Welcome to Richardson Studies!

Intended Audience

Richardson Studies is a collection of my research on many topics. The science and logic behind my studies will make them attractive to both secular and religious students.  Some topics treated are inherently religious and of particular interest to the religious person of whatever faith they may be. Other topics pertain to social morality and academics, and are important for both the religious and secular student to consider. As an informal apologist of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you’ll find much of my material attempts to explain and promote church doctrines. I also enjoy expounding on a few personal theories which are often based on but not representative of church doctrines. My studies range from precursory to profound in an attempt to follow the teaching pattern of the temple where both the initiate and the veteran can delight.

Type of Writing & Material

At Richardson Studies you’ll find transcripts of my debates, notes on books, notes on lectures, suggested authors and websites, lists of scriptures by topic, lists of words of modern prophets by topic, essays to persuade the reader of social views & religious views, videos expounding on these materials, and resources to learn and enjoy many things.  This website is a non-profit organization.

My background

I’m the youngest of 8 children and grew up in Utah. I met my wife at a high school debate tournament and later I served a 2 year church mission in the Atlanta Georgia North mission in English and Spanish. I came home, married, then spent about 6 years at BYU studying all things under the heavens, and at length there obtained a bachelor of science in Family Life with a minor in Biblical Hebrew. I have been somewhat involved with the Constitution Party of Utah, and feel I can endorse their positions. Most of my work has been in construction, nursing, and in mental health facilities. My wife and I are foster and adoptive parents, homeschool teachers, and a parents of 5.


Lastly, please don’t be offended if you find a thing that doesn’t sit right with you. Let me know and we can talk about it. I feel to say like brother Joseph once did, ‘if my life is of no value to my friends, it is of none to myself’.  Finding one thing in isolation often doesn’t represent my full opinion (and certainly doesn’t represent the Church). Nor is it the purpose of this website to give a full account of my feelings.

God bless you friends,

-Nate Richardson, editor@richardsonstudies.com