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Introduction to Behavioral Treatment Plan for Addiction. 8

10 Basic Concepts of Addiction. 9

5 Signs of Addiction. 10

3 Reasons Why We Abuse Substance. 11

5 Recovery Stages. 11

4 Milestones for Recovery. 11

4 Progressive Stages of Substance Abuse. 12

Sobriety Tracking. 12

Transparency via Therapeutic Essay Writing. 12

Boundaries -The Personal Jihad / Taking Up The Cross. 13

Group therapy strategies. 13

Teen brain. 13

Spiritual Exploration and Conquest. 15

3 Stances for Recovery. 16

Treatment Center Leveling System.. 17

Treatment Center Advantage: Safety. 20

Treatment Center Dress Code. 21

Therapy in Action: Nature of Addiction. 21

Therapy in Action: Desire for Recovery. 22

Therapy in Action: Will and Work for Recovery. 23

Therapy in Action: Relationships for Recovery. 24

Therapy in Action: Grace for Recovery. 24

Marijuana: The Gateway Drug to Meth & Mental Illness. 25

Notes on Lecture Instant Insanity Drugs by W. Cleon Skousen. 26

Notes on Dangers of Anti-Depressant Drugs by Anne Tracy. 28

Mental Health Treatment: Problems & Gospel Solutions. 34

Mental Health Appendix A: Spirituality and Sorcery by Ann Tracy. 38

Mental Health Appendix B: Psychotropic Drugs create Violence & Suicide: Public Interest Report by CCHR. 41



A Place for Sorrow


-Jesus Christ was “a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief.” (Isaiah 53:3)
-Joseph Smith had his head downcast on a certain occasion, and someone said to him that he ought to look up and keep his head up. Joseph responded by saying that a stalk of wheat which has much wheat inside will droop from the weight of it. He then said that his head had glorious things in it. (See Truman G Madsen lectures on Joseph Smith)

-Jesus weeps for Lazarus, and isn’t smiling on that occasion. He gets angry at priests, and isn’t smiling then either. he sweats blood in Gethsemane and isn’t crying then either. Jesus is described and being meek and lowly of heart, and commands us to be that way as well, even to have a broken heart and a contrite spirit. We are to reach past the shallow level of constant optimism (Elder Hafen of the 70; BYU Devotional “Love is not blind”).
-“Weep for your dead. ” (D&C 42:45) “comfort who needs comforting.” (Mosiah 18) . That implies that in Zion there will be weeping and the need of comfort. There will be dying, which comes from illness and depression, and those things produce sorrow.
-Adam and Eve needed to leave Eden to experience sorrow
-Some sorrow is not our fault. Jesus taught offenses must come but wo to them by whom they come .
-I football team isn’t always smiling, whereas the end goal of their sport is to have joy.
-Job experienced depression. “Why died I not from the womb? why did I not give up the ghost when I came out of the belly…for the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.” “my days…are spent without hope.” “My soul is weary of my life.”
-Prophet George Albert Smith experienced depression (see Elder Holland “Like a broken vessel” General Conference Address.)
-Elder Holland experienced depression (above cited).
-Everyone experiences some level of anxiety, and even serious peaks in anxiety, this is probably different than a clinical disorder which is a more frequent and different breed of anxiety. Some anxiety, even intense anxiety, is positive for our growth.



Elder Boyd K. Packer on Emotional Self Reliance

The following is an excerpt from a BYU Devotional in 1975 by then Elder Boyd K. Packer (for full text and video, suggesting that emotional self-reliance is akin to temporal self-reliance, that we should primarily turn to God and our family members, then the church, for emotional guidance. He teaches that if we become too reliant on others for help in these matters, it can rob us of the ability to receive personal revelation. There is a time and a place for professional counseling services, but the doctrines presented here show the proper order of operations in finding emotional support and guidance. I also note that a good professional therapist isn’t so much in the business of dishing out answers and solutions, so much as helping the client to find their own answers. Empowering self-discovery is the ideal, and there will be various circumstances which require varying degrees of external assistance as we travel though life together.

“That same principle, self-reliance, has application in emotional and spiritual things.

I have become very anxious over the amount of counseling that we seem to need in the Church, and the network of counseling services that we keep building up without once emphasizing the principle of self-reliance as it is understood in the welfare program. There are too many in the Church who seem to be totally dependent, emotionally and spiritually, upon others. They subsist on some kind of emotional welfare. They are unwilling to sustain themselves. They become so dependent that they endlessly need to be shored up, lifted up, endlessly need encouragement, and they contribute little of their own.

I have been concerned that we may be on the verge of doing to ourselves emotionally (and therefore spiritually) what we have been working so hard for generations to avoid materially. If we lose our emotional and spiritual self-reliance, we can be weakened quite as much, perhaps even more, than when we become dependent materially. On the one hand, we counsel bishops to avoid abuses in the Church welfare program. On the other hand, we seem to dole out counsel and advice without the slightest thought that the member should solve the problem himself or turn to his family. Only when those resources are inadequate should we turn to the Church.

We recognize at once that it would be folly to develop welfare production projects to totally sustain all of the members of the Church in every material need. We ought likewise to be very thoughtful before we develop a vast network of counseling programs with all of the bishops and branch presidents and everyone else, doling out counsel in an effort to totally sustain our members in every emotional need.

If we are not careful, we can lose power of individual revelation. The Lord said to Oliver Cowdery, and it has meaning for all of us:

Behold, you have not understood; you have supposed that I would give it unto you, when you took no thought save it was to ask me.

But, behold, I say unto you, that you must study it out in your mind; then you must ask me if it be right, and if it is right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you; therefore, you shall feel that it is right.

But if it be not right you shall have no such feelings, but you shall have a stupor of thought that shall cause you to forget the thing that is wrong. [D&C 9:7–9]

Do you realize that here at Brigham Young University we have 10 stakes and 120 branches. We have 30 members of stake presidencies, 360 branch presidents and counselors, approximately 150 high councilors, all to counsel. That should be more than enough. That is, provided that principles of self-reliance, self-respect, industry, and thrift were applied to that part of our lives. In addition, here at the University we have in the college advisement centers and in the personal development center and in the psychology clinic and specializing in marriage and family counsel, the equivalent of fifty full-time personnel. Then, in addition, there are over eleven hundred faculty members all of whom are advisers and counselors in some measure.

Now I fear that all of them, both in the stakes and in the University, may be doling out counsel and advice without first requiring you to call on every personal resource and every family resource before seeking a solution of your problems from the Church.

You may say, “Well, my parents are not here.” I simply respond that your University admission presupposes that you can write. Should it be an emergency, there is the telephone.

Some may say that “my parents are not members of the Church.” I say, “Well, that may be, but they are your parents. We expect you to turn to them in times of financial reverses. The same principle has great merit in times of emotional and spiritual stress.”

I had one student come to my office. I knew him personally. He had a very difficult problem He was trying to decide should he or should he not marry. I asked him, “You’ve come for counsel?”

“Yes, indeed,” he said.

“Are you going to follow it when I give it to you?” I asked. That was a surprise to him.

Finally he consented—“Yes.”

I happened to know his father—a patriarch in the Church, as wonderful a man as there is. I said, “This is my counsel. Go home this weekend. Talk to your father, get him in a bedroom or some private place, tell him your dilemma, ask him for his counsel, and do what he tells you to do. That is my counsel.”

I think an emotional dole system can be as dangerous as a material dole system, and we can become so dependent that we stand around waiting for the Church to do everything for us.”

Dangers of Modern Counseling Procedures

In virtually every ward or branch there are chronic cases of individuals who endlessly seek counsel but never follow the counsel that is given. That, some may assume, is not serious. I think it’s very serious! Like the common cold, it drains more strength out of humanity than any other disease. We seem to be developing an epidemic of “counselitis” that drains spiritual strength from the Church. Spiritual self-reliance is the sustaining power of the Church. If we rob you of that, how can you get the revelation that there is a prophet of God? How can you get answers to prayer? How can you know? If we move so quickly to answer all your questions and provide so many ways to solve all of your problems, we may end up weakening you, not strengthening you.

Now, I say here that I know quite well that some counselors are apt to say, “My counseling does not rob one of his self-reliance because I use the nondirective counseling approach. I am scrupulously careful not to take a position. I merely reflect back comments and feelings of the individual so that he will make the decision totally himself. I do my counsel by nondirection and never make a value judgment.”

While I have respect for that procedure of counseling as a method, I think that if that’s all they do, nondirection, very often that’s precisely what we get from the counseling—no direction. When counselors schedule interminable sessions to say as little as possible while the student is struggling to try to decide if something’s right or wrong, and the counselor already knows, that’s a waste of time. So is the fussing around trying to determine whether it is right for you under the circumstances or wrong for you under the circumstances, when anyone with any moral sense would know that if a course is wrong it’s wrong foranybody and it’s wrong for everybody.

In the Church, the directive pattern of counseling is at least as respectable and decent and desirable and needed as the nondirective approach to counseling. Unfortunately, we see very little of it anymore. How sweet and refreshing for a branch president or bishop or a counselor to say clearly to a student, “This course is right and this course is wrong. Now, you go make the decision.” The student ought to know what is right and what is wrong by the quickest method possible, and that may be very directive. There is a crying need for counselors who will say pointedly and plainly, “This is wrong. It’s evil. It’s bad. It will bring you unhappiness. This course is right. It’s good it’s desirable. It will bring you happiness.” Then the agency comes when the individual determines for himself whether or not he will follow the right course.

In the world this preoccupation with counseling has led to a number of experiments from which we are not entirely free in the Church. There are those counselors who want to delve deeper into the lives of subjects than is emotionally or spiritually healthy. I think I should explain here that, when I use the word counselor, I’m not just talking about professional counselors. I’m talking about all of us who are responsible for counseling. There are those who want to draw out and analyze and take apart and dissect. While a certain amount of catharsis is healthy and essential, overmuch of it can be degenerating. It is seldom as easy to put something back together as it is to take it apart.

There have been developed several procedures for group therapy. They are promoted under a number of titles: sensitivity training, self-actualization, training groups or T-groups, simulation, transactional analysis, encounter groups, marathon counseling sessions. Some even function under such titles as value clarification, one or two even under the title of character education, and so on. Although they differ in some respects, none of them is exactly alike; one or more of the following elements is apparent in all of them: They recognize no ultimate source for truth. All values are thus established by the individuals or group. There is no reference to God. They encourage a free and full expression, something of a confession, before the group of every intimate and personal feeling and experience. They encourage an openness, a touching, and a closeness among the members of the group, and they attempt to resolve problems simply by finding a comfortable interaction. Above all, they avoid any feeling of guilt.

There are major emotional and spiritual dangers involved in such procedures, and members of the Church would do well to be very cautious, perhaps even to leave them alone.

There is a question at times whether or not the sessions are for the good of the counselee, or for the curiosity and amusement of the counselor. Young people, you should know that when you’re dealing with things of the mind and of the spirit, it’s so easy to cause the very thing you’re trying to prevent.

I remember years ago on the island of Kauai seeing a little sign in a photographer’s shop that said:

If there is beauty, we will take it.

If there is none, we will make it.

I fear that some of us, in our overmuch counseling in the Church, seem to be saying:

If there are problems, we’ll abate them.

If there are none, we’ll create them.

That, incidentally, is my first poem. Now, I know it isn’t Carol Lynn Pearson, but it has a thought to it.

I want to emphasize this point: I am fully aware that there are times when deep-seated emotional problems will respond to the procedures we have been talking about. They can have therapeutic value. There is, however, no justification to employ them in the absence of deep-seated emotional problems. There is no more justification for doing that then there is justification for a medical doctor to perform unnecessary surgery. When someone is just experimenting or riding the crest of the wave of a new counseling theory, I would no more encourage you to submit to brain surgery under the hands of a nurse or an intern or a ward attendant.

I think you’ve probably heard the account of the parents who are leaving their children untended for a few hours. They had gone out the door. Then the mother opened the door again and said, “Now children, while we’re gone, whatever you do, don’t take the stool and go into the pantry and climb up and reach up on the second shelf and move the cracker box and reach back and get that sack of beans and put one up your nose, will you?”

I say again, it’s very easy when you’re dealing with things of the mind and the spirit to cause the very thing you’re trying so desperately to prevent. When you go for counseling, remember this from the Book of Mormon:

Cursed is he that putteth his trust in man, or maketh flesh his arm, or shall hearken unto the precepts of men, save their precepts shall be given by the power of the Holy Ghost. [2 Nephi 28:31]

The Lord also gave this warning:

O the vainness, and the frailties, and the foolishness of men! When they are learned they think they are wise, and they hearken not unto the counsel of God, for they set it aside, supposing they know of themselves, wherefore their wisdom is foolishness and it profiteth them not. And they shall perish.

But to be learned is good if they hearken unto the counsels of God. [2 Nephi 9:28–29]



If Ads Were Honest – Video Series

I suggest only the following in this series. Others by this group are crude, but these are excellent:


-if political campaign debates were honest:

-If gym ads were honest:


-if junk food were honest

-if cell phone




-fast food





Introduction to Behavioral Treatment Plan for Addiction



Addiction is seen not only in illegal drug use or alcohol use, but also in pornography use, and abuse of common foods leading to decreased life satisfaction, chronic illness, and premature death. Addiction of any type will hurt our bodies and our spirits. We must train our spirits and our bodies to be subject to law.

Treatment will involve extensive training on the nature of addiction, wherein the following, including some basic possible structures for recovery, will be taught and enforced.

A preliminary course of action is to begin learning more perfectly the principles of the kingdom of heaven by reading the Miracle of Forgiveness book by Spencer W. Kimball; he wrote so unyielding in its principals that even hardened addicts became successful by using it (see Presidents of the Church book by Truman G Madsen). This combined with a study of The Book of Mormon will be key in your progress in all things, especially in obtaining liberty from your addictions.

This guide doesn’t treat the topic of nutrition, but surely the sincere seeker of health will not ignore the essential principles of nutrition found in D&C 89, which reach farther than a simple list of “don’ts”. What we eat, not just the presence of absence of toxic drugs, can have a major effect on our energy, our determination, in short, our power to resist the destroyer.






10 Basic Concepts of Addiction

(Based on teachings of Mark Butler, BYU professor of Family Life, author of “Spiritual Exodus” dealing with addiction.)


  1. Compulsion: Addiction is often characterized by an inability to choose when they will use/abuse a certain substance. Unmanageability is pervasive in all aspects and relationships.


  1. Dependency:
  2. Psychological: the anxiety/obsession associated with not having a substance.
  3. Physical: bodily pain experienced with the substance is not present.


  1. Psychological Intoxication: Psycho activity produced from use of a substance.


  1. Nature of Addiction: the turning of the life and relationships of a person over to a use of a substance.


  1. Substance Addiction
  2. Fantasy: The addict uses a substance to psychologically transport their lives to an alter reality comprised of imagined ideals. May even lead to physical bodily transformation toward their perceived reality. The addict spirals downward into debilitated health and unstable mental state as the substance becomes addictive and pulls them deeper into their fantasy, bringing unforeseen negative consequences.
  3. Escape: The addict eliminates the confrontation of relationships and other demands upon them via the use of a substance.


  1. Maladaptive Management: The addict uses the substance as their “go to” coping mechanism, until the substance becomes their solution to every problem that arises in their lives.


  1. Sexual Addiction: Undue attention to sexuality, combined with unrealistic expectations of their sexual partner, including frequency, intensity, and sex as a maladaptive coping mechanism rather than a tool to bind relationships.
  2. Escape: Sexual compulsivity as coping with a seemingly unchangeable reality.
  3. Fantasizing: Sexuality in imagined settings better than reality.
  4. Palliating: Neurochemical soothing experienced after a sexual encounter.
  5. Entrapment: High risk behaviors bring adrenaline and lead us to higher risk taking, until we are trapped in addiction.
  6. Relationship Context: Sexuality is inherently a relational aspect of humanity. Even when acted out alone, the person will envision another person involved. Humans need parents longer than other animals, so unattached parents (divorced) jeopardize the wellbeing of the human race.
  7. Fragmentation v.s. Wholeness: Sexuality is more than physical interaction. Emotional attachment to partner is a companion to physical attachment.
  8. Trigger of Sexual Response: Humans are sexual creatures, and the trick is to channel those natural positive biological functions into a committed relationship. Sexuality is triggered when another human presents their sexual component to another human, and this occurs in varying stages including gestures, dress, etc.
  9. Pornography: Pornography fragments sexuality into a physical and not emotionally attached experience. It also separates procreation from sexuality. The pornography addict becomes unable to experience normal sexual pleasure, and is left to unhealthy practices to reach a pleasure threshold.


  1. Externalizing Addiction: Marriage isn’t necessarily the cause of addiction. Despite best efforts in marriage, addiction can enter your or someone in your family’s’  life.


  1. Spirituality Support
  2. You can discern behaviors and needs of addicted family member.
  3. Lightened burden: A relationship with God can alleviate your pain and point you toward the pathway to recovery. This is the most surefire path to lasting recovery.


  1. Relationship Devastation: Sexual intimacy is the expression of oneness. When sexual activity occurs out of the marriage/unity contract, feelings of betrayal and neglect follow, ensuing in a diminished sense of worth, and a feeling of instability in intimate emotional safety.



5 Signs of Addiction

(Based on teachings of Mark Butler, BYU professor of Family Life, author of “Spiritual Exodus” dealing with addiction.)





-Risk taking




3 Reasons Why We Abuse Substance

(Based on teachings of Mark Butler, BYU professor of Family Life, author of “Spiritual Exodus” dealing with addiction.)


-Alter Ego/fantasy




5 Recovery Stages

(Based on teachings of Mark Butler, BYU professor of Family Life, author of “Spiritual Exodus” dealing with addiction.)




-Change of Heart

-Righteous Desires

-Biological Restoration

  1. Final stages of recovery might occur in the resurrection, but for fullness/enhanced final stages, the change heart need occur before death.
  2. The gift of Christ varies, some receive full healing now, some later, like Paul who had a thorn in the flesh which he had to live with even after making positive life changes.
  3. Obtain your PHD: Peace, Hope, Direction


4 Milestones for Recovery

(Based on teachings of Mark Butler, BYU professor of Family Life, author of “Spiritual Exodus” dealing with addiction.)


  1. Desire
  2. Will and Work
  3. Relationships
  4. Grace


4 Progressive Stages of Substance Abuse

(Based on teachings of Mark Butler, BYU professor of Family Life, author of “Spiritual Exodus” dealing with addiction.)


  1. Diversion
  2. Coping, Psychological Dependency
  3. Habit
  4. Chaining Addiction


Sobriety Tracking


-Calendar divide days into 4 quadrants. Each quadrant represents 4 hours waking hours of day. Fill each sober box.


Transparency via Therapeutic Essay Writing

  1. “100 Favorite Lies”
  2. “10 Reasons Why I’m Hurting My Family”
  3. “10 Reasons Why I Abuse Substances”
  4. “10 Reasons Why I’ll Likely Spend My Life in Jail”
  5. “10 Reasons Why I’ll Likely Die Young”
  6. “10 People I’ve Hurt”


Boundaries -The Personal Jihad / Taking Up The Cross

  1. Relational Boundaries
    1. Modesty
    2. Pre-Post Marriage Physical Closeness Agreements
  2. Geographical boundaries
    1. The Joseph Technique: Personal Physical Relocation Tactics (run away)
  3. Working and non-working behaviors
  4. It’s not over till the fat lady sings – remain on alert even in ADVANCED RECOVERY



Group therapy strategies

-Alcoholics Anonymous

-Equine therapy

-Recreation therapy



Teen brain




-Rigid all or nothing, black or white thinking

-Morals awakening – beware perfectionism

-High octane hormones

-Dangerous environment -sexually saturated society

-Not capable of adult discipline

-Not capable of adult self-mastery

-Flattens out age 25




(distribution bell curve designed by Mark Butler; seek middle)



(image by Mark Butler)

– Children and teens are not just small adults

-Beware delayed marriage culture, an inherent biological risk for immorality.

-Parent help for adolescent brain:

  1. Parental scaffolding
  2. Developmentally appropriate intervention



Spiritual Exploration and Conquest


-Use what you learned as a child about religion to call down help for your situation.

-Chose to leave behind destructive patterns in your life, asking your higher power to support you in making needed changes in your life.

-Resolve to enumerated principles to which you will adhere throughout your life. Decide if you will ascribe to the spiritual tenants of the faith of your family, or a faith of your own finding. Make a commitment to a spiritual and religious lifestyle where you will be inclined to do your best, and where you’ll have a positive support group working toward similar ideals as yourself.

-Commit to refrain from entering locations where people practicing non-working principles will be found. Confess that you are of great worth, and require company who values you for your working principles, and that you can’t be in the company of persons with non-working principles because of your tendency to adopt the behaviors of those who surround you.

-Remind yourself consistently of your view of God, and what God has in store for you as you follow the desires God has for you.

3 Stances for Recovery


  1. Pornography cannot be tolerated, in or out of marriage.
    1. Prophets have warned that pornography ought be treated as a deadly plague, not to be approached. Pornography is a pathway down a slippery slope into addiction because of its offer to supplant a real relationship with an imagined one.
    2. Pornography not only demeans those involved in its creation, but damages those who view it, bringing them down to the level of animal instead of human. Generally speaking, unlike animals, humans are more complex than sexual/reproductive powers which they possess. Pornography depicts humans as objects, rather than as divine beings with divine potential. Since sexuality is part of our biology, a good and holy part of humanity, it is easy to become obsessed with it, use it more than needful, and to use it in settings which pull a marriage apart rather than bring it closer together. Pornography dissolves the emotional intimacy of sexuality, and suggests that physical compatibility is the only requisite to healthy sexuality and family life. The lack of emotional attachment means that a marriage will end as soon as physical interest ceases to exist. This means the children will be raised in foster or single parent homes due to divorce and neglect. Human children require more nurturing than other animals to reach a stage of survival, so both parents staying together is a key to their thriving. Satan wants us to wind up alone like he is, and pornography is his imitation of an otherwise good thing, which will bring the result of seperate-ness, not at-one-ment-ness. Humans are not invincible, and devious sexual behavior will emotionally damage them. Trust is betrayed when a non-contracted person (extra-marital character) is allowed into the intimate region of physical relationships.
  2. Persons who have used substance a few times recreationally are not addicted.
    1. Addiction is a chain from which one cannot escape without devoted attention and divine grace. However, prophets have advised against the use of harmful substances and practices which are of an addictive nature because it’s easy to overestimate how powerful we are, and underestimate how powerful the substance or practice is to our physiology and psychology.
    2. Addiction is probably not present if you use the substance for occasional recreation or medication. This does not make substance abuse and inappropriate practices tolerable. Seldom can a person understand the tendency they have to progress from bad to worse. The best idea is to stay on the right side of the line. Addiction is called a “baited hook” because it is deceptive in nature. Stress, lack of a sense of belonging, and other undesirable yet realistic feelings can trigger us to use substance in such a way that our bodies become tied to them, and we lose the ability to cope with life’s problems without our substance or negative practice. You’ll know you are addicted when you experience things such as powerlessness (inability to not use the substance for a substantial amount of time), psychological dependency (mental relentless obsession over the substance), physical dependency (cravings for the substance which inhibit you from functioning regularly), and other signs, varying from person to person. If you are involved in substance abuse even on a minor scale, rather than asking how far you can go before becoming addicted, you would be better off analyzing what is missing or wounded in your life, looking at what is causing you to use substances and how can you approach lasting healing in a healthy way.
  3. Pornography Does Not Lead to Sexual Fulfilment
    1. One of the key contributors to divorce is lack of sexual satisfaction. Sexual intimacy is a sign of oneness in all aspects of the lives of the two persons involved, so the more united the couple can be, the greater chances their life, including their sexual lives, will improve. When sexuality is viewed as a connection rather than a mere pleasure, it will bring more overall satisfaction.
    2. Pornography is Satan’s counterfeit for a good thing. Sexuality is a blessing from God which we his children are given. It is calculated to not only bring pleasure, but increased commitment to one’s marriage partner, which can build a family. Pornography offers pleasure, but that is the end of it. Further, the porn addict envisions himself with a physical not virtual partner who values him and he her, and this he will never have living in a virtual world. When the energy put into developing a relationship with a picture is put into developing a relationship with a real human being, that human being can reciprocate feelings, devotion, and connection, which will bring both parties to a level of pleasure and satisfaction, which are simply not available in a virtual world. Pornography is void of emotional intimacy and void of physical intimacy. Pornography isolates, and real intimate connections with another human being bring closeness. Isolation results in sorrow and disappointment, whereas closeness results in joy and pleasure.




Treatment Center Leveling System


Students advance through a series of Levels as a reflection of their commitment toward and progression in their recovery.


Level 0


Entering the facility, a student is at level 0. Once they’ve established that they won’t try to kill people and run away every 5 minutes, they advance to a level 1. Level 0 is a good time for detoxification from any drugs (including pornography) which the student was formerly addicted to compulsively.

A strict dress code forces the students to be modest in their appearance, and many rules further enforce respect toward peer and staff (such as no swearing). Students in the level 0 are dressing in orange shirts.

New students are also not allowed to have communications with the outside world, or other lower level students. New students are level 0, and only when a level 3 can a student speak to other lower level students. This helps students in bad places mentally not conspire with one another in non-working theories.

Breaking the program into phases helps the adolescent one-track brain understand that breaking the chains of addiction doesn’t happen overnight, and that it is not black-and-white simple. Many of them enter treatment, as evidenced by the begging letter, believing that their addiction is surface deep and easily remediated. The level program shows them that it takes work to recover, and most importantly, it gives them examples of person whom have recovered.



Level 1


Level 1 is a place where the students come to terms with the fact that they are in treatment, and that they will remain there until they have made appropriate changes in their lives, however long that could take (usually 6-12 months). Driven by a desire to go home, often students begin to make outward changes in this stage. Students in level 1 are dressed in tan dress pants and a blue button up dress shirt. The therapist of the student will have a weekly assignment for the student, such as writing essays on topics like “My 100 Favorite Lies” and “My 100 Favorite Things” and “100 Reasons Why I’m Not Helping My Family” and “100 Reasons I’m Likely Going to Spend My Life In Prison” or “100 Reasons Why I Use Substances”. In this stage it is common for the student to write home a lengthy letter home to their families showing them that they have changed, and all is well, begging to please take them home now, filled with promises to be perfect.


Level 2


In Level 2, a student learns that it doesn’t pay to lie your way up the levels in the program. They learn that only in transparent communication with their peers in group therapy as well as with their therapist in individual therapy (these both occurring once per week) Optional groups including bible study, AA & NA (Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous), and a loss group for persons dealing with significant loss of a parent, etc.) are also available, and participation in these allows the student to show he/she is putting forth individual efforts on their own behalf to make progress. If a student is caught in a lie, he is liable to drop a level. If a student confesses that he has lied while at treatment and broken rules to which he did not confess, he drops a level, and goes to detention. In detention, students are seated in desks, and subject to transcribing audio lectures to earn their way back into the regular treatment. Regular treatment has privileges such as longer than 5-minute showers, and the rare educational film, and the athletic teams. All students are monitored day and night, and more so in detention. It is standard for a student to make a confession before ever progressing to Level 3, however disheartening this confession is to the student who formerly used lying to get ahead. Honesty is a key focus of this stage of student, and honesty is expected from the student here on out. It is within this stage where students also can, when deemed worthy, attend seminars titled “Discovery”, and then “Focus”. These seminars are private meetings of which the students are not allowed to speak outside of the meeting. These seminars are time when students meet with other students who have shown the same level of honest effort and commitment to recovery as they have, and they meet with an advanced specialist who takes the entire group (sometimes 30 or more students of both boys and girls (the only co-ed activity on campus for lower level students)) though a series of soul-searching activities which help the students in their path toward recovery. Students often leave these seminars highly motivated, and with increased faith and hope in their recovery, and a renewed (if not new) sense of self-worth.

As a student advances toward becoming an upper level, he is taught that confession is critical to recovery, and encouraged to write a “confession letter” home. This letter is often quite long, relating to the person most effected (usually parents) all of the deception and misdeeds they have committed against them, themselves, and others. This is part of the 12 Step Program of the Anonymous programs, but all students are encouraged to write a confession letter regardless of whether they choose to participate in the Anonymous programs.


Level 3


Level 3 is often a deeply consequential phase of transitioning from lower level to higher level. New students are not allowed to speak to each other, as these relationships are usually destructive and divisive. The only students who can speak to new students of a level 0-2 are students who have attained the Level 3, and whom have passed the Focus Seminar. A student fails the seminars if they show no effort or transparency therein, expressing some sort of a rebellious spirit. Fellow students as well as the orchestrator determine whether a student passes a seminar. “3 through Focus” are the students whom are permitted to speak to lower level students. Other companies who don’t have this policy are likely to witness more group escape attempts, secret societies, gangs, planned violence, cliques, etc. A level 3 student is one who is committed to recover, even if they are struggling in progress, their commitment is there, and signs are beginning to show of their commitment. The Level 3 student recognizes that many of their behaviors were destructive, but has a difficult time realizing that even small acts of rebellion are contributing toward their unstable lives.


Levels 4-5


Levels 4-5 are more particularly where the student has experience in leadership roles, and is thoroughly put through the refiner’s fire when it comes to facing their fears, facing their families, facing their home lives which they are soon to return to. Though these are high levels, students still have much work to do before being prepared to return home. If a student confesses that he has been lying in his treatment up to that point and has been breaking rules, he may likely drop back down to a level 1. This drop is devastating, meaning more time in the program as a minimal time allotment is required for each stage, but the student realizes that total honesty is the only way to full recovery. It is not uncommon for a student to get stuck at these levels, showing great progress, but lacking in a grasp of the reality of their situation as determined by a council of the student’s therapist, and other employees of the facility. This council of level advancement may include fellow students at the 6th level whom often have important insights into the day-to-day attitudes of the student. These upper level students are exposed to more than the lower level students, including occasional interaction with students of the opposite sex in dances and trainings on adult roles. Since so many of the students got themselves into the program from deviant behaviors linked to behavior toward persons of the opposite sex, this can be a very trying time to confront real issues in the student’s lives (though issues of pornography, sexuality, STD’s, pregnancy, dating standards, and trust issues related to the student’s orientation regarding the opposite sex are not reserved for upper level treatment). The upper level student will surrender all of their rebellion of non-working principles to adapting correct principles. They are taught that guessing at what is right and responding to punishment will only take them so far, whereas adopting working/healthy principles will lead them to make good choices in all situations.


Level 6


Level 6 is the stage of triumph which every other student (the serious ones at least) hopes to attain. These students are role models to the other students, because the other students often believe their situation is unique and cannot be overcome. The upper level students prove them wrong, showing that persons from similar situations as themselves can throw out the non-working behaviors without throwing out their fun personalities and healthy (even cool) hobbies. These are the role models who help other students on a day to day basis, and whom are making plans to either find an apartment, or whom are taking the final steps in completing their high school diplomas via the program’s packet system high school. This high school is attended by students of all levels. Level 6 students may be 18 years old and chose to remain in the program to take advantage of the high school diploma program. Once a student is 18 years old, they are free to leave the program at any time. 18-year-old students who feel unprepared to leave the program for other than academic reasons are given extensive training to help them into their adult life, as being an adult in this program is frowned upon for the development of the student. 17-year-old students whom have shown some degree of progress toward their recovery may attend a regular class which teaches skills specifically for independent adults, whereas the younger students will likely return home to live with their parents after the program has reached completion. Younger students often have a more difficult time in the program, having a more distant understanding of reality and real consequences of their actions, though young students often show great maturity and progress in the program, and great post-treatment success. Level 6 students often leave the facility to get used to being in the outside world again. Most of these students have been in the program for over half a year and need positive experiences with society to show them hands on how to interact in positive ways in the community. It is not uncommon for the graduated student to write letters to the students at Cross Creek, explaining to them what life is like “on the out’s”, and the trials they face. Lamentably, some students whom have graduated the program will return to the program from a series of serious relapses whom have shown they were unprepared for a healthy life. If a student lies to reach a level 6 (almost impossible), they now return to the program with a very real understanding that lying will not get them far. They must work very hard to reestablish trust, and level advancement will be a long and painful process for them. Sometimes deception is so ingrained in the life of the student that only a severe consequence such as this will pull them out of it. These students have often returned to religious roots, or found some form of religion to support the spiritual aspects of their recovery. They often commit to continued treatment in the Anonymous programs, or with outpatient therapists as they are taught that sustained sobriety and recovery will be difficult, though less difficult with a positive support group. Some students at this level are puzzled about where they will find positive peers in their outpatient life, and therapists help them consider environments which could be conducive to building committed relationships for lasting recovery.


Treatment Center Advantage: Safety

Many students feel that if they were to reveal their crimes at home, that their families would call the police on them, or at least forbid them from a social life. These students have come from scenarios where telling the truth or being caught has resulted in those consequences before, and many of them have become thoroughly afraid of being honest in the context of their family and community. Their name has gone from bad to worse as issues become public at home and in circles of immediate and extended family.

Cross Creek gives the student a place where they can confess to a third-party therapist and group of peers. The student is “locked away safely” where vindictive parents or local law enforcement or ecclesiastical leaders cannot directly administer consequences to them for their actions. In this inpatient and secluded environment far removed from their homes, students with serious issues may be more likely to confess things which they thought they would take to their grave. Students chained down to addiction also are compelled to not use the substance, which gives them a chance to lessen their dependency on the substance they had been abusing. Though the student is under constant surveillance, they can feel safe from themselves and others from the high standards of boundaries at the program.

Boundaries imposed by the no-talking-lower-level-to-lower-level rule will greatly help the students to be safe and have a positive environment.

Therapy is centered on several key aspects of the 12 Step Program including confession to a trusted and effected person, commitment to sobriety. The therapist and student have a very close relationship, and the therapist can often get places with the student which the parents could not. The student often is embarrassed and ashamed by their choices, and is therefore not willing to divulge and speak about these subjects with his parents. Many parents are not trained in substance and other behavioral issues, and though well intended, resort to non-working therapeutic tactics.

Treatment Center Dress Code

The dress code shows the students that there is more to them than their alter-ego/fantasy. They learn the intrinsic value of themselves without trendy clothing. They learn social life doesn’t need to be created via clothing cliques. They throw away their “image”, and gain an acceptance for their body type and personality. Trendy clothing can get in the way of one’s personality shining through, and can help the student avoid falling back into an unhealthy clique. Strangely, this contributes to mental abstinence, and makes physical abstinence easier. Each student is brought to a level playing field as their peers, and money no longer determines their social life. Each is brought back to the age of childhood via their simple/out-of-awareness appearance, and their thoughts turn to deeper matters than outward appearances. This can also encourage honesty, as they’ve used outward appearances to deceive their families, hiding the truth. The “truth” of who they are is no longer hidden under masses of clothing and symbols. The new symbol for their personality is the words they say, and they learn to make those words honest words.


Therapy in Action: Nature of Addiction


Goal: Help Jon and Mary Understand that the nature of addiction is more of an illness than a chosen habit.

Purpose: Teach that addiction is an advanced stage of illness which no one willingly chooses, and which no one can easily leave.

Discussion: Ask Jon and Mary if they have spoken with each other about the nature of addiction. Ask them if they see addiction differently than each other. Help them see that they can come to an understanding of what addiction is, which will help them to have less contention in their lives, and help them become a team rather than oppose each other in the journey toward recovery. Jon is the addicted candidate, and Mary is learning how to best support him.

Jon, 1. How does it feel when Mary tells you to “just stop already”? 2. Mary, how does it feel when you continue to tell Jon he needs to “just stop already or we will divorce”? You have not seen much improvement from this, and resentment is building in your marriage to the point that a divorce does seem eminent. Jon and Mary, do you want your marriage to last? Perhaps at this point you don’t know. Let’s talk about the nature of addiction. Addiction involves powerlessness, meaning Jon can resolve to quit, and know that his biology will kick in hours later compelling him to abuse substance in conditions other than confinement or straight jacket. Powerlessness comes on gradually, but you have now reached the stage of true shackled addiction, where your will alone becomes unable to break the chains of addiction. Mary, do you think Jon has been sincere? How does it make you feel when he relapses after sincere commitment to be sober? How has it taxed your financial life, and your friendship? What do you think we could do to help Jon other than petitioning him to be sober? Jon, what ideas do you have about how to end the powerlessness cycle of your addiction, seeing as you’ve tried to quit many times without success? Are the both of you willing to look outward to find more support in treating this addiction? Have you heard of

Exploration: Invite Jon and Mary to analyze their lives to look for the missing pieces: What could Jon be using his addiction to cope with? Ask yourselves why he is seeking fantasy and alter-ego and euphoria when those things should be available in a regular life. What is Jon feeling that is leading him to substance abuse? Is there loss in his life which he has not grieved over? Has he developed coping strategies for his day to day problems which have grown to consume his life? Will you make a list of how Jon reacts to various stressful parts of day to day living, and alternate coping skills he could be using? Jon, will you list your 100 favorite lies involved in why you justify using substance in your day to day life?

Therapy in Action: Desire for Recovery


Goal: Help Jon and Mary Understand that though biology has a large part to do with addiction, desire for recovery will be inherent in his recovery.

Purpose: Teach Jon and Mary that by looking to the roots of their marriage they can find the hope for exercising the willpower to overcome bad addictive habits.

Discussion: Ask Jon what his goals in life are. Ask Mary what her goals in life are. Ask them how they felt on their wedding day and when their first child was born. Ask them what they wanted to be when they grew up as they were children. Ask Jon and Mary what things are not as they foresaw they would be. Ask Jon what sacrifices he can reasonably make to bring him closer to his desired life. Ask Mary how she can positively support Jon in the changes which he has committed to make. Ask Jon and Mary how they will respond if relapse occurs. Teach them that relapse should not be taken lightly, that anger and frustration and withholding of privileges are part of what comes from this, but show them at the same time that they don’t have to express hopelessness and faithlessness in Jon if he stumbles. Teach them that relapse does not mean starting over at ground zero, but that it means taking a step back in aspects of trust. The skills Jon has learned will help him to recover more quickly from relapse than he was able to do in the past. Teach them that Jon will have more power to exercise willpower even when he falls as he continues to learn positive coping strategies for the stresses and grief of his life.

Exploration: Invite Jon to make actual lists of how he will cope with the stresses of day to day life, and invite Mary to make actual lists of how she will react when Jon does a positive or negative thing, these lists will help them to not act on the emotion of the moment. Invite Jon to keep by him talismans of motivation which remind him of his life goals. Invite them to post their life goals and their family goals in a prominent location in their home, vehicles, and personal planners. Invite Jon to isolate one behavior that he wants to change, and practice responding correctly to the environment of that problem over and over. This will increase his faith that he has the power to change.

Therapy in Action: Will and Work for Recovery


Goal: Help Jon and Mary Understand that recovery will not be easy, but that so long as they apply correct principles, it will be not only possible but a certain outcome.

Purpose: Teach Jon that he will need to cancel many of the extracurricular events in his life to focus on recovery. Like the obese person that gives up crocheting to spend an extra few hours at the gym each day, so will Jon need to find areas in his life which are not supporting his goals, eliminate them, and identify areas which need more strengthening.

Discussion: Ask Jon to make a list of all the useless things he does. Ask Jon to make a list of his weaknesses, and then to make another list about ways he could improve on those weaknesses. Jon, these weaknesses could be social, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, recreational, vocational, sexual, etc. You see, to have a healthy life we want you to find balance in all areas of your life. If you never have energy, what are some things you could do other than cocaine? If you’re never happy, what are some things, perhaps social and relationally, which you could do to give yourself more opportunities for happiness other than alcohol? If you’re not feeling sexually satisfied in your marriage, what are some things other than pornography affairs and masturbation which you could do in your marriage which could help you both to find more satisfaction in this regard? Beware however Jon that many who use pornography and masturbation and other wise unhealthy objectification and overly emphasize sexuality in life are doing this out of a desire for health in some other aspect than sexuality. Sexual deviance could be a way of seeking happiness to deal with grief, or a myriad of other things.

Exploration: Invite Jon to spend 3 hours a day at the gym getting in good shape (this can help regulate his emotions and increase his willpower to make good choices). Invite Jon to spend time talking to his wife each evening rather than going for sex off the bat (this can increase the likelihood of them having sex at all, and increase the pleasure therein, and increase the connectedness in their relationship, which will heal their sexual life as well, because connection is a proven higher motivation in life than sex or power.). Invite Mary to take care of her health by regular exercise, reading wholesome books, worshiping at a church, and other activities which will sustain her during the crucible of Jon’s addiction recovery.



Therapy in Action: Relationships for Recovery


Goal: Help Jon and Mary Understand that connection is the highest motivator in life, and that their relationship as a married couple is the primary relationship for supporting recovery. Also show them that healthy environments and friends are needed for recovery.

Purpose: Teach Jon that his friends influence his choices. Teach Mary that she also needs a support group to help her through the addiction of her husband. Teach Jon and Mary that this is a critical time to build their marital relationship by going on frequent and regular outings/dates together involving work and recreation.

Discussion: Ask Jon and Mary how they feel their relationship is overall, and to write down memories of their relationship at its highest point. Jon, what are the places you go where you are most likely to relapse? What are the places where you are most likely to be sober? Ask Jon what people make him want to be sober, and which people make him want to relapse. Ask Jon what he can do to cultivate the healthy relationships, and polity put on the shelf and otherwise eradicate the non-working relationships? Ask Mary how she can make life pleasant for Jon, and ask Jon what he can do to make life pleasant for Mary. Ask Jon how his children are being affected by his addiction, and what he wants his children to be when they grow up, and weather his choices are supporting or working against that desire.

Exploration: Invite Jon to enroll in AA/NA and Mary to enroll in Al-Anon so they can be surrounded by others who have similar struggles whom can offer advice, and so that Jon and Mary can have the redemptive experience of teaching others who are not as far along as they are in the process of recovery. Invite Jon to get a sponsor whom he can call when he is tempted to abuse substance. Invite Mary to get a sponsor whom she can call when she feels tired and depressed in the recovery of her husband. Invite Jon to keep pictures of his family and other role models nearby when he is traveling on business, as well as making friends when he is out on business rather than being reclusive.

Therapy in Action: Grace for Recovery


Goal: Help Jon and Mary Understand that they cannot recover by mere willpower and skill, but that the aid of a higher power is needed for recovery.

Purpose: If you don’t want to get specific and its often helpful to not be too specific when working as a therapist rather than a pastor, show them that there remains a need for spirituality in their recovery, that recovery consists in 1. Spiritual involvement with their higher power and 2. The undivided resolve of themselves to use their willpower for recovery, including seeking all skills possible to work out their recovery. Teach them that their higher power can help them in their journey for recovery, and show them case examples of others like Bill W. whom have turned to a higher power for help in recovery. Teach them the doctrine of powerlessness and dependency, and the need for supernatural help to recovery from such strong enemies. Show that the field of addiction is perhaps the only scientific behavioral science field where it is long time recognized that the involvement of deity and or a higher power is needed in the recovery process.  (If you do for some reason find it okay to get into specifics of Christianity as this being their professed faith, consider teaching the following: Teach Jon that he is loved by God, and teach Mary that she is respected by God for standing by Jon the best way she can. Teach them of the universal need for repentance and a change of heart. Teach them that a change of heart comes as a gift from God to persons whom sincerely repent of their sins. Teach them that Jesus Christ will help them satisfy the justice required in life, and that God their Father will accept the combined efforts of themselves and Jesus Christ as Jon and Mary turn their lives over to Jesus Christ.)

Discussion: Ask Jon who is higher power is, and what he feels his higher power expects of him. Ask him if he has prayed for help to his higher power in the journey of his recovery. Ask him what might be the consequence of praying for help vs the consequence of not praying for help. Ask Mary how she has been involved with her higher power in her journey of supporting and helping Jon.

Exploration: Invite Jon to pray to his higher power for help, and to read his religious text on a dramatically increased regular basis. Invite Mary to make time to worship her higher power during this consuming trial of Jon’s addiction. Invite Jon and Mary to forgive each other for any nagging or neglect or other damages, and invite them to join in their worship together, and to create family traditions of worshipping the higher power, including regular religious meetings with others who feel similarly to them in these regards, and a regular dedication to searching sacred texts of their faith.






Marijuana: The Gateway Drug to Meth & Mental Illness



I’ve been doing some work at the Utah State Hospital in Provo (formerly known as the insane asylum). Amazingly, most people are there not for natural mental illness, but drug induced. They get fried from meth and are permanently mentally disabled. The other interesting thing is that the common thread among these patients is that marijuana was the gateway drug that got them into the harder stuff. The head psychiatrist at this hospital says that when people have schizophrenia from natural means, we can use drugs to treat much of that; but when someone has it as a result of drug use, there is little that can be done even with drugs, because there is no brain to work with; the brain is fried.


marijuana is so bad and the gateway drug for this reason: it introduces the concept of getting something for nothing. The idea that you can experience pleasure without working for it, without a moral character. Then the mind is lead to think “that was the easiest fun I’ve ever had. I will go and find more easy fun.” Then all values fall away. Everything that used to be the framework for happiness drowns in the background of their new-found hypnosis. The spend their time swimming in the deception that their life is of value because they are experiencing pleasure, all the while they have reduced themselves to a corpse plugged into the matrix, vegetating day by day, approaching their death without ever having really lived.

one finds themselves saying “here is the life! why was I wasting time on that other garbage like work and ethics and social skills and honesty and industry and patience and faith? Everything I need is RIGHT HERE.” So they throw in the towel and disbelieve everything any authority figure or positive role model has told them, and they deliver themselves up to the wolves. Then when they think the meal is about to be served in this their new pack/tribe, they find out they ARE the meal. Of course then it’s too late.


For a book on how marijuana itself, not even meth, can cause mental illness and violence, read “Tell Your Children: The truth about marijuana, mental illness, and violence” by Alex Berenson.











Notes on Lecture Instant Insanity Drugs by W. Cleon Skousen

based on audio lecture from downloads

-one user boasted of not having ill effects from taking it and slashed out the eyes of her son

-one boy used it then found himself in jail and asked what have I done raped someone? He had killed his mother.

-some young users ran into a home killing a baby

-one boy saw himself become a monster and his family become monsters, he screams and jumped a window falling 13 stories and dying

-1/20 of first-time users have terrible nightmare experiences, but one never knows when it could happen in their continued use.

-many go to mental institutions for prolonged time for using it.

-even 2 years after using the drug reports have been received of the user being in hallucinations and depression.

-university labs have distributed it

-a potent dose of it is colorless tasteless and odorless and is microscopic

-in one ounce there are 280,000 doses

-one ounce would be worth about 1,400,000$.

-sometimes it’s kept in bottles named mouth wash, or in solid forms, or in sugar cubes, chewing gum, or gum flaps of envelopes, or in a cigarette holding 50,000 dollars’ worth

-International Liberation for Internal Freedom was a formal cultist group lead by college professors organizing people in acid usage.

-“The League of Spiritual Discovery” was a religion made by a Dr. to allow him to use these drugs he made this religion

-LSD takes away the personality of a person, turning them into a mental vegetable with no desire to set goals and struggle.

-an ounce of LSD could cause 300,000 people to be mentally disoriented, hence it’s considered a lethal war weapon

-“The Beyond Within” speaks of an LSD attack to a city and its effects; in 1/2 a day another city could take them over easily

-60% of users who have a “bad trip” have to be committed to metal hospitals.

-LSD can affect the chromosomes of the user, effecting the offspring of the user.

-LSD causes users to feel like they should not exist, and to start to use heroin etc.

-heroin users often get to the point where 75$ a day are required to feed the addiction

-heroin users when don’t have their drug the body violently reacts.

-Marijuana is classified as a sedative

-Marijuana brings sexual promiscuity

-Marijuana causes brazen disregard of other people

-Marijuana causes some users to become permanently insane.

-withdrawal from heroin users are known to stay awake for weeks at a time and they rest only in states of a coma.

-those who have been on heroine will often return to it even after going through withdrawals and what would appear to be the recovery product.

-these drugs are usually offered to youth by their close friends and peers rather than professional dealers

-One Policeman kept this from a heroin user, “King Heroin is my shepherd, I shall always want. He maketh me to lie down in the gutters.”

“He leadeth me beside the troubled waters. He destroyeth my soul. He leadeth me in the paths of wickedness.”

“Yea, I shall walk through the valley of poverty and will fear no evil for thou, Heroin, art with me.”

“Thy needle and thy capsule comfort me.”

“Thou strippest the table of groceries in the presence of my family.”

“Thou robbest my head of reason. My cup of sorrow runneth over.”

“Surely heroin addiction shall stalk me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the damned forever.”

-all studies show that the youth involved in genuine religion don’t get involved in narcotics

-studies show that those who get involved in narcotics are those who feel bored and not challenged in life

-studies show that those youth who have positive peers close to them don’t get involved in narcotics.






Notes on Dangers of Anti-Depressant Drugs by Anne Tracy

Tracy is the International Drug Awareness President

Tracy raises awareness about potentially harmful effects of SSRI anti-depression medications.
* I note that despite this some feelings of views expressed in these things I do not agree with, namely that I still believe in professional medical help for psychotic issues TO AN EXTENT.

-these are notes from Ann Tracy – Dangers of Antidepressants Anne is a Latter-day Saint who teaches about the perils of using Antidepressants.

-see site of Anne Tracy at with thousands of documented cases of extreme terrible behavior from these meds (see below for a list of some 5,000 cases)

-see this YouTube video of Anne Tracy:

-See another Anne Tracy video:

-see another Anne Tracy video:
-an audio file of a lecture by Tracy can also be found at

-It’s in water, so much that male fish are being born with ovaries. Fluoride.

-get distilled water or purified water, but we don’t know if even those will get all the drugs out of the water.

-*I see that many of our gender issues are from the effects of the drugs that we use in our society so much now! And these births with gender abnormalities!

-Why does Utah have the biggest problem with these drugs? It’s because they target Utah. Utah is the only state left in the country which still has strong family values and strong moral values, and that gets in the way of the plans of the drug companies. So they target Utah! A catholic fellow pointed this out.

-Monsanto and the drug companies are together in their planning, very closely related. Monsanto can create GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) for our food which can take away the nutrition and make us need to take more medication.

-since 2007 we have lost more military personnel to suicides than we have to combat.

-Anne Tracy teaches people these things 14-16 hours a day for 25 years; so long as these drugs are on the market she is fighting to let people know these things.

-mind altering drug means you lose your agency you can’t control yourself any more

-zombie talk is because of what is happening with these drugs, the shooters of homicides have a blank stare in their face, the lights are on, but no-one is home.

-70% of the physicians who prescribe these are on them.

–Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? the Rest of the Story on the New Class of SSRI Antidepressants Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Lovan, Luvox & More. Paperback – June 1994

by Anne Blake Tracy is the bible about this topic (she is a PhD, head of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness) (the book is less than 1$ to buy used on, can do so at and puts out more research than the other books. Anne Tracy suggests this book over any other. Prozac Pentaci or Pandora is the old version of the book. It’s the best documented text Anne Tracy has found in years of reading on nutrition, and she recommends it to all her clients.

-you are more likely to have autistic children if you take Prozac or other anti-depressants within 12 months before you give birth. There will be 3 to 4 times the chance of autistic birth. Utah’s rate is 3-4 times the rate of other places.

-these can cause ADD

-one man after being on antidepressants for 5 days killed his family and himself; before he was known as the nicest guy in the community

-have a puppy instead of pills for anti-depression

-Oprah Winfrey had a show promoting Prozac and had the Prozac Dr. most famous for dispensing such on her show.

-Utah since it has the more issues with this is the place where there are the most children born with autism.

-this causes schizophrenia, bipolar, Alzheimer’s, ADD, autism, etc.

-in the military they encourage antidepressants much

-to children in foster care they get loaded with antidepressants because there is no regulating it

-you have to come off the drug slowly or it can be terrible

-these pills are what make a person psychotic, and that gets them to rely on the drug company

-they are now planning to have mental health treatments from your own home, people want Dr.’s or other people who can prescribe drugs to come in their home; they then stay at their home and are more likely to kill their family and neighbors like thousands of reported cases we have already seen.

-the physicians on this can’t remember things so they joke about like they’re just growing old and remind each other about what their patients need

-this effects memory TERRIBLY

-one military veteran began antidepressants after military combat and began using these drugs for his knee later and it’s then that he began how to kill his squad leaders.

-one lady beat her 17-year-old son to death with a mallet and then tried to commit suicide today she is locked up and doesn’t know why she did those things, it was these drugs. has recorded cases of killings from these drugs. is associated with and has thousands of records of what drugs people were on when they went out killing people and so forth.

-within 7 years Utah went from lowest in the nation divorces to now being over the national average.

-many who take these meds are lucky in only having physical side effects like losing their liver

-after the world trade center terrorist some companies gave out these drugs for free.

-drug companies targeted general doctors who get the pill out to the general public; the dose of Prozac given to Dr.’s to give to their patients they moved the dose up from 5mg to 20mg so the effect of the boost in mood would be seen obviously so that the doctors would really promote this; but we all know that what does up must come down.

-one mother complained about this about how Prozac is good, she had been on it for 4 years, she said it saved her life, this lady was a returned missionary married in the temple after 8 years they had a child they had long hoped for but then this lady confessed she has begun shoplifting involving her 10-year-old child in it and says she doesn’t want her child anymore. So people on this drug who appear to be doing well, dig deeper and you’ll see they aren’t doing well. She was so addicted to shoplifting she tried to put her shopping cart into the car. People who have been on this drug for 4 years have issues develop in their lives. For a while you can appear to do well with Prozac, but it begins to break down your ability to metabolize.

-this drug can make those who are good metabolizers become poor metabolizers from taking the drug

-Zoloft is another type of this drug

-patients taking these drugs have thoughts they don’t want to tell anyone about.

-Relief Society Presidents on these drugs become gay and leave the church.

-one experiment had rats the most mean you have ever seen, the issue was that they were not metabolizing the serotonin effectively, and their brain was being flooded with it.

-people think that the issue is a deficiency of serotonin, but it’s a metabolism issue in reality.

-things with methamphetamine those are meth they hurt out bodies in the very same way

-ppl on these drugs their body is affected similarly to the way that they would be effected by PCP.

-there is a CD by Anne Traci that tells how to get off of these drugs.

-so many in the world are suicidal because of hypoglycemia

-the brain cannot function without proper blood sugar levels, that is the reason why some can’t perform as well as others in school etc.

-it was 5 lb. of sugar in the 1800’s we used, but now 180 lb. of sugar we use. Anne doesn’t use any of this bad type sugar. (*teaching that the type of sugar we eat that is not good for us we use much more these days)

-wheatgrass juice and turmeric neutralize fluoride and fluoride is a main active ingredient of these drugs.

-she has CD’s on coming off of these drugs, mind control, bipolar, rem sleep behavior disorder, and how these drugs effect you personally

-rem sleep disorder behavior is the scientific name of what happens when people are like zombies where the lights are on and no one is home

-the brainwaves of the people who are on these drugs are like these are that of rem disorder behavior; they talk to others and their brain is asleep. A 30-year-old man who had been on Prozac for 6 months, when he was speaking to those who were doing the test on him, it was shown that he was in a complete anesthetic state while they were talking to him. The lights are on but no one home. I looked into his eyes, but no one was there. Rem sleep disorder this is, it’s where you act out your nightmares. 96% of who have the Rem sleep disorder are taking antidepressants. Many interviewed say that they do the thing they would least expect they would do when they are on this drug.

-the hosts of 1/3 of people that followed Satan in pre-mortality want to possess the bodies of the children of Adam and Eve, this is a huge way they do it.

-strengthen ourselves temporally so that we can stay secure spiritually

-the devils tell us lies to break us down and gradually get us to follow them by trying to break down our families.

-we lived all the laws of God in a spiritual body, now we are sent to earth to see if we can keep God’s laws in a physical body; so we must align our bodies with the things of God.

-over and over people say that they feel possessed on these drugs even atheists.

-the pineal gland is mainly responsible for metabolizing 50% of the serotonin in your system. If you overload your brain with serotonin, you overload that part of the system. This part of the brain is related to spirituality. When they take these drugs they say that can’t feel God anymore. They literally sever the connection to the spiritual!

-do we rely on the arm of flesh, our local doctor, more than our Savior?

-when doing talk shows on television 2 years after medications were allowed to advertise on television, Anne Tracy was to speak, and they told her that she could say anti-depressants but not the name of the drugs specifically. Image now what would happen- they control what you see on TV.

-most of the commercials on TV are to sell drugs.

-psychiatric nurses never get to hear about the real side effects of these medications, but people including physicians can testify that these side effects are true.

-Lexapro is another one of these meds.

-these drugs cause cravings for alcohol because they help with the hypoglycemia

-many people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s don’t have that, what they have is a prescription for an anti-depressant.

-Anne Tracy leaves her text in the original way it was published dispute adding things to it because it’s to show that dispute what she is finding now, they had much of the truth even then.

-autism and Alzheimer’s have long been known as a condition from elevated serotonin levels, and what anti-depressant drugs do is increase those levels. They say that people have low serotonin when they have depression, but that is not the case; what they have is poor metabolism to turn that serotonin into melatonin to help your body sleep and do those things your body needs.

-most of the people with these drugs have issues sleeping.

-these drugs work by going in and preventing/inhibiting (such is a serotonin re-uptake inhibitor is); you inhibit the metabolism of serotonin, and you end up with increased levels of it.

-before these drugs hit the market

-the dr. in Israel who found this called this serotonin irritation syndrome who could not metabolize well their serotonin; these people suffered from migraines, hot flashes, irritability, pain, worsening of bronchial complaints, sleeplessness, pains around the heart, difficulty breathing, irrational tension and anxiety, horrifying nightmares. These are the symptoms that people on these drugs have.

-PTSD is not necessarily from war, but from these type drugs that they encourage the military personnel to take.

-coming off of the drugs quickly can cause you to turn to alcohol for hypoglycemia and get strange deletions like that your neighbor has sexually abused your children, and you plot to kill them then kill them and others.

-A Texas mother Andrea Yates who loved her 5 children, raised them at homeschool to be with them more, etc., changed significantly the dose of her anti-depressant drugs and they next day drown her 5 children. She had a medication change in her Effexor and her Remeron the day before the incident. This literally was her worst nightmare, she could have thought of nothing worse than losing her children.

-patients on these meds testify that with the first pill you lose your control, your agency.

-since Andrea Yates there have been many like cases of mothers driving their children into rivers and lakes etc.

-author speaks of more cases like the above.

-A kind Dr. when he got on Prozac he killed his wife and himself.

-A guard at a prison called Anne and said I believe that Prozac is the reason why I have a plan to kill everyone on death row. This man was a patient of the once kind Dr. who was on this Prozac and hence we know that this Dr. was on Prozac. This prison guard assured Anne that this was not in the nature of this Dr.

-you act out your worst nightmare when you are on these drugs like the Texas mother who drown the children that she loved so much.

-monthly we lose 660 to suicide in our military, and another 1600 a month on top of that are trying to take their lives in the military alone.

-they make soldiers take an antidepressant before they do to Iraq. A person can refuse such though. This is terrible; they carry guns and face life threatening situations and need to be able to think.

-Trazadone is the drug of this type they give to the military personnel.

-homicidal delusions are a listed side effect of these drugs.

-suicide hostility or psychosis can result from going abruptly up or down on the dose of these drugs, so you can’t do that!

-the Dr. of Omar Bin-laden son of Osama diagnosed

-mental retardation, organic brain disease which is brain damage, substance abuse, insomnia, violent nightmares, arson, impulsive behavior with no concern for punishment, reckless driving, those are all symptoms of those drugs.

-many Dr.’s spoke out when these drugs were introduced asking why we would want to increase serotonin because LSD and PCP are drugs which mimic the effects of increased melatonin. The brain reads LSD or PCP as a rush of serotonin.

-these drugs inhibiting the ability to metabolize serotonin make you gradually over time become psychotic, then it looks like it’s you and not THE DRUG. This is the big serotonin lie. They are causing the psychosis etc.

-1996-2004 the time when these drugs were really getting out there like when in 1993 Oprah Winfrey did her show on promoting these drugs and all of the mothers were running into the Dr.’s saying my kid needs this drug, as soon as this happened, and these drugs rushed out to everyone, BIPOLAR INCREASED BY 4,000%.

-Dr. Jim Goodwin ‘the pied piper of Prozac’ was on Oprah’s show.

-1994 is when Anne Tracy’s book hit the market.

-Jim Goodwin is on Prozac, he has all his 800 patients on Prozac or Paxil. Anne told him that if he doesn’t get his children off of these there will be false accusations all over town for many of the nightmares that come from these drugs are sexual and you begin to think that you are remembering being raped.

-Wenatchee Washington where Dr. Goodwin did his dishing out of Prozac, had the largest sex sting ever heard of. 43 people were imprisoned wrongfully. Washington state paid out 100 million dollars for that. It was from a foster child little girl on Prozac and switched to Paxil, started saying that in many places they had orgies. The primary President and her husband went to prison for two years from being falsely accused in this incident. One child escaped from DCFS and did a show with 42 Hours interview on what had happened.

-Ritalin chemical name is methylphenidate – it’s meth. Parents can’t figure out that it’s an amphetamine, and is no different than meth. Concerta is Ritalin in time release. (*This is what ADD patients take?)

-One pharmacist speaks of how Ritalin turns kids into drug attics, gets them on meth in no time. Why do we think we have a problem with meth now? We have had kids on Ritalin for many years.

-Anne has done research on the school shootings etc. at, there is an entire database about reported cases of the effects of these drugs. There are almost 5,000 cases of these issues documented on this her website. Also in her book it speaks of these.

-mutant mice genetically engineered an experiment with such went wrong and they turned to be the most violent creatures ever. They found they lack the MAO enzyme, that which metabolizes serotonin. Hence their brains were flushed with such, and these Dr.’s testified plainly that the reason for the behavior of these rats was this flood of serotonin.

-Dr’s said that they doubled their prescribing of these drugs after 911 terror event. Visor (or another company) came and offered Zoloft for free after 911.

-LA Times reporter had an article printed in the Seattle Times where the reporter interviews the Taliban psychiatrist, as he walked into the man’s office, there were the regular posters for all of the anti-depressants on the wall. There was a young girl in his office. She said Dr. will we sacrifice another goat, so I can feel better? He said, “Nay nay, Allah has given these drugs great power, taking them is swallowing a little piece of God.” SO they call these drugs a new sacrament! You can imagine how such a Dr. would dish these drugs out! He had a commander in the army on the drugs who kept putting himself on the front line to get himself killed.

-one girl was documented to have had her father molest her, after they got her on one of these drugs, she began to believe that her mother molested her as well. She taught this to her children. THESE DRUGS HAVE DESTROYED MORE FAMILIES THAN THEY HAVE CREATED SUICIDES.

-hypoglycemia is the beginning stages of pancreatic breakdown. Med books say it causes marked weakness and disability, impaired memory, hyperactivity, inability to concentrate (ADD?), hopelessness, anxiety, exhaustion, depression, insomnia, irritability, vertigo, tremor, tachycardia, muscle pain and backache, phobias, difficulty concentrating, numbness, blurred vision, antisocial, obesity, abdominal spasms, blackouts, convulsions, suicidal tendencies.

-gestational hypoglycemia is what women get as they have a birth. They also go into hyperglycemia at times in this time which is diabetes. The body needs much nutrition at this time and such will reduce the depression and anxiety. So these women and it’s the same with puberty time, need nutrition and then they won’t get anywhere near the so-called depression and anxiety for the body is being taken care of. We ignore nutrition!

-The word of Wisdom says what not to eat, but nobody listens to what it says to do, that is to get the nutrition you need, get the body what it needs.

-those coming off of these meds who do the best are the ones who go on a raw food vegan diet.

-Anne Tracy is a 40-year cancer survivor. She said she couldn’t afford a coffin, so she had to go vegan.

-Hollywood stars either are health nuts to keep up with the trend of health, or they are doing drugs to force the body to keep up with that pace. It’s that simple.

-93% of pharmaceutical companies go into livestock. They don’t want us to stop eating meat because then they lose their business.

-we didn’t hear about road rage, air rage, school shootings with entire families being wiped out. 30 years ago you didn’t hear this on the news, it was boring news, not now.

-the state picks people up and put them in a hospital where they drug them and keep them residually in.

-if they would tell alcoholics that they are hypoglycemic and to change their diets they would be over the alcohol in no time.

-the pancreas is the first thing to be hit by stress of any form. The first physical reaction to stress then that we have a low blood sugar.

-if there is ever a time in the world that we need to care for our neighbor it’s now, because their nightmare could be your nightmare next.

-Coast to Coast was the biggest radio satiation in the country, Anne had much air time with them, in 2001 they got bought out, we haven’t heard info in these drugs since.

-People on these drugs won’t admit that it’s a problem; it’s like asking an alcoholic if he is drunk.

-never get the drug 5 HTP St. Johns, it works the same way as these anti-depression drugs.

-low blood sugar causes depression, which can even cause suicide. So how do we treat this? With nutrition!

-so many people in the world are suicidal because they have improper blood sugar levels.

-child sex abuse with teachers going manic on these drugs and seducing their students occurs.

-people on these can be obsessed with sex, be pyromaniacs, kleptomaniacs, etc.

-Demerol is another one of these drugs, some ppl even take them for blinding migraines.

-Below are over 5,000 cases of terrible behavior from anti-depressant meds from Anne Tracy’s website


















Mental Health Treatment: Problems & Gospel Solutions




First, I acknowledge that much good can come of mental health treatment, and mental issues are often real and needing serious attention like we would give to physical illness (as taught by Elder Holland in his address “Like a Broken Vessel” Any opportunity to serve others in a genuine way is of the Lord. I will discuss in this essay higher ways we can help each other as we climb out of the modern broken system of mental health treatment. I will talk about a mass exodus of sociological thought from government and professional intervention/welfare, to family centered intervention/welfare.

-If you need professional mental help, seek it from someone of your own faith (though that certainly won’t guarantee you proper treatment as the established norms of the field itself are so controversial and often downright immoral), and avoid conscience numbing psychotropics at all cost, using them in the rarest of cases after having researched alternative solutions thoroughly, and with an understanding that the body can heal rather than assuming that such must be used indefinitely. Nutrition can often bring healing surpassing what physicians are allowed to confess. Read Joel Fuhrman’s plant based whole foods studies on that topic ( Counseling will generally take you further than dopamine and serotonin etc. modifying psychotropics. Also read Anne Blake Tracy head of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness (

-In the days of the great patriarchs, men and women could preside over their families and be their councilors, including being each other’s councilors. Such is not always the case today, but the coming of the Lord will prove to be a season where men and women again learn to take upon themselves the glorious mantles of righteous presiders, assuming the entire government of their clan. Well does the Doctrine and Covenants teach that Zion will be redeemed by the faith of the fathers. This is the song we are to sing when the Lord comes: “The Lord hath brought again Zion; The Lord hath redeemed his people, Israel, according to the election of grace, which was BROUGHT TO APSS BY THE FAITH AND COVENANT OF THEIR FATHERS” (D&C 84:99). Family (including extended family) (not government and professionals) are the original intent of the Lord for the operation of the redemption of Zion. Truly God Himself is the head of a family, and is positioning us to follow the eternal pattern of family-based government.

-The aspiring person will have a greater impact by focusing on family rather than focusing on professional mental health treatment. President Kimball taught that the real need in the world is not for more therapists but for more and stronger families. Professional roles must always take the back seat compared to family roles when it comes to our aspirations to benefit the human race. See also my document “Therapist VS Father as Saviors of Mankind: A Particular Family Size Theory”.

-it is a religion, seeking to find the why of an otherwise unexplainable universe, a why which they insist cannot involve a creator. they believe not in the repentance of sin, nor that there is sin, nor that there is punishment for crimes by anything but the state. Indeed, their views of atheism are dogmatic, and rather than being fair, they are promoting a one-sided religion of faithlessness. This religion is complete with temples (schools, hospitals), priesthood offices (professors, therapists, social workers, law makers, lobbyists, psychiatrists, etc.), rites (degrees, certifications, licensures), ceremonies (graduation, etc.), faith based (not research based) doctrines (focus on the self, hedonism, free use of the body, majesty of the state, moral Darwinism, organic evolution, transgenderism, etc.), promise of salvation (government welfare, deletion of theology and assurance of the absence of moral requirements), and every other component of any other organized religion known to man. Priest craft is practiced openly and flagrantly, charging large fees for small counseling sessions which were formerly accomplished by one’s spouse parents and trusted peers of intelligence. These preachers are only forbidden one thing: mentioning the name of Jesus Christ in their sermons.

-the training for practice in the field is utterly devoid of substance and intelligent information, so they spend their time training on “what is the initiatory phase vs the working phase” and other useless trap such as the difference between empathy and sympathy, the types of communication, the types of phaticities, etc. Rather than feeding the minds of intelligent beings with intricate mechanical processes founded on the laws of physical science, they stuff the students with doctrines of idleness and entitlement, which greatly dulls the will of man, and leaves persons bored and void of purpose, who then themselves become menaces to society, and the blind lead the blind perpetually.

-The few things can be useful in treatment should be taught on site, rather than in years and riches of college educations.

-they cannot exist without the heavy reliance on medications which hush the conscience, and promise a stress-free easy-going life, where minimal growth can occur.

-they give no heed to herbal and wholistic remedies which actually work, they are rather in bed with big pharma in keeping patients chained down to expensive medications which they cannot afford or manage on their own, thus tying them forever captives to the state and welfare therefrom

-they diagnose everyone as ill who is really healthy; We have seen the diagnostics pamphlet change into a large textbook, where one can find any successful person. Further, they suggest any amount of stress is unhealthy, and thus even if subliminally, discourage work, their scale of mental health being a scale of stress from 0-100, 0 being no stress full health. Labeling everyone and their dog with a mental illness is a way to target people for confiscation of firearms and a broad spectrum of other rights. Once they have you pinned to a diagnosis, you are a tagged rat, and they watch you, making negative predictions about your behavior based on your diagnosis. They tell you limitations about what you can accomplish based on the stereotype of those who they’ve labeled similarly. If you were to swap the labels on the rats, the students and professors would suggest the opposite, and there are many self-fulfilling prophecies in this regard. Health professionals are tied to diagnosed labels even when evidence points to the contrary. They are further hesitant to try things outside of the normal parameters of how to treat people with that specific diagnosis.

-they make confusing models, the which are not based on fact, but opinion, and if you were to swap around the positions and titles of the subsections of those diagrams, you could make just about as much sense of them as you could in the first place. What they call science there is usually just abstract art, wherein one has to make a meaning for himself, as no real intrinsic meaning there stands. It is not like realism in art, not classical portrayal of reality, but a fictitious deranged conglobulation of semi-facts jumbled together to make some vomit of a mess which, if you do not appreciate, you are considered intolerant, bigoted, uninformed, and unable to discern things of true or higher intelligence

-the boards of committees which approve what gets published in academic journals are highly politically bias. God forbid someone show the benefits of a stay at home mother, or the dangers of homosexuality for children, or the insanity of transgenderism (and obviously, the trend to perform a sex change without parental consent is another sign of the obvious march toward alien-like lifestyles.)

-they outlaw words to show that they have power over thought, muting opinions of those who do not comply to their created whimsical definitions of reality, including the titling of a male as a female, or the same sex relation as one of gaiety (“gay”), changing “committing suicide” into “dying by suicide” (being more accepting of suicide as a “lifestyle” choice rather than looking upon it as a horrid crime),  or a multitude of other nonsensical ideas. Obviously, the trend to perform a sex change without parental consent is another sign of the obvious march toward alien-like lifestyles. Their agendas are clearly manifest when it comes to sexualizing children and obliterating the family ties and affections in order to turn more power into the hands of the state as seen in the book “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, or “1984” by George Orwell.

-they base their calculations in Darwinism, and otherwise organic evolution, suggesting that humans are more animals than divine, and thus seek to excuse vial behavior rather than to remediate it

-the general theories of Freud and others like him are pure fairy tale, not based in scientific evidence, and often found to be hushing facts, and loading bias research sample sizes and populations

-a license is required for about everything now. Translation? We are not free. The government has lost it’s role of keeper of the peace, and has assumed the role of Lord God Almighty, except this false god of government mirrors the ways of Satan more than the ways of Jesus Christ, in that it’s ways are of forcing others to do things it’s way rather than letting people have the freedom to operate in a free market according to the dictates of their own conscience. They are suspicious of conservatives, as the professors are almost entirely liberals. The schools are one sided. The anti-capitalism liberal spirit in the mental health field today promotes fairness rather than competition and greatness, equal opportunity rather than striving for personal excellence, and receiving rather than giving. Though they call conservatives/capitalists selfish, they are in fact the ones selfishly taking from one and giving to another. Read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand for more on that. Charities formerly functioned to help the poor before people voted in government to do it. Now we have no feeling of natural affection to care for the needs of our neighbor and the poor among us, since we justify ourselves in saying a penny of our tax dollar will feed them. We have all seen how ineffective and wasteful government is compared to private business. For example, the Latter-day Saints are usually on scene before government relief workers. Citizens are picking up trash at national parks during shutdowns where government employees do not do it. See also Ben Shapiros video presentation on how democratic socialists aren’t what they hype up to be, but are the same run of the mill socialists, historically famous, like popular Che, for murdering millions. Socialism and communism are two ways of getting the same thing, the one (socialism) being slavery we vote for, and the other (communism) being slavery we are compelled into. Both lead to slavery.


-with the great shift of state to federal government as chief in power, control of issues is moving from local to remote, and less of the policies enforced upon councilors are actually effective to the local population they are being delivered to.

-the focus of meeting social needs of people must be brought back to the family. We must return the focus to the family. We have mandatory college classes on how to be nice to people, this is a sign that there is no confidence in the family. If the family dies, so will everything else, no matter how elaborate the public training programs and certifications. May your focus be on your home. The impact you have on people out of your home is a fraction of a percent compared to the vast impact you have on those inside your home. Yes reach outward and beyond even to the ends of the earth, but keep your focus and your heart on your home. And remember the home as it now stands is usually a place of pansy enabling of bratty children without siblings who never have to work and are never pushed to really learn anything beyond passing from one grade of low bar public training schools to the next. Yes, if that were the substance of the home, I too would say let’s go find something else. But the real home, the home which corrects these great flaws, this is a home of excitement and compelling growth and progress for adults and children alike.

-the state sets a low bar in the name of tolerance not in the name of not giving offence. They march under the banner of “everyone is different” rather than the banner of “everyone can become great if they conform to moral standards”. The larger the state gets, the smaller our morals at large become. Well have the prophets taught that a virtuous people need few rulers, and that only a virtuous people can be governed under the system of the divine US Constitution.

-we are lost in the endless depths of defining and confining every human behavior and hobby rather than relying on the “this is good, that is bad” which used to guide us so universally. Where conscience once held all things, now all falls apart, and we dissect things which need not dissecting, and we ignore things which should not be ignored. Every important thing we look away from, and we fill the void of our souls by feasting upon the useless nothingness that is the endless definitions of political correctness. We make things complex which were once understood. We write endlessly on the most simple of subjects, and say that the whole of our massive writings amount to the summum bonum of knowledge, when they are in reality a pile of chaff which looks large but easily blows away in a wind storm. We cover our cowardice and ignorance by vast piles, yes even mountainous piles of scholarly essays, academic articles, and trumping about minor trivialities, swallowing the camel and straining at the gnat. We leave no room for holiness. We study and are tested on things which really have no right answer, and we pride ourselves in selecting a supposed best option among many correct options, when that option really isn’t a best option, but is only a whim of a professor who had a certain flavored cereal that morning, which lead him to select that option over the other. We pretend like we know something, when we’re really just escaping work. An example of this is our endlessly long tax codes, and other long bills full of garbage which we pretend to adhere to as our law. So, have textbooks become full of hype and drag nothingness filling our students with boredom and anti-American sentiments. Perhaps never before have we seen a group of people with so little to say take so long to say it. The reason common sense is no longer common is the dissolution of the family. Children must see an adult male and an adult female working together in perfect harmony as a typical symbol of what the human race in general can be, people who build things intelligently. Without the role models seen in family, including grandparents etc., children will indeed be at a loss of how to function, regardless of how much other social training they receive. How could you possibly teach morality in a classroom setting, especially a classroom which denies the existence of independent facts defined by empirical data rather than feelings?








Mental Health Appendix A: Spirituality and Sorcery by Ann Tracy

Executive Director,
International Coalition for Drug Awareness


As John received revelation upon revelation sitting exiled upon the Isle of Patmos he issued a very strong warning to us in our day. He told us that our entire world would be deceived (lied to) through the sorceries that would come out of Babylon. (Rev. 18:23-24) He went on to say that the end result of this deception would be the demise of Prophets, Saints and many good men. In other words no one would be spared in this great deception by these sorceries. Remember that we were told that even the very elect would be deceived.

So what is this sorcery of which John warns?

The Greek translation of sorcery is “Pharmakia” which means “medicine from a pharmacy.” WHAT?! Does that mean the drugs we find in those pharmacies on nearly every street corner now? Is it talking about those same drugs with ads that run all day long on our TVs and in magazines that we see everywhere we look?! Is it any wonder then that these prescription drugs are now being reported as the biggest drug problem in America today? Is it any wonder that the whole world has been deceived about these drugs?

According to a 1995 study done by concerned pharmacists, prescription drugs, taken “as prescribed” rather than abused, are the third leading cause of death in this country, killing as many Americans every week as we lost at 9/11. The death toll of another 9/11 every week in this country! In light of this we need to ask who the real terrorists are when we are in a war over one week’s worth of these deaths while all the others go unnoticed, slaughtered and buried right under our noses. Is it any wonder the scriptures speak so sternly of sorcerers and sorcery?

January 17 this year [2008] we read in the New England Journal of Medicine that almost half of the studies done on one of America’s most popular group of drugs, antidepressants, were negative, yet when any of those negative studies were reported to the public the results were presented as positive. They also said the studies indicated that there was little evidence these drugs which bring in nearly $200 Million per day were more effective than placebo in treating depression.


Deadly deception!

How deadly?

The most popular of these antidepressants, Effexor, now has “homicidal ideation” listed as a side effect. Homicidal ideation is not just killing someone, but it is having constant ruminating thoughts of killing and how to kill. To see the results of just this one deception with antidepressants go to or www.ssristories.NETwhere you will find a very long list of school shootings, loving mothers and fathers who have killed their children, children who have killed their parents, suicides, murder/suicides, female school teachers who have seduced male students, even well respected ministers who have raped children, previously “straight” individuals who have become “gay” – even to the point of having sex change surgery, extreme out of character behavior, including violence, wild spending sprees, embezzlement, sexual promiscuity, exhibitionism, gambling, etc. – all side effects of antidepressants.

Then the FDA announced that they have been investigating many various types of medications for the potential of causing suicide. After learning that antidepressants increase suicidal potential by 2-3 times suddenly the FDA officials realized that multiple classes of medicines might cause dangerous psychiatric problems including suicide. Medicines to treat acne, hypertension, seizures, high cholesterol, swelling, heartburn, pain, bacterial infections and insomnia can all cause psychiatric problems, effects that were discovered in most cases after the drugs were approved and already used in millions of patients.

Now, how could these medications produce such things? With antidepressants that answer can be as simple as explaining that antidepressants create a sleep disorder in which the patient acts out nightmares. It is called a REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD) and 86% of those being diagnosed with the disorder are taking antidepressants. RBD is known to produce both murder and suicide. Acting out one’s worst nightmare – what a perfect way to produce out-of-character behavior that could destroy all a person has worked to achieve in character building throughout life-all gone in the blink of the eye!

Even worse than understanding the potential of these drugs to produce RBD, is to know that in the past RBD was known mainly as a drug withdrawal state. So the question of great concern at this point should be: “If antidepressants are being found to be in current use in 86% of the cases just how high will that percentage go in the withdrawal state from these drugs?!” This is why is it so important to avoid the worst of withdrawal by weaning EXTREMELY SLOWLY down off an antidepressant.

As people begin to see how they have been lied to about the safety and effectiveness of these drugs and attempt to come off the drugs, what will the end result be? Knowing what I know about these drugs and the withdrawal from these drugs I can tell you that I for one DO NOT want to witness what we will see! If there has ever been a situation in the history of this world where we have so desperately needed to adhere to the command to be our “brother’s keeper” this is it! In doing so, even if you are not the one taking the drug, the life you save may be your own or that of a loved one. Why? Because when someone goes psychotic in the withdrawal they can do anything to anyone and I just might be you or your loved one. (For information on safe withdrawal go to to find the CD “Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!)

Kim Crespi near Charlotte, NC learned of antidepressant withdrawal all too painfully on January 20, 2006 when her husband David, a good strong Christian and wonderful husband and father, who was also a vice president of the local bank and well respected in the community, stabbed their twin four year old daughters to death. David was months into an abrupt withdrawal from Paxil and had just started taking Prozac. He and Kim were not aware that the FDA had just warned the year before that any abrupt change in dose of an antidepressant, whether going up or down (he had just done both), can produce suicide, hostility, or psychosis – generally a manic psychosis leading to a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. Of course it is not true Bipolar, but a drug withdrawal effect, yet so many have found they would be medicated for years for something the Bipolar Disorder they don’t really have. Is it any wonder that the diagnosis of Bipolar has increased by 4000% over a recent 10 year period when it was basically unheard of before SSRI antidepressants?

But why is all this happening to us? Where did we go wrong?

For the answer we need to turn to Isaiah 28:8 where, he, speaking of our day, says that we will rise up each day to get drunk (but he had already made it clear that this drunkenness would not be from wine or strong drink). What would produce that drunken state then? Well when do people generally take their medications? First thing in the morning? These are mind altering medications. And what do the package inserts list as side effects? That is right – all the same effects one could expect from alcohol, but much stronger.

Isaiah then goes on to tell us why people would suffer the feelings of needing drugs. He says that our tables are “full of vomit” and there is nothing clean there.

Well, what is vomit? Vomit is food that either has already had the nutrients extracted or food that cannot be used by the body and is expelled because of that. And unclean? Look at the chemicals that have saturated our food supply.

So if our tables are full of vomit – food that has been depleted of nutrients or food that cannot be utilized where does that leave us? We are nutrient depleted. And where does nutrient depletion lead us? It leads us to stimulants of any kind in order to force our bodies and brains to perform since they do not have the fuel or building blocks from nutrients to perform.

Perhaps the most obvious segment of society in which to see this is that which is most transparent due to the exposure they get – Hollywood. Show business is a very high profile and highly demanding profession. If you watch the lives of those in the business you generally see only two groups: health nuts or drug users. They either reach for nutrients to supply the building blocks they need to build energy levels they need to cope with their fast paced lifestyle or they use drugs to force their bodies/brains to keep up the fast pace. It is simple to see which of those choices coincides with the Savior’s teachings.

One extremely critical point for all Christians to understand is the serotonin connection to spirituality. Antidepressants as well as the new atypical antipsychotics work by increasing levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin. But 50% of the serotonin is metabolized by the pineal gland.

What is the pineal gland? It is the master gland of the body and also known as the “seat of the soul” or our connection to higher, spiritual thoughts. In Eastern religions it is known as the Third Eye and is located right in the center of the brain behind the eyes. The question we need to ask is that if the Pineal gland is overloaded with large amounts of serotonin produced by these drugs, does it interfere with that spiritual connection?

According to patients using these drugs it does. They continually report that they can no longer feel God. One perfect example that comes to mind is that of Elizabeth Bush, the 14 year old girl who shot her best friend at the private Catholic school they attended. Elizabeth’s hero in life was Mother Theresa. Elizabeth planned to devote her life to God and become a nun. So how did she go from that point to a charge of attempted murder almost overnight?

I called her attorney when this happened and told him what happened was likely the result of the use of one of these antidepressants. He did not show much interest, but said he would check. Then the following week Elizabeth was interviewed on 20/20 and asked this very question of how did she go from Mother Teresa as her hero to shooting her best friend at school. Her reply was that she could “no longer feel God anymore.”

I called her attorney the following morning and told him I no longer had any question about whether or not his client had been on an antidepressant nor any question about its contribution to causing this tragedy. With that new evidence about her inability to feel God anymore, in my mind, I knew. At that point he asked me to hold for a minute and when he returned he said through the rustling of papers, “Paxil. Is Paxil one of those drugs?”

So, as dangerous and life-threatening as these drugs can be, even worse is the possibility that we can be severed from the spiritual by these drugs. Not only can they produce physical death, but also spiritual death.

Where did we go wrong?

Clearly we have underestimated Satan and his potential to pull us into his web of deceit and debauchery. Just because he is evil, does not mean he is stupid. He has much knowledge, far more than we do. Not more power than we do, because we do have the strength to overcome all with the help of the Savior. But we must be constantly aware of his cunning craftiness when it comes to his power to deceive. This awful situation in which we now find ourselves is a call for humility and faith and a reminder to always turn to the Savior in ALL things rather than trusting in the arm of flesh.

[For additional information on serotonin and antidepressant medications along with additional information on the great deception of pharmakia that John spoke of see Ann Blake-Tracy’s book, Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare ]

[Additional critical information: In November of 2010 Dr. John Ioannidis, considered the world’s leading expert on medical research, confirmed what John warned us of in Rev. 18:21-24 when he spoke of the deception that would cover the earth deceiving “prophets, saints and all good men” resulting in death. In the article titled “Lies, Damn Lies and Medical Science,” Dr. Ioannidis states that at this point he believes up to 90% of medical research is tainted or even completely bogus due to influence ($$$$) from the industry. To demonstrate the seriousness of this situation he stated he is not sure medical science will be able to survive this! That interview can be found here: One simple question to bring perspective: “Would you take your car to a mechanic who is relying on information on the car which is 90% incorrect?” And yet according to Dr. Ioannidis, this is exactly what you are doing every time you walk into a doctor’s office!]

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WITHDRAWAL WARNING: In sharing this information about adverse reactions to antidepressants I always recommend that you also give reference to my CD on safe withdrawal, Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!, so that we do not have more people dropping off these drugs too quickly – a move which I have warned from the beginning can be even more dangerous than staying on the drugs!

The FDA also now warns that any abrupt change in dose of an antidepressant can produce suicide, hostility or psychosis. These reactions can either come on very rapidly or even be delayed for months depending upon the adverse effects upon sleep patterns when the withdrawal is rapid!

Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,
International Coalition for Drug Awareness &
Author: ”Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare – The Complete Truth of the Full Impact of Antidepressants Upon Us & Our World” & Withdrawal CD “Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!”





Mental Health Appendix B: Psychotropic Drugs create Violence & Suicide: Public Interest Report by CCHR

A public interest report published by
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A Mental Health Industry Watchdog
March 2018