apple Reach Deal With Russia, China, & Saudi Arabia To Censor Populations – InfoWars

Alex Jones breaks down the unholy alliance forged between Big Tech’s Google and Apple with Communist China, Saudi Arabia, and Russia to censor populations on a planetary scale never before witnessed.

‘Impartial’ fact-checkers are revealing their partisanship against Trump – New York Post

…Whether Doctors Without Borders’ scary statistic is accurate or not, is one thing. Trump, however, was being called out for asserting that “one in every three” illegal immigrants has been abused attempting to cross the border rather than “33.333 percent of women” — probably a rounding error in the poll. It is almost surely the case that every past president and every politician has used “one-third” or “one-half” rather than a specific fraction, and walked away without being fact-checked.

China To Build 4 Nuclear Aircraft Carriers In Bid To Rival US Superiority – ZeroHedge

A bombshell new report outlines an expected Chinese military game-changer that could catapult its navy to rival global US power on the high seas. In a push to compete with US naval power, China plans to build four nuclear-powered aircraft carriers expected to be operational by 2035. With China’s current single carrier group commissioned in 2012 and another domestic-built carrier on the way (undergoing sea tests), this would bring Chinese naval strength up to six carrier battle groups.

Lawmakers Move to End Religious Exemption for Mandatory Vaccinations – NJ Spotlight

Welcome to California, land of 1,000 laws — and that’s just this year – The Hill

Bitcoin ‘created as dollar 2.0 by US Government to fund secret CIA and MI5 missions’ – UK Express

shocking claim from a cybersecurity expert was made public after slides from her presentation in Russia were photographed and shared on social media. One of Natalya Kaspersky’s slides said: “Bitcoin is a project of American intelligence agencies, which was designed to provide quick funding for US, British and Canadian intelligence activities in different countries. “The technology is ‘privatised,’ just like the Internet, GPS and TOR. In fact, it is dollar 2.0. Its rate is controlled by the owners of exchanges.”



January 2019:


Survey: Half Of Doctors Considering Leaving Medicine — Because Of Health Insurance Headaches – Study Finds

Private company launches “largest fleet of satellites in human history” to photograph Earth – CBS News

A private company has set off a revolution in space by launching hundreds of small satellites, enough to photograph the entire landmass of the Earth every day

UN and N.Y. Times Target Anti-Vaxxers, Push to End Exemptions – The New American

…The media seized on the WHO’s attack to launch phase two of the campaign. In an editorial headlined “How to Inoculate Against Anti-Vaxxers,” the radical New York Times editorial board cited WHO’s jihad on vaccine hesitancy as justification for its own effort to instigate official persecution of concerned parents. Among other strategies, the Times celebrated the elimination of religious, philosophical, and all other exemptions to mandatory vaccine statutes in the state of California, thereby forcing all parents to vaccinate their children in order to attend school. “Other states ought to follow this lead, and the federal government should consider tightening restrictions around how much leeway states can grant families that want to skip essential vaccines,” the Times said. Setting aside the editorial board’s ignorance or hatred of the U.S. Constitution — the feds have no constitutional power to impose “restrictions” or give “leeway” to state governments in their vaccine policies — the policies they are demanding are downright totalitarian. Following a measles outbreak in California in which many of the victims were already vaccinated, totalitarian state lawmakers funded by Big Pharma seized the opportunity to smash liberty. The chief stooge behind the push to eliminate the exemptions was State Senator Richard Pan, a far-left Democrat who was the top recipient of pharmaceutical industry cash. Of course, the same pharma companies buying lawmakers to mandate drugs also bought lawmakers to exempt themselves from liability when their vaccines kill and maim people.

Planned Parenthood Annual Report Shows Record Number of Abortions – The New American

The grim numbers are in and, according to its latest annual report, abortion giant Planned Parenthood killed a record number of pre-born babies via abortion during its fiscal year (FY) 2017. For the operating year running from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017, Planned Parenthood performed a total of 332,757 abortions, an increase of 11,373 of the murderous procedures it was responsible for in 2016 and the most abortions it has performed annually since 2012. The latest reporting means that during FY 2017 Planned Parenthood performed an average of 911 abortions each day.

Privacy at Risk: Security Expert Warns “Smart Device” Users to Beware – The New American

That expert, Charles Henderson, was quoted in two articles for the New York Times earlier this week. Henderson is the global head of X-Force Red, a professional hacking team at IBM Security. He told the Times that convenience is the major selling point of turning a home into a Smart Home powered by Internet of Things (IoT) devices. “Consumers don’t just want this convenience, they expect it — they demand it.” The result is that too often, common sense and security — especially where privacy is concerned — take a back seat to that convenience. Many people seem never to consider the risks involved. The New American has already written about some of these risks in previous articles. In a May 11 article, we noted the various security issues associated with reports that Amazon’s “Alexa-powered” Echo will be an standard “appliance” in many new homes:

Is Big Tech Merging With Big Brother? Kinda Looks Like It – Wired

A friend of mine, who runs a large television production company in the car-mad city of Los Angeles, recently noticed that his intern, an aspiring filmmaker from the People’s Republic of China, was walking to work. When he offered to arrange a swifter mode of transportation, she declined. When he asked why, she explained that she “needed the steps” on her Fitbit to sign in to her social media accounts. If she fell below the right number of steps, it would lower her health and fitness rating, which is part of her social rating, which is monitored by the government. A low social rating could prevent her from working or traveling abroad.

New York Times Editorial On Vaccines: A Pseudoscience Mess! – Dr. Brownstein

…Did vaccines lower the death rate for their respective illnesses? We don’t know since the rates were already declining dramatically before the mass vaccination program began. To imply that vaccines were responsible for this dramatic decline in pediatric infectious deaths in the 20th Century is nothing more than FAKE NEWS! One of the best indicators of the health of a country is the infant mortality rate. Researchers correlated the number of vaccines given to infants and the mortality rate for ages five and under. Guess who gave the most vaccines and guess who had the highest infant mortality rate? If you guessed the US, you win.

China, Russia Building Super-EMP Bombs for ‘Blackout Warfare’ – Washington Free Beacon

Whistleblower: Obama-era Deep State Surveillance Program Spied on Trump, Judges, Others – The New American

…Klayman’s claim is not new. In fact, it is not even really his claim. It comes from his client, former NSA and CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery, who “left the NSA and CIA with 47 hard drives and over 600 million pages of information, much of which is classified,” showing “the spy agencies were engaged for years in systematic illegal surveillance on prominent Americans, including the chief justice of the Supreme Court, other justices, 156 judges, prominent businessmen such as Donald Trump” and Larry Klayman himself, according to a an op-ed piece written by Klayman in March 2017. The purpose of that illegal Deep State surveillance — Klayman surmises — is “for potential coercion, blackmail or other nefarious purposes.” Given the way the Deep State (and its Democrat political accomplices) have attacked, derided, smeared, and undermined Donald Trump since as soon as he became a viable candidate, it is easy to follow — and believe — Klayman’s assertion

Facebook Refuses Ads for ‘Roe v. Wade’ Film – Breitbart

Networks Trashed Trump With 90% Negative Spin in 2018 – NewsBusters

As it was last year, the Trump presidency was the biggest story of 2018, accounting for almost 87 hours of coverage, or 28% of all evening news airtime. But that’s down from 99 hours of coverage in 2017, perhaps a sign the networks are wearying of treating every Trump tweet as deserving of crisis-level coverage. ? The tone of coverage remains incessantly hostile: 90% negative, vs. just 10% positive (excluding neutral statements), matching the historically bad press we documented in 2017. Yet despite the media’s obvious disapproval, public opinion of the President actually improved slightly during 2018, from an average 40% approval on January 1 to 42.7% approval on December 31, according to RealClearPolitics. ? For the second year in a row, the Russia investigation was the single most-covered topic amid the networks’ Trump coverage, garnering 858 minutes of airtime. Since January 20, 2017, the Russia probe has received 2,092 minutes of coverage on just the three evening newscasts.

Costco is opening a $440 million chicken farm to escape America’s chicken monopoly – MSNBC

In fall 2019, Costco will open a chicken farming operation in eastern Nebraska. This venture will provide Costco with 100 million chickens, or 40 percent of its yearly chicken needs, allowing it to partially escape the American chicken monopoly run by the likes of Tyson, Pilgrim’s Pride and Perdue.

Things Democrats Have Funded that Cost More than the Border Wall – Grabien News

..In 2018, the feds spent $4.173 trillion overall, meaning the border wall would amount to just 1/10th of 1 percent of current annual federal spending.) Indeed, these lawmakers have happily funded various projects over the years that cost far more than the border wall — and many of which had very questionable value. Below are some examples of wasteful federal spending projects that individually cost more than the proposed border wall (data courtesy of Citizens Against Government Waste): “Rural Utility Service.” This program costs taxpayers $8.2 billion/year and has no actual purpose after its original intent — bringing electricity to rural communities — was long ago achieved. It’s now being used to bring broadband access to small communities (usually with populations of less than 20,000). However there’s no indication the “beneficiaries” of this expensive government agency actually appreciate the program, and the majority of its projects are not completed on time or within budget. Sugar Subsidies. America, as Democrats frequently intone, faces a health crisis. What they don’t tell us is that it’s largely of their own making, as Congress subsidizes the production of unhealthy foods like sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. Eliminating sugar subsidies alone would save $6 billion, enough to fund the border wall; it would also have the added benefit of helping curb the nation’s obesity epidemic.

Pentagon: Military Logistics System Not Ready for War With China or Russia – The Washington Free Beacon

The strategic American military system for moving troops, weapons, and supplies over long distances has decayed significantly and needs rapid upgrading to be ready for any future war with China or Russia, according to a report by the Pentagon’s Defense Science Board.

Tuberculosis, flu, infections rampant as the number of sick migrants surge at border – Washington Times

…Border authorities are referring 50 people a day for urgent medical care, including tuberculosis, flu and even pregnant women about to give birth, a top official said Monday, saying it’s unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. Most of those in need of care are children, and a staggering 28 percent are under age 5, having been dragged along for the trip by parents who in many cases are hoping to use the children as a shield against speedy deportation from the U.S.

Move aside, backseat driver! New tech at CES monitors you inside car – Reuters

…“The more you know about the user, the more you’re able to fulfill his or her needs,” said Eric Montague, senior director of strategy for Nuance Automotive. Nuance’s connected car platform mixes eye-tracking technology, voice recognition and even emotion analysis, from a company called Affectiva. Analysis from driver monitoring technology could help turn on the heat, lower the seat or play a certain kind of music when a particular occupant enters the car. If a passenger looks toward the dashboard, a certain control could light up to help anticipate a need. Carmakers could gather anonymized data and sell it. A billboard advertiser might be eager to know how many commuters look at his sign, Ramsey said.

Samsung Phone Users Perturbed to Find They Can’t Delete Facebook – Bloomberg

… “It just absolutely baffles me that if I wanted to completely get rid of Facebook that it essentially would still be on my phone, which brings up more questions,” Winke said in an interview. “Can they still track your information, your location, or whatever else they do? We the consumer should have say in what we want and don’t want on our products.” Consumers have become more alert about their digital rights and more vigilant about privacy in the past year, following revelations about Facebook’s information-sharing practices and regulators’ heightened scrutiny of online data collection. Some people have deleted their Facebook accounts in protest of the company’s lapses, while others simply want to make sure they have the option to do so. Many Android phone users have begun to question Samsung’s deal to sell phones with a permanent version of Facebook — and some of them are complaining on social media.

Leaked Confidential Document Exposes 36 Infants Dead After this Vaccine – SGT Report

A confidential GlaxoSmithKline document recently leaked to the press exposed that within a two-year period, a total of 36 infants died after receiving the 6-in-1 vaccine, Infanrix Hexa. According to the website Initiative Citoyenne who reported the news, the 1271 page document revealed that GlaxoSmithKline received a total of 1,742 reports of adverse reactions between October 23, 2009, and October 22, 2011, including 503 serious adverse reactions and 36 deaths.

The ‘Green New Deal’: A Radical Mandate for Government Control of American Society – Grabien News

More specifically, Ocasio-Cortez’s plan calls for, within 10 years, a series of lofty overhauls of American life [emphasis added]: The installation of a “national, energy-efficient, “smart grid.” “Upgrading every residential and industrial building for state-of-the-art energy efficiency, comfort and safety” “Eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacturing, agricultural and other industries” as well as from America’s transportation and infrastructure network Funding “massive investment” in reducing existing greenhouse gasses Between its calls for “upgrading” homes and overhauling travel, public infrastructure, and even the way Americans consume electricity, the plan leaves virtually no facet of everyday life untouched. Think of how often you don’t use electricity to imagine how much of your average day the plan wouldn’t impact.

Killing Nationalism: Merkel Says Nations Should Give Up Sovereignty – The New American

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (shown) may be preparing to step off the political stage, but she’s apparently going out not with a whimper but a globalist bang. This was signaled recently at an event organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, where the German leader and ex-communist proclaimed, “In this day nation states must today — should today, I say — be ready to give up sovereignty,” according to the Express.



What’s Up With Detroit? – John Stossel

Tech Revolution: YouTube – John Stossel

America’s Entrepreneurial Spirit – John Stossel

Tax Day in America – John Stossel

Red Tape Stifles the Free Market (including people giving advice on blogs getting charged for unlicensed practice of psychology,etc.) – John Stossel

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Stop Drinking Coffee in the Morning (messes with naturally high morning cortisol levels) – Fox News

Sweden not a socialist success – John Stossel 

Google and Apple ditch college degree requirements


Wi-Fi Exposure More Dangerous To Kids Than Previously Thought – Forbes

Robotic hotel room on wheels – Daily Mail 

1,000’s of Amazon workers in Europe strike against working conditions – Business Insider

Zuckerberg at center of new Facebook storm – The Hill

Climate-change narrative challenged by unusual weather & scientific studies – The New American

US judge stalls enforcement of Trumps asylum restrictions – AP News

Beijing pioneering citizens’ ‘points’ system critics brand ‘Orwellian’ – Reuters 

Facial recognition cameras go main stream, concerns on privacy – Wall Street Journal

CIA concludes Saudi Crown Prince behind Khashoggi murder -Yahoo


Google broke law by harvesting data from people’s homes – Daily Mail

Australian regulator investigates Google data harvesting – The Guardian

Data harvesting on Android apps is ‘out of control’ say Oxford researchers – Metro


Cell phone spy in your pocket – Science News

Celine Dion’s new neutral gender clothing – Vox

Study shows most journalism leans left – Investors Business Daily

Conservatives leaving Facebook over censorship, bias – News Busters (MRC Poll)

Facebook risks using 32% of conservative users – CNS News

British soldiers disguised in burkas defeat Isis leader with US help – American Bounty Hunter

European Court of Human Rights Ruling: Criticizing Mohammad is not protected free speech – The Atlantic


CA officials say legal marijuana increasing violent crime – Forbes

Alcohol deaths sore for middle aged women

Is nationalism bad, should we look to France? – News With Views

The Real America And Her God Loving Patriotic Citizens – News with Views

Drone Wars – News With Views

New Black Panther Party Constitution – News with Views

New “Amusement” Tax – Chicago Tribune

Saying “men aren’t women” classified hate speech on Twitter – Info Wars

CA fire 63 dead 630 missing – Reuters

North CA air worst in world, like smoking 3 cigs – NBC

AI in Amazon Echo tracks movements of elderly – Daily Mail

Facebook can tell you who you live with – Fast Company

Speed camera catches drivers on phones over 1/2 mile away – Metro

GA university mandatory inclusion & diversity course – Campus Reform  “I can’t continue to pay for additional courses and spend valuable time sitting through courses where a professor is teaching people how to ‘be kind’ to each other. Parents should be teaching that at home, for free.”

Venezuela ‘social credit system’ card made in China tracks rewards punishes citizens – Business Insider

Facebook report of bias algorithms causes major investors to call for Zuckerberg to step down – Telegraph




Ex-Gay ‘X-Factor’ Contestant Faces Backlash for Saying He Found Christ, Left LGBT Lifestyle


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