Part 1: Woman:


  1. Heavenly Mother as Nucleus of The Universe
  2. Male and Female as Family and Friends
  3. A Woman’s Priesthood Honor – Quotes of the Prophets
  4. Daughters in My Kingdom: Relief Society – Book Highlights
  5. Morality in Exchange for Equality: Ironic Feminism
  6. Female Privilege Exists


Part 2: Gender:


  1. Brigham Young & True Brotherly Love
  2. The Men’s Rights Movement
  3. The ‘God Loves All Lifestyles Equally’ Fallacy: A Letter to a Friend with Same Sex Attraction
  4. Try to be close to God & The Church While Confronting Same Sex Attraction: Letter to a Friend
  5. Give me a State of Refuge! The Dangers of Federal Homosexuality Laws
  6. The True Godhead Includes Gender
  7. Brotherly Love VS Homosexuality: Hope & Healing
  8. Stop Normalizing Homosexuality in Media: A Heroic Example