I am an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Writing here ranges many topics, but is centered on the religious world view.

You can download my books free, or watch video recordings of the essays. Each page of the website (found via the top menu) will have a link to download the related book, and will list a few details about that book. The PDF download of the books allows you to click on a chapter of interest to jump to that chapter, or just go print it after downloading.

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4.21 the last days calendar/timeline put back into the End Times book, revised with a view of 6th and 7th seal as yet future; another few essays in there briefly explaining this change.
4.16.21 Added many articles to the End Times book in the Overview section and Doctrines section.
4.4.21 Joseph Smith as one of the 7 archangels essay put into the End Times book
4.4.21 Numerated tables of contents put into the books.
4.3.21 Demonstrations of 6th and 7th seal events as FUTURE not past are now illustrated in the End Times book.
4.2.21 Switched from blog posts format to only having downloads of my books in PDF