Suggested Websites

Suggested Websites
by Nate Richardson,

  1. Religion 2. Family 3. Homeschool 4. Homestead 5. Governmen 6. Science 7. Health


  1. Religion
Maxwell Institute (audio dramatized bible stories for children for purchase 450 stories 56 hours for $50) shows how Satan has infiltrated the music industry


  1. Family – family law current events, free newsletter on Parenting on Parenting – Music and educational programs by Karyn Purvis et al at Texas Christian Institute about helping traumatized children in positive ways – An Anti-Abortion Group

  1. Homeschool: National Home Education Research Institute LDS Home Educators

Classics in the History of Psychology (pdf books, articles) The Family Education Magazine The Teaching Home The Home School Legal Defense Association est. 1983 Homeschooling Today Homeschool World


  1. Homestead: by Megan Richardson (public domain PDF book downloads on many topics)


  1. Government: by Joel Skousen, by Ben Shapiro, Young America’s Foundation,,, by Alex Jones,,,,,, The Reason Foundation

  1. Science Learn to code for free Institution for creation research


  1. Health Citizens Commmission on Human Rights – investigating violations of human rights in the mental health field.