My religion is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and much of my writing is in defense of doctrines of the gospel. Material here is applicable to people of good will everywhere and spans many subjects while keeping true to a religious world view. As we progress in our understanding, we will find a network of inter-related truths that set us free. We can work together to discover these truths. Jesus Christ is the messenger of truth, and I trust the words of his messengers the prophets to bring freedom and joy. My views are generally conservative and traditional. I alone am responsible for the content of this site.

I graduated from BYU studying ancient languages (particularly Hebrew), sciences, and sociology and continue to make independent study a high priority. I served a proselyting mission some years ago in the southern US (including some work among the Spanish communities). I believe in putting family first and have worked hard to make sure the nurturing and expansion of my family comes before any other pursuit. I work teaching at a boys treatment center which I enjoy. Our family makes homeschooling, hard work, wholesome entertainment, & religious life in general the priority of our time together.

God bless you in your search for happiness, it is my prayer that I can help along the way.

Nate Richardson