Overview of Richardson Studies writings: My writings are based in the teachings of ancient and modern prophets, and are of use to people of good will everywhere. Several documents are solely compilations of select quotes of the prophets, others are my writing – the label of each document identifies its type. Due to the inherently religious nature of this writing, they shared without cost. Use the above menu to navigate this website.

News: These current events article links and summaries are updated approximately once a week.

Videos: These are recordings of reading the essays found at this site, and often include additional commentary. Documents the videos are based on are regularly updated.

Apocalypse: These essays identify us as being in the last days, and demonstrate that we are in the 6th seal, nearing the completion of the 7000 year temporal history of the world with the eminent return of Christ. I’ve put together a major list of significant dates past and future, and a plethora of other helpful resources in this study.

Religion: I am in full fellowship with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and maintain that such is the single authorized kingdom of God on earth. My writing in this section particularly defends the church.

Missionary: These are compilations of important missionary scriptures primarily based in Preach My Gospel. I also share some methods for sharing the gospel.

Modesty: I show that modesty is a great Abrahamic trial for women, and discuss the ramifications of pride in this important hushed standard.

Marriage/Gender: I advocate family as the top priority of life and the heart of gospel living. These essays make clear the doctrines of gender, dating, marriage, modesty, and so on. I advocate not putting off family creation. I share some reasoning of why gender matters in God’s plan and in civil societies.

Parenting: I emphasize loving yet strict parenting, and point out common errors, helpful tips, and the eternal perspective of why parenting is the divine calling.

Government: I expose government tyranny and outline proper law. I am against socialism and communism, and for capitalism and voluntary consecration. I’ve been allowed to share my extensive book notes here on some key texts.

Education: I promote learning for its own sake aside from all economic advantage. I share tips for how to learn, best books, best teachers, and identify differences between traditionalist and progressive philosophies upon which to base ones education. I share polyglot quick reference grammars. I advocate homeschooling showing both its benefits, and the corrupt nature of government schooling.

Health: I advocate a primarily whole food plant based diet and share my research about the dangers of the Standard American Diet. I discourage the use of anti-depressants, vaccines, and other dangerous substances. I share a collection of quotations on sleep being overrated.

Science: I demonstrate how evolution is both anti-Christ and anti-science with the words of the prophets and scientific research. I share research and theories about true science and history which replaces evolution. I share book notes on some key texts here as well.

Recreation: I outline the standards the Lord has set for recreation in music, games, movies, etc., and show that recreation is not the top priority.

Music Playlists: I share a series of wholesome music playlists (YouTube or document). These are by topic. They avoid questionable lyrics and styles.


Nate Richardson, Editor