Mental Health

A Place for Sorrow

The Princess Bride: A Mental Health Perspective

On Using Alternate Methods to Cast Out Demons in the Mental Health Field

A Beautiful Mind – Movie Take home Messages

Emotional Self Reliance by Elder Boyd K. Packer – Lecture Notes

BEHAVIORAL TREATMENT PLAN FOR ADDICTION: 10 Basic Concepts of Addiction, 5 Signs of Addiction, 3 Reasons Why We Abuse Substance, 5 Recovery Stages, 4 Milestones for Recovery, 4 Progressive Stages of Substance Abuse, Sobriety Tracking, Transparency Via Therapeutic Essay Writing, Boundaries: The Personal Jihad / Taking Up The Cross, Group Therapy Strategies, Teen Brain, Spiritual Exploration & Conquest, 3 Stances for Recovery

Residential Treatment Centers: Leveling Systems, Dress Codes, & Safety Advantages

Therapy in Action: The Nature of Addiction, & Recovery Steps: Desire, Will, Work, Relationships, & Grace

Marijuana: The Gateway Drug to Meth & Mental Illness

Instant Insanity Drugs by W. Cleon Skousen – Lecture Notes

Dangers of Anti-Depressant Drugs by Anne Tracy – Lecture Notes

The Condemnation of Modern Mental Health Science, & a Gospel Based Family Oriented Alternative to Our Perpetually Broken System

Jordan Peterson Videos & Notes

Spirituality and Sorcery by Ann Tracy – Full Text Article




Forums on Mental Health:

-LDS Energy healing/emotion code Exposed

-The Sky Is Blue- LDS Mental Illness Support (Disability, Addiction, Abuse) (42 members)

-LDS Parents of Kids with Mental Illnesses/Challenges (74 members)

-LDS Asperger/Autism/Anxiety Parent Group (70 members)

-Support for latter-day saints with Mental Health Concerns (2.451 members)

-LDS Depression/Anxiety Support Group

-12 STEPS OF RECOVERY (2,832 members)

-12 step recovery (639 members)

-LDS Addicts & Friends Finding Recovery (1,289)

-LDS Members: Pornography Addiction Support Group (37 members)




Assorted Resources on Mental Health




Classics in the History of Psychology (pdf books, articles) Citizens Commission on Human Rights – investigating violations of human rights in the mental health field. – On risks of vaccines by Sarah Hancock, who came off of 5 antidepressants through diet & exercise.


-Psychotropic Drugs create Violence & Suicide: A public interest report published by
Citizens Commission on Human Rights International: A Mental Health Industry Watchdog, March 2018 violence-report psychotropic drugs


-‘If Ads were honest’ videos: I suggest only the following in this series. Others by this group are crude, but these are excellent:

if political campaign debates were honest:

If gym ads were honest:

if junk food were honest

if cell phone




fast food