Science Books

Let’s Talk AGAIN About Science & Religion: Exposing Evolution Science & Doctrine for the Latter-day Saints (Pres) (Book)

Geology of the Worldwide Flood of Noah with Universal Model (PPT PDF) (Pres Booklet) (Video) (Interview 2hr Video)

Fossil Finds & Formation Disprove Evolution with Universal Model (PPT PDF) (Pres Booklet) (45min Video) (Book Highlights)

Water vs Fire: Challenging the Geological Foundations of Godless Science (PPT PDF) (Pres Booklet) (5min Intro Video) (3hr Video) (Magma Book Highlights) (Hydroplanet Book Highlights)

Dinosaurs in Scripture by Jeremy Michel (Book PDF) (PPT Pres PDF) (Video 71min)

Kent Hovind Creation Science Seminars, Highlights & Commentary (Book PDF) (Blog Post)

Creation Doctrines (Book PDF) About: Against evolution, the levels of the cosmos, the 7th day temporal creation, etc.

Creation Science (Book PDF) About: Various creation science insights, a few popular creation science titles, my experience as a science teacher, etc.

Additional Science Videos 

Universal Model Vol. 2 The Living System: Intro (2min Video)

Dragons or Dinosaurs? by Cloud Ten Pictures – Documentary Notes (8min Video)

8min Dragons or Dinosaurs? by Cloud Ten Pictures – Documentary Notes (8min Video)

Science Blog Posts

2023 Science Posts

In their own words, “it seems Evolution has created the greatest of killers” 

*Notes & Commentary on Kent Hovind’s 7-Part Creation Science Seminars 05/30/2023

“Disconformities” in the Geologic Record: Coverup for Diverse Fossils Close Together 05/23/2023

Arbitrary Epochs And Other Fallacies Seen In An Earth Science Praxis Teacher Licensing Study Guide 05/23/2023

My Journey as a Science Teacher 05/21/2023

2022 none

2021 none

2020 Science Posts

70+ Signatures & Many Stories: Dear President Worthen, Stop Teaching Evolution at BYU 06/15/2020

Evolution by God is Laughable – Joel Skousen Quote 01/27/2020

Evolution of Species is Incomprehensible – President Russel M Nelson Quote 01/26/2020

Convincing Professors of Truths Not Found in Academic Journals: Who’s Empirical, & Who’s Religious? 01/26/2020

2019 Science Posts

*Is Genesis History? – Documentary Notes 12/30/2019

2018 Science Posts

Selected Quotes from “what they’re not telling you about astronomy – vol 3 the universe” 12/14/2018

Reflecting on “Reflections of a Scientist” by Henry Eyring Sr. 01/27/2018

Creationism Vs Evolution Debate Ken Ham And Bill Nye 2014, notes 01/25/2018

Morality doesn’t make sense without God’s law: Refuting Bill Nye 01/25/2018

Dragons or Dinosaurs? by Cloud Ten Pictures – Documentary Notes 01/01/2018

Creation Without Evolution: Words of the Prophets 01/01/2018