Science Books

Creation Doctrines (PDF) About: Against evolution, the levels of the cosmos, the 7th day temporal creation, etc.
Creation Science (PDF) About: Various creation science insights, a few popular creation science titles, my experience as a science teacher, etc.
Presentation: Geology of the Worldwide Flood of Noah with Universal Model (PDF) (Booklet) (1.5hr Video)
Presentation: Fossil Finds & Formation Disprove Evolution – Universal Model Presentation (PDF) (Booklet) (45min Video)
Presentation: Water vs Fire – Universal Model Takes on the Geological Foundations of Godless Science (PDF) (Booklet) (5min Intro Video) (3hr Video)
Highlights – Universal Model Ch. 5 Magma Pseudotheory (PDF)
Highlights – Universal Model Ch. 7 Hydroplanet Model (PDF)
Highlights – Universal Model Ch. 11 Fossil Model (PDF)
Kent Hovind Creation Science Lecture Highlights & Commentary (PDF)
Universal Model Vol. 2 The Living System by Dean Sessions – Textbook Glimpse (2min Video)

Science Videos 

Dragons or Dinosaurs? by Cloud Ten Pictures – Documentary Notes (8min Video)

2hr Interview with David Sanders and Nate Richardson on Universal Model Geology for Noah’s Worldwide Flood, Introductory Creation Science, & Latter-day Saint doctrines: (525) Geology of Noah’s Flood etc., Universal Model – Nate Richardson & Dave Sanders Discussion, 2023 – YouTube

1.5hr Noah’s Worldwide Flood: Geology of the Universal Model

2min Video Universal Model Vol. 2 The Living System by Dean Sessions – Textbook Glimpse

44min How Fossil Finds and Formation Disprove Evolution (and some discussion on Latter-day Saint views on evolution)

5min Video 5 Minute Introduction to the Hydroplanet Model Water vs Fire by Nate Richardson the Universal Model

3hr Video Water vs Fire: Universal Model Science Takes on Godless Geology- 3hr Version

8min Dragons or Dinosaurs? by Cloud Ten Pictures – Documentary Notes

Dinosaurs in Scripture: A Latter-day Saint Perspective by Jeremy Michel (PDF) (Video)

Science Posts

2023 Science Posts

In their own words, “it seems Evolution has created the greatest of killers” 

*Notes & Commentary on Kent Hovind’s 7-Part Creation Science Seminars 05/30/2023

“Disconformities” in the Geologic Record: Coverup for Diverse Fossils Close Together 05/23/2023

Arbitrary Epochs And Other Fallacies Seen In An Earth Science Praxis Teacher Licensing Study Guide 05/23/2023

My Journey as a Science Teacher 05/21/2023

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2020 Science Posts

70+ Signatures & Many Stories: Dear President Worthen, Stop Teaching Evolution at BYU 06/15/2020

Evolution by God is Laughable – Joel Skousen Quote 01/27/2020

Evolution of Species is Incomprehensible – President Russel M Nelson Quote 01/26/2020

Convincing Professors of Truths Not Found in Academic Journals: Who’s Empirical, & Who’s Religious? 01/26/2020

2019 Science Posts

*Is Genesis History? – Documentary Notes 12/30/2019

2018 Science Posts

Selected Quotes from “what they’re not telling you about astronomy – vol 3 the universe” 12/14/2018

Reflecting on “Reflections of a Scientist” by Henry Eyring Sr. 01/27/2018

Creationism Vs Evolution Debate Ken Ham And Bill Nye 2014, notes 01/25/2018

Morality doesn’t make sense without God’s law: Refuting Bill Nye 01/25/2018

Dragons or Dinosaurs? by Cloud Ten Pictures – Documentary Notes 01/01/2018

Creation Without Evolution: Words of the Prophets 01/01/2018