February 2020: The Richardson Studies Gazette: Current Events & Analysis


Socialism: A Brief Taxonomy

…It should be noted that if a socialist current of any flavor is given sufficient run time, then, regardless of the chosen path, all causative factors will reach their maximum value. That is, in the limit, as mathematicians say, all means of production will inevitably be socialized, and the individual will be coercively subjugated to the collective. In this sense, such a seemingly mild current like democratic socialism is just as dangerous as all the other members of the socialist family. — The Mises Institute


UK Govt. Approves Net Censorship – Free Speech Dies

…Boris Johnson, formerly considered the darling of liberty for his backing of Brexit, appears to have handed over control of who may speak and what may be said online to an organization that prides itself on its ability to clamp down on speech it considers fringe. — Liberty Nation


I-Team: Texas DMV Made $3M Last Year Selling Drivers’ Personal Information

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles made more than $3 million in 2019 selling drivers’ personal information. The information sold includes drivers’ names, physical addresses, phone numbers, emails, and vehicle identification information. — CBS Local


Republicans kill bill to protect teenagers from ‘transgender’ surgical mutilation

…Deutsch expressed satisfaction that the bill, at least, heightened the sensitivity on the part of parents and the wider public about the issue. As the child of a survivor of the Holocaust, Deutsch said he was inspired to propose the bill after learning about the suffering of children who had undergone surgery to obscure their sex. These surgeries reminded him of the sadistic experiments Germany’s Nazi regime meted out to Jews and other captives in the concentration camps of the 1930s and ’40s. — Life Site News


China Secretly Shipping Nuclear Arms To Pakistan

On February 12, 2020, GreatGameIndia issued an alert regarding a suspicious shipment off the western coast of India. The ship belonged to a Chinese shipping company blacklisted by the Americans last year and was destined to Pakistan. Further investigation revealed the seized shipment carried launching gear for missiles and that China was secretly shipping nuclear arms to Pakistan, now being examined by two different teams of Indian nuclear scientists. Sources in Coastal intelligence told GreatGameIndia the intercept was based on a tip-off from the Americans who were monitoring the entire fleet of the shipping line believed to be a front of Chinese intelligence. — Great Game India


New Stats Reveal Nearly Half of All Criminals in Paris Ghettos Have Migrant Background

Burglaries and violent robberies also see significant spike. — Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News


Roger Stone Sentenced To More Than Three Years In Prison

Longtime Trump ally Roger Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison and pay a $20,000 fine on Thursday for witness tampering and lying to Congress. He will be on probation upon his release. — ZeroHedge


Peter Schiff: Printing Money Is Not the Cure for Cononavirus

Earlier this month, Peter said he thought the virus was just an excuse for stock market woes. At the time he believed the market was poised to fall anyway. But as it turns out, coronavirus has actually helped the US stock market because it has led central banks to pump even more liquidity into the world financial system. — Schiff Gold


Bernie Sanders’ Long History Of Pushing Government Takeovers Of Private Markets

Although 40 percent of Democratic primary voters express positive views of socialism, only 19 percent of all voters express the same positivity. The Vermont senator may be able to stand out in the crowded Democratic primary, but the general election voter will likely be cautious of some of Senator Sanders’s proposals. — The Mises Institute


American Gun Ownership: The Positive Impacts of Law-Abiding Citizens Owning Firearms

…In a research study sponsored by the United States Department of Justice, James Wright and Peter Rossi interviewed over 1,800 incarcerated felons, asking how they felt about civilians and gun ownership. Thirty-three percent of these criminals admitted to being scared off, shot at, wounded, or captured by a gun-owning victim. Sixty-nine percent of them knew at least one other criminal who had similar experiences. Nearly 80 percent of felons also claimed that they intentionally avoid victims and homes that they believe may be armed. This shows that at least one in three criminals has been deterred because of an armed citizen, and that four out five avoid victimizing people that have guns. — Ammo.com


“1984” Has Come to China

…When the calendar year 1984 came and went, many breathed a sigh of relief that Orwell’s prophesy had not come true. But that sigh of relief was premature. Orwell’s nightmare society is here today in the form of Communist China… China has most of the apparatus of the totalitarian societies described in Orwell’s book. China uses facial recognition software and ubiquitous digital surveillance to keep track of its citizens. The internet is censored and monitored. Real-life thought police will arrest you for expressing opinions opposed to the government or its policies. — James Rickards


Are We Seriously Debating Capitalism vs. Socialism Again?

…What has emerged instead is a “no enemies to the left” ethos that allows the extremists to control the messaging. David Brooks, writing for the New York Times, makes the very compelling point that the reason Bernie Sanders is coming out on top is that he offers a clear (if utterly unrealistic) worldview that the others tacitly accept, so therefore they are not really in a position to shatter his presumptions: Over the past five years Sanders and his fellow progressives have induced large parts of the Democratic Party to see through the Bernie lens. You can tell because every candidate on that stage has the categories and mental equipment to carve up a billionaire like Bloomberg. None have the categories or mental equipment to take down a socialist like Sanders. — American Institute for Economic Research


“Bernie Sanders Is Your Enemy” – Venezuelan Socialism Victims Sound The Alarm

As Sanders surges in the polls and is now the clear Democratic frontrunner, many on the left are sounding the alarm. But many Venezuela socialism victims were sounding the alarm more than a year ago. — Campus Reform.org


Global Surveillance State: Plans for New EU-US Transatlantic Facial-recognition Database

This latest story (below) is indicative of the growth in power and influence of the Five Eyes intelligence sharing network, which can always expand to add the EU into its fold. This new system will be driven by expansive Silicon Valley cloud services and an array of artificial intelligence processing hubs which the Carnegie Endowment recently described as: — 21st Century Wire


The Bogus Big Brother-Big Tech Brawl Over Backdoors

The law can already get into your phone anytime. But Apple needs you to think it isn’t helping them. — The American Conservative


Obama DHS Whistleblower Found Dead On Side Of California Highway, Police Rule Suicide

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whistleblower Philip Haney was found dead on the side of a desolate California highway on Friday with a single gunshot would to the head, according to local authorities. — ZeroHedge


Chinese Scientists Find Coronavirus Did Not Originate In Wuhan Seafood Market

According to the brand new study by Chinese researchers published on Feb 21, the novel coronavirus may have begun human-to-human transmission in late November from a place other than the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan. Of course, we already knew that, but what is critical is that until now, Beijing was adamant in sticking to the official narrative that it was the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan where the disease emerged, despite not providing any information on what animal was the vector, or who was patient zero. — ZeroHedge


Socialism in Education

…It is worth noting that public schooling is a core feature of the educational systems in Cuba, North Korea, and Vietnam, all three of which are widely known as socialist countries. That’s because public schooling is a socialist system. Perhaps it’s also worth noting that while we call it “public” schooling, a more accurate name for it is government schooling or state schooling. That’s because state and local governments own and operate the educational systems. If state and local governments owned and operated churches, would we call them public churches or state churches? — Future of Freedom Foundation


Court Rules Trump Can Withhold Funds To States With ‘Sanctuary Cities’

…As evidence has shown, cities and states have actively prevented local law enforcement from communicating with federal authorities about criminal illegal aliens. As The Daily Wire previously reported, U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) arrested hundreds of criminal illegal aliens in September 2019, even as states across the country refused to inform them when criminals were being released from prison due to sanctuary city policies. In March 2019, ICE officials arrested more than 20 illegal immigrants after they were released from New York prisons without notifying federal authorities. In Illinois, Cook County ignored more than 1,000 ICE detainers in fiscal year 2019, allowing criminals back onto the streets to harm more U.S. citizens. — The Daily Wire


The Nobel Peace Prize Is A Sick Joke

It’s very simple. The Nobel Peace Prize is just like most other awards. Sometimes its distributors get it right and sometimes they get it wrong. The people that win awards do not win them based off of objective scorecards about morality. They win these awards based off of media narratives. — Off-Guardian


Shifting demographics drive GOP nosedive on US West Coast

…California, Washington and Oregon will hold their presidential primaries on March 3, March 10 and May 19 respectively, and which Democratic candidates they favor will become clear. But this much is certain: In November, none of the three states is apt to go for President Donald Trump, and there is little hope Republicans will claw back much ground in other contests. — AP


Coronavirus Prompts a Whole City to Try Home Schooling

In Hong Kong, the home of schools that are the envy of high-achieving and aspirational parents everywhere, education is making a huge shift. To the dining room. — WSJ


Milwaukee Mass Shooter Is A Black Elizabeth Warren Supporter

The Milwaukee man who killed five co-workers at a beer company’s corporate office is a black Elizabeth Warren supporter, providing a clue as to why the mass shooting disappeared from the discussion so quickly. — ZeroHedge




“It’s Like A Horror Film”: Botched Wuhan Quarantine Left Dead Bodies In The Street, Sick Waiting Day

..The team of forensic experts who investigated the body are immediately sprayed with disinfectant. “It’s terrible,” one said. “So many have died in recent days.” That was two weeks ago. Though there are fewer bodies in the streets, and sick suspects aren’t being turned away by hospitals so often, the situation has gotten considerably worse. Epoch Times reporter Jennifer Zeng, who has been assiduously grabbing videos posted to Chinese social media and sharing them on Twitter, warned on Wednesday that the food shortage in Wuhan is becoming a crisis as the lockdown continues, despite the fact that China is supposedly once again open for business. — ZeroHedge



Beijing Hunts Down Chinese Citizens Challenging Official Coronavirus Narrative

Beijing has gone to great lengths to silence Chinese citizens who challenge the official narrative. — ZeroHedge

Shades Of “Atlas Shrugged” In Real Life

Sometimes life really does imitate art. Recent actions by certain members of the Democratic Party remind me of scenes in Ayn Rand’s most famous novel, “Atlas Shrugged.” Take the impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives two months ago. It was as blatantly a kangaroo court as Hank Rearden’s trial in “Atlas.” Rearden had zero chance of being found “not guilty.” Same with President Donald Trump. — ZeroHedge

North Korea Concealing Coronavirus Outbreak; Officials Ordered To ‘Quickly Dispose Of Bodies’

While Coronavirus has officially reached 28 countries, with over 40,000 people officially infected and over 900 fatalities, North Korea – which has a woefully ill-prepared medical infrastructure, is concealing a massive outbreak of the disease, according to the Daily Beast. — ZeroHedge

Why Is The Government Turning 11 Military Bases Inside The United States Into Quarantine Camps?

…Obviously something really big is happening, and the U.S. government is preparing for a worst case scenario. According to the Miami Herald, 11 military bases inside the United States are currently in the process of being transformed into “quarantine centers”… Eleven military bases near major airports in the United States are setting up quarantine centers for possible coronavirus patients, the Department of Defense said. — Michael Snyder

Here’s Why Airport Facial Recognition Is A Nightmare

…Driving the dystopian trend called out in the ACLU white paper is the malign convergence of interest between governments that want to use facial recognition and other techniques of compelled and automated identification for surveillance and control of travelers’ movements, and airlines, airports, and other businesses that want to share use of the same identification systems and data for business process automation and commercial tracking and profiling of travel customers. Below are some key excerpts — Papers Please.org

US East Coast No Longer “Safe Haven” Due To Russian Submarines, Admiral Warns

US Vice Admiral Andrew Lewis, the head of the Navy’s 2nd Fleet, raised eyebrows this week with alarming comments made at a Center for Strategic and International Studies event. He told the think tank audience that a recent uptick of Russian submarine presence of the US East Coast means that the coastal area should no longer be considered “uncontested” nor should any longer be deemed a “safe haven” for US ships or submarines. — ZeroHedge

Wuhan Ultra Biohazard Lab Was Studying “The World’s Most Dangerous Pathogens”

…A quick read of what this lab was meant to do, prompts the immediate question whether the coronavirus epidemic isn’t a weaponized virus that just happened to escape the lab: The Wuhan lab cost 300 million yuan (US$44 million), and to allay safety concerns it was built far above the flood plain and with the capacity to withstand a magnitude-7 earthquake, although the area has no history of strong earthquakes. It will focus on the control of emerging diseases, store purified viruses and act as a World Health Organization ‘reference laboratory’ linked to similar labs around the world — ZeroHedge

Citizen Journalists Who Exposed Beijing’s Lies In Wuhan Have Suddenly Vanished

As we reported late Thursday evening, the death toll from the viral outbreak on mainland China has surpassed 600. With global markets once again in the red, Bloomberg reports that Beijing has silenced two of the citizen journalists responsible for much of the horrifying footage seeping onto western social media. — ZeroHedge


Federal Agencies Use Cellphone Location Data

Commercial database that maps movements of millions of cellphones is deployed by immigration and border authorities — WSJ


The Dystopian Horror of Life Under Quarantine in China

… They line up outside pharmacies despite the door signs declaring they have sold out of protective masks, disinfectant, surgical gloves and thermometers. They line up to buy rice, fruit and vegetables from food stores that keep operating, while nearly all other shops are closed. Then they shuffle home to wait out this 21st-century siege. The unluckiest ones lie at home or in a hospital, stricken by pneumonia fevers that could spell death linked to coronavirus 2019-nCoV. — The Organic Prepper

Eerie Drone Footage Of Wuhan Reveals China’s Real “Ghost City”

In its latest video on the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, the New York Times managed to fly a drone over the city of Wuhan, which has been under quarantine/lockdown orders from Beijing for more than a week. The footage is haunting – like something out of an apocalyptic horror movie. — ZeroHedge

Nancy Pelosi should resign

It has long been a tradition for House speakers to remain stoic and neutral in listening to the address. However, Pelosi seemed to be intent on mocking President Trump from behind his back with sophomoric facial grimaces and head shaking, culminating in her ripping up a copy of his address. — Jonathan Turley

Just A Little Sloppy Record-Keeping? The Pentagon’s $35 Trillion ‘Accounting Black Hole’

…$35 trillion is about one-and-a-half times the size of the entire US economy. Not to mention that the figure easily dwarfs the GDP of the entire combined nations of the European continent. …But are we really to believe that mere “combined errors, shorthand, and sloppy record-keeping by DoD accountants” — as another analyst was quoted as saying — can explain a $35 Trillion accounting black hole? According to the DoD, there’s nothing to see here… — ZeroHedge

US Government Wants to Ban Encryption in the Name of Protecting Children

Social media companies may soon be forced to allow backdoor government access to encrypted information. — The Mind Unleashed

China Unveils Stunning “Community Lockdown” In Nanjing, Unreported Sick Will Be Punishable By Law

Summary: Confirmed deaths: 427 Confirmed cases: 20,676 Chinese authorities have enforced full community lockdown in Nanjing Province American Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Jetstar close routes to China Taiwan tightens travel restrictions WHO infectious hazard chief says outbreak ‘not a pandemic’ Japan says no coronavirus cases confirmed on cruise ship “Diamond Princess” Kudlow says impact on US economy from outbreak will be ‘limited’ — ZeroHedge

Creator Of US BioWeapons Act Says Coronavirus Is Biological Warfare Weapon

In an explosive interview Dr. Francis Boyle, who drafted the Biological Weapons Act has given a detailed statement admitting that the 2019 Wuhan Coronavirus is an offensive Biological Warfare Weapon and that the World Health Organization (WHO) already knows about it. — Great Game India (via Zerohedge)

Michael Bloomberg’s Gun Violence Ad Is Wrong: The Data Is Off By 73%

Michael Bloomberg paid for and anti-gun ad during the Super Bowl, and while that isn’t all that surprising, what’s even less shocking is how bad he bungled the statistics. He was off by 73%, which amounts to a straight-up lie. — SHTF Plan

Is the Draft Coming Back?

…Any future draft will probably include women, thanks to judges, politicians, and feminists who think women should have the “opportunity” to be forced to join the military. A military draft violates the principle that individuals have inalienable rights that no government should violate. — Ron Paul Institute

Shocking Footage Inside China’s Newly-Constructed Hospitals, ‘Like Jail Cells Where You Go To Die’

…Allegedly, a video from inside the hospital is circulating social media channels on Sunday morning. Each room appears to be airtight, with bars on the windows so the infected patients cannot escape. — ZeroHedge

Aussie academic: “ethically misguided and downright dangerous” NOT to Censor Climate Deniers

University of Melbourne “Centre for Advancing Journalism” academic Denis Muller believes climate censorship should be added to legally binding journalistic professional codes of conduct. — Watts Up With That


Japan Set To Release 1.2 Million Tons Of Radioactive Fukushima Water Into Ocean

Tokyo Electric, or Tepco, has collected nearly 1.2 million tonnes of contaminated water from the cooling pipes used to keep fuel cores from melting since the plant was crippled by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011. The water is stored in huge tanks that crowd the site. — ZeroHedge



‘Corpses Taken Directly To Crematorium’ – New Accounts Detail Grisly Operation At Wuhan’s Fifth Hosp

Radio Free Asia (RFA) has tweeted a disturbing video on its Twitter account on Saturday morning detailing how those who died of coronavirus in Wuhan, the outbreak area in China, were loaded up on a bus and taken “directly to the crematorium.” — ZeroHedge

Has The FBI Been Lying About Seth Rich?

A persistent American lawyer has uncovered the undeniable fact that the FBI has been continuously lying, including giving false testimony in court, in response to Freedom of Information requests for its records on Seth Rich. The FBI has previously given affidavits that it has no records regarding Seth Rich. — Craig Murrey

Absurdistan – Pedophile Released From Jail Because “He” Now ‘Identifies’ As A “She”

…When Smith was incarcerated, the court even determined he was likely to continue being a repeat offender… so the state wanted him locked up for a long time. But Smith has just been released and is preparing to rejoin society. State prosecutors say this is because Smith is undergoing a gender transition to become a woman. — Sovereign Man


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