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May 2023

Progressives Want to Eliminate Wealthy Entrepreneurs but Need the Wealth They Create

May 14, 2023
Being perceived as anti–working class is a cardinal sin in American politics. Working-class people are seen as the unappreciated engine of American growth. Hillary Clinton discovered this lesson when she was criticized for calling Donald Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables.” But interestingly, expressing contempt for the upper class is quite tolerable. — Mises Institute

NYC Converts Hotels To Shelters To Accommodate Expected Influx Of Illegal Immigrants

May 16, 2023 — ZeroHedge

Top U.S. “Non-Profit” Hospitals & CEOs Racked Up Huge Pandemic Profits

May 16, 2023 auditors investigated America’s healthcare system and found so-called “non-profit” hospitals and their CEOs are getting richer while the American people are getting sicker and poorer. — Open The Books

Never Forget: A Retrospective On The Media Lies Surrounding COVID

May 16, 2023
Keep in mind, all the hysteria was generated over a virus with a median official Infection Fatality Rate of only 0.23%. That’s right, all the fear mongering featured in the video below was in reaction to a “pandemic” that 99.8% of the population would easily survive, and this death rate was known only months after the spread started. Also keep in mind that essentially every single claim made by the media concerning covid featured below ended up being false. — ZeroHedge

Washington Democrat Governor Inslee Signs Controversial Bill Allowing Government to Take Away Minors From Parents If They Refuse to Agree to Gender Transition Surgery

May 12, 2023
The newly signed law will allow the government to hide the whereabouts of runaway children who claim to be seeking sex changes or abortions. Meaning, no one can protest the “state-sanctioned kidnapping of children.” — The Gateway Pundit

Biden admin & WHO finally realise nobody cares anymore, fold up last vestiges of the Covid circus; Polish health minister denounces Pfizer vax profiteering

May 12, 2023
The pandemic may be over, but there is no stopping the vaccines. Thanks to the incredibly stupid contracts that the EU concluded with Pfizer/BioNTech, we are drowning in them, and some of our less prosperous neighbours to the east have had enough: — Eugyppius

How the Democrats ruined Washington DC

May 12, 2023
Like San Francisco and many other US cities, Washington DC has experienced sharp increases in crime and homelessness — UK Telegraph

The Silent Strings Of ChatGPT

May 9, 2023
What appears to be happening with ChatGPT, as researcher David Rozado has demonstrated for the Manhattan Institute, is that a scalable, user-friendly artificial intelligence model harbors left-leaning political views. — Rob K Henderson

Video: RFK Jr. Tells Deep State “Nice Try” As Fire Alarm Interrupts His Presidential Announcement

May 9, 2023
Right as he was speaking out against the military industrial complex — Summit News

RFK JR.: CIA “Definitely Involved In The Murder” Of JFK

May 9, 2023
During an interview, host Jason Calacanis asked Kennedy “Do you believe they (the CIA) were involved in the murder of your uncle?” Kennedy instantly responded “They were definitely involved in the murder and the 60-year cover-up,” adding “They’re still not releasing, you know the papers that legally they have to release.” — Summit News

Parents More Likely To Question Routine Childhood Vaccinations Post-COVID: Research Report

May 8, 2023
One in three parents (33 percent) indicated they accept government-recommended vaccines, but have “minor doubts and concerns.” Another five percent of parents said they are going along with childhood vaccines but “have many doubts and concerns.” — ZeroHedge

America’s First Black President Left A Legacy Of Slavery

May 7, 2023
Rather than ushering in liberal democracy and prosperity, the ouster of Gaddafi left the country fractured, with two rival governments and various militias vying for power. Obama’s regime change marked the start of an ongoing era of chaos, with some of the greatest resulting evils inflicted on black Africans. — ZeroHedge

$50 Trillion For What? Kennedy Dumbfounds Biden Climate Peddler In Fiery Exchange Over ‘Carbon Neutrality’

May 7, 2023
Kennedy: “How much of we do our part is it going to reduce global temperatures?” Turk: “So, we’re 13% of global emissions…” Kennedy: “You don’t know, do you? You don’t know, do you?” — ZeroHedge

WHO (Finally) Declares COVID Pandemic “Global Health Emergency” Over

May 7, 2023
The World Health Organization declared the COVD-19 emergency is over, ending a three-year designation it first adopted in January 2020. The health body began using the word “pandemic” in March 2020 to alert the world to the perils of the virus, though the term bears no legal meaning. — ZeroHedge

RFK Jr. Says Climate Change Being Exploited to Push ‘Totalitarian Controls’

May 7, 2023 — The Epoch Times

Watch: RFK Jr. Obliterates Piers Morgan’s Lies About COVID Vaccines

May 6, 2023
Morgan tries to argue COVID shots were “safe and effective” but RFK Jr. debunks his lies with hard data before interview abruptly ends. — News Wars

Three Times Deported Mexican Who Shot Neighbors Described by Media As “Texas Man”

May 6, 2023
A three times deported Mexican national who allegedly shot and killed five of his neighbors, including a child, is being described by the media as a “Texas man”. — Summit News

Scientists Say Meat Is Crucial To The Human Diet – Warn Against Vegan ‘Zealotry’

May 3, 2023
Thousands of scientists across the globe have also joined The Dublin Declaration, a group stating that livestock farming is too important to society to “become the victim of zealotry.” They say that many of the negative claims about meat in our diet are simply not true. — ZeroHedge

Kansas Becomes 1st State to Pass Law Defining Gender as a Person’s Sex at Birth

May 2, 2023
Kansas has become the first state to adopt a definition of gender with the passage of legislation that keeps men, no matter what gender they identify as, out of women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and other intimate spaces. — The Epoch Times

Biden Admin (Finally) Abandons US COVID Vaccine Travel Requirements

May 2, 2023. — ZeroHedge




April 2023


ABC News Admits It Censored RFK Jr. Interview For “False Claims About Covid-19 Vaccines”

Apr 30, 2023
He said something about vaccines that ABC News didn’t like, but we are not allowed to hear what it is — Summit News

500 Australians Join World’s First COVID Vaccine Injury Class Action Lawsuit

Apr 30, 2023
Dr. Melissa McCann raised more than $110,000 to crowdfund the case, which accuses the Australian government of negligence related to the approval and monitoring of COVID-19 vaccines. — Children’s Health Defense

Armstrong: Kamala’s Affair – Sleeping Her Way To The Top

Apr 29, 2023
Harris refuses to acknowledge that her time as Slick Willie’s mistress is what propelled her career. — Armstrong Economics

Biden DOJ: Kids have a Constitutional Right to Puberty Blockers

Apr 29, 2023
That’s the Administration’s position in LW v. Skrmetti, a lawsuit filed in a Nashville, Tennessee federal court by the families of three transgender children – a fifteen year-old transgender daughter (who thought he was transgender at age 12), a fifteen year-old transgender son, and a twelve year-old transgender son. They’re challenging a new Tennessee law that “establishes prohibitions related to the performance on minors of certain medical procedures related to gender identity, creates private causes of action for violations, and establishes additional penalties for violations.” — Techno Fog via Substack

China is preparing for war with the West

Apr 28, 2023
The CCP, a vastly wealthy, unelected gang of Marxist revolutionaries, is busily pursuing asymmetric warfare with the US and the rest of the free world, while building up arsenals of everything from drone swarms and lasers to nuclear warheads and hypersonic missiles capable of winning or forestalling full-on nuclear hostilities. — UK Telegraph

Explosive New Study Finds Face Masks May Increase Stillbirths, Testicular Dysfunction, Cognitive Decline IN KIDS

Apr 27, 2023
Research finds that face coverings can cause carbon dioxide poisoning, leading to serious health issues — Summit News

Tucker Carlson Out At Fox

Apr 24, 2023
Tucker Carlson, the highest rated cable news host in history, is out at Fox News. The news comes days after the network cut ties with host Dan Bongino 48 hours after the network settled with Dominion Voting Systems for nearly $800 million. — ZeroHedge

Biden Holds Fewest Press Conferences Of Any US President In 40 Years

Apr 24, 2023
In more than two years as president, Biden has held just 54 interviews. For comparison, Trump held 202 during the first two years of his presidency, while Obama gave 275. — ZeroHedge

Supreme Court Restores Full Availability of Abortion Pill in “Shadow Docket” Ruling

Apr 23, 2023 — Jonathan Turley

Senator Demands Answers From Government on COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Compensation

Apr 23, 2023 — The Epoch Times

Bombshell filing: 9/11 hijackers were CIA recruits

Apr 23, 2023
At least two 9/11 hijackers had been recruited into a joint CIA-Saudi intelligence operation that was covered up at the highest level, according to an explosive new court filing. … When originally released in 2021 on the Office’s public court docket, every part of the document was redacted except an “unclassified” marking. Given its explosive contents, it is not difficult to see why: as Canestraro’s investigation concluded, at least two 9/11 hijackers had been recruited either knowingly or unknowingly into a joint CIA-Saudi intelligence operation which may have gone awry. — Gray Zone

Polls: Despite Relentless Propaganda, Climate Change Skepticism is Growing

Apr 23, 2023
Re-education programs are failing. — Summit News

Big Ag Panicking Over Bill to Require Labeling of Gene-Altering Products

Apr 21, 2023
Missouri House Bill 1169 would require labeling of products that can alter your genes. Big Ag lobbyists strongly oppose it, because it would mean labeling livestock injected with mRNA vaccines. — Children’s Health Defense

Where Did Your Steak Come From?

Apr 21, 2023
Grazing animals are often blamed for harming the environment — but it’s not the animals that are causing harm, it’s how humans manage livestock and the land they live on…. Rather than sequestering livestock on industrial factory farms and feeding them grain, or having them continuously graze on a pasture for extended periods of time without allowing plants to rest or regrow, ranchers can use “holistic planned grazing” methods — sometimes called “regenerative” or “rotational” grazing — so “animals get to the right place, at the right time, with the right behavior,” according to the institute. — Children’s Health Defense

45 Times as Many Deaths After COVID Shots in Just 2 Years Compared With All Flu Vaccine-Related Deaths Since 1990, Data Show

Apr 21, 2023
The authors of a peer-reviewed meta-analysis of national and international COVID-19 vaccine adverse events during the first two years of the rollout said their findings highlight the importance of reevaluating public health policies that promote universal mass injection and multiple boosters for all demographic groups. — Children’s Health Defense

Gun-Free Zones, Red Flag Laws Only Make Gun Crime Worse: Economist

Apr 19, 2023
—Two of the most popular gun control proposals have little to no effect on gun crime and actually exacerbate the problem for the people they’re supposed to protect, according to economist, researcher, and author John Lott. — The Epoch Times

Washington State House Approves Bill Authorizing Hiding of Children Seeking Transgender Medical Intervention From Parents

Apr 18, 2023
On April 12, House lawmakers debated Senate Bill 5599 (pdf), which creates an exemption for the state that grants it the right to not be required to notify parents of minors who have left their homes because their parents wouldn’t let them pursue gender transition medical procedures. — The Epoch Times

Dramatic Video Shows Large Mob Looting Compton Gas Station

Apr 18, 2023
“When your DA hates cops, loves criminals, and dismisses victims, and your state government is focused on de-incarceration this is what you get – Wild video shows large mob ransacking Arco gas station in Compton.” — ZeroHedge

In Chicago As Hundreds Of Teenagers Wreak Havoc

Apr 18, 2023
A trend of lawlessness has unfolded in cities run by progressive leaders this spring. The latest incident occurred on Saturday night in Downtown Chicago, where hundreds of teenagers wreaked havoc by smashing car windows and destroying public and private property. They also attempted to enter Millennium Park, which prompted a significant police response. There was even a shooting that resulted in multiple injuries. — ZeroHedge

Former NCAA Swimmer Riley Gaines Assaulted By Trans Activists At San Fran University Speech

Apr 9, 2023
Her husband, Louis Barker, said she had to be barricaded in a room for nearly three hours to protect herself after. He said: “She told me she was hit multiple times by a guy in a dress. I was shaking. It made me that mad. It makes me sick to feel so helpless about it. She was under police protection and was still hit by a man wearing a dress.” — ZeroHedge

Supreme Court Rejects West Virginia Ban On Transgender Athlete From Girls’ Track Team

Apr 9, 2023
SCOTUS *refuses* to allow West Virginia to enforce its sports ban on transgender girls. Apparent vote is 7–2, with Justices Thomas and Alito in dissent — ZeroHedge

Our Military Is in a Dangerous Decline and This Is the Reason Why

Apr 7, 2023
Our warriors’ ability to do their job is being undermined by leaders more interested in woke indoctrination and partisan politics than warfighting readiness. Politicized initiatives like DEI always spawn enormous bureaucracies that distract the rank-and-file from their real jobs. The military is not immune. — Heritage Foundation

The Pledge of Allegiance and Government Schools

Apr 7, 2023
Conservatives are among the most ardent proponents of the Pledge. That’s ironic because it was written by a self-avowed socialist, a man named Edward Bellamy. Conservatives profess to oppose socialism and support “free enterprise.” One of the funniest parts of the history of the Pledge was the manner in which public-school students were expected to recite it. American students were long expected to extend their right arms outward while reciting the Pledge. You know, like the Nazi salute. Officials decided, for appearance’s sake, to change it to the right hand over the heart. Another interesting aspect to the Pledge is that our American ancestors lived without it for the first 100 years of American history. I guess proponents of the Pledge would say that they weren’t very patriotic. — Lew Rockwell

“This Is What Happens In Communist Countries”: Rep. Greene Decries Trump Indictment In Rally Outside NY Courthouse

Apr 4, 2023 — ZeroHedge

Twitter Algorithm Reveals Tool for Government Intervention

Apr 4, 2023 — American Greatness

7 Children Paralyzed by Polio Virus Derived From New Gates-Funded Polio Vaccine

Apr 2, 2023
Seven children were paralyzed by vaccine-derived polio linked to the new nOPV2 polio vaccine developed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, according to health officials in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), which on Thursday announced the news. — Children’s Health Defense

The Ongoing Polio Vaccine Fiasco

Apr 2, 2023
These are a few of the highlights found in The Virus and The Vaccine. This impeccably documented book provides information that unequivocally shows the mechanisms used today by government agencies and committees to ignore, diminish and dismiss concerns about vaccination are long-standing. Is it any wonder that public watchdog groups, vaccine activists, and concerned parents and physicians seem to make little headway when attempting to affect the problems associated with mandatory vaccination? — Dr Sherry Tenpenny

COVID-19 Not Responsible for “Explosion” in Heart Deaths, Major Autopsy Study Shows

Apr 2, 2023
“Must Be the Vaccine,” Says Top Heart Doctor — News Wars

March 2023


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Fauci Has Been in Charge of Developing Bioweapons for Pentagon Since 2002

Mar 31, 2023
Robert Kennedy, J.: “They took the money that Cheney gave them [from the Patriot Act], $2.2 billion, and they funneled it through NIH, and it all went through Anthony Fauci. So beginning in 2002, Anthony Fauci got a 68% raise from the Pentagon for doing bioweapons development, and he got a raise of billions of dollars a year, and then he started doing all of this gain-of-function. — The Gateway Pundit

Pfizer, CDC Withheld Evidence of Myocarditis After COVID Shots, New Documents Reveal

Mar 31, 2023
documents leaked this week to Project Veritas. — Children’s Health Defense

Doctor Stripped of Board Certification Over ‘COVID-19 Misinformation’

Mar 31, 2023
Florida physician Dr. John Littell says he’s being targeted by “corrupt” medical establishment for promoting Ivermectin and warning of COVID vaccine risks. — News Wars

Gates Foundation Insider Admits Covid Vaccines Are ‘Abortion Drugs’ To Depopulate the World

Mar 31, 2023
It is no secret that the WHO has been working on an anti-fertility vaccine since the 1970s. Papers were published, and the WHO itself even admitted it. The real issue here is that of informed consent. Since Bill Gates declared himself world health czar and became the main funder of the WHO, the organization has been caught more than once deliberately deceiving women into thinking they were vaccinated against tetanus, when in fact they were being sterilized. — NewsPunch

Media Loses Confidence in Preferred Pronouns After Transgender Shooter Attacks Christian School

Mar 29, 2023
Creates “confusion” around gender identity in bizarre response to horrific mass shooting…. The media appears to have developed a sudden confusion surrounding preferred pronouns after a woman who identified as a man attacked a Christian school in Nashville, killing three children and three adults. — Summit News

Study Confirms Physical Exercise Should Be First Choice for Mental Health Treatment

Mar 28, 2023
exercise was 150 percent more effective than pharmaceuticals or Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It was also better than psychological consultation or “talk therapy.” In fact, exercise was shown to reduce depressive symptoms by 42 to 60 percent, whereas talk therapy and pharmaceuticals only reduced symptoms between 22 percent and 37 percent. — The Epoch Times

Hillary Clinton Gave Russia the US Technology for Hypersonic Intercontinental Nuke Missiles

Mar 24, 2023
Now we know where Putin gained the technology to build the missiles. –Hillary Clinton. — The Gateway Pundit

3 Years to Slow The Spread: Covid hysteria and the creation of a never-ending crisis

Mar 22, 2023
What resulted was a giant human experiment in Public Health tyranny. Thursday marks the three year anniversary of the infamous “15 Days To Slow The Spread” campaign. — Jordan Schachtel via Substack

“I Couldn’t Remain Silent”: Physician Assistant Fired For Reporting COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events To VAERS

Mar 21, 2023
Physician Assistant Deborah Conrad said she was labeled an anti-vaxxer and fired from her job. — The Epoch Times

Musk Blasts Biden After Prez Lies Twice About ‘3% Billionaire Tax’

Mar 20, 2023
To which Musk replied: “I paid 53% taxes on my Tesla stock options (40% Federal & 13% state), so I must be lifting the average!” “I also paid more income tax than anyone ever in the history of Earth for 2021 and will do that again in 2022.” — ZeroHedge

8 Things to Know About Biden’s Fiscal 2024 Budget, From Bad to Worse

Mar 18, 2023
Over a decade, the budget envisions a combined $1.85 trillion in additional spending above the status quo. This reaches an unprecedented $10 trillion of spending in 2033 alone. Despite $4.7 trillion in net tax increases, the budget still allows debt to grow faster than the economy, which is ultimately the most important measure of fiscal health. — The Daily Signal

Where Is This “Climate Crisis” That Activists Keep Talking About?

Mar 18, 2023
Let’s look at the real weather data and see if supposedly dangerous man-made carbon emissions are somehow contributing to weather calamity. — ZeroHedge

Yes, the Latest Bank Bailout Is Really a Bailout, and You Are Paying for It.

Mar 16, 2023— Mises Institute

Why Are They Afraid? Is The Release Of Suppressed J6 Footage Really A “Threat To Our Democracy”?

Mar 12, 2023
Leftists were not able to describe how, exactly, surveillance footage from the capitol is rigged to depict events that did not happen, but their reactionary behavior indicates a number of inconvenient truths: First, leftists went on the attack before the footage was ever received by Tucker Carlson. They didn’t want him to have it. — ZeroHedge

Update on the Biggest Trial in Big Pharma History

Mar 10, 2023
Their argument was solely, even if they created a dangerous, ineffective drug that they disguised as a vaccine, that they said would be for the prevention of COVID-19, that didn’t prevent COVID at all, in fact, in some cases, it appears the infection rate, it goes up with COVID, depending on how many booster shots that you’ve had. Not only other dangers of the vaccine. “The words ‘For the prevention of COVID-19’ are listed as a deliverable item more than a half dozen times in the contract Pfizer signed with the Defense Department. “And yet, what did they deliver? They delivered something that was not safe. In fact, it was uniquely and extraordinarily dangerous, according to the government’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System; that it was not effective – as the whole world knows – and, as Pfizer’s own CEO admitted to the European authorities, saying, ‘We didn’t really test for whether it was effective or not.’ — Forbidden Knowledge TV

Why Is Every Walmart In The Entire City Of Portland Being Permanently Shut Down?

Mar 10, 2023
Portland has been transformed into a complete and utter hellhole, and apparently Walmart executives have determined that things are not going to turn around any time soon. — Economic Collapse Blog

If There’s A Theme To Extremism-Related Murders, It’s Environmentalism

Mar 10, 2023
The Anti-Defamation League and much of the corporate media are intent on construing any racist as a conservative right-winger — but it’s not true. — The Federalist

New Bill Would Classify Conservative Speech as ‘Domestic Violence Extremism’

Mar 8, 2023
‘…legislation that could not only lead to imprisoning people for having certain kinds of political positions, but also forcing them into counseling… ‘ — Headline USA

Omission of Children’s COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths In Australia Raises Concerns

Mar 8, 2023
“They are definitely downplaying the risks. They do not have enough information to rule it out given the known link between the vaccines and myocarditis and myocarditis and cardiac arrests,” Rennick said. As of March 6, the DAEN states that since the beginning of the vaccination rollout in Australia, 137,576 adverse events have been reported relating to the range of COVID-19 vaccines. Of those, 134,224 are believed to be directly related to the vaccines, while 980 are vaccine-related deaths. — The Epoch Times

Solar Energy Production Could Require Most of the Global Silver Reserves by 2050

Mar 8, 2023— Schiff Gold


‘Geofence’ Warrants Threaten Every Phone User’s Privacy

Mar 8, 2023
Google has already searched your data on behalf of the federal government to see if you were involved with January 6th. — Real Clear Wire

Why Student Loan Debt Relief is a Worse Idea Than You Think

Mar 8, 2023
A student loan debt relief program does nothing to solve the cost of tuition. It justifies it and will likely make fees rise again as universities see that the government subsidizes those that may take a difficult-to-pay loan. Furthermore, by providing a subsidy to the already indebted, banks may have an incentive to give loans to students with less probability to repay them. — Daniel Lacalle

LA Elites Spend $150,000 For Protection Dogs As Crime Fears Worsen

Mar 4, 2023
Los Angeles Times said protection dogs — typically German shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Dobermans, Cane Corso, or a mix of those breeds — are being sold by Delta K9 Academy in North Hollywood for as much as $70,000. Some trainers are selling dogs for upwards of $150,000. — Zerohedge


Washington State Teacher ‘Says the Quiet Part Out Loud’ on Parental Rights in Education

Mar 3, 2023
A Twitter user who claims to be a former teacher and retired principal drew attention to Neily’s declaration, warning parents to “check your school districts’ policy regarding keeping info about YOUR child secret from you. Schools should not have a right to keep info about your child from you unless abuse by you is suspected. There I said it and I mean it.” “I cannot disagree with this more,” Love responded. “So many students are not safe in this nation from their Christo-fascist parents. And our guidelines and laws haven’t caught up with this.” — Daily Signal


GAME OVER: Medicare data shows the COVID vaccines increase your risk of dying

Mar 3, 2023
This may well be the most important article I’ll write in 2023. In this article, I publicly reveal record-level vax-death data from the “gold standard” Medicare database that proves that: The vaccines are making it more likely that the elderly will die prematurely, not less likely The risk of death remains elevated for an unknown period of time after you get the shot (we didn’t see it return to normal) The CDC lied to the American people about the safety of these vaccines. They had access to this data the entire time and kept it hidden and said nothing. If there is one article for you to share with your social network, this is the one. — Steve Kirsch


Girls Basketball Team Withdraws From State Tournament in Protest Against Transgender Player Who Dominates Games

Mar 2, 2023
“In what world is this even remotely fair?” — Summit News


China Scrambles To Save Plummeting Birth Rate With Pregnancy Perks

Mar 1, 2023
Last month Chinese officials announced that 2022 marked the first drop in total population in six decades, after 9.56 million people were born vs. 10.41 million who died. Now, the country faces a population decline combined with a long-running rise in life expectancy, which could result in a wide-ranging demographic crisis for the world’s second-largest economy. In order to counter the plummeting fertility rate, Chinese officials have loosened the country’s one-child policy, and offered incentives for families to reproduce – but nothing has worked. — ZeroHedge


Hypocrisy Unlimited: Hollywood’s Secret Counterfeit Vaccine Network

Mar 1, 2023
The celebrities for whom this person made these counterfeits were almost uniformly liberals or progressives, at least publicly. In other words, if you asked them, they supported mandates, masks, and so forth, sometimes adamantly. Behind the scenes was another matter. — The Epoch Times


February 2023



Dilbert Dumped: Hundreds of Newspapers Drop Popular Comic Strip Due to Creator’s “Racist” Remarks

Feb 27, 2023
“As of today I’m going to re-identify as white because I don’t want to be a member of a hate group,” Adams proclaimed. “If nearly half of all blacks are not OK with white people, according to this poll, not according to me … that’s a hate group.” Adams was not done: “I would say, based on the current way things are going, the best advice I would give to white people is to get the hell away from black people.” True or false: The media created a surge in racial division and then canceled me for pointing out the obvious impact of their evil work. — Scott Adams — The New American


As We Suspected All Along, New Video Proves Capitol Police on January 6 Started Firing on the Innocent Crowd Without Warning and Against the Law, Injuring Numerous Individuals

Feb 26, 2023
In the hundreds of conversations we have had with January 6 attendees, political prisoners, and police abuse victims, they all say the same thing. Innocent people were attacked by police without warning. This was an attack on the American people. — The Gateway Pundit

Undercover DC Police Officer Pushed Protesters Toward Capitol, Climbed Over Barricade: Court Filing

Feb 26, 2023
“This video clearly evidences undercover law enforcement officers urging the crowds to advance up the stairs and scaffolding towards the Capitol on January 6,” Pope wrote in one motion. “The government may claim that incidents like this did not happen, but the facts show they did. — The Epoch Times


CDC confirms 100% of reported Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of batches produced & the majority were sent to red Republican States across the USA

Feb 24, 2023
However, the most shocking finding of the investigation was that 100% of Covid-19 vaccine deaths reported to VAERS with identified lot numbers had been caused by just 5% of the batches produced. But the deeply troubling findings don’t end there, because we decided to conduct further analysis of the VAERS data on the Covid-19 vaccines, and we’ve discovered that the majority of the deadliest batches were clearly sent to Republican controlled red states across the USA. — Expose News

Vaccine Shedding Finally Proven!

Feb 24, 2023
vaccine shedding has just been proven by science! Even I believed that there was no plausible mechanism for vaccine shedding. I thought that it was a baseless conspiracy theory. Stupid me. It turned out that I WAS WRONG and vaccine shedding is real and can be measured. A study “Evidence for Aerosol Transfer of SARS-CoV2-specific Humoral Immunity” was just released. — Igor Chudov

Senator Accuses FAA of Ignoring Potential Vaccine Dangers to Pilots

Feb 26, 2023
“Is it willful ignorance that the FAA is aware of only four active pilots experiencing adverse events connected to the COVID-19 vaccine? The American people are not getting the full transparency and honesty from federal agencies that they deserve.” — The Epoch Times\



The Federal Government Is Tracking the Unvaccinated

Feb 24, 2023
The U.S. government has been secretly tracking those who didn’t get the COVID jab, as well as those who aren’t up to date on their shots. Worse, it is recording the reason why. Now that the program has been widely adopted, know why it’s being done and how you can outsmart it. — The Epoch Times


Pfizer Knowingly Allowed Dangerous Components in its Vaccines

Feb 22, 2023
Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine contains truncated mRNA, which the EMA flagged as a reason for its “major objection,” indicating a preclusion of their approval. Pfizer has not investigated the detrimental outcomes of truncated mRNA in its vaccines. Pfizer submitted Western blot figures to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the EMA that were digitally generated—not from actual experiments. There has been an alarming lack of action taken by health authorities on this issue. Truncated mRNA potentially contributes to multiple vaccine-related injuries, including misfolded spike protein-induced fibrous blood clots, autoimmune disorders, and cancer. These problems with the Pfizer vaccine could have resulted in drastic product quality variations from batch to batch. This could explain the difference in adverse events experienced by vaccine recipients. — The Epoch Times


“The Trials Should Have Been Halted”: Rate Of ‘Serious Adverse Events’ Closely Tracks Spike In Post-Vax Disabilities

Feb 20, 2023
Now, the data has begun to speak for itself, thanks to people like former Blackrock portfolio manager Ed Dowd, who has devoted the last several years to deep-dive research and analysis of pandemic-related data (in fact, he’s written an excellent book on the topic). Dowd, along with partners Carlos Alegria and Yuri Nunes, launched Phinance Technologies – where, aside from traditional macroeconomic analysis, they have produced comprehensive reports on pandemic-related disabilities and excess deaths using official data. Their latest analysis reveals that the rate of Serious Adverse Events in the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials closely tracks a spike in disabilities reported after the vaccine rollout. — Phinance Technologies


New Medical Codes for COVID Vaccination Status Raise Concerns Among Experts

Feb 19, 2023
The goal of the codes is “to track people who are not immunized or only partially immunized,” according to the CDC. Experts say the codes don’t fit with the International Classification of Diseases, which has diagnoses for diseases and reasons for health care visits. “They’re treating nonvaccination as if this is a hazardous exposure that therefore merits being recorded as a medical exposure,” Dr. Harvey Risch, professor emeritus of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health, told The Epoch Times. “That’s never been done to my knowledge.” — The Epoch Times


Rand Paul Introduces Bill To Halt Funding For Hospitals Denying Care To The Unvaxxed

Feb 17, 2023
After multiple cases of ‘no jab, no transplant’ — Summit News


Society Commentary Whistleblower Pulls Back Curtain on Transgender ‘Treatments’ for Minors

Feb 17, 2023
In her explosive article in The Free Press, Reed, who was formerly employed at The Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, describes a world where medical professionals rushed to encourage minors’ gender transitions, without any concern about the life-changing consequences of the treatments. “Many encounters with patients emphasized to me how little these young people understood the profound impacts changing gender would have on their bodies and minds,” writes Reed. “But the center downplayed the negative consequences, and emphasized the need for transition.” — Daily Signal


Disney’s Woke Streaming Services Still Losing More than $1 Billion a Quarter as Bob Iger Tries to Rein in Spending

Feb 17, 2023
Disney’s woke streaming services are still hemorrhaging money at an alarming rate, losing more than $1 billion a quarter at a time when CEO Bob Iger is trying to put the brakes on the company’s runaway spending habits. — Breitbart

U.S. Begins Allowing Medicaid Money to Be Spent on Food

Feb 17, 2023
The Biden administration has started approving state requests to use Medicaid to pay for groceries and nutritional counseling as policy makers explore whether “food as medicine” programs can lead to broad health benefits and trim costs. — WSJ


Chicago Dad Placed on Watchlist After Opposing Pornography in Schools

Feb 16, 2023
Newsome, who travels a great deal for work, was shocked to learn that he had been placed on a watchlist and had to get substantially more screening before being allowed to board, causing him to miss his original flight. Initially, Newsome was told that he had been placed on the list by the FBI. On his return journey from Phoenix, he was informed that the classification originated from the Department of Justice (DOJ). — The Epoch Times



Cochrane study shows that the debate is over: Masks do NOT work

Feb 13, 2023
Once again, masks and N95s don’t work …Cochrane study shows no evidence they work. Duh. We’ve been saying that for a long time. This discredits the CDC as well as the entire mainstream medical community (except for UCSF’s Vinay Prasad). — Steve Kirsch


Must Watch: Disease Expert Sues Japanese Government For Covering Up COVID Vaccine Side Effects

Feb 13, 2023
Professor Masanori Fukushima of Kyoto University goes off on Japan’s Ministry of Health for hiding COVID jab harms. — News Wars

Thailand May BAN Pfizer Jab After Vax Puts Princess in Coma, Insider Claims

Feb 13, 2023
“They said to me, ‘we will see to it that Thailand is the first country in the world that is going to declare this contract null,'” says Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi. — News Wars

Ohio’s Apocalyptic Chemical Disaster Rages On

Feb 13, 2023
Although officials in charge of the emergency response utilized techniques like dispersion modeling in order to calculate and mitigate the risk of airborne chemicals, the chemicals disbursed following the derailment pose other significant risks of contamination. Chemicals also spilled into the Ohio River toward West Virginia, prompting officials from the neighboring state to shut down water production in the area and turn to alternative sources for water supply. Soil contamination is another significant risk that leaves officials weary of broader implications affecting public health than those associated with the air pollution alone. — zero

Merck’s Taxpayer-Subsidized COVID Pill Linked to New Virus Mutations, Study Finds

Feb 10, 2023

Merck’s oral antiviral pill for COVID-19, molnupiravir — marketed under the name Lagevrio — may be fueling the development of new and potentially deadly variants of COVID-19, according to the authors of a new preprint study. — Children’s Health Defense

Death, Heart Failure Occurred Among Vaccinated With Heart Inflammation: Study

Feb 10, 2023

Six people across the four Nordic countries died from myocarditis, a form of heart inflammation, within 90 days of hospital admission after being vaccinated with a messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine, researchers reported. Twenty-two vaccinated people were diagnosed with heart failure within 90 days of hospital admission with myocarditis. — The Epoch Times

Must Watch: Disease Expert Sues Japanese Government For Covering Up COVID Vaccine Side Effects

Feb 10, 2023

Professor Masanori Fukushima of Kyoto University goes off on Japan’s Ministry of Health for hiding COVID jab harms. — News Wars


Project Veritas Releases SECOND Bombshell Video of Pfizer Director Admitting Concerns Over Vaccine’s Impact on Women’s Reproductive Health

Feb 10, 2023

One week after Project Veritas released a bombshell video of a Pfizer director admitting that Pfizer is considering mutating Covid-19 for future vaccine opportunities, they released a second video of the same employee revealing the company’s internal concerns over the potential side effects of the vaccine on women’s reproductive health. — 100% Fed Up



Utah Enacts Law with ‘Massive Loopholes’ for Minors Seeking Gender Transition Procedures

Feb 6, 2023

The bill imposed a “moratorium” on “hormonal transgender treatment to a patient who: (a) is a minor … and (b) is not diagnosed with gender dysphoria before the effective date of this bill.” But the moratorium will only last until the state Department of Health and Human Services conducts a “systematic medical evidence review,” the purpose of which “is to provide the Legislature with recommendations to consider when deciding whether to lift the moratorium.” The Health Department must submit its completed report to the legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee, which is chaired by the bill’s sponsor. — Washington Stand


The Real Disinformation Was The ‘Russia Disinformation’ Hoax

Feb 1, 2023

Thanks to the latest release of the “Twitter Files,” we now know without a doubt that the entire “Russia disinformation” racket was a massive disinformation campaign to undermine US elections and perhaps even push “regime change” inside the United States after Donald Trump was elected president in 2016. — Ron Paul

Prestigious Liberal Watchdog Condemns New York Times’ Russiagate Coverage

Feb 1, 2023

What’s more, the Times appeared to legitimize former British spy, Christopher Steele, who was indirectly paid by the Clinton campaign to fabricate the infamous ‘dossier’ that so much of the Russiagate coverage – and the DOJ’s sham investigation, was based on. — ZeroHedge


Heart, Vein Disease Deaths High In 25-To-44-Year-Olds

Feb 1, 2023

Diseases of the heart and veins claimed more lives over the past several years among American aged 25 to 44 than before the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with the pandemic waning, such deaths remain elevated. — The Epoch Times


Unvaccinated Kidney And Heart Patients Denied Transplants Get Day In Court With Michigan Hospital

Feb 1, 2023

When asked if he thought the vaccine would make any difference in his prognosis, he replied, “Yeah, the vax can kill me. “To qualify for a transplant both of my kidneys have to be functioning at 20 percent or less. What if the vax destroys the remaining function before the operation? If it does, I’m done. “The jab does absolutely nothing beneficial for a transplant patient,” he said. — The Epoch Times


January 2023

Masterpiece Cakeshop Loses Appeal Over Gender Transition Cake

Jan 30, 2023

Many years ago, I wrote an academic piece on how anti-discrimination laws would inevitably collide with free-speech and free-exercise rights. Those conflicts continued to mount across the country. In 2018, the court was thought to be ready to clarify the applicable standards in the case of a religious cake shop owner who refused to make cakes for same-sex couples. The court ultimately punted in Masterpiece Cakeshop, leaving uncertainty over the constitutional limitations on cities and states under anti-discrimination law. Smith’s case has long been a focus for some of us. I have written in favor of taking a free-speech approach to these cases rather than treating them as conflicts under the Constitution’s religion clauses. For that reason, one aspect of this grant of review was immediately notable. The court agreed to consider only one question: “Whether applying a public-accommodation law to compel an artist to speak or stay silent violates the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment.” — Jonathan Turley

Are You Really Against Fossil Fuels? Read This Before You Answer

Jan 30, 2023

Consider the computer or the phone from which you are reading this article. They are made of glass, metal, plastic, lithium and silicon – all of which require fossil fuels to mine, process or manufacture. While some are chemical derivatives of fossil fuels, all depend one way or another on their combustion for electricity generation, process heat or transportation. You wouldn’t have the iPhone, Android or MacBook without fossil fuels. Imagine the irony of typing out “end oil” from a phone that is made from fossil fuels! Or supporting climate activism by relaying video that was recorded with a camera made from fossil fuels! Of course, this sort of irony is displayed regularly and missed constantly. — Real Clear Energy


UPDATES: Ammon Bundy Warning Letter to Gadiantons of Idaho

Jan 27, 2023

Each week, going on 5 months now, Diego and I have received mountains of court documents. Holland & Hart is sending documents to my business, home and associates, by personal service companies, Gem County Sheriff’s deputies, US Postal Service, Fed-Ex and UPS. Some documents are too big to print so they send electronic files in packages to contain it all. Without exaggerating, I could have filled up a garbage dumpster to contain the amount of legal documents I have received from Holland & Hart. After speaking to an Idaho law firm (in hopes to defend myself) I was told that it would take at least 3 full time attorneys to respond to Holland & Hart’s litigation on this case. Because this case may continue for several years, it is not impractical to calculate that it would take hundreds of thousands of dollars to properly defend against the onslaught of litigation paid for by donations given to St. Luke’s Hospital. I was informed by two very creditable, independent sources (one a high-ranking Ada County Official and the other an attorney who works with St. Luke’s hospital) that St. Luke’s CEO gave Holland & Hart a blank check to financially destroy Diego and I for speaking out against them in the role they played in taking baby Cyrus. So, rather than taking action to ensure that the situation with baby Cyrus does not happen again, instead, St Luke’s CEO, Chris Roth, has authorized hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations given to St. Luke’s Hospital to pay a law firm to financially destroy baby Cyrus’ family and those who stood with them. I don’t believe this is why people donate to St. Luke’s Hospital. I believe those who donate to St. Luke’s Hospital are under the impression that their donations are going to medically help children and other patients, not to fund a team of $600 per hour bureaucrat attorneys sent to even a political score. To date, St Luke’s team of attorneys have used the courts to put a lien on my home, forcing me to sell it. — Defending Utah

Baby Cyrus Was Kidnapped by CPS and Meridian Police!

Jan 27, 2023

My grandson, Baby Cyrus was kidnapped by police officers from Meridian, Idaho at the behest of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare for no reason other than financial gain. The story and the actions of all bad actors, including police officers, politicians, St. Luke’s hospital, nurses, doctors, the prosecutor, the judge, and other bureaucrats have been so egregious, tyrannical, and demonstratively ILLEGAL, that the story has made national and even international news, and has been featured by news outlets all over the country—with some believing that this is now the highest profile CPS kidnapping case in American history. — Freedom Man

Tragic: 6-Month-Old Dies Within 10 Days of Pfizer Jab, VAERS Reports

Jan 27, 2023

Baby also received four other shots, including a flu jab. — News Wars

Died Suddenly Documentary – An Honest Review By Devvy Kidd

Jan 27, 2023

Despite my negative comments about the documentary which is just my opinion, I do feel it’s important to get as many people as possible to watch it. Please share this with everyone because there’s a crack in the dam that is going to spread and bring down this house of lies: Vaccinated Americans a majority of COVID deaths for first time in August – Kaiser Family Foundation says, ‘We can no longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated’, Nov. 23, 2022, FOX News – “The paper described a “troubling trend” as the share of deaths of people who were vaccinated has been “steadily rising” over the past year.” Steadily rising? It has since mid-2020 and it is mass murder. Do all you can to get your city council member to watch it as hospitals, clinics and pharmacies continue to jab people and the screeching to get jabbed will only ramp up now winter is here. They have the power over those corporations/companies’ business licenses in cities. The same for your state rep and senator. Have 15, 30 or more people sign a letter demanding they watch it and that your state stop authorizing those injections. If we do nothing, nothing gets done. Died Suddenly (Yes, you can enlarge the screen.) — News With Views

mRNA Vaccines in Livestock and Companion Animals Are Here Now

Jan 27, 2023

So, Bayer lent their mRNA manufacturing vaccine facilities for use for the making of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. Given the above 2016 press releases, that Bayer and BioNtech were collaborating to make mRNA vaccines for the animal markets, it would make sense that these facilities were actually built for the production of veterinary vaccines. — Infowars


At Least 8 Laws That Were Broken By All Government Agencies Involved in the Kidnapping of Baby Cyrus

Jan 27, 2023

You can watch the videos yourself and see that the actions taken by police officers under the direction of CPS/Idaho Department of Health and Welfare did not obey §16-601. Baby Cyrus was snatched out of his mother’s arms, was taken out of his home and the privacy and unity of the family was not preserved even though it was more than “possible.” — Freedom Man


USMCA: What America Signed Onto

Jan 27, 2023

Goodbye NAFTA, hello USMCA! With the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement now in force, this video delves into what’s in the purported free-trade agreement and what to expect from it as it relates to global governance. — John Birch Society


British ‘Single-Payer’ Health Care Program Is Cratering. That Should Be Wake-Up Call for US Liberals.

Jan 27, 2023

the government agency that’s supposed to provide “free” universal coverage and care for all of Britain’s citizens. It does no such thing. According to the BBC, there are 7.2 million British citizens awaiting medical care, or almost 11% of the entire British population. And Sky News reports that more than 400,000 people in England have been awaiting hospital treatment for more than a year. — The Daily Signal


Hawley Introduces ‘PELOSI Act’ To Stop Insider Trading In Congress

Jan 26, 2023

The Preventing Elected Leaders from Owning Securities and Investments (PELOSI) Act would require lawmakers and their immediate family members to use qualified blind trusts – a method of investing in which an independent manager buys and sells assets without the knowledge or consent of the owner in order to avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest. — ZeroHedge


Australia Sees Heart Attacks Increase By 17% In 2022 – “Experts” Blame Pandemic

Jan 26, 2023

Are the “experts” baffled? Or, are they trying to avoid the obvious culprit. Australia is reporting a 17% increase in heart attacks in the first eight months of 2022 alone, and establishment paid researchers seem to be deliberately avoiding any mention of the covid mRNA vaccines. Instead, they are continuing to blame covid infection along with numerous peripheral and indirect triggers associated with the lockdowns. — ZeroHedge

Hawley Introduces ‘PELOSI Act’ To Stop Insider Trading In Congress

Jan 26, 2023

The Preventing Elected Leaders from Owning Securities and Investments (PELOSI) Act would require lawmakers and their immediate family members to use qualified blind trusts – a method of investing in which an independent manager buys and sells assets without the knowledge or consent of the owner in order to avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest. — ZeroHedge

Why Are Millennials Having So Many Strokes?

Jan 25, 2023

Now ranging in age from 27 to 42, Millennials are suffering strokes at higher rates than their forebears did at the same age, reversing a 40-year decline in stroke deaths. Between 2003 and 2012, there was a 32% spike in strokes among 18- to 34-year-old women and a 15% increase for men in the same age range, according to CDC researchers. — Real Clear Wire


*Kamala Harris Omits “Creator” and Right to “Life” When Quoting Declaration of Independence in Pro-Abortion Speech

Jan 24, 2023

She also left out “Creator” when describing where our right come from. “A promise we made in the Declaration of Independence – that we are each endowed with the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” Harris said. — The Gateway Pundit

Hunter Biden’s $49,910 Rent Exactly Matches Deposit on Office Shared with Chinese Energy Company

Jan 20, 2023

Hunter Biden’s monthly rent of $49,910 matches a rental deposit at the House of Sweden related to the Biden family business venture with the infamous CEFC China Energy Co. Hunter’s $49,910 deposit also matches the amount of money he logged on a 2018 background check document unearthed by the New York Post’s Miranda Devine. — Breitbart


Federal judge rules West Virginia law restricting transgender athletes is constitutional

Jan 20, 2023

Southern District of West Virginia Judge Joseph R. Goodwin upheld H.B. 3293, also referred to as the “Save Women’s Sports Bill,” finding that the state legislature’s definitions of “girl” and “woman” as being based on biological sex is “substantially related to the important government interest of providing equal athletic opportunities for females” and thus “constitutionally permissible.” — The Hill

Chiropractor tells of his SHOCKING persecution by the US Government for recommending Vitamin D and Zinc for covid

Jan 20, 2023

“We made recommendations out of our practices – high dose vitamin D, zinc, quercetin, vitamin C – and we were making some tremendous headway in our community actually getting on the news, getting positive press. All of a sudden, we got sued by the Federal Government for violating a law called the Covid Consumer Protection Act – which no one’s ever heard of until we were served the papers on it. We had violated this law 12,555,000 times at a price tag of almost $45,000 per violation – which is a potential penalty of half a trillion dollars. Let me say that again. I am actively being sued by the United States Federal Government for half a trillion dollars for recommending Vitamin D and Zinc during the pandemic.” — Expose News

2-Year-Old Child Dies Suddenly One Day After Receiving Both the COVID Vaccine and Annual Flu Vaccine

Jan 20, 2023

According to the data from the CDC’s VAERS WONDER System, a two-year-old girl from New Hampshire died suddenly one day after receiving one dose of the Moderna vaccine and FluLaval Quadrivalent vaccine. — The Gateway Pundit

Navy officially stops booting and disciplining COVID vaccine refusers

Jan 20, 2023

The Navy has officially stopped separating sailors who refuse the COVID vaccine, a fleetwide order that follows Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Jan. 10 directive to end the mandate. — Navy Times

Biden signs onto ‘Declaration of North America (DNA)’ with Canada and Mexico: Is the planned North American Union making a comeback?

Jan 20, 2023

The three leaders signed onto a document that appears to be a prelude to a North American Union, which the globalists talked a lot about during the George W. Bush presidency. It looks like the push toward a merger of the U.S., Canada and Mexico may be back on the front burner if this written declaration of intent is any indication. — Leo Hohman

‘Dark Side Of Davos’ Revealed As Global Elite Bookings For Sex Workers Soar

Jan 17, 2023

This week, global elites who are supposedly tackling the world’s problems, such as ‘climate change,’ at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, will also be partying. Demand for sex workers by business tycoons and world leaders surges during the five-day summit. — ZeroHedge

San Fran City Panel Urges Reparations Of $5 Million Per Black Adult

Jan 17, 2023

Next on the wish list: “a comprehensive debt forgiveness program that clears all educational, personal, credit card, payday loans, etc.” The group said this measure will get blacks out of “an inescapable cycle of debt” so they can “build wealth.” Rivaling the $5 million payment as an eyebrow-raiser, the committee also wants a welfare program that targets a $97,000 annual income for low-income blacks for the next 250 years. — ZeroHedge


NY Supreme Court Strikes Down COVID Vaccine Mandate For Health Care Workers

Jan 17, 2023

In a landmark ruling issued on Jan. 13, state Supreme Court Judge Gerard Neri declared the statewide COVID-19 vaccine mandate for medical staff “null, void, and of no effect.” — The Epoch Times


At NCAA Convention, Athletes Oppose Trans Intrusion In Women’s Sports

Jan 15, 2023

The NCAA convention in San Antonio had some unwelcome publicity on Thursday, in the form of dozens of protesters speaking out against the collegiate athletics organization’s insertion of transgender athletes into women’s competition. — ZeroHedge


Jordan Peterson: Enemy of the State

Jan 12, 2023

It’s hardly the first time he has gotten in trouble with the powers that be. His initial fame came from his brave refusal to acquiesce to the “preferred pronoun” movement in Canada that came before lockdowns. That he is now ensnared in the machinery of the biomedical security state is predictable; this is today’s means by which regime enemies are punished and silenced. — Brownstone Institute


Hero Customer Who Shot Armed Robber At Houston Taco Joint Ordered To Face Grand Jury By Soros-Funded DA

Jan 12, 2023

The hero customer who shot and killed an armed robber at a Houston taco joint last week has been ordered to face a grand jury by District Attorney Kim Ogg, the Soros-funded prosecutor who appears to have let the career criminal he put down out on bond. — Information Liberation

Biden Is Lying about the Jobs Data

Jan 12, 2023

Unfortunately, things aren’t nearly as good as the White House and its accomplices in the corporate media would have us believe. It’s only a “good time” to be a worker in America if one equates falling real wages and falling full-time employment with “robust” employment conditions. — Mises Institute

FDA Deviated From Normal Process in Pfizer Vaccine Approval, Documents Show

Jan 12, 2023

Aaron Siri, a lawyer representing the network, told The Epoch Times in an email that the new documents are “another piece of evidence that supports that licensure of this product quickly became a foregone conclusion.” — The Epoch Times


Oregon Advises Schools to Keep Students’ ‘Gender Identity’ Hidden From Families

Jan 12, 2023

If a student discloses their “gender expansive” identity to school staff, the guidance asks staff members to respect the child’s “confidentiality needs.” Students who do not publicly assert their “gender identity” might have concerns about their families and community members finding out, the new guidance (pdf) states. — The Epoch Times



CDC Finally Releases VAERS Safety Monitoring Analyses For COVID Vaccines

Jan 10, 2023

The CDC analysis shows that the number of serious adverse events reported in less than two years for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines is 5.5 times larger than all serious reports for vaccines given to adults in the US since 2009 (~73,000 vs. ~13,000). Twice as many mRNA COVID-19 vaccine reports were classified as serious compared to all other vaccines given to adults (11% vs. 5.5%). This meets the CDC definition of a safety signal. — Jackanapes Junction


Trump’s Tax Returns Show Evil of the Income Tax

Jan 10, 2023

The major problem with the income tax, and the reason it must be eliminated, not merely “reformed,” is that it is rooted in the idea that the government has first claim on our income. — Ron Paul

Latest ‘Twitter Files’ Reveal Biden Officials Colluded With Twitter on Widespread Censorship of Medical Experts

Jan 7, 2023

Twitter engaged in widespread censorship of prominent scientists and medical experts for posting content that contradicted the official COVID-19 narrative, according to the latest “Twitter files” document dump, released Dec. 26, 2022, by investigative reporter and author David Zweig. — Children’s Health Defense

Suppressing a cure for more than 40 years! BURZYNSKI: THE CANCER CURE COVER-UP – FULL DOCUMENTARY

Jan 7, 2023

Burzynski: The Cancer Cure Cover-up is the story of a pioneering biochemist who discovered a unique and proprietary method of successfully treating most cancers. — Sideways Films

DeSantis admin expands investigations of Drag Queen Christmas shows in Florida

Jan 7, 2023

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration announced an investigation into Christmas drag shows in Florida Wednesday, after they say reports were submitted accusing the show of exposing children to sexually-explicit content. Another show by performance company Drag Fans is set for Clearwater on Thursday, and the state is already promising to look into it. — WFLA

Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Contains Backdoor ‘Kill Switch’ For Cars

Jan 7, 2023

As has become standard for legislative mandates passed by Congress, this measure is disturbingly short on details. What we do know is that the “safety” device must “passively monitor the performance of a driver of a motor vehicle to accurately identify whether that driver may be impaired.” — Burning Platform


Safe and Effective: Canada Pays Almost $2.8 Million in Damages Caused by COVID-19 Jabs

Jan 4, 2023

There were a total of 1,299 claims submitted to the Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP) between June 2021 and December 1 of 2022. To be eligible for compensation, Canadians must have sustained severe and permanent damage related to a vaccine approved by Health Canada and given in Canada after December 8, 2020. — The Gateway Pundit


Millennials Don’t Become Conservative As They Age, Unlike Other Generations

Jan 1, 2023

‘… at 35, millennials were 15 points less conservative than the Boomer and X generations were at the same age…’ — Headline USA


Maine School Secretly Gender-Transitioned 13-Year-Old Girl

Jan 4, 2023

Amber Lavigne said she discovered the device in her daughter’s bedroom. It was then that the child disclosed that a social worker at the Great Salt Bay Community School had given it to her and that the teachers changed the name and pronouns she used at school, Lavigne told her community’s school board members during a public meeting on Dec. 14, 2022. The youngster was told to keep it a secret from her parents, which caused her increasing “stress, anxiety, and depression,” — The Epoch Times


December 2022

Oregon, Washington join California in banning gas-powered new vehicles starting in 2035

Dec 31, 2022

New cars sold in Oregon and Washington will have to be emissions-free starting in 2035. The rules adopted Monday by both states will mean an end to the sale of new gas- and diesel-powered trucks, passenger cars and SUVs up and down the West Coast. — OPB

Geoengineering Startup Begins Releasing Sulfur Particles Into Atmosphere In Attempt To ‘Stop Climate Change’

Dec 29, 2022

A startup is launching weather balloons capable of releasing reflective sulfur particles into the earth’s atmosphere, with the stated aim of combating climate change through solar geoengineering, while disregarding the negative consequences of such actions. — The Epoch Times


DOJ official admits targeting pro-lifers is response to overturn of Roe

Dec 28, 2022

At least 98 Catholic churches and 77 pregnancy resource centers and other pro-life organizations have been attacked since May, but the DOJ has apparently not charged a single person in connection with these attacks. Meanwhile, the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division has charged 26 pro-life individuals with FACE Act violations this year. — Daily Signal

New Zealand Releases Guide to Turn in Potential ‘Terrorists’ for Opposing Government Policies, Including COVID Measures

Dec 28, 2022

In October, the New Zealand Service released a guide to help the public ‘turn in’ potential terrorists, including friends or family members. Uncle Bob talking smack about the government’s COVID measures? The government guide will help you decide if you should turn him in. — The Gateway Pundit


Merck’s COVID-19 Antiviral Drug Doesn’t Reduce Hospitalization Or Death In High-Risk Vaccinated People: Study

Dec 28, 2022

The COVID-19 antiviral drug Molnupiravir helps speed up recovery from the virus but does not reduce the hospitalization or death rate in higher-risk vaccinated adults, a new study has found. — The Epoch Times

Why You Need to Start Paying Attention to the ‘Twitter Files’

Dec 28, 2022

For those of you not following the “Twitter Files” drops, let me catch you up on what I believe are some of the most important parts: The FBI paid Twitter $3.5 million to censor conservatives. The FBI pressured Twitter to give them information that would legally require warrants, though they did not have warrants. Leading up to the 2020 election, the FBI would eventually hold weekly meetings with Twitter and tell them whose tweets to squelch and which accounts they wanted to be suspended. Almost all were those of conservatives. The FBI knew the Hunter Biden laptop story was real, they knew it was coming out — weeks before the 2020 election — and they told Big Tech to expect a “Russian disinformation” drop and squelch the story. That means the FBI corrupted the election to help Joe “totally showered with his daughter, Ashley” Biden. There are so many former FBI employees at Twitter that they have their own Slack channel. — PJ Media


British Woman Arrested For Silently Praying Near Abortion Clinic

Dec 28, 2022

While there have been numerous attempts to degrade the 1st Amendment in America, being arrested outright by police for your thoughts alone is not a low we have sunk to yet. In the UK and through most of Europe it’s a different story. UK laws designed to prevent the obstruction of businesses have opened the door to policies called Public Space Protection Orders, which create a “buffer zone” around certain areas or buildings and prohibit activities that, in the words of UK authorities, foster “anti-social behavior.” Yes, this is as Orwellian as one could imagine, but it gets even worse. — ZeroHedge

The War On Christmas Is A War On America

Dec 28, 2022

The King County, Washington, Human Rights Commission has banned Christmas and Hanukkah decorations from the workplaces of county employees — including virtual workplaces. Even holiday-themed clothing is verboten. “Some employees may not share your religion, practice any religion, or share your enthusiasm for holiday decorations,” a memo from the commission explains. This exquisite sensitivity applies only to religious holidays. Everyone must take part in Pride Month and do homage to Black Lives Matter. — Washington Times


*University: Don’t say ‘Christmas’ because it’s too ‘Christian-centric’

Dec 28, 2022

A British university’s “inclusive language guidance” document recommends using the phrase “winter closure period” in place of “Christmas closure period” because the latter is … “too Christian-centric.” It also recommends not asking people about their “Christian name.” — The College Fix


The Season Of Five Finger Discounts: Shoplifting A $100 Billion Problem For US Retailers

Dec 28, 2022

Organized retail crime has increased under the Biden administration while progressive-run cities implement social justice reform. Criminals are taking advantage of relaxed penalties for shoplifting, fueling a nationwide crime wave. California is one state where retail thefts have spiraled out of control. — ZeroHedge

Forget Oil. Now They Are Coming for the Cows

Dec 21, 2022

“From farm to fork, the food system generates about 31 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions,” the Bloomberg quartet explains. “Cows and sheep emit planet-warming methane simply by digesting food; their manure and urine are a source of nitrogen oxide which, in large volumes, throws ecosystems off kilter.” Having millions of people go hungry sounds more “off kilter” to me. “If action isn’t taken fast, researchers estimate that food-related emissions alone would push the Earth past 1.5C of warming that world leaders set as a target in the 2015 Paris Agreement.” Oh no. — Mises Institute


Twitter Suppressed Early COVID-19 Treatment Information and Vaccine Safety Concerns: Cardiologist

Dec 20, 2022

Further, thanks to the Twitter Files—a collection of internal emails and communications made public by Musk—the cardiologist said there’s proof that government agencies were working against him (McCullough) personally. — The Epoch Times

Educator brags about indoctrinating kids, then complains about ‘right-wing’ reporting on it

Dec 20, 2022

“All you right wing conspiracy theory nut jobs who seem to think the teachers are out here just indoctrinating children into some sort of woke agenda that you can’t actually define, I’m just going to come clean,” Godbout says. “I am, in fact, indoctrinating your children.” — The College Fix


Texas Border Towns Prepare For Migrant Wave With Shipping Containers And Razor Wire

Dec 20, 2022

Even with the Supreme Court temporarily extending a Trump-era policy that bars asylum applicants from entering the U.S. to protect the American population from Covid-19, the Federal Government has offered no viable solutions and little to no help to southern border states to stop a growing wave of illegal immigrants. White House officials continue to deny that there is a legitimate problem while also claiming they have been “doing the work since day one” to secure the border. States and border towns are now left to deal with the threat on their own. — ZeroHedge



South Dakota Gov. Noem Proposes Legislation to Restrict Chinese Purchase of US Farmland

Dec 18, 2022

“With this new process, we will be able to prevent nations who hate us—like Communist China—from buying up our state’s agriculture land,” Noem said in a statement. — The Epoch Times


The Catholic Church And Federal Government Are Working Together To Perpetuate The Southern Border Migrant Trafficking Network

Dec 16, 2022

Real America’s Voice journalist Ben Bergquam talks to host Steve Bannon about the massive funding provided by the Biden administration to a variety of NGOs including Catholic Charities to facilitate the movement of illegal immigrants into the United States and throughout the country. This segment begins with video of immigrants being ushered into a Catholic Charities building in McAllen, Texas, just across the street from the bus station that ships immigrants across the country. “This is human trafficking, and it’s being brought to you by Joe Biden and the open borders left.” — The War Room

Federal Court Permanently Blocks Biden’s Gender Transition Mandate

Dec 16, 2022

A federal appeals court has permanently blocked the Biden administration’s mandate on doctors and hospitals forcing them to perform gender transition procedures against their conscience. — News Wars

Army Captain Separated From Service for Refusing Vaccine as House Passes Bill That Rescinds Military’s Vaccine Mandate

Dec 13, 2022

Capt. Stephen Rogerson (a pseudonym) has served in the Army for 17 years, and on Dec. 6, a three-person administrative board voted to separate him from service. On the same day, the House passed an $858 billion defense funding bill, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the fiscal year 2023, that included a provision to rescind the military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. — The Epoch Times

Dutch Gov’t Attempts To Forcibly Close 3,000 Farms To Comply With ‘Green’ Agenda

Dec 13, 2022

Their centrality in the global food supply is indisputable, and so-called green politicians want to destroy the industry in the name of climate change. — ZeroHedge

FDA Says Ivermectin Doesn’t Work Against COVID-19 but Points to Studies That Show It Does

Dec 13, 2022

The FDA’s website states, “Currently available data do not show ivermectin is effective against COVID-19.” But half of the studies to which the FDA points support using ivermectin against COVID-19, according to the review. — The Epoch Times


TEN Key Points From Kari Lake’s DEVASTATING Lawsuit Detailing Massive Failures On Election Day In Maricopa County

Dec 13, 2022

  • 59% of the 223 Voting Centers in Maricopa County had printer and tabulator failure on election day. Reminder: Election Day Voters went for 3 to 1 for Kari Lake. Clear voter disenfranchisement in primarily red districts (Rich Baris Numbers) · Uncounted “Door 3 Ballots” were co-mingled with already tabulated ballots. There is strong reason to believe the actual number of door 3 ballots is far greater than the reported 16,724 — The Gateway Pundit

Who’s Paying for This? Mexican Police Escort 20 Buses of Illegal Aliens and Drop Them Off at US Border in Juarez

Dec 13, 2022

Is the invasion funded by our tax-payer dollars? Are Joe Biden and Democrats giving US dollars to leftist organizations and NGOs to facilitate the invasion across the open US southern border? — The Gateway Pundit

Cooking the Books: Why Republicans Always Come up Short

Dec 13, 2022

If Republican secretaries of state did a deep clean of their voter roll — including door-to-door canvassing to see just how many of those 16 voters live in that 875 square house, they would look ridiculous for letting it go on for so long. Leftist groups would hammer them for “voter suppression” because suppressing the votes of the dead, the missing, those who live on vacant lots would get negative press. So they deny it! The preposterous RNC/Federalist/Hannity “advice” that in order to win, Republicans need to up their ground game for early voting gets traction. The books are cooked! No matter how many votes Republicans bring to the party in early voting, the leftists, NGOs, churches, and homeless shelters will produce more — always enough to win. — American Thinker


EXCLUSIVE: “Campaign Finance Mules” Identified in Georgia Senate Race – Democrat Raphael Warnock Received Over $24 Million from Hundreds of UNEMPLOYED Donors Giving Over 358,000 Donations

Dec 13, 2022

Another massive pattern discovered was that these very active donors were all unemployed. It appeared that their full-time job was making donations to Democrat candidates and their campaigns. How is it that so many unemployed people in Washington State would be donating with such frequency to a Senate race in Georgia? Are people in Washington State more politically active and motivated to give money than the average American? Chris asked “active” donors what they would think if he told them that he had identified voters who were making thousands of campaign donations in an election year. They all had the same response. “Anyone making that amount of donations is laundering money and is part of a criminal enterprise.” — The Gateway Pundit

“Maricopa County Doing What They Can To Obstruct Transparency” – Maricopa County Recount Raises Red Flags As Republicans Are Excluded From Hand Counting Boards

Dec 13, 2022

Maricopa County just stole another election, and it appears they are doing everything possible to refuse honesty and transparency in their ongoing automatic recounts. Arizona and Maricopa County are recounting several close races that fell within the .05% margin of victory to trigger an automatic recount. — The Gateway Pundit

Maricopa County Kept a GOP Heat Map of Expected Voters Hanging on Their Wall – Then 84 PERCENT of Voting Centers with Machine Problems on Election Day were in DEEP RED DISTRICTS!

Dec 13, 2022

Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (MCTEC) run by Kari Lake-hating operative Stephen Richer kept a GOP heat map on its wall before the 2022 election. The dark red areas of Republican voters just happened to include the voting centers where the tabulators and printers were not working on Election Day. — The Gateway Pundit

The World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins, and Bill Gates Just Conducted Another Pandemic Simulation — This Time The Virus Is Deadlier And Targets Children

Dec 13, 2022

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security partnered with the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to conduct “Catastrophic Contagion,” an exercise to simulate a global pandemic that is deadlier than the coronovirus and especially dangerous for children. SEERS: “Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome” pandemic that originates in Brazil and disseminates across the globe. — The Gateway Pundit

Loudoun School Officials ‘Dropped The Ball’ Over Transgender Bathroom Rape: Report

Dec 10, 2022

“LCPS administrators were looking out for their own interests instead of the best interests of LCPS. This invariably led to a stunning lack of openness, transparency, and accountability both to the public and the special grand jury,” reads the report, after the grand jury uncovered evidence that the district was aware of multiple sexual assaults that occurred on two high school campuses in 2021 – yet failed to inform community members about them over ‘privacy concerns.’ — ZeroHedge


Give Her A Medal: German Nurse Walks Free After Injecting Almost 10,000 Patients With Saline Instead of Deadly COVID Jab

Dec 10, 2022

A Red Cross nurse who injected 8,600 elderly patients with saline solution instead of the experimental COVID jab has walked free from court with only 6 months probation. 39-year-old Antje T. had administered the saltwater solution “vaccines” at the Schortens jab center in Friesland, Germany, telling patients they were the Pfizer jab. — News Wars

“That Is Where Tyranny Starts”: New Zealand May Take Baby From Parents Demanding ‘Unvaccinated’ Blood For Heart Surgery

Dec 6, 2022

Over 100 anti-vaccination protests showed up in New Zealand to support the parents of a critically ill 4-month-old baby in New Zealand who demanded that the hospital provide supplementary blood from unvaxxinated donors before the child goes under the knife for pulmonary valve stenosis, a heart valve disorder. — ZeroHedge

General Public Unaware of Push to Normalize Pedophilia in Culture and Academia: Counselor

Dec 6, 2022

Mom who hunts down pedophiles says its unthinkable to call them ‘minor-attracted persons’ — The Epoch Times


Vaccinated People Make Up Majority of COVID-19 Deaths: CDC Data

Dec 4, 2022

Of the total 6,512 deaths recorded in August 2022, 58.6 percent of the deaths were attributed to vaccinated or boosted people, and seem to be a sign of a growing trend where vaccinated individuals are increasingly becoming the majority in COVID-19 mortalities. In January 2022, COVID-19 mortalities in the vaccinated was still the minority with 41 percent of the data related to vaccinated or boosted individuals. — The Epoch Times


“Highly Experimental And Unproven”: Scientist Tells Judge Transgender Treatments For Minors Fraught With Risk

Dec 4, 2022

Assailing the poor quality of research about gender-transition medical treatments for minors, and raising concerns about the risk of harm, Hruz said: “There are major, major questions that remain.” Hruz, a pediatric endocrinologist and researcher, also called the procedures “highly experimental” and “unproven.” — The Epoch Times


Elon Musk Releases THE TWITTER FILES: How Twitter Collaborated With “The Biden Team” To Cover Up The Hunter Laptop Story

Dec 4, 2022

  1. What you’re about to read is the first installment in a series, based upon thousands of internal documents obtained by sources at Twitter. 3. The “Twitter Files” tell an incredible story from inside one of the world’s largest and most influential social media platforms. It is a Frankensteinian tale of a human-built mechanism grown out the control of its designer. — ZeroHedge


Europe Shows a Clear Link Between Immigration and Crime

Dec 4, 2022

Violent crime is becoming common in Sweden, shocking residents of the famously placid Scandinavian nation, where horrific acts of violence have become “all too familiar,” according to Common Sense Media, part of a Swedish nonprofit organization. — Real Clear Politics


California Governor’s Reparations Committee To Recommend $223,200 Per Descendant Of Slavery

Dec 4, 2022

… in order to compensate them for “housing discrimination,” — ZeroHedge



Alex Jones Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy In Texas

Dec 2, 2022

Three weeks after Alex Jones was ordered to pay another $473 million in Sandy Hook judgements, bringing his total tab for the two cases to $1.48 billion, the Infowars founder and host filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Texas. — ZeroHedge



Videos: Tanks Deployed On Streets In China Amid Massive Protests

Dec 1, 2022

“Somehow nobody in any newsroom in America noticed when Xi Jinping decided to replay Tiananmen Square” — Summit News

United States Senate Passes Radical Respect for Marriage Act

Dec 2, 2022

The United States Senate has passed the Respect for Marriage Act without a vital amendment that conservatives had pushed to protect religious freedom. The bill’s supporters have claimed that the much-discussed legislation protects religious liberty. But opponents of the Respect for Marriage Act, including religious institutions like the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, desperately warned ahead of the vote that it “puts a giant target on people of faith.” The legislation repeals the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, obliges those “acting under color of state law” to recognize same-sex marriages, and orders the federal government to recognize marriages that are deemed valid by one or more states. — Daily Signal

USCCA’s Concealed Carry Reciprocity Map & Gun Laws by State

Dec 2, 2022

Check your concealed carry permit reciprocity and learn about every state’s concealed carry and gun laws with the USCCA’s free, interactive map. Simply select a state. — US Concealed Carry Association

Montana Voters Approve Constitutional Amendment Adding 4th Amendment Protection to Digital Data

Dec 2, 2022

Montana Ballot measure C-48, the Search Warrant for Electronic Data Amendment, was overwhelmingly approved by voters on November 8th. The constitutional amendment, added to Article II Sec. 11 of the Montana State Constitution, treats electronic data as “persons, houses, papers, and possessions, requiring a search warrant to access electronic data or electronic communications. The protection of personal data establishes the foundation to protect Montanans from the federal surveillance state, unwarranted data collection, and third party buying and selling of private information. — JDfor2024


November 2022

Apple Turned Off Protest Communication Tool Right Before Anti-Lockdown Uprising in China

Nov 30, 2022

Smartphone company helps Beijing crush dissent. — Summit News

‘I’m Witnessing History in the Making,’ Says Protester in Shanghai

Nov 30, 2022

Protests demanding an end to COVID lockdowns broke out in the center of Shanghai on Sunday, following outrage over an apartment building fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang, that killed 10 people on Thursday. Those who perished in the fire were trapped in their apartments under strict zero-COVID lockdown measures. — The Epoch Times


Zero-Tolerance: Chinese Lockdown Protests Intensify In Rare Display Of Defiance

Nov 28, 2022

Protests in China over President Xi Jinping’s zero-tolerance Covid-19 measures have intensified – expanding from Beijing and the far western Xinjiang region to several other major cities, including Wuhan, Shanghai, and the eastern city of Nanjing, according to video and photos circulating on social media. — ZeroHedge

Video: Fauci Blames Trump For China’s COVID Cover Up

Nov 28, 2022

Brags that GOP investigation of him is “not going to happen” — Summit News



Cancel Culture’s War on History, Heritage and the Freedom to Think for Yourself

Nov 27, 2022

We are being shunted down the road to that dystopian future right now, propelled along by politically correct forces that, while they may have started out with the best of intentions, have fallen prey to the authoritarian siren song of the Nanny State, which has promised to save the populace from evils that only a select few are wise enough to recognize as such. As a result, we are being infantilized ad nauseum, dictated to incessantly, and forcefully insulated from “dangerous” sights and sounds and ideas that we are supposedly too fragile, too vulnerable, too susceptible, or too ignorant to be exposed to without protection from the so-called elite. — John Whitehead

Newly Elected Conservative School Board Fires Superintendent, Bans Critical Race Theory

Nov 27, 2022

In its first meeting after the Nov. 8 election, the board fired superintendent Jackson and school counsel Tiffany Richardson. Then it hired Anthony Dixon as superintendent and retained Brandon Gaskins as counsel. And before the day was over, the board banned teaching critical race theory and created a board to review library books for pornographic content. — The Epoch Times


YouTube Censors Reality, Boosts Disinformation: Part 1

Nov 22, 2022

YouTube censored this site for accuracy, yet new news today underscores that they continue to hype fake news. — Matt Taibbi

875 Vaccine-Related Bills Filed in 44 States — What’s Happening in Your State?

Nov 25, 2022

During the 2022 legislative session, National Vaccine Information Center analyzed, tracked and issued positions on an unprecedented 875 vaccine-related bills in 44 states and the District of Columbia. — NVIC


Hunter Biden Laptop Repairman Reveals “Chilling” Warning From FBI Agent

Nov 22, 2022
“That’s when Agent Mike turned around and told me that, in their experience, nothing ever happens to people that don’t talk about these things,” — ZeroHedge

Elon Musk Purges Thousands More Twitter Employees – No One Notices The Difference

Nov 16, 2022
Twitter is quickly becoming a blaring example of this issue. Alleged leaks from within the company suggest that most employees under previous management barely worked and are devout “communists” with a hatred of free speech. The leaks also claim that Twitter employees were far more concerned with censoring conservative voices than doing their jobs. — ZeroHedge

Pfizer And Moderna To Investigate Their Own Vaccines For Myocarditis Risks

Nov 16, 2022
Both Pfizer and Moderna have announced that they will be undertaking studies to determine the longer term risks of Myocarditis (an inflammatory condition of the heart which can lead to death) for people who have been injected with the mRNA based covid vaccines. The decision comes after the release of multiple medical studies which show a correlation and causation between the vaccines and an exponential increase in heart problems, specifically among men 40 years old and younger. Only a year ago the link between covid vaccinations and myocarditis was widely denied. — ZeroHedge

Tens of Billions of US Dollars Were Transferred to Ukraine and then Using FTX Crypto Currency the Funds Were Laundered Back to Democrats in US

Nov 13, 2022
We have information that the tens of billions of dollars going to Ukraine were actually laundered back to the US to corrupt Democrats and elites using FTX cryptocurrency. Now the money is gone and FTX is bankrupt. Earlier today we reported that the FTX cryptocurrency appeared to be used in a ponzi scheme involving the Democrats and Ukraine. — The Gateway Pundit

Cameras Go Dark At Vote Counting Facility In Key Nevada County

Nov 13, 2022
The livestream computer application that provides the feeds “lost connection with” the cameras at 11:24 p.m. on Wednesday, according to Bethany Drysdale, a spokesperson for Washoe County. All staff members left for the night about an hour before the issue and none returned until 7 a.m. on Thursday morning, county officials said. — The Epoch Times

Protection From 4th Dose Of COVID Vaccine Wanes Completely Within Months: Study

Nov 13, 2022
An Israeli study found that antibody levels after a fourth dose of the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine returned to similar levels as after the 3rd dose after about four months. — ZeroHedge


Nov 10, 2022
Instead of tabulating their ballot directly, voters are being told to put their ballot into a box under the tabulator so that their ballot may be tabulated at a later time downtown. Voters are told to just drop their ballot into the open door seen below. — The Gateway Pundit

New York Concealed Carry Law Ruled Unconstitutional Again

Nov 9, 2022
Gun Owners of America secured a historic victory in the battle for gun rights on Monday when New York Judge Glenn Suddaby issued a preliminary injunction suspending many parts of New York’s Concealed Carry Improvement Act (CCIA). This victory follows Gun Owners of America & Gun Owners Foundation securing a temporary restraining order against the aforementioned CCIA in October, which a federal appeals court then blocked. — ZeroHedge

Vaxxed/Boosted Food Writer, 49, Who Relished “Anti-Vaxxers/Mask Dying in Legions,” Dies Suddenly from Cardiac Arrest

Nov 8, 2022
Upon news of her death, social media users quickly highlighted an October tweet from Powell in which she appeared to celebrate Covid-19 killing “some of the right people.” “I would argue that COVID does kill some of the right people. The anti-vaxxers/maskers are dying in legions,” Powell tweeted in response to a woman wishing death on Justice Brett Kavanaugh after he tested positive for Covid. — NewsWars

Lawmakers Want to Know Why Pennsylvania Sent Out 240,000 Unverified Ballots

Nov 8, 2022
“According to the data, as of Oct. 21, 2022, a staggering 240,000 ballots are ‘NOT VERIFIED,’” 15 Republicans in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives write Tuesday in the letter to acting Secretary of the Commonwealth Leigh Chapman. — The Daily Signal

True the Vote Founders Jailed for Contempt of Court

Nov 2, 2022
True the Vote said Konnech’s claims that they hacked into Konnech servers were false and that they accessed a server in China using a “pre-loaded password that did not even require typing in a password to enter the server.” — The Epoch Times

Lockdowns: The Great Gaslighting

Nov 2, 2022
Put simply, the prevailing narrative of the mainstream left is that any upside from the response to Covid is attributable to the state-ordered closures and mandates that they supported, while any downside was an inevitable consequence of the virus independent of any state-ordered closures and mandates which never happened and which anyway they never supported. Got it? Good. — Michael P Senger

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Orders Undated, Wrongly Dated Ballots To Not Be Counted

Nov 2, 2022
“The Pennsylvania county boards of elections are hereby ORDERED to refrain from counting any absentee and mail-in ballots received for the November 8, 2022 general election that are contained in undated or incorrectly dated outer envelopes,” — The Epoch Times

2020 Census Errors Affect Elections, Aid Blue States, Hurt Red States

Nov 1, 2022
Republican-leaning states have been shortchanged at least three congressional seats and electoral college votes because their population was undercounted in the 2020 census. Democrat-leaning states received at least one extra seat and vote due to census overcounts and kept at least two they should have lost, according to an analysis of Census Bureau’s post-census survey. The bureau acknowledged the errors but said there’s no way to correct them until the next census in 2030. —

Leaked Docs Reveal Shocking Extent Of DHS “Disinfo” Collusion With Twitter, Facebook

Nov 1, 2022
Mark Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan that the FBI reached out to Facebook to put them on notice that the Hunter Biden’s laptop story was similar to the previous Russian Propaganda and to be on high alert — ZeroHedge

Virginia Military Institute Went Woke, Enrollment Fell 25%

Nov 1, 2022
The institution that gave us Patton, Marshall and Byrd now asks about your “gender role”, urges you to reimagine “masculinity” and spews hate toward anyone who happens to be white. — Gatestone Institute