Champions for Zion: Remarkable Teachings of Early Church Leaders on Building Zion by Jesse Fisher Highlights (PDF)  About: Emphasizes building independent Zion cities.)

Creation Doctrines (PDF) About: Against evolution, the levels of the cosmos, the 7th day temporal creation, etc.

Navigating Revelation – Doctrine, Prophets, Scripture Cannon, Restoration (PDF) About: Discussion on what constitutes doctrine and how to make spiritual choices, etc.

Seer Stone vs. Urim & Thummim: Book of Mormon Translation on Trial by Stoddards/JSF, Book Highlights (PDF) About: Demonstrating the translation by U&T, not the stones, as reported by scripture and Joseph, which detractors distorted into stone narratives.

Cleon Skousen Book of Mormon Class Highlights (PDF) (Lots of neat insights here.)

Isaiah Verse by Verse Insights (PDF)

Exaltation (PDF) About: What does it take? How can we best serve the world? How do we emulate Christ? What is the process of men becoming Gods? etc.

Exponential-Exaltation-Theory (Excel) About: How having a large family helps your impact on the world increase exponentially.

Plan of Salvation Study Notes (PDF) About: Pre-Mortality, Tests of Life, Christ’s Atonement, Spirit World, Resurrection, Judgement, etc.

Valiant Faith (PDF) About: Solving life’s problems with faith, resolving moral dilemmas, examples of faithful living, helpful insights to religious living.

Family-and-Godhead-in-the-Plan-of-Salvation (PDF)

A Positive View of Plural Marriage & The Restoration (PDF) (Blog) About: Defending the doctrine history and philosophy of the practice of plural marriage. Including contributions of Kimberly Watson Smith & highlights of books by Ogden Kraut.