The 4 Volume Richardson Studies Book Series:

RS1 Religion – Restoration, Plan of Salvation, Exaltation, Missionary, Apocalypse

RS2 Family – Modesty, Dating, Gender, Marriage, Parenting

RS3 Education – Anti-Evolution Science, WFPB Health, Traditionalist Literacy, Polyglot Tools, Recreation Standards, Edifying Playlists

RS4 Government – Constitution, Socialism, Current Events

Additional Materials:

PowerPoint: Nate Richardson Presentation UM Fossil Finds & Formation Disprove Evolution – Oct 2021 Book of Mormon Evidence Conference

RS Compilation – Joel Skousen Collected Works on Government, Political Philosophy, Conspiracy, Conscience, Homeschool, Discipline

RS Compilation – Micah English (II LDS Archives) Collection on Religion, Last Days

RS Resource – Micah English Gospel Concordance

RS Collection – Joseph-Smiths-Changes-to-the-Ages-of-the-Patriarchs-in-Genesis-5

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The Preaching Scriptorian: Full Text of Scriptures Referenced in PMG