Presentation: Geology of the Worldwide Flood of Noah with Universal Model (PDF) (1.5hr Video)

Presentation: Fossil Finds & Formation Disprove Evolution – Universal Model Presentation (PDF) (Booklet PDF) (45min Video)

Presentation: Water vs Fire – Universal Model Takes on the Geological Foundations of Godless Science (PDF) (5min Intro Video) (3hr Video)

Highlights – Universal Model Ch. 5 Magma Pseudotheory (PDF)

Highlights – Universal Model Ch. 7 Hydroplanet Model (PDF)

Highlights – Universal Model Ch. 11 Fossil Model (PDF)

Creation Science Study Notes (PDF)

Creation Doctrines (PDF)

Dragons or Dinosaurs? by Cloud Ten Pictures – Documentary Notes (8min Video)

Universal Model Vol. 2 The Living System by Dean Sessions – Textbook Glimpse (2min Video)