Key topics at Richardson Studies are apocalypse, religion, modesty, marriage/gender, parenting, government, health, education, creation, & recreation. A summary of my views & teachings in these subjects is as follows:

Apocalypse: These essays identify us as being in the last days, and demonstrate that we are still in the 6th seal. I teach 6th seal events being centered in America, & 7th seal events being centered in Jerusalem. I have timelines indicating a soon return of Jesus Christ. I believe in the miraculous worldview, namely the literal return of the Lost 10 Tribes from the North as a body, the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon as yet to come, the Zion New Jerusalem as yet to be built and gathered to en masse in Missouri, & in the city of Enoch soon returning. I avoid apostate groups & ruminating on heresay in these regards, staying true to scripture & teachings of Joseph Smith & other knowledgeable brethren such as Orson Pratt in these regards. I advocate sincere temporal preparedness including a year of food & being free of mortgage debt. I foresee impending all out war in the US before Zion is redeemed wherein saints may need to survive at home for a season before gathering to safe refuge cites, and finally marching to Zion in Missouri.

Religion: I am in full fellowship with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and affirm the keys remain with today’s prophet. I teach the grandeur of Joseph Smith. I teach Book of Mormon Geography occurring in the heartland of the US. I affirm scripture as God’s word, & share resources for scripture mastery. I teach to follow conscience & seek personal revelation while using the Standard Works as the measuring rod for all teaching of doctrine. I expose hidden liberal teachings of corrupt church historians and educators who seek to create a “new history” for the church which trivializes the work of Joseph Smith & the miraculous nature of spirituality. I discourage relying on scholars for doctrinal understanding, & blind obedience to any leader. I highly recommend the works of Rod Meldrum, & The Joseph Smith Foundation. I affirm the Joseph Smith Translation to be binding scripture. I teach that we can be as God, and attempt to show how and why that can take place. I heavily quote teachings of the modern prophets & ancient scripture throughout all my writings. I teach that God wants to reveal his mysteries, & that it is no sin to seek them. I teach that complacent religious living cannot result in exaltation. I teach plural marriage as a standard of celestial law, but strictly denounce its practice without being authorized by priesthood keys. I denounce the teaching that Adam is God, & separate truth from error in this subject. I foresee a great cleansing of the corrupt elements within the church, and urge everyone to remain in the church, and defend the restoration.

Marriage/Gender: I advocate family as the top priority of life and the heart of gospel living. These essays make clear the doctrines of gender, dating, marriage, modesty, and so on. I advocate not putting off family creation, including early marriage, and keeping the doors always open to childbirth. I share some reasoning of why gender matters in God’s plan and in civil societies, and renounce the gay agenda, and the feminist agenda as anti-family and anti-Christ.

Parenting: I emphasize loving yet strict parenting with high expectations, and train children to be a family asset. I point out common errors & helpful tips in parenting. I demonstrate parenting as being the heart of Godhood, and make the case that the most good people can do in the world is to have large families along with whatever else they do. I point out critical philosophical & spiritual errors in the mental health system and suggest alternatives to families in crisis. I advocate foster parenting.

Modesty: I show that modesty is a great Abrahamic trial for women, and discuss the ramifications of pride in this important hushed standard. I detail the why behind modesty in painfully clear language that cannot be mistaken. I demonstrate immodesty as a great hinderance to family-centered living, & call for significant cultural reform in these regards both in and out of the church.

Government: I identify the USA as the promised land, choice above all others, foretold by the Book of Mormon. I expose government tyranny including major conspiracy which was also heavily foretold in The Book of Mormon, COVID-19 and 9/11 being two chief of these. I teach corruption of both major political parties, & encourage voting with the Constitution Party. I am against socialism and communism, & expose them as a Satanic counterfeit to Gods distinct voluntary religious law of consecration. I promote capitalism and voluntary consecration. I denounce the welfare state, public schools, systemic vote fraud, and advocate states rights. I share extensive notes (with permission) on Hiding in Plain Sight: Exposing the Secret Combinations of the Last Days (Ken Bowers), The Abominable Church of the Devil (HV Andersen), analyze several works of Ayn Rand, & summarize many lectures from Latter-day Conservative. I share a feed of current events articles which include analysis, & highly advise the weekly World Affairs Brief by Joel Skousen.

Creation: I demonstrate how evolution is both anti-Christ and anti-science with the words of the prophets and scientific research. I demonstrate the flood of Noah as world wide. I demonstrate a young earth, and life being placed on earth by God. I teach of a literal Adam & a literal fall in a literal Eden. I believe Christ is the Savior of this eternity which involves this galaxy, that each galaxy is another eternity under the operation of Heavenly Father or other parent Gods, and that the faithful will become Gods & create worlds without end for their unending posterity. I strongly advocate Dean Sessions’ Universal Model Millennial Science textbooks as being the most correct demonstration of true science I’ve ever seen. I am highly fond of the Kolob Theorem. I highly esteem Christian creation science teachers such as Kent Hovind, Walt Brown, & ICR, though I do not support the idea that the entire observable universe came into existence all at the same time as this earth.

Education: I promote learning for its own sake aside from all economic advantage. I share tips for how to learn, best books, best teachers, and identify differences between traditionalist and progressive philosophies upon which to base ones education. I share polyglot reference grammars for ancient languages, & particularly encourage learning Hebrew. I advocate homeschooling showing both its benefits, and the corrupt nature of government schooling. I advocate wearing out ones life in seeking & sharing truth.

Health: I advocate a primarily whole food plant based diet, discourage use of animal products, and demonstrate dangers of unhealthy eating. I discourage the use of dangerous substances such as anti-depressants, vaccines, & GMOs. I follow teachings of Joel Fuhrman, Neal Barnard, & Michael Clapper to name a few. I advocate regular intermittent fasting.

Recreation: I outline the standards the Lord has set for recreation in music, dance, games, movies, etc., and show that recreation is not the top priority. I discourage magical fantastic novels. I discourage use of video games. I discourage obsession with organized sports. I encourage hard work, honest fun, and identify education as a chief recreation. I seek recreational media to be wholesome, uplifting, true to reality, educational, & with God fearing heroes. I share sanctifying music playlists (available on YouTube or text). They avoid questionable lyrics and styles. I denounce genres such as rap, rock, and pop.


Nate Richardson is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in good standing. He served a mission in the southern states, studied sciences and Hebrew at BYU, has worked in construction and healthcare, and has taught secondary science for several years. He is married with several children.


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