*Richardson Studies

Richardson Studies is a public library of book summaries, lecture highlights, full texts, quotation compilations, scientific research, & philosophy. Each booklet functions like a journal collection of important findings which don’t need to be read in order. Highly detailed tables of contents in each booklet make for short easy reading.

TOPICS: Science, Family, Apocalypse, Religion, Education, Government, Missionary, Nutrition, Recreation

Fossil Finds & Formation Disprove Evolution – Universal Model Presentation (PowerPoint) (Booklet PDF)
Water vs Fire – Universal Model Takes on the Geological Foundations of Godless Science (PowerPoint) (Abbreviated PowerPoint) (Booklet PDF) (5min intro video) (3hr video)
Highlights – Universal Model Ch. 5 Magma Pseudotheory (PDF)
Highlights – Universal Model Ch. 7 Hydroplanet Model (PDF)
Highlights – Universal Model Ch. 11 Fossil Model (PDF)
Highlights – Universal Model Ch. 8 Flood (Booklet) (Presentation)
Creation Science Study Notes (PDF)
Creation Doctrines (PDF)


Modesty (PDF)
Marriage & Dating (PDF)
Parenthood Doctrine – Eternal Perspectives on Family Size (PDF)
Parenting Methods – Love, Limits, & Tips (PDF)
Gender, Feminism, Homosexuality Standards (PDF)
Mental Health & Family Crisis (PDF)

6th and 7th Seals of the Apocalypse (PDF)
Calendar of Past and Future Last Days Events (PDF)
Highlights from Hyrum Andrus’ Last Days Writings (PDF)
Highlights of Prophet Quotes from Duane Crowther Prophecy Key to the Future (PDF)
Last Days Study Notes (PDF) (This currently has many of these resources in 1 and other material)
Apocalypse – Possibility of 7th Seal Open (PDF)
why_tent_cities – Roger K Young (PDF)
RS Compilation – Micah English Collection on Religion, Last Days (PDF)


Heartland Book of Mormon Geography (PDF) 

Champions for Zion Jesse Fisher Highlights (PDF)
Creation Doctrines (PDF)
Navigating Revelation – Doctrine, Prophets, Scripture Cannon, Restoration (PDF)
Seer Stone vs. Urim & Thummim: Book of Mormon Translation on Trial by Stoddards/JSF, Book Highlights (PDF)
Cleon Skousen Book of Mormon Class Highlights (PDF)
Isaiah Verse by Verse Insights (PDF)
Exaltation (PDF)
Exponential-Exaltation-Theory (Excel)
Plan of Salvation Study Notes (PDF)
Creation Doctrines (PDF)
Valiant Faith (PDF)
Family-and-Godhead-in-the-Plan-of-Salvation (PDF)

Plural Marriage in Church History – A Positive View (PDF)


Homeschool Advocacy – Righteousness, Independence, Brilliance (Blog) (PDF)
Learning Methods (Blog) (PDF)
Traditionalist vs Progressive Philosophies & Slogans – Awakening to the Great Divide (Blog) (PDF)
Prominent Voices of Truth – Books, Teachers, Forums (Blog) (PDF)
Literary Analysis (Blog) (PDF) (More being typed up)
Language Resources Hebrew Greek Egyptian Spanish etc. (PDF)


Highlights – H. Verlan Andersen: The Great & Abominable Church of Devil, Communism (Blog) (PDF) (Video)
Highlights – Covenant on the Land & Divinely Sanctioned Governments by The Joseph Smith Foundation (Blog) (PDF)
Highlights – Ken Bowers Hiding in Plain Sight: Secret Combinations of the Last Days (Blog) (PDF) (Video)
Highlights – Ayn Rand, Economic Liberty, Objectivism, Atlas Shrugged, Fountainhead (Blog) (PDF)
Public Health Conspiracy Studies – Pandemics, Vaccines, Psychotropics, Big Pharma (Blog) (PDF)
Governments of Good & Evil – Study Notes (Blog) (PDF)
Independent Living & Preparedness Tips (Blog) (PDF)
Highlights from Joel Skousen Government Conspiracy & Current Events Lectures (Blog(PDF)
Highlights from Cleon Skousen Government Lectures (Blog(PDF)
The Richardson Studies Gazette: Current Events & Analysis (Blog) (PDF)

Doctrinal Mastery Full Text & Other Key Scriptures (PDF)
Fishers of Men: Missionary Methods (Blog) (PDF)
Coming soon – The Preach My Gospel Scriptorian – Full Passages from the 5 PMG Missionary Lessons (Blog L1) (Blog L2) (Blog L3) (Blog L4) (Blog L5) (PDF)
Coming soon – The Preach My Gospel Scriptorian – Reference Scripture Inserts (Blog) (PDF 6×9) (PDF 5×7) (PDF 4×6)
Coming soon – Key Hymns

Highlights from Jane Birch Discovering the Word of Wisdom Whole Food Plant Based (Blog) (PDF)
Nutrition Study Notes (Blog) (PDF)

Entertainment Should Edify (Blog) (PDF)
Magic Concerns (Blog) (PDF)
Music Standards (Blog) (PDF)
Video Game Concerns (Blog) (PDF)
Edifying Music Playlists (Blog) (PDF)
Movie Suggestions (Blog) (PDF)
Sport Coach – Having Fun with Physical Education (PDF)
Instrument Coach (PDF) (Not much here yet)



This project started shortly after I returned from my church mission and has been lots of fun.

I take notes when I read a book or listen to a lecture and share them here. When those notes are extensive, I get the author’s permission before sharing, and I’ve been blessed to cooperate with many authors and speakers to share their work on this site.

I also like to compile quotes by topic, and of course, the occasional ranting of how I see things, hopefully in line with the prophets, expounding in the direction they are headed.

I’m a temple going, active, missionary-minded latter-day saint, and intend to remain such. This said, writings here can be useful to people of many different faith backgrounds, and I have deep respect for anyone who seeks God and truth.

At times I’ve had to push myself to go public with some of my writings as some topics are controversial. Other topics I’ve not yet shared as my study of them is in progress and or they are subjects I don’t think people would appreciate. But generally speaking, I feel excited and blessed to find what I have, and to have a platform to share it with others. I feel that what I’ve shared is entirely appropriate & important. I’ve made every effort to be bold without compromise or being overbearing.

I share all of my writing here free of cost. It’s available in blog posts or as downloads of master documents I’m working on. These are always in progress, and from time to time I upload the latest version. I try to put dates on documents and essays to help inform readers of new content. I often publish a blog post on a subject of particular interest, but most of my writing is found in the books available for download.

I’ve structured my writing into small essays with a detailed table of contents for easy reading. No particular order is needed in the readings either: just jump to the essay that catches your eye, and you’re off! I also try and get some audio recordings out here and there.

A tiny bit on my background – I’m from Utah and have been blessed with a large happy family. I’ve worked in business, construction, healthcare, foster care, and education. I spent many years at BYU exploring the world of education, and though my campus days are over, I’m a dedicated student every day.

Recently in connection with my job as a schoolteacher and my correspondence with Dean Sessions, I’ve been giving lectures supporting his revolutionary creation science texts called “Universal Model” at the Book of Mormon Evidence conferences hosted by Rod Meldrum.

I write on a broad spectrum of topics and seek the religious worldview as my compass on how I see things. I believe truth is out there, and that it can’t be had in its fullness when we only look through a secular lens.

I don’t expect a large audience for my writing, and trust those who aren’t ready for it won’t be much interested, and those who are will be blessed to stumble upon it. I don’t call for a following or anything like that.

When it comes to seeking truth, this is one of my favorite quotes: “When we understand the character of God, and know how to come to Him, he begins to unfold the heavens to us, and to tell us all about it. When we are ready to come to him, he is ready to come to us.” – Joseph Smith

God’s blessings to you in your studies and your life!
-Nate Richardson

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