Religion Videos

Religion Video 

2min Hurlbut – The Corrupt Source of the Joseph Smith Treasure Digger Narrative

27min Personal Glimpses of the Prophet Joseph Smith by Hyrum Andrus Highlights

11min Plural Marriage in the Torah

34min Hidden Bloodlines: The Grail & The Lost Tribes of the North by the Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes

9min Nephites in Europe by The Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes

28min Joseph Smith More Than We Know by The Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes

26min Unlocking the Mystery of the Two Prophets by The Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes

2hr The Church of The Firstborn – Latter-day Saint Quotes

34min Heavenly Father Has a Father – Latter-day Saint Quotes

16min The Creations Of God, Worlds Without Number – Hyrum Andrus Lecture Highlights

19min Kingdoms of Colleges an Allegory of the 3 Kingdoms of God video

12min Why We Need A Savior: God’s Plan of Justice VS Lucifer’s Tyranny – Excerpt from Elder D Todd Christofferson

18min Exaltation Theory

13min Exaltation – Latter-day Saint Quotes

25min Exaltation Logic Analysis

27min Situational Ethics, Oh No You Don’t!

1.5hr A Christ Centered Home (The Life Teachings & Family of James Stoddard) Book Highlights

13min Point Blank Accountability

44min Man is Become as God: Spiritual Capitalism and Why Life is Hard

20min Questions for the 1 Verse a Day Enthusiast

30min The God of Individualized Contracts

28min Life is a Pickle: Eden & Beyond

27min I Believe part 1

39min I believe part 2

5min I believe part 3

12min Missions: Commanded to Go: Latter-day Saint Quotes

19min Faith Hope & Charity unto Salvation