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September 2023



22 Years Later: 9/11 STILL BEING CENSORED!

Sep 11, 2023
While the National Institute of Standards and Technology was tasked with determining the truth behind why buildings 1, 2, and 7 of the World Trade Center fell on that day, ending many lives in the process, what was delivered to the American people within the agency’s official reports was, at best, a predetermined theory that did not look at all the observable facts, and which has been disproved time and again by the rigorous analysis and experimentation of independent researchers. Though some may now wish to consider the events of September 11, 2001, just another turned page in the history of our country, those who were affected by those events deserve justice, which can only be achieved through an honest re-examination of all the facts, no matter where they lead. — Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth


Pardon Issued For Dad Who “Exploded With Rage” Over Daughter’s Transgender Bathroom Rape, School Coverup

Sep 11, 2023
…It was after this comment that Smith went ballistic, resulting in his disorderly conduct charge. In the aftermath of the rape and Smith’s outburst, the Loudoun school board voted in February of this year to keep the findings of an independent report on the sexual assault private. — ZeroHedge


Americans Divided as Mask Mandates Make a Comeback Amid COVID-19 Surge

Sep 11, 2023
In Alabama, Kinterbish Junior High School issued a mask mandate in late August for students, staff, and visitors due to COVID-19 and just this week, Rosemary Hills Elementary School in Silver Spring, Maryland, issued a mask mandate for 10 days, after three people at the school tested positive for the virus. — The Epoch Times


Passport Bros: Feminists Are Outraged At Men Going Overseas To Find Traditional Wives

Sep 11, 2023
Their reaction is rather revealing. The above is just a sampling of the salt that has been directed at Passport Bros in the past several months. Mainstream platforms are beginning to pick up on the trend and woke journalists are equally incensed. Clearly, the concept has hit a nerve, otherwise they would not go through the trouble of attacking it in the first place. But the core question is – Why do they care? — ZeroHedge


A Deeper Dive Into the Role of Spike Protein in Myocarditis and Blood Clotting After COVID-19 Vaccination

Sep 9, 2023
In this series, “Promise or Peril: Alarming COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Issues,” we explore how the introduction of mRNA technology lacked an adequate regulatory framework, setting the stage for serious adverse events and other concerns related to inadequate safety testing of lipid nanoparticles, spike protein, and residual DNA- and lipid-related impurities, as well as truncated/modified mRNA species. Previously: In Part 1, we introduced how the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) relaxed the rules for mRNA vaccines compared to mRNA therapies and discussed the available data regarding LNP distribution throughout the body based on animal testing, the fact that human testing was not done, and the lack of mRNA or spike protein biodistribution data. In Parts 2 and 3, we explored how the LNPs are constructed and how they behave in the body and affect health. Now we turn to another problem—the cargo contained in the LNP capsules: the mRNA and its encoded spike protein. We introduce the inflammatory response to the spike protein — The Epoch Times



Full Authoritarian: New Mexico Governor Suspends Constitutional Gun Rights For Law-Abiding Citizens In Albuquerque

Sep 9, 2023
New Mexico State Representatives Stefani Lord (R-22) and John Block (R-51) called for the impeaching of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) after she issued a public health emergency to strip the right away for law-abiding citizens to carry firearms in public in and around Albuquerque, the state’s largest city. — ZeroHedge


The FBI’s Gestapo Tactics: Hallmarks of an Authoritarian Regime

Sep 9, 2023
With every passing day, the United States government borrows yet another leaf from Nazi Germany’s playbook: Secret police. Secret courts. Secret government agencies. Surveillance. Censorship. Intimidation. Harassment. Torture. Brutality. Widespread corruption. Entrapment. Indoctrination. Indefinite detention. These are not tactics used by constitutional republics, where the rule of law and the rights of the citizenry reign supreme. Rather, they are the hallmarks of authoritarian regimes, where secret police control the populace through intimidation, fear and official lawlessness on the part of government agents. — John W. Whitehead


Minnesota Democrat Who Vowed to Dismantle Police Is Left With Broken Leg, Bloodied Face, After Violent Carjacking

Sep 8, 2023
The alleged attack on Ms. Sathanandan and her subsequent comments come roughly three years after she accused police of having “systematically failed the Black Community,” and vowed to “dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department.” — The Epoch Times


Liberty Safe Let FBI Seize Customer’s Gun Safe Contents Without A Court Order

Sep 8, 2023
Liberty Safe willfully granted the FBI backdoor access to one of its customers’ gun safes because the federal law enforcement agency demanded it. “The feds called the manufacturer of his Liberty Gun Safe and got the passcode to get into it too. All for protesting at the Capitol over 2 1/2 years ago,” conservative YouTubers the Hodge Twins alleged in a post on X on Monday. — The Federalist


DOJ Prosecutors Seek 120 Days in Prison for Owen Shroyer for Speaking Out Against Stolen 2020 Election – A Speech Crime

Sep 8, 2023
Owen stood outside the US Capitol. Owen and Alex Jones warned people about going inside the Capitol. They knew it was a setup. Instead of being awarded medals for their actions that day, the regime arrested Owen months later on bogus charges. After all, he IS a Trump supporter. — The Gateway Pundit


Megyn Kelly Reveals Possible Vaccine Injury, Regrets Getting COVID Shot

Sep 8, 2023
tested positive for an autoimmune issue at my annual physical. And I went to the best rheumatologist in New York, and I asked her, do you think this could have to do with the fact that I got the damn booster and then got COVID within three weeks? And she said yes. Yes. I wasn’t the only one she’d seen that with,” Ms. Kelly said. Her current vaccine regret stands in contrast to remarks she made in April 2021, when she said she had “zero qualms” about getting the shot. — The Epoch Times


“Idealism Collides With Realism” – Mayor Eric Adams Says Migrant Crisis Will ‘Destroy New York City’

Sep 7, 2023
With resources already stretched thin, Adams paints a grim picture: “We have to feed, clothe, house, educate the children, wash their laundry sheets, give them everything they need, healthcare.” — ZeroHedge


Trump Calls on Big Pharma to Disclose All Vaccine Side Effect Data

Sep 7, 2023
Ms. Dixon then noted that under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act, pharmaceutical companies are shielded from liability from vaccine injuries until December 2024. “So once that sunsets, then they can be held liable for any type of vaccine injuries, will you tell these companies that they must be honest about what has happened with this vaccine?” Ms. Dixon asked. President Trump replied by saying that the companies would be wrong to withhold any information on vaccine harms. — The Epoch Times


Report: Prominent Scientist Admits To Pushing “Preapproved” Climate Change Narrative To Get Papers Published

Sep 7, 2023
“Editors of these journals have made it abundantly clear… they want climate papers that support certain preapproved narratives” — Summit News


The Pentagon Wants To Affirm Your Gender Transition. But Not if You’re Avoiding the Draft

Sep 7, 2023
When it comes to the military draft—which is presently inactive and called the “selective service program”—the military absolutely insists that “men are men.” In other words, the military wants to make sure no man can get out of the forced military service by claiming to be a woman. — Mises Institute


GOP Governors Say ‘Not Happening Here’ After Maryland School Implements N-95 Mask Mandate

Sep 7, 2023
Texas Governor Greg Abbott wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, that it’s “not going to happen in Texas.” — ZeroHedge


Massive Peer-Reviewed Mask Study Shows ‘Little To No Difference’ In Preventing COVID, Flu Infection

Sep 6, 2023
The study, published in the peer-reviewed Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, is the strongest science to date refuting the basis for mask mandates worldwide. — Summit News


Report: Russia, China and North Korea to Hold Trilateral War Games

Sep 6, 2023
South Korea’s intelligence services believe that Russia, China and North Korea are preparing to conduct joint military drills. Moscow, Beijing, and Pyongyang have all frequently complained about American war games near their borders. — The Libertarian Institute


Chicago criminals have green light to rob, loot, burgle as odds of punishment collapse to near zero. – Wirepoints

Sep 6, 2023
The math is pretty straightforward. A demoralized, restricted police force. Plus a 1 in 20 arrest rate. Plus a high rate of unreported crime. Plus a dismal 911 response rate. Plus a city leadership that’s soft on crime. All that equals a near-zero chance of criminals ever getting punished. — Wirepoints


Drunk Drivers Causing Parental Deaths Now Liable for Child Support in Texas

Sep 6, 2023
Drunk drivers who are convicted of intoxication manslaughter will now need to pay child support if they kill a parent or guardian of a child in a car crash, according to a new Texas law that went into effect on Sept. 1. — The Epoch Times


Doctor: Pharmacists Continuing to Refuse Ivermectin Prescriptions, Raising Ethical Concerns

Sep 6, 2023
The continued refusal of pharmacists nationwide to fill prescriptions for controversial COVID medications has raised questions over medical autonomy and who ultimately has control over patient care, according to a prominent doctor. Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, a practitioner and founder of Coalition of Health Freedom, told The Epoch Times that many pharmacists nationwide are still refusing to fill prescriptions issued for ivermectin issued to patients for the treatment of COVID, despite statements from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) affirming that right to doctors. — The Epoch Times


Florida Doctor Reinstated After Losing Board Certification for Criticizing COVID-19 Vaccines

Sep 6, 2023
With money raised for legal fees, physician plans to help medical students under pressure to submit to ‘woke’ ideology — The Epoch Times


Video: Fauci Squirms As CNN Anchor Confronts Him With Data Showing Masks Don’t Work

Sep 6, 2023
Anchor Michael Smerconish brought up the Cochrane review of masks, one of umpteen studies that have all found that the face coverings do little to nothing against COVID transmission. “When you’re talking about the effect on the epidemic or the pandemic as a whole, the data are less strong,” Fauci squirmingly admitted, but then went on to suggest people should still wear them anyway. — Summit News


EXC: Federal Government Is Starting COVID-19 ‘Emergency’ Contracts Expiring In 2025.

Sep 5, 2023
The unearthed contracts, which can be viewed on the federal government’s spending database, follow a separate War Room exclusive detailing similar behavior from the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has inked a contract with the Virginia-based Goldbelt Apex, which is active in the health information technology space. Among its areas of focus are “coordination of response to public health emergencies” and “surveillance.” — War Room

‘We Will Not Comply,’ Trump Says of COVID-19 Lockdowns, Mandates

Sep 5, 2023
In a video released Wednesday, former President Donald Trump denounced the left’s push to “restart the COVID hysteria” and pledged that the United States would not return to lockdowns, mask mandates and vaccine mandates. “To every COVID tyrant who wants to take away our freedom, hear these words: We will not comply, so don’t even think about it,” Trump said. — Daily Signal


‘Election Variant’ Prompts NYC Mask Advisory

Sep 5, 2023
New York health authorities are asking residents to mask up during Labor Day weekend amid the latest wave of Covid-19 cases, and a broader resurgence of hysteria over the disease which generally laughs at face masks & kills less than 0.01% of those who contract it – with newer strains generally weaker than their predecessors, as tends to happen. — ZeroHedge


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Challenges Biden to Prove Fitness for Office by Debating

Sep 3, 2023
In a tweet Friday, Kennedy said: “President Biden could put to rest any concerns about his fitness for office by engaging me in a vigorous, issues-oriented debate. Let’s end the speculation and let the voters see for themselves.” — Breitbart


Flash Mob Steals Thousands of Dollars in Power Tools from California Home Depot

Sep 3, 2023
“Signal Hill Police Department Lt. Kelli Crigler confirmed via email on Monday that officers were dispatched to the store around 6:03 p.m. Sunday and took a report of a robbery that involved “approximately seven unknown males, who stole approximately $5,000 worth of power tools,” noted the outlet. The robbery in Long Beach comes amid a severe crime wave in the state of California, where multiple department stores have fallen prey to these types of smash-and-grab robberies. As Breitbart News reported this week, masked thieves in Pasadena, California, looted $500,000 in merchandise from a jewelry store after pepper-spraying the owner, Sam Babikian. — Breitbart


Chicago Residents Rage As Illegal Migrant Housing Takes Over Their Neighborhoods

Sep 3, 2023
Cook County has been hit with at least 13,500 migrants in the past year, with hundreds being housed in Hyde Park neighborhoods, increasing tensions in an already crime addled metropolis. The thing is, this is what residents voted for. The Utopian fantasy of an open border society that is still able to maintain its economy and its inherent cultural structures is naive at best. All those virtuous feelings go out the window once their neighborhoods are overrun and their city welfare programs are tapped out. Soon, those same compassionate progressives are threatening violence. — ZeroHedge


Woman Says Her Daughter Was Sex Trafficked After School Hid Gender Transition

Sep 3, 2023
“We got into a courtroom, and she came up on a big Zoom screen. I called her name, saying, ‘I love you, Sage,’ and she replied, ‘I love you, Nana,’ and that was it. The public defender shut it down and convinced the judge that I was abusive because I didn’t call her by her boy name.” Baltimore Circuit Court Judge Robert Kershaw at one point had Mrs. Blair’s husband removed from the courtroom for forgetting to use Sage’s masculine pronouns, she said, and the judge refused to acknowledge Sage’s need for trauma care, Mrs. Blair said. — The Epoch Times


Busing Illegal Immigrants to Blue America Is Working

Sep 3, 2023
What happened to all are welcome, no exceptions? This is an interesting pivot from the New York governor. Until now, Democrat politicians mostly have been unwilling to criticize the White House in any way on the border security issue, or even suggest that the Biden administration is where the problem originates. — The Epoch Times

COVID Mask Wearers Could Be Exposed to Toxic Chemicals: Study

Sep 3, 2023
… Results from a study published in the Journal of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety in May have indicated that masks pose significant risks to wearers due to toxins emitted by the tight-fitting face coverings. Researchers from South Korea measured the number and concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from several different masks, including cotton masks and KF94 masks—a popular type of disposable mask similar to the N95 mask. — The Epoch Times


Over 1,600 Scientists and Professionals Sign ‘No Climate Emergency’ Declaration

Sep 3, 2023
International scientists have jointly signed a declaration dismissing the existence of a climate crisis and insisting that carbon dioxide is beneficial to Earth. — The Epoch Times


August 2023


Meta Drops University-Based Fact-Checking Group After Bias Exposed

Aug 31, 2023
Facebook parent Meta has suspended the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) from its fact-checking operation after investigative reporters exposed its leftist bias and the expiration of its fact-checking certification from the entity that coordinates Meta’s policing of speech. — ZeroHedge

Summary of Medical Studies: Masks Not Effective for Respiratory Viruses

Aug 31, 2023
The pooled results of RCTs did not show a clear reduction in respiratory viral infection with the use of medical/surgical masks. There were no clear differences between the use of medical/surgical masks compared with N95/P2 respirators in healthcare workers when used in routine care to reduce respiratory viral infection. — Cochrane Library


Whistleblower Who Disclosed Myocarditis Spike in Military After COVID Vaccine Rollout Goes Public

Aug 31, 2023
The data also showed spikes in diagnoses of pulmonary embolism (41.2 percent), blood clots in the lungs, ovarian dysfunction (38.2 percent), and “complications and ill-defined descriptions of heart disease” (37.7 percent). DMED Data Lt. Macie downloaded the data almost a year after the Pentagon said it fixed a data corruption issue with the DMED. — The Epoch Times

First COVID Deaths Were Fully Jabbed, Australian State Records Reveal

Aug 31, 2023
A list of the state’s first 183 COVID-19 deaths from the pandemic’s start on March 13, 2020, until Jan. 27, 2022, produced by Queensland’s chief health officer in an affidavit, indicates it was known to authorities as early as Jan. 2022 that the vaccines may not be preventing deaths. — The Epoch Times

Joe Biden Used Pseudonyms In At Least 5,400 Emails

Aug 31, 2023
The jarring number was revealed in a letter from the Archives to the Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF), which last year filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for any documents that referenced three pseudonymous email accounts:, and — ZeroHedge



Massive Teen Hordes Swarm Two California Malls – Beatings, Gunfire, Stabbing Ensue

Aug 30, 2023
Over the next two hours, some 250 more teenagers amassed near the AMC theater. ABC7 says they were drawn lured by National Cinema Day, a promotion that saw theater chains offering $4 tickets — probably for the last time ever. One shopper said people were “pepper-spraying each other” and “throwing chairs,” prompting her group to make a roundabout escape through a parking garage. — ZeroHedge

Mystery Swirls Over Batch of Thousands of 2020 Voter Registration Forms in Michigan

Aug 30, 2023
Two weeks before the 2020 election, a woman dropped off more than 10,000 voter registration forms with a city clerk in Muskegon, Michigan. The number of forms was a red flag for the city clerk, Ann Meisch. Fewer than 4,000 of the city’s voting-age residents weren’t already registered to vote. — The Epoch Times

CDC Now Refusing New COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports in Its V-Safe Program

Aug 30, 2023
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) V-safe website quietly stopped collecting adverse event reports with no reason or explanation. The V-safe website simply states: “Thank you for your participation. Data collection for COVID-19 vaccines concluded on June 30, 2023.” If you go there today, V-safe directs users to the FDA’s VAERS website for adverse event reporting, even though officials continually derided VAERS as “passive” and “unverified.” — Brownstone Institute

Chicago News Crew Robbed At Gunpoint While Reporting On String Of Robberies

Aug 31, 2023
Astonishingly, this is now the second robbery this month involving a television news crew after a WLS-TV photographer was robbed and assaulted earlier this month while preparing to cover a story on Chicago’s West Side. The corresponding union for the reporters, the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians Local 41, has now issued a warning about growing safety threats to those in the field covering the news. — ZeroHedge



COVID-19: Eris or Pirola?

Aug 29, 2023
…Meanwhile, Pfizer is already pushing its updated COVID-19 shot, with headlines stating that there are data demonstrating that these revised products elicit neutralizing antibody activity against the “Eris” subvariant in mice. Eris and Pirola are the newest COVID-19 subvariants. There are NO validated correlates of protection for any Coronavirus vaccine, and the implication that murine neutralizing antibodies demonstrate “effectiveness” is absolutely disinformation. Or, in plainspeak, a clear lie. The same lie we were told in 2021 to justify the deployment of the original experimental gene therapy-based vaccines. — Dr. Malone


Watch: Big Government Raids Small-Town Amish Farm

Aug 29, 2023
“We had all this meat. We worked hard to get it in the freezer, process it, package it, stack it in there to sell and bring income. And, here comes the state, puts everything in their truck, and takes it to the dump, pays us nothing for it, so that definitely affects our income. We do have a big struggle to pay our bills right at the moment,” Fisher said. — ZeroHedge

Rising Supermarket Thefts: A Symptom of Deeper Moral Decline

Aug 29, 2023
Coles reported a 20 percent increase in “stock loss.” Disturbingly, Coles pointed to organised crime, especially in the non-food areas of their retailing empire. To combat the trend of thieving, retailers are installing more CCTV circuitry and scanning mechanisms. Others are requiring people exiting self-serve areas to display their receipts for a quick appraisal. Virtues Are the Greatest Crime Stopper — The Epoch Times


Trump Raised $7.1 Million After Mugshot

Aug 29, 2023
Former President Donald Trump’s mugshot has become a phenomenon. The left thinks it’s the ultimate ‘gotcha,’ while Trump supporters immediately recognized it as a badge of honor. Within an hour or so of booking, Trump was already selling t-shirts of it on his website. — ZeroHedge

Republicans in Nine Florida Counties Adopt Resolution Calling for Ban of COVID-19 Vaccines

Aug 29, 2023
Republican executive committees in nine Florida counties—the local arms of the Republican Party of Florida—have adopted a resolution asking Mr. DeSantis and lawmakers to prohibit the sale and distribution of the vaccines in Florida. The 83-page resolution also asks state Attorney General Ashley Moody to immediately seize all remaining vaccine supplies and conduct a forensic analysis of them. — The Epoch Times

Fists Fly, Bodies Slammed As Antifa Crashes Anti-Migrant Protest At NYC Mayor’s Mansion

Aug 29, 2023
Cops had their hands full at the New York City mayor’s mansion on Sunday when black-clad antifa counterprotestors showed up at a demonstration against Mayor Eric Adams’ handling of the 2023 migrant crisis. — ZeroHedge


“Yes, They Were Being Bribed”: Fired Ukraine Prosecutor Corroborates Biden Corruption

Aug 27, 2023
Victor Shokin, the fired Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Biden family corruption (that Donald Trump was impeached for asking about) has spoken out for the first time since 2019 – and says the Bidens did it. — ZeroHedge



Those Who Disobeyed Barricades Survived Maui Fires

Aug 27, 2023
According to AP, Lahaina residents who disobeyed government road barricades survived the fires, while many who heeded orders to turn around died in their cars and homes with no way out. Now, officials are facing public outrage over why the emergency sirens weren’t set off and why they prevented people from fleeing to safety. So – no siren, no water, and barricades. — ZeroHedge

Parents Can’t Opt Children Out of LGBT Lessons: US Judge

Aug 27, 2023
Parents sued Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland over the lessons after officials revoked their opt-out policy over the large number of opt-out requests. Parents said the failure to provide opt-outs forced them to give up their religious beliefs or seek alternative schooling. — The Epoch Times

From Covid To Climate Change: Vehicles For Global Authoritarianism

Aug 27, 2023
A large percentage of Democrats in polls supported even more extreme policies, including: 55% of Democrats wanted fines for unvaxxed Americans. 59% of Democrats wanted the unvaccinated forcefully confined to their homes. 48% of Democrats wanted prison time for anyone that questioned the vaccines. 47% of Democrats were in favor of government tracking of the unvaxxed. 29% of Democrats were in favor or taking children away from the unvaxxed. — Alt-Market

‘Election Variant’: Citizens Push Back Against Mask Mandates

Aug 27, 2023
Americans are raising their voices against mask mandates reintroduced by some institutions amid reports of rising COVID-19 cases—with some people calling recent infections an “election variant.” — The Epoch Times



Biden Regime Sold $300 Million Worth of Border Wall Parts for $2 Million

Aug 26, 2023
For years the excess parts and segments of border wall lay in the desert collecting dust. During that same time period over 7 million illegal aliens have walked across our open US southern border. — The Gateway Pundit

James Comer Demands NARA Provide All Documents for VP Biden’s Secret Pseudonym ‘Robert L. Peters’

Aug 26, 2023
House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) demanded Thursday that the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) hand over all documents and communications in which then-Vice President Joe Biden used pseudonyms such as “Robert Peters,” “Robin Ware,” and “JRB Ware.” — Breitbart



Photos Leaked of Horrific January 6 Prisoner Abuse – Tortured 5 Months in Isolation in a Closet Room

Aug 26, 2023
January 6 political prisoner Ryan Samsel has been held in prison without trial now since January 2021. During his two-and-a-half years without trial Ryan has been moved around to 17 different facilities. Ryan has been beaten, abused, tortured, and neglected since his arrest in January 2021. Earlier this week The Gateway Pundit received exclusive photos from Ryan Samsel’s prison cell at the FDC in Philadelphia. The cell was a size of a closet with a light on all of the time. The cell had a thin blue mattress, no sheets or blankets, no clothing, and he was kept here for five months straight. — The Gateway Pundit


Secret Letter to CDC: Top Epidemiologist Suggests Agency Misrepresented Scientific Data to Support Mask Narrative

Aug 23, 2023
The letter warned the agency that misrepresenting data on trusted websites such as the CDC and the COVID-19 Real-Time Learning Network—jointly created by the CDC and Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA)—would “damage the credibility of science,” endanger public trust by “misrepresenting the evidence,” and give the public “false expectations” masking would protect them from the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. — The Epoch Times


It’s Really Happening: Mask Mandates, Contact-Tracing Re-Implemented At Colleges, Offices

Aug 22, 2023
There are reports circulating that colleges and offices are beginning to reinstate COVID mask mandates and contact tracing despite no new cases of the virus being reported. — Summit News


Original Snow White Director’s Son Slams Disney’s 2024 Remake, ‘Insulting,’ ‘Disgrace’

Aug 21, 2023
“They’re making up new woke things, and I’m just not into any of that. I find it quite frankly a bit insulting,” he added, suggesting that what Disney has done “with some of these classic films” provides evidence that there is “no respect” for what Walt’s Disney and people like his father envisioned and created. “I think Walt and he would be turning in their graves,” Mr. Hand said. — The Epoch Times


Is this the REAL reason “Eris” cases are spiking?

Aug 21, 2023
“Scientists” are even clamoring for the return of masks. We’ve already been over everything you need to know about “Eris” here. Long story short, “Covid” is just another made up name for the flu, and the “variants” are coats of paint they slap on the narrative to try and keep it looking fresh. In that same article I theorised Eris’ existence was a need to keep Covid alive, and that is part of it…but I also missed something obvious: The next round of Covid “vaccines” hits the shelves next month. — Off-Guardian



Most Intensive Ivermectin Use Had 74 Percent Reduction in Excess Deaths in Peru: New Study

Aug 20, 2023
According to a new peer-reviewed ecological study, a natural experiment occurred when the government of Peru authorized ivermectin for use during the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in evidence of the drug’s effectiveness and ability to reduce excess deaths. The paper’s results, published August 8 in Cureus, found a 74 percent reduction in excess deaths in 10 states with the most intensive ivermectin use over a 30-day period following peak deaths during the pandemic. When analyzing data across 25 states in Peru, researchers found these reductions in excess deaths correlated closely to ivermectin use during four months in 2020. When ivermectin was available without restriction, there was a fourteenfold reduction in nationwide excess deaths. Once access to ivermectin was restricted by the government, a thirteenfold increase in excess deaths was observed in the two months following the limitation of its use. — The Epoch Times

Study on ‘COVID-19 Misinformation’ Rife With Misinformation: Critics

Aug 20, 2023
In some instances, the authors went against their own definition of misinformation. They defined misinformation as information that went against guidelines issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or “unsubstantiated claims.” — Epoch Times

“A Monopoly In Expressing Its Views”: D.C. Circuit Hands Down Major Free Speech Victory For Pro-Life Group

Aug 19, 2023
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has handed down a major victory for free speech against the District of Columbia. In Frederick Douglass Foundation v. District of Columbia, Judge Neomi Rao reversed district court judge James E. Boasberg who dismissed the challenge by pro-life protesters who alleged that they were treated differently from Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters. The selective enforcement of city ordinances gave what Judge Rao called “a monopoly in expressing its views . . . the antithesis of constitutional guarantees.” — Jonathan Turley

Emails Show Hunter Biden Hired Specialists to Quietly Airbrush Wikipedia

Aug 17, 2023
On May 28, 2014, an account called “AmeliaChevalier” edited Hunter’s Wikipedia to delete any reference to “disgraced financier Allen Stanford.” Over the next few weeks, more anonymous Wikipedia accounts began rapidly editing Hunter’s page, records show. Archives of Wikipedia show that a month after engaging with FTI, Hunter’s Wikipedia page had dramatically changed, with negative references scrubbed, and lengthy passages added to discuss his volunteer work, service in government, and appointments to various boards and political committees. — Lee Fang

‘Flash-Mob’ Daytime Burglaries Strike Southern California Stores

Aug 16, 2023
A second daytime “flash-mob” burglary in Los Angeles County over the weekend that cost a luxury department $300,000 may be related to a similar burglary four days earlier in Glendale, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. — Epoch Times

The Unforgivable Ivermectin Swindle

Aug 16, 2023
Ivermectin was maliciously and purposefully portrayed as something it wasn’t during the height of the pandemic. The media’s and FDA’s dishonesty on the issue was beyond grotesque and shameful. — Quoth The Raven

“They Are Lying Every Day”: Backlash As China Stops Releasing Data On Soaring Youth Unemployment

Aug 16, 2023
But now it seems in classic CCP fashion the “solution” is to simply make these troublesome figures disappear. And so, the overseers of the world’s second-largest economy are taking firm steps to do more to shore up confidence the only way they know how – Beijing will now stop releasing youth unemployment figures altogether. — Zerohedge

Jan. 6 Capitol Hill Security Footage Challenges Key Narratives

Aug 15, 2023
WASHINGTON—A three-month investigation by The Epoch Times of 41,000 hours of U.S. Capitol Police surveillance video has uncovered dramatic footage that in many cases challenges longstanding narratives about what took place on Jan. 6, 2021. — Epoch Times

Justice Shrugged: The Persecution of Donald Trump

Aug 16, 2023
The four-count indictment most recently brought against Trump by Special Counsel Jack Smith is intended to make a victory in 2024 nearly impossible. The Deep State in this case represents the entrenched bureaucracy of the federal government as well as the individual states’ election officials. This is the same Deep State that gathered up 51 national security officials to sign a statement prior to the 2020 election that falsely claimed that Hunter Biden’s laptop “has all the classic earmarks of Russian disinformation.” It had none of them. No wonder Trump was disinclined to accept their conclusions that the election was secure and fair. Trump sought to prove his concerns about the legitimacy of the 2020 election by pursuing a vigorous legal strategy as was guaranteed to him under the First Amendment’s right “to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” — Real Clear Politics

What Would Jesus Say About Today’s Retail Theft Epidemic?

Aug 15, 2023
Crime has become so bad in Oakland, California, that residents are leaving the city. Darren White, a member of Oakland’s NAACP, blames “defund the police” policies for the rise in crime in his city. “I’m a Black man born and raised in Oakland,” White told CNN on August 8. “When I walk out of the house every day, I want to be safe. So if that calls for some, whoever commits the crime, to be prosecuted, so be it.” The NAACP in Oakland has actually called on the city to put more cops on the streets of Oakland. But I won’t hold my breath while waiting for things to change. Our nation has been afflicted with a spirit of lawlessness. Up is down, wrong is right, theft is justified and thieves are defended. In lenient California, someone can steal up to $950 in merchandise and only be charged with a misdemeanor. — Charisma News

Some Parts Of America Are Already On The Verge Of Being Ungovernable As Rampant Lawlessness Spreads Like Wildfire

Aug 15, 2023
The Los Angeles Police Department responded to the mall at around 4 p.m. after hearing reports that between 20 and 50 people ran through the Nordstrom grabbing merchandise, leaving some on the ground and taking armfuls with them. When I was growing up, this sort of thing simply did not happen. — The Economic Collapse Blog

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Two Sets Of Laws For Two Americas

Aug 15, 2023
Two sets of laws now operate in an increasingly unrecognizable America. Consider the matter of unlawfully removing and storing classified papers. Donald Trump may go to prison for removing contested White House files to his home. So far, Joe Biden seems exempt from just such legal jeopardy. But as a senator and vice president with no right, as does a president, to declassify files, Biden removed and, as a private citizen, kept for years classified files in unsecured locations. — Daily Caller

COVID Shots No Longer Required for Medicare Providers — But 100+ Colleges Still Mandating the Vaccines as House Launches Probe Into Federal Mandates

Aug 12, 2023
The U.S. House of Representatives Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic this week opened an investigation into the development and rollout of COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Meanwhile, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services as of Aug. 5 said it is no longer requiring the shots, even as 100+ colleges continue to mandate them. — Children’s Health Defense

Despite 12 Deaths During Clinical Trials, CDC Signs Off on RSV Shots for Newborns

Aug 12, 2023
Medical experts criticized the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Thursday decision to recommend a “new immunization” for newborns to protect against respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, calling the move unnecessary and not worth the known risks. — Children’s Health Defense

Infant Vaccines Linked to Increase in All-Cause Mortality, New Research Shows

Aug 12, 2023
A new study finds developed countries requiring the most vaccine doses for infants have higher childhood mortality rates, contradicting assumptions that more vaccines equate to lower deaths. The data suggest unintended consequences may increase all-cause mortality. — Children’s Health Defense

Exclusive: How an ‘Extraordinarily Good Physician’ Lost Her License for Protecting Medically Vulnerable Children From Potentially Harmful Vaccines

Aug 12, 2023
In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Dr. Mary Kelly Sutton recounts how she lost her medical license — in two states — after being accused of improperly exempting eight children from required school vaccinations. — Children’s Health Defense

Court Bans Religious Vaccine Exemptions for Children in Connecticut

Aug 8, 2023
In a split decision, a federal appeals court on Friday upheld a controversial pandemic-era law in Connecticut that ended decades-old religious exemptions for vaccination requirements for children. — The Epoch Times

Nets Spend 527 Minutes on Trump Indictment, 0 Seconds on Biden Burisma Bribery

Aug 9, 2023
Back on June 8, two massive political stories broke, but ONLY one of them got covered by the broadcast networks. On June 8, former President Donald Trump was indicted by the Special Counsel in the classified documents case. That very same day, it was reported that President Joe Biden had allegedly received $5 million dollars from an executive of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, the same company in which his son Hunter was involved. Over 39 days (June 8-morning of July 18) the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) broadcast networks crammed their evening, morning and Sunday roundtable shows with a total of 527 minutes of coverage dedicated to the Trump indictment. — NewsBusters

RFK Jr. Sues Google, YouTube Over Censorship

Aug 6, 2023
Kennedy, who’s campaigning against President Joe Biden for the Democratic party nomination said in a 27-page complaint that the sites caved to pressure from the Biden administration, and that his videos about Covid vaccines were being censored through “overt and covert” means. — ZeroHedge

US Intelligence Has Been Manipulating Wikipedia For Over A Decade: Wiki Co-Founder

Aug 6, 2023
The co-founder of Wikipedia has revealed a bombshell concerning long-running suspicions of US intelligence interference and manipulation on the world’s most well-known collaborative online encyclopedia. The site’s co-creator Larry Sanger spoke to journalist Glenn Greenwald on his “System Update” podcast, and outlined the known “information warfare” efforts of US intelligence, which have to some extend make Wikipedia a tool of “control” by the left-liberal Washington deep state. — ZeroHedge

COVID-19 Vaccines and Boosters Were Never Made With mRNA

Aug 5, 2023
Despite everything we’ve been told, RNA-based COVID-19 injections were manufactured with modified RNA—not messenger RNA (mRNA). Modified RNA (modRNA) poses substantial risks to our health. These risks come not only from COVID-19 injections and boosters but—unless we speak up now—also from all future RNA-based vaccines. — The Epoch Times

New Evidence Suggests mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Transmission of Aerosols by Vaccinated to Unvaccinated

Aug 5, 2023
New evidence suggests vaccinated individuals can transmit antibodies generated through mRNA COVID-19 vaccination to unvaccinated individuals through aerosols, according to a peer-reviewed study published in ImmunoHorizons. … Results showed high IgG in the noses of vaccinated parents was “significantly associated” with an increase in intranasal IgG within the unvaccinated child from the same household, especially compared to the “complete deficit of SARS-CoV-2-specific antibody detected” in nasal swabs obtained from children in nonvaccinated families. A similar trend was found with IgA in the same samples. — The Epoch Times

Incandescent Light Bulb Ban Starts On August 1; Gas Stove Ban Coming Next

Aug 2, 2023
Biden’s Department of Energy plans to mete out “the maximum civil penalty” against manufacturers that “knowingly distribute” illicit light bulbs which violate their new efficiency standards. — Information Liberation

While everyone was yelling about gas stoves, the incandescent light bulb went away

Aug 2, 2023
The Obama administration took action in its waning days to finalize the bulb efficiency requirements, only for former President Donald Trump — who once proclaimed energy-efficient bulbs made him “look orange” — to halt the move. But DOE pushed the rules to the finish line last year after President Joe Biden came into office with a climate agenda that includes a focus on energy efficiency measures. — Politico

This pro-mask “study” is why you should NEVER “Trust the Science”

Aug 2, 2023
What we have here is not “science” it’s a computer model based on the results of a subjective phone survey conducted by a government agency with a vested interest. It is entirely meaningless, and yet is published in journals and cited by “experts”, perhaps even used as the basis of introducing new laws. — Off-Guardian

Summer Blockbuster ‘Sound Of Freedom’ To Hit Movie Screens “Around The World”

Aug 1, 2023
“Everyone in the industry knows that films are generally supposed to lose screens week-over-week, not add them. And yet, the incredible word-of-mouth driving SOUND OF FREEDOM continues to spread. In response, we are continuing to expand our offering in theaters this weekend,” said Brandon Purdie, Angel Studios Head of Theatrical. — ZeroHedge

Watch: South African Black Party Chants ‘Kill The Boer (White), Kill The Farmer’

Aug 1, 2023
The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, also known as the “Black Party” in South Africa, is a far left Marxist movement with a membership in the millions. The party has consistently called for the eradication of all white South Africans, though this fact often goes completely ignored by the western media. At a rally this week packed with members wearing communist red, EFF leader Julius Malema hyped up the mob with a racially charged chant of ‘Kill the Boers! Kill the farmers!’ — ZeroHedge


July 2023


Subclinical Heart Damage More Prevalent Than Thought After Moderna Vaccination: Study

Jul 30, 2023
Damage to the heart is more common than thought after receipt of Moderna’s COVID-19 booster, a new study indicates. One in 35 health care workers at a Swiss hospital had signs of heart injury associated with the vaccine, mRNA-1273, researchers found. “mRNA-1273 booster vaccination-associated elevation of markers of myocardial injury occurred in about one out of 35 persons (2.8%), a greater incidence than estimated in meta-analyses of hospitalized cases with myocarditis (estimated incidence 0.0035%) after the second vaccination,” the researchers wrote in the paper, published by the European Journal of Heart Failure. — The Epoch Times

COVID Vaccines Show 24 Times More Adverse Reactions Than Others

Jul 29, 2023
Australian Comparative Data Reveals COVID-19 Vaccines Have the Country’s Largest Amount of Adverse Reactions — The Epoch Times

Non-Human ’Biologics’ Recovered From UFOs, Whistleblower Testifies

Jul 30, 2023
A former Air Force intelligence officer said the U.S. government has recovered UFO vehicles as well as the “biologics” of the pilots during a House hearing on unidentified flying objects, now known as unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP). — The Epoch Times

“We Shouldn’t Have Done It”: Facebook Exec Admitted They Censored For Biden Regime

Jul 29, 2023
In yesterday’s Facebook Files release, it came out that Facebook, in its desperation to cool down these White House apes, promised to reduce traffic to Carlson’s video by 50% while it was “in the queue to be fact-checked”! — ZeroHedge

The Unsettling Rise Of Microwave Syndrome

Jul 29, 2023
It found that adverse biological reactions can be triggered even at levels far below the industry standards of maximum body exposure, set at 1.6 watts per kilogram (pdf). The current standard is based on the assumption that microwave radiation affects the body solely through heat, disregarding its nonthermal effects. However, exposure to nonthermal EMF radiation at a chronic level of 0.00034 microwatts through mobile phones has been linked to a significant reduction in sperm count. Microwatts represent a millionth of a watt. Furthermore, children and adolescents exposed to 0.02 microwatts for a short period reported symptoms like headaches, irritation, and difficulties with concentration in school, according to the report. “There is really no level that you could say with absolute confidence that it was safe for everybody,” Dr. Carpenter told The Epoch Times. — The Epoch Times

FBI Carried Out Warrantless Monitoring on Man Who Posted Guns for Sale on Facebook

Jul 27, 2023
A Texas man who posted on Facebook that he was selling his guns was placed under warrantless surveillance by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), which investigated the man and made no arrest, yet passed his information to the FBI to monitor him for at least six months. — The Epoch Times

“We Need A Real Investigation” Of Biden Bribery & Burisma; RFK Jr Says Mainstream Media Criticizing Him More Than Trump

Jul 24, 2023
Kennedy also noted that while he has thus far avoided criticising Biden, “the issues that are now coming up are worrying enough that we really need a real investigation of what happened.” “I mean, these revelations… where you have Burisma — which is a notoriously corrupt company that paid out apparently $10 million to Hunter and his dad — if that’s true, then it is really troubling,” Kennedy added. — ZeroHedge

Concerns Raised Over Number Of Students Identifying As LGBT

Jul 23, 2023
“That 32 percent is not what’s reflected in society.” “It just confirms what I’m hearing from parents across the province,” she added. “It’s not every classroom. It seems that they all have a few things in common where the children will have been exposed to teachers or people within the school system that are constantly pushing that ideology.” — Epoch Times

41 Percent of Illegal Immigrant Group Biden Admin Released Into US Never Showed Up for Court Dates

Jul 23, 2023
The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) has yet to issue court summons for about 82 percent of the illegal immigrants it allowed into the United States after a federal court ordered a halt on a Biden administration immigration parole program. — Epoch Times

Trump Praises ‘Smart, Brilliant, Everything Perfect’ Xi Jinping: ‘Runs 1.4 Billion People With an Iron Fist’

Jul 21, 2023
“President Xi is a brilliant man. If you went all over Hollywood to look for somebody to play the role of President Xi, you couldn’t find, there’s nobody like that. The look, the brain, the whole thing. We had a great relationship.” — MediaIte

YouTube Is Pulling ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Interviews, Reviews

Jul 21, 2023
“I did not realize saving children and bringing awareness to the sex trafficking of kids was against the community guidelines” Summit News

Confidential Biden DOD memo reveals “transgender” service members can skip deployments and receive indefinite physical fitness/standards waivers

Jul 20, 2023
The Dossier has acquired a new Department of Defense (DOD) memo that goes into great detail on the topic of “care of service members who identify as transgender.” — The Dossier

“In Their Labs”: Fifteen Illuminating Passages in The Proximal Origin Chats and Emails

Jul 20, 2023
Communications between officials and scientists who wrote the key paper promoting a natural origin for Covid-19 show doubts, interference, politicized science, and more — Racket News

US Finally Cancels Funding To Wuhan Lab

Jul 20, 2023
The US government has finally pulled funding from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where the Obama administration offshored banned gain-of-function research, including projects to make bat covid more transmissible to humans, before a highly evolved, human-infecting bat coronavirus broke out in the same town and killed millions of people worldwide. — ZeroHedge

Bloomberg ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Hit Piece Written By Pro-Pedo Contributor

Jul 18, 2023
Ironically, Berlatsky’s latest criticism of the drama focusing on the grave yet glossed over issue of child trafficking lambasted the movie with vitriolic scorn for perpetuating dangerous tropes, whilst he himself turned to the truly tired trope of accusing the movie of packaging together various QAnon conspiracy theories and being a movie made for alt-right boomers. There’s just one problem…Berlatsky has a sordid history of advocating for the normalization of pedophilia. — ZeroHedge

CDC Used Journal to Promote Masks Despite ‘Unreliable’ and ‘Unsupported Data’: New Analysis

Jul 17, 2023
No studies were randomized, yet the CDC in over half of their MMWR studies, made misleading statements indicating a causal relationship between mask-wearing and a decrease in COVID-19 cases or transmission, despite failing to show evidence of mask effectiveness. The inappropriate use of causal language in MMWR studies was directly adopted by then CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky to promote masks and recommendations urging Americans to mask up. — The Epoch Times

Reporter Confronts Biden’s National Security Adviser Over DOJ Charging Biden Whistleblower For Violating FARA, But Sparing Hunter

Jul 17, 2023
“…the Southern District of New York indicted a man named Gal Luft for violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act by working without registration for a company called CEFC China Energy.” “The president’s son and brother worked for the SAME firm without registration…what’s the White House’s take?” — News Wars

Lancet Study on Covid Vaccine Autopsies Finds 74% Were Caused by Vaccine – Study is Removed Within 24 Hours

Jul 17, 2023
A Lancet review of 325 autopsies after Covid vaccination found that 74% of the deaths were caused by the vaccine – but the study was removed within 24 hours. The paper, a pre-print that was awaiting peer-review, is written by leading cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch and their colleagues at the Wellness Company and was published online on Wednesday on the pre-print site of the prestigious medical journal. — Daily Sceptic

Mark Wahlberg: Hollywood Pedophiles Have ‘Nowhere Left To Hide’

Jul 17, 2023
Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg told hundreds of people at a Sunday school meeting in Los Angeles that a small yet powerful group of Hollywood insiders has declared war on the “evil” entertainment industry elite who traffic in children, and “Hollywood pedophiles have nowhere left to hide.” — The People’s Voice

The Achilles Heel of the JFK Assassination

Jul 16, 2023
The autopsy that the U.S. national-security establishment conducted on President Kennedy’s body has always been the Achilles heel of the assassination. That’s because the autopsy was fraudulent. But because the military “classified” the autopsy, forcing enlisted personnel to sign secrecy oaths and threatening them with court martial or criminal prosecution if they ever revealed what they saw or did, the military was able to cover up much, but certainly not all, of its autopsy fraud for decades. That cover-up came to a screeching halt during the 1990s during the term of the Assassination Records Review Board. —

“A Complete Failure”: Secret Service Suddenly Closes White House Cocaine Investigation Without Naming Suspect

Jul 16, 2023
The Secret Service on Thursday announced that it’s closed the investigation into how cocaine ended up at the White House without identifying a suspect. — ZeroHedge

France to deploy 130,000 officers for Bastille Day following riots

Jul 16, 2023
Two weeks after mass riots in France that cost the country €1 billion worth of damage, the French Interior Ministry will again mobilize a total of 130,000 police officers for street rallies on Thursday and Friday evenings on France’s biggest national holiday, the government said. — ReMix

A Shocking Analysis of Election Night Reporting and the Companies that Manufacture Election Results

Jul 14, 2023
Examples of ENR [Election Night Reporting] anomalies include one viewer noticing an exact 19,958 vote switch from Trump to Biden that occurred in Pennsylvania, and another observing 351,000 votes disappearing in the vote totals during the recall election of California governor, Gavin Newsom. But what became the most famous and unexplainable ENR phenomenon were the datasets showing thousands of votes being injected for one candidate, while simultaneously showing a negligible or nonexistent increase for the other candidate. This became known as the “F- Curve” or “Fraud Curve” in election integrity circles because of the shape the curves made in the plot of total votes for each candidate over the election count: — The Gateway Pundit

MyPillow Auctioning Off Equipment After These Big-Box Retailers Canceled Mike Lindell

Jul 16, 2023
“It was a massive, massive cancellation,” said Lindell. “We lost $100 million from attacks by the box stores, the shopping networks, the shopping channels, all of them did cancel culture on us.” The stores which dropped MyPillow products include; Walmart Bed Bath & Beyond Slumberland Furniture — ZeroHedge

Homicides Soar 96% In Washington State After Passage Of Gun Restrictions

Jul 16, 2023
In the meantime, Seattle’s City Council cut the police budget by nearly 20 percent in 2020, falling short of their goal to gut law enforcement funding by 50 percent. According to reports, “the agency has been in a tailspin ever since.” — The Epoch Times

Thousands of United Methodist churches break away over LGBTQ+ disagreements

Jul 14, 2023
As of Tuesday afternoon, 4,876 Methodist churches this year have officially completed the process to break away from the UMC, Therrell said. According to Therrell, many of those churches have gone on to join the more theologically conservative Global Methodist Church, which was founded in 2022 with the help of the Wesleyan Covenant Association and now numbers approximately 2,500 congregations. “We absolutely believe that the United Methodist Church is drifting day by day ever more progressive,” Therrell said — Catholic News Agency

United Church of Christ Passes Resolution Claiming Killing Babies in Abortions is Health Care

Jul 14, 2023
A Protestant denomination that claims to follow Christ passed a pro-abortion resolution this week that describes aborting unborn babies as “health care” and pro-life laws as “sexual violence.” The United Church of Christ General Synod overwhelmingly passed the resolution “Proclaiming Abortion as Healthcare” in a 611-24 vote, according to the denomination website. — Life News

Lancet Paper On Post-Vax Autopsies Nuked After Attracting ‘Special Attention’: Dr. Peter McCullough

Jul 12, 2023
To that end, a total of 240 deaths (73.9 percent) were identified as directly due to or significantly contributed to by COVID-19 vaccination. The most implicated organ system in COVID-19 vaccine-associated death was the cardiovascular system (53 percent), followed by the hematological system (17 percent), the respiratory system (8 percent), and multiple organ systems (7 percent), according to the paper. The mean time from vaccination to death was 14.3 days, with most deaths occurring within a week from the most recent jab. — ZeroHedge

CDC releases guidance for males who want to breastfeed infants

Jul 14, 2023
Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, told the outlet, “The CDC has a responsibility to talk about the health risks, but they have been derelict in doing that.” She added, “We have no idea what the long-term effects on the child will be” if trans parents are using “all kinds of off-label hormones.” — Post Millenial

The Great Famine Reset: You Will Own Nothing and You Will Be Starving

Jul 12, 2023
“The Dutch policies are particularly puzzling, as Dutch farmers are among the most efficient in the world … It is, therefore, mind-boggling that the Dutch government and the EU would want to uproot this industry rather than to promote and emulate it in a world that is running out of food.” — ZeroHedge

France’s right-wing parties surge in first polling since mass riots

Jul 11, 2023
Disillusioned French voters are moving further to the right after immigration-fueled riots across the country — ReMix

Santa Clara University Students Must Take Covid Vaccines or Withdraw

Jul 12, 2023
College COVID vaccine mandates remain some of the most coercive mandates ever declared. While most colleges have now rescinded their mandates, some colleges refuse to let go, and Santa Clara University in California is one of the most oppressive. In late April 2021, after most incoming freshmen had committed, SCU announced that all students were required to get COVID vaccines for fall enrollment or after full approval, whichever was later. — Brownstone Institute

Who Is Funding ‘Drag Story Hours’ At California Public Libraries?

Jul 9, 2023
Much funding comes from taxpayer dollars. Some of the story hours have been held on military bases, supported by our taxes. Some funds come from public libraries themselves (as in the case of our Sonoma County libraries)… Funding also comes from big foundations and corporations. Much money comes from wealthy billionaires like George Soros and his Open Society Foundation and from the Warren Buffett Foundation. — The Epoch Times

Big Tech Is Ramping Up Censorship of the Climate ‘Solutions’ Debate

Jul 7, 2023
Social media “climate misinformation” policies are targeting a wide range of people on both the Right and Left who dispute official narratives about climate “solutions” preferred by the government and its powerful corporate backers. — Children’s Health Defense

‘Bombshell’ Study of Pfizer COVID Vaccine Suggests Some People Got Highly Dangerous Shots, Others Got a Placebo

Jul 7, 2023
Danish scientists uncovered compelling evidence that a significant percentage of the batches of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine distributed in the EU likely consisted of placebos — and the non-placebo batches demonstrated higher-than-normal severe adverse events in recipients, prompting the researchers to call for further investigation. — Children’s Health Defense

Brazil’s Ex-President Banned from Running for Election Until 2030 Because He Criticized Voting Machines

Jul 7, 2023
Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been barred from running for office until 2030 by a panel of judges. The judges concluded that Bolsonaro abused his power and spread doubts about the country’s electronic voting system. — Becker News

The world is watching in disbelief as France tears itself apart

Jul 7, 2023
Macron is losing control of France. Thousands of arrests. Torched schools, community centres, city halls, sports complexes, post offices. Looting ranging from Lidl supermarkets to Apple Stores. Gendarmes and special forces brought in to patrol the streets at night, in addition to the beleaguered police force. Rising anger among shopkeepers clamouring for a curfew “or we’ll take matters into our hands”. And, after five days’ rioting across France, a rising sentiment that the current situation is largely the result of almost a quarter century of craven governments neglecting essential law and order. — UK Telegraph

“Orwellian Ministry Of Truth” Busted – Judge Bars Biden Officials, Agencies From Contacting Social Media Companies

Jul 6, 2023
In an order fittingly issued on Independence Day, a federal judge in Louisiana has forbidden multiple federal agencies and named officials from having any contact with social media companies with the intent to moderate content. — ZeroHedge

Watchdog Group: Biden Administration Pushing to Make A.I. Inherently Left-Wing

Jul 6, 2023
In February, Biden signed an executive order demanding that all states “root out bias in the design and use of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence.” Such efforts to politicize A.I. were already hinted at – and warned against – by leaders in the field of A.I. and similar technology, such as Twitter owner Elon Musk. In December, Musk warned that “the danger of training AI to be woke — in other words, lie — is deadly.” — American Greatness

Philly Mass Shooting Suspect Identified As 40 Year Old Black Lives Matter Supporter

Jul 6, 2023
AP reported that a second person was taken into custody as well, noting that the second person may have returned fire on the shooter during the incident. “Dozens” of shell casings littered the streets where the shooting took place. [Police reported arresting a man.] — ZeroHedge

Michigan Hate Speech Bill Would Make Using Wrong Pronouns A Felony With $10K Fine, Prison Time

Jul 4, 2023
A new hate speech bill passed by the Michigan House of Representatives, HB 4474, would criminalize causing someone to feel threatened by words – including misusing someone’s desired pronouns….. The bill also considers “sexual orientation” and “gender identity expression” as a protected class. — ZeroHedge

Supreme Court Strikes Down Race-Based Admissions at Colleges

Jul 2, 2023
The 6–3 decision ends the use of so-called affirmative action in higher education, a longtime goal of conservatives. — The Epoch Times

Neurologist’s Near-Death Experience Changes His Understanding of Consciousness

Jul 2, 2023
Neuropathologist Dr. Peter Cummings was convinced everything about consciousness, including profound near-death experiences (NDEs), could be explained by science and was rooted in the brain—until he had an NDE of his own. — The Epoch Times

Pfizer Vaccine Batches in the EU Were Placebos, Say Scientists

Jul 2, 2023
On Dyker’s calculation, the blue batches represent less than 5% of the total number of doses included in the Danish study. Nonetheless, they are associated with nearly 50% of the 579 deaths recorded in the sample. Finally, we have the ‘yellow batches’ clustered around the yellow line, which, as can be seen above, barely gets off the x-axis. On Dyker’s calculation, the yellow batches represent around 30% of the total. Dyker notes that they include batches comprising some 200,000 administered doses which are associated with literally zero suspected adverse events. — Daily Sceptic

Outrage As Planned Parenthood Declares VIRGINITY “A Social Construct”

Jul 2, 2023
Planned Parenthood has received backlash after posting a tweet declaring that virginity is “outdated” and “hurts everyone.” The post featured a billboard with a further declaration “Virginity is a social construct,” and claiming that the concept of virginity is a “patriarchal’ way of thinking: — Summit News