Religion Books

Religion Books
Navigating Revelation – Determining Doctrine, Prophets, Scripture Cannon, Restoration (PDF)
Champions for Zion: Early Church Leaders on Building Zion by Jesse Fisher Highlights, Independent Cities, Consecration (PDF)
Heartland Book of Mormon Geography (PDF)
Seer Stone vs. Urim & Thummim: Book of Mormon Translation on Trial by Stoddards/JSF, Book Highlights (Blog)
Cleon Skousen Book of Mormon Class Highlights (PDF)
Plural Marriage: A Positive View (PDF) (About: Does NOT encourage current practice of this principle. Defends the doctrine and its selective use in the bible and latter-day saint church history. Ft. Kim Smith, Ogden Kraut, etc.)
Adam & God as Separate Beings (PDF)
Race: Religious Blessings & Cultural Counsel (PDF)
Hyrum Andrus Highlights (PDF) 
Plan of Salvation Insights (PDF) 
Valient Faith (PDF) 
Peter Kreeft’s “Culture War” etc. (PDF) 
Hope of Exaltation (PDF) 
Hugh Nibley Highlights (PDF) 
Exemplary Faith: Lives of Modern Prophets & Saints (PDF)