Scripture Tools

I have 3 books to assist in using the basic missionary scriptures, particularly as found in the Church’s “Preach My Gospel” missionary service manual.

1. “Missionary Reference Inserts (Based on PMG)”

Download the bookRS – PMG REF INSERTS (almost complete)

This book lists all PMG scripture references, but then has 1 page per section of the missionary lessons, listing the references of that section, and giving a brief summary of that passage.

This booklet is very useful as inserts to put in your scriptures. It’s formatted to fit inside a mini scripture size. More instructions for how to use this are written in the book.

2. “Missionary Lesson Scriptures in Full (Based on PMG)”

Download the book: PENDING

This book is a listing of all scriptures in the PMG 5 lessons. This is helpful to study by topic rather than chronologically. In essence this gives you “the book of repentance”, “the book of baptism”, etc. The only scriptures included are those from the 5 PMG lessons. These are key to learn to be an effective minister of the gospel.

3. “Doctrinal Mastery Scriptures in Full”

Download the book: PENDING

This is the full text of the 100 seminary “doctrinal mastery” scriptures. They are divided by topic.


Note: I might make videos of some of this content as time permits.