Introduction to Musical Instruments, Theory, & Composition. 1

Accordion. 2

Bagpipes. 2

Banjo. 2

Clarinet. 2

Flute. 2

Guitar. 3

Harp. 3

Percussion. 4

Piano. 4

Tin Whistle. 4

Violin. 4

Vocal 4


Introduction to Musical Instruments, Theory, & Composition


Here is a great video on how learning music should be fun, rather than obsessed with teaching sight reading. Playing an instrument can be fun, that’s why we want to learn and teach it, moreso than for everyone to be on a professional orchestra. Granted reading sheet music is fun too, but perhaps not a great place to start. Perhaps learning ‘tabs’ to learn new songs is a great foundation before moving on to sight reading sheet music, so the artist gets a feel for the potential and joy of playing songs on the instrument. Granted this approach may work better for some instruments than others. Many great musicians didn’t know how to sight read. Many folk musicians learned by tradition and family playing around together moreso than learning sight reading. The training in sight reading is often void of musicality, rhythm, or predictability. “Rant: music lessons should be FUN” by Lindybeige

A key part of learning instruments is learning to enjoy hearing that instrument. Therefore, some of what I’ll present with each  instrument will be videos of delightful performances thereby.

Key fingering charts, chord charts, etc., are easily found in PDF format on the web or in inexpensive beginner instrument books. There are however great video and otherwise tutorials on the web for learning instruments.

Someone said “We learn to read and write after we’ve mastered speech. But the standard of terrible music instruction is to learn an entirely new and unintuitive writing system before we have any real idea what it means.”




Dolan’s pub (Limerick, Ireland) – Irish Traditional Music Session (with great accordion)



FourWinds. The Flags of Dublin – (With fast bagpipes & accordion)







-Sacred Place by Mary Youngblood on Sacred Place

-The Inspector Gadget Flute with Beatboxing



Guitar: General


-Here is a great acoustic guitar teacher, Kelly Valleau (; about $11/month to subscribe to his website. The free portion is videos of him doing songs which you can learn lots from, but for tutorials and tabs to music he wrote for guitar based on popular music, subscribe to his website. Check out his YouTube channel too. Buying tabs on his songs are about 5$ when you’re a subscriber (half of the usual about $10). From what I’ve seen of his videos, he is a great teacher with lots of fun songs.

-free tabs and tutorial videos etc (free or pro versions)

-Materials from TL ( Why to use sheet music not tabs by TL ; Learn to read sheet music for guitar by TL ; Reading guitar tabs by TL ; Guitar chords for beginners by TL



Guitar: Celtic


-Stephen Wake, acoustic Celtic fingerpicking guitarist: Buy tabs for music by Stephen Wake at his website. ; Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar – Three Irish Reels – DADGAD – Stephen Wake (one of my favorites) ; Celtic Guitar – Return to Kintail/ Calliope House – Stephen Wake ; Celtic Guitar Jig and two reels – Stephen Wake

-Flatpicking Celtic guitar book and audio CD on Amaon

-Glenn Weiser has written several books on Celtic guitar. Check out his site and book store: Check out some of his materials:  Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Books  |  Harmonica Books  |  Music Lessons  | CDs
Harmonica Main  |  Celtic Main  |  Blues Main  |  Fingerstyle Main   |
Free Celtic Guitar Arrangements  |  Free Celtic Harmonica Arrangements  |  Online Celtic Tunebook





-The Butterfly by Aine Minogue on Circle of the Sun

-Artist: Amy Turk






– Peter PlutaX: This is a brilliant piano teacher, check out his YouTube channel ( His videos are of piano keys with lines showing where to play, meaning beginners can learn fun pieces without becoming discouraged by years of basic sight reading drills. His program is like Simply Piano.

-Check out the Simply Piano by Joytunes (an app etc.) (see also which shows both notes and keys to learn simultaneously. 25 courses for different music levels. Many fun songs.

-Flow Key ( is another piano school which shows where to place fingers while showing notes.

-I’ve seen some brilliant apps and computer programs pop up lately which are a sort of tabs for piano, helping the student learn some music from the get go without being bogged down by what looks like the impossible skill of sight reading music.

-YouTube Channel Rousseau ( shows intense classic piano pieces (more than just Rousseau) played along with the streaming lines, amazing.

-Bollywood Piano tutorials with Dhruv Gandhi on YouTube (; his stuff has piano keys, no hands, moving bars, and piano key notes labeled. Free mp3’s and sheet music as well.


-Artist: Ludovico Einaudi

-Stars by Helen Lane Long on Porcelain

-On A Magician’s Flight by Faun

Tin Whistle

Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Music [Doolin Style] (By the Online Academy of Irish Music) (amazing fast tin whistler)



Irish set- Banjo & fiddles (with great fiddling)





Jane Zhang Sings The Diva Dance from 5th Element (Epic Soprano Heights)