Satanists sue for religious right to ritual abortions – Washington Times

Reaction to COVID-19 Vaccine Caused Man’s Skin to Peel Off: Doctors
…“We ruled out all the viral infections, we ruled out COVID-19 itself, we made sure that his kidneys and liver was okay, and finally we came to the conclusion that it was the vaccine that he had received that was the cause,” Nutan told WRIC. — The Epoch Times

San Diego Teachers to Instruct Immigrants In-person as Schools Remain Closed
…Instruction was slated to start as soon as Tuesday. A spokesperson for the office confirmed to The Epoch Times that it “is providing an educational program for children who are being housed at the San Diego Convention Center.” — The Epoch Times

The Great Nonsense of “The Great Reset”
“The Great Reset” is the latest deceptive euphemism for totalitarian socialism that is being promoted by yet another group of wealthy corporate elitists who think they can centrally plan the entire world economy. — Thomas DiLorenzo/Lew

The Great Unvaxxed
… “There is an easy way out of this”, said Captain Antoine Huxley-Ehrlich, chief of the Vaccine Resistance Unit. “Just take the jab, and you’ll be free.” “Never”, replied Miranda. “You’ll have to do it by force.” — TE Creus/Off-Guardian

Second Amendment in the Firing Line
… The second bill allows the federal government to indefinitely delay a background check, thus indefinitely delaying a gun purchase. Other legislation introduced in Congress would create a national firearms registry, which would only facilitate gun confiscation. — Ron Paul

“CCP’s Useful Idiots”: U.S. Rep Slams WHO COVID Origin Whitewash Report
Republican Representative Lee Zeldin has blasted the World Health Organisation as China’s “useful idiots” after a draft version of its investigation into the origins of the coronavirus outbreak was revealed to have dismissed the lab leak theory as ‘extremely unlikely’. — Summit News

Biden Staffer Blocks Ted Cruz From Taking Video at Border Facility
The staffer then told him: “Please don’t treat the people as such,” to which Cruz responded that “your policies are unfortunately trying to hide them.” — The Epoch Times

Metadata: The Digital Fingerprint You Had No Idea Is Attached To Every Photo You Take
And as the BBC notes, it’s not just the metadata hidden in your photos. They also contain a “unique personal identifier linking every image you capture to the specific camera used”. The report goes on to describe how unique imaging sensors are, and how that data is stored: — ZeroHedge

Transportation Secretary Mayor Pete Is Pushing For A “Vehicle Mileage Tax”
At what point to Democrats start to realize that they’re running out of things to tax? — ZeroHedge

No Surge in COVID Two Weeks After Mask Mandate Lifted in Texas
Texas had been witnessing a downward trend in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations prior to Abbott’s announcement ending the restrictions. — The Epoch Times

Walmart has positioned itself as the biggest supporter of vaccine passports
Walmart is joining the likes of Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, and the Mayo Clinic to become “a verified verifier” of Covid-free people. — News Wars

ombating ‘Whiteness’, Boulder Has Imported Syrian Refugees Like Ahmad Al-Issa Since 2015
Liberal activists lamented the city’s “crushingly white” demographics, and the City Council strove to fix the “whiteness” problem by importing Syrian Muslims — News Wars

From Soft Liberalism to Iron-Fisted Leftism in Today’s U.S. Military
Where did all this come from? Soft liberalism has taken root in the military over several decades. These alarming trends are already well documented in James Hasson’s book Stand Down: How Social Justice Warriors Are Sabotaging America’s Military. But in the wake of President Joe Biden’s election—and more precipitously since the January 6 “insurrection”—bureaucratic progressivism has hardened into iron-fisted wokeism. — Aaron Reitz/Op-Ed Newsweek

Human Rights Campaign Demands Christian Schools Abandon Beliefs or Lose Accreditation
The large, influential pro-LGBTQ advocacy group Human Rights Campaign has demanded that Christian schools must abandon their beliefs or face losing their accreditation. — NeoNettle

California Approves Prayer in School … So Long as it is AntiChristian
The Department of Education in California – where else? – has approved a 900-page “Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum” designed to “decolonize” America. The program aims to right the supposed wrongs of the imperial Christianity that swept the Americas clean of their indigenous religions. The curriculum’s core promise is that it will help root out Christianity, and the capitalism and racism that apparently came with it. — David Haggith

Democrats Move to Ban Trump Supporters From Joining the Military and Holding Federal Jobs
Murphy, who is a member of the House Armed Services Committee, has recently proposed a bill that would prevent members of the ‘Stop the Steal’ movement along with subscribers to ‘QAnon’ from being able to obtain security clearances. Security clearances are a necessity for Americans who wish to join the US Military and also a requirement to obtain a number of federal jobs. — Big League Politics

“China is Genocidal Just Like Nazi Germany”
China breaches the 1948 Genocide Convention. Bitter Winter’s review of the Newlines Institute report and its aftermath. — Bitter Winter

Tucker Carlson Hits South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem for ‘Caving’ to the NCAA on Transgender Bill
Fox News host Tucker Carlson hammered South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem for “caving” to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) on legislation that would have kept transgender persons from participating with the opposite sex of their natural birth in student athletics. — Big League Politics

1,739 DEAD as CDC Adds Another 200+ Recorded Deaths this Week Following COVID Experimental “Vaccines”
Recorded deaths following the experimental COVID “vaccines” continued to soar this week as the CDC added more data today into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a U.S. Government funded database that tracks injuries and deaths caused by vaccines. — Health Impact News

Royal Caribbean Only Accepts Vaccinated Passengers On Next Caribbean Cruise
here’s the kicker: all passengers and staff must be vaccinated before entering the vessel. — ZeroHedge

The Great Purge of Civil Liberties Has Begun
Basically, the world will enter the second phase of the Covid dictatorship: the great purge. On Wednesday, March 17, Ursula von der Leyen presented the details of what will probably be called the “Digital Green Certificate”. It is to be approved at the EU summit on March 25-26 in Brussels. — Investment Watch

Oregon wants to make COVID-19 restrictions permanent and track all vaccine refusers
Mandatory face masks, physical distancing, business capacity limits, and other authoritarian Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions could soon become permanent fixtures in Oregon if a proposed new rule gets enacted in the state. — A Final Warning

Conservative? Ben Shapiro Makes The Case For MANDATORY Vaccinations
Neocon commentator reveals authoritarian streak by asserting that government has the right to forcibly vaccinate Americans — News Wars

Newly discovered eyewitness account puts NIST in a corner on WTC 7 explosions
NIST claimed in its 2008 report on Building 7 that there were “no witness reports” of an explosion when the 47-story skyscraper fell symmetrically into its own footprint. The account of correspondent Gigi Stone Woods, who was reporting that day for local cable news channel NY1, categorically contradicts NIST’s claim. — AE9/11Truth

Lockdown One Year On – It doesn’t work, it never worked & it wasn’t supposed to work
the curves don’t flatten and the R0 number doesn’t drop and the lives aren’t saved (quite the opposite, as we’ve all seen). Just look at the graphs. — Off-Guardian

Biden Administration Urges Supreme Court To Let Cops Enter Homes And Seize Guns Without A Warrant
…Institute for Justice Attorney Joshua Windham. “A rule that allows police to burst into your home without a warrant whenever they feel they are acting as ‘community caretakers’ is a threat to everyone’s security.” — Nick Sibilla/Op-Ed Forbes

UK To Make Vaccines MANDATORY For Health Workers
Leaked paper outlines plan for compulsory vaccines — Summit News

Newly uncovered documents show Pentagon’s plan targeting conservatives
Show ‘armed forces are to be integrated into the Biden racialist agenda’ — World Net Daily

Trump Rages Over “Huge Cover-Up” At The Border As Biden Starts Releasing Illegals Without Court Date
“His self-satisfied presentation – in the middle of a massive crisis he helped engineer – is yet more proof he is incapable of leading DHS. Even someone of Mayorkas’ limited abilities should understand that if you provide Catch-and-Release to the world’s illegal aliens then the whole world will com.” — ZeroHedge

Michigan Restaurant Owner Jailed for Keeping Her Business Open
Pavlos-Hackney allegedly allowed indoor dining and did not enforce mandatory mask-wearing at her restaurant Marlena’s Bistro and Pizzeria in Holland, Michigan. Since November of last year, Pavlos-Hackney chose not to follow Allegan County orders to close indoor dining, while it was banned in the state. The restaurant’s food license was suspended on January 20. — The New American

Former Trump Intel Chief Reveals “Quite A Few More UFOs Detected Than Public Knows”
“When we talk about sightings, we are talking about objects that have seen by Navy or Air Force pilots, or have been picked up by satellite imagery that frankly engage in actions that are difficult to explain,” — ZeroHedge

“Burn Your Masks!” Massive Anti-Lockdown Protests Rage Worldwide
Thousands, and possibly tens-of-thousands of protesters across Europe marched on Saturday against continued government lockdowns and other pandemic restrictions based on questionable science – which have resulted in mass unemployment, destroyed small businesses, stoked widespread depression and mental illness, and cost taxpayers trillions to keep the whole ship from sinking. — Zerohedge

NY Supreme Court Judge Rules New York Times Used ‘Deceptive Disinformation’ To Smear Project Veritas
A New York Supreme Court Judge last week excoriated the New York Times, ruling that they used “reckless disregard” and “acted with actual malice” when two of their reporters deceptively presented opinions as fact in several articles denigrating whistleblower organization Project Veritas. — Zerohedge

Father Arrested After Continuing To Call His Child “She” After Court-Ordered Gender Transition Treatments
The Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada ordered that the child receive testosterone injections without obtaining parental consent. CD opposed the transition as the parent but he was overruled after physicians at BC Children’s Hospital who decided the girl should receive testosterone injections. The father continued to defy gag orders, including a bar on his trying to persuade with his own child to wait before making such a change. — Jonathan Turley

Why HR1 Threatens Election Integrity
HR1 would invalidate photo ID requirements — such as those in Indiana — that the Supreme Court have found constitutional and important confidence builders. These laws are popular with large majorities of Americans, and despite critics’ fearmongering they have not negatively impacted voter participation. — Real Clear Politics

Before COVID, Gates Planned Social Media Censorship of Vaccine Safety Advocates
In October 2019, shortly before the COVID outbreak, Gates and other powerful individuals began planning how to censor vaccine safety advocates from social media during a table-top simulation of a worldwide pandemic, known as Event 201. — chil

AstraZeneca Vaccine Suspended by Germany, France, Italy, Spain Over Precautions
Germany’s government said Monday that it will also suspend the use of the AstraZeneca shot after reports of dangerous blood clots emerging in connection with the vaccine. Some reports said recipients of the vaccine have fallen ill. — The Epoch Times

Pharmaceutical Giant Moderna Begins Giving COVID-19 Vaccines to Six-Month-Old Babies
Moderna has announced a study that will target 6,750 healthy children in the U.S. and Canada. These children will be used as guinea pigs for these experimental shots that have already had lethal consequences. — Big League Politics

MIT & Harvard Study Suggests mRNA Vaccine Might Permanently Alter DNA After All
“…this could lead to serious autoimmune problems” — Anti-Empire

FDA Warns Dr. Mercola to Stop Writing About Vitamin D
In the summer of 2020, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) — a consumer advocacy group partnered with Bill Gates’ agrichemical PR group, the Cornell Alliance for Science,1 and bankrolled by billionaires with ties to Monsanto, the Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rockefeller Family Fund and Bloomberg Philanthropies2 — launched a social media campaign to put an end to — Joseph Mercola/Lew

Outrageous! Department of Defense Training Manual on Extremism Gives a Pass to Black Lives Matter Extremism
…However, later in the package (page 45) the Navy manual states that supporting and discussing Black Lives Matter is acceptable. — The Gateway Pundit

Cars Have Your Location. This Spy Firm Wants to Sell It to the U.S. Military
Consumers may be unaware that automakers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) often include sensors in vehicle parts that collect information such as their airbag and seatbelt status, engine temperature, and current location, and then transmit that information either back to the automaker or to third parties. Aggregator companies also purchase or obtain this data, repackage it, and then sell that data or products based on it to their own clients. — Vice

Pope Francis Calls for ‘New World Order’ After the Pandemic
In a book-length interview with journalist Domenico Agasso titled God and the World to Come, scheduled for release in Italian on Tuesday, the pontiff reiterates his case for the Great Reset with a shift away from financial speculation, fossil fuels, and military build-up toward a green economy based on inclusiveness. — Breitbart

Furious China Moves To Counter “Turmoil In Financial Markets” Caused By “Massive” Biden Stimulus

…Translation: there is too much hot money that is rushing into China, and the last thing Beijing – traditionally an exporters of its own deflation – wants, is to import US deflation courtesy of a one-way dollar flood, sparking runaway inflation on the mainland. — ZeroHedge

Brussels Prepares To Introduce “Vaccine Passports” To Save European Tourism Industry
For nearly a year now, we’ve been monitoring the shift toward enabling digital “passports” that will allow at least some people – those wealthy and/or fortunate enough to get their hands on the vaccine – to continue traveling and going about their lives as normal, while others are forced to continue living with COVID-inspired restrictions, potentially for years. — ZeroHedge

A Study Shows VERY FEW Capitol Hill Rioters Were QAnon Red-Staters With Ties to ‘Right-Wing’ Groups
A survey by the University of Chicago finds that most Capitol Hill rioters had no ties to any fringe right-wing groups and were merely engaged people outraged by what they believed was a rigged election. — PJ Media

65-Year Old Texas Woman Tackled, Arrested For Refusing To Mask A Day After Abbott Lifted Mandate
“My money is in this bank, and I’m going to take it out,” she replies. “Well then you have to abide by their rules,” the officer answered. — ZeroHedge

How California Is Embracing Mandatory Racial-Injustice Study for All of Its 1.7 Million High Schoolers
…The latest curriculum, however scaled back, still shares similarities with an earlier, rejected draft that a top state official said failed to comply with state law, and the Los Angeles Times editorial board characterized as a jumble of “politically correct pronouncements” that feel like “an exercise in groupthink, designed to proselytize and inculcate more than to inform and open minds.” — Real Clear Investigations

FBI Sends in Armored Vehicle with Turret, 2 Vans, 6 FBI Vehicles, 3 Local Police Vehicles to Arrest Young Father Who Attended Jan. 6 Rally
… I asked the public defender why they changed their mind and argued bail he replied “there is pressure coming down to detain them.” — The Gateway Pundit

Dear Jen ‘No Crisis At The Border’ Psaki – Watch This Clip!
So, having tried the Jedi Mind Trick of convincing Americans that “this is not the border crisis you are looking for,” we suggest Ms. Psaki take a look at the following clip that is rapidly going viral… — ZeroHedge

The Real Reasons Why Millions Of Americans Will Defy Covid Mandates And Vaccines
…The media does not objectively report facts and evidence, it spins information to plant an engineered narrative in the minds of its viewers. But the public is not as stupid as they seem to think. This is probably why trust in the media has plunged by 46% in the past ten years, hitting an all time low this year of 27%. — Alt-Market


“Don’t Go Down The Rabbit Hole!” — NY Times Decries Critical Thinking Tells Us to Trust Google Instead
…the New York Times’ “digital literacy expert” provides us with an example by investigating a post (which they do not offer any link to) made by Robert F Kennedy Jr on Instagram: He copied Mr. Kennedy’s name in the Instagram post and popped it into Google. — The Free Thought Project

COVID Outbreak Confirmed At Nursing Home Despite Staff, Patients Being Vaccinated
As new COVID cases tumble across North America, sleepy British Columbia has just reported a new outbreak of the virus at a nursing home in the province where both staff members and patients had already been vaccinated. — ZeroHedge

The Domestic Terrorism Act Boils Down to State Prosecution of White People for False Sedition
A very horrendous bill was introduced recently in Congress called the “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021.” The irony of this bill title is that it is not about preventing terrorism; it is about legalizing terrorism by the state against the citizenry. It would be more appropriately titled the U.S. Government Terrorism Authorization Act of 2021. — Gary D. Bennett/Lew

The New Normal (Phase 2)
…And now, the campaign to “vaccinate” the entirety of humanity against a virus that causes mild to moderate flu-like symptoms or, more commonly, no symptoms at all, in over 95% of those infected, and that over 99% of the infected survive (and that has no real effect on age-adjusted death rates, and the mortality profile of which is more or less identical to the normal mortality profile) is being waged with literally religious fervor. — Consent Factory, Inc.

Dr. Simone Gold – The Truth About Covid-19 and The Covid-19 Vaccine.
This is one of [the best] doctors speaking out about Covid-19, the Covid-19 vaccine and the disinformation the system has been feeding the public from day one! No doubt the system will attempt to destroy Dr Gold and scrub this video off of the internet… — Dr. Simone Gold/The Stand

“Days Away From A Crisis”: 100,000 Illegal Immigrants Arrested At US Mexico Border; Most For February In 15 Years
“We are weeks, maybe even days, away from a crisis on the southern border. Inaction is simply not an option,” the Texas Democrat said in a news release on Thursday. — The Epoch Times

There Is No Such Thing as “White” Math
I was wrong. Attempts to “deconstruct” mathematics, deny its objectivity, accuse it of racial bias, and infuse it with political ideology have become more and more common — perhaps, even, at your child’s elementary school. — Sergiu Klainerman/Common Sense with Bari Weiss

Cuellar: Feds ‘Purposely Withholding’ Immigration Data
A senior-level law enforcement source in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) told Breitbart Texas they received verbal orders from within the agency limiting their ability to speak freely about the growing crisis along the border. — Breitbart


CDC Witholding Information: 1,170 DEAD Following COVID Injections – Almost Twice as Many Deaths as Found in VAERS
through February 4, 2021, there were 12,697 recorded adverse events, including 653 deaths following injections of the experimental COVID mRNA shots by Pfizer and Moderna. — The Duran

Number of Injuries Reported to CDC After COVID Vaccines Climbs by Nearly 4,000 in One Week
Between Dec. 14, 2020, and Feb. 18, 2021, 19,907 reports of adverse events were submitted to VAERS, including 1,095 deaths and 3,767 serious injuries. — Children’s Health Defense

12 Residents Die After First COVID Vaccine in Wales Nursing and Dementia Care Centre
In a tragic story that has been repeated multiple times here, a nursing home for people with dementia has seen 12 of their residents die shortly after they received one of the experimental COVID vaccines, while 36 residents and 54 staff are now testing positive for COVID. — Humans Are Free

Pfizer CEO: ‘Every Year You Will Have to Get Your Annual Shot for COVID’
Pfizer said this week it’s begun testing a third dose of its COVID vaccine and a new modified version to address variants for years to come. — Humans Are Free

MHRA data shows 11 Women have lost their baby after being vaccinated… so far

We’re sorry to have to report that as a result of receiving a dose of either the Pfizer vaccine or Oxford vaccine a total of eleven women have so far suffered the grief of losing their unborn children in the process. But the question everyone should be asking is why? — Tap News

Why is Death After COVID-19 Vaccination Always Assumed to Be Coincidental?
There appears to be a pattern developing when deaths are reported shortly following COVID-19 vaccinations, in that all deaths are assumed to be only “coincidentally” associated with vaccination before all the evidence is in. — Marco Caceres/Humans Are Free


16 States Are Now Following The Science
…However, across the political divide, there remains no end in sight to the corona madness. Much of the Left continues to embrace and root on endless COVID-19 restrictions, and the hijacking of individual rights in the name of a virus. —


Home Invasions: All the Ways the Government Can Lay Siege to Your Property
This present menace comes from the government and its army of bureaucratized, corporatized, militarized mercenaries who are waging war on the last stronghold left to us as a free people: the sanctity of our homes. — John Whitehead


“Complete Loss Of Trust”: Half Of French Home Health Workers Say They’ll Resist Taking Vaccine

The intense skepticism and pushback stems from the fact that it’s both the government that’s reportedly underpaying them, while also demanding they get the jab. — ZeroHedge


Sweden Moves To Protect Academic Freedom After Prof Quits COVID Research Due To Harassment
Professor Jonas Ludvigsson, announced that he would stop all further research on Covid-19 after a campaign of abuse and harassment following his study on the low threat that the virus poses to children and teachers. — Jonathan Turley


‘Freedom Bracelet’ Tracking Device Launched As Alternative To Quarantine
This is definitely NOT freedom Israel has rolled out what it is calling a ‘Freedom bracelet’, a tracking device that will serve as an alternative to a two-week quarantine for anyone entering the country from abroad. — Summit News

4 Arrested in Texas on 150 Counts of Voter Fraud

The case involves claims of vote harvesting at assisted living centers in Medina County in the 2018 election — The Epoch Times



Sidney Powell LIVE: “There Is More than Enough Evidence in the Public Now to More than Reverse the Election in at Least 5 States”
“….could prove across the country if anybody would issue an order allowing inspection of the machines. — The Gateway Pundit

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