Religion Books
Navigating Revelation – Determining Doctrine, Prophets, Scripture Cannon, Restoration (PDF)
Champions for Zion: Early Church Leaders on Building Zion by Jesse Fisher Highlights, Independent Cities, Consecration (PDF)
Heartland Book of Mormon Geography (PDF)
Seer Stone vs. Urim & Thummim: Book of Mormon Translation on Trial by Stoddards/JSF, Book Highlights (Blog)
Cleon Skousen Book of Mormon Class Highlights (PDF)
Plural Marriage: A Positive View (PDF) (Does not encourage current practice of this principle.)
Adam & God as Separate Beings (PDF)
Race: Religious Blessings & Cultural Counsel (PDF)
Hyrum Andrus Highlights (PDF) 
Plan of Salvation Insights (PDF) 
Valient Faith (PDF) 
Peter Kreeft’s “Culture War” etc. (PDF) 
Hope of Exaltation (PDF) 
Hugh Nibley Highlights (PDF) 
Exemplary Faith: Lives of Modern Prophets & Saints (PDF)

Religion Video (Topic: Restoration)

2min Hurlbut – The Corrupt Source of the Joseph Smith Treasure Digger Narrative

27min Personal Glimpses of the Prophet Joseph Smith by Hyrum Andrus Highlights

11min Plural Marriage in the Torah

34min Hidden Bloodlines: The Grail & The Lost Tribes of the North by the Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes

9min Nephites in Europe by The Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes

28min Joseph Smith More Than We Know by The Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes

26min Unlocking the Mystery of the Two Prophets by The Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes

2hr The Church of The Firstborn – Latter-day Saint Quotes

34min Heavenly Father Has a Father – Latter-day Saint Quotes

Religion Video (Topic: Plan of Salvation)

16min The Creations Of God, Worlds Without Number – Hyrum Andrus Lecture Highlights

19min Kingdoms of Colleges an Allegory of the 3 Kingdoms of God video

12min Why We Need A Savior: God’s Plan of Justice VS Lucifer’s Tyranny – Excerpt from Elder D Todd Christofferson

18min Exaltation Theory

13min Exaltation – Latter-day Saint Quotes

25min Exaltation Logic Analysis

Religion Video (Topic: Faith)

27min Situational Ethics, Oh No You Don’t!

1.5hr A Christ Centered Home (The Life Teachings & Family of James Stoddard) Book Highlights

13min Point Blank Accountability

44min Man is Become as God: Spiritual Capitalism and Why Life is Hard

20min Questions for the 1 Verse a Day Enthusiast

30min The God of Individualized Contracts

28min Life is a Pickle: Eden & Beyond

I Believe (Part 1, 27min) (Part 2, 39min) (Part 3, 5min)

12min Missions: Commanded to Go: Latter-day Saint Quotes

19min Faith Hope & Charity unto Salvation

Religion Posts:

2023 Religion Posts

*Highlights from Seer Stone v. Urim & Thummim: The Book of Mormon Translation on Trial by Hannah & James Stoddard 

*Highlights from “Faith Crisis Vol. 1: We Were Not Betrayed,” Answering “Did the LDS Church Lie?” by Hannah & James Stoddard – Defending Progressive Historian Attacks on the Character & Teachings of Joesph Smith 

Alma Allred & Bruce R McConkie: Elohim & Jehovah Aren’t Such Rigid Titles 06/19/2023

Is the Jesus of Mormonism the Jesus of the Bible? Alma Allred Debate Notes 06/19/2023

What is Truth? Alma Allred Debate Notes 06/19/2023

16 Reasons Why Adam & God are Separate 06/19/2023

*Highlights from J. Max Anderson’s book “The Polygamy Story: Fact & Fiction” – Refuting Fundamentalist Authority Claims 06/19/2023

Overview of the Role of Adam as Father & Head of Patriarchal Holy Order of THIS World, but NOT over Christ   06/01/2023

Can Men Become Gods? James White (Baptist) vs Martin Tanner (LDS) – Debate Notes 05/29/2023

The Scale of Each Eternity as Salvation of a Galaxy, the Future Inheritance of the Faithful as Presiding God’s with the Same Keys, Calling a Godhead for Each Eternity, One Eternal Round 05/29/2023

Thoughts on Why the New Youth Pamphlet and Related Changes in the Church – Changes Toward the “Higher & Holier Way” without Falling into “Anything Goes” Pitfalls, Emphasizing Parental Leadership – 4.23.23 04/24/2023

2022 Religion Posts

Pre-Existence by Ogden Kraut – Book Highlights 11/10/2022

The Gift of Dreams by Ogden Kraut – Book Highlights 11/08/2022

Plural Marriage in the Bible by Ogden Kraut – Book Highlights 09/12/2022

Celestial (Plural) Marriage by Orson Pratt – Highlights 09/12/2022

Abraham’s Plural Marriages: Resolving Concerns 08/25/2022

Problems with Michelle Stone’s “132 Problems” Lecture Series Against Plural Marriage 08/25/2022

The Angel with the Drawn Sword: Legitimate & Theologically Congruent 08/25/2022

David’s Plural Marriage: Comparing Jacob 2 and D&C 132 08/25/2022

Biblical Concubines as a Command of God 08/25/2022

Q&A with Jesse Fisher, Author of “Champions for Zion” on Teachings of Early LDS Leaders on Building Zion Economically & Otherwise 06/20/2022

Don’t Be Your Best Self, Live Through Christ: Thoughts, Scriptures, Linguistics, Etc. 06/20/2022

2021 Religion Posts

Plural Marriage in the Torah 12/28/2021

Sustaining Church Leaders & Following Conscience 12/14/2021
Overview of Plural Marriage as an Eternal Celestial Blessing 12/03/2021
Kimberly Smith Plural Marriage & The Patriarchal Order as Honoring and Exalting Women 12/03/2021

Hyrum Andrus: The Creations of God, Worlds Without Number – Lecture Highlights 11/29/2021

Cleon Skousen Highlights the Life of J Reuben Clark 11/03/2021

Cleon Skousen – Meaning of the Atonement Lecture – Highlights 10/30/2021

Cleon Skousen – Ancient Scripture Lecture – Highlights 10/30/2021

David Hocking Annotated Series Highlights – Book of Mormon, Jasher, Isaiah 10/25/2021

Selected Images from David Hocking’s Annotated Book of Mormon: Overwhelming Evidence for the North American Setting 10/19/2021

Hurlbut: The Corrupt Source of the Sources on “Magical Treasure Stone” Joseph Smith 10/01/2021

Adoption, Sealings, Blood Lines, Fathers, Mothers, Levirate Law, Plural Marriage: An Overview 09/27/2021

On the Doctrinal Validity of Joseph Smith Papers, Journal of Discourses, “Saints” Histories, Etc. 09/16/2021

Hugh Nibley: Pros & Cons (Mostly Pros) 09/16/2021

Dividing Light from Darkness: People Theory 09/06/2021

Adam Was 1st Flesh on Earth (Before Animals): Scriptural Analysis 09/06/2021

JST Insights on Garden of God vs Garden of Eden, & What Took Place in Each: Answers Adam God Questions 08/30/2021

Suggestions for Bishops 08/09/2021

No, The Holy Ghost Didn’t Used to Have A Body 08/09/2021

Evidence that Plural Marriage was Practiced in the Book of Mormon 08/04/2021

2020 Religion Posts

On Situational Ethics: Oh No You Don’t! 12/18/2020

General Conference Highlights: October 2020 10/04/2020

Time Changer – Movie Review 05/11/2020

Beware Persecution From Inside the Church – Prophetic Warnings 03/30/2020

Versions of the Talmud 03/30/2020

Know, Not Just Believe 03/30/2020

Nephites in Europe: Quest for the Nephite Remnant by the Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes 03/23/2020

Hidden Bloodlines: The Grail & The Lost Tribes of the North by the Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes 03/23/2020

Where is Joseph Smith in the Bible? Come and See 03/16/2020

A Few Notes on Joseph Smith 03/16/2020

Whisperings: The Still Small Voice of Conscience: Essay by Joel Skousen 03/15/2020

Carrying the Gospel to the “Heathen” Nations 02/17/2020


2019 Religion Posts

What we won’t give up, keeping us from Zion 12/26/2019

Testimony: Bearing the Weight, Why We Aren’t Raptured Upon Conversion, & Some Q&A 12/26/2019

I Believe: Part 3 12/26/2019

I Believe: Part 2 12/26/2019

I Believe: Part 1 12/26/2019

President Hinckley Outlines our Top Priorities 12/26/2019

Trusting Personal Revelation (Over well-meaning words of Respected Others) 12/26/2019

Polygamy’s Ancient Purpose & Legal History 12/24/2019

Without Vision, The People Perish: Reaching for Higher Fulfilment 11/30/2019

God’s People are His Glory: A Key to Knowledge of Eternity 11/24/2019

Possible Hebrew Meaning of Genesis 3:1 11/24/2019

Effective Co-Creators: Everyday Saviors on Mount Zion 11/24/2019

Emulating the Godhead in the Pre-Mortal, Mortal, & Post-Mortal Existence 11/24/2019

Agency Begins with Saying No 11/23/2019

What are The Millennium & Heaven Like? Eternal Sunday? Boring? 11/16/2019

Straining at Particles of Light: Premortal Life and the Mansions of Memory by Terryl Givens – Lecture Notes 11/16/2019

Priesthood 03/02/2019

Obedience to God Can Bring Seemingly Unrelated Blessings 03/02/2019

Joining The Church: Salvation, Alcohol, & Sexual Chastity 02/15/2019

2018 Religion Posts

How Beautiful are the Feet 12/20/2018

The God of Individualized Contracts 11/21/2018

Life is a Pickle 11/21/2018

Adoption To The Household of the Gods 11/10/2018

To Obey is Better than Sacrifice: The Secret Code for Valiant Service, & A List of Some Commandments & Councils 11/09/2018
Man is Become As God: Spiritual Capitalism & Why Life is Hard 11/03/2018

Creation Fall & Atonement Narrative 11/03/2018

Forgiveness & Tolerance 10/20/2018

Prayers, Answers, & Leading the Children in Prayer 10/20/2018

The Crucible of Doubt by Terryl & Fiona Givens – Book Notes 09/20/2018

A Great Terror: Decreasing Sabbath Observance & Scriptural Awareness 09/12/2018

Power of the Restoration: A Firm Foundation of Faith 09/12/2018

On Conspiracy & Staying in The Church: Responding to Christian Markham’s Two Churches Only Vol. 2 09/10/2018

Belief and Knowledge unto Obedience 08/02/2018

Magnifying Your Calling in the Church & Your Calling in the Gospel 07/25/2018

Heavenly Father has a Father, as Taught by the Prophets 07/17/2018

Biblical Context of Latter-day Saint Doctrine, a House Divided Principle, & The Achilles Heel of Preferring Past Prophets to Modern Prophets 07/13/2018

Multiculturalism and leaving Babylon culture for higher like fat man leaves and looses taste for junk food 07/07/2018

Christ Symbols in Animal Sacrifice of the Law of Moses 07/07/2018

The Prophet Joseph Smith: More Than We Know by the Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes 06/30/2018

The Gospel of Creation Theory 06/22/2018

Why Bad things Happen to Good People? God Isn’t a Nanny Parent 06/16/2018

Why Satan does what he does based on Intelligence and Physics, excerpt from Hiding in Plain Sight by Ken Bowers 06/16/2018

Be One: Celebrating Priesthood for Africans – Lecture Notes 06/02/2018

God’s People are His Glory 05/21/2018

The Essential Foot Soldier 04/20/2018

Exponential Exaltation via Childbearing 02/18/2018

Taking Care of Others Before Yourself: Excerpts from “Fear Not to Do Good” By Henry B. Eyring 03/14/2018

Magnifying Our Callings Unto Salvation 03/14/2018

Why our Society is going to Hell 02/28/2018

The Need to Defend Truth by Elder Christofferson to Religious Educators – Lecture Notes 02/23/2018

Ministering: Friendly Missionary Work – A Joy, A Cross, A Time Travel Analogy, & Going Beyond Servitude 02/23/2018

A House Full Of Females: Plural Marriage And Women’s Rights In Early Mormonism by Laurel Ulrich, Notes 02/21/2018

Point-Blank Accountability 02/21/2018

Wickedness is Happiness, Sometimes? The Justice of God and the Nature of the Soul 02/05/2018

Should we Limit our Studies to General Authorities & Conferences? 02/05/2018

Consequences of Rejecting the Prophets, Including Less Access to the Word of God 02/05/2018

Why am I a Latter-day Saint? Personal Revelation. 02/05/2018

What Constitutes Doctrine – An Explanation from the Prophets 02/05/2018

Commandments and Councils List 02/05/2018

Tithing as taught by the Prophets 02/05/2018

Power of the Restoration: A Firm Foundation of Faith: Finally! A Good Taste in our Mouths for Religion! Welcome to the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ 02/01/2018

The Solution to Pharaoh’s Dilemma: Overcoming Death 02/01/2018

The Only True Church 02/01/2018

Oneness of God, Fall of Adam, & Atonement of Christ 02/01/2018

*The Mortal Messiah (all 4 volumes) by Bruce R. McConkie – Book Notes 02/01/2018

The Church of the Firstborn as Taught by the Prophets 02/01/2018

Special Witnesses of Christ: Prophets Know Him 02/01/2018

Scriptural Serpent Symbol : Christs Truth & Satans Imitation 01/27/2018

Scriptural List of the Abominations of Babylon 01/27/2018

Emphasize service, brotherhood, & grass-roots-education; de-emphasize careerism, status seeking, & hoop-jumping 01/27/2018

Sabbath is Not for Commerce or Sport: PMG Standard 01/27/2018

We face the frightening thought of a generation raised without any contact with scripture -Boyd Packer 01/27/2018

Why God Sometimes Instructs His People To Kill 01/27/2018

Pride and Humility: The Universal Problem and the Universal Solution 01/27/2018

Pre-Mortality – Words of the Prophets 01/26/2018

Personal Glimpses of the Prophet Joseph Smith, by H. & H. Andrus, summary & audio 01/25/2018

Prophets Teach Obedience 01/25/2018

Preguntas Y Respuesas Basicas En Cuanto De Como Vivo Me Fe 01/25/2018

Basic Q & A On Living One’s Faith As A Latter-day Saint 01/25/2018

Living Beneath Our Privileges 01/24/2018

Literal Resurrection of Christ & All 01/24/2018

The Possibility of Pure Joy: Our Greatest Fear 01/24/2018

Joseph Smith brief note 01/24/2018

Isaiah Class by Byron Merrill by BYU – Notes 01/24/2018

Ancient Rod of Aaron Used in Our Day by Oliver Cowdry: An Instrument of Revelation Testifying of Christ 01/24/2018

Increased Accountability and Expectation of the Latter-day Saints: Extra-Biblical Scripture & Exaltation (Theosis) 01/24/2018

Pre-Mortality, Corporal Resurrection, & Eternal Family 01/24/2018

Joy Analysis by Hugh Nibley from Book of Mormon & Pearl of Great Price Lectures 01/23/2018

Approaching Zion: To Our Glory or To Our Condemnation by Hugh Nibley – Lecture Notes 01/22/2018

Hebrew eyes seeing the Parables of Jesus by Amy Jill Levine – Lecture Notes 01/22/2018

Grace 01/22/2018

Godhead Discussion 01/22/2018

Non-Predestination aspect of Gods Agentive Servants 01/22/2018

Free Forever to Act for Themselves by Elder D. Todd Christofferson – Excerpt 01/22/2018

Faithlessness: Our #1 Problem, & How Faith Hope and Charity Lead to Salvation 01/22/2018

Self-Mastery by Elder Russel M Nelson – Lecture Notes 01/20/2018

Exaltation Theory 01/19/2018

Exaltation Analysis 01/19/2018

Exaltation as Taught by the Prophets 01/19/2018

Taste The Fruits of the Spirit 01/19/2018

Courageous Faith 01/18/2018

First Presidency Christmas Devotional 2014 – Lecture Notes 01/17/2018

Building the Great Great Cathedrals, summary 01/17/2018

Build an Highway to Zion: The Redemptive Life of Moving Mountains 01/17/2018

The 7 Deadly Heresies by Elder Bruce R McConkie – Lecture Notes 01/17/2018

Brad Wilcox Lecture Notes 01/17/2018

Baptism 01/17/2018

The Atonement of Jesus Christ As Taught by the Prophets 01/17/2018

Angels to buoy up the Servants of the Lord 01/17/2018

400 Questions & Answers about the New Testament by Susan Easton Black – Book Notes 01/12/2018

The Atonement of Jesus Christ: Can We Really Understand? by Donald W Parry, link to video 01/08/2018

Why We Need a Savior: God’s Plan vs. Lucifer’s Tyranny by Elder D. Todd Christofferson (“A Message at Christmas” 2017 BYU Devotional) 01/08/2018

We live in a Post-Christian Society by Elder Quinton L Cook 01/08/2018

We All Bleed The Same: Healing America Version by Alex Boye, Music Video 01/03/2018

Planted: Belief and Belonging in an age of Doubt, by Patrick Mason – Book Notes 01/01/2018

Godhead, Kingdoms, and Family as Types of Progression 01/01/2018