I’m Nate Richardson, editor here at Richardson Studies. This is all free folks so lets get that worry off the table – I’m just a man with books and pen looking for others to study with. Let me give a quick introduction to my history, then I’ll tell you about what you’ll find at Richardson Studies. I love my wife and kids, having my own family is truly “a new heaven and a new earth” for me. My philosophy, my psychology, my hope, my happiness, all revolves around my opportunity to have an eternal family, and the man who makes that possible, Jesus Christ. I’m from Utah, and have a Bachelor degree from Brigham Young University in Family Life with a minor in Biblical Hebrew. I love what I learned there! I’m charted to finish another degree in 2020 to become an RN and continue working in healthcare. I served a mission in the Atlanta area in English and Spanish, where I learned more of the Protestant, Catholic, and agnostic faiths. I met wonderful people, and had great discussions with them about the doctrines of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am, as you probably guessed by the header image at the top of the website, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was raised in the church, but it wasn’t until I read The Book of Mormon for the first time in my late teens that my life was changed forever, and I launched into a life of devoted faith in Jesus Christ. I write to latter-day saints to together ponder God’s expectations and remember His promised blessings. I write to the good people of other faiths to show what the latter-day saints have to offer. This site is about much more than just religion, but I do wish to say, given the spiritual nature of many of the subjects studied here, please understand that this site expresses my views alone and is not sponsored the church. I believe that the mystery of the universe is solved in knowing that God is a married man and woman, presiding over us, their posterity. They have bodies and reside on their home planet. The mystery of our existence is in knowing that we can adopt the lifestyle of God as we follow the example of Jesus Christ our Savior, and create eternal families of our own. Death is temporary, & life is eternal. The future is bright, and the human race is inherently good! Understanding this opens the doors to understand philosophy on government, education, society, health, etc. In other words, an understanding of God and his empowering plan for us is the launchpad to discovering a happy life, and a secure eternity.


Articles of Richardson Studies are divided into 8 parts, namely family, salvation, restoration, last days, missionary, government, education, and health.

1. FAMILY: Make family your top priority while you go through school, career, & public service. Creating a family will be a critical foundation which will give meaning to all other areas of your life. Modesty & chastity in dating will lead to happy families. Marriages are precious, requiring careful regular maintenance. Righteously governing a large posterity is perhaps the single greatest gift you can give to yourself, to others, & to God. We all descend from our Heavenly Father and Mother, and our families can, just like the family of our Heavenly Parents, continue beyond the grave. Temples are key to the eternal union of families.Therein we are no more limited to the woeful “until death do ye part” which has long been heard in secular marriage ceremonies. All people of earth, past present & future, will yet have opportunities to enter these temples and be sealed in family units. Thus we see that family life is how mankind can become like God. Heaven is an extension of the ideal home.

2. SALVATION: Jesus Christ is the Savior of the mankind, and can help every person to avoid suffering & have more joy. Those who commit to follow all of his teachings such as repentance of sin will overcome all things & experience a future glorious beyond comprehension, even parallel to the lifestyle of God. Follow your conscience to do good continually, and be not ashamed of Jesus Christ and the messengers who assist him in bringing to pass the salvation and exaltation of mankind. Eventually all people of the human race will see Jesus Christ and know that he is the creator & God of this world. To join the church of Jesus Christ is to officially join his team, and in return to gain the strength needed to pass all trials of this life.

3. RESTORATION: The greatest marvel of modern times is that Jesus Christ has restored (brought back) his church as in times of old! This means a formal organization with prophets, visions, revelations, healings, temples, and continuing revelations to guide the people of God, just like bible times. Jesus Christ’s church is his delivery system to carry knowledge and power to those who chose to be His people. Never before have God’s people had greater need for the guidance and power which has always been found in God’s church!  Not only do we have the Holy Bible for God’s word, but additional scripture from ancient & modern prophets. Through the power of the priesthood, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have authority from Jesus Christ to baptize, receive the Holy Ghost, and unite (seal) families on earth who remain united in heaven. The restored church is also one of miracles, and it doesn’t take long as a member to see them, or as a historian looking at the church over the past couple centuries to see great miracles taking place. The church was restored to Joseph Smith in 1820, and from then until now, we’ve again had a living prophet to guide God’s people. We don’t just read scripture, we are living it!

4. LAST DAYS: The return of Jesus Christ will be breathtakingly soon, wherein the world, meaning the wickedness therein, will end. Prepare for hardship, & most of all, prepare to meet God. You do not have the luxury of waiting to meet him until old age has refined you. God trusts and expects that you can quickly overcome the natural man, and perform a great work for him in these last days in preparation for his coming, wherein immortality & world peace for 1,000 years will commence. As 1,000 years is a day to God, & the temporal lifespan of earth he has declared to be 7,000 years, it is now that Sabbath day of the end of the week of earth. Joyfully watch the signs God has given us from ancient and modern prophets regarding the winding up scenes of the days of life on earth as we know it. Be humbled by your opportunity to participate in the greatest era of the history of mankind. Ancient and modern prophets have given clear warnings that the season of the end is now upon us, and we must prepare for ‘a new heaven and a new earth.’ These are exciting times, and there is no time to loose!

5. MISSIONARY: Everyone is invited join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and thereby find the power walk the path which leads to becoming a  joint heir with Jesus Christ, and therefore to all that God the Father has. This glorious message has been declared with power and authority by modern prophets of God, and we need foot soldiers who will peddle this message to the ends of the earth, inviting all to come without money and without price to feast at the table of the Lord. I am deeply honored to be a foot soldier to help carry this message, and I find great joy in helping others find tools to do the same. God’s kingdom is a house of order, and the gate to that house is baptism. Not just any baptism, but baptism by one having authority. That authority was bestowed on this church by the resurrected Peter, John the Baptist, Moses, Elias, Jesus Christ, and Heavenly Father himself. Among other things, I can help you master key scriptures to assist you in your quest to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to your children, your community, and the ends of the earth.

6. GOVERNMENT: Our political views reflect what we believe to be morally right or wrong. Thus, political views are a reflection one’s moral character. Since God is interested in our moral character, he is interested in our political views. God was close to the founders when they wrote the US Constitution, and now wicked men conspire to put down that government of freedom. Truly the establishment of America is to prepare people to receive the fullness of Gods law when he comes to reign as king of earth. As shown by ancient and modern prophets, conspiring men inspired of the Devil form secret combinations to destroy the freedom of all mankind. Formal participation in government systems is important, but also critical for good government is that people create and take responsibility for families, perform honest labor, & promote religious values.

7. EDUCATION: Have the faith to make time in your life to learn, even if it means foregoing some comforts for a season. Learn to get a career, but also learn history, language, sciences, and arts of all kinds. How rare is the true scholar, with passion for his work, who looks beyond paper degrees, positions and recognition! God does not intend our lives to be plain, or for us only to learn of one topic such as business or even religion. Each of us have talents and special interests from pre-mortality, and must cultivate those talents further here on earth. Press forward seeking knowledge until you’ve reached the heavens and know all things. We will have a heightened ability to love and serve others as we increase in intelligence. Charity is the greatest of spiritual gifts, and persistent charity, knowledge avails us nothing. Have in mind a charitable purpose for the knowledge you pursue.

The key to motivation is knowledge. Willpower is an element, but sheer grit is only really available when there is a foundation of knowledge. Further, many things are intimidating, but when we learn about them, the fear goes away. Knowledge brings faith, and in turn deletes fear. For example, a highly technical skill is intimidating, but when one learns about the skill, it is no longer intimidating, and we can proceed with fine tuning that skill. One intimidating factor is pressure under which we are often expected to learn. This is not the Lords way. We need to allocate time to our education, planning in the bulk of life to be devoted to it. Not so much to formal training, although that can be a blessing in various ways, but a person should understand that their purpose is to become like God, and that the key to the glory of God is intelligence. Making strides in the aquisition of and rightous application of truth is what will bring us to become like God. We are fearless learners, and compassionate teachers. We learn from where we are and go forward from there. We teach others from where they are, and assist them to proceed from there.

8. HEALTH: What one does with their body is closely related their ability to follow their conscience. Good health practices will help us meet the great expectations God has in us, and to enjoy the journey. God has a body, & bodies are one of Gods greatest gifts to us. They are the key expression that God wills us to advance to the status in which he forever is. Abuse of drugs and other toxic substances are key methods Satan uses to destroy us. “Fat dumb and happy” he says. “Convince them to love their bondage” he says. Are you asleep regarding your health? Can you recognize Satan’s attempts to destroy you? If Satan can destroy your body, he has a better shot at destroying your spirit. When our bodies become weak, Satan is able to more easily desensitize us regarding our mortal missions, and distract us into some foolish path where we achieve only a fraction of what we were sent to earth to do. How much do you know about the body live in? Is it your servant or your master? Wholesome recreation is also a key to health, including sports, games, music, movies, and dance. Righteous participation in sport song and dance are pleasing to God. May our bodies assist us in our quest to bring HOLINESS TO THE LORD.

My best to you my friends,

–Nate Richardson